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École Maternelle Simone Veil is a preschool in France that appears in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.


Nothing is known of this school's history before the outbreak.


Season 1[]


École Maternelle Simone Veil will appear in this episode.





Daryl Dixon[]

Season 1[]


  • The name translates to Simone Veil Kindergarten in English.
  • The situation of the children has a number of similarities to the kids from Ericson's Boarding School in the Final Season of the Telltale Series.
    • The children have lived in their former school since the outbreak began.
    • For the most part, the children have had no adult supervision with the only adult being a sole staff member who passes away.
    • The children are being preyed upon by a dangerous adult who has killed one of their number and kidnapped another one. The visit of the main characters helps to bring this threat to an end.
    • During the episode, the children slurp their dinner which the boarding school survivors did in "Take Us Back".
    • Some of the children in both use bows as their weapons with the leader in both cases using a compound bow.
  • The children appear to consider themselves adopted siblings as Lou refers to the missing Julien and Hérisson as "our brothers" despite the fact that only Julien is actually related to anyone.
  • Even though Lou tells Isabelle there are 18 children living at the preschool, at least 28 children plus Madame Dubois are seen.