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The following is a transcript of Episode 2: A House Divided of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2.


Walkers pound on the shed that Clementine and Nick are hiding in. They try to hold the doors closed. Walkers knock Nick away from the door and they both push the doors closed again.

Clementine: Nick! Help me!

Clementine: What's the plan here, Nick?!

Clementine: Nick! Find something!

Clementine says nothing.

Nick walks away.

Clementine: What are you doing?! Nick?!

Clem struggles to hold the doors closed as a walker tries to get in. Nick pushes a crate against the doors and then sits in a chair.

Clementine: Do you think Luke and the others will find us?

Nick: Who knows...?

Clementine: I'm sorry about Pete.

Nick: Whatever...

Clementine: Are you crazy?!

Nick: Maybe...

Clementine says nothing.

Nick: Why'd you leave my uncle? Back at the stream. Why'd you follow me?

Clementine: He got bit. Back in the stream. He wasn't going to make it.

Clementine: I trusted you.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: Well, that was stupid.

Clementine: I just did.

Nick: Well, that was stupid.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: What do we do now?

Nick: I don't care.

Clementine: If we're stuck here, we should at least look around. Maybe we can find something to help us get out of here.

Nick: Knock yourself out.

Nick: It's a still.

Clementine: I know what it is.

Nick: The fuck you do.

Clementine: Okay, what, then?

Nick: It's for makin' booze. But that rig ain't fit to piss in.

Clementine: Do you think they'll break through that window? Guess I'll just stand here...talking to myself...

Clementine: All this food is rotten. I said, all this food is rotten.

Walkers pound on the door.

Talk to Nick

Clementine: Nick, you want to give me some help here?

Talk to Nick again

Clementine: Are you listening to me?

Talk to Nick again

Clementine: Fine. Just sit there.

Clementine moves a piece of plywood and discovers the shelf is filled with jars of alcohol.

Nick: What is that stuff? Let me see.

Clementine hands him a jar. Nick sniffs it, then takes a sip.

Nick: Whiskey.

Clementine: Now what?

Nick: Oh, fuck if I know. We wait, I guess.

Clementine sits down. She wakes up at nightfall. Nick is sitting near the shelf, throwing jars against the wall. Clementine walks up to him.

Clementine: Stop!

Clementine: What's your problem?!

Clementine: Stop it! You're scaring me!

Clementine says nothing.

Nick ignores Clementine and throws another jar. as he picks up another one, he changes his mind and doesn't throw it.

Nick: I had to kill my mom. That sounds weird when I say it out loud, huh? Luke always used to push me. I never wanted to go into business with him. I remember when he sold me on it. His big plan. Some fuckin' plan. A case of beer in, he just said, (imitating Luke) "Nick, we're burnin' daylight." (normal voice) And that was that. After six months, we were flat broke. But I didn't care. We were havin' fun. (drinks whiskey) I wish I was like him. I wish I could just keep movin' all the time. But I'm just not...built like that. Everyone I grew up with. It all...happened to them. And now it's going to happen to us. We're all so fucked. This whole world is fucked.

Clementine: You're just drunk.

Nick: No shit.

Clementine: You're right.

Nick: It's a nightmare. We live in a fucking nightmare.

Clementine: We'll make it.

Nick: Bullshit.

Nick: Jesus.

Nick: I mean, what's the point? We'll just march to some new place and somebody else will die. It's never gonna stop. And eventually it'll be our turn. I can't believe we've been here a day. A day! It's been a day, right? Hey, kid. Have a drink with me. It's gonna be your first and your last.

Clementine takes the jar.

Nick: To Peter Joseph Randall, the nicest mean old bastard I ever knew.

Nick will remember that.

Nick picks up another jar and clinks it against the one in Clementine's hands. They both take a drink. Clementine coughs and hands it back to him.

Clementine: No, thanks.

Nick takes a sip of his whiskey.

Nick takes a sip of his whiskey.

Nick: Listen. They're not comin' for us. You should go. Run for it.

Clementine: Wh--what are you going to do?

Nick: Stay here. I'm tired. Go find Luke. And the rest. They'll take care of you. They're good people. Better than me.

Clementine: I knew someone like you. He was always screwing up too.

Nick: Screwin' up? I didn't ask for any of this.

Clementine: Nobody does. But so what?

Clementine: But you'll die here.

Nick: Here. There. What does it matter?

Clementine: We can make it. We have to try.

Nick: I don't have to do anything.

Nick: Well, what are you waitin' for?

Clementine: Fine. What do I care if you want to die? Just sit there.

Nick: You shouldn't care. Don't forget that. If you're gonna go, go.

Clementine: Come with me.

Nick: Are you kiddin'? And leave all this?

Clementine: You can't just sit here and die.

Nick: Why not? What does it matter?

Clementine: You still have Luke, and everyone else. They're family. Nick. I need your help. Please.

Nick: You're right.

Nick takes another sip and gets up.

Nick: Now, look, if we get separated...

Nick: If you're gonna go, go.

Nick: The cabin's only half a mile from here. You can't miss it.

Nick: (drinks whiskey) You ready?

Clementine pulls the crate away from the door.

Nick: Fuck it.

Clementine and Nick sneak out and are noticed by a walker. Nick hits it with the jar.

Nick: Ha! Fuck you, motherfucker!

Other walkers take notice of them.

Nick: Oh, shit... Hey! Over here! (waves arms) C'mon, you fucks! Look at me! Get the fuck out of here!

Clementine runs away.

Clementine runs up to Nick.

Nick: I SAID get the FUCK out of here!

Clementine pulls the crate away, opens the door, and starts to sneak away. She is noticed by the walkers.

Walkers pound on the cigarette truck that Pete and Clementine are hiding in.

Pete: Well, they shouldn't be able to get through that. On the downside, we can't get through them.

Clementine and Pete sits down, and he holds his injured right leg.

Pete: What're you lookin' at? Starin' ain't polite. Come on out and say it.

Clementine: Nothing.

Pete: Yeah.

Clementine: What are you going to do?

Clementine: How are you feeling?

Pete: Well, other than this bite, I'm just peachy.

Pete: Yeah.

Pete: (looking at hacksaw) Hand me that there.

Clementine: Cutting it off won't work.

Pete: Says who?

Clementine: I knew someone who tried it.

Pete: Just because it didn't work once don't mean it can't work at all.

Clementine: I've never heard of it working...

Pete: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Pete picks up the saw.

Clementine: It's worth a shot, I guess...

Pete: I got nothin' to lose. Other than my piggly-wigglies, of course.

Clementine: Are you sure?

Pete: I got nothin' to lose. Other than my piggly-wigglies, of course.

Clementine hands Pete the saw.

Clementine hands Pete the saw.

Pete picks up the saw.

Pete places the saw over his leg and grits his teeth. He can't bring himself to do it and throws the saw to the floor.

Pete: I'd bleed out like a stuck pig. What are you gonna do, carry me outta here on your back? Hell. Just...just give me a minute.

Clementine: Try to get some rest. There's a lot of stuff in here. I'll try to find something to help.

Clementine looks at the doors.

Pete: Aww, Nick. That stupid kid...

(If Clementine took Pete's watch.)

Clementine picks up the watch and puts it back.

Pete: Anything in that?

Clementine: I'm sorry, it's empty.

Pete: Damn.

Clementine: I'll keep looking around.

Clementine shakes her head and puts the bottle back.

Clementine: Not much. Here. (gives water bottle)

Pete: Thanks. (drinks water)

Clementine: I'll keep looking around.

Clementine looks at the hacksaw.

Clementine: Are you sure...you don't want to...? I mean...maybe I could...

Clementine: The keys are still in it.

Pete: Well. Worth a shot.

Clementine tries to turn on the car.

Pete: Outta gas.

The sign says:


The wires are severed.

Clementine searches the box.

Pete: What's in there? Anything we can use?

Clementine takes out a pack of cigarettes and shows it to Pete.

Pete: Gimme one of those. Probably tastes like pine tar by now. But I'd smoke a dead coon's tail if you had one. Hand it here.

Clementine: (gives pack) Will you show me how to do it?

Pete: Hell no.

Clementine: Why not?

Pete: Ellen Breslin, San Bernadino boardin' school, June '63. One pack and I was hooked. Ah, that broad. Couldn't kiss worth a damn.

Clementine: I don't like smoke.

Pete: We're in the middle of a shit sandwich stacked this high, and you're actin' like a goddamn government regulator?

Clementine: It's gross.

Pete: Gimme those. (takes pack)

Clementine: You shouldn't.

Pete: Why? They gonna kill me? Gimme those. (takes pack)

Clementine hands Pete the cigarette pack.

Pete: Gimme those. (takes pack)

Pete: Got a light?

Pete takes out a cigarette and Clementine lights it for him.

Pete: Well, that tastes about as bad as it smells.

Clementine: Now what?

Pete: We wait.

Clementine sits down. She wakes up at nightfall. Pete is hunched on the floor, groaning. Clementine gets up and can optionally grab the hacksaw, approaching him.

Clementine: Don't be dead. Please.

Clementine: Are you alive...?

Clementine: Pete...?

Clementine pokes Pete with the hacksaw, or shakes him if she didn't pick up the saw.

Clementine does nothing.

Pete coughs and sits up.

Pete: Damn it. I feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack. Jesus. Stuck in this can the whole damn day. You want to hear somethin' funny? I've been thinkin', and I don't want to die. Never thought I'd be the kinda idiot to say somethin' like that. But there it is. I'm scared, Clementine. Jesus, I'm scared.

Clementine: What does it feel like?

Pete: It feels like...like a rope is wrapped around my neck, gettin' tighter every second. It feels like I can't...can't breathe.

Clementine: Everyone ends up like this...

Pete: You never think it's gonna happen to you.

Clementine: You're going to be okay.

Pete: At least spare me the bedside bullshit.

Clementine: Sorry...

Pete: Yeah. I can't believe I'm goin' out like this.

Pete: Would you...would you promise me you'll watch out for Nick? I love that stupid kid. No matter what you think, he is a good boy. He's been playin' a tough hand, but he is a good boy.

Clementine: I can't make any promises. He might be...

Clementine: He's on his own, like everyone else.

Clementine: I'll do what I can.

Pete will remember that.

Pete: Thank you.

Clementine says nothing.

Pete: Been almost a day. They ain't gonna find us.

Pete gets up.

Clementine: Where are you going?

Pete partially opens the doors; walkers roam around nearby.

Pete: I'm not gettin' outta this. You're gonna have to make a break for it. I'll buy you some time.

Clementine: You're coming with me.

Pete: To do what? Die a couple hours later than now?

Clementine: To say goodbye to Nick.

Pete: Alright. I'll try. Well...like my daddy used to say, we're burnin' daylight.

Clementine: Thank you, Pete.

Pete: You go find my nephew now, alright? (Clementine nods) Wait for my signal and run straight to the woods. Just keep movin'. Alright? (sits in the front seat)

Pete: You go find my nephew now, alright? (Clementine nods) Wait for my signal and run straight to the woods. Just keep movin'. Alright? (sits in the front seat)

Pete: Let's get this over with.

Pete and Clem get out of the truck. A walker gets close to them and they run, but Pete falls.

Pete: This ain't gonna work. Go on now. Find my nephew.

Clementine: Get back to the--

Pete: I said go! Goddamn it, go!

Clementine: I'll find him!

Clementine: You have to try!

Pete: I said go! Goddamn it, go!

Pete: I said go! Goddamn it, go!

Pete: Run!

Pete starts the car, and the stalling engine draws the walkers toward the truck.

Clem runs into the woods.


Clem runs back to the cabin. She opens the door and finds Rebecca and Carlos sitting at the kitchen table.

Carlos: Clementine! Are you alright? Luke's not with you?!

Rebecca: Where's Alvin?!

Carlos: What happened? It's been hours. Where are they?!

Rebecca: Clem?!

Clementine: We got attacked.

Rebecca: By who?!

Clementine: Walkers.

Rebecca: Jesus.

Clementine: I don't know where they are.

Carlos: What happened?

Clementine: Walkers.

Rebecca: Jesus.

Clementine: Pete got bit.

Rebecca: WHAT?!

Carlos: What happened?

Clementine: Walkers.

Carlos: Clementine?

Rebecca: Something's wrong. They didn't come back with her. Where are they?

Clementine: Pete got killed. I was with Nick, but...

Clementine: We all got split up. I was with Pete, but...

Carlos: My god.

Rebecca: Where were you? Where were you exactly?!

Clementine: Down by the stream.

Rebecca: We gotta go.

Carlos: Just hold on a minute.

Rebecca: My husband is still out there. GET. THE. GUNS.

Carlos leaves.

Rebecca: Luke and Alvin went out looking for you. I told them not to go. Damn it, Luke.

Carlos returns and hands Rebecca a rifle. She goes out the door.

Carlos: Clementine, can you...can you please watch Sarah? She's upstairs. Just distract her. And don't tell her anything! She gets...nervous.

Clementine: Just go. Hurry.

Clementine: We should go with you.

Carlos: It's too dangerous.

Clementine: I'll take care of her. You can trust me.

Carlos: Thank you.

Carlos will remember that.

Carlos: I don't want to trust you, but I have to.

Carlos: You'll be safe inside. Just don't open the doors for anything. We'll be back soon.

Carlos: And...thank you.

Carlos leaves and Clementine goes upstairs. When she opens the door, Sarah points an instant camera at her.

Sarah: Say "cheese"! (takes picture of Clem) I found this under the house. There was all kinds of old stuff! (looks at picture, then hands it to Clem) It's so cool! Take one of me! Come on, take one of me. Please?

Clementine: Sure.

Sarah: Get me in a good pose, okay?

Sarah hands Clem the camera.

Sarah's Comments

Sarah: Okay, I'm ready.

Sarah: Take it!

Sarah: Clem?

Sarah: My face hurts.

Sarah: Come on!

Clementine takes a photo of Sarah.

Clementine: I'm not in the mood.

Sarah: Sorry. I just wanted to cheer you up. (takes selfie with a silly face) Isn't this the best?

Clementine: You shouldn't scare people like that.

Sarah: Sorry. I just wanted to cheer you up. (takes selfie with a silly face) Isn't this the best?

Sarah: (takes selfie with a silly face) Isn't this the best?

Sarah: (notices Clem's expression) What's wrong? Um, where's my dad? Clem? You're scaring me?

Clementine: You should know what's going on.

Sarah: He told you not to tell me, didn't he?

Sarah will remember that.

Clementine: He is in trouble.

Sarah: Oh, my gosh. What happened? Clem? What's going on?

Clementine: Everyone's gone. It's bad.

Clementine: It'll be fine. They're smart people.

Clementine: Pete's dead.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: They're just...fishing.

Sarah: I know that's not true.

Clementine: He'll be fine.

Sarah: Are you sure?

Clementine says nothing.

Sarah turns around and takes several deep breaths.

Sarah: Sorry, I--I just need to...

Sarah sits down and wraps her arms around her knees.

Sarah: You wanna see what I found?

Sarah takes out a gun from under the bed.

Sarah: Will you show me how to use it? I couldn't find any bullets. If something's wrong, I should know. What if I have to use one? Nobody tells me anything.

Clementine: As long as you don't tell your dad.

Sarah: I won't. I promise.

Clementine: Okay...but it's not a toy.

Sarah: I know.

Clementine: It's too dangerous.

Sarah: Everything is dangerous. I need to know sometime.

Clementine: You should let your dad teach you.

Sarah points the gun at her head and mimics firing it.

Sarah: Bam.

Clementine: First, remember it's just a thing.

Sarah: (pointing gun incorrectly) What does that mean?

Clementine: Um...I don't know.

Sarah: I thought it'd be heavier. Okay, what do I do?

Clementine helps Sarah hold the gun correctly.

Clementine: The most important thing is, don't pull the trigger. Squeeze it.

Sarah: Why?

Clementine: I...I don't know. You just do.

Sarah: Okay...

Clementine: The most important thing is, when you go to shoot, take a breath before you pull the trigger.

Sarah takes a deep breath.

Clementine: Not that big.

Sarah exhales.

Clementine: The most important thing is, always aim for the head.

Sarah: Okay.

Clementine: Unless it's a person trying to hurt you.

Sarah: Then what do I do?

Clementine: Just keep shooting.


You showed Sarah how to defend herself.

Sarah: What should I shoot?

Sarah points the gun at Clem, and she ducks.

Clementine: Don't do that!

Sarah: (lowers gun) S--sorry! Sorry... Maybe I could practice outside? There's that tree.

Sarah looks out the window.

Sarah: Hey, Luke's back!

Sarah and Clementine go downstairs.

Clementine looks outside.

Clementine walks up to Sarah.

Sarah: That's not Luke. Clem...I think I know him.

Carver knocks on the door.

Sarah: He can't see me. You have to make him go away.

Clementine: What? Why can't he see you?

Clementine: Go and find somewhere to hide.

Sarah: Where?!

Clementine: Who is he?

Sarah: I--I don't remember.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: (knocks) Hello...?!

Sarah: Clem, I can't breathe...I ca--I can't breathe...!

Clementine: Ssshhh.

Clementine approaches the door.

Carver: Hello? Anybody home? Hello?

Clementine is about to lock the door when Carver opens it.

Clementine opens the door.

Carver opens the door.

Carver: Hello there.

Clementine: Get out of here. Now.

Carver: Is that how your dad taught you to greet a neighbor?

Clementine: I've got a gun.

Carver: Smart girl. I would too. But I'm not a bad guy, honey. Promise you that.

Clementine: Who are you?

Carver: Well, actually, I'm your neighbor.

Clementine: Neighbor?

Carver: That's right.

Clementine: Hello.

Carver: How are ya?

Clementine: Okay. How are you?

Carver: Well, I'm doin' just fine, thank you.

Carver: Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Clem notices that Carver is armed with a pistol.

Carver: My family and I are set up a ways downriver. I'm...kinda surprised we haven't run into each other yet. What's your name?

Clementine: What's YOUR name?

Carver: My name is George, honey. (offers handshake)

Clementine shakes his hand.

Clementine stares at him.

Carver: Pleasure to meet you. You mind if I come in for a bit?

Clementine: Clementine.

Carver: Clementine. Well. You look just like a Clementine. You mind if I come in, Clementine? I've been out all morning and this heat has got me cooked.

Clementine: I'm...Carley.

Carver: Carley. That's a sweet name. You mind if I come in, Carley? I've been out all morning and this heat has got me cooked.

Clementine tries to slam the door, but Carver holds it open.

Carver: Hey, y'know, I'm sorry to disturb you. I only need a couple minutes of your time.

Carver: You mind if I come in for a bit?

Carver walks into the house and Sarah sneaks away.

Clementine: Would you please leave?

Clementine: No, I guess not.

Clementine: Yes, I do mind.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: This is a nice place. Is there anyone around? You don't usually see cabins this big out here. Sure could pack a lot of folks in there.

Clementine: I'm alone.

He will remember that.

Carver: Really?

Clementine: Yeah... I take care of myself.

Carver: Well, I'm impressed.

Clementine: Just me and--and Dad.

He will remember that.

Carver: Yeah? And what's his name?

Clementine: Ed.

Carver: A strong name. I like him already. Where is he?

Clementine: He's...out.

Clementine: We have a big group. Lots.

He will remember that.

Carver: Oh? How big?

Clementine: Dozens. They'll be back soon.

Carver: And they left you here all alone? They must trust you.

Carver: You can talk to me, alright? I'm not gonna bite you.

Carver: Well, I'll cut to the chase; I'm looking for my people. Seven of them, to be exact. They've been gone a long while and...I'm worried they might've gotten lost. Maybe you've seen 'em. Couple of farm boys and an old man... Spanish guy and his daughter. Quiet girl, bit taller than you. A big black guy. This big. And a pretty little pregnant lady.

Clementine: I haven't seen them.

Carver: Well, that's a shame. You sure?

Clementine: Pretty sure.

Clementine: I saw them. They're dead.

Carver: You saw who? Where?

Clementine: Down by the river the other day. Walkers got 'em. I'm sorry.

Carver: The river? You sure about that?

Clementine: Pretty sure.

Carver: Well, no offense, but I'd guess that wasn't them. 'Cause the ones I'm lookin' for are very careful people.

Clementine: If you say so.

Clementine: That's a lot of people to lose.

Carver: Tell me about it. This whole damn thing's a pain in the ass.

Clementine crosses her arms.

Carver: Can you hear me, dear? (Clem nods) Ah. Okay.

Carver enters the kitchen. He notices the dirty dishes piled in the sink.

Carver: Lotta plates for one person. Looks like a tornado ran through here.

Clementine: I don't ever do the dishes.

Carver: Hey, well, believe me, I don't either.

Carver: That's a lotta plates for two people. Looks like a tornado ran through here.

Clementine: Yeah. Well. I'm supposed to be doing the dishes.

Carver: Well, looks like a damn tornado ran through here. Must be, like, close to ten people with you?

Clementine: More.

Carver: Hm.

Clem notices a knife on a nearby counter.

Carver: Just passin' through, or you been here a while? Hey, listen, kid. I hope you're not one of those nuts headed up north, lookin' for Shangri-La. Now, I'm not sure why you'd go anywhere after findin' this place. Hell, I just got here and I already don't want to leave.

Clementine: Just passin' through. Going north.

Carver: Whole lot of people headed that way lately. Me, I don't get it. Just as much nothin' up there as there is down here. And I can't stand that Yankee weather.

Clementine: Who have you met going north?

Carver: Oh, hell, lotta folks.

Clementine: Anyone named Christa?

Carver: No, not that I can recall. She a friend of yours?

Clementine: Have you been north?

Carver: Well, not since...before. But I've heard things.

Clementine: The cold slows them down.

Carver: Well, that's not worth the trade, in my opinon.

Clem lunges toward the knife.

Carver notices Clem looking at the knife.

Clementine: Been here for a year.

Carver: Is that right? It's dangerous to stay put that long. Surprised you've lasted.

Clementine: I've been lucky.

Carver: I doubt that.

Clementine: I'm a dangerous person.

Carver: I can tell.

Clementine: I've met a lot of good people.

Carver: I can tell.

Clem lunges toward the knife.

Carver notices Clem looking at the knife.

Clementine: Where do you live?

Carver: Down by the river there. There's a sweet little spot with a boat where we pitched camp. Got a few tents up and everything else. Like I said, I'm surprised we haven't run into each other.

Clementine: How long have you been there?

Carver: Been there for a good while now.

Clementine: Really?

Clementine: What kind of tents?

Carver: Big orange ones. Why?

Clementine: Just wondering.

Clementine: Do you have a dog?

Carver: No, I don't. What difference does it make?

Clementine: Just wondering.

Clem lunges toward the knife.

Carver notices Clem looking at the knife.

Clem lunges toward the knife.

Carver notices Clem looking at the knife.

Carver grabs the knife.

Carver: Where does this go?

Clementine: Uh...

Clementine: Uh, in the...drawer there.

Clementine: Oh, I'll take it.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver puts the knife in a drawer. He walks into the living room, and Clementine follows. Sarah, who is hiding behind a couch, sneaks to a different couch.

Carver: Well, this is a real nice place. Kinda cozy.

Carver notices a plaid shirt draped over the couch.

Carver: I knew a guy that always wore shirts like this. Doctor. Real smug son of a bitch. But a smart man. I miss him.

Clementine: What happened to him?

Carver: Let's just say we had our differences. Sooner or later, people close to you will find a reason to cross you. Happens every time.

Clementine: I don't care.

Carver: You know, you're really not very polite for a little girl.

Clementine: And you're not very polite for an adult. This is my house.

Carver: Fair point.

Clementine: What's his name?

Carver: Carlos.

Clementine crosses her arms.

Carver looks at the chessboard on the coffee table. Sarah sneaks upstairs.

Carver: Well, well...white's in trouble. Three moves away from checkmate. What was that?

Clem shrugs. Sarah goes into the upstairs room and closes the door right before Carver looks up.

Carver: I thought you said nobody's here.

Clementine: Nobody IS here!

Clementine: It's...probably the wind.

Clementine: I didn't hear anything.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver draws his pistol. He walks upstairs and enters the bedroom. Clem sees Sarah hiding under the bed.

Clementine: I told you, nobody's here.

Carver: (holsters pistol) Seems that way. Didn't mean to be rude. Couldn't just leave you here with a good conscience if someone was pokin' around, right?

Clementine: Sure...

Carver picks a photo of Sarah off the floor.

Carver: Who's this?

Clementine: Must be someone who lived here.

Carver: Must be.

Clementine: My sister. She's dead.

Carver: Really? Well, I'm very sorry to hear that.

Clementine: Thanks.

Clementine: Well, it's a kid.

Carver: Yeah. Looks like it was taken in this room.

Clementine: (takes photo) Never seen her before.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: You have no idea who these people are, do you?

Clementine: I don't know what you're talking about.

Clementine: They're my friends.

Clementine: Do you know them?

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: Lemme ask you this. When you met 'em, how much did they trust you?

Clementine: What's your point?

Carver: If people don't trust you, how can you trust them?

Clementine: Well, they locked me up. In a shed.

Carver: If people don't trust you, how can you trust them?

Clementine: Pete trusted me.

Carver: He did, huh? You sure about that?

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: Well, I think I've troubled you long enough. I can let myself out.

Carver walks down the stairs.

Clementine: Why shouldn't I trust them?

Clementine: Wait! Who are you?

Clementine: Don't come back.

Clementine says nothing.

He will remember this.

Carver: You have a real good day, now.

Carver leaves, and Sarah comes out of hiding.

Sarah: Where is he?

Clementine: He's gone.

Sarah: What if he comes back?

Sarah and Clementine sit on the couch in the living room.

Clementine: We need to find the others.

Sarah: We can't go outside!

Sarah and Clem enter the kitchen as the rest of the group returns.

Luke: Clementine!

Nick: Clementine!

Carlos: Sarah! (hugs Sarah)

Luke: You were with Nick, right? We gotta go find him.

Luke: They told me about Pete. You know where he is, right? Come on, let's go.

Sarah: A man was here.

Carlos: What?!

Rebecca: What did she say?

Sarah: Someone came to the cabin.

Rebecca: What?!

Sarah: Clementine talked to him.

Rebecca: And you just opened the door for him?!

Luke: Calm down, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Calm down?! I am calm! You calm down!

Luke: We don't know anything yet.

Clementine: I didn't open the door! He just came in.

Sarah: I thought you opened the door?

Rebecca: Jesus.

Sarah: She's telling the truth!

Clementine: He was coming in either way.

Carlos: I told you not to open the door for anyone.

Clementine: What was I supposed to do? He had a gun.

Carlos: I told you not to open the door for anyone.

Carlos: I told you not to open the door for anyone.

Carlos: Did he say his name? Did he say what his name was?

Rebecca: Maybe it wasn't him.

Alvin: You know damn well who it was.

Rebecca: Did he say his name?!

(If Clem asked Carver's name.)

Clementine: He said his name was George.

Rebecca: George?

Clementine: That's what he said.

(If Clem asked Carver's name.)

Clementine: Yeah, but I think he was lying.

Rebecca: What?

Sarah: I thought he said his name was George.

Rebecca: George?

(If Clem didn't ask his name.)

Clementine: I don't remember.

Rebecca: You don't remember?

Clementine: He had a gun. I didn't want to make him mad.

(If Clem didn't ask his name.)

Clementine: I didn't ask his name.

Rebecca: You didn't ask his name? How could you not ask his name?

Clementine: He had a gun. I didn't want to make him mad.

Clementine: Why do you care so much?

Rebecca: Excuse me?

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos: Look, Clem, just...tell us what he looked like. What was he wearing? Did he sound...different? How old was he?

Clementine: He had a big brown coat.

Carlos: Did it have a lining? A collar?

Clementine: Yeah. Fur.

Clementine: He had a moustache.

Carlos: Like mine, or more like Alvin's?

Clementine: Um. It was...droopy?

Clementine: His voice was gravelly.

Carlos: Like how?

Clementine: I don't know. Kind of deep and scratchy.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarah: He talked about you, Dad. You're not going to hurt anyone, are you?

Luke: Of course he won't, Sarah, alright? Your dad's the nicest man I know, which is why he's not gonna do anything crazy or...not nice. Right?

Carlos: You know these are bad people, sweetie. They will do or say anything to hurt us.

Luke: Alright, what do you think? Did it seem like he'd be coming back?

Sarah: (holding photo) He saw a picture of me.

Carlos: A picture?! What were you doing taking pictures?! (takes photo)

Luke: Carlos.

Carlos: What?!

Luke: You need to calm down, alright? You're scaring your daughter.

Clementine: You told me to distract her.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: Distract?

Carlos: Sarah...

Sarah: So I'm just an idiot? I thought we were friends.

Sarah: So I'm just an idiot?

Clementine: I took the picture. It's my fault.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: No. I asked her to. It's my fault.

Sarah: No, she didn't! I took it myself.

Carlos: Sarah?

Clementine: It was Sarah's idea.

Carlos will remember that.

Carlos: I don't care whose idea it was!

Carlos will remember that.

Carlos: Unbelievable.

Carlos: He was scouting. We got lucky. He wasn't expecting to find us. Clementine must have surprised him. If she hadn't been there... Well, he was too smart to stick around. But he'll be back with the rest. We don't have much time.

Luke: He's right. Everyone pack up. We're movin' out.

Alvin leaves.

Rebecca: Alvin, wait!

Rebecca leaves.

Carlos: We have to leave now, sweetie, before he comes back with more bad guys. But it's gonna be okay. Let's just go get your things.

Clementine: Where are we going?

Carlos: Anywhere but here. Into the mountains, maybe.

Clementine: What does he want?

Carlos: To bring us back.

Clementine: Why did you leave his camp?

Carlos: Because we had to.

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos: Clem, I don't know what he told you, but William Carver is a dangerous man. He's the leader of a camp not far from here, and he's very smart. We were lucky to escape. Look, I'm sorry to involve you, but now that he's seen you, you'll be safer with us. We have to leave.

Luke: Look, we gotta find Nick on our way outta here. You know where he was, right?

Nick: We have to find Pete.

Luke: We'll get him on the way out, Nick. Clementine, you know where he was, right?

Clementine: Yeah...

Luke: Alright. Everybody grab your stuff. Let's hit the road.


The group walks through the forest.

Luke: Now, you said it was just up here?

Clementine: Yeah. Just a little ways.

Rebecca: Hey, Clem... Sorry if I gave you some shit back there, I'm just a little on edge.

Rebecca: I still don't like what you did, sneakin' around on us and taking advantage of my husband. But I know you were in a tough spot. I'll try to cut you some slack.

Rebecca: It's just a tough time right now, with the pregnancy and all. You and Alvin can probably relate.

Clementine: It's okay.

Rebecca: If it's not you I'm yellin' at lately, it's Alvin, and then I'm in real trouble.

Clementine: I can handle it. I'm not a little kid.

Rebecca: I felt the same way when I was your age. My dad was always giving me shit, and I always thought he didn't know a damn thing.

Clementine: You need to stop bossing me around.

Rebecca: This hasn't been easy on me. But I'm trying, Clem.

Clementine: Why is Carver after you?

Rebecca: After me? Oh, you mean us. It's a long story. He...he has a hard time letting go.

Rebecca: If it's not you I'm yellin' at lately, it's Alvin, and then I'm in real trouble.

Clementine: I can handle it. I'm not a little kid.

Rebecca: I felt the same way when I was your age. My dad was always giving me shit, and I always thought he didn't know a damn thing.

Rebecca: I know you did your best back there. You know, none of us would make it on our own. Sometimes it's hard knowing just how dependent I am on everyone. I'm not used to that. I'm not comfortable with that. I'm supposed to be a mom soon. Guess I need to work on my patience. Alvin and I still don't know what to call her, or him, if that man gets his wish, god help me. Any ideas? Clem?

Clem breaks off from the group and walks a different direction.

Luke and Clem approach the shed.

Clementine: There. That's where we were...

Luke kills the walkers with his machete.

Luke: Nick?! Get the door.

Clementine opens the door. They see Nick lying on the floor.

Luke: Jesus.

Nick: Hey, man...you got any aspirin?

Luke: Nick, you asshole.

Luke helps Nick get up and gives him a hug.

Nick: Pete's dead.

Luke: I know, man, I do. We gotta get movin', okay? Carver's gang showed up. Can you make it?

Nick: Yeah...yeah.

Luke: Good. Let's go.

The group continues walking through the forest.

Nick: Hey, Clem...

Nick: I just wanted to say...thanks for not giving up on me.

Nick: I just wanted to say...you were right. I'm sorry.

Clementine: Next time you should listen to me.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Clementine: Don't worry about it.

Nick: I won't forget it.

Clementine: I'm sorry about Pete.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks...

Clementine says nothing.

Nick looks sad and falls behind.

Luke: What happened back there in that cellar? He do somethin' stupid? Look, you can tell me. I'm just lookin' out for him.

(If Clem let Nick stay behind.)

Clementine: I left him.

Luke: Wait... Why?

Clementine: He was...sad. He didn't think you'd find us.

(If Clem convinced Nick to come along.)

Clementine: Nick saved my life.

Luke: Really?

Clementine: Yeah...sort of.

Clementine: He got drunk and I was scared.

Luke: Goddamn it, Nick.

Clementine: He wanted to die.

Luke: Well, it's not the first time he's been like that, but...Pete was his last anchor.

Luke: So it wasn't pretty, huh?

Luke, Clem, Alvin, Carlos, and Nick approach the truck.

Clementine: There. That's where we were...

Nick runs up and opens the doors.

Nick: He's not in here!

Clementine: This was the last place I saw him.

Alvin: Maybe he's around here somewhere.

Carlos: Keep your eyes open. And stay in sight.

Clementine sees a trail of blood leading behind a rock.

Nick's Comments

Nick: Pete!

Nick: Uncle Pete!

Nick: Anyone see him?!

Clementine discovers Pete's disemboweled body. The others join her.

Nick: Oh, my god. What happened? What the hell happened?

Carlos: He's been shot.

Clementine: He didn't have a gun. Who did this?

Luke hugs Nick.

Alvin: Son of a bitch...

Carlos: We need to go.

Luke: He's gone, Nick. He--he's gone. We gotta get movin'. Come on, man.

The group continues walking through the forest.

Nick: Tell me. Tell me how it happened.

Clementine: He saved my life.

Luke: Well, that was...that was Pete.

Clementine: I'm sorry.

Clementine: The last thing he said was he wanted to say goodbye to you.

Nick: Fuck...

Clementine: He was scared, and--

Nick: Scared? My uncle?

Clementine: He got bit. Back--back in the stream.

Nick: Fuck you. No way.

Luke: Nick, come on, man...

Nick: Fuck off.

Nick: Tell me how it happened!

Luke: Nick... Come on, man.

Nick looks sad and falls behind.

Luke: I'm worried about that kid. Keep an eye on him for me, would you? You...sure you still wanna come with us? Look, I know we got off to a rough start. And I can't make any promises it won't get rougher. But we all know you now. And we may not be perfect, but we look out for each other.

Clementine: I don't have anywhere else to go.

Luke: Well, then, welcome to the party.

Clementine: Yeah, thanks.

Luke: We're, uh...we're smarter than we look.

Clementine: I have to look for Christa.

Luke: She was headed north, right?

Clementine: Yeah.

Luke: So are we. Look, you're gonna have a better chance of finding her with us than on your own.

Clementine: Yeah, I'm with you guys.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: And we are glad to have you.

Clementine: Not everyone is.

Luke: Well...they'll get there.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: (takes out map) I figure we got about four or five days to reach those mountains. Now, if they're trackin' us, we should be able to lose 'em up there.

Rebecca: Five days?

Alvin: It's gonna be okay, Bec.

Carlos: We have to keep moving now. It's our only choice.


Five Days Later

The group is a distance from the bridge. Luke checks the map, Nick and Rebecca sit down on some rocks, and Clementine uses a pair of binoculars.

Luke: See anything?

Alvin: She better see somethin'. We've been walkin' for a damn week.

Carlos: We've got to find some shelter.

Alvin: Here, eat this, Bec.

Rebecca: But we're almost out of food. We gotta save it.

Alvin: We need to keep your strength up, baby.

Clementine looks at the bridge.

Clementine: There's the bridge.

Luke: And does it look passable?

Clementine: I think so.

Luke: Good.

Clementine looks at the station house.

Clementine: There's a little house by the bridge.

Carlos: How big is it?

Clementine: It's pretty small.

Clementine looks at the lift.

Clementine: There's a lift or something.

Luke: Chair lift? Must be that ski resort.

Clementine: I've never been skiing.

Alvin: Bec and I went once.

Rebecca: It wasn't pretty.

Clementine looks at the lodge.

Clementine: There's a building on the mountain.

Luke: What it's look like?

Clementine: It's big.

Luke: That sounds like a good place to spend the night.

Clem puts her binoculars away.

Carlos: We have to cross that bridge. Let's go.

Luke: Hold on, now. We can't all go sprinting across that thing, okay? If we get spotted out there, we're gonna be trapped.

Carlos: Going around that lake will take too long.

Luke: Right, but...look, we've got no idea who's out there. Okay, I' gonna sneak across and make sure it's clear before we bring the whole group over.

Carlos: You think splitting up the group is a good idea?

Luke: I never said it was a GOOD idea. But it's better than risking everyone at once.

Alvin: What's your plan?

Luke: Clem and I can scoot across low and slow and make sure nobody's waitin' for us on the other side.

Alvin: We'll have a tough time coverin' you from back here.

Luke: Well, we'll just turn back if it gets hairy.

Carlos: Clementine should stay here. She's...

Luke: She's what?

Carlos: She's just a little girl, Luke.

Luke: She's a valuable little girl. I mean, hell, if she can sew up her own arm, she's fit to cross a bridge.

Alvin: He's got a point.

Clementine: I can do it.

Luke: See? No problem.

Clementine: You're not my dad, Carlos.

Carlos: And you are lucky you're not my daughter.

Clementine: Thank god.

Luke chuckles.

Clementine: Maybe I should stay here.

Luke: Hmm... Nah. Come on, you can handle a little recon.

Luke: She can do it. Okay?

Luke: It's gonna be fine. Okay? We'll signal you guys in ten minutes. Just watch for a light at the far side.

Nick: I can go too.

Luke: You stay with the group.

Nick: I'm fine, Luke.

Carlos: I don't like this.

Luke: Yeah, well, when's the last time you liked anything, Carlos?

Nick: If somethin' happens, I'll cover you.

Luke: Come on.

Luke and Clem walk toward the bridge.

Luke: Hey, uh, sorry about that. I just could really use your eyes, and right now I don't trust Nick to tie his own shoes. They're just still on edge after the Carver thing.

Clementine: It's been five days. Why would Carver still be following us?

Luke: What's the important thing in this world? What does everyone want? Even the gangs. What do you think they're all after?

Clementine: Safety?

Luke: Close.

Clementine: Family.

Clementine: Food.

Luke: Nope.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Listen, what's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back? Something you can't just find.

(If Clem didn't already answer this.)

Clementine: Safety?

Luke: Close. Come on. Clem, it's family.

(If Clem didn't already answer this.)

Clementine: Food?

Luke: Come on. Clem, it's family.

Clementine: Family.

Clementine: I give up.

Luke: Come on. Clem, it's family.

Luke: Come on. Clem, it's family.

Luke: It's a tough world out there without people you can trust. Anyways, you can ask Rebecca, okay? I'm not gonna get in the middle of it. We've all made mistakes. Done things that we regret. It's not my place to talk about someone else's past, you know?

Clementine: Seems like we're already in the middle of it.

Luke: Tell me about it.

Clementine: I don't want to upset her.

Luke: Me neither.

Clementine: I know what that's like.

Luke: Yeah.

Clementine says nothing.

They reach the beginning of the bridge, where there are two walkers.

Luke: Hmm. We can't shoot 'em. Too much noise. But there're only two. I don't know.

Clementine: Let's take 'em.

Luke: I like your style.

Clementine: What do you think?

Luke: I think we can take 'em.

Clementine: We should get help.

Luke: I hear you, but we gotta get across this thing either way.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: I'll take the big one. You get shorty. Wish we could use guns. We should be okay. I think.

Clementine: I don't know about this.

Luke: Oh, come on. It'll be fun.

Clementine: Fun? How is this fun?

Luke: Come on, kid, work with me here.

Clementine: Got it. I'll take the small one.

Luke: Good. Let's do it.

Clementine: I'VE got the big one.

Luke: Hey, kid, look, it's not like I don't know you have guts, but are you crazy?

Clementine: Maybe I am.

Luke: Just stick with the plan, okay?

Luke: You ready?

Luke takes out his machete and Clementine takes out her hammer.

Clementine hits the tall walker's leg, then hits it in the head with the hammer. Luke kills the other one.

Luke kills the standing walker and Clem hits the other one with the hammer, and it gets stuck.

Luke: Whoa!

Clementine tries to take the hammer out.

Luke: Go ahead. Give it a good pull, it should come free.

Clementine: I know. I've done this before, remember? In a shed?

Clementine twists the hammer and pulls it free.

Luke: Damn. (low-fives) Now...don't do that again.

Clementine: Okay...

Luke: Nice work, kid. (pats back)

Clementine: Ow.

They walk across the bridge. Two walkers move toward them, and another walks up behind them.

Luke: Shit.

Luke steps forward to attack, but one of the planks gives way. He drops his machete on the ground and grabs onto a beam. The walker falls too and gets impaled in the chest.

Clementine: Luke!

Luke: Clem! I'm okay, I just... I'm stuck.

Clementine reaches out to Luke.

Clementine: I can't reach.

Luke: It's okay. Clem, look, we'll figure something out. Behind you!

Clementine gets up as a walker gets close.

Clementine: Oh, shit...

Clementine hits the walker in the leg, then the jaw; the hammer gets stuck in the walker, which is still alive. Clementine pulls the hammer free, stumbling backward and almost falling. She dodges and drops her hammer as the walker lunges at her, falling off the bridge. She ducks as the other one reaches toward her, but she slips and falls, managing to grab onto the railing. She pulls herself up and moves aside as the walker moves toward her; it gets stuck in the railing and she jumps back onto the bridge. The walker turns back to her.

Clementine grabs the machete. She slices the walker's face, then impales its head, killing it.

Clementine picks up the pipe.

Clementine jabs the walker's chest, pushing it backwards.

Clementine stabs the walker's stomach and pushes it backward.

Clementine impales the walker's head.

Clementine brings the pipe to Luke.

Clementine hits the walker's head until it dies, then hands the pipe to Luke.

Clementine hands the pipe to Luke.

Luke: Here! Give it here!

Luke takes the pipe from Clementine.

Luke puts the pipe in between the beams and stands on it. It falls, but he gets his balance and stands on the beam, then climbs back up to the bridge.

Luke: Thanks, Clem. Let's keep going.

They continue walking, but stop when they notices a figure at the end of the bridge.

Luke: You see him?

Clementine: Yeah.

Luke: Just play it cool. And you do the talking.

Clementine: What?! Why me?

Luke: 'Cause I don't want to get in a fight. You really think he'd shoot a little girl? Just don't make any sudden moves. And don't piss him off. And don't tell him anything. You know, on second thought, maybe I should do the talking.

Clementine: I'd shoot me.

Luke: Well, that's a hell of a thing to say.

Clementine: I'm just saying.

Luke: Well, if it comes to that, I'll shoot him first.

Clementine: Is he with Carver?

Luke: It's hard to see. I don't think so.

Clementine: What should I say?

Luke: I don't know. Ask him for directions.

Clementine says nothing.

Matthew: Well, who are you?

Luke: Well, who's askin'?

Matthew: I am.

Luke: Wanna help me out here?

Clementine: I'm Clementine. And this is Luke.

Matthew: Clementine and Luke.

Clementine: What do you want?

Matthew: Saw you coming and I thought I'd meet you halfway.

Clementine: We're a little lost.

Matthew: Lost, huh?

Luke: Uh, we're just...we're just passin' through.

Matthew walks closer to them.

Mattew: Huh. You don't look like assholes. Are you assholes? No offense or anything. But you know how it is out here. You run into a lot of assholes.

Clementine: You're the one holding a gun.

Matthew: Touché.

Clementine: We're just people.

Matthew: Fair enough.

Clementine: I'M not an asshole.

Luke: Are you calling ME an asshole?

Matthew laughs.

Luke: Nah, we're cool, man.

Matthew: You folks headed north like everyone else.

Luke: "Everyone else"?

Matthew: I see at least one group a day move through here. You all look the same. It's like a great migration of the dazed and confused.

Clementine: Why do you care where we're going?

Matthew: It's sort of my business, considering I live here.

Clementine: You live here?

Matthew: Yep. You're in my backyard.

Clementine: Have you seen someone named Christa?

Matthew: Christa? Maybe.

Clementine: Really?!

Matthew: Nah, I mean, a lot of people come through here. I don't know.

Clementine: Do you know Carver?

Matthew: Carver? Like George Washington Carver? The peanut guy?

Clementine: What? He's a man.

Matthew: Never heard of him. But now I want some peanut butter, though.

Luke: Uh, yeah.

Matthew: I gotta say, you two look like shit. If you need food, I've got some canned stuff in that station back here.

Luke: Well, that's, uh...awful nice of you. What's the catch?

Matthew: No catch. I've got plenty.

Luke: Well, alright, then. Thank you.

Matthew: Hey, no problem. Nice running into friendly faces out here. Like I said, I've got food and supplies back in the station. And if you want... What the fuck, man?

Luke and Clementine turn around to see Nick on the bridge.

Luke: What the hell is he doing?

Nick aims his rifle at Matthew, who does the same.

Luke: (waving arms) No, no, no, no! He's wi--he's with us! Nick! No!

Matthew: Put it down!

Clementine: DON'T SHOOT!

Clementine: NICK! NO!

Clementine: STOP!

Clementine reaches for the gun but is stopped by Luke.

Luke ducks and helps Clementine duck too as Nick fires. Matthew is hit in the neck and falls off the bridge. Nick approaches Luke and Clementine.

Nick: Did I hit him? Where is he?!

Luke: I told you not to shoot.

Nick: What? Who was that guy?

Luke: Why didn't you wait for a signal?

Nick: We thought you were in trouble. You were wavin' your arms!

Clementine: He was going to help us...

Nick: How do you know?

Clementine: Why did you shoot?

Nick: He pointed a gun at me!

Clementine: Is anyone hurt?

Luke: I'm fine.

Clementine crosses her arms.

Luke: Damn it, Nick, I told you not to shoot.

Nick: How was I supposed to hear you? You gave me a clear shot!

Luke: That shot rang out for miles. We gotta get off this bridge. Let's go.

The rest of the group is already at the start of the bridge. Everyone continues moving.


The group eventually reaches the station house at the end of the bridge. Rebecca sits down on a rock.

Rebecca: Who the fuck...was that back there?

Luke: I don't know.

Alvin: Looked like he had a gun on you.

Nick: That asshole drew on me! He was about to shoot.

Luke: Oh, was he?

Nick: I'm telling you, man, he drew first.

Luke: Well, that's not what it looked like to me.

Clementine: Shut up, Nick.

Clementine: It wasn't Nick's fault.

Clementine: Everybody calm down.

Clementine says nothing.

Alvin: What did you see, Clem? Was that guy gonna shoot?

Nick: Fuck you, Luke. You've been on my case the whole week.

Luke: And why do you think that is, Nick?

Nick: Because you're an asshole?

Clementine: He wasn't gonna do anything.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: I know what I saw.

Clementine: He was gonna shoot.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: See? I told you, asshole. What was I supposed to do?

Clementine: I don't know. It happened so fast.

Carlos: But you were right there...

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Either way, you coulda hit one of us.

Nick: Yeah, but I didn't.

Luke: Look, I...I know Pete was close to you, Nick, but you can't--

Nick: Don't fucking talk about him.

Carlos: Do you think he was with Carver?

Luke: I don't know. I... No. I don't think so. But he fell over.

Alvin: He fell off the damn bridge?

Carlos: We have to keep moving.

Rebecca: I can't. I need a minute.

Carlos: Fine. Luke, can I talk to you alone?

Luke and Carlos walk away.

Alvin: Hey, Clem, you got anything to eat? Bec's dyin' here.

Rebecca: Alvin, I told you, I'm fine.

Clementine: Sorry, I'm out.

Alvin: Wish we still had those juice boxes.

Sarah: Yeah, me too.

Clementine: That man said he had food in the station.

Alvin: Mind checkin' it out? Maybe we could spend the night here. Little small for us, though.

Rebecca: You could use a little downsizin'.

Alvin: You're one to talk.

Clementine: Sure.

Alvin: Thanks, Clem.

Clementine: Why don't you go look?

Alvin: I'm gonna sit with Bec here for a minute.

Rebecca: Alvin, I told you, I'm fine.

Alvin: I'll be right behind you.

Clementine: He may have been lying about the food.

Alvin: It's worth checkin' out.

Alvin: I'm gonna sit with Bec here for a minute.

Search the station house for food.

Talk to Alvin and Rebecca

Clementine: Rebecca, are you okay?

Rebecca: I'm alright, I just need a little rest.

Alvin: And some food.

Rebecca: Alvin...

Talk to Nick

Nick: Thanks for backing me up, Clem.

Nick: (sarcastically) Thanks a lot for backing me up there.

Nick: I had to kill my mom. That sounds weird when I say it out loud, huh? Luke always used to push me. I never wanted to go into business with him. I remember when he sold me on it. His big plan. Some fuckin' plan. A case of beer in, he just said, (imitating Luke) "Nick, we're burnin' daylight." (normal voice) And that was that. After six months, we were flat broke. But I didn't care. We were havin' fun. I wish I was like him. I wish I could just keep movin' all the time. But I'm just not...built like that.

Nick: I'm sure they're talkin' about me right now. (imitating Carlos) "Luke, he is becoming a danger to the group!" (normal voice) So, who was that guy? I swear, it looked like he was holdin' you guys up. I figured he was with Carver.

Clementine: He could have been anybody.

Nick: Right. We don't know. How do we know he wasn't with Carver, anyway?

Clementine: He was just a guy.

Nick: Yeah...

Clementine: He seemed nice.

Nick: Damn...

Nick: I mean, how do we know he wasn't with Carver, anyway?

Nick: If Alvin is in front of me, he takes that shot. What a fuckin' mess. Maybe I am losing it. I don't know anymore. God, I'm hungry. What time is it, anyway? (looks at wrist) Damn. Damn!

Clementine: What's wrong?

Nick: I left my watch back at the cabin. It was Pete's. He gave it to me...

Clementine: I found it back at the cabin. Let me grab it.

Nick: What? Really?

Clementine gives him the watch.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: Thank you. This means...thank you, Clem.

Clementine: I'm sorry.

Nick: It was all I had left of him.

Nick: It was all I had left of him.

Nick: You know what, I'm gonna go talk to them.

Nick walks away to join Carlos and Luke's conversation.

Clementine looks through the window.

Clementine enters the station.

Clementine: The man said he had lots of food. There's gotta be something left.

Clementine looks at the trunk.

The knife is in a sheath with "WM" written on it.

Clementine: I guess he slept here.

Clementine: (turns dial) It's dead.

Clementine tries to open the trunk, but it's locked.

Clementine: I don't see a key around here. That man probably had it.

Clementine takes the survival knife and practices using it.

Clementine: Feels pretty good.

Clementine uses the knife to pry open the trunk. Inside are some cans of peaches and some books, one of which is The Wizard's Gambit by Dierce Belman. Clementine picks up one of the cans. Alvin enters the station.

Alvin: Man, and I thought we had it bad. Look at this dump. Guess he did have food. Man, fuck Nick.

Alvin: I know you said the guy drew on him first, but Nick was runnin' up like a damn fool. I woulda drawn on him too.

Alvin: Nick's lost a lotta his people, that's for sure. But that doesn't give him any excuse to start shootin' up strangers.

Clementine: He was trying to help us.

Alvin: Yeah, and someone died. I ain't no judge, but that's straight-up murder in my book.

Clementine: He's out of control.

Alvin: That's what I'm sayin'. He keeps on like that, he's gonna get one of us killed.

Clementine: Give him a break. His uncle just died.

Alvin: Yeah, true enough. I don't know what I'd do if I lost Bec. I'm just sayin'...

Alvin: I'm just sayin'...

Alvin: I mean, you ever known anyone to do a thing like that?

Clementine: I don't want to talk about it.

Clementine: Actually, yeah.

Alvin: What happened?

Clementine: A woman in our group.

Clementine: Her dad died, and then she...shot another guy.

Clementine: Her dad died, and...then she just...shot this other woman.

Alvin: Damn. What'd you do?

Clementine: My friend forgave her.

Alvin: Huh.

Clementine: And then she stole our car and left us.

Alvin: Oh.

Clementine: We left her behind.

Alvin: Damn.

Clementine: Lots of people. It happens all the time now.

Alvin: It's fuckin' crazy. Pardon my French.

Alvin: Yeah, well, Nick's gonna be a problem. Somethin's gotta be done.

Alvin takes a can of peaches out of the trunk and holds it out to Clementine so she can see the picture of a girl with pigtails.

Alvin: That's funny. She looks just like you. Hey, Clem, there's not a lot of food here, and Rebecca, well...she's eatin' for two. You think we can keep this just between us? I hate to even say it, you know, but... And I'd never go against the group. But I've gotta put Bec and the baby first. You understand, right?

Clementine: The whole group should decide.

Alvin: I know, you're right. It's just so hard right now.

Clementine: Rebecca can have it. I won't say anything.

Alvin will remember that.

Alvin: Thanks, Clementine.

Clementine: I won't lie for you.

Alvin will remember that.

Alvin: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put you in that position.

Alvin: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put you in that position.

Alvin: It's a shame. Nick was a good guy. He's still a good guy. He's just losin' it. God knows we're not perfect...hell, I'm glad you're with us, Clementine.

Alvin turns to leave, then pauses.

Alvin: The hell is that?

A herd of walkers is moving across the bridge.

Clementine: Walkers.

Alvin and Clementine leave the station and the group gathers together.

Alvin: We got a problem here.

Luke: Yeah, we saw it. Alright, we're headin' up.

The group runs away from the herd.

Ski Lift

Some time later, the group climbs up a hill to the boarded-up lodge.

Rebecca: Well? What are we waiting for?

Carlos: We have to be careful.

Rebecca: Careful? We've been on the road for five days. My back is done bein' careful.

Alvin: Doesn't look like anybody's home. Damn. Nailed down tight. I'll check 'round front.

Carlos: I'll go with you.

Clementine leans on the railing and is approached by Luke.

Luke: Well, it'd be good to know if anybody's actually back there. Could probably get a better view from up top. You'd have an easier time gettin' up there. You feel like takin' a look? It'll be just like climbing a treehouse. You know, just a really tall treehouse. Made of steel.

Clementine: I had a treehouse once.

Luke: Well, there you go.

Clementine: I hated it.

Luke: Oh.

Clementine: What am I looking for?

Luke: Anyone following us.

Clementine: How will we know it's them?

Luke: We'll know.

Clementine: What am I, a monkey?

Luke: Hey, you said it, not me.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine approaches the ski lift.

Luke: Just take it slow, and I'll catch you if you fall. Probably.

Clementine starts to climb the ladder.

Luke: Got a good grip?

Clementine: Yeah.

Luke: When I was a kid, we used to jump rooftops downtown. Now that was fun.

Clementine: That sounds stupid.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, it was. The trick was not to look down, though.

Clementine loses her footing.

Clementine: Ahh!

Luke: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're fine, you're fine. Just look at me, okay? You're fine. Alright, just--just slow down. Just for a second, okay? Got your grip?

Clementine: I know I'm fine!

Luke: Just tryin' to help.

Clementine: Keep your voice down!

Luke: But you just yelled at ME!

Clementine: Shut up!

Clementine: You just told me not to look!

Luke: Good point.

Clementine: You look like an idiot.

Luke: Just climb the thing.

Clementine says nothing.

Clem continues climbing and reaches the top of the lift.

Clementine: Made it!

Luke: See anything?

Clem looks through her binoculars. She looks at the bridge.

Clementine: I can see the bridge!

She looks at the trees.

Clementine: It's really dark.

Clem looks at a light in the distance.

Clementine: Wait, I see something!

Luke: What is it?

Clementine: A light. But wait, there's another. Luke?

Luke runs up to the others, who are involved in a standoff with another group. Clementine climbs down the ski lift and joins the confrontation.

Luke: Listen, everyone, just stay calm.

Sarita: Who are you?! Are you trying to rob us?

Rebecca: Excuse me, honey, but do I look like a fucking thief?

Walter: Everyone calm down.

Alvin: Hey, man, YOU calm the fuck down.

Carlos: Sarah, get behind me.

Walter: Just tell us who you are.

Alvin: We ain't here to rob nobody. Put the gun down, man.

Kenny: Fuck that!

Luke: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sarita: Please, just do what he says.

Clementine steps in front of the others and discovers that Kenny is a member of the opposing group.

Clementine: Kenny?!

Clementine: Holy shit.

Clementine: Wh--what?

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Wait, you know this guy?

Kenny: Clementine...?

Clementine hugs Kenny.

Clementine: I--I thought you were dead.

Kenny wipes away a tear.

Clementine: I can't believe it's you.

Kenny wipes away a tear.

Clementine: Wait, what? Is this--is this real?

Kenny wipes away a tear.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny puts his hand on Clementine's shoulder.

Walter: I'll take that as a yes.

Kenny: These people with you? (Clementine nods) We can talk inside.

Walter: Great. I just started dinner.

Carlos: Are you sure you don't mind?

Walter: It's gonna storm soon. Please, come in.

The group starts to walk to the front of the lodge. Clementine, Walter, and Kenny enter.

Common Area

The lodge is covered in lights and festive decorations.

Walter: Kenny and Sarita have been staying with us for several weeks. Used to be a ski lodge, obviously, so we have plenty of food. And believe it or not, we still get some power from that wind turbine out front. We tend to keep most of the lights off at night to avoid drawing attention. But after we found this stuff in storage, we couldn't resist making an exception.

Kenny mimes to Clementine that Walter is talking too much, and she quietly laughs.

Walter: What's so funny?

Kenny: Oh, nothin', Walt. Walter here is one smart son of a bitch. (pats Walter's back) Makes a mean can of beans too.

Walter: Well, why don't you two catch up while I get some dinner started?

Nick, Luke, Rebecca, and Alvin enter the lodge.

Walter: Please, make yourselves at home. You can leave your things over there.

Rebecca: The hell we will.

Nick: Yeah, I'm holdin' onto my rifle, thanks.

Walter: You're our guests here. There's no need to worry.

Nick: Tell him to put his gun down, then.

Walter: Kenny?

Kenny: Will you vouch for these people, Clem? If you tell me they're good, then I'm good.

Nick: Us? You were the one wavin' a gun around, man.

Luke: We're cool, okay? Hey, hey, we're cool, we're cool.

Kenny: Clementine?

Clementine: They're cool.

Clementine: I can't speak for everyone.

Luke will remember that.

Alvin: Bec, it's their home. We're not gonna find another place like this tonight.

Clementine: Everyone, calm down.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarita, Sarah, and Carlos enter the lodge.

Sarah: Dad! Look! A Christmas tree!

Carlos: Not now, Sarah.

Sarita: Isn't it great? We found it all in storage.

Sarah: It's amazing.

Kenny and Sarita exchange glances. Kenny set his weapon down in the foyer, and the cabin group follows suit. Clementine also puts her backpack down.

Sarita: Good. If you'll all follow me, I'll show you where you can sleep.

Clementine and Kenny sit on the couch near the fireplace as Sarita leads the rest of the group upstairs.

Kenny: Still wearin' this dirty old thing, huh? (taps Clementine's hat) You know, I half-expected to see Lee walk up next to you. You guys were like two peas in a pod. (sees Clementine's sad expression) Oh, shit, I didn't mean to... It's just hard not to think about it, you know?

Clementine: I don't really want to talk about him...

Kenny: Aw, hell, I'm sorry, darlin'.

Clementine: I got him killed.

Kenny: What?

Clementine: It was my fault.

Kenny: Aw, darlin', don't say that. I know that ain't true. He made a choice, same as the rest of us.

Clementine: He saved me.

Kenny: I knew it. I knew he would. That guy had a fire in him, sure as shit. Hell...

Kenny: Aw, hell, I'm sorry, darlin'.

Kenny: He was a hell of a guy.

Kenny: Lee and I had our differences, that's for sure. But...

Kenny: When my son...well...he took care of him. I'll never forget that.

Kenny: When my son...well...he helped me do the right thing. I'll never forget that.

Kenny: When my son...well, he was there for me.

Kenny: So. Where'd you end up?

Clementine: After Lee, I was alone. I found Christa and Omid, but...it didn't last. They're both gone now.

Clementine: It was bad. Everything went wrong, like it always does.

Clementine: I was with Christa and Omid. Omid...well... Christa and I were together for a while, but these guys caught us. She's gone...

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Sounds like it ain't been easy for you. I'm sorry, darlin'. I wish I coulda found you sooner. But everything's gonna be fine now.

Clementine: I don't want to talk about the past.

Kenny: Yeah. Yeah, I hear you...never thought I'd see any of you again. Tell you the truth, I should've never made it out of Savannah.

Clementine: Christa said you were dead.

Kenny: I am! This is all a dream. (laughs) Sorry. Bad joke.

Clementine: Where have you been?

Kenny: Oh, hell, all over, after Savannah.

Clementine: How did you get out of there?

Kenny: Tell you the truth, I should've never made it out of Savannah.

Kenny: For some reason I tried to save that fuckin' shitbird Ben. Then it turned into a damn cluster. Couldn't help the kid. But I got out.

Kenny: Christa got in a hell of a mess. I gave her a hand, and then it got messier. For a minute there, it wasn't lookin' too good for old Kenny.

Kenny: Long story short, I got lucky. Real lucky. Spent a long time alone after that. It, uh... And then I met Sarita, thank god. Gosh, it's great to have you back.

Sarita: You two catching up?

Kenny: Clem, this is my girl, Sarita. Ain't she beautiful?

Sarita: Nice to meet you, Clementine.

Kenny: Hey, Walt, where's Matthew? He still out there rootin' around?

Walter: Of course he is. Well, I'll start dinner.

Walter heads to the kitchen and the rest of the group enters the living room.

Sarita: Carlos, right? Mind if I steal your daughter for a secret mission?

Carlos: Stay in sight, sweetie.

Luke: Can we do anything to help?

Kenny: Could use a hand outside. We got a lotta supplies we need to bring in before that storm hits.

Luke: Sure.

Kenny: Clem, why don't you help Walt with dinner?

Clementine enters the cafeteria, where Walter is cooking dinner in a pot on the stove.

Walter: Hey, Clementine. Settling in well enough?

Clementine: Yeah, thanks.

Walter: Excellent. Want to help me prepare a little dinner? So how do you know Kenny? He and Sarita have been a huge help. Matthew and I barely knew what to do around here the first week. But Kenny, well, he never slows down.

Clementine: I don't actually know him that well.

Walter: Really? I'm surprised. Seemed like you two were close.

Clementine: Not really...

Clementine: We're...old friends. I met him after it happened.

Walter: When he was with Lee? Yeah, he only told us a little.

Clementine: It's a long story.

Walter: That's fine if you don't want to talk about it.

Walter: Connecting with people is so important. I don't know what I'd do without Matthew. (adds salt to the food) Gosh, you remind me of my students. I can't imagine what it's like growing up in the middle of all this.

Clementine: Everyone underestimates me.

Walter: I expect you've used that to your advantage.

Clementine: Sometimes.

Walter: Smart girl.

Clementine: It hasn't been easy.

Walter: I can imagine. It's hard enough as an adult.

Clementine: I manage just fine.

Walter: Now you really do sound like one of my students.

Clementine: And you sound like a teacher.

Walter: You poor thing.

Walter: (tastes dinner) Hmm. Almost done. Would you do me the honor of tasting the first course, madam?

Clementine: What is this?

Walter: Le Walter Surprise. An autumnal legume salad with a peach roux. It's peaches and beans. It's all we've got.

Clementine: Looks...great.

Walter: It looks like mush.

Clementine: No, it doesn't...

Walter: As an artist, there's nothing I like less than a friendly critic.

Clementine: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Walter: Well, I know that's not true, so I am forced to take it as a criticism of the presentation.

Clementine: No, it looks good...

Walter: You don't have to lie to me, Clementine.

Walter: What, not hungry?

Walter: Huh. Striking resemblance. (shows can of peaches) Anyway, I'll take it from here.

Walter picks up the pot and walks away.

Look around the lodge.

Clementine looks at the can.

Clementine: I wish they had better music.

Clementine: Crazy.

Clementine: "Cousin Jared's concert, October 13th, 1998".

If Clementine hasn't picked up the CD, nothing happens. Otherwise, she places the CD in the player and turns it on.

Clementine: Reminds me of school.

Clementine: I haven't seen one of these since...

The map legend says:

Lone Pine Winter Park Trail Map

Clementine warms her hands over the fire.

Clementine: What a funny little guy.

Conversation between Sarah and Sarita

Sarah: What's the song you're humming?

Sarita: "Good King Winceslas". It's my favorite Christmas song.

Sarah: What's it about?

Sarita: Well. It's about a king that brings food to a poor man. The king and his servant march all night through a cold winter storm to reach the man. The storm is very strong. After a long time, it gets so cold that the servant can't go on. But the king tells the servant to just step in his tracks. (singing) "Mark my footsteps, good my page. Tread thou in them boldly. Thou shalt find the winter's rage, freeze thy blood less coldly."

Sarah: I don't get it.

Sarita: (chuckles) It means that doing good things for people can be good for you, too.

Sarah: But the servant wouldn't have been out there in the first place if the king hadn't made him.

Sarita: (laughs) Good point.

Clementine talks to Sarita.

Sarita: Clem, we could use some help. Here, Sarah, you take this and string them up over there. You knew Kenny before. It must be incredible to see him again. When I met him, well...he's so different now. But you must be so glad.

Clementine: Did he say anything about before?

Sarita: No. He won't talk about before I met him.

Clementine: Oh.

Sarita: Everything takes a little coaxing these days.

Clementine: It's weird to see him now.

Sarita: I'll bet. But he's so happy to see you.

Clementine: Yeah...

Sarita: And I'm glad you're with us too.

Clementine: So, how'd you meet Kenny?

Sarita: I found him holed up in an old restaurant, if you can believe it.

Clementine: Holed up?

Sarita: You should have seen his beard then.

Sarita: He's just the nicest man. Always so considerate.

Sarita: Perfect. Now we just need the topper.

Sarah: We always had an angel on top of our tree.

Sarita: My family didn't celebrate Christmas, but I still love the decorations.

Find a tree topper.

Clementine goes upstairs, where Alvin, Rebecca, and Carlos are talking.

Rebecca: It's crazy. Why would they follow us this far?

Carlos: We can't be sure.

Alvin: It's been a week, man. We gotta be outta the woods.

Carlos: We can't be sure. They might be tracking.

Alvin: Tracking? Who do you think they are, ninjas?

Rebecca: Clem, Luke said you saw some people in the valley?

Alvin: People? Way down there? How?

Rebecca: She's got binoculars, genius.

Alvin: Yeah, yeah.

Carlos: What'd you see, Clementine?

Clementine: I saw lights.

Rebecca: Which way did they go?

Clementine: Back into the woods.

Clementine: I think someone was following us.

Alvin: How do you know? How does she know?

Carlos: We have to assume they're back there.

Clementine: It could have been anyone.

Alvin: Yeah, anyone. See?

Carlos: That means it could have been them.

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos: We cannot take any chances. We leave at dawn.

Rebecca: But we're safe here for tonight, right?

Carlos: Clementine, you talked to that man Walter, right? What did he say? You didn't tell him anything about us, did you? We have to be careful. They could be hiding something.

Clementine: He mentioned someone else.

Carlos: Someone else? Who?

Clementine: His friend. His name is Matthew.

Clementine: We mostly talked about Kenny.

Carlos: Kenny is the...loud man with the beard?

Clementine: Yeah, that's him.

Clementine: Something's wrong. They have the same kind of food that we found in the station.

Carlos: What? That doesn't mean anything.

Alvin: It could have been stolen.

Clementine: What if it wasn't?

Clementine says nothing.

Alvin: Look, I don't care what that man said, we're stayin' here tonight.

Carlos: Just talk to the rest of them. They trust you. See what you can find out. I'm gonna go find Luke. (walks away)

Rebecca: Honey, I don't feel so good.

Alvin: Bec, what's wrong?

Rebecca: I just need somethin' to drink.

Alvin: You got it. I'll be right back. (walks away)

Talk to Rebecca

Clementine: Are you okay?

Rebecca: Just got a little dizzy. I can't even take care of myself. How am I supposed to raise a child? I mean, how can anyone now? Everything's so fucked up.

Clementine: I don't know.

Rebecca: Yeah. That makes two of us.

Clementine: I think it's possible.

Rebecca: How do you know?

Clementine: Well, I'm still here.

Clementine: It's not gonna be easy.

Rebecca: Sorry.

Rebecca: I know it's gonna be hard. But at the same time, I already feel a little less lonely. Because I know that no matter what happens, I'll get to meet someone new. She's kicking. Want to listen? (to baby) That food smells good, huh? It's okay. We're gonna get you something soon.

Clementine: Can I? (touches Rebecca's stomach)

Rebecca will remember that.

Rebecca: She's gonna be a runner.

Clementine: No, thanks.

Rebecca: That's okay. It's weird, right?

Clementine: Gross.

Rebecca: (laughs) I guess it is, isn't it?

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca: If he finds out it's not his, he'll kill me.

Rebecca: It's not his.

Clementine: Whose is it then?

Clementine: Well, h--how do you know?

Rebecca: I just do. We were trying for so long. And--and then...

Clementine: Why are you telling me this?

Rebecca: I trust you. For some reason. And I can tell you've kept a few secrets.

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca: If Alvin finds out, he'll kill me.

Rebecca: I don't know what to do. I can't believe I'm asking a little girl for advice. But I guess nothing's weird anymore.

Clementine: I...I don't know what to say.

Clementine: I wouldn't say anything.

Clementine: He won't kill you.

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca: There's my man.

Alvin: (holding water bottle) You alright, baby?

Rebecca: I'm fine, you big dope.

Alvin: Just need to get some food in you. Thanks for stayin' with her, Clem. Can you go ask that Walter guy when we're gonna eat?

Alvin and Rebecca's Conversation

Rebecca: I love you, silly bear.

Alvin: I hate it when you call me that.

Rebecca: I know. But I mean it.

Alvin: I love you, too. You get some rest now.

Clementine examines the box.

Clementine puts the bauble on the tree.

Clementine puts the star on top of the tree.

Sarah: That's nice, I guess.

Clementine puts the angel on top of the tree.

Sarah: She looks so cool!

Sarah will remember that.

Sarita: Beautiful. I used to love this time of year. You know, now that your friends are here, this place is starting to feel like a real home. Matthew and Walter are amazing people. Honestly, it's dangerous to be this kind. But they can't help it. Wait until you meet Matthew. He's a real character. The first time he met me he called me Rita. So I call him Matty now. It's kind of our little war.

Clementine: Where is Matthew?

Sarita: Oh, he likes to go on long walks. He and Walter used to vacation here. He should be back soon.

Clementine: When is Matthew coming back?

Sarita: He should be back soon.

Clementine: What does Matthew look like?

Sarita: Oh, he's a handsome man. A little shorter than Walter. He should be back soon.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarita: Clem, I wanted to ask you... Does Kenny seem different to you? I didn't know him before, and, well...I'm curious. He has good days and bad days like everyone else. But lately I get the feeling he's...struggling.

Clementine: I haven't noticed.

Sarita: Oh. Well, let me know if you do.

Clementine: He seems like the same old Kenny to me.

Sarita: Oh. Well, that's good.

Clementine: He does seem different than I remember.

Sarita: In what way?

Clementine: I'm not sure.

Sarita will remember that.

Sarita: Forget I said anything.

Kenny: Well, you three've been busy.

Sarita: Kenny! Isn't it great?

Sarita picks up a cardboard box.

Kenny: I got it, hon.

Sarita: I think I can manage, Ken.

Kenny: (takes box) I said I got it! (walks away)

Sarita: Always has to play the gentleman. But I'll tell you, when I met him, he couldn't lift a fly.

Sarita: Why don't you go see if your friends are ready for dinner, Clementine?

Walter: Well, everyone, dinner is served. C'mon, let's eat!

Dining Room

The cabin group sits at one table, and the ski lodge group sits at the other one.

Luke: You okay, man?

Nick: Yeah. I'm just...I wish I hadn't pulled that trigger.

Luke: Just try to forget about it. (waves at Clementine)

Kenny: (waves at Clementine) Right here, Clem!

Kenny looks sad.

Kenny will remember that.

Luke: So what's the deal with your friend here?

Carlos: Yes. We were just talking about this Kenny. What do you make of him, Clem?

Nick: They seem very accommodating for a bunch of people in a big house.

Alvin: The hell does that even mean?

Nick: I'm just saying. It's suspicious, is all.

Alvin: Jesus Christ, you're a goddamn nut, Nick.

Clementine: I trust him.

Luke: With your life?

Clementine: I think so.

Clementine: Well, it's been a while, but he seems a little...different.

Luke: Yeah, well, that happens. I mean, guy could have seen all kinds of shit.

Carlos: No sense jumping to conclusions.

Clementine: I never liked him.

Luke: And why do you say that?

Clementine: Well, he's...kind of a jerk.

Luke: Yeah, I got that impression.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Walter was tellin' me his family died.

Sarah: That's horrible.

Luke: Thing like that can hit a guy pretty hard.

Alvin: He lost his whole family?

Luke: Wife and kid.

Alvin: Damn.

Clementine: I didn't know him that long.

Luke: I thought you were old friends?

Clementine: Well, we kind of got...separated.

Clementine: He lost it a little after that.

Luke: Lost it how?

Clementine: Well, he drinks...

Luke: Oh. Well.

Luke will remember that.

Clementine: He did the best he could.

Luke: I'm sure he did.

Clementine: It was really hard on everyone.

Luke: I bet.

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos gets up, and Kenny sits down at their table.

Luke looks sad.

Walter: (gives a bowl of food) Here you go, Clem.

Kenny: So, Clem, we were just talkin'...what's the deal with the kid? What's his name...Luke? He in charge? You trust him?

Sarita: Kenny, please.

Kenny: Sarita, we don't know these folks.

Sarita: They seem nice.

Kenny: Yeah, well, gators seem nice too, 'til they bite your damn arm off.

Sarita: Kenny!

Clementine: I like him. He's a good guy.

Kenny: Would you trust him with your life?

Clementine: I think so.

Clementine: I don't know yet. I haven't been with them long.

Kenny: Takes a while before you know a man for real.

Sarita: That's true. I'm still learning about Kenny.

Kenny: Not the snoring again.

Sarita: It's like sawing logs. Redwoods.

Clementine: I don't trust him.

Kenny: I didn't think so.

Walter: He seems like a nice enough guy to me.

Sarita: They all do.

Sarita: It's okay, Clem. Just ignore him.

Kenny: That guy...Big Al? He said they were on the run.

Clementine: Some people are after them.

Kenny: Well, you don't have to worry about that no more. They'll go tomorrow and you can stay here.

Sarita: Absolutely. Honey, you stay with us as long as you want.

Kenny: She's stayin' for good.

Sarita: If that's what she wants.

Kenny: Of course she does. Right, Clem?

Clementine: I can't leave my friends.

Kenny: What?

Sarita: Of course you can't. They can stay too.

Kenny: No.

Sarita: Honey...

Clementine: I'm tired of running.

Sarita: Of course you are.

Kenny: You don't have to run no more, darlin'.

Clementine: Thank you.

Kenny will remember that.

Sarita: Of course.

Kenny: This is like a dream. Damn it, I am so happy right now, I can't even tell you.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarita and Walter get up, and Luke and Nick sit down at their table.

Kenny: Hey there.

Luke: Hey.

Kenny: Hope you like the food.

Luke: Oh, it's...it's great. Thank you.

Kenny: Peaches and beans. Great for nutrition. Not too great on the way out, though, I tell ya. (laughs) So it's Luke...and Nick. Luke and Nick. You guys sure do look like a match.

Nick: What's that supposed to mean?

Kenny: I'm just sayin', you look like good friends, that's all.

Luke: So what was your plan here? Hold out for the winter?

Kenny: Actually, we were thinkin' of movin' on. Somewhere up north. You ever heard of a place called Wellington?

Luke: Wellington? The hell is that?

Kenny: A place.

Luke: What kind of place?

Kenny: A good one, Einstein.

Clementine: Yeah. It's in the north.

Clementine: Yeah. Christa and I were going there.

Clementine: I don't know much about it.

Luke: If she knew about it, we'd know.

Kenny: Supposed to be a big camp up near Michigan.

Nick: Michigan?

Kenny: You got a hearing problem, kid? Yeah, Michigan. Think about it. Fresh water, lots of land, and cold-ass winters, so the walkers get slow.

Nick: Sounds like bullshit.

Kenny: Listen, Vanilla Ice, I don't know what your deal is, but you're more than welcome to take off in the morning.

Nick: Well, that'd be just fine by me.

Kenny: What's the deal with these guys, Clem?

Nick: Hey, fuck you, buddy.

Luke: It's fine, Nick. We're not stayin'.

Kenny: SHE'S stayin'.

Luke: Wh--'scuse me?

Kenny: You heard me.

Clementine: Kenny, stop.

Kenny: But--

Clementine: Luke is my friend.

Clementine: Please. Don't fight.

Clementine: Luke, listen to him.

Luke: I have been, but--

Clementine: Kenny's my friend.

Clementine covers her ears.

Walter: Gentlemen, please. There's no need for this. Now, look, we've all had a long day. Please, eat.

Kenny: Pass me that can, Duck. (gasps)

Luke: Duck? Who's Duck?

Clementine: Kenny...

Kenny looks sad.

Clementine: Leave him alone, Luke.

Clementine: Duck was his son...

Luke looks shocked and sad.

Clementine says nothing.

Walter: Hey, Clementine. Would you, uh, lend me a hand outside for a moment?

Clementine gets up and goes outside with Walter.

Lodge Exterior

Walter: I'm sorry about that. I used to be a teacher. And I remember what it's like to be caught in the middle of two cliques. I suspect they'll find common ground soon enough. It may take a little time, but that's just how these things work. Everything will be fine. Listen, relationships are like any machine. You don't throw them out when they break down. You get your hands dirty and you grease the wheels. What do you say? Will you help me work on them?

Clementine: I want to stay with you and Kenny.

Walter: Then stay you shall. I know that'll please Kenny.

Clementine: I missed him.

Walter: And he missed you, I can assure you.

Clementine: Everything will not be fine. Do you really think everyone can just...get along?

Clementine: We're gonna leave in the morning.

Walter: No, no. You gotta stay.

Clementine: We have to keep moving.

Walter: Clementine, in this world you don't "have" to do anything.

Walter: The two of us must unify our factions for the common good. You know, like Churchill and Roosevelt.

Walter: They say the world is over, but I'll tell you a secret: it's not. People are more political now than they ever were before. In the end, we can't change the world. All we can do is continue to learn from each other; to empathize and use our heads. "All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal." Steinbeck. Have you read him? Well, we have plenty of time to catch you up on your reading. My partner Matthew is amassing quite the literature collection. I think you'll like him. In any case, the point is: as long as we have our wits about us, we can always make the right choice. Right?

Clementine: Right.

Clementine: It's never that easy.

Clementine: Maybe. Maybe not.

Clementine says nothing.

Walter: What's the matter, Clementine? Is there something you want to tell me? You can talk to me, Clem. There's almost nothing you could tell me that would surprise me. I can promise you that.

Clementine: I'm worried about your friend... I think that--

Walter: Don't worry. Matthew will be back soon and everything will be fine.

Clementine: I'm just worried about the people chasing us.

Walter: You're safe now. Don't worry. Matthew will be back soon and everything will be fine.

Clementine: It's nothing. Forget it.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Hey, kids. What are you two talkin' about?

Walter: Oh, politics.

Kenny: The hell?

Walter: Being from Florida, I would imagine you know all about politics, Kenny.

Kenny: Man, I know one advantage of living in the apocalypse is not dealin' with that shit no more. I was just gonna check the windows 'round back before this storm hits. Give us a hand?

Walter: Sure.

The group turns the corner and finds a woman looking into their windows. Kenny takes a step forward, but Walter puts his hand on his shoulder to stop him.

Walter: Miss?

Bonnie is surprised to see them, and puts her hands up after noticing that Kenny is carrying a rifle.

Bonnie: Please. Do you have any food?

Walter: Are you okay?

Bonnie: I saw the house, and...I have a family. We're starving. We live down there.

Walter: Of course. Why don't you come in, miss...?

Bonnie: Bonnie.

Kenny: Walt, I don't know. You're just gonna let her in like that?

Walter: It's fine, Kenny.

Kenny: We don't know this girl.

Walter: Then we'll have to GET to know her, right, Clem?

Kenny: Walt.

Walter: How much damage can this poor woman do?

Clementine: It's too dangerous. We can't let her in.

Bonnie will remember that.

Clementine: Check her for weapons.

Kenny: Yeah...

Bonnie will remember that.

Clementine: She can't hurt anyone. Look at her.

They will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Thank you, really, but that storm'll be on us soon and I gotta get back to my family.

Walter: I'll bring something out to you then.

Bonnie: You don't have to do that.

Walter: No, no, it's fine.

Bonnie: What about your people?

Walter: We've got plenty. You stay put. I'll be right back. (walks away)

Bonnie: I have a little girl like you. How old are you, sweetie?

Clementine: None of your business.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean nothin' by it, hon.

Clementine: I...I don't know.

Clementine: I'm eleven.

Bonnie: I woulda thought older than that.

Clementine says nothing.

Walter returns and hands Bonnie a cardboard box.

Walter: Here you are, miss.

Bonnie: This is too much.

Walter: Don't mention it.

Bonnie: I don't know how to thank you.

Walter: Just help someone else down the line.

Bonnie: Thank you so much. I'll be goin' now.

Walter: You stay safe.

Bonnie: You too. (walks away)

Kenny: Clem, go on inside and get to bed. Walt and I gotta talk for a second.

Clementine goes inside.

Common Area

Luke is hiding behind a column near the cafeteria.

Luke: Clementine. Don't freak out.

Luke motions for Clementine to go over to him, and she does so.

Luke: Listen, okay. I gotta tell you somethin'. That guy on the bridge was Walter's friend.

Luke hands Clem a framed photo of Walter and Matthew.

Luke: See, I knew something was off, so I asked Sarita about their friend. Now they're all worried he's not back yet.

Clementine: Where's Nick?

Luke: I don't know.

Clementine: What are we going to do?

Luke: I don't know.

Clementine: I know he was. For sure.

Luke: Damn it. Damn it, Nick.

Luke: Shit.

Luke: I don't think Walter knows yet. So we have to keep this quiet. I mean, who knows what the hell he'd do if he found out.

Clementine: What if he finds out anyway?

Luke: Well, then, we're fucked. But, y'know, we'll just...we'll just deal with it then.

Clementine: We should tell him.

Luke: He's gonna ask who did it. And you're gonna tell him?

Clementine: It's the right thing to do.

Luke: It's right to get Nick killed? Because that's what's gonna happen.

Clementine: I won't say anything.

Luke: Okay. Okay, good.

Luke: Look, it's a fucked-up thing to do, but...it's the only choice we got.

Luke: Now, do you still have that knife? Because if it was Matthew's, and Walter sees it, he's gonna put two and two together.

Clementine: It's with the other weapons.

Luke: Okay, well, go get rid of it. And I'll find Walter and run interference. Oh, and, uh...keep an eye out for Nick.

Nick: I'm right here. What's up?

Luke: Oh, uh, it's nothing, man. I just wanted to check and see if you're okay.

Nick: You comin' to tuck me in?

Luke: (chuckles) Yeah, yeah, somethin' like that.

Clementine: We have to tell you something.

Clementine: Nothing...

Clementine: Luke?

Clementine says nothing.

Nick: Hey, if there's something goin' on, I want to know.

Luke: Nah, just...go back to bed, Nick.

Nick: I'm serious. You guys can talk to me.

Luke: I know.

Nick: What, you don't trust me now?

Clementine hands the photo to Nick.

Nick: Oh, Jesus. Oh, god.

Luke: Goddamn it...hey, Nick, shut the fuck up.

Nick: I can't, man. I can't.

Luke: Do not fucking blow it.

Nick: Blow it? It's over. I have to tell him, Luke.

Luke: What? No! You...hey, Nick, you cannot do that. Are you fuckin' nuts?

Nick: I got to. I can't live with that on me.

Luke: Okay, I hear you, but...I mean, fuck, man, do you know what he's gonna do?

Nick: You don't know he'll do anything.

Luke: Are you kidding me? Nick, you SHOT his FRIEND.

Clementine: You should tell him.

Nick will remember that.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah.

Luke: Nick, I am warning you, this is fucking suicide.

Nick: I'll live with it.

Luke: Jesus Christ.

Clementine: Either way is risky.

Luke: Exactly.

Clementine: Luke's right. You can't tell him.

Luke: Listen to her, okay? It's fucking crazy.

Nick: I've gotta do this.

Nick: Jesus. I can't handle this.

Luke: Look, Clem, just...go do that thing. Alright?

Clementine: It's nothing. Really. Forget it.

Luke: Look, Clem, just...go do that thing. Alright? Come on, Nick, let's go find a beer or somethin'.

Luke: Look, Clem, just...go do that thing. Alright? Come on, Nick, let's go find a beer or somethin'.

Luke and Nick leave. Clementine searches her backpack and discovers the knife is missing.

Clementine: It's gone...

Clementine sees Walter outside, and she approaches him.


Walter is holding Matthew's knife and smoking.

Clementine: Walter, put the knife down...

Clementine: Are you okay?

Clementine: Walter...?

Clementine says nothing.

Walter: I always liked this knife. (unsheathes knife) Gave it to Matthew when all this started. I know he's dead. Who did it? Was it that kid? What's his name...Nick? Heard him talkin' earlier. Somethin' about shooting a man. I could see it. I could see it on his face. Wasn't sure then, but now...

Clementine: It was us. It was our fault.

You told Walter the truth.

Walter: Jesus. I...I don't feel good.

Clementine: Nick shot him.

Clementine: We didn't do anything.

You lied to Walter.

Walter: Where'd you get the knife, then?

Clementine: We found it in a shack.

Walter: Jesus. I...I don't feel good.

Clementine: Nick shot him.

Walter: Is...is Nick a good man? Or is he just like everyone else? Is he just one of those...those fuckers that don't give a shit about anyone but themselves?

Clementine: He's...he's like everyone else.

Clementine: He is. He's a good guy, Walter.

Clementine says nothing.

Walter will remember that.

Nick goes outside.

Walter: He was always going out alone. I told him something like this would happen. But he wouldn't listen. No, Matt always knew best.

Nick: What's going on?

Clementine: You need to tell him.

Nick: Tell him what?

Clementine: What happened on the bridge.

Walter turns around.

Walter: Tell me what you did. Just tell me, son. Tell me what happened.

Nick: From a distance, it looked like anyone. I...I thought he was going to shoot my friends. And I...I shot Matthew. But it happened real fast. I didn't...I didn't know if I hit him. But I did, and... I didn't mean to.

Walter: Do you know what you've done to me? Do you have any idea?

Nick: I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Walter.

Walter throws the knife away.

Clementine: You need to get out of here.

Walter turns around.

Walter: This world is hell. People like Matthew aren't coming back. This is IT. And now he's GONE. What did you do? Did you hurt him? Hm? Did you hurt Matthew?

Walter throws the knife away.

Nick: I didn't do anything. Alright?

The wind turbine spins faster. Kenny, Carlos, Sarita, and Luke go outside.

Kenny: Walt! What's going on?! (Walter doesn't answer) This storm's got it spinnin' outta control. That sound's gonna draw walkers. We gotta shut it down, now!

Carlos: Nick, help me carry the guns.

Sarita: Guns?!

Carlos gives Sarita a rifle and Nick gives Clementine a pistol.

Kenny: That thing's a damn dinner bell.

The group runs toward the turbine.


A booming sound is heard.

Kenny: What the hell was that?

The power to the lodge cuts out.

Kenny: Damn it. Transformer musta gone. Gotta check it. I could use a hand.

Luke: I'll go with you.

Sarita: I'm going too.

Kenny: No. It's too dangerous. Rest of you, get this thing shut down.

Kenny and Luke leave. Sarita opens the control panel on the turbine.

Carlos: Does anyone know how to do this? (Sarita shrugs) Great.

Clementine: I can do it.

Carlos: Okay. We'll watch your back. Nick, scan the trees with me.

Comments from Carlos

Carlos: Damn it. It's too dark.

Carlos: We have to shut this thing down.

Carlos: Wait. I think I see something moving. In the trees.

Carlos: Clementine. Hurry.

Carlos: Look there. On the left. Do you see it, Nick?

Clementine uses her lighter to illuminate the panel.

Clementine takes the key and uses it to unlock the switch. The turbine stops moving.

Nick: Somethin' ain't right.

Carlos: Yeah.

Walkers start to approach.

Carlos: We don't have much ammunition.

Nick: We gotta get back to the lodge. They're behind us!

They shoot some of the walkers. Clementine hides behind a tree stump as one approaches her.

Clementine shoots the walker in the chest, then the head.

Clementine dodges the walker, but it grabs her arm, and she shoots it in the head.

Clementine stands behind a rock and shoots several other walkers, eventually running out of ammo. As two walkers get near her, Carlos shoots them with his pistol.

Carlos: Run! Go!

A walker tries to grab Carlos and knocks his rifle off his back, but he turns around and shoots it. After killing another one, he starts to run.

Carlos: Keep moving, get to the lodge!

Clementine tries to return to the lodge but a walker stands in her path. She pushes over the walker Carlos killed and grabs his rifle. She shoots the walker but falls to the floor and drops the gun due to the recoil, failing to kill it.

Clementine grabs Matthew's knife and hides under a picnic table. She stabs the walker's face as it reaches toward her.

Clementine grabs the rifle and shoots the walker in the head.

Nick: Somebody, help me!

Clementine runs up to Nick, who is struggling against a walker.

Clementine: Nick!

Nick: Please help me!

Walter points his gun at the walker.

Walter kills the walker.

Walter does nothing, and Nick's throat is ripped out by the walker.

Clementine: No!

Carlos: Come on!

Clem, Walter, and determinantly Nick run to Carlos.

Carlos: Where's Nick?

Walter: I don't know.

Carlos: You didn't see him? Clem?

Clementine: I saw what you did.

Clementine: Walkers got him.

Clementine: I didn't see him...

Clem slaps Walter.

Carlos: Clem...get inside! Go!

Walter and Carlos continue firing as Clem runs inside.

Common Area

Rebecca: Clementine! Are you okay?

Automatic rifle fire is heard outside.

Alvin: What the hell...?

They look outside and see a different group gunning down the walkers. Carver, Bonnie, Troy, and Johnny surround Sarita, Carlos, Walter, and determinantly Nick.

Carver: Howdy, folks. Where's Rebecca?

Rebecca: Carver...!

Carlos spits in Carver's face.

Carver: It's nice to see you too.

Carver punches Carlos.

Sarah: Dad!

Rebecca: Sarah!

Sarah runs outside and hugs Carlos.

Carver: Inside

Walter: It's you.

Bonnie: Keep movin'.

Rebecca goes upstairs, Alvin hides on the stairs, and Clementine hides behind a couch as everyone enters the lodge.

Bonnie: (whistles) Look at this place.

Johnny: You believe this fuckin' place, Bonnie? Power and everything. Lotta windows, though. It's fuckin' huge. Bill's gonna hate it. The rest of 'em could be anywhere.

Clementine peeks over the couch. When the coast is clear, Alvin motions to Clementine and Clem sneaks over to him.

Johnny: Man, how the fuck are we gonna cover these guys and look for them too?

Bonnie: Johnny, cover that window.

Johnny goes over to the window and Clem sneaks across the balcony to Alvin and Rebecca. Carver's group lines up their hostages and binds their hands with zipties. Carver grabs Carlos' arm, drags him in front of the group, and punches him in the stomach.

Sarah: Dad!

Carver: Listen, I'm only gonna ask you once. Where's Rebecca?

Carlos: Sarah, look at me. It's gonna be okay.

Carver breaks one of his fingers.

Carver: Rebecca? Rebecca, our baby deserves to be raised in a place of safety. I know you're out there. And Alvin. And Luke. And the girl. This is real simple. You want this over quick, you all play nice and show your faces.

Sarah: Don't hurt my dad! Please!

Alvin: He'll kill him.

Rebecca: No, Alvin.

Alvin: We gotta go down there.

Rebecca: I can't do that.

Alvin: Bec...the baby...you need a doctor.

Rebecca: No. Where's Luke and Kenny?

Alvin: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Rebecca: They're still outside. They can help us.

Clementine: We have to help Carlos.

Alvin: Only way to help him is to do what the man says.

Rebecca: What about Luke and Kenny?

Alvin: Look at those guns. We start shootin' and people are gonna die, on both sides.

Clementine: Let's get out of here.

Alvin: Only way out is through these windows.

Rebecca: Clem can fit.

Alvin: You heard him. He know she's here.

Clementine: He won't kill a doctor.

Rebecca: He'll do anything.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver breaks another one of Carlos' fingers.

Sarah: DAD!

Rebecca: Clem can sneak out. Find Luke.

Alvin: What the hell's she gonna do? And you heard him. Carver knows she's with us.

Sarah: Just stop! Don't hurt my dad. Please.

Alvin: We're going down there.

Rebecca: He'll kill you.

Carlos: Fuck you. Shoot him! Somebody just shoot hi--

Carver grabs Carlos' hair and puts a knife to his throat.

Rebecca: Clem, go get help.

Alvin: He'll kill him, Bec!

Rebecca: He'll do it anyway.

Alvin: You don't know that.

Carver: Say goodbye, Carlos.

Carlos: Don't look, sweetie. Don't look.

Sarah: Dad!

Carver: Nobody? Now that's disappointing.

Rebecca: Just go, Clem!

Clementine: He's gonna kill him. Rebecca, we have to give up.

Rebecca will remember that.

Clementine: I'll find Luke and Kenny. Stay here.

Alvin: Rebecca.

Lodge Interior/Lodge Exterior

Rebecca: Bill, stop!

Carver: Ah.

Carver throws Carlos to the floor. Rebecca, Alvin, and Clem go downstairs.

Carver: (caresses Rebecca's face) You alright?

Rebecca: Fuck you, Bill.

Bec, Al, and Clem join the others in the lineup.

Walter: You don't want to do this. Please, let these people go.

Bonnie: Just shut up!

Carlos: Clem. Can you reach my hands?

Carver: Everything under control?

Carlos: Clem...

Carver: Let's just get our people home, alright? This won't take long.

Clementine: I can't. They'll see.

Clementine: Just be quiet. Luke and Kenny are out there.

Clementine: I'll try.

Clem reaches toward Carlos' ties but stops when Troy looks at her.

Clementine says nothing.

Johnny is shot in the head.

Sarita: Kenny...!

Bonnie: Don't move.

Carver and his group hide behind the columns and look out the broken window near Johnny.

Bonnie: I can't see him.

Carver: Watch them.

Carver grabs Walter and drags him over to the window. Walter sees the nearby picture of him and Matthew. Carver shoots him in the head. Sarah screams and sobs.

Carlos: No!

Clementine: Somebody do something!

Clementine: Please! Stop!

Clementine: Walter!

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: That's for our man. Now, I didn't want to do this, but you ain't leavin' me much choice. So here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna march another one of your friends out here and I'm gonna put a bullet in the back of their head. Or you can give up now. Your choice.

The column Carver is hiding behind is shot. He grabs Alvin.

Carver: Hi, Alvin.

Alvin: You motherfucker.

Carlos: Alvin!

Rebecca: Bill, no! Tell him to stop. Kenny, stop!

Carver: Do you remember George, Alvin? You see, I do. I remember a guy that was your friend named George. I remember when you murdered him in cold blood. And why? Because you didn't like me? You could've lodged a complaint. You could've...well, you could've been civil.

Rebecca: BILL, NO! We'll do whatever you want!

Alvin: I love you, Bec.

Rebecca: BILL! PLEASE!

Clementine runs over to Alvin, but Carver hits her in the stomach.

Carver will remember that.

Clementine: Kenny! Luke! Don't shoot!

Carver: Ah.

Clementine: Please, don't do this!

Clementine says nothing.

Carver drops Alvin and picks up Clementine. He takes her to the window and points the gun at her head.

Carver is shot and falls to the floor. He gets up, holding his wounded right shoulder, and shoots Alvin in the head.

Rebecca: NO! ALVIN!

Carlos: Alvin! Rebecca. Don't look. Just don't look, Rebecca.

Sarita: Kenny! Stop this!

Carlos: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Carver drags Sarita in front of the window.

Carver: I can keep this up all night!

Carver: We can do this all night. Is that what you want?

Kenny enters the lodge with his hands raised.

Alvin: Goddamn it.

Carver: You never did listen.

Alvin: Hurry! (opens window)

Carver: Let's see if I can get your attention.

Clem jumps out the window.

Clementine turns the corner and sees Kenny.

Kenny: Clem!

Clementine sneaks past the window.

Johnny: Goddamn, it's dark. Can't see a fuckin' thing.

Carlos' screams are heard. Clem joins Kenny.

Kenny: You alright?

Clementine: What are we gonna do?

Kenny: I don't know.

Clementine: Where's Luke?

Kenny: Hell, I don't know. He was whining about somethin' or other, so I told him to take a hike.

Clementine: I'm fine.

Kenny: Oh, thank god. Is Sarita okay?

Clementine: They have her.

Kenny: Christ.

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca and Alvin go downstairs and Carver lets go of Carlos. Carver caresses Rebecca's face.

Rebecca: Fuck you, Bill.

Kenny: Looks like they got everyone. Who are these guys? Can we take 'em? I've got a pretty clear shot on the one. Just a little bit to the left, you son of a bitch. That's right...

Clementine: I don't know. Maybe we should go find Luke.

Clementine: Don't. He'll kill them!

Clementine: We have to try.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny shoots Johnny in the head.

Kenny: Got him!

Carver grabs Walter and drags him over to the window. Walter sees the nearby picture of him and Matthew. Carver shoots him in the head. Sarah screams and sobs.

Carlos: No!

Kenny: Walt!

Clementine: Oh, my god.

Carver: That's for our man. Now, I didn't want to do this, but you ain't leavin' me much choice. So here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna march another one of your friends out here and I'm gonna put a bullet in the back of their head. Or you can give up now. Your choice.

The column Carver is hiding behind is shot.

Kenny: Motherfucker.

Clementine: Kenny, over there!

Kenny and Clementine go the nearby skating rink to get a better angle. Carver grabs Alvin.

Carver: Hi, Alvin.

Rebecca: Bill, no! Tell him to stop. Kenny, stop!

Clementine: Alvin!

Kenny: Damn. It's a tough shot. What do you think? CLEM? I got a shot!

Clementine points the gun away from the window.

Kenny: The hell are you doin'?!

Clementine: Don't shoot!

Kenny: What?!

Clementine: Shoot him!

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: He'll kill him!

Kenny: We can't just give up!

Clementine: Kenny. He'll keep doing this. Think about Sarita.

Kenny will remember that.

Carver is shot and falls to the floor. He gets up, holding his wounded right shoulder, and shoots Alvin in the head.

Rebecca: NO! ALVIN!

Carlos: Alvin! Rebecca. Don't look. Just don't look, Rebecca.

Sarita: Kenny! Stop this!

Carlos: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Carver drags Sarita in front of the window.

Carver: I can keep this up all night!

Kenny: Sarita...!

Kenny: We're comin' out!

Kenny drops his gun. Bonnie kicks the front door open.

Bonnie: Let's go.

Kenny and determinantly Clementine join the lineup.

Carver: Where's Luke? Finally cut and run, huh? Why am I not surprised? I warned you. I warned you not to follow him. And look where he's led you. But you're safe now. We're going home. As a family. Alright. Round 'em up. We're headin' back to camp.

Carver's group drags Clementine's group out of the lodge.

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Season 3 Ties That Bind - Part 1Ties That Bind - Part 2Above The LawThicker Than WaterFrom The Gallows
Season 4 Done RunningSuffer The ChildrenBroken ToysTake Us Back
Saints & Sinners Saints & Sinners