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This article is about the Telltale Series episode. You may be looking for the webisode.

"A New Day" is the first episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. It is the first episode of the series overall. It was written by Sean Vanaman and directed by Vanaman and Jake Rodkin.


The world has suddenly turned into chaos with no explanation or reason. The dead walk the earth to send the living down to hell. One man, Lee Everett, struggles to survive and do what is right in this world gone mad. Can he make the best of his new life?


Chapter 1: Out of the Frying Pan[]

History professor Lee Everett is on his way to prison, having been convicted for killing a state senator that had an affair with his wife. He is transported by a police officer in the back of his cruiser, heading to a undetermined prison.

While driving for prison, the police officer tries to engage Lee in conversation. He asks Lee why he isn't saying that he "didn't do it". The officer explains that, usually, he would have to suffer through a person saying that they didn't commit any crimes at the point they were at, and is surprised that Lee is not doing that. Lee tells the officer that he isn't the kind of guy to say something like that. (Determinant) The officer then tries to make small talk as he ignores the radio chatter from his police comm system that calls for assistance to a 10-34. A column of police vehicles passes by on the other side of the road towards the city. The officer in the squadron car with Lee asks about Lee's job and then questions him about his ex-wife. Lee is sensitive about his ex-wife and does not respond to the officer's remark about him marrying the wrong woman. The officer then brings up a story about a convict who had once sat in his car on the way to prison that had cried about not having done anything. A police helicopter flies by overhead towards Atlanta as another police column passes by with it. He shuts his radio off as the operator again asks for assistance for a riot in the city. Lee asks if he was innocent (Determinant) and the officer tells him that "they caught the fucker red-handed, stabbing his wife and cutting her upright as the boys came in the front door". The officer professes disgust at the man for crying like that, and says a quite profound and premonitory line about people, where they would "up and go mad when they believe their life is over". As he tries to bring up another story that he believes to be more hilarious than depressing, he takes his eyes off of the road and crashes into a man (which is, in fact, a walker) that had wandered out onto the pavement and violently cuts off the road and into a roadside forest.

Lee awakens after at least a day of unconsciousness in the back of a wrecked car with his handcuffs still on. He becomes aware of his surroundings and notes both his thirstiness and the pain in his right leg. He kicks out a window and drags himself out of the car, noticing that the officer was lying in a pool of blood a short distance away. His shotgun lies a few meters away from the body with a single shell on the ground. Lee limps over to the officer and removes the keys to the handcuffs from the corpse. After trying to unlatch the chamber from the pulley, Lee drops the keys in front of the officer's face. Lee quickly retrieves the keys again and then proceeds to remove the handcuffs from his wrists. A weak groan comes from the officer, prompting Lee to ask if he was alive. The officer then growls and claws at Lee.

Lee falls down in surprise, then recoils as the officer then tries to attack him again. Lee crawls back further and further until his back hits the wrecked car. He sees the shotgun and shell within reach. He grabs both but bobbles the shell upon trying to load it into the weapon. He grabs it again and successfully loads the shotgun, then points it at the officer, who appears to be exhibiting some form of animalistic behavior as he continually tries to claw at him and shows no regard for the fear of the gun pointed at his face. Lee shoots the officer in the head, blowing it apart and slaying him.

Chapter 2: Adventures in Babysitting[]

In horror at his own actions, Lee casts aside the weapon and asks the dead officer if he is truly dead. (Determinant) Lee notes how the dead officer's skin was rotted and smelled like guts. (Determinant) He then notices a figure in the distance upon a hill. He yells out to it and asks for help. Shortly thereafter, a cluster of other people with rotted skin and what appear to be severely decomposed frames come out of the brush. Lee hastily stands up and- with his single good leg- limps away from the car wreck, noticing others trying to claw at him. With the figure gone, he climbs up the hill and climbs over a fence into a suburban backyard.

Several thumps against the fence chase the wounded man as he crawls further away from the fence. He hits a wooden deck and watches the fence shudder until a quad of the gunshots sound out in the distance. The fence stops shaking after the final gunshot. Lee hesitantly pulls himself to his feet and calls out for anyone to reply. After finding no help, Lee's decides to enter the house and finds the back door unlocked. He enters the house and quickly ascertains the disturbing quality of the downstairs section of the house as demolished as it is. A pool of fresh blood resides on the path between the living room and kitchen, and Lee slips in it (Determinant) as he searches the house for any signs of life. He finds a cup of water beside the kitchen sink and greedily drinks from it. (Determinant) Suddenly, a beeping noise comes from the living room. Lee investigates the sound and finds an answering machine of the house's phone displaying three new messages.

Lee presses a button on the answering machine and listens to the first of three messages. A woman who names herself Diana asks a woman named Sandra to look after a girl named Clementine for one more day, as she and her husband, Ed, had been attacked by "some crazy guy" and had to be taken to the emergency room. She promised that they would be back from Savannah before Sandra's spring break. The second message automatically plays and Diana details that she and Ed were under quarantine in the city and were not allowed to leave. She begged Sandra to take Clementine with her to Marietta before Diana had to leave for the hospital. The third message then plays and Lee hears Diana weeping. Diana tells her daughter (if she was indeed listening) to call the police. The crying woman repeats that she loves her daughter as the line cuts out. Lee picks up a photograph of a family of three next to the phone and hypothesizes that both Ed and Diana had perished due to the rotting people.

Lee then hears a child's voice come from the kitchen. He returns to the kitchen and finds nobody there. Suspicious, Lee checks each of the cupboards and drawers and finds a walkie-talkie. (The entire previous sequence is determinant, as the player may have already found the walkie-talkie before the third message played. In this case, Lee will just pull out the radio and ask for a response.) The child on the other end of the signal tells him that he is being too loud and has to be quiet. He asks her a series of questions while trying to locate her downstairs, in which he discovers her name to be Clementine, her age to be eight, and her parents to be in Savannah. He asks her if she is safe while searching for her in the kitchen. She explains that she is hiding in her treehouse. Lee sees her outside and waves at her in the treehouse.

She suddenly yelps and disappears into her treehouse. Startled, Lee turns around and sees another person lunging for him. He throws his hands up defensively and pushes her off him. The woman's decayed skin gave him al of the understanding her needed, and he turned and ran from her, but slipped in the blood on the floor. His head bangs against the edge of a kitchen counter and his vision blurs. Incentivized by the growling of the woman crawling towards him, Lee shakes his head and punches the woman away. He stands up and runs again, only to be tripped by the woman's hand. He drags himself away towards the back door as a small child opens it with a hammer encumbering her small hands. Lee kicks the attacking woman back and grabs the hammer from the frightened child. He bashes the rotting skull in and kills the woman.

Chapter 3: In Your Charge[]

Panting from the struggle, Lee drops the hammer and formally greets the young girl. She asks if he had killed the woman, and he says that something else did. (Determinant) Lee asks her if she had been alone since Sandra (the woman who had been attacking him) had died. She answers yes and that she is waiting for her parents to return. Lee says that they may not come back for a while and promises to look after her until everything gets fixed by other people. Lee then decides that they have to leave the house since the neighborhood was not safe

Leave Before Nightfall: Lee tells Clementine that they need to leave immediately in order to find help. They exit the house through the back door and out through the gate. They see a pair of men trying to push a car out of the middle of the road. Lee greets them, and they both cry out in shock, afraid that Lee and Clementine were about to eat them. They introduce themselves and explain that they were trying to move a car so they could drive away to one of their dad's farm a few miles away from Atlanta. One of them, Shawn Greene, asks for Lee's help in moving the car in exchange for passage to the farm. Lee, before he thinks about it, blurts out that Clementine is not his daughter and says that he is just some guy who found her. (Determinant) The other man, Chet, raises the alarm that "more monsters" were coming. Lee and Shawn quickly hop over to the obstacle and push the car out of the road. Shawn calls for everyone to enter his pickup truck. Lee, Clementine and Chet safely in the truck, Shawn drives away from the rotting people and onward to his father's farm. Upon his arrival several hours later, Chet gets into his own car that was at the farm and leaves for his mother's house.

Leave After Nightfall: Lee tells Clementine that they would have a better chance of leaving unnoticed by the monsters if they were to leave at night. She tells Lee that they could hide in her treehouse until the sun goes down. Several hours later, Lee limps out onto the streets with his charge and quickly ducks at the sound of a nearby gunshot. A man claiming to be a Georgia State Police Officer orders Lee to stay down. Clementine frightfully asks Lee if they were going to die, to which he states that the officer was after him, not her. (Determinant) Lee loudly announces that he would come quietly as he stands up and raises his hands in clear view. (Determinant) Two men approach cautiously; one in a sheriff's uniform, one without. The sheriff lowers his gun after realizing that they were indeed regular people. The two men introduce themselves as Shawn Greene and Andre Mitchell, and that they were looking for the monster that had killed their friend, Chet. Shawn offers a ride to his father's farm if Lee would help them find the monster that had eaten Chet. Lee, before he thinks about it, blurts out that Clementine is not his daughter, and says that he is just some guy who found her. (Determinant) This worries Shawn and Andre, but a sudden growling from nearby cuts off any further questions. Chet, with rotted skin and blood covering most of his face, steps out from around a corner and wanders towards them. Andre commands the others to get into his car as he raises his pistol at Chet. Not having the motivation to shoot his friend, Andre withdraws his gun and runs to his car. He drives them away, careful to avoid hitting Chet with the car.

Chapter 4: Rock and a Hard Place[]

Several hours later, Andre drops Shawn, Lee and Clementine off at the Greene Family Farm and offers his condolences about Chet. He leaves them and drives off into the night.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

After the departure of the fourth man, Shawn's father exits the house, expressing relief at seeing his son alive and well. Shawn hugs his father and delivers news of Chet's fate. Both men discuss the situation in the city before turning their attention to Lee and Clementine. Shawn's father mistakenly believes that Lee was Clementine's father, but Shawn corrects him and explains that Lee is just a man who found her by herself. (Determinant) He asks Clementine to verify Lee's identity, and she does so while hiding behind Lee's back. Shawn's father notices Lee's leg injury and tells him to sit on the porch so he could treat it after asking his son to check on Shawn's sister inside the house.

Lee sits on a bench and Shawn's father checks out the wound. He asks Lee for his name and then introduces himself as Hershel Greene. He then asks Lee who he was and what had caused his injury. Lee can choose to lie or tell the truth, the latter of which will result in him saying that he had hit a man on the road while being driven by someone else. Hershel asks who he was with at the time, to which Lee must choose whether or not to be honest over. If he lies, Hershel picks up on it but keeps it to himself. As he bandages Lee's wound, he tells Lee that he and Clementine could sleep in the barn with "another displaced family of three". Shawn returns and suggests that he fortify the fence in the morning. If Lee and Clementine left the house at night, Hershel will say that is a good idea based on what happened to Chet. Otherwise, Hershel will think it unnecessary but allows it regardless. Shawn heads inside as Hershel explains to keep the wound clean and watch for any signs of infection.

Lee and Clementine bed down in the barn with a pair of small sleeping bags. Clementine quietly comments on the smell, where Lee finishes her sentence about what the smell was like. Clementine says that she misses her parents and asks how far Savannah is from where they are. Lee says that it is very far away, and Clementine dozes off. Guilty about not being able to provide her more comfort, Lee slips into a nightmare about his ex-wife and the man she had slept with to end their marriage. He dreams about how he had killed the man and abruptly wakes up. Realizing that Clementine was still next to him and sleeping comfortably, Lee falls back asleep.

The following morning, Lee is awoken by a man telling him lightheartedly to "get up". Lee yawns and stands up as the stranger jokes to Clementine that she might have spiders in her hair, but her "daddy" scared them off. Lee explains that he his not truly her father and introduces himself. The man greets Lee and tells them that he is Kenny. Suddenly, a very loud boy appears at the doors of the barn and calls for his dad to join him before scampering off. The trio in the barn leave to find him. Kenny tells Lee that the boy was his son, "Ken Jr.", but he tends to call him "Duck" because he tends to quack like one.

Kenny then brings Lee and Clementine over to meet his family. He introduces them after asking whether or not Lee wanted a ride to Macon. Kenny's wife, Katjaa, quickly compliments Clementine and she warms up to the older woman. Shawn comes over and informs them that he needed to reinforce the fence on the west side of the farm. Duck volunteers his help, and Shawn gives him the "position" of foreman. They break off to the other side of the house and work on the fence. Clementine joins Katjaa as Kenny leaves to fix his own truck. Lee asks Kenny if he needed any help and what his plan is. (Determinant) Kenny then says that he believes the National Guard would solve the situation and that they should just try to weather the storm. In the event that the National Guard would be unable to fix the problem soon, he would just return to his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and get on his boat until the situation was resolved.

Lee can choose to talk to Katjaa and ask about her profession. He learns that she is a veterinarian and her job was how she met Kenny. She asks about Lee's job, and he says that he was a history professor at the University of Georgia, but was fired. (Determinant) He can then ask what her story was. She remorsefully tells him that she had driven by other people that had needed help and over others. Lee apologizes for her hardships and leaves to find Shawn.

He finds Shawn working to hammer a board into place on the fence. He asks if Shawn needed any help, and Shawn puts him to work on sawing a length of two-by-fours apart. Shawn relays a story to Lee where he watched a man in Atlanta shoot a boy dead without hesitation. He then asks if Lee had killed any of the undead people so far, to which Lee says that he was forced to bash a "poor girl's brains in". (Determinant) Shawn is quite perturbed by this and sends Lee's way to find his dad after Lee finishes cutting his board in order to be alone.

Lee finds Hershel in the barn as he is raking along a bale of hay to one of his horses. Hershel looks up and asks him how he got out of the city, to which Lee can be honest or dishonest about. Lee compliments his farm, and Hershel turns the conversation around to Lee's family. Lee explains that his parents are in Macon with his brother. (Determinant) Hershel then points out that Lee must take care of a little girl now and asks how he had met her. Lee can choose to accept it as an accusation or a true question, but regardless of his answer, Hershel asks Lee if he could give him some advice. Hershel tells Lee that he may not know who he is or what he did, but warns him that he'd better become a better liar. (Determinant) If the situation in the city does not get resolved soon, then Lee would be bound to meet other people that would question his honesty and if they were to find him guilty of lying, they would hurt him.

Suddenly, Shawn screams out from the fence. Hershel orders him to go help while he gets his gun. Lee rushes around the house and finds Shawn's legs pinned beneath a tractor while a pair of zombies (as he truly acknowledges them for here) try to break through the unfinished fence. Duck is stupefied upon the tractor at having run Shawn over, and a third zombie reaches over the fence and grabs him.

Help Shawn: If the player chooses to help Shawn, Lee will rush over to the younger man and test his options of either trying to move the tractor, pull Shawn out or attack the walkers. After his first failed attempt, Kenny arrives to pulls his son out of danger, but struggles with the walker attacking Duck. Lee then tries one of the other two options and fails again. Kenny successfully frees his son from the walker's grasp and chooses to run away with his son instead of helping Lee free Hershel's son. The walkers then burst through the fence and leap onto Shawn, biting into his leg and neck. Hershel then arrives and looks on in horror as his son is suffering beneath the walkers' ministrations, but quickly recovers enough to shoot the walkers with his shotgun, then the third who had attacked Duck as it tried to get in again. He then rushes over to Shawn's side as he dies. Everyone gathers around Hershel as he closes his son's eyes. He tells them all to leave the farm. Kenny tries to apologize but is rejected. Hershel then tells Lee to hope Kenny doesn't do the same thing if Clementine's life is at stake, but Lee tells Hershel that Shawn's death was not Kenny's fault. (Determinant)

Help Duck: If the player chooses to help Duck, Lee will rush over to the boy and test his options of either trying to punch the walker, pull Duck away, or picking up a fragmented board and bashing the walker with it. If Lee does either of the former options, then he is unsuccessful in saving Duck until Kenny arrives to help him, in which case Lee will try again. If Lee chooses to pick up the board and hit the walker on the first attempt, then he is successful in incapacitating Duck's attacker, and Kenny comes along to pull his son out of danger. Lee then says that they need to help Shawn now, but Kenny runs away to get Duck to safety. Before Lee could aid Shawn, the walkers break through the fence and leap onto him, biting into his leg and neck. Hershel then arrives at the horrifying sight of his son's corpse being devoured. Hershel promptly shoots all three walkers in the head and rushes to his dead son's side. Everyone gathers around Hershel as he stands up. He tells them all to leave the farm. Kenny tries to apologize, but Hershel rejects it. He then turns his attention to Lee, who he accuses of not trying to help. Lee uncomfortably tries to come up with an excuse, but Hershel accepts nothing from him.

Chapter 5: It's Just One Bullet[]

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices: Hershel orders them all to leave again as he tends to his son's corpse. Kenny somberly approaches Lee and tells him he and Clementine could tag along with them to Macon if he wanted to. He then takes his family to the truck as Lee pulls Clementine away.

At dusk, the truck they had driven to Macon runs out of gas. Everyone exits the vehicle and walks a short distance until Duck points out someone who appears to be working on an engine of a big rig truck. Kenny shouts at the man and asks if he is friendly and if he can lend some assistance for their dilemma. The man then looks at Kenny and growls, revealing that he is not with the living, but is, in fact, a walker, eating a disheveled, bloody corpse rather than doing repairs. Several more walkers approach from all directions as the survivors put their backs to a drugstore. Duck is then tackled by a walker and screams for help until a gunshot sounds out and kills the walker, spraying blood all over Duck as he fearfully runs to his dad. Lee looks and sees the shooter; a woman who had come out of the drugstore with an Asian man. The woman shoots at several more walkers as the man ushers everyone inside the drugstore. After everyone safely enters, he locks the security gate to the drugstore and runs inside.

Immediately, an argument ensues between the two rescuers and another woman who appears to be angered by the shooter leaving the drugstore. The angered woman's father says "Goddammit, Lilly! You have to control these people." Lee can choose to intervene and try to end the argument diplomatically but is shut down either way. The leader's father then notices Duck in the corner with his mother covered in blood and immediately assumes he was bitten. He decides that they must kill the boy before he turns, but Kenny steps between them, threatening him. Katjaa says that there is no bite, but the man refuses to believe her and explains that they had already seen this happen where a man with a bite had died, turned and attacked them all. Lee tells him to stop yelling and making the situation worse (Determinant), but Larry does not want to wait. Lee must choose who to side with in the argument.

Side with Kenny: Lee becomes overwhelmed with anger, blasting at Larry that he will kill and beat him down should he kill anyone in the room, firmly asserting he will die before he sees Duck thrown out. (Determinant) Alternatively, Lee almost calmly orders Kenny to knock the man out to which Kenny happily complies. He strikes the brute clean in the face only to be struck down by the 6"4 giant with a single punch to the face.

Side with Larry or say nothing: Lee's turns on Kenny, asserting there is no alternative. Kenny is shocked, refusing to believe his child will be endangered. As Larry goes to throw them out, Katjaa voices that there is no bite, just blood. Kenny declares Duck fine with the brute apologizing, saying his name is Larry.

Whatever Lee chooses, Clementine soon cries out as a walker attacks her at the bathroom door. Lee rushes over to help her but stumbles past Lilly and falls. He gets back up and runs to Clementine to get her out of harm's way, but inadvertently pulls the walker to its feet to attack him. (Determinant) As the walker claws at him, (Determinant) a gunshot rings out and kills it. Lee sees that the previous shooter had shot the walker and killed it, but a bunch of walkers outside start banging on the gate in response. As everyone cowers behind the counters, a string of gunshots, explosions and aerial vehicle sounds, presumably from the military fighting hordes of walkers not too far from Macon, draws them away from the drugstore. Larry then throws another tirade at the stupidity of Carley's shot but soon falls to his knees with severe chest pain. Lilly explains that he has heart problems and that he needs the nitroglycerin pills in the pharmacy. Lee suggests that they find a way into the pharmacy through the office (Determinant) and leaves Lilly and her father alone. Kenny takes charge of the situation and tells the quiet man in the corner to be the lookout. He says his name is Doug while the shooter introduces herself as Carley. Lilly introduces herself and her father, Larry, and is told to keep an eye on him. The Asian man, Glenn, volunteers to run to a nearby motel to find fuel for their truck. He leaves and Clementine gives him one of her walkie-talkies.

The following is a series of events listed in what is considered to be canonic order, though they may be completed in another order:

Lee then takes Clementine into the office to look for a way into the pharmacy. He sees a large pool of blood on the floor. He realizes that his parents must have died here. He wonders if his father was hurt and was trying to protect his mother, but was killed by the zombies outside. He finds an old photograph of his family on the floor next to the blood and fondly picks it up. Then, realizing that if the other survivors found out that his last name was Everett they would believe him dangerous, he tears the picture to remove himself from it. Abruptly, Carley appears behind him as he pockets the rest of the photo. She says that she knows who he is and warns him to not cause any problems with the group, or she would be forced to take action against him. Lee then thanks her for keeping his secret (Determinant) and she leaves the office. Lee then moves aside the desk barring the way into the pharmacy with Clementine's help, but she hurts her finger. Lee sets her up on the desk and bandages her finger with a Band-Aid from a nearby first aid kit. He also finds a television remote in the desk drawer that he pockets. He then finds the pharmacy door to be locked and decides to head back into the general store to find it. Before he leaves, Clementine questions him on what Carley had meant when she said he had killed someone. He can choose to tell her that the man was alive and he was bad, in which case Clementine will quietly accept his explanation.

Lee then checks on Kenny and his family. Depending on who Lee sided with during the argument about Duck, Kenny will either praise Lee for his loyalty or rebuke him for his poor judgment. Lee asks if they are okay in the drugstore, and Kenny says that the place is "pretty damn defendable" but not a permanent solution. (Determinant) Katjaa then points out that Lee's family is in Macon and asks if they should go looking for them, but Lee says that they owned the drugstore they were in and are dead. (Determinant) Lee excuses himself and talks to Carley, asking her what she was doing. She shows him a small radio she was trying to fix. Lee asks if he could try to figure out what was wrong with it, and he concludes that there were no batteries in it. He promises to keep an eye out for any batteries that would fit and goes to talk to Lilly and her dad. He asks Lilly how her dad was and she says that he had suffered from this sort of thing before and usually needed help in dealing with them.

Clementine's radio suddenly speaks in Glenn's voice. Lee takes it and Glenn says that he needs help at the motel. Lee tells Kenny that it would be best if he and Carley went alone to rescue Glenn. Once Lee talks to Carley again, they leave the drugstore through the alley exit and walk to the Travelier Motel.

Lee and Carley find Glenn inside of a broken ice machine at a motel infested with walkers. Lee and Carley learn from him that there is another girl hiding up inside one of the other rooms upstairs. Glenn says that they need to save her, but Carley is hesitant to do so. Lee convinces her that she would want help if she were in the girl's position. Lee tells them that they must kill all of the walkers in the area quietly, as noise would attract more. Using various items around the parking lot, Lee dispatches five walkers in silence before taking a fire axe. He then moves upstairs to where the girl was trapped and kills two walkers crowding her door. He then warns her that he is coming in and tries to break the door down, but she tells him to stop and voluntarily comes out. She reveals her bite to them and says that they should have just left her before noticing that Carley had a gun. Afraid of becoming a zombie-like her boyfriend, she asks for the gun so that she might kill herself.

Refuse Her The Gun: Lee tells her that she can't take the gun, but she desperately begs Carley for it. Carley refuses again, but the bitten woman lunges at her and tries to grab the gun. Lee and Glenn try to pry the woman off of Carley, but their combined weight on the second-floor balcony is too much and a section of it collapses beneath them. Carley drops the gun and the crazed woman takes it. She levels it at her own temple as Lee tries to talk her down, but she shoots herself in the head anyway. Glenn goes to retrieve the pistol from the corpse, and he vomits upon picking it up. As more walkers are drawn to the noise come out of the forest, Carley calls for them to get in the car. Glenn grabs his truck and drives them all back to the drugstore.

Give Her The Gun: Lee asks Carley to give her the gun, but she is reluctant to do so. He tells Carley that the woman would have no happy ending, (Determinant) and Carley lays it down on the ground. Glenn and Carley leave Lee alone with the woman so that he might pick up the gun once she is dead. Lee stands by as she picks up the gun and tells her that he is there with her. (Determinant) Lee closes his eyes as she raises the gun to her temple and fires. Lee sadly picks up the gun and goes to Glenn's car without another word.

Chapter 6: Hey, Bud[]

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices: Lee and the others return to the drugstore with the fuel for Kenny's truck. Lee leaves to find the keys to the pharmacy for Larry. He finds a pair of batteries while searching for the keys in the general drugstore. (Determinant) He gives them to Carley, but she is still unable to make the radio work. (Determinant) Lee takes it from her and adjusts it so that it works. (Determinant) She then hears a radio broadcast from her coworkers at WABE news, warning people to remain indoors before the government told the crew that they had to leave. Carley is quite perturbed by this sign-off and she tells Lee that she hopes some of them made it out. (Determinant)

Lee asks Doug in the corner if there was any sort of activity from outside. Doug tells him that they could look outside if they wanted to because the security gate was closed. Lee and Doug go outside and look around for anything resembling pharmacy keys. Upon his inspection, Lee sees a trapped walker pinned beneath a pole wearing a medical uniform. He reads the nametag and sees that the walker is his reanimated brother and identifies him to Doug as just some pharmacy employee. (Determinant) Lee says that he might have the pharmacy keys and convinces Doug that it is worth checking since he was in the family photo of the people who owned the drugstore. Lee breaks the lock with his fire axe and pulls open the gate slowly to avoid attracting attention to himself. He asks Doug if he could do anything with the television remote he found, and Doug uses it to reprogram the televisions in the electrical department across the street. He turns the power on and raises the volume, but the sound is not loud enough for the walkers to be drawn to it. Using a nearby brick, Lee smashes the window leading to the televisions by throwing it and unleashes the noise. With the walkers all facing elsewhere, Lee takes his fire axe and slips by the walkers to his zombified brother. He sadly greets the zombie as it tries to claw at Lee. With a heavy heart, Lee puts down his brother and finds the keys on his corpse.

Chapter 7: Two Enter, One Leaves[]

The walkers, however, hear him and he runs back to Doug behind the gate. They are unable to close it properly, so they merely trust the doors to be enough.

The following is listed in an unchangeable order:

Lee reports to Lilly that he had the keys and the two enter the office. Lee uses the pharmacy to open the locked door, but as soon as he enters, the alarm to the pharmacy rings out and begins attracting walkers. Lilly runs for the nitroglycerin pills as Kenny prepares everyone to move. He tells his family to remain in the office and wait with Glenn until he honks the horn in the alley. He orders Lee, Carley and Doug to keep their defenses up until then, and he takes Lee's axe as he goes out through the alley. Lee rushes over to the main doors as the walkers break through the gate. Doug tries to tell Lee that- in case they didn't make it- he thinks Lee is a good guy. Carley tries to tell Doug something else under the same circumstances but is cut off by a particularly ferocious bump against the door. A window shatters behind and Doug and Carley leave them so that she could shoot at any walkers trying to get in. Lee asks Clementine to look for anything that could keep the doors together. Doug leaves Lee to hold the doors as he goes to repair a boarded-up window that had caved in. Clementine returns with a walking cane Lee's father had used before he'd died. Lee sticks it between the handles and then sees both Carley and Doug held by walkers.

Save Doug: Lee rushes over to Doug, who was in danger of being pulled out of the window. Lee grabs him and helps him get free of the walkers, but turns to watch in horror as Carley is devoured on the other side of the store.

Save Carley: Lee rushes over to Carley and finds her ammunition stored in her purse. He grabs a fresh clip inside of it and tosses to her. She uses her gun to shoot the other walkers and free herself, but looks on in horror as Doug is pulled out of the window.

Chapter 8: Everything's Going to be Okay[]

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices: Lee, Clementine and whoever survived the walker attack run for the alley as Kenny returns to tell them all to run for the truck. Clementine, however, is tripped by a walker that had gotten through Doug's window. Lee saves her by applying pressure to the walker's head, and Clementine scrambles back. Larry holds the door open for her but stops Lee when he attempts to get out of the store. He punches Lee in the face and leaves him for dead as the walkers close in on his supine body. Kenny returns with the axe and kills one of the walkers approaching Lee and helps him up. Lee takes one last look at the ruins of his parents' drugstore before closing the door and leaving with Kenny.

Several hours later, Lee and the group are settling in at the motel Glenn had found gas at and are stocking their supplies. Lee stares sadly at the torn picture of his family before hearing a few gunshots accompanied by screams out in the distance. Both end abruptly as Lee turns and sees Glenn standing in front of his car. Glenn beckons for silence as he listens to a FRS report on the level of infection in Atlanta and various other cities within the region. He tells Lee that he thinks he has to go and find his friends. Lee understands and supports his decision (Determinant) and lets him leave the motor inn. Lee then thanks Kenny nearby for saving his life and they discuss their plans for the future. Kenny suggests that they remain at the motel until the zombies are all exterminated by the government. Lee then goes over to Carley/Doug, where whoever survived would express guilt over the other's death and asks Lee how he chose who to save. Lee explains that he did not make a choice (Determinant), but Carley/Doug understands. Lee then approaches Clementine as he notices her looking sad. She tells him that Glenn had kept her walkie-talkie and that hers had broken when she had fallen in the drugstore. She knows that it wasn't really important, but was still upset as it had sentimental ties to her and her parents.

Larry gruffly calls Lee over. Lee, sore over the fact Larry had tried to kill him, goes over passively and ask what he wants. Larry tells Lee to stay away from his daughter or he would tell everybody that he was a convicted killer. He warns Lee that if anything happened to Lilly or Clementine, he'd kill him. Lilly then calls Lee over and thanks him for getting into the pharmacy. After talking with Larry, more explosions and helicopters/planes can be heard in the distance, with the military continuing to bomb the undead. Kenny and Lilly are both optimistic that they would make it through this with the supplies and light that they have until the military come through, but the power to the area goes out, leaving the group in darkness.

In-Game Decisions[]

This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see Telltale Series Statistics.

Honesty: Lied or tell the truth to Hershel?

  • Told him the truth - 54%
  • Lied to Hershel - 46%

Who would you save: Who did you save?

Loyalty: Who did you side with?

Mercy: Did you give Irene the gun?

  • Refused - 53%
  • Gave her the gun - 47%

Who would you save: Who did you save?



Promotional Poster[]

AND Promo


  • First appearance of Lee Everett.
  • First appearance of Clementine.
  • First appearance of Diana. (Voice Only/Photograph)
  • First appearance of Ed. (Photograph)
  • First appearance of Kenny.
  • First appearance of Katjaa.
  • First appearance of Kenny Jr.
  • First appearance of Lilly.
  • First appearance of Larry.
  • Only appearance of Sandra. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Chet. (Unknown or Zombified, Determinant)
  • Only appearance of Andre Mitchell. (Unknown, Determinant)
  • Only appearance (in Telltale Series continuity) of Shawn Greene.
  • Only appearance (in Telltale Series continuity) of Hershel Greene.
  • Only appearance of Carley. (Determinant)
  • Only appearance (in Telltale Series continuity) of Glenn Rhee.
  • Only appearance of Doug. (Determinant)
  • Only appearance of Mr. Everett. (Photograph)
  • Only appearance of Mrs. Everett. (Photograph)
  • Only appearance of B. Everett. (Photograph/Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Steve. (Voice Only)
  • Only appearance of Irene.
  • This episode topped the charts for the game most played on Xbox Live Arcade for the week of April 30th.
  • The codes heard by the police scanner call in order for an animal bite, an advisory for a vicious animal, and numerous counts of assault with intent to murder after the operator announces the riot.
  • It only takes 3 hammer blows to incapacitate the zombified Sandra, but adding a 4th blow will reveal a rather gruesome scene.
  • If Lee chose to leave Clementine's house at night, the sequence of describing the walkers to Hershel and further discussion of Lee's leg is omitted.
  • The term "walkers" is introduced in this episode by Lee. Lee also calls them "zombies" twice but the latter is not said for the rest of the game.
  • If Lee offers Carley an energy bar before giving one to Clementine, she will refuse it and say to give it to Clem. Lee will be unable to offer one to Carley again, even after giving one to Clementine, in this instance.
  • Lee can use the axe on the pharmacy door and will be allowed to strike it twice before giving up.
  • The title of this episode refers to Lee Everett receiving a fresh start at the onset of the apocalypse, and his attempts to hide his past from what is essentially his new family.
  • If Lee chooses to save Carley instead of Doug, the famous "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard as the latter is devoured.
  • The episode has an easter egg to another comic book written by Robert Kirkman, "Super Dinosaur". It was referenced by Duck, during his conversation with Clementine after the survivors survived the attack on the Drug Store, and reached the Motel.
  • If Lee and Clementine decide to go at night, Lee will ironically be in another police car (It is ironic because he started out in a police car).
  • When Kenny rescues Lee from certain death in the drugstore, he will either call Lee an asshole or a good friend depending on if he sided with him or not when Larry tried to throw Duck out.
  • This episode has three other variants title:
    • In German, this episode is entitled; Ein neuer Tag. In Spanish, this episode is entitled; Un Nuevo Día. In French, this episode is entitled; Un nouveau jour.
  • At the end of the episode when talking to Lilly if the player listens they can hear Helicopters as well as some slight sounds of explosions. This could possibly be the bombing of Atlanta.
  • In the "next time" segment, on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version, Andy, Danny and Mark will be wearing different clothes. However, in other versions, they retain their normal clothes as they appear in Episode 2.
    • Lee's leg appears bandaged and Lilly retains her appearance from the early screenshot release of The Walking Dead game.


  • Despite how the Police Officer can be heard screaming whilst zombies are outside the car and the fact there is a noticeable blood trail leading up to him, he appears to sustain no bite marks.
  • Lee can choose to talk to the reanimated officer whilst scurrying away from him. When he gets to the police car he will speak automatically and can speak via players choice simultaneously, causing both sentences to overlap.
  • Despite being told by Shawn that Clementine is not Lee's daughter, Hershel refers to her as Lee's "daughter" a few seconds later and onward.
  • Sometimes, Doug will randomly stand up and kneel back down during conversations when outside.
  • If Lee refused to give Irene the gun when she kills herself and Glenn goes to pick up the gun, the walkers appear from the forest and even though Carley was given the gun back, Glenn still has the gun in his hand, as if Carley had an extra gun with her.
  • If Lee didn't try to save Shawn or Duck then later when Kenny expresses his guilt for not trying to save Shawn, Lee can choose to say nothing, after which Kenny will say "Fine. You're the fucking hero. You tried. Fine."
  • When Lee asks Clementine about her finger, he doesn't complete the word, resulting in Lee asking "How's your fing-".
  • At the motor inn, when Lilly eavesdrops on Lee and Glenn's conversation about Glenn leaving, she walks away, and suddenly teleports next to the RV, standing still.
  • If Lee says "She's not wrong, they took a risk" while arguing in the drugstore, the icon will indicate "Lily will remember that", spelling Lilly's name wrong.
  • If Lee fixes Carley's radio, talks to her about the broadcast and tells her that everyone is dead, she will refer to him by name even though they had not been introduced and she does not reveal she knows him until they're in the office. Though this could just be because she heard his name being said by the others.
  • If Lee does not speak to Carley in the drugstore, takes the photo from the office and immediately heads outside with Doug, Glenn will not call Clementine on her radio. The story will progress once Lee talks to Carley about leaving to find Glenn after that without ever hearing from Glenn.
  • Kenny does not introduce his wife's name to Lee, but Lee will still correctly say her name if he talks to Clementine on the farm.
  • Lee does not have to actually talk to the survivors at the farm for Hershel to appear; he merely has to walk near them.
  • When Lee gets the radio fixed, the radio seems to work either way, even if you don't turn up the volume or put the aerial stick up.
  • In The Collection version: When Shawn gets bitten, there is no bite mark.
  • If Lee says "It's his SON" while arguing in the drugstore, he will accurately call Larry by name even though he had not yet been introduced.
  • Clementine's finger is not bandaged when Glenn contacts her on the radio.
    • It is also absent when Clementine crawls backwards from the walker that trips her.


  • If the player clicks on Clementine fast enough before Lee straightens himself out, he may run over to her with his body at an angle. During the first person shot of him pulling the walker away, the walker is below the frame. In the panic button event, Lee's forehead will go through the walker's. This resolves itself once the scene pans over to Carley's gun.


  • After Lee shoots the zombified police officer, the cursor turns red and stays red. In cut-scenes, the player cannot move the cursor but it is still there.
    • Fix: Continue playing until Lee climbs the fence.

Deleted Sequences[]

  • The main character was originally going to be a cut character who was Clementine's older brother, whom was later replaced with Lee.
    • What's more is at one point, Clementine was going to be cut from the game as writers worried that the players wouldn't care about her.
  • The game was supposed to be first person game, and while almost everyone liked the style, Telltale decided against it.
  • Lee was originally voiced by Benjie Ross, but in the final game he is voiced by Dave Fennoy. It should be noted that although Ross didn't get the role of Lee, he would later on voice Marcus Crabtree in 400 Days.
  • During early character development, Katjaa panicked more and Duck was less enthusiastic compared to the retail version. Larry was more compassionate and admitted that he was wrong in believing that Duck was bitten more often than he did in the released version, which was only once depending on which choices you made.
  • Kenny's original name was "Frank". His name was changed for unknown reasons.
  • There is an earlier version of Duck's physical appearance where originally had paler skin and didn't have freckles.
  • Doug once had his own sub quest in early development, in which Lee had to knock the pole onto his brother while Doug attracted the walkers away with Kenny’s truck. Lee had to cut the electricity before cutting the pole with a fire axe.
  • Originally, Lee could choose who to come with you to save Irene or leave her completely. Lee could choose only Carley to come with him, only Glenn, both or neither of them. If Lee went alone or only with Glenn, he would borrow Carley's Glock.
    • Leaving Irene makes Glenn upset with Lee, and tries to convince him that they should go save the girl as well as check for supplies.
  • Early concept art implies that the Motor Inn was supposed to be undamaged, though it is unclear if that's the case.
    • Another thing to note is that Clementine has a different face in the concept art.
  • Concept art suggests that there were supposed to be more comic characters in the game such as Abraham Ford, Shane Walsh, and Rick Grimes. Though it is unknown what episode they would've been featured in.
  • It is believed that Glenn was supposed to wear his iconic Yankees hat, but most likely changed for copyright reasons.
  • Lee had to find a hammer and a pair of nails while walkers were invading the pharmacy, hammering windows and doors to buy the group some time. Lee had to go to both Carley and Doug, assisting them with the hammer while they held the window/door.
  • The choice to save either Doug or Carley was originally going to take place at the very beginning of the game.


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For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
OutOfTheFryingPan Out of the Frying Pan
Complete Chapter 1.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
AdventuresInBabysitting Adventures in Babysitting
Complete Chapter 2.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
InYourCharge In Your Charge
Complete Chapter 3.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
ARockAndAHardPlace A Rock and a Hard Place
Complete Chapter 4.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
ItsJustOneBullet It's Just One Bullet
Complete Chapter 5.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
HeyBud Hey, Bud
Complete Chapter 6.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
TwoEnterOneLeaves Two Enter, One Leaves
Complete Chapter 7.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
EverythingsGoingToBeOkay Everything's Going To Be Okay
Complete "A New Day".
PSN - Gold Trophy
XBLA - 25 Gamer Points


The episode was generally well received. GameSpot noted "its attention to appearance, plot, and character development", while Emily Richardson of The Telegraph noted that from the beginning of the episode, the player is "constantly plagued, choice after choice, as to whether the choice you made [is] the right decision".

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC/Mac 83.3% 82
PlayStation 3 85.1% 84
PlayStation 4 TBD TBD
PlayStation Vita 82.5% 89
Xbox 360 83.8% 79
Xbox One TBD TBD
iOS 90% 86