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The most important character

Where is Luccile? We haven’t seen that big sexy bat in quite a while
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How Good Does the Wiki Look?

So, I would like to just thank whoever changed the setting of the wiki and the way it looks so AMAZING!!!

We now have separate index's on the Home Page that direct to particular things we want to view with easy access.

What are your thoughts guys?

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Best S3 Episode?

So, now for the best https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Season_3_(TV_Series).

There are so many episodes in this season that I like but in the end I had to pick "Home".

Bit of a shock? Well, there is just so much action in this episode and we see the Governor at his best here until Season 4.


Season 3 (TV Series)
Season 3 (TV Series) Walking Dead Wiki
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TWD Season 6 Review and Thoguhts

So, I've finished the next season and boy it was a good way to end a season. https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Season_6_(TV_Series) had it's highs and lows with the first part of the season being the weaker point and the end of the season being the stronger point of the season.

So what would I rate it? 8/10. Yes, that is the lowest I've rated a season so far but to be honest. I only found Ep 9 and Ep 16 episodes I could watch again.

So what are your thoughts?

Season 6 (TV Series)
Season 6 (TV Series) Walking Dead Wiki
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What is your favorite season of The walking Dead?

Old , new no matter where you are watching it at this time.
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Negan vs Beta

So with Rick gone and Negan leaving his cell instead of staying in it like the comics do you still think he'll be joining the whisperer war and he'll still have that epic fight with Beta on the show? I know Daryl and Beta fight but it's honestly not the same
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For anyone missing TWD 😉

Cats vs Zombies
Cats vs Zombies YouTube
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Long Time No See

Sorry for being inactive, I’m just dealing with school and stuff like that in my life so I didn’t have time to be active
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Best Episode from S2?

So, now for the best episode from https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Season_2_(TV_Series).

I believe that S2 had a few good episodes but it came to 18 Miles Out and Beside the Dying Fire. From these two I had to pick Beside the Dying Fire.

There is just so much action in this episode and that's what I'm into. This episode also just had major plots lead up to i like Shane's death and Dale dying the episode before that.

Also to see that Hershel had to leave his farm showed how much of an impact that would put on him.


Season 2 (TV Series)
Season 2 (TV Series) Walking Dead Wiki
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The Cleansing - Season 2 Episode 5 (MID-SEASON FINALE)

Four people walk into the city of Atlanta, these four people have been bound together by the doings of the apocalypse. These four people are John, David, Ella, and Chris. They make the final trek to the apparent safe-zone called Quinlos.

"Hello Atlanta", David says to himself.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

The group walks pass buildings that have been raided. A clothes shop is infested with walkers with only millimetres of glass separating them from the dead. There is a hairdresser that has a woman with no legs crawling around slowly. There is even a building that looks like it's been blown to bits. The group soon come across a road block with about 10 to 20 cars all blocking the way.

"We need to jump from car to car", explains John.

"Well let's go", insisted Ella.

"Uh... l-ladies f-first", stammered Chris.

"Wuss", whispered Ella under her breath.

Ella climbs on to a Aventador S Roadster and then jumps to other cars. Then John climbs on and jumps to other cars too. Then David starts doing the same. After David jumps three cars Chris climbs on and jumps. While on mid air Chris left leg lifts up and suddenly smashes into a car's window. Then he falls back and hits his shoulder on a rusty piece of metal.

"AHHHHHHH", screams Chris in pain and agony.

The group starts jumping cars to get to Chris who is still screaming. The group then hear the glass from the clothes shop that they walked by before break. The large group of walkers that were inside starts to head their way.

The group get to Chris one by one and get him up. Ella sees the rusty piece of metal in Chris's body making her eyes widen.

"Fuck", says Ella.

"What is it?", asks David.

"A piece of rusty metal is stuck in Chris's body, his wound is going to get infected, and it looks like he has broken his leg", she explains.

"We have to get him out of here", urged John.

"No we can't, we have to...... we have to get the metal out of him before its too late", says Ella.

She suddenly yanks on the metal and starts to pull.

"AHHHH", Chris screams.

She tugs on it for a second and it finally comes out. Then Chris falls to the ground unconscious.

"PICK HIM UP", yells John.

David picks him up and puts him in his arms. Then out of no where, one of the walkers in the horde gets close enough to David and pulls on him. John quickly shoots the walker in the head.

As more of the horde starts to close in on them they start running in between the cars which takes longer to do than jumping onto the roofs of each car.

They finally get to the end of the roadblock with Chris still in David's arms.

"We need to get out of here", says John.

The group decides to run through an alley way and come to a ladder.

"I'll go up the stairs to the roof and you guys take the ladder", says David.

''Okay, got it", agrees Ella.

David goes inside a building and up the stairs of it while John and Ella go up the ladder.

Half way up, Ella looks down to see walkers infesting the ground below, she can see that the horde is covering the whole alleyway. She continues climbing until see gets to the top.

David runs up the stairs knocking any walkers out of the way. He makes it it floor 23 when he realises that part of the stairs are broken. He throws Chris's body too the other side and then jumps himself.

He picks Chris up and says, "That's gonna hurt when he gets up".

He continues his climb to the top and eventually reaches the roof. He sees John and Ella looking over the edge. He puts Chris down and walks over to them. He looks down with them and sees thousands of walkers roaming the streets.

"That is the biggest amount of walkers I have ever seen", says Ella.

John looks straight ahead and sees a place in the distance.

"Is that Quinlos", he asks.

"I think it is", says Ella.

"It looks like it's a couple of miles away, on the outskirts of Atlanta. It looks about a mile long and a mile wide", says David.

"We need to jump across to the next building", explains Ella.

"We can't", says John.

"We have to... and it only a few metres away", she replies.

Ella steps back a few steps and starts running. Then she goes flying through the air and successfully lands it.

Then David throws Chris's body over and she catches him.

Then David jumps.

John then musters up the courage to jump. He runs and jumps into the air. Then he lands on the other side.

"Wasn't so hard was it", chuckles Ella.

John rolls his eyes.

They walk to the door in the top of the roof, open it, and walk inside.

5 Hours Later...

The group see the gates to Quinlos and run up to them.

A woman who is standing at a guard post points her gun at them and asks, "Don't move. What are your names?".

"I'm John, this is Ella, this is David and in his hands is Chris. He is unconscious because of a wound, he needs urgent medical attention, but he is not bit. Please let us in, we are good people", explains John.

The woman looks at them for a moment and says, "You people seem nice, boys open the gates. Welcome to Quinlos".

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The Cleansing - Season 2 Episode 4 (NOT MID-SEASON FINALE)

"I'm just saying, maybe the army started the apocalypse", said Michael.

"What the fuck are you on about?", asks William.

Michael goes silent. They suddenly hear shouting in the distance.


Then the 9 men that are still alive and with him, Billy, and Ricky all get shot down by a machine gun. The group looks up to see William.

William asks, "Hello, my name is William, what's yours?''.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Also Starring:

William Jackson as William

John Holloway as Miles

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

10 minutes later...

"You can join", suggests William.

The group look at each other.

"I'll join", says Chris.

"Me too", says Ella.

"But what about Quinlos?, asks David.

"Forget about Quinlos, this seems like a nice group of people", says John.

"We are a nice group of people", agrees William.

"But William just told us that their group is in a mini war right now", said David.

"DAVID, stop ranting, we can still go to Quinlos but we need to help these people out", explains Chris.

David looks around the Survivors camp that they walked into five minutes ago, he pauses and finally agrees.

"Excellent", exclaimed a man that comes out of no where.

"Oh yeah, this is my second in command, Miles is his name", William explains.

"Nice to meet you Miles", says John as he puts out his hand.

Miles shakes it.

"We are up against some of the baddest people on Devil's Road, The Devil's Servants", explains Miles.

The group look at each other again.

"We came across them before, then William shot them down", said John.

"Well there is more out there and we are at war with them, so will you fight with us, please", asks Miles.

The group nod.

"Great", he exclaims.

Then he shouts out to the other Survivors, "Come on men, we are going to war".

The 10 people, Miles, William, and the group, all hop into cars and drive off.

20 minutes later...

The group stop at the gates off The Devil's Servant's base which used to be a factory.

"What the fuck are you doing here", says one of the guards.

"Killing you", threatened William.

"You wish", chuckles the guard.

Suddenly, the guard is shot in the head by Miles. Then the group hop into their cars and ram the gate.

Once inside they get out of the cars and start shooting at enemies. Half the group run inside and the other stay outside. Inside they start shooting at more enemies. They make their way up to the top floor where there is a man. He is standing with a detonator in his hand.

"Don't move", says the man.

"This is their leader, Jack", explains Miles.

"Looks like this is the end", says Jack with a smile on his face.

Then BOOM! The bottom blows up making the building start to crash to the group. Then there is darkness.

The group wakes up on top of the building's rubble.

William screams out and Miles runs to his aid.

William eyes shut as Miles kneels down beside him.

"William... WillIAM... WILLIAM", screams Miles.

William doesn't respond.

"Leave", says Miles.

The group listen and leave Miles behind with William's body. The rest of the Survivors group and Devil's Servants group were now all dead.

They slowly walk away from the rubble. They hop into a car and drive off down the road.

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Yo wassssup. Sup I'm new here to The Walking Dead fandom app I been a walking dead fan since day
1, are there any rules on here so I won't do nothing stupid.
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Best Episode from S1?

So, something I should have done with each season review is make a discussion post on the best episode from each season.

So now I am.

For https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Season_1_(TV_Series), my favourite episode would of course be the series Pilot: https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Days_Gone_Bye_(TV_Series).

With it for starters being an hour long, we got so much in just one episode from Rick to waking up to him finishing up in a tank surrounded by walkers. Also seeing the impact of the walkers on people like Morgan showed what the world in TWD has become like.

Also having a few minutes of the normal life and seeing Rick and Shane together before the apocalypse had begun was interesting to see.

The other episodes that came close for me where Guts (S1 Ep2) and TS-19 (S1 Ep6). However, Days Gone Bye was just too good to beat.


Season 1 (TV Series)
Season 1 (TV Series) Walking Dead Wiki
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Most Hororable Deaths In Comics And Series?

I think mine would be Carl his season 9 story arc was the best in the comics.

(Moved to General)
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The forest episode 2

Lily still shook looks up see a little girl. She rubs her eyes to make she’s not seeing things. But to her surprise the girl was still there. Not moving not breathing from the looks of it. She goes to get a closer look to see she was dead. She was impaled by a tree branch. lily looks at her in shook. When she sees her face. There on the tree was her little sister. “ oh god. Oh god no please” lily screamed on the top of her lungs.

“Shit” lily looks up to she her sister reanimated. She scrambles for pocket and remembers that she left it at camp. Lily not knowing what to do she looks for enemy thing sharp and stands her sister in the head. But what lily didn’t her were what the greens were for. There under the heavy breathing. There was a weak “ hel h he help m m m me” lily looked at her sister and realized what she has done.” I killed her( laugh) I killed her( laugh) she’s dead( laugh) she really dead god damn it I killed her( multiple laughs)” lily looks at her sister like she had fun. Then a guy with a hurt leg comes out of the bushes.” Help me help me god damn it” lily sees her stash of medications in his book bag. She picks up a tree branch and brutally stands the man to death his organs were falling out of his cuts and stands. “Shut up your screams are attracting them.” Then lily put the branch through his head.

Walkers were pouring out of the forest from all directions. Lily picked up the branch in hope to fight them off. The first lily stands in the knee then throws him into the tree and stomped on its head. Then she stabbed 5 in the head. Then she took off running. She runs and runs but dose not stop. Til she sees a log and hides under it. “This is where I will sleep”. Then lily starts to think” I wonder if that older guy with that scratchy voice and his brother survived.

Lil wakes up the next morning covered in blood “ wha what happen”. Lily sits up and see there is a dead body on top of the log his blood was coming trough the holes in the log.

Next time on the forest

“ is that you”
Lily looks for her parents and finds a unlikely friend
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What do you think about Michonne and Daryl's scars on their back?✖❌
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I'm Taking A Break

So recently I have been doing a series called The Cleansing which I have had a lot of fun doing but I need to take a break. The mid-season final for The Cleansing Season 2 will release on December 15 and then I will be taking a break for a week or two for Christmas.


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• 12/13/2018

E n t r y 3

“We lost one.

The elderly woman, who I learned was named Grace, got bitten. The gentleman, her husband, was in tears the entire day afterwards. I feel bad for him in more ways than one. I couldn’t imagine it.

I never ask for names. It’s best to remember faces to me. I never asked for Grace’s name. The way I learned it?

It was the pained voice of her husband’s screams that taught me that detail.

He’s shut himself out. He just stays in his and his now dead wife’s room. He prays, he talks, he rambles, he whispers to no end. Perhaps it’s denial. Maybe anger. Bargaining, depression... no way is it acceptance. No way.

It was a tough day for our son, as well. He still has no idea what’s happening. Maybe it’s best to keep it that way. I’m honestly not sure anymore. No one’s coming?

Well, maybe we’ll just have to hold out in case someone does. I need to get some sleep.”

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• 12/13/2018

The Most Hated Person in TWD Universe

Who do you feel is the most hated person in the walking dead universe?
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• 12/13/2018

E n t r y 2

“Radio towers have officially disconnected here. The military does not appear to be able to save us.

We’re all alone here.

There have to be others alive. It’s impossible for us to be the only ones alive! Maybe it’s contained! The others seem to see me as some sort of leader. Me, a regular guy who works a 9 to 5 and comes home to a regular house and a regular family, a leader.

Regardless, I guess I’m the only one who can bear such a burden. Not the two elderly, not my wife, and for damn sure not my son.

Maybe the world’s still intact.

Maybe there’s still hope...”


Note: This is gonna be a 15-part short story about an anonymous group and their journeys as survivors. There could be some VERY dark scenes and themes in the future, so be aware.
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