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The AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikov-47) is a Soviet assault rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is regarded as the world's most successful assault rifle.

Introduced into service with the Soviet Army in 1949, the AK-47 is still in major use worldwide despite being replaced in the Soviet Military in the 1950s. The AK-47 served as the basis for all Soviet and Russian assault rifles made after, and served as the primary inspiration for other countries' assault rifle development. More AK rifles have been produced than all other assault rifle types combined. It is the first assault rifle seen in the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Although AK-variant rifles have appeared in other Walking Dead media, the AK-47 itself has only appeared in the Video Game, the Novels, the Show and the Comics.


Video Game

Season 2

AHD Johnny AK.png "A House Divided" Johnny firing an AK-47 at walkers by the ski lodge.
AHD Backup.png "A House Divided" Johnny firing an AK-47 at walkers by the ski lodge.
AHD Troy AK.png "A House Divided" Troy aiming an AK-47 at Kenny.
AHD Bonnie In Cover.png "A House Divided" Bonnie in cover with an AK-47.
AHD Carver's Group.png "A House Divided" Troy and Bonnie holding AK-47s.
Tavia and others.png "In Harm's Way" Tavia, Bonnie, and Troy holding AK-47s.
IHW Pre-Release 1.png "In Harm's Way" Guards in Howe's Hardware holding AK-47s.
IHW Wyatt 1.png "In Harm's Way" Wyatt with an AK-47.
IHW Russell 1.png "In Harm's Way" Russell with an AK-47.
IHW Stay Back.png "In Harm's Way" Troy threatening the prisoners with his AK-47.
IHW Leaving Tonight.png "In Harm's Way" Bonnie with her AK-47.
IHW Bad Guys.png "In Harm's Way" Carver, Tavia, and Tyler with AK-47s.
IHW Clem Shooting Carver.PNG "In Harm's Way" Carver with his AK-47 as Clementine shoots him.
IHW Luke AK.png "In Harm's Way" Luke aiming Carver's AK-47 at him.
IHW Out Comes Troy.png "In Harm's Way" Troy threatening Luke with his AK-47.
IHW Bonnie Fighting.png "In Harm's Way" Bonnie fighting through the herd with Troy's AK-47.
ATR2 Preview 5.png "Amid The Ruins" Bonnie protecting Rebecca with Troy's AK-47.
AmTR Guards With AKs.png "Amid The Ruins" Several of Carver's guards firing AK-47s into the herd.
AmTR Splitting Up.png "Amid The Ruins" Luke holding an AK-47 while talking with the group.
AmTR Luke About Mike.png "Amid The Ruins" Luke holding an AK-47 while on watch.
AmTR You Gotta Lighten Up.png "Amid The Ruins" Luke walking with his AK-47.
AmTR Escalation of Force.png "Amid The Ruins" Luke leveling his AK-47 at Arvo.
AmTR Buricko AK.png "Amid The Ruins" Buricko firing his AK-47 at the group.
NGB Luke Failed.png "No Going Back" Luke aiming his AK-47.
NGB Vitali AK47.png "No Going Back" Vitali aiming his AK-47.
NGB Rebecca Was Too Far Gobe.png "No Going Back" Luke holding his AK-47.
NGB We're Fine.png "No Going Back" Luke walking across the ice with his AK-47.
NGB Luke's In Trouble.png "No Going Back" Luke holding his AK-47.

Michonne Series

ITD Gabby Aiming AK-47.png "In Too Deep" Gabby aiming an AK-47 at Michonne Hawthorne, Pete, Sam, and Greg.
ITD Stay Put.png "In Too Deep" Gabby aiming her AK-47 at Michonne and Sam.
ITD Group Outnumbered.png "In Too Deep" Gabby aiming her AK-47 at Michonne, Pete, Sam, and Greg.
ITD Michonne Cornered.png "In Too Deep" Cam and Zachary with their AK-47s.
ITD Zachary Aiming AK-47.png "In Too Deep" Zachary aiming his AK-47 at Michonne.
ITD Randall Returns.png "In Too Deep" Randall carrying his AK-47.
TWDM GNS Pre-Release 2.png "Give No Shelter" Randall holding his AK-47.
GNS Cam and Randall.png "Give No Shelter" Randall holding his AK-47

Season 3

IMG 1958.JPG "Ties That Bind - Part 1" One of the scavengers who attacked Wellington aiming an AK-47 at Edith and Clementine as they escaped.
TTB Badger Shooting.png "Ties That Bind - Part 1" Badger and an unnamed New Frontier member firing on Javier's group with AK-47s.

TV Series

Season 5

S5 Rick AK-47.png "No Sanctuary" Rick Grimes aiming an AK-47.
Season5Rick.jpg "No Sanctuary" Rick Grimes after firing an AK-47.
Rick-lincoln-daryl-reedus-season 5.jpg "Strangers" Rick Grimes holding an AK-47.
Rick-S5PromoPicture.PNG "Strangers" Rick Grimes holding an AK-47.
Grupo-the-walking-dead-5-temporada-coda.jpg "Coda" Rosita Espinosa holding an AK-47.
AMC TWD The Distance.png "The Distance" Rosita Espinosa aiming an AK-47.
AMC 511 Vehicles Found.png "The Distance" Rosita Espinosa holding an AK-47.
AMC TWD Remember.png "Remember" Rosita Espinosa holding an AK-47.
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