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"It's AGL, a lumber mill about 10 miles up the road. We passed it on the way in, but it's overrun. (...) So whoever's writing these needs more help than I thought."
Alicia Clark to Morgan Jones[src]

AGL Lumber Yard is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is an abandoned lumber yard located somewhere in Texas about 10 miles up the road from the Chateau Lafite.


Nothing is known of the lumber yard's history before the outbreak.


At some point in the outbreak, the lumber yard became home to a survivor. However, it eventually became overrun by a herd of walkers which Alicia Clark, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez noticed on their way to the Chateau Lafite. Desperate and running out of supplies, the man began using a nail gun to attach messages begging for help to the walkers in the hopes that somebody would find them and save him.

Season 4

"People Like Us"

When Morgan Jones arrives at the Chateau Lafite, he discovers that Alicia Clark has found several of the survivor's messages and is luring in walkers in the hopes of finding more clues to trace them with. Alicia eventually realizes where the survivor is based off of the AGL logo on the nails carrying the messages and, knowing that the lumber yard is overrun by a herd, enlists Morgan's help to search the place.

Alicia and Morgan find several more messages pinned to block of lumber with a broken window facing it and realize that the messages are coming from that room. However, the two find the herd inside of the building gathered at the door to the room. At Morgan's suggestion, he lures the herd outside under where a crane is holding up some logs. Alicia severs the crane's hydraulics, dropping the logs on the walkers and crushing them.

With the way clear, Morgan and Alicia enter the room, only to find that the survivor has already starved to death and reanimated. Morgan puts the man down with his staff and points out to the devastated Alicia that the man was already dead for days and she couldn't have saved him, further devastating her. Looking around the room, Alicia spots the man's nail gun and more notes, including one begging for someone to "come quickly."




Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4


  • Alicia Clark refers to it as a lumber mill while talking to Morgan Jones. However, the full name is visible on a sign as Alicia and Morgan enter.