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Two years

It's already been two years since I joined this wiki. Even though I might not have been as active as I used to, I still appreciate you all and thank you.
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***SPOILER WARNING***That Ending, Tho...

I have never cried so much than I did here and the whole flashback, in general. Tbh, the newer creations looked GREAT and Clem’s younger voice was spot-on, of course, too. I miss Lee so much... Wish that he hadn’t died, but in a way, he had to, y’know? Clem learned and grew from his death. I just want Lee back, but it’s all over now. Did we get CLOSURE? Well, heck no. They could’ve just let us watch Clem walk into the sunset as a happy ending, but this is TWD and “happy endings” don’t exist in this world, unfortunately.

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Respect for Violet

Please don’t let people believe that Violet is an antagonist if you choose to save Louis please just delete the ”determinant antagonist” on her description pleaaaaaase 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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(SPOILERS) The Walking Dead Game Season 4 Episode 3 Review (SPOILERS)

Oh boy, this episode just...


It has to be one of my favourite episodes of all the games so far. So many choices that AFFECT THE GAME!!!!

Lily was a bitch but I didn't let A.J. shoot her because then A.J. will probably turn bad but JAMES DIED!

I just can't with this episode...

Give me a second...

Okay, my rating for this episode is 10/10, it's just amazing. Louis/Violet relationship is growing, Choices matter, I mean come on...


P.S. What is up with Violet this episode.

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Missing my Freaky

Know you're not mobile but still, miss you.
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The Cleansing - Season 3 Episode 2

"Michael, what do you see", a woman asks as they hide behind trees.

"I think we can take this place Sarah", Michael says.

"That's what I like to hear"

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Alyssa McCarthy

Madison Lintz

Liam Hemsworth

Also Starring:

Andrew Rothenberg

Alicia Witt

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

John strolls down the streets of Quinlos and occasionally waves at passerbyers. The hot sun gleams down on town.

Chris is stationed at a guard tower along the west wall with Henry, a boy in his teens that is fairly tall for his age.

"It's so hot", the boy says.

Chris glared. "We only another twenty minutes of guard duty so just live through this, okay"


The two continue to look around and occasionally see a walker pass by. Whenever they see one, they usually duck down so they don't have to waist their bullets. When four walkers pass by, they duck down again and wait for them to pass.

While they are ducked down, Henry whispers to Chris. "Have you always been apart of Quinlos?"

"Nah, I joined months back. Me, John, a friend Ella, and a friend who has since passed all found this place because of the radio broadcasts."

"Wait, you a friend with John our leader?", Henry asks.

"Yep, sure am"


Meanwhile, Ella sits in the living room of her own house sipping a cup of coffee. She thinks about Quinlos and how lucky she is to have find this place with her friends. She suddenly hears footsteps coming down the stairs.

When the footsteps walk into the living room, Ella exclaimed, "Hi honey!"

A man named James walks into the the room and says, "Morning babe."

The two hug and then kiss each other.

"I got you something for our 5 month anniversary", James said as he smiled.

"You didn't have to James"

"Well I did"

He pulls out a diamond necklace from his pocket. "I got it when I went on that supply run last night with Rick and Meg."

"Oh my god", Ella gushed.

James puts it around Ella's neck. "Do you like it?"

"I love it"

The day continues on with people helping out with finishing construction on the corner of the north wall and other things. Soon, it's midday when a loud bang is heard at the main gates.

Besheba, who is walking by hears the bang. Unfortunately, the guard on duty Tara wasn't looking at the direction of the gate. The two look at one another. Tara looks down from her guard tower and towards the gate. Then, she sees a woman.

"Hello", shouts Sarah the woman who was in the woods before now surrounded by 20 or 30 of her people.

"H-Hi", stuttered Tara.

Besheba sees the fear in her voice and quickly climbs a latter up the guard tower. Once up she gets a good view of Sarah. She has very pale skin and eyes that bulge out making her have a weird glare.

"Let us in", she demands.

"Uh no, we don't know you", Besheba says.

Sarah points her gun at the two of them and so does her people.

"Shit", whispers Tara.

"Go get him Tara"


John looks out his kitchen window and sees Tara running up to his door. She rings the doorbell 10 times until John opens the door.

Before John can say anything, Tara tells him what's going on. "People are at the gates with guns demanding they be let in."


Back at the gates, a large crowd has formed. In that crowd, Lily and Mike talk about what's happening.

"People are demanding they be let in", Lily explains to Mike.

"Well they aren't gonna", he says as he gets his gun out.

Lily gets her gun out too.

John rushes to the gates and up the ladder to the top of the guard tower. He steps in front of Besheba.

"What do you want?", he asks.

"That you let us in, you see this is our home now", Sarah says.

Besheba laughs. "Do you know how many people are behind these walls?"

"We can take them on", Tara says.

"How many are there?", she asks.

"A lot more people than what you have", John chuckles.

Sarah's evil smile fades. "Guns down my people, we'll be back soon"

Sarah and her group wander back into the forest.

John turns to his people. "It's okay, they're gone now"

The people sigh in relieve as they put down their weapons and walk away to do other things.

"We need a council meeting", John says.

"I'll gather the other council members up", Besheba insisted.

"Yes... thank you"

(One Hour Later in the Council House)

"Me being in charge of security here at Quinlos is making this situation worse for me", Chris says.

"It's bad for all of us council members", Besheba jabbed.

"Guys, calm down. We can get through this, just like that time with the Jefferson situation", John says.

John looks around at the people in the room, Chris, Besheba, Ella, and Mike. "We need to just stay calm"

The five all look at each other.

"So what's the plan?", Mike asks.

(That Night)

Henry walks into his house and locks the door behind him. He pours himself a glass of water and walks up the stairs to his room. Halfway up the steps, he hears a knock at his door. He sighs and walks back down the steps. Henry opens up his door to see nothing.

"What th-", Henry is cut off by a figure leaping out of the bushes and covering his mouth with chloroform. He struggles for a minute until he knocked out cold, his glass smashing to the ground as he goes unconscious.

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TWDG The Final Season PS4

I've bought the season pass for The Walking Dead: The Final Season on my ps4 and the second episode (Suffer The Children), which was released on September 25, isn't available for me yet.
Is anyone having the same issue?
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I Once Read...

I once read on Tumblr years ago of something that someone had predicted of how TWD would all end. Of course, this was during S4, but I actually love the prediction.

It said something along the lines of...

WHAT IF... The prison goes up in flames and Lizzie is the only one to walk away after she did it. Then, out of nowhere, a perfectly place arrow comes through the back of her skull and out the front. Is Daryl dead? Did anyone survive? We’ll never know...

It’s crazy and sad, but mannnnnnn... How CRAZY would that actually be if it all had ended like that?! Like, Lizzie had went complete PSYCHO and killed everyone at the prison, walking away like a BOSS; and, then, a perfectly placed arrow comes flying through her head, not knowing rather or not Daryl and them survived or not.

WOW. Anyways, that will never happen, obviously, but what IF it had? What do y’all think of this, if it had actually went down that way? Let me know down below! (:

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TWD: Season 10

I just heard from Instagram (via @twdtruefact) that TWD has apparently been approved for a TENTH SEASON!

Do you guys think that it will be the LAST season of TWD? If so, do you think the likes of Daryl and Carol will survive until the very end? I would like to think so (since they are the only ones we have left of the original crew).

I believed Beth with all my heart when she said that Daryl was going to the last man standing, and I think that Carol will be the last woman standing as well (at least, it BETTER go down that way).

Do you think that FTWD will ever crossover to/with TWD before the show ends one day? And, while you’re at it, tell me how you could see the show ending like... I would love to know! (:

(Moved to General)
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• 1/11/2019

The Walking Dead Season 4 episode 3 "Broken Toys" Has A Release Date

Can't Wait for This! 15 January!

Walking Dead Final Season Release Date: "Broken Toys" Teaser
Walking Dead Final Season Release Date: "Broken Toys" Teaser YouTube
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• 1/10/2019

The Cleansing - Season 3 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

Lily draws a picture in her journal. The picture is her and her friends all standing around a grave.

"We had to make a choice", she says.

She rips up the drawing in rage and throws it into the bin on the other side of the room. Then she calms down and walks out the door.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Alyssa McCarthy

Also Starring:

Madison Lintz

Aaron Farb

Liam Hemsworth

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing


"Shut up woman, I didn't relish you from day one. But I had to act like I did otherwise people would be mad at me. So don't say I'm a monster because I'm not. I'm just breaking the rules scarcely... So who lives and WHO DIES"

Besheba, Mike, and Lily all optically canvass each other. They whisper to each other until they decide who lives. They turn but before they can say anything, a gunshot flies over their heads and into Ryan's stomach.

Discharges from guns start to ring out as the three run for cover.

John begins to try to get the noose around his neck off however one of the guards focuses his weapon at him.

Ryan, now on the ground bleeding out sits and says, "Fuck it."

He then shoots David in the back of the neck. His body falls from the gallows onto the ground. John turns his head to see his lifeless body on the ground and says, "David."

Suddenly, a switch flips inside John making him go into full rampage. He rips the noose off and jumps onto one of the guards sending them both flying off the gallows.

Then, Chris breaks the tie around his hands and uses his hidden knife that he has in his back pocket to stab the guard beside him.

Besheba leaves her concealing spot and kicks a guard's face in. Mike and Lily pursue. Lily takes a guard's weapon and shoots him with it. Mike gets a firearm off the ground and slaughters two guards.

Shots originate from wherever as Ella and a military of people storm into the fight. John at last gets the upper hand on one guard and shoots him in the face. Dead guards start to come back to life as the fight continues.

Ella and the others get behind cars and other metal objects as Ryan's men rain down fire from the opposite side of the road. Chris advances toward Ella and the others and John heads to Ryan who is gradually biting the dust. When he reaches him he begins to choke him out.

"Fuck you John", Ryan says as he runs out of air in his lungs.

"No fuck you", John responds.

Eventually, Ryan stops breathing.

John releases his arms from his neck and closes his eyes while still in the middle of the battlefield.

Once Chris gets to Ella and the others, he hears her say, "What the fuck is he doing"

He turns his head and sees John, "Oh fuck"

Chris gets up from his spot but Ella tries pulling him down. It doesn't work and Chris begins to run to John. As bullets pass him, he makes it to John and begins to bring him back to the others.

Just as they get there, a bullet goes into Chris arm. He hides behind the barricades with the others.

"Oh shit, are you alright", Ella asks.

"Yeah, just grazed me", Chris replies.

Ella looks up and sees that John is gone again.

"Where is he?"

Then she looks up and sees him.

John walks past gunfire and straight to the enemies. Time decelerates for him as he gets more proximate until he stands right over one. The person looks up frighted and then John sends a hatchet into his skull, killing him instantly. He then runs up on other men and kill them while dodging shots. One by one the men die until all the gunshots stop.

John looks to his left and sees people cheering for him such as the army, his friends, and the people that were hiding out in their houses.

Suddenly, he hears footstep behind him and instantly knows who it is... Ryan. John throws his hatchet behind his shoulder and it goes right into Ryan's head. His body falls to the ground. John turns around and looks at Ryan now with half his chopped off.

As the sun comes up, the community comes together and gets ready for the huge clean up, but John doesn't think about that, he thinks about David and the future

Present Day:

Seven months after the battle with Ryan, Quinlos continues to be a thriving community.

John looks out his window and sees kids playing in the streets. Ella walks up behind and says, "We now officially have a hundred people living here"

"I know, I count all of the people that join", John explains.

They both smile.

Chris walks around the streets and says hi to people including Mike and Besheba.

The walks through the community garden and to the grave site. He walks up to one of the tombstones. On it, it says 'In Loving Memory of David'.

Chris smiles as the sun shines on his face. Then, Lily walks up and they start talking.

The people of Quinlos walk around smiling and laughing with each other. With John now the leader, he has made the community about the people first.

John says to Ella, "It's a new world Ella... it's a new world"

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• 1/9/2019

Twd memes

Most of the twd memes are funny and a good laugh but could someone please explain to me the jokes about "coral" where that even come from some people said that when Rick shouts Carl it sounds like coral but I'm watching twd right now (near the end of season 3) I am new to twd maybe I missed something?
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• 1/8/2019

The Cleansing Season 1 Collection

First season is a bit cringy but here it is. All the episodes from Season 1 of The Cleansing in ONE discussion post.

Sub to Pewdiepie

Episode 1 (More like a prologue):

John awakens in his car that is now upside down to see a figure with decayed skin and sunken in eyes limping towards him. "Oh Shit", says John as tries to move away but fails because of the seat belt around him. He quickly takes it off.

His face smashes into the broken glass sending cuts all over him. The decaying body continues to limp towards him not slowing down until it trips over a log.

John sees this as a chance to escape, he crawls out of his crappy 1983 Toyota Tercel 4WD hatchback that has flipped upside down onto the side of the highway.

He gets out just in time to see the decaying body get back up and start to gain on him. John tries to run but sees that he has a piece of broken glass wedged into his thigh.

Not knowing what to do, he grabs the piece of glass and yanks it out of his thigh. "ARGGGG", screams John as he limps away from the decaying body.

Then BOOM, the car explodes sending John flying and knocking him unconscious.

Episode 2:

John's eyes flutter open to find that the blood and bits of the decaying body are all over him. "AHHHH", screams John in terror. He back away from his car that is now engulfed in flames. He gets up and looks at his burning car. He stares at it for a while feeling mesmerized from the flames. Eventually, he comes to his senses and starts to limp away from the car and the body.

He crawls up a ditch onto the side of the highway to find there are no cars at all, no cops or ambulance either. "What the hell is going on?", John says to himself, "There has to be people at the service station up ahead". John decides to head to the service station close by to try and find people.

5 Minutes Later... 

After a while, John sees a large group of people in the distance walking towards him. As the group gets closer he sees that they all look just like the decaying body he saw earlier. "GET AWAY", John yells but they don't listen. Out of nowhere one of the decaying people get shot by an arrow from the left of John. Suddenly, a man comes out of the forest near him and says, "Come with me". John follows as the man runs back into the forest.

As John struggles to walk with his hurt leg, the man shoots another decaying body. "We are almost there", says the man. John finally comes out the other side of the woods to see the service station near by. The man asks if John is okay. "Yeah I am fine, I just hurt my leg", answers John. "Okay good", says the man, "My name is David, I am the leader of a group of five up ahead at that service station, come follow me". John follows David to the service station.

Once there, David calls out, "Ava, let us in". Ava opens the gates and John follows David inside.

Episode 3:

John and David stepped through the gates and get greeted by a man.

"Welcome to Blacksmine", says the man.

"This is Neil", David tells John, "He is in charge of locations when we go on supply runs"

"Who are you?", says Neil.


John looks at Neil, he has a great big white beard and looks like he is in his early 70's.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, John".

"You too".

"Come with me, I'll show you around", says David.

John follows David around the service station. The place has sturdy walls, and plenty of food, water, and gas.

"Hello David", says a woman.

"Oh hi Ella".

"Have you got the Ute up and running yet"

"Yep", answers Ella. "And Chris found an extra car battery".


John continues to follow David around until they walk inside the service station.

"Hey Chris, Ella told me about the battery you found", said David.

"Yeah I found it in the back of the Ute, looks like it will work", says Chris.

David grabs a candy bar and throws it to John.

"Here catch"

John catches the candy bar and starts to eat it.

"Thanks", says John.

"I have to ask... what are those decaying people out there"

"Wait you don't know?", asks David.

David pauses then speaks again.

"Those 'decaying people' are people that are... dead"

"WHAT", says John.

"It all started about two weeks ago, reports of the dead coming back to life... Day 3 I packed up some of my things in my suitcase and left for my ma's house. I never made it. Day 5 I got here and I have been here since. Why do you not know what has happened these last two weeks.", explains David.

"I was in a car crash and I guess I was knocked out for two weeks", said John.

"Well not the weirdest thing that has happened recently", says David.

"INCOMING", shouted Ava from the outside.

Chris suddenly jumped over the counter and out the door. Then David gave a .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire to John and also ran out the door.

"Glad I took those shooting classes", John said to himself then ran out the door.

When John got outside he could see the wooden gates being opened and Ella alongside Chris and David running through them and start shooting the dead. Ava was up on the guard tower taking shots at the dead. Then John could see a horde of the dead being shot at by Ella, Chris, and David. He too went out the gates, pointed his gun at one of the dead and shot at it, sending the bullet into the dead one's head. Then he shot two more bullets at some of the other dead. Soon the horde was cleared, Ella shooting the last bullet at a dead one that was on the ground.

Chris looked at John and said, "We call them walkers".

Then Chris and John follow the rest inside.

Two Days Later...

"Cambridge. That's where you can go", says Neil.

"Okay, me, John, Ella, and Chris will head out", said David.

"We'll take the Ute there", says Ella.

"Okay, lets head out", David says.

John and the rest of the group step outside of the service station and then hop into the Ute. Ava opens the gates and the group heads out.

Meanwhile, a woman hidden behind some trees uses binoculars to spy on the Ute heading out and then looks at the service station.

The woman says into a radio, "Get them".

Episode 4:

A Ute drives down a stretch of road and pulls onto the side of the road.

"I'll fill the fuel tank", David says as he gets out of the car.

David walks over to the fuel tank and begins to fill it with a fuel canister. A man watches them from far away. David finishes and hops back in then the car drives off.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Also Starring:

Lauren Cohan

Jason Douglas

Samantha Morten

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC'S The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

The group parks at the front of a farmhouse and all hop out except Ella.

"I'll guard on the roof of the car", says Ella.

"Alright", says David, "See you soon".

David, Chris, and John walk through the building. There is a blood trail leading from the kitchen to the bedroom upstairs.

"I'll go upstairs", says Chris.

John and David continue their search on the bottom floor of the house. John walks into the living room and David walks off. John sees a walker on the ground and stabs it in the head.

"Mercy", he says.

Then John turns his direction to a window and sees a figure in the distance spying on him from in some woods. John jumps back and the figure runs into the deep forest.

"Found some stuff", calls out David. John hurries over to find David pulling out a bag of chips. John rolls his eyes as he though David found something interesting.

Suddenly, a loud scream is heard from Chris upstairs, John and David run upstairs to the master bedroom where they find Chris being strangled by a man. David points his gun at him and shoots. The man falls to the ground. Then Ella runs into the room pointing her gun around it.

She says, "Is everyone ok".

"We're fine", says John.

"Okay, then let's go", says Ella.

They walk out of the house and once they get to the car they drive off.

Once back at Blacksmine, the group sees the gates busted open. They rush out of the car with their guns and run inside. Once inside they find people surrounding them with guns, then they see Ava and Neil with their hands behind their head and on their knees. Then a woman holding a gun to their heads says to them, "Only one of them gets to live".

Episode 5:

"Only one gets to live", says the woman. "So who will it be?''.

David stares at the woman with anger and then says, "You can't do this, this isn't right".

Suddenly one of the followers of the woman grabs David and pins him to the ground.

The woman replies, "I can do whatever I want, including killing one of your friends or both if I have to! So who gets to live?". The woman then smirks.

"Who do we choose?, whispers Ella.

"This isn't a choice Ella, we have to save them both", argues Chris.

"Well how do we save both of them, if we choose one, we save one.".

Meanwhile, John stares intently at the woman. "How about my group kills you", suggests John.

The woman laughs, "You can't kill me because if you try then my people will kill your whole group".

"It's worth a shot", says John.

"I guess it is", says the woman sarcastically.

John quickly pulls out his gun and shoots the woman in the chest, she falls to the ground. Then gunshots everywhere. Chris shoots the woman holding down David. David gets up and stabs a guy with his knife. Ella runs for cover with John while firing at more enemies. Then a smoke grenade is thrown into the air landing right in front of John and Ella. The smoke grenade goes off as the both of them hide behind a truck.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Also Starring:

Lauren Cohan

Jason Douglas

Samantha Morten

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

John opens his eyes to see Ella standing over him, "John, John".

John eyes are blurry, his ears are ringing and his stomach hurts. He looks down to see he has been shot. Ella pulls him up and says, "We gotta get into the service station, follow me".

They begin to run as they dodge bullets flying through the air. They rush through the service station doors and dive to the ground. John starts to feel better just as Chris runs over.

"You guys alright", he asks.

Ella replies, "John's been shot, he needs urgent medical attention".

"I'll grab the med kid from the back, Ella take care of John but fire through the broken windows at those guys".

"I got it Chris".

Ella pulls out her gun and begins to fire upon the enemies. She then quickly ducks back down as shots are fired at her.

"How the hell are we gonna get out of this", says John.

"I have no idea, lets just wait for Chris to get back so he can fix you".

Suddenly, David comes crashing through the glass door.

"Holy Shit", says John and Ella in unison.

David quickly hides behind the wall with them.

"I'm fine thanks for asking", says David as he proceeds to fire his brand new AK-47 at the enemies.

"Found this AK-47 on someones dead body", explains David.

Chris rushes to the ground with the med kit in hand and pulls out bandages.

"These bandages are the only thing in here", says Chris as he lifts John's shirt up are wraps a bandage around it.

"Are Neil and Ava alive?'', asks Ella.

"I would have no idea", says Chris.

"Me either', says David.

"So how do we get out of here?", asks Chris.

"The back door, come on follow me", says David.

The group crawls to the back of the service station and runs out the door. When the group goes outside they run through a broken fence into the forest but David crawls up a ladder to the roof.

As the group run through the forest they hear a huge explosion. KABLAM. "What the bloody hell was that?", asks Chris.

Episode 6:


"What the bloody hell was that?", asks Chris.

"It sounded like an explosion", says Ella.

Chris runs to the sound of the explosion.

"Where are you going?", asks John.

Chris doesn't answer.

"Shit... come on John we gotta follow Chris".

Ella runs out of the forest and John follows.

AMC Presents


Jeff Schine

Alex Pettyfer

Noah Fleiss

Jennifer Aniston

Also Starring:

Lauren Cohan

Jason Douglas

Samantha Morten

Writer: Rannay

Director: Rannay

Showrunner: Rannay

Based on AMC's The Walking Dead and Image Comic's The Walking Dead

The Cleansing

As John and Ella run out of the forest and through the broken fence they instantly feel the heat. They run around to the front of the service station and find that they has indeed been an explosion. They run through the flames as Ella shouts, "CHRIS, WHERE ARE YOU?".

Suddenly Chris emerges from the burning building with Ava in his arms.

"SHE'S KNOCKED OUT", says Chris.

KABLAM! Another explosion. David came running up behind them and said, "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE".

"DID YOU SET OF THOSE EXPLO-", Ella gets cut off by a gun shot that goes over their head. They turn around to see the woman again.



The woman falls to the ground. John puts down his gun and says, "Lets go".

They group walks over the woman's body and see Neil's body too. They look at Neil as he lays lifelessly on the ground with a gunshot wound in his head. With Chris holding Ava's unconscious body, the group shocked at what just happened, and John holding his .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, they walk out through the busted gates of Blacksmine onto the highway as the sun starts to rise.

Okay guys, that's it. Kinda cringy the first season but the second is kinda better.

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• 1/8/2019



Discuss below ↓
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• 1/7/2019


If u could bring back any 5 guys and 5 girls who would it be

1. Glenn

3.Jessie Anderson
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• 1/7/2019

Can your friend people?

I'm new, but can you friend people? Seems like cool people on this site.
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• 1/7/2019

WOW! Look at this teaser

The whisperers look epic. Discuss below↓

(Moved to General)
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• 1/6/2019

The Morgan and Dwight Show

Instead of Fear The Walking Dead lets just make it The Morgan and Dwight Show.

Because FTWD is just bad.

That's all I have to say.

BTW who made a page for the Season 9 mid-season premiere and called it New Enemy?

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• 1/6/2019

(spoiler) FTWD

Didn't the end of season 4 really suck?

they starting a polar bear project to help people.

Season 3 ended with a freaking dam exploding.

It's pretty underwelming.
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• 1/6/2019

Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide

I recently purchased one of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide books and later saw that there where more Zombie Survival Guide books made by him but with a different cover. Does anyone know if they are the same book with a different cover or a different type of Zombie Survival guide book?
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