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The 2007 BAE Systems Caiman CMTV is a SWAT van that was formerly owned by Bexar County Government, the Government responses to managing Bexar County Sheriff Office in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is came into the possession of Althea as her personal van, and was formerly stolen by the Pioneers until the Outcast chase with their horse to stolen from Reg to prevented him drove back to Lawton. Afterwards the van were shared with Morgan's Group of survivors at the Valley Town.


Before the outbreak, the SWAT van belonged to the Bexar County Government, the Government responses to managing Bexar County Sheriff Office.


Following the beginning of the outbreak, Al somehow managed to get her hands on the SWAT van and modified it with a swinging hatch near the top inside of which she mounted machine guns that would allow her to threaten hostile survivors or take down herds of walkers. Al began using the SWAT van as her personal vehicle and home as she drove around the country getting the stories of various survivors.

Season 4

"What's Your Story?"

As John Dorie and Morgan Jones are menaced by Leland and his group, Al arrives in her SWAT van. Al offers to trade food for the two men, but Leland realizes that she has her hand on the lever to the van's machine guns. Al opens the gun hatch and threatens the men with the machine guns, forcing them to comply with her offered deal.

Al drives away with Morgan and John, commenting that Leland and his group are getting desperate as every source of food nearby has been picked clean. Examining the interior of the van, John asks if Al is or was an officer of the law, but she denies this as well as Morgan's request to be let out. Pulling into a Trailer Park, Al requests their story and reveals that she is a journalist.

The next morning, as Morgan heads off refusing to answer questions, Leland and his group ambush the three while Al is outside of the van and away from the lever to the machine guns. Leland demands the keys to the van, but Morgan and John fight back. Leland attempts to escape in the van, but can't find the keys. Al takes out a set and tosses them away causing Leland to chase after them and get bitten by a rattlesnake. As the battle rages, Al again tries to enter her van, only to get attacked by Leland who had discovered that they keys didn't go to the ignition. As walkers swarm the group, John shoots Leland in the shoulder and he's consumed by the herd. Rolling under the van to safety on the other side, Al enters through the passenger seat and after ordering Morgan and John to get down, uses the SWAT van's machine guns to take out the herd.

Driving away, the three discuss the battle and the mysterious flag recovered from the trailer park. Morgan finally agrees to tell his story to Al and has her pull over. After answering some of Al's questions, Morgan sets out on his own again, but Al and John quickly catch up to him as he deals with a zombified survivor that Morgan recognizes. Afterwards, Morgan agrees to travel with the two until his leg wound heals, but he refuses to answer any more questions and John reveals that Al has agreed to help him look for Laura in exchange for more of his story.

Spotting someone in the road ahead, the three stop to help, but Morgan refuses to man the van's machine guns as he doesn't kill people. As the three move to help Alicia, Alicia, Nick, Strand and Luciana ambush them.

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana hold Morgan, John Dorie, and Althea at gunpoint. Luciana finds a white "51" flag in the SWAT van and accuses them of belonging to the Vultures. Althea insists she doesn't know the significance of the flag, but Alicia orders them to show them where they found the flag. They get into the SWAT van and drive off.

"Good Out Here"

Alicia, Nick, Victor Strand and Luciana drive the SWAT van, and Al reveals that she has only given them partial directions to where she, Morgan and John had found the Vultures' flag. In exchange for the group's story, Al agrees to tell them the rest of the directions. After a struggle ensues, the van is crashed down an embankment and becomes stuck in a ditch.

Following an argument, everyone agrees to work together and Al, Alicia, Strand and Luciana depart to get a truck that they had spotted with a big cable to pull the van out of the ditch while Morgan and Nick remain behind. Nick eventually takes off followed by Morgan after Nick spots Ennis' El Camino. When the others return, Al finds the van rifled through by Nick, but is relieved to find that her tapes were left untouched. Despite some trouble from walkers, the group successfully manages to tow the van out of the ditch.

The group takes the van to the deserted town where Morgan and Nick had followed Ennis, arriving just in time to witness Nick's death at the hands of a vengeful Charlie.


After Nick Clark's death, Al transports his body in the SWAT van to a location that Alicia, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez want to bury him at. Al offers to wait until Nick's buried at least to hear the rest of the story, but Strand reminds her that their deal is that she takes them to where they found the Vultures' flag and the group tells her their story. The group decides to begin with the story of the one day when they could've stopped all of this from happening.

When they finally arrive at their destination, it's revealed to be a weapons cache that Alicia's group wants to dig up to attack the Vultures with. Al realizes that they used her to reach the site and find the Vultures, but the group insists that they told the truth and can show her the rest of the story if Al drives them to where a map that they had found on Ennis' body reveals that the Vultures are gathering. After some hesitation, Al agrees and has the group load their weapons into the SWAT van after burying Nick under a tree nearby. As they load up, John recognizes one of their bags and realizes that the woman that they knew as Naomi is his missing girlfriend Laura. Devastated by her apparent death, John remains behind with Morgan while Al and the others depart in the SWAT van, but Al promises to come back for them after learning exactly what had happened to Laura.

"Just in Case"

The SWAT van will appear in this episode.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

As a battle rages between Alicia Clark, Victor Strand, Luciana Galvez and the Vultures, Morgan tries to enlist Al's help to save John Dorie's life. Initially reluctant, Al agrees and drives to John's rescue just in time to use her machine guns to force Alicia to stand down from shooting June. Joined by Charlie, the group drives away with Alicia, Strand and Luciana ineffectually firing at the SWAT van in an attempt to stop them. June directs Al to take them to the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium for medical supplies despite it having fallen and Charlie continues the story of the events leading up to the stadium's destruction on the way.

Upon arriving at the ruins of the stadium, Al hesitates to go in at first but eventually crashes the SWAT van through the sealed gate and onto the field. The vehicle is quickly surrounded by the herd of burned walkers that Ennis had used to attack the community.

"No One's Gone"

In a flashback, the SWAT van sits parked at Al's camp when Madison Clark arrives and attempts to steal the vehicle from her. Madison ties Al up in the back of the van, discovering that the keys she had gotten from Al weren't for the SWAT van. Al defiantly refuses to give Madison the real keys so Madison begins digging through her belongings, looking for the keys while Al works to free herself and offers to help Madison if she is given something in return. Al explains that the tapes are interviews and its possible that she's interviewed whoever Madison is looking for or has interviewed someone who has. Madison simply demands both the keys and the tapes, but Al cuts herself free and they fight, ending with Al knocked out. When she regains consciousness, both Madison and her tapes are gone.

After catching up with Madison, Al interviews her on the rear step of the SWAT van, eventually getting her to open up by telling Madison about Twisted Round. Afterwards, Al places the tape labelled Amina into her collection and provides Madison with some noodles and her gun, hoping to meet again under better circumstances.

In the present, the van sits parked in the middle of the dugout at the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium while charred walkers surround it and many more approach from all directions. Al agrees to try to get them closer to the infirmary and orders Charlie to record everything for her. Al drives the van as close to the entrance to the interior of the stadium as possible, warning that any closer and the walkers will get jammed up in the wheel well and they won't be able to get them out. Al agrees to clear a path for them with her guns, but warns that she only has enough ammo for one shot at it and the path won't be open for long. Once everyone is ready, Al uses the van's machine guns to clear the path and Morgan and June race through the opening and into the stadium's interior.

Moments after they make it through, an explosion rocks the entrance and Charlie spots Alicia, Strand and Luciana in the stands. The three open fire on the SWAT van with Al emerging from a hatch on top to exchange fire with them. Al refuses Alicia's demands to surrender and as Al ducks back inside of the van to treat John, Alicia gets an idea after observing the van which is surrounded on three sides by walkers. While Charlie and Al tend to John, Luciana fires a rocket launcher into the side of the van, rocking it. Al taunts Alicia that it won't work because "this thing is built like a tank, in a tank, inside a bank vault." However, the rocket causes the driver's side door to fall off, allowing an armed Alicia to approach from the still-uncrowded driver's side.

After taking over the van, Alicia holds her Sharpened Barrel Shroud to Charlie's throat while holding Al at gunpoint. Alicia forces Al to tell Morgan and June that its safe to come out when they call over the radio, but John manages to discreetly warn them. After Alicia realizes what he did, a fight breaks out in the van between Alicia and Al with Alicia hanging Al's head outside the driver's side door where walkers swarm her before she gets free. As the struggle ends, Al and Alicia knock over Al's containers of noodles which Alicia recognizes from when Madison reunited with her group after meeting Al. Looking through Al's tapes, Alicia finds her tape of Al's interview with Madison and is shocked to realize that Al knew her mother, although Al doesn't know who she's talking about. Alicia watches the tape of her mother's interview and Al explains that she never knew Madison's name.

After Morgan talks Alicia down from taking revenge upon June and getting the medical supplies that they need in order to save John, the group departs the stadium together in the SWAT van. Al asks for the rest of the story and Alicia has her pull over to the side of the road where they set up camp while June tends to John in the back of the van and finally reveals her real name to him.

"People Like Us"

Al is working on welding the SWAT van's gun hatch when Morgan makes radio contact with her. Morgan offers to show Al where he came from and asks her to drive him there which she agrees to.

After spotting how many walkers are washing up, Al and June decide to check upriver for the source of the problem, John and June having seen a similar problem once before. As they travel to the bridge, the two women encounter a fallen tree blocking the road near one of Polar Bear's boxes. Al is able to move the tree with the van's winch after recording the box with her camera. Reaching the bridge, the two women find out that the walkers are not coming from the bridge and are in fact getting washed past it. As they talk, a panicked flock of birds flies past and June finally realizes that the problem isn't a damaged bridge but that a storm's coming and they need to get back.

Shortly thereafter, a massive hurricane hits with winds strong enough to rock even the SWAT van. Al brings the van to a stop over June's protests, explaining that "when I welded a half ton of artillery to the roof, I made a few trade-offs. Driving in a hundred mile an hour winds was one of them." The wind picks up nearby walkers and blows them around with several hitting the sides and roof of the SWAT van.


Alone in the van on the side of the hurricane-ravaged road, June watches the tape that Al had made of John when they had first met. June tries to reach John on the radio to no avail and Al returns from a supply run having had no luck in finding any diesel fuel for the SWAT van which is out of gas. With nothing else to do, the two women sit in the van's rear compartment where June drinks from a canteen and Al drinks a water bottle from what appears to be one of Polar Bear's boxes, move around outside and sleep in the back at night. The two spend a few days with the stranded van during which time June continues watching Al's tape of John, Al sharpens her knife and June puts down a walker that stumbles upon them. Eventually, they run out of water and June decides that she and Al can't just keep walking out far enough to return before sundown and they must abandon the SWAT van. Suddenly, a transmission comes over the radio, but is impossible to understand the person on the other end who is shown to be Morgan.

June insists upon leaving even though they didn't hear what Morgan said, hoping to find better range and a higher ground in order to get a signal again. Al locks up her camera, displeased that June killed the battery watching the tape and shows signs of illness that she dismisses as being from low blood sugar. Al proves to be reluctant to abandon the van even though June points out that whoever was calling might have food and other supplies that they need and they can return later after finding that person to get the van running again.

Hours later, as June and an increasingly ill Al sit at the side of the road in a truck that they found, the SWAT van suddenly speeds past them going in the opposite direction. Much to June's dismay, Al recklessly takes off in pursuit despite them not knowing who took the van. Although she nearly manages to catch up to the van, Al blows a tire and gets stuck on the side of the road. June is more concerned about treating Al's illness than chasing down the SWAT van, but Al tells her that she has all sorts of antibiotics in the van. While fixing the flat tire, June asks Al about where she got the van, but the weakened Al simply states that "I don't really feel like getting into that right now" and dodges June's questions about why a reporter would be driving such a heavily armed vehicle.

The two women suddenly hear the sound of the van's machine guns and, realizing that it's close, Al urges June to leave her behind and get the van back and June reluctantly agrees. June finds the SWAT van parked near an overturned bus with the bodies of several dead walkers nearby. June is captured by Quinn, the man who stole the van and she attempts to get him to allow her to get the medicine for Al and to talk him down. June manages to overpower Quinn, but can't start the SWAT van which has run out of gas again. Quinn explains that he was trying to find more gas on the bus, but there wasn't any. June searches the van for the antibiotics without success and Quinn insists that he didn't take them. June forces Quinn to leave and begins frantically searching, finding a radio that she calls Al on asking where the medicine is stored. Al finally responds and reveals that she had lied about there being medicine, having actually wanted June to get the van back for her.

June returns to Al and is able to save her with antibiotics from the crashed bus and confronts Al on her lie that had almost caused June to kill Quinn. Al is unrepentant and continues to insist on getting more diesel and recovering the van, claiming that it is the thing that will keep them alive. When June pushes her, Al finally admits that the tapes containing her stories are basically all that's left of the people that she's interviewed and that it's not just other people's stories on the tapes, but hers as well and people that Al knew and loved and isn't willing to leave them behind. Even after Morgan makes contact and is revealed to be only 50 miles away, Al insists upon not abandoning the van and even heads off on her own briefly before changing her mind.

That night, after reuniting with Morgan, Sarah, Wendell and Jim, June radios Quinn and offers to help him. Quinn reveals that he had managed to find some more diesel fuel and that he got the SWAT van running again, stating that Al really shouldn't just leave it laying around. Quinn agrees to join them at Mile Marker 27, but he instead arrives at Mile Marker 21 which has been altered by Martha. Martha sets the zombified Purvis on Quinn before setting Purvis free. Martha hijacks the SWAT van for herself and takes Quinn into the back where he reanimates.


As June tries to contact Quinn on the radio, Martha, who has the zombified Quinn tied up in the back of the SWAT van, puts him on the radio. Martha tells them that she made Quinn become what he was meant to be and that "he's not weak anymore." Morgan recognizes Martha from their brief encounter by one of the boxes and Martha tells Morgan that she knows a lot about him. Al realizes that as Martha has her van, she also has access to Al's tapes and all of the information on them.

Later, as June, Al, Morgan, Sarah, Wendell, Jim and Luciana make their way down a highway in a semi, Martha, driving the SWAT van with a zombified Quinn tied up in the back, contacts them over the radio. As Morgan talks to Martha, Sarah suddenly asks Al what her van looks like and Al describes it, calling the van "a tank." Sarah informs the others that the SWAT van is approaching from behind and Al orders her to speed up as the SWAT van is "sluggish as hell." However, the semi is as well and the van easily catches up to it. Martha states that she is going to make Morgan strong as he loses people and then he loses himself. Realizing what Martha intends to do, Morgan orders everybody to get down. Martha opens fire on the semi with the van's machine guns, a horrified Alicia Clark and Charlie listening over the radio.

"MM 54"

Morgan, Al, Sarah, Wendell, Jim and Luciana survive Martha shooting up their semi with the SWAT van. Martha drives by again, but fails to fire and stops instead, causing Al to realize that Martha had used up all of her ammo. Enraged, Al charges the van, only to have the zombified Quinn emerge and attack along with Martha armed with a gun. As Morgan tries to talk Martha down, Wendell shoots her, allowing Morgan to put Quinn down and save June. As the semi explodes and draws the attention of a herd, Martha drives off in the SWAT van and escapes, proclaiming that the walkers will finish the job for her.

"I Lose People..."

Martha is mapping out the flood zones on a map in the back of the SWAT van when her gunshot wound begins bleeding. Putting a dressing onto it, Martha departs the vehicle with her noose for her pets.

After capturing Martha, Alicia and Charlie recover the SWAT van and use it to rescue John Dorie and Victor Strand from Ranger Station 26, the massive vehicle able to drive straight through the flooded roadway without any problems with Alicia commenting that "we were looking for a boat. We found this instead."

Alicia drives the van to Austin, Texas to meet up with the rest of Morgan's Group following their escape from Brackenridge Hospital. Morgan's friends subsequently return for him, using the SWAT van to tow a stalled firetruck into position in order to use the firetruck's ladder to reach Morgan. The noise from the rescue draws a herd which surrounds the firetruck, but the dying Jim Brauer sacrifices himself to draw them off. The group quickly flees in the SWAT van, but discovers that Martha has managed to escape.

Driving away from the city, the group memorializes their lost friend. Morgan announces that once they find Al, he intends to take the group to Alexandria.

"... I Lose Myself"

After being found by her friends, Al awakens in the back of the SWAT van where June and John explain how they had found her and the video message that Martha had left behind. Morgan decides to send the others on ahead to The Flip-Flop Truck Stop and then onto Alexandria while he stays behind to try and help Martha.

After arriving at the truck stop, Al reloads her van's machine guns with the supplies kept there. Later, Al adds anti-freeze to the engine and she complains to Victor Strand that Martha had "rode the engine without coolant." As walkers approach, Al jumps off of the van to deal with them, but stumbles and collapses from being poisoned by Martha. Alicia kills the walkers and the others quickly help Al inside as the noise draws a herd. Once the group learns that they need ethanol, Al fights her way to the SWAT van while Strand and Luciana manage to reach a tanker truck full of ethanol outside. With the herd approaching them, Al uses her machine guns to take down the herd, but accidentally blasts the tanker truck at the same time, draining the ethanol.

After leading the others to Martha and putting her down, Morgan announces that he no longer intends to go to Alexandria and instead suggests continuing Clayton's mission of helping people using Wittington's Denim Company as a base of operations. Everyone agrees to join the mission and, accompanied by a semi and a jeep, the SWAT van later leaves the mill, carrying Morgan, Al, June and John in search of people in need of help.

Season 5

"Here to Help"

The SWAT van will appear in this episode.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

The SWAT van will appear in this episode.


When Daniel Salazar starts making his way back to his warehouse with a herd behind him, Wendell and Sarah drive the SWAT van to his rescue with Wendell eager to finally get to use the machine guns. However, the machine guns fail to fire for some reason, forcing Daniel to take cover beneath the van. Instead, Victor Strand lures the walkers into the propellers of Daniel's plane.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

The van is parked at Jiro's Skyjump Dojo while Sarah and Wendell prepare a runway for the return of their friends. When Daniel Salazar arrives to help, Sarah gives him Skidmark who was in a cat carrier in the back of the van.

"Channel 4"

The van is one of the lead vehicles of The Caravan and is seen several times in Al's video, often with Caravan members sitting in the back as Al interviews them and in one case with Alicia driving as she explains her job. At one point, as Sarah gleefully describes what happened to Logan, he is seen running after the van in the video while Sarah tosses one of the boxes to him.

"Ner Tamid"

The SWAT van will appear in this episode.

"Channel 5"

The Caravan makes their way towards Humbug's Gulch, chased by Virginia, her Pioneers and a herd that Virginia sent their way. After losing their tanker truck and Tom on a bridge, the Caravan runs out of gas and is left stranded. When Grace gets sick, June uses an ultrasound to try to determine the problem in the back of the van while Al works on her new videotape before she runs out of power. Along with the other vehicles of the Caravan, the survivors are forced to abandon the SWAT van on the side of the road and continue on foot.

"End of the Line"

Virginia arrives at Humbug's Gulch in the SWAT van, having recovered the vehicle along with the rest of the Caravan for her own use and refueled them thanks to her control over Tank Town.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

The SWAT van, carrying Virginia and Hill, arrives at a roadblock where a box labeled Morgan Jones has been left. Virginia eagerly opens it, only to find the severed and reanimated head of Emile LaRoux. Virginia threatens to kill Morgan's friends if he reveals his survival, but Morgan, watching her from a distance, warns Virginia that "Morgan Jones is dead" and that she's dealing with somebody else now. Unnerved, Virginia and her Pioneers drive away.

"Welcome to the Club"

The SWAT van will appear in this episode.


The SWAT van will appear in this episode.

"Things Left to Do"

As Morgan and Virginia argue at his old hideout, the Outcasts arrive in the SWAT van with the vehicle's distinctive engine giving away its approach. The Outcasts open fire with the machine guns, but Morgan and Virginia escape. However, the shots damage their vehicle's engine, leading to a brief foot pursuit that ends with Morgan overpowering Sherry.

Later, the Outcasts park the SWAT van on a hill above the Texas Dam during the standoff over Virginia's fate. After Morgan defuses the situation, the Outcasts drive off in the van again.

"Handle With Care"

The Outcasts arrive to Morgan's summit in the SWAT van. Sarah asks to borrow the vehicle so that she can take Wendell with her, but Sherry refuses as they are running on fumes and would then have to share the SWAT van with everybody else.

Morgan later uses the SWAT van's guns to take down a herd outside of Valley Town's gates.

"USS Pennsylvania"

The Outcasts arrive at the USS Pennsylvania in the SWAT van as well as a truck driven by Rollie.

"The Beginning"

In the back of the SWAT van at the Texas Naval Base, Daniel Salazar listens to a garbled radio transmission providing coordinates to a safe location. Daniel writes the coordinates on the van's wall as Rollie and Wes arrive with a captured Riley. Rollie reveals that Riley will take them to the resort hotel containing the bunker where Alicia is, but Daniel insists upon heading to the coordinates instead. However, given Daniel's recently unstable mental history and his being unsure of who the voice was, the group decides to head to the hotel instead.

As Rollie drives the SWAT van, he hits a walker and damages the air breaks. Sarah takes welding equipment and works on patching the breaks while Jacob, Wes, Luciana and Rollie protect her from a small herd drawn to their location. A suspicious Daniel questions Riley before leaving him to be watched over by Charlie. Realizing that Rollie is a cult spy, Daniel executes him and Charlie shoots Riley when he attempts to attack Daniel. Riley confirms Daniel's revelation that Rollie was a spy for the cult and admits that they were just going to take the group somewhere to die in the nuclear explosions that are coming. With Daniel having been vindicated, Luciana backs him up in convincing the group to head for the coordinates that Daniel wrote down instead.

Arriving at an empty field, the group despairs to find nothing there and Riley taunts them. Daniel drags Riley out of the van and Wes discovers that he has died. Suddenly, a CRM helicopter arrives having been sent by Al who was the one that Daniel had heard over the radio. The group abandons the SWAT van and flee in the helicopter as nuclear explosions begin rocking the area.

Season 7

The SWAT van will appear in this season.

Used By

Al, Morgan's Group and the Caravan


The Pioneers

The Outcasts

Killed Victims

  • Leland (Before Reanimation)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.



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