Mike Palmer
Diễn viên: Rex Linn
Giới tính: Nam
Sắc tộc: Mỹ - Da trắng
Độ tuổi: 50
Gia đình: Maggie Palmer - Vợ †
Tình trạng hiện tại: Đã chết
(Webisode: Torn Apart)
Lần đầu xuất hiện: Webisode: Torn Apart
Nguyên do chết: Bị bắn chết bởi Andrew sau khi bị cắn bởi xác sống
Mike Palmer Death
Mike tự dí nòng súng vào đầu và nhờ Andrew bóp cò
Ảnh nhân vật

"I never did like you, until now."

—Mike to Andrew over their poor relationship and assistance over his coming death. [*]

Mike Palmer is a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart. Mike was an older survivor living in Andrew's neighborhood, married to Maggie, and they had two children together.


He owned a truck and possessed a number of weapons, including a shotgun. His relationship with his neighbor Andrew was somewhat strained, as Mike felt that Andrew looked down on him, saying "you brought home a bigger paycheck."

The Palmers had never divorced, but Mike was forced to shoot his wife after she turned. Mike didn't "have the heart" to put down his children, and instead asked Andrew to do it instead, before handing over the shotgun he had been weilding. Before the apocalypse, he was celebrating his 50th birthday with his family and holding a party at his house- a party that was interrupted by walkers.


Not knowing that the situation was out of control with attempting to contain the infection, his wife and children became infected during his birthday party. He was attacked by his wife and possibly injured on his foot before he was able to retrieve his weapons and kill her. However, he was unable to kill his own children and left them upstairs, pounding on the door while he went to confront Andrew in the basement. Andrew visited him to borrow his truck and weapons to assist with putting down his injured dog, and helped his family and ex-wife escape the town and drive toward Atlanta.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mike has killed:

Bị giết bởi

Những lần xuất hiện


Torn Apart

  • Tập 4: Neighborly Advice
  • Tập 6: Everything Dies (Xác chết)

Bên lề

  • Mike believed that the outbreak occurred due to a terrorist group.
  • Mike mentioned that his wife's fudge cake is his favorite.
  • From the TV Series and Webisodes, Mike is the first named character to die on-screen in the established chronological order of events.

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