The AKMS is a 7.62mm assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

It is an upgraded version of the AK-47 rifle and was developed in the 1950s. It has a folding metal skeleton stock, as opposed to the fixed wooden stocks of most AK-family rifles such as the AK-47 and the AKM.


TV Series

Season 3

Thewalkingdeads03e01720.jpg "Seed" Carol Peletier, grasping the AKMS, while killing the walkers contained in the prison's field.
Seed.50.png "Seed" Carol, firing the AKMS.
Seed.56.png "Seed" Carol, handling the AKMS after assisting in killing the walkers in the prison's field.
TWDS3E07 02.jpg "When the Dead Come Knocking" Daryl Dixon has an AKMS in his bag as he and the others head to Woodbury.
The Walking Dead S03E08 1588.jpg "Made to Suffer" Daryl Dixon has an AKMS as he fires at Woodbury guards.
Allenwithakms.png "Welcome to the Tombs" Allen, with an AKMS in the prison during the first prison assault.

Season 4

TWDS4E07 04.png "Dead Weight" A member of Martinez' Camp holding an AKMSU.
TWDS04E08AKMSU.png "Too Far Gone" One of The Governor's men firing an AKMSU out of a suv during the second prison assault.
TWDS4E11 113.png "Claimed" Tara Chambler firing a stockless AKMSU at walkers.


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