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"How many more? How many more of you are out there? You expect me to believe that? After you just lied to my face?"
—Aaron questioning Keith.[src]

Aaron is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. A former politician in Washington D.C., Aaron and his boyfriend, Eric Raleigh, survived the outbreak by being evacuated to Alexandria, a suburban community turned military safe-zone for politicians. Led by Ohio Congresswoman Deanna Monroe, Aaron and Eric were appointed to recruit survivors to help build the community. Their abilities to judge a person's character, their good-natured personalities, and their survival skills from working for a non-government organization in West Africa made them valuable assets to recruiting new members.

Aaron and Eric were responsible for bringing Rick Grimes and his people into Alexandria and assimilating them within the community. Aaron then developed a close bond with the group, making him one of Rick's most trusted allies. Shortly after, Alexandria allied with the Hilltop Colony and the Kingdom. The communities then fought a war against the Saviors, a group of extortionists that terrorized their people. During the conflict, Aaron adopts an orphaned Gracie after Eric is killed in battle. Aaron then successfully manages to recruit the community of Oceanside to assist the Militia in the war against the Saviors - leading them to victory.

Following the end of the war, Aaron loses an arm while trying to help rebuild a bridge to join the communities. He survives the ordeal and gains a prosthetic arm. Six years after Rick's assumed death, Aaron continues to be Gracie's adoptive father and in a relationship with Paul "Jesus" Rovia. Jesus was then killed by a group called the Whisperers, a cult of survivors that wear the faces of the dead who threaten to destroy the communities. Aaron fights the Whisperers in order to avenge Jesus and protect his daughter. The Whisperers were eventually defeated, in part due to the information Aaron gained from Mary, a defected Whisperer.

After the defeat of the Whisperers, Alexandria was repaired and provided for following the arrival of the Commonwealth, a major community network from Ohio, with Aaron elected leader of Alexandria. He later reassumed his role as recruiter for the Commonwealth in order to make contact with a group called Riverbend. However, this was a surgical operation to retrieve supplies taken by Riverbend and to eliminate them. Aaron and the Coalition then fight back against the Commonwealth Army, led by Lance Hornsby. As a result, Alexandria and the other communities are seized by the Commonwealth.


Aaron is described as "an affable, good-natured, adventurous guy. Despite feeling like a bit of an outsider for most of his life, he's passionate about people and the good they can do. He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger if he believes something positive can come from it."

Aaron had been mistreated and ostracized most of his life, mostly due to him being openly gay and the reaction of people's homophobia, including abuse from his own mother. Despite this, Aaron consistently saw the good in people even though they were acting offensive. He has a good judge of character. Aaron is very altruistic and always wanted to help others, leading him to join a NGO and give supplies to those residing in the Niger River Delta.

Alongside his charitable personality, Aaron also has a sense of humor and optimism. He aims to keep people at ease with him. Sometimes his humor goes over people's heads, but he still aims for them to see the brighter side of things as he does. Aaron was supportive of Daryl's status as an outsider as well as comforting Maggie when Glenn disappeared. One of the things he enjoys doing is photography and collecting memorabilia from the places he had visited. After the apocalypse, he began collecting license plates from each state to create a mural on a wall in his house.

Aaron extremely loves and cares for Eric, his boyfriend. Both had been outsiders, treated with bigotry, and were the only people in the world who understood each other. Both worked together in recruiting outsiders for Alexandria as well as collecting license plates for their collection. Aaron is willing to tolerate many things, but one thing he can't tolerate is Eric being threatened or harmed in any way. He would even result to violence, something he is usually against, if it meant defending Eric, including putting himself in danger.

After Aaron brought Rick Grimes' group into Alexandria, he and Eric grew a close bond to one of the group members, Daryl Dixon. Aaron saw that, like himself and Eric, Daryl was an outsider to both his own group and Alexandria and that people fear him even though they do not know him. Because of Eric's near-death experience, Aaron had him retire and gave the position to Daryl so that Eric could stay safe and that Daryl could get out more and be himself. Aaron's affection gave Daryl purpose and was willing to sacrifice himself for Aaron's safety so that he could be safe if nothing else.

During the seventh season, despite Eric being against Rick's plan to rebel against the Saviors, considering it to be too risky and there could be a lot of victims from this conflict, Aaron believes in Rick and his will for freedom and argues that in order to ensure their freedom they must fight, even if there will be victims, as the war will be the only way to build their future.

After Eric dies during the war with Negan and the Saviors, Aaron becomes deeply depressed, as he was the only person Aaron had ever cared so much about. He becomes even more willing to do anything in order to put an end to the war forever. He and Enid then ask the community of Oceanside to aid them in finishing the war with the Saviors once and for all. The negotiations are hard, but Aaron finally convinces the Oceanside citizens to join the fight, which results in the victory for the Survivors against the war with the Saviors.

After the war, Aaron starts training with Jesus to become a stronger fighter and takes a more proactive role in the community, including becoming a council member for Alexandria. When conflict with the Whisperers increases, Aaron becomes more cautious and less willing to take risks or let more people into the community. Despite any adversity, Aaron still clings to his humanity and tries to be the "nice guy", something he grows tired of as the Whisperer war continues.



Aaron was born and raised in Vermont. Later in his childhood, Aaron had a younger brother. The two had a close relationship, as they would ride on their bicycles around their neighborhood together as long as possible. His brother had a fascination with cars and, like Aaron, enjoyed being with other people.

Growing up openly gay, he was abused by his mother and was forced to go through conversion therapy, such as eating foods he did not like to "make [him] more manly", as she was a "very confused woman" who tried her hardest to make him tougher. These foods became unbearable for him to eat them as an adult, such as: applesauce, salmon patties, and onions.

Aaron later attended college and fell in love with a man during his education. The summer after he graduated, he and his boyfriend traveled to Eureka, California and hiked in the woods nearby, and the two found themselves in the middle of Native American ruins - to which Aaron reflected on what life was like for the Natives and their hopes for the future.

Washington, D.C.

Despite the abuse and homophobia he endured, Aaron still believed in doing the right thing. With his passion for people and the good they can do, he decided on a career in politics in order to provide for them and encourage others to make the world a better and more tolerant place. He then moved to Washington, D.C. to become a politician. After Aaron started working in the political circuit, however, he felt that he was not affecting change and realized he could do his best work abroad in a hands-on approach that would utilize his skill set.

Hoping to interact with people and to provide for them, Aaron then joined a peace corps on humanitarian missions and later became employed under a charity non-government organization. With this particular NGO, he was tasked with giving supplies and food to people in need in the Niger River Delta and Liberia. While traversing the area, he often had to deal with dangerous people in the process. Aaron constantly encountered African warlords and violent militias while in his field and had to negotiate with them.

Through working in the NGO, he met Eric Raleigh. Aaron and Eric soon became best friends and worked well together in Africa, with Eric knowing how to handle the land due to being raised in the Appalachian region. The two developed a deep-trust and eventually started dating. It wasn't until their fifth date that Aaron admitted his love for Eric, in which he responded: "I had a hunch." They became partners and lived together in D.C., but became targets of homophobia by people who, according to Aaron, were well-meaning but otherwise offensive and bigoted.


Alexandria, Virginia

Aaron and Eric were living together in Washington, D.C. when the outbreak went global in August 2010. During the fall, Aaron's younger brother died, affecting him greatly. Due to working in the political circuit, Aaron and Eric were among the first people evacuated from D.C. and brought to a suburban community in Alexandria, Virginia that was converted into a military safe-zone for politicians in the area. Two weeks later, however, the military abandoned the safe-zone due to Operation Cobalt. Among others evacuated to Alexandria were Ohio Congresswoman Deanna Monroe and her family. Aaron and Eric remained with the Monroe family as they saw promise with the safe-zone.

Eventually, walls were built around the area and a community was formed. The community had Deanna as its established leader. She believed that who people were before the fall mattered in rebuilding and sustaining the community. Because of Aaron and Eric's work in the NGO, their charitable nature, and ability to travel in dangerous terrain, it made them assets in the recruiting program designed to bring in more survivors. Aaron and Eric were tasked with finding survivors and monitoring them for several days to see if they were eligible for the community. Aaron would then approach the survivors with an offer, Eric being his guard, and bringing the survivors back to the safe-zone to "audition" for citizenship.

In their spare time, Aaron and Eric began a hobby of collecting license plates from abandoned cars from each state, making a mural of all fifty states in their home, in honor of his younger brother's love for cars. They also collected other vintage items to decorate in their home. In order to convince survivors to join the safe-zone, Aaron took up photography and took pictures of the community as evidence. Back at the safe-zone, despite rescuing a majority of the members there, the community still treated Aaron and Eric as outsiders because of their intolerance towards homosexuality, causing Aaron and Eric to avoid any gatherings and events of the community for fear of public ostracism in front of Deanna.

At one point, Aaron and Eric recruited a man named Davidson, who was the leader of a small group, but they could not reside peacefully in the community. Deanna exiled them and had Aaron, a supply runner named Nicholas, and her son Aiden drive them out. The recruiting for larger groups was suspended, focusing on lone survivors. This occurred for several months until Deanna realized that in order for the community and its members to survive, they would need more people who have been out there longer to teach them how to handle the new world. Aaron started to look for larger groups with Eric. At one point, Aaron encountered two people who sought to kill him, forcing him to kill them.

Aaron observed Rick Grimes and his group as they traveled to Washington, D.C. in hopes of finding other survivors. Aaron left bottles of water for them on their path as a test, but the group declined to drink from it, fearing it may be poisoned. When a storm emerges, group member Daryl Dixon informed the group of a barn he'd seen earlier and lead the group there to safety. This quick-thinking act to keep his people alive convinced Aaron that they needed to be brought back to Alexandria. The following morning, upon seeing that the group had survived the storm and the walker attack, Aaron had Eric remain nearby and watch in case anything happened to him as he approached the group.

Season 5


Aaron saw Sasha Williams and Maggie Greene exit the barn together and go to an open field alone to watch the sunrise. Using this opportunity, Aaron appears from the woods and carefully approaches the women. He comes off as friendly and cautious greeting the pair, though they aim their guns at him, which he understands as "stranger danger", and asks to speak with their leader, knowing his name to be Rick, before informing them that he has good news.

"The Distance"

Aaron revealed to Maggie and Sasha that he has a community not far from their location, and that it's been looking into recruiting surviving outsiders to help maintain their community. Maggie and Sasha bring Aaron to the barn where the rest of their group is. They have taken all his possessions away beforehand. Aaron wants them to come back to his community with him. Rick Grimes, the leader whom Aaron has been monitoring, chooses not to believe him, and tells the group that Aaron has another agenda. Aaron shows them a small set of photographs of his community which he had taken as evidence of its existence. As Aaron is explaining what his community is about and emphasizing on its security, Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out. After he wakes up having his hands tied behind his back, Aaron remains positive towards the group, complimenting Rick's strength.

Rick asks Aaron about the number of people waiting for him and his group. Aaron responds saying how it does not matter whether he informed him of how many, as it would not affect whether or not he would trust him any more than he does then informs him that there is only one. Aaron also reveals that he and his accomplice have vehicles that they had tried to bring closer to the barn, but had been blocked by the trees. Rick allows Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Glenn Rhee, Maggie, and Michonne go check out the vehicles, whilst everyone but Rick, who elects himself to stand guard over Aaron and watches his own daughter, scours the area in groups of two to search for anyone else who might be watching. The groups leave, Rick warns Aaron that if his people do not return in one hour, he would kill him. When Judith starts crying, Aaron offers Rick some of the applesauce in his bag. Rick force feeds it to Aaron before Judith to ensure it is not poisoned, then cautiously tries it himself before allowing Judith to have some. When everyone returns with the food from Aaron's vehicles, Aaron again tries to persuade them to leave for his community, which Michonne persuades the others to do. He gives them instructions of a clear route, but Rick decides to take an uncleared route at night to stay hidden from any of Aaron's friends.

Hands tied behind his back, Aaron rides in a car with Michonne, Glenn and Rick to his community. When showing Michonne the pictures from his community, she wonders where the pictures of his people are and grows concerned. She asks him Rick's three questions, in which Aaron reveals he has previously killed a lot of walkers and two people who had tried to kill him first. After the group runs into numerous walkers, the car eventually crashes and stalls due to walker parts in the engine. When a lit flare is seen from afar, Aaron starts to panic, concerned of his partner's safety. He frantically requests for his freedom, but after the group denies him, he starts to become violent, kicking the door open and knocking Michonne over, running off into the forest. The others follow him, with Glenn saving his life when a walker attacks him. Glenn tells him that he can leave if he wants to, but Aaron says that he would prefer if Rick and his group would come with him to safety.

They then save Rick and Michonne from a group of walkers attacking them after Glenn untied Aaron and gave him a weapon to defend himself with. When they arrive at where the flare was fired, they reunite with the rest of the group. Aaron, worried Eric might be injured or even dead, runs inside the garage to find Eric alive but with a broken ankle. The two share an emotional reunion, with Eric surprising Aaron with another license plate, only to have Aaron reveal that he lost them all. Aaron then thanks the rest of the group for saving Eric and tells them they'll leave in the morning. Rick tries to keep him from sleeping next to Eric so that they could not conspire together, but Aaron announces that the only way they would keep him from sleeping alongside Eric was if they were to shoot him.

In the morning, Aaron is in the RV watching over Eric. He tells Noah that at his community, there is a surgeon named Pete who could try to fix his leg. He is then seen exiting the RV when they reach the safe-zone, leading the way in and helping his boyfriend to the infirmary.


Aaron leads the group into Alexandria while carrying Eric inside. After letting Eric go off to the infirmary, he stays at the gate with Nicholas as the group enters. Aaron asks that group comply with Nicholas' orders to turn over their weapons, and that they will need to speak to the leader, Deanna. After she spoke with Rick, Aaron guided Rick and Carl to the two vacant houses in the safe-zone, and that he and Eric will be four houses down if Rick or anyone else needs anything.


From the time Aaron and Eric have been home since recruiting the Survivors, he wished for Eric to be retired considering his injury and near-death experience. As for his replacement, Aaron saw fit that Daryl would make an exceptional recruiter, and had Deanna hold off on giving Daryl a role in the community as he needed to observe him more. As he watched him, Aaron knew that Daryl was an outsider to both the safe-zone as well as his own group, much like Aaron.

Aaron goes out of the safe-zone to follow Daryl on one of his hunts and follows him, under the guise of hunting rabbits. When Daryl spots Aaron, he questions Daryl if he can really tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy. Aaron then joins Daryl on the hunt, during which they come across a wild horse that children of the community have dubbed "Buttons" and Aaron and Eric have been trying to wrangle for months. When Daryl attempts to get Buttons, they are attacked by walkers and flee the area.

Aaron then reveals that he knows how Daryl feels, like an outsider. He goes on to explain how before and even now back at the safe-zone, he and Eric are seen as outsiders because of people's homophobia. Aaron mentions that people fear what they don't understand and that Daryl should join the safe-zone's welcoming party. Soon after, Aaron is attacked by walkers and Daryl rescues him. They come to find Buttons being devoured by walkers, so both Aaron and Daryl kill the walkers, with Aaron shooting Buttons out of its misery.

Aaron goes back to the safe-zone with Daryl but doesn't attend the party so that he can help mend Eric's broken ankle. When Daryl arrives to the Monroe house but declines to go inside, Aaron invites Daryl over for spaghetti dinner. Aaron and Eric then surprise Daryl with a motorcycle and reveal that Eric is retiring and Daryl is to take his place, as Aaron saw that Daryl could handle himself out there, is in need of a friend who understands him, and that like Aaron and Eric he knows the difference between a good and a bad person. Daryl is grateful and forms a friendship with Aaron and Eric.


Aaron can be seen in his car, behind Daryl. The two of them are going on a mission to find new recruits.


Aaron and Daryl are out in the night during their reconnaissance mission when they see something a light off in the distance. They go to investigate it. The next day, while still out in the woods, they find a body ripped apart on the ground and then a walker bound to the trunk of a tree with a 'W' on her forehead. Daryl kills her when she reanimates before they keep moving.


Aaron and Daryl still continue their recruiting mission. The two are following a man with a poncho, smearing mud all over his face. Aaron asks Daryl what the man is doing and Daryl tells him the man knows how to keep the bugs off his body by using the mud. The two continue following the man until they soon lose track of him and come across a seemingly abandoned building with large trucks on the parking lot. The building is gated. Aaron explains to Daryl that they need more food for the people at Alexandria. The two then begin to kill the walkers that are near the place by drawing them to the gates. Finished, they opened the gate, and Aaron is thrilled to have finally find another plate number he has been searching for many times before. One of the trucks of food is locked, so Daryl opens it up, only to be shocked by a stream of walkers swarming from each of the truck, which each were unlocked by Daryl's opening. The walkers close their attention to the two of them, filling the once-empty parking field as they try to reach both him and Daryl. The two are forced to get into a car. As they are searching for a thing to cover up the windows so that the walkers might lose interest by not being able to see food, Daryl finds a note from someone who was trapped in the car before; the note reads: "Don't Stay, Bad People Coming".

Upon finding the note, Daryl and Aaron engage in conversation. Aaron tells Daryl that he knows that Rick and his group were good people, after he saw Daryl telling his group about the barn the night of the storm he had found when he had been alienating himself from the group. Daryl tells Aaron to stay put while he tries to run to the gate and then make a run for it when it was clear, suggesting he sacrifice himself for Aaron, and Aaron refuses to leave him and insists that he will go with Daryl. Daryl gives him a smile and Aaron smiles back. Just a second before the two open the doors, they are rescued by a mysterious survivor, who beats down the walkers effortlessly with his staff. It is revealed to be Morgan Jones. Outside the gates, Aaron introduces himself and Daryl to Morgan, whom neither of the two knows, and asks him to join Alexandria. Morgan declines the offer, stating that he is heading somewhere, and asks for directions instead. As he gives his map to Daryl, Daryl is surprised that the map that Morgan has been using has Rick's name written on it.

The trio returns to the safe-zone late at night, after the death of Deanna's husband, Reg, and just as Rick executes Pete Anderson, the town's surgeon. Rick and Morgan lock eyes in surprise, and Aaron stands in shock behind Morgan as he watches the scene.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

Aaron soon reunited with Eric after witnessing Pete's execution by Rick. After the events that occurred, he and Daryl are officially retired from the recruitment program by Rick, per what happened to them earlier that day by the Wolves. Aaron and Eric later attend the meeting in Deanna's house led by Rick to discuss the nearby quarry containing a herd that threatens the Safe-Zone. Rick makes a plan to use diversion teams to lead the herd down the road and use a makeshift wall to curve the herd in the other direction. Aaron and Eric go out with the community to dig and build the wall, and later they return to the Safe-Zone.


Shortly after returning to the Alexandria, the Safe-Zone is invaded by the Wolves. One of the residents, Holly, is attacked and stabbed by a member of the Wolves but is rescued by Aaron, Eric, and Rosita. The three bring her into the infirmary to Dr. Denise Cloyd, who has come out of seclusion after the death of Pete. They group begins to formulate a plan, as Aaron tells Eric that he has to go out there but wants him to stay inside with Holly. When Eugene Porter volunteers to stay inside, Aaron disagrees, but Eugene is permitted to stay.

Aaron and Rosita then go out and flank the houses to take out a few members of the Wolves. He manages to successfully kill one of the members of the Wolves. After the attack, Aaron sweeps the area. Upon approaching Deanna's house, he finds a member of the Wolves with his personal bag that he dropped back at the Del Arno Factory. The bag contained photos and information on Alexandria, and Aaron begins to sob as he realizes that it was his fault that the Wolves were led to Alexandria and that he is indirectly responsible for the deaths in the community.


In the aftermath of the Wolves attack, Rick returns to the safe-zone with a herd following him which soon surround the walls. Rick gives a speech to reassure the safety of the citizens, with Aaron by Eric's side, looking concerned at each other. When the people of Alexandria criticized Rick, Aaron stepped up and defended Rick, claiming that Rick knew what he was doing and that his plan is working and that the others will return shortly. Aaron then admitted that he was at fault for leading the Wolves to Alexandria by leaving behind his pack.

Soon after, the citizens began to write the names of those who died in the attack on the wall as a memoriam, and Aaron becomes overwhelmed at the loss of life because of his fault. He then sees Maggie prepare to leave, and insists that he help her escape and find Glenn and the others. He shows her a way into the sewers that goes underneath the wall and outside the safe-zone, and rejects Maggie's pleas to stay behind. When they enter the sewer, they find the exit overrun, and Maggie breaks down. She believes Glenn is dead and that reveals that she's pregnant. Aaron then comforts her.

Later that night, Aaron and Maggie were on post during nightshift. Maggie went down to the memoriam to erase Glenn's name, believing he is still alive. Aaron goes over and with Maggie he erases Nicholas' name. He then jokingly suggests Aaron as a name for the baby, and Erin for a girl's name.

"No Way Out"

When the herd invaded the safe-zone, Aaron got separated from Eric and retreated into the infirmary with Heath and Spencer along with the other wounded while Eric retreated back in their house with Olivia. Aaron helped Denise in when she escaped from the Wolf leader. He assured her that all of her patients were fine.

Meanwhile, Carl was shot and Rick and Michonne were fighting the walkers as they were running to the infirmary. Aaron and Denise spotted them and wondered if he was bitten, and Denise concluded that he wasn't and ordered Aaron, Heath, and Spencer to prep for surgery. Rick and Michonne brought in a wounded Carl and Rick went back out to kill the walkers. Aaron concluded that he needed to go out to help Rick and Michonne, and Heath and Spencer joined them.

The defensive then inspired Eric and Olivia to help and soon the rest of the able-bodied community. Aaron and the others continued as Daryl lit the lake on fire and took out the rest of the walkers. Later that morning, Aaron was joined with Eric alongside the rest of the community outside the infirmary, covered in blood.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

When newcomer Paul Rovia, known as Jesus, brought Rick and members of his group to Paul's settlement, the Hilltop Colony, Aaron helped guard Alexandria alongside Sasha. When Rick returned, he had Aaron and the others go inside the church for a meeting regarding the merger. Rick explained to them the situation of the merger with Hilltop, and their part in the deal being to neutralize the group known as the Saviors and their leader, Negan, who previously attacked Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. While Morgan suggested a peaceful approach, Aaron stood up and reminded them of the mistakes he made regarding leading the Wolves to Alexandria, and that they couldn't take that chance again. Aaron sided with Rick in killing these Saviors.

The next day, Aaron went out with the battalion. Their plan involved using a walker head double to fool the Saviors into thinking it's Gregory's, the leader of the Hilltop. But Aaron and the others quickly killed the guard outside and began a sneak attack while the Saviors slept. However, an alarm was triggered that resulted in a firefight. Aaron quickly got cornered and was nearly killed by one of the men with a shattered bottle, but he managed to kill him, claiming it would've been him or them. He then regrouped with Rosita as they charged out with the others. Before they headed out, they neutralized a fleeing Savior but soon discovered there were more out there and had Carol and Maggie.

"Last Day on Earth"

Aaron insists on going with the group to the Hilltop, and when Rick says no, Aaron tells him the only way to stop him would be by punching him in the face again, so Rick reluctantly allows him to come.

As they set off for the Hilltop, they repeatedly run into blockades of the Saviors stopping them from getting to the Hilltop. Carl asks Aaron why he came, to which he replies that he owes Maggie.

The group encounter another blockade, this time a large pile of logs. The Saviors' captive from earlier is then thrown over the bridge with a chain around his neck. As the man struggled, Aaron suggested shooting the chain or to at least put him out of his misery, but Rick argued that it wouldn't work and they needed to save the bullets. They are then forced to watch him die.

Realizing the Saviors' were always going to be one step ahead, they decided to bring Maggie to Hilltop on foot while Eugene took the RV back home. As Aaron helped carry Maggie to Hilltop, the group began to hear whistles. They started running, the whistles growing louder until they were surrounded by nearly a hundred men, with Eugene and the RV captured. Aaron was forced to give up his weapons and was put onto his knees alongside the others, as well as the captured Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita.

Negan finally approached the group and delivered a speech how he doesn't wish to kill them, because he wants the Survivors to work for him, but he states that the group needs to be punished for killing dozens of Negan's men. Negan, using his barbed baseball-bat named "Lucille", decides a victim by "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo." A victim was decided and Negan beat their head in while the others screamed in horror.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

During the line-up, Aaron had flashbacks of his happiest moments leading up to this, including: finding the Survivors and recruiting them for Alexandria, befriending Daryl, and reuniting with Eric. Despite his fears of dying, Negan instead chooses Abraham to kill. Aaron is shocked and saddened to see Abraham killed. However, Daryl then attacks Negan for taunting Rosita about his death, which leads to Negan killing Glenn as well, which devastates Aaron and the rest of the group to tears.

After Rick threatens to kill Negan, Negan takes Rick away in the RV, leaving Aaron the rest of the group in the same spot with Abraham and Glenn's bodies still present. After returning, Negan orders his men to put guns up against the back of Aaron's head as well as everyone else in the group, and threatens to open fire unless Rick cuts Carl's hand off. Negan then offers mercy and Rick understands what Negan wants. After the Saviors depart, Aaron comforts Maggie as he helps with Glenn's body as they go to Hilltop.


As the Saviors ransack Alexandria, Aaron and Eric watch the commotion from their front porch as Saviors remove a mattress from their house. Later, Anna is among the townspeople present at the church, where she appears anxious when Rick informs them that he is no longer in charge and that all guns need to be turned over to the Saviors in order for Olivia to be released from her captivity. Eric whispers to Aaron and wants to ask Rick about what he will do regarding Negan, but Aaron unsuccessfully tries to stop Eric, telling him it wasn't the appropriate time to bring up that discussion.

"Go Getters"

Aaron is in Rick's house preparing for a run to scavenge supplies for their weekly offering to the Saviors. He heads downstairs to let Rick have a private moment with Michonne before leaving for the run.

"Sing Me a Song"

Aaron and Rick emerge from a box truck having stopped there to rest for the night. "We didn't see that last night," Aaron says, looking at something on the road.

Aaron and Rick approach a gate with a sign: "Keep going, only thing here 4 you is trouble." Feeling the pressure of only having one day left to find supplies, they hop the gate. They soon encounter another warning sign; this time, the writer threatens to shoot anyone who comes for his food, supplies or ammo. They move past the sign and reach a pond filled with walkers. They see a dilapidated houseboat floating in the center of the pond.

"Hearts Still Beating"

At the walker-filled pond, Aaron and Rick find a boat riddled with bullet holes. Rick tells Aaron he doesn't have to help him, and Aaron tells him he'll pretend he never said that. They climb in and row the boat towards the canoe in the middle of the pond. As they get closer, a walker pulls Aaron underwater. He escapes and swims to the houseboat.

As they rummage through supplies on the houseboat, Aaron finds a note with a drawing of a middle finger: "Congrats for winning, but you still lose."

Aaron and Rick get the houseboat to shore and load the cargo truck with supplies. Rick mentions how Michonne feels about their deal with the Saviors – that it isn't living. Aaron says he knows they're doing this to stay alive: "Either your heart is beating or it isn't." They finish loading the truck and prepare to leave, unaware that someone is watching them from across the pond.

Aaron and Rick arrive at the Alexandria gate and are surprised to be greeted by Saviors, who inspect the goods that they brought back. Laura finds the note that Aaron found previously, and David accuses him of disrespecting them as he tries to explain. He and Gary begin to beat up Aaron as Rick is held at gunpoint by Laura.

Once they are finished, Rick helps Aaron to his feet. "My heart's still beating, right?" he asks Rick. They hear a gunshot and rush to investigate, where Eric holds Aaron up. As Negan demands to know who made the bullet, Arat points her gun at Aaron until Eugene confesses it was him.

"Rock in the Road"

When the Saviors arrive at Alexandria looking for Daryl, Simon comments on the bare pantry shelves. Aaron explains that they're having a hard time scavenging.

After the Saviors leave, Rick asks Aaron about the pantry. Aaron and Tobin explain that Gabriel disappeared from his night shift, along with most of their food, weapons and a car. Rick finds a the word "BOAT" left by Gabriel in the inventory notebook and shows it to Aaron.

As Aaron packs a bag to accompany Rick back to the boat, Eric begs him not to go; he knows they're taking on the Saviors and Aaron is still recovering from when they beat him up. Aaron tells him he has to, for Gabriel and for them.

The group arrive at the boat and follow some footprints, which take them to a junkyard. They are then held at gunpoint and knifepoint by a large group of strangers.

"New Best Friends"

Aaron is seen along with the others as prisoners of Jadis. He remains silent and confused as his captors swarm him and align in a circular formation around the Alexandrians. He does not speak as Rick demands that Gabriel be brought to them before he negotiates. Aaron reacts quickly when a skirmish erupts between Rosita and one of their minders, first trying to break up the fight before receiving a smack to the head by one of the others. He remains still as Gabriel and Rick barter for their lives and their support against the Saviors. When Rick goes with Jadis to be tested for his worth, Aaron is wary of the other group, but allows himself to sit in a wicker chair and be tended to by Gabriel. Aaron, Michonne and Rosita all rush over to the landfill Rick was tossed into and watch as he fights a walker outfitted with metal and spikes.

When he is finally able to defeat the walker, Aaron's weapon is returned to him along with the other weapons taken from his friends. As Rick and Jadis argue over what the terms of their deal would be, a third of the Saviors' supplies and half of Rick's, along with an assortment of firearms and jars. Aaron jokes about not wanting Eric to see his face after the blow he had sustained. He and Michonne are grateful that Rick was able to earn their freedom when he returns to them. Aaron and Rick carry their supplies back to their vehicle, receiving one final warning from their former captors that their deal would expire soon if the terms were not met.

"Something They Need"

Aaron first appears in one of the two rowboats the Alexandrians use to travel across a river, paddling alongside Tobin and Eric for his boat. He and Eric have a brief discussion during their preparation to attack Oceanside. Eric quickly agrees with Aaron over the necessity of their attack, Eric justifying it to himself and Aaron that he wasn't going to allow Aaron to be randomly beaten on any given visit from the Saviors.

Once the raid had concluded and Tara had been saved from Natania, Aaron forms a line with the Alexandrians and the capable Oceanside fighters to take on the horde of walkers that swarms the camp because of the noise from the explosions and gunfire. Aaron and the others successfully defend their front without a single casualty, but Natania refuses to be convinced to join Rick's cause to take on Negan, and allows them to have their weapons. Aaron helps carry out the Oceanside camp's weapons to their vehicles and drives back to Alexandria with them.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Following their arrival back to Alexandria from Oceanside, the group discovers Dwight's change of allegiance from the Saviors to Rick and the community to ruin Negan, warning them about an attack by Negan because of a mole alerting him of resistance from Rick and the community. With the Scavengers help, Aaron and the community prepare for the battle with Negan and the Saviors using Oceanside's guns.

Jadis and the Scavengers arrive at Alexandria in a caravan of garbage trucks and bicycles. Rick greets Jadis inside the gate. Daryl, Rosita, and Aaron wire explosives in an empty cargo truck outside the Alexandria gate.

On a truck, Aaron guards the wall of Alexandria with Eric. When Negan and the Saviors arrive, the explosives that Aaron, Daryl and Rosita prepared failed to go off. At that moment, the Scavengers betray Alexandria. One of the Scavengers aim there gun at Aaron and Eric. However, when a reanimated Sasha attacks Negan, Carl leads the attack against the Scavengers and the Saviors during the distraction. Aaron and Eric follow Carl's lead and help against the attack.

Aaron and Eric fight the Scavengers and Saviors, followed by the assistance with the Kingdom and Hilltop residents. After driving out the Scavengers and Saviors, the community prepares for war. Aaron is shown giving Jerry an apple. Aaron can be seen next to Eric, listening to the speech by Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel.

Season 8


Aaron along with Eric, helped prepare for battle against the Saviors. At Hilltop, Eric helped arm the cars with sheets of metal. Shortly before the battle, Eric began to pray despite previous non-beliefs. Aaron catches him praying and Eric tells him that he was always meaning to and that it's never too late. He then attended the speech held by Rick about fighting for a better future. Aaron and Eric then traveled with the militia to the Sanctuary and opened fire against the Saviors and then left the Sanctuary with the others as the herd crew summoned the herd of walkers to the gates of Sanctuary.

"The Damned"

Aaron leads a force from the Militia against a Savior outpost. When Eric becomes distressed at the battle, Aaron reminds him that they only need to hold the Saviors off for a while as their plan is to let the dead Saviors reanimate and turn on their comrades as walkers. As the battle continues, Aaron notices Eric being ambushed by Saviors and runs several over with a car, saving his boyfriend's life. To Aaron's horror, he discovers that Eric has been shot in the abdomen and is seriously wounded. Aaron abandons the battle in favor of getting Eric to medical attention, helping Eric to limp away.


Aaron and his team continue their assault against the Saviors with gunfire, but the Saviors begin to make their way inside the compound to assist Morales. Meanwhile, Aaron helps Eric away from the gunfire after he sustained a bullet wound the abdomen. Aaron insists they will get him to the Kingdom's doctor. Aaron breaks down and apologizes to Eric, feeling guilty for bringing Eric into the fight, but Eric tells Aaron he will be fine and that the other members of their team need Aaron's help more than he does. Aaron reluctantly agrees and they kiss goodbye, with Aaron telling Eric he loves him, with Eric responding with, "I always had a hunch," referring back to the first time they admitted their love for each other. Aaron then rejoins the fight.

Aaron is seen rushing to Rick and Daryl's aid in the outpost, killing the remaining Saviors. With the gunfight now over, Aaron goes to retrieve Eric, only to discover he has died and reanimated as a walker, wandering off towards a nearby herd. The sight of his loved one among the undead makes Aaron break down in tears as he tries to get to him, Scott appears and tells him it's not Eric and they have to go. Later, Aaron sits with blood on his hands. He hears a baby cry and sees Rick walk out with Gracie in his arms. Aaron offers to take the baby to Hilltop with him and Rick agrees.

"The King, the Widow, and Rick"

Aaron is first seen at the Hilltop, giving Maggie the letter about the updated on the war, and bringing Gracie to her. In the office, Aaron talks with Enid about the loss of Eric and the weight he is carrying as a result. Maggie is holding baby Gracie. She says the feeling doesn't go away but it helps to do something about it. Aaron exits the room. Outside, he packs a car. Enid rushes to him. He says he is going to make sure they win and she wants to go with him. "Grab your stuff and some food," Aaron said. "We might be gone for a while."

"How It's Gotta Be"

Aaron is first seen with Enid in a car, they are driving to Oceanside. She asks Aaron if they will talk to them, Aaron responds "I hope so", they drive down the road, when Aaron goes in the woods near Oceanside, Natania attacks him and tells Aaron that he never should've come. As Natania prepares to impale Aaron with a spear, she gets shot from behind by Enid. Moments later, Aaron and Enid are surrounded by the Oceanside residents.

"The Lost and the Plunderers"

Aaron and Enid are handcuffed in Natania's house by Cyndie, Rachel, Kathy, and Beatrice. The Oceansiders decide to leave the decision on what to do with the two Alexandrians to Cyndie, who, after some convincing from Enid, decides to let them live.

Taking them to the forest, Cyndie refuses to join the fight, feeling that what they've already contributed was enough. She gives a warning for them to never return to the community. Enid briefly confronts Cyndie about their community's killing of newcomers, but is only met with the same warning.

Aaron insists on staying at Oceanside, despite their warning and reluctance to fight, to try and convince the community to join their forces, he believes he has a chance to successfully enlist their help due to Kathy and Beatrice showing interest during an earlier visit. He won't leave until he gets the Oceanside to fight. He orders Enid to return to the Hilltop and inform Maggie of his plans, imploring her not to return for him. Enid, while adamant that Oceanside has made their minds up, allows Aaron to continue with his plan and leaves for the Hilltop.


As the women of Oceanside return from fishing, an emaciated and weak Aaron kills a walker that appears nearby before collapsing. Having been spotted in the area often by the women, Aaron is ignored except for Beatrice to tell him to find something to drink.

During a rainstorm, Aaron gathers water, only to be set upon by a small pack of walkers. Having not eaten in days, Aaron is too weak to put much of a fight, losing his knife in the mud. However, Aaron succeeds in killing the walkers with a tree branch before passing out.

Aaron eventually wakes up to find himself surrounded by the women of Oceanside. Aaron tells the women that they blame Enid for Natania's death, but the fault really lies with the Saviors who forced the women into hiding and to change who they are. Aaron urges them to fight the Saviors before passing out again.


As Tara, Alden and the other Savior defectors prepare to defend the Hilltop against attacking Savior forces to buy time for the other survivors to get away, Aaron suddenly arrives with the women of Oceanside. Aaron and the women firebomb the Savior attackers, killing them and preventing a battle.

After the war with the Saviors ends, Aaron officially adopts Gracie as his daughter.

Season 9

"A New Beginning"

On the road, Aaron and Jesus kill some walkers. Aaron asks Jesus if he can teach him some of his skills, to which he agrees to teach him in a class at the Hilltop.

Later that day, Aaron and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. However, he stays outside as a lookout along with Tara, Jesus, and Alden.

Shortly after, the group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities.

On the road, Daryl and Rosita catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Aaron, Tara, Gabriel, and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

"The Bridge"

While constructing on the bridge, Aaron shares with Daryl his experience as a father with Gracie and tells him someday he'll make a great dad. Meanwhile, Henry arrives to give water to the workers. Justin shoves him down for not giving him extra water and starts drinking from the jug. Henry gets angry and knocks him down with his stick.

A furious Justin gets up to retaliate, but Daryl stops him, saying that the kid's just doing his job. Justin swings at him and Daryl punches him in the face. They start fighting. Aaron tries to intervene, but is stopped by Jed.

Rick arrives and stops them. He tells everyone to go back to work.

A while later, a herd of walkers arrive at the labor site and a commotion ensues. Jed panics and lets go of one of the giant logs, making it fall onto Aaron's arm, crushing it. Daryl yells to the crew to lift the log while he double-knives the walkers around him. They lift the log but Aaron's arm is crushed. Daryl carries Aaron to the camp as Rick and his group arrives to hold off the walkers.

Daryl rushes Aaron to the infirmary and Enid quickly decides they need to amputate. Aaron reluctantly agrees as Daryl ties the tourniquet. Enid amputates his arm.

At night, Rick visits Aaron and apologizes to him for what happened. Aaron says that he couldn't know and claims that thanks to Rick: "It's not the end of the world anymore... It's the start of a whole new one," believing that he made a worthwhile sacrifice to help rebuild the world.

"Who Are You Now?"

Six years later, Aaron, now with a metal prosthetic, along with Eugene, Rosita, and Laura find Judith in the woods helping Magna's group. Wanting to take them in, Judith declares she won't go return to Alexandria until they accept them. Aaron and the others reluctantly agree.

In Alexandria, Magna's group arrives at the gates and Judith assures them they'll be safe. They get escorted inside, where Gracie runs over to Aaron. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko's condition and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along, but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna and asks Eugene why they're here. Aaron claims it was his call, but Michonne reminds him it's not his call to make. "I decided," Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her, but Aaron says they're here now and they should decide their fate together, while Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees and instructs her people to put them in holding. She leaves as her sheriff figurine falls out of her pocket and Judith picks it up.

The next day, Magna's group stand before Aaron and the rest of the council for questioning. They ask who their leader is and Magna claims they're a team, while Luke explains their group used to be bigger. Gabriel asks about their former professions. Luke was a music teacher, Magna was a truck stop waitress, Connie was a journalist, and Kelly was a high school student. Luke says they should trust them, but Michonne isn't done with questions. She stands up and asks Magna to see her left hand, which has a prison tattoo. Michonne then calls her out for the hidden knife on her belt, which she puts on the table. Michonne storms out, saying she'll second any of their motions. Magna tries to question her but is shut off.


On the road, Aaron jumps Jesus on horseback and the two playfully fight in a field until they're worn out and go sit to catch up. Jesus asks if Michonne has reconsidered joining the upcoming fair but Aaron said she won't even put it to a revote. Suddenly, a flare is fired in the air close by and they rush over to investigate. They find Rosita wounded by a tree, who tells them she left Eugene in a barn. Before some walkers get close, they grab her and promise to look for Eugene tomorrow.

In the morning, Daryl, Carol, and Henry arrive at Hilltop and hug Tara. Carol tells Jesus that Henry wants to learn how to be a blacksmith. Aaron greets Daryl and tells him they could use his help locating Eugene. Henry tries to tag along but Carol instead says he needs to stay and she will help him find a home.

With Dog leading the way, Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus head out to find Eugene.


In the woods, Aaron, Daryl, and Jesus discover a herd middling around in the middle of a field. As they leave, an odd-looking walker watches them from the herd.

Later, Jesus tells Aaron that Daryl used to trade with Hilltop before he stopped coming to visit. Aaron encourages him to embrace his new leadership role when Daryl cuts them off and says he can hear the walkers nearby through the wind. As they leave, Jesus looks with suspicion at the incoming herd.

At night, Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron locate Eugene hiding in a barn cellar. A terrified Eugene warns them a herd of walkers is looking for him and they need to leave immediately. "This wasn't a normal herd... They were whispering to each other", he tells them. They look at him confused, when suddenly Dog barks, warning them of the nearby herd.

In the foggy woods, Eugene suggests to the group that the walkers are evolving. Daryl calls bullshit when Aaron notices they're drawing closer. Jesus demands they split up but Daryl says that instead, he will guide the herd away while he and Aaron take Eugene to the horses.

A while later, Aaron, Jesus, and Eugene end up at a foggy cemetery. They quickly get trapped by a locked gate, forcing Aaron and Jesus to go kill the walkers, while they hear whispers around. Suddenly, Daryl, Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko arrive to help them unlock the gate.

Jesus tells Aaron and Eugene to get out while he finishes the walkers and starts taking out several with his sword. He goes to kill the last one but as he attacks it, the walker dodges and stabs him from behind through his chest, shocking everyone. "You are where you do not belong", the walker whispers to a shocked Jesus before throwing him on the ground.

Daryl shoots it in the head as several more Whisperers arrive and the rest of the group run in to finish them off. As Aaron goes over to Jesus' body, Daryl notices something on the back of the walker and cuts into his neck, revealing a mask. Before they can process the situation, whispers around them get louder and the group circles up preparing for a fight.


In the cemetery, Aaron and the rest proceed to kill the Whisperers and walkers around them. When more arrive they're forced to carry Jesus' body away and lock the gates. As they leave, a whisperer opens the lock.

On the road, Aaron claims to Magna and Yumiko that Jesus was a good man and tells Eugene to not blame himself for his death. Suddenly, the group notices a small group of walkers nearby. Daryl corners them on a bridge and uses his crossbow to see who are whisperers. He hits one in the leg and the man falls down screaming in pain, attracting walkers to him. The rest try slowly escaping to the other side, where Michonne is waiting for them. They draw their knives and attack, but Michonne and the rest kill them with ease as the final whisperer gets on her knees to surrender. Daryl rips off her mask, to reveal a girl begging for her life. Michonne angrily questions her but when more walkers show up Daryl decides to take her with them.

Later, Aaron and the group arrive at Hilltop with Jesus' body and the captive girl, causing the whole community to react in disbelief. Aaron hugs Enid, comforting her.

Afterward, Aaron apologizes to Michonne for doubting her, affirming that Alexandria is self-sufficient enough without Hilltop. Michonne apologizes too.

A while later, a funeral is held for Jesus and everyone take turns hammering the nails in his coffin. Aaron looks in sadness and then proceeds to leave with the rest of the group to Alexandria.


In Alexandria, Aaron listens as Michonne scolds her council for keeping her in the dark about their radio mission. Gabriel argues they should be more open to new communities, but Aaron reminds him about the Whisperers and how they should trust Michonne's discretion. Siddiq argues that Michonne's not always right and her decision to cut ties with The Kingdom proves it. Michonne draws a hard line and asserts she's not willing to sacrifice her people to save the Kingdom.

Later, Michonne visits Aaron to announce she has decided to let the council send a delegation to the Kingdom's fair. Aaron pushes back, but Michonne says the people should be allowed to decide for themselves. "I hope we don’t regret this," Aaron says and agrees to her decision.


In Alexandria, Aaron goes to Michonne's house to inform her that Daryl's at the gates with Henry, Lydia, and Connie. From a guard post, Michonne tells Daryl she's skeptical of Lydia but he assures her she’s on their side. Aaron tells her they shouldn't trust Lydia, but Michonne tells him she trusts Daryl.

In the past, Aaron, Michonne, Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel follow Winnie to a factory where they find several kids hiding out. At night, he watches as Jocelyn’s kid group enjoys a bonfire with a younger Judith and the community kids. He tells Michonne Rick would've been proud of her and from wherever he is he's watching them.

In the present, at night, Aaron says farewell to Daryl as he prepares to leave for the Kingdom. He reminds him about the time he told him he would be a great dad and he has proved it by taking care of Lydia and Henry. However, he remarks that was back when their main focus was building a bridge and then pats him goodbye.

In the past, Aaron watches as Michonne and Daryl return to Alexandria with the missing kids. He immediately goes over to help them both.

"The Storm"

Several months after the fair massacre, Aaron accompanies Michonne and a group of Alexandrians to help the Kingdom residents travel safely and move to the Hilltop. On the road, the group spots walkers in a field but keep moving undetected.

Later, as more snow starts falling, Michonne decides to take the group to the Sanctuary for shelter during the night. In the Sanctuary, Aaron listens as the leaders map their route through a frozen lake on Alpha’s land and Michonne warns they have to leave now or they won't make it. He accepts to take the route and claims that if Rick's bridge had been built, they would have arrived half a day earlier. The group gets ready and leave the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the group passes the pikes into Alpha's territory. Michonne kills frozen walkers, unsure if they're Whisperers or not, before reaching the frozen lake. Daryl notices Lydia’s missing again, so Carol leaves to find her and instructs him to get everyone across safely. Suddenly, walkers awaken from the snow banks and the group kills them one by one before escaping across the ice.

In the morning, Aaron and the group finally arrive at Hilltop, where Daryl knocks off the head of a frozen walker. The next day, he and the others return to Alexandria, along with Carol and several Kingdom refugees. He then plays with the group in a snowball fight.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, Aaron and the Coalition form a militia in order to train the several residents of the communities to face any future treats. He takes part in a training exercise on the Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Aaron and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat.

A while later, Aaron radios Gabriel at Alexandria to warn him about the recently discovered Whisperer mask at the beach, suggesting they go on lockdown. Michonne instead advises they stay vigilant while they split up and look for more signs of the Whisperers.

On the hunt, Aaron asks Michonne if they're the good guys, reminding her they're the villains in other people's stories. Suddenly, he spots walkers on a bridge and rushes in to kill them. Michonne saves him and angrily reminds him not to cross into Alpha's border. However, Aaron reminds her about the people they've lost and claims he is tired of being nice. Michonne reiterates he still needs to be careful.

Michonne then radios everyone to circle back but Yumiko tells her they have found something. In the woods, they catch up with her and find an abandoned campsite full of corpses and a walker skin. Aaron declares one of the Whisperers has been here. At Oceanside, Michonne explains to Aaron that people can't be afraid because of how fear will impact the community. She also tells him they have to choose to be the good guys, even when it's hard.

That night, Aaron and the others decide to cross Alpha's border to put out the fire and avoid it burning down Oceanside. They discover the remains of the satellite and start combating the fire. Some use water while others dig a means to prevent the fire from spreading until the morning arrives. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. With their backs to the fire, the group prepares for a fight.

Aaron and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. As they keep killing the walkers, Daryl tosses an axe to cut a tree down and have it fall onto some walkers. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. Aaron claims they have been lucky so far and Michonne asks him where Daryl and Carol went.


Aaron and the rest of the Alexandria residents face against waves of walkers pouring onto the community gates over the next 49 hours. After prevailing from the exhausting battle, the community discovers that a new herd of walkers is approaching from multiple directions. In the morning, Aaron helps to clean up the community from the corpses while Eugene warns that it will be an hour until the next wave hits.

Later that day at an emergency council meeting, Aaron listens as Michonne decides that instead of retaliating against the Whisperers, she and a small group will meet with Alpha at the border to work things out. Under Michonne's plan, Aaron is placed in charge of leading a team to take out the southern wave of walkers. While he screws a mace onto his arm, Gabriel informs Aaron Negan's going to fight alongside him due to a lack of soldiers at the moment.

In the woods, Aaron and Negan kill some walkers. When Negan finds a crowbar, Aaron demands him to put it down. Negan says he's not the guy he thinks he is but Aaron makes him continue to use the broomstick to kill the incoming walkers. At night, Negan takes out a walker with the crowbar which prompts Aaron to demand he heads back. When Negan tries to dismiss him, Aaron pushes him to the ground. "I did what I had to do back then," Negan claims about his past actions. Aaron asks why Eric had to die and Negan tells him if he doesn't protect what belongs to him then it belongs to someone else. Aaron shoots back that if he failed Eric then Negan failed his wife and she died hating him.

Aaron is suddenly attacked by walkers as Negan escapes. He kills them, but the blood causes his eyes to go blurry. As Aaron searches for Negan, he stumbles into a cabin where his blurry vision causes him to bang around the cabin as walkers storm in. Negan saves him with the crowbar and tells him the flowers growing out of the walkers are called hogweed and can lead to blindness. He hands him water and tells him they'll leave in the morning. At dawn, Aaron regains his vision and tells Negan he can finally see. They then head back to Alexandria.

"Silence the Whisperers"

Aaron trains the residents in Alexandria on close combat when he notices Gage, Margo, and Alfred harassing Lydia. As she leaves, Aaron tells them it's their turn to practice. Later that day, Aaron is at the dining hall enjoying a meal when Lydia makes a scene by gutting a dead squirrel, upsetting Gage, Margo, and Alfred. He watches as the three leave in disgust before returning to his meal.

Later that night, Aaron and the council reunite in the meeting house to discuss Lydia's attack. They question Gage and Alfred, who lie and say they were attacked. Gabriel asks why Lydia's the one in the infirmary. They claim to them how their friends got beheaded by the Whisperers and now Margo is dead. The council then lets them go.

While the council discusses their vote on Negan's fate, Aaron opposes to Negan being spared due to all the people he has killed and that something inside him is broken. Daryl arrives and says he believes Lydia, which ties the vote. Gabriel announces he'll take the night to make his decision by tomorrow.

The following morning, Aaron and Gabriel discuss Negan's escape when Lydia walks by and tells them she is responsible, much to their shock and confusion.

"What It Always Is"

Aaron is looking for Negan in the woods while also practicing with his sword. While passing over a bridge, Aaron hears footsteps and hides to investigate. He watches as Gamma cuts open a walker and spill its guts on the river in order to contaminate the water.

Later that day, Aaron encounters Gamma by the creed again and tosses her some bandages after watching her cut her hand. He introduces himself and tries to get her to do the same, but she picks up the bandage and runs off. Aaron sarcastically yells that she is welcome and then leaves.

"Open Your Eyes"

Aaron and Gamma meet on a bridge at one of the borders. She questions how his community is full of supplies like bread. He offers her some but she turns him down. Gamma then notices a drawing by Gracie in his bag and he reveals he has a daughter. She is surprised to hear that they have children in the community and explains that children hold you back. When Aaron asks about siblings, Gamma lies and tells him she's an only child.

Later that day, Aaron tells Gamma she can keep the drawing and tries to ask about her past. When she doesn't answer, he calls her out for digging for intel and thinks he should be doing the same. He then opens up about his younger brother and tries for her to the same. Before she can give in, Gamma leaves while repeating the Whisperer motto to herself.

That night, Aaron meets with Gamma again. She hands him back Gracie's drawing and when he reaches for it, she grabs him from behind and puts a knife to his neck to question him. Suddenly, Carol emerges from the woods with her arrow pointed as Lydia also arrives. Aaron then sees as Gamma panics and runs off into the woods. When Carol tries to stop Lydia from leaving as well, he watches as Lydia hits her with her stick and crosses the border too.

"The World Before"

Aaron meets Gamma at the border on the bridge again and she asks if the baby that was left to die outside Hilltop is still alive. When she reveals he is her nephew, Aaron says he was rescued by a family and is named Adam. She offers him information in exchange for seeing Adam. Before accepting any type of deal, Aaron makes her take off her mask and to tell the truth. Gamma says her name used to be Mary and reveals to him the location of Alpha's horde.

Upon arriving back at Alexandria, Aaron is informed about the recent events regarding Siddiq's death. He claims to be disgusted with how oblivious he was to Dante being spy living among them for the past four months, especially after he treated Gracie once. When Carol tells him not to blame himself, he reveals that he has been talking with a Whisperer and she has told him the location of Alpha's horde, explaining she just wants to see her nephew Adam. Despite his skepticism, Daryl orders Aaron to summon a group from Hilltop to help them with the mission.

Later that day, Aaron attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. He silently pays his respects and then leaves the ceremony with his daughter. At their home, they play a game where Gracie has to guess the capitals of each state from the license plate mural he made with Eric years prior. After winning, she asks for a story as her prize. Aaron tells her he once went hiking with a man he loved in Eureka, California. They stood in ancient ruins and listened to the sound of the ocean waves which were far away and wondered what life was like for the old civilization. She asks for the villagers' whereabouts but Aaron doesn't know what happened to them.

Aaron then goes alongside Daryl and Carol to the woods to meet up with the group from Hilltop. He hugs Magna and Kelly after not having seen them for a while. That night, the group crosses one of the borders in the woods to continue their mission. The next day, the group arrives at the location of the horde in a clearing only to find it's empty. Despite this, Aaron is confident Mary didn't lie but an angry Daryl says it was a waste of time and now they have to go search for the missing Lydia. When Carol chases after Alpha into a dark building, Aaron and the others follow her inside. The group then falls below a cave into a trap where they find themselves surrounded by most of the horde.


Having become trapped in the cave with the horde, Aaron and the group recover from the fall and realize Alpha is watching them from the top as they look around for a possible exit. He watches as Carol screams in anger and then helps Magna as she tries to climb a wall in vain. The group starts seeking other avenues of escape and eventually they decide to jump from rock to rock onto the other side of the cave in order to find another exit.

As the group moves through the cave, Aaron discusses with Jerry how much food they have left when Kelly tells them they don't have enough. He also tells Magna they don't have time to blame each other and they have to work together. When Magna is ambushed by a Whisperer, the group engages in a fight and kills several Whisperers, before deciding to follow the ones who escaped to find the exit. They follow the path and squeeze trough narrow tunnels until they find an underground mine station where Kelly discovers a box of dynamite. As the group starts digging for a way out, Aaron tells Magna to rest a little but she says she wants to escape to reunite with Yumiko.

When Carol accidentally drops a stick of dynamite in an effort to destroy the herd, the explosion causes the cave to begin collapsing. Aaron and Kelly make it to the surface and kill some Whisperers while Jerry holds a beam to prevent it from collapsing as they wait for the others. Daryl and Carol escape but Magna and Connie stay back and kill several Whisperers to protect Jerry, but he cannot hold the log anymore and leaves through the hole. The rest of the dynamite immediately explodes and the cave implodes, trapping Magna and Connie inside.

Aaron watches as Daryl tries to excavate trough the debris and tells him it could take weeks to reach them as he starts to sob. Kelly states that the explosion will attract walkers and Whisperers in the vicinity and they should leave because they won't be able to help Connie and Magna if they die. Daryl then tells the group to head home and inform everyone they found the horde, while he'll find the other entrance to the cave.


Aaron returns to Alexandria the next day and is in disbelief when he sees new graves and realizes several Alexandrians were killed during an attack last night. He then informs to Gabriel and Scott that not everyone from the scout group escaped from the cave. Afterwards, Aaron and Gracie leave with a group in wagons towards Hilltop so Rosita can be healed by the doctor and to discuss the incoming battle against the Whisperers.

"Morning Star"

Aaron arrives at Hilltop with the group, and Earl asks Aaron about who Mary is, the latter reveals her to be a former Whisperer that has defected, and that she wishes to see her nephew, Adam. Earl promptly shoots down this notion, not trusting Mary. Alden agrees with Earl, and assures him that they will only allow the Alexandrians to see Alex.

Aaron joins the discussion about what should be done with the Whisperers. Lydia thinks they should run, explaining that even if the explosion at the cave took out half the horde, Alpha would still have thousands of walkers left. Earl thinks the Whisperers might bypass them and go for Alexandria first, but Lydia negates this. Jerry wishes to stay and fight instead, while Dianne agrees with Lydia, believing that they can rebuild in another location. Earl is skeptical, however, and reckons that they will never find a place as good as Hilltop. While Yumiko points out they're heavily outnumbered, Earl insists that fighting is the best course of action, and even if they die, they will die for a place that means something. Aaron points out that there are children at Hilltop, too. Daryl agrees that they should get the kids out first, and instructs the others to pack up and regroup at Oceanside.

Later, Mary spots Adam and attempts to talk to him, but is intercepted by Alden, who prevents her from doing so. Despite Mary's pleas and Aaron's attempts to reason with him, Alden remains adamant about keeping Adam separate from Mary. Aaron is shown when everyone equips their weapons and armor.

As everyone is gathered on the front lines, Kelly puts her palms on the ground and confirms that the horde is close. Indeed, the horde soon emerges from the bushes and approaches the Hilltop. While they are momentarily halted by the electric fence, the walkers soon break through it and approach the second line of defense. Aaron orders the survivors to split ranks. The shield-wielding survivors reinforce the makeshift barbed wire fence, while the melee weapon-wielding survivors start taking out the walkers. The archers, meanwhile, stay in the back and rain arrows on the herd. Behind the herd, Beta commands the Whisperers to launch the sap they collected earlier using makeshift catapults into the front lines, drenching most of the defenders as well as the Hilltop's walls. This is followed by the Whisperers launching fire-arrows into the front lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze. With no choice, the defenders begin to retreat towards the Hilltop, but are trapped when the Whisperers launch another volley of fire-arrows into the Hilltop's walls, setting the community ablaze.

"Walk With Us"

Aaron survives the fall of the Hilltop and escapes with an injured Luke, dragging his unconscious friend to safety on a makeshift sled. In the nearby woods, Aaron encounters Negan who tries to convince Aaron that he is not a threat to him. However, Aaron is too angry to hear Negan out. The confrontation is interrupted by the approach of a small herd, forcing Aaron to fight them off to protect the still-unconscious Luke while Negan escapes.

"What We Become"

Aaron appears in Michonne's hallucination during the line-up where Michonne chooses who she will kill with Lucille.

"The Tower"

Aaron watches over Beta in the upper floor of the windmill with Alden, who communicates information to Aaron via sign language. From a distance, Aaron and Alden spy on the herd and radio their observations to Gabriel, noting that they are heading towards Oceanside as expected. Aaron tells him they will continue to follow the herd and notify them if anything changes. Shadowing the horde, Aaron and Alden notice it changing direction, so try to call it in. Failing to get a signal, they decide to retreat, but before they can do so, they are surrounded by a group of Whisperers, one of which holds them at gunpoint.

"A Certain Doom"

Aaron and Alden manage to fight off the Whisperers, who are then further assisted Maggie Rhee, who had returned per the community's request to help end the Whisperer War, and her armed escort. Aaron, along with Alden, Maggie, and her escort; arrived at the Tower just in time to kill the invading Whisperers and save Gabriel's life.

With the survivors killing many of the Whisperers, Daryl killing Beta, and Carol and Lydia leading the herd off a cliff into a ravine - the Whisperer War is efficiently ended. After the battle, Aaron takes Gracie to reintroduce Maggie to her. Gracie and Maggie recognize and embrace each other.

"One More"

Aaron and Gabriel slay walkers in a field. Aaron and Gabriel arrive at a building to search for potential supplies, only to find that the building has burned to the ground. Gabriel consults a map of potential supply sources that Maggie created. Aaron and Gabriel throw a timer into a field. The timer rings, flushing walkers out of the tall grass. Aaron and Gabriel kill the walkers. Aaron and Gabriel find a caravan of abandoned cars riddled with bullets. Gabriel discovers a stash of canned goods in a car trunk, but bullet holes have caused the contents to leak out. Aaron grows discouraged.

Aaron bangs the boarded-up door of a market to draw out walkers. Gabriel hacks at walkers as they reach through the planks. Aaron kills a walker as it lunges for them. Gabriel climbs onto the roof and finds a walker tied to a post. Three dead bodies lie on a nearby mattress. Gabriel enters the store via a roof hatch. Gabriel kills the walkers inside the store but finds no supplies. He consults Maggie's map and says there is one more location to search. Aaron gives up hope and points out that they've been scavenging for two weeks without any success. Gabriel insists they still check the final location.

Aaron and Gabriel walk down a trail. A walker rises from the mud and grabs at Gabriel. Gabriel falls in the mud, ruining the map. Aaron kills the walker and refuses to proceed without a map. Gabriel insists they just need to look for a water tower that is near the final location, but eventually agrees to return home. Aaron and Gabriel discover an abandoned warehouse and search inside. Gabriel notices a pile of Bibles with torn pages. Aaron investigates a noise. Gabriel finds something in the drawer of a desk. Aaron approaches a room where the noise is coming from. He opens the door.

Gabriel hears Aaron screaming and races over to the room. Aaron stands over the body of a boar that he fought and killed. Gabriel proposes dinner with some whiskey that he found in the desk. Aaron and Gabriel cook the boar in the warehouse. Gabriel pours some whiskey and notes that it's a very expensive brand. Aaron asks for more. Gabriel fills their glasses.

Later in the evening, Aaron and Gabriel play a drunken game of poker. Aaron and Gabriel relax after dinner. Gabriel tells a story about a mentor who taught him that good ministers are able to relate to people on their own terms. Aaron wishes they could go back to saving and recruiting residents to Alexandria. Gabriel doubts that life will ever return to normal and declares that evil people are the rule, not the exception.

Gabriel and Aaron sleep in the warehouse. Aaron gets up to use the bathroom. Gabriel wakes up and finds Aaron gone. A man named Mays watches him from across the room and asks for some boar.

Gabriel sits across from Mays as he eats boar. Mays tells Gabriel that he lives at the warehouse and that Gabriel and Aaron stole his boar. He reveals that he has Aaron's mace arm, then shoots at a room where he's holding Aaron. Gabriel tries to appeal to the man's faith in God, but Mays says he was merely using the Bibles for toilet paper. Mays drags Aaron out of the room and forces them to play Russian roulette. Gabriel and Aaron take turns shooting at their own heads. The chamber is empty each time. Mays explains that he killed his brother and his brother's family after catching his brother stealing his food. Gabriel invites Mays to join their community. Mays agrees and cuts Aaron loose. Gabriel kills Mays with the mace and tells Aaron that they couldn't take a man who killed his brother's family.

Aaron and Gabriel wonder where Mays had been hiding. They find a room upstairs stocked with supplies. Mays' brother is handcuffed, surrounded by the skeletons of his family. Mays' brother explains that Mays forced his family to play Russian roulette. Gabriel frees Mays' brother. Mays' brother grabs Gabriel's gun and shoots himself. Gabriel and Aaron cross a field and spot the water tower. Aaron agrees to look for the final location. They head off towards the water tower.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Aaron is seen helping rebuild Alexandria after its destruction. He is then seen at the meeting when Gabriel reveals that they only have enough food left to last them a week. Maggie suggests they refill their supplies by taking back her old community, Meridian, which was previously overthrown by a group that killed most of her people.


On her way to the storage room, Carol walks by Aaron and a group of Alexandrians fixing the wall. Aaron asks if she is leaving already, noting that she was supposed to help with the wall repair. Carol claims to be preoccupied, as she plans on catching Alexandria's runaway horses. Speaking from personal experience, Aaron warns her that there is little hope for her actually catching the horses, and believes repairing the walls to be more important. Carol protests that, without the horses, they won't be able to scavenge far or move anything heavy, meaning they will starve.

"Out of the Ashes"

Aaron has a nightmare in which he and Gracie get lost in the woods. Suddenly, a Whisperer, Savior, and other enemies from Aaron's past surround him and stab him as he screams for disappearing Gracie. Aaron wakes up with a start, safe in bed with his daughter sleeping peacefully beside him. Aaron hears a commotion outside and tells Gracie to hide in the basement, making sure she has her whistle on her in case of danger, and kisses her head goodbye. Walkers stream into Alexandria through a breach in the wall, created by a fallen panel. A crew hoists the panel back up as others slaughter the walkers. Walkers swarm the walls of Alexandria. Aaron, Carol, Jerry and Lydia decide to go to Hilltop to scavenge for blacksmith tools they can use to reinforce the walls.

Aaron's group arrives at Hilltop and finds it overrun with walkers. They recognize the walkers as former Hilltoppers. Aaron and Jerry become emotional as they kill the walkers. Aaron's group scavenges for supplies at Hilltop. They notice walkers moving in a herding pattern and realize one of them is a Whisperer. Aaron spots the Whisperer and shoves him to the ground, then yanks off his mask. Lydia recognizes the Whisperer and tells Aaron not to kill him. Aaron interrogates the Whisperer, whose name is Keith. Keith insists that he's the only Whisperer left at Hilltop. Lydia defends Keith, but Aaron doesn't believe him.

Aaron and Jerry drag Keith to the root cellar and find other Whisperers hiding. Keith insists that they are the last ones. Jerry spots Nabila's scarf and realizes these Whisperers helped burned down Alexandria. Keith grabs a knife and slashes Aaron, allowing the other Whisperers to escape. Aaron and Jerry suspend Keith from the rafters of a stable and demand to know how many more Whisperers there are. Keith begs Lydia for help, but Lydia refuses to watch the torture and abruptly leaves.

When Keith refuses to give Aaron the information he wants, and says that Aaron's friends are better off dead, Aaron pushes a walker on Keith's hand. Aaron then offers to amputate it and prevent infection if Keith tells them where his people are. Carol kills the walker and warns Aaron against the dangers of becoming consumed with rage, the same path she followed during the Whisperer War when Henry was killed, and tells him that killing Alpha did not bring her peace and that she has to live with the consequences of her actions. Aaron reluctantly agrees and spares Keith. After Keith's amputation, Aaron listens to him reveal that he saw one of their people emerge alive from the cave where Alpha kept her horde. They realize he's talking about Connie. When Carol wants to leave and find her, Aaron suggests they search for her first thing in the morning. As they leave Hilltop, Aaron watches as the Whisperers surround Keith.

"On the Inside"

Aaron and Carol argue about a strategy for finding Connie. Magna notices that Kelly has gone missing.

"For Blood"

Aaron boards his home to protect it from the storm raging in Alexandria, when lighting strikes a nearby tree and causes a branch to crash through the living room window, Aaron races over to push it out.

Later, Aaron braves the storm to search for anymore damage. He reports back to the group that a panel had been blown off the wall, and that the windmill had been struck by lightning with the fire drawing in walkers. He asks for two groups of volunteers to help fix the wall and to fight the fire, and another to stay back to protect the children by defending the house. Aaron supports Connie's decision to help Carol fix the wall, and shows appreciation to Rosita for offering to stay back and Magna for going with him to save the windmill.

Aaron goes over to his daughter once everyone's roles had been decided, and discovers Gracie upset with him for risking his life. When she questions why he has to be the one to go, Aaron explains to her how it would be unfair of him to ask a person to do something dangerous if he wasn't willing to do it himself.

When Judith comes over and offers to stay with Gracie, Aaron thanks her and kisses his daughter's head goodbye.

"No Other Way"

Aaron and Jerry burst through the church doors to escape the storm. Jerry suggests that it might be time to give up on the windmill after Aaron tells him that the wind keeps stoking the flames, Aaron refuses to give up and tells him they just need to find another way. Aaron notices Carol, Connie, Magna, and Kelly running past and calls them over. The group decides on a plan to fight the fire and fix the wall breach simultaneously, and goes to split up before Aaron hears a whistle and is stopped in his tracks. He recognizes it as the sound of Gracie's emergency whistle and begins to race towards it, calling back to the group to save the windmill or they lose Alexandria.

Aaron discovers Gracie and Judith Grimes in the flooded basement of his house being attacked by walkers. He smashes what's left of the basement window with his mace, and jumps in to save them by killing multiple walkers. He instructs the children to swim towards the window, before being dragged underwater by a walker, and is able to squeeze a walker's head until it explodes. Aaron returns to the surface and swims over to the children, telling them to get on his shoulders so that they can pull themselves out of the window, and orders them to get to safety instead of getting him help. Aaron watches in horror as walkers begin to flood the basement.

Aaron is able to pull himself up on to pipe that hangs from his ceiling to evade the walkers, the pipe breaks under his weight and Aaron almost falls off before regaining his grip. Lydia discovers Aaron and is able to save him with a rope. Aaron very appreciative and thanks her for pulling him out, and is reflective for a moment when Lydia says he would've done the same for her before confirming that he would have. After learning Gracie and Judith are safe, and that Rosita has the house defense under control, Aaron and Lydia go to help fight the fire at the windmill.

The next day, Aaron goes over and greets the group returning from Meridian with a cart full of food. Aaron hugs Gabriel and thanks him for the putting his life on the line for the community. Aaron is saddened by Alden's passing, but is determined to make the meaning out of the sacrifices and loss by ensuring their survival. Suddenly, Aaron hears Jerry yell about an approaching group.

Aaron is seen listening to Lance Hornsby address the residents of Alexandria, and offer the Commonwealth's help in rebuilding Alexandria, and "another, potentially more interesting choice" for any who are interested in it.

"The Lucky Ones"

Aaron and a welcoming committee greet Pamela's convoy as it arrives in Alexandria. Aaron gives Pamela a brief history of Alexandria. Mercer asks how they keep Alexandria safe. Daryl says they fought many battles to protect it. On their way to Hilltop, Lance admonishes Aaron for failing to keep walkers out of Alexandria and for not knowing about Maggie's decision. Lance warns that if Maggie opts out, he will no longer help Alexandria. Aaron makes a case for the Commonwealth and asks if Maggie will join them. Lance proposes an impromptu hunt. Aaron joins him and asks what Pamela thinks about Alexandria. Lance says that Pamela is on board and that they will bring in even more people. He vows to remake the world.


Aaron visits Gabriel at the Commonwealth church, where he is delivering a sermon. Gabriel urges his parishioners to open up to each other. Aaron tells Gabriel that the Commonwealth has enlisted him to help with a new immigration initiative. He asks for Gabriel's assistance reaching out to a religious group of settlers holed up in a building complex. A young man named Jesse tells Aaron that their boss, Carlson, is ready. Aaron reassures Gabriel that the settlers have been deemed friendly.

Carlson scopes out the complex through binoculars. Aaron remarks that the building doesn't look as friendly as he'd been told but reassures Gabriel that they'll have Commonwealth troopers with them. Carlson informs them that the troopers are hanging back to avoid spooking the settlers. Gabriel and Aaron refuse to go in, but Carlson says it's not up for discussion. Aaron announces himself at the building entrance and says they have MREs to offer. A woman steps out and collects their weapons before allowing them inside.

The woman directs Aaron's group to a room down a dark hallway. Inside the room, the leader, Ian, orders them to sit. Aaron describes the Commonwealth and invites Ian's group to join them. Ian shows them a collection of skulls from raiders who came to kill his group. He shoots his gun and orders them to kneel, worried they've come to eat his people. Aaron insists they aren't cannibals and offers to leave if Ian lets them go. Ian agrees, but Carlson grabs his gun and shoots him and kills two of his people. Carlson interrogates Ian for the guns and cargo his people hijacked. Ian says he has no idea what Carlson is talking about. Carlson shoots Ian dead, leading to a shocked Aaron telling him that they were supposed to help people, which Carlson states that they are, by killing the threats and this is how to make the world safe.

Jesse attempts to flee on horseback. Carlson orders his trooper to kill him. A trooper shoots Jesse, but Aaron smashes him in the face before he can shoot again. Carlson pulls his gun on Aaron and fires, but before they can fight, soldiers open fire on Aaron. He runs for cover into the woods. Aaron spots Maggie's group on the road when they discovers that the Commonwealth solders were murdered. After Aaron recounts his story to Maggie's group, Maggie wonders why the Commonwealth had so many guns. She looks at Jesse's blood-soaked map to find a route to the Commonwealth. Aaron asks where she got the map. Maggie says it's the map that Aaron gave to Jesse, but Aaron says he never gave Jesse a map.

"The Rotten Core"

Aaron and Maggie's group hide as Carlson leads a team through the complex, gunning down residents. Maggie's group runs into Annie while searching an apartment. To their surprise, Negan appears. They're brought to a secret room where Gabriel and other residents are hiding. Annie proposes they split into teams and sweep each floor to rescue survivors. Gabriel stays behind with Aaron.

Negan reveals to Aaron's group that he's married to Annie. Gabriel insists they didn't know Carlson's ulterior motives when they came to the complex. Annie radios Negan and tells the group to mobilize. Negan sees something troubling outside the window. Maggie and Annie radio Gabriel and Aaron with a plan. Gabriel and Aaron manages to lure Carlson and his men onto the roof, where Elijah sneaks up and kills the troopers with his kama. With his troopers dead and surrounded by Aaron's group, Toby attempts to plead for his life, but Aaron shoots Toby, who falls off of the roof and lands near the bodies of the dead hostages. They reanimate and eat Toby alive as Aaron and Gabriel watch.

In the aftermath of the battle, Maggie tells Aaron and Gabriel they can't return to Commonwealth, but Aaron says Lance will want to know what happened. Gabriel points out that it's only a matter of time before Lance comes for them. Maggie decides to do something. They wonder who hijacked the Commonwealth convoy.


Aaron and Gabriel are interrogated by Lance about what happened to Carlson's team. He's dubious of their story that mysterious killers slaughtered everyone except for them and then escaped. Lance orders troopers to search the area for the killers, starting with Hilltop. Lance and his team encounter walkers in the woods. He orders Aaron and Gabriel to take care of the walkers by hand, in order to save ammo. They kill the walkers with Daryl's help. Aaron, Gabriel and Daryl quietly confer by a campfire as they realize the troopers won't stop searching until they find the killers. Daryl suspects a plan is afoot.

"Acts of God"

Aaron, along with Daryl and Gabriel, help the Commonwealth soldiers clear a house to search for the guns. Aaron wants to break off the search, and disagrees with Gabriel when he suggests that they be compliant with the orders because he believes that there isn't any way out of the situation unless they fight. Daryl agrees with Aaron, and tells the group that they will make a break for it as soon as possible. The trio is interrupted when a soldier wants to know what they are talking about, Aaron listens in as Daryl tries to distract Romano by bringing up a different location to search. Aaron then watches Romano being attacked by a walker and doesn't try to help him. As they move off to search more areas, Aaron agrees with Gabriel when he whispers that they need to watch their backs.

Aaron to Romano update Lance on their group's location, and exchanges worried glances with Daryl and Gabriel. The group are lead to a junkyard and are slowly surrounded by the soldiers, the trio notice that its an ambush and make a break for it after Aaron and Daryl nod to each other. Daryl fires at the soldier, and Aaron and Gabriel run for cover and are wounded by bullets. Daryl fights with a soldier and is able to unarm him and throws the soldier's gun to Aaron, who catches the gun and starts shooting back at the soldiers. Aaron notices that the noise of the gunfight attracted walkers and starts shooting them down.

Aaron, Daryl and Gabriel win the fight and find a badly injured Romano attempting to crawl away. Aaron allows Gabriel to bandage his wound and watches in annoyance as Romano swears at Daryl. Aaron listens in as Romano eventually reveals Lance's location, and the object of the mission. Aaron questions what "clear the field," means and worries for Maggie's safety when Gabriel tells him that it Lance only wants allies left.

Later that night, Aaron, Daryl and Gabriel find a camp, and Aaron looks on in confusion when Daryl knows the person who owns the camp, but agrees to split up to cover more ground.

Aaron and Gabriel are reunited with Daryl and a badly injured Maggie the next day.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Aaron has killed:


Eric Raleigh

"This is your fault, you know? (...) Because I love you."
—Eric to Aaron after the two reunite.[src]

Aaron loved Eric more than anything in the world and the two had a caring relationship.

Eric was Aaron's boyfriend who both met before the apocalypse. Aaron had been working in an NGO based in Washington, D.C. that gave supplies and relief to those living in the Niger River Delta, and through working in the NGO he met Eric. The two worked together and then fell in love. Afterwards they lived in D.C. together as partners. However, when they were together, they both were treated with homophobia by people who saw them together. Aaron fiercely loves Eric and does whatever it takes to defend him, even if it means resulting to violence.

When the outbreak went global, Aaron and Eric were in D.C. and by the military were directed to the Safe-Zone in the Alexandria community. Led by Deanna Monroe, she gave the role of recruiters to Aaron and Eric due to their experiences in the NGO. While in Alexandria, they have a house together which is decorated with vintage nicknacks and photography. While on their outings, Aaron and Eric would collect license plates together from each state and then create a mural on a wall in their house. Despite the end of the world and being partly responsible for the rescue and safety of a majority of Alexandrian residents, Aaron's relationship with Eric was still met with hostility and being ostracized. Being together outside of the walls during recruitment was one of the few times Aaron and Eric could be together without anyone judging them.

The two care for each other deeply, as evidenced by Aaron visually sterned when Rick threatened to kill them both, and again when the chaos starts within the group. Aaron became extremely distraught by the flare being shot by Eric, signaling that he was in danger. Aaron was willing to let himself be in danger just try to get to where Eric was. And again, when the two reunite, the two kiss passionately, as Eric said it's Aaron's fault he got injured, because he loves him. Aaron is also shown to be very protective towards his boyfriend, as shown when Rick didn't allow Aaron to be with Eric since he doesn't trust either of them. Aaron warned Rick that nothing can stop him from being with Eric other than shooting him. Because of Eric's near-death experience, Aaron became too worried for Eric's sake and had him retire with Daryl replacing him.

Aaron and Eric often are side-by-side. They were seen together at Deanna's meeting regarding the herd, and were digging the trench together to build the wall and divert the herd. When the Wolves attacked the Safe-Zone, Aaron went to Eric and wanted him safe, and both had a mutual, unspoken understanding about Aaron taking care of the Wolves. During the herd invasion, Aaron and Eric were separated, with Eric hiding in their house with Olivia and Aaron hiding in the infirmary with Spencer, Heath, and the injured. When Rick went out to make a final stand, Aaron joined him and soon did Eric. The two fought side-to-side during the battle of Alexandria and were seen standing together outside the infirmary waiting to get a response from Rick about Carl.

Two months later, when Aaron is in the line-up to be beaten to death by Negan with Lucille, the happiest moments of his life flash before his eyes. One of the happiest memories he has was reuniting with Eric following his injury while recruiting the Survivors.

Upon Aaron's return to the community, he spent some time with Eric before Negan's arrival to take his share of the supplies he demanded. Eric and Aaron searched the community for the two missing weapons from the charter Olivia kept.

Eric later confronted Aaron regarding Rick's desire to attack the Saviors again. He expressed to Aaron that he did not want him to keep going out with Rick when he had just been punished by the Saviors for a misunderstanding over an insulting message. Aaron told Eric that he had to keep them all alive by following Rick and finding the food taken by Gabriel. Eric reluctantly agrees that Rick needed Aaron, and lets him go with the group to track down Gabriel. After Aaron was struck by one of the Scavengers, Aaron dryly remarked to Gabriel about how Eric would not be happy to see him hurt again.

Aaron and Eric would spend their final moments together after following Rick in his fight against the Saviors when they attack a Savior outpost. In the ensuing firefight, Aaron rushes to save Eric from a group of Saviors surrounding him but fails to get to him in time when Eric is fatally shot in the stomach. Panicking, Aaron rushes Eric out of the fight to get him medical attention. Resting Eric against a tree, Aaron treats his wound and notices that it is treatable. Eric begs Aaron to leave him, return to the fight and win it for both of them. Aaron refuses to leave him but reluctantly does so after much convincing by Eric who tells Aaron that he loves him. The two kiss and Aaron leaves Eric with a rifle to defend himself.

Unfortunately, after the fight is over, Aaron rushes over to where he left Eric only to find him not against the tree and only a trail of blood. Utterly heartbroken and crying profusely, Aaron notices a reanimated Eric walking away in the distance towards the forest. Aaron struggles to make his way to him but is stopped by Scott. Aaron cries to Scott in that he can't leave Eric as a walker however Scott replies that Eric is now gone. Aaron yields and Scott helps him return to the group.

Aaron is still saddened by his death, even years after the war.

Rick Grimes

"Does it matter?... I mean, of course it--it matters how many people are actually out there, but does it matter how many people I tell you are out there? Because I'm pretty sure no matter what number I say--Eight. Thirty-two. Four hundred forty-four. Zero. No matter what I say, you're not going to trust me."
—Aaron to Rick.[src]

Rick is initially highly suspicious of Aaron, to the point of tying him up and interrogating him. Rick also threatens to kill him even though Aaron has given evidence of his community and how his community is. Nevertheless, Aaron still has a soft spot for Rick and the rest of his group, as shown how he willingly risks his life to talk with Rick and his boyfriend's life to follow Rick several weeks back before the two eventually decide to confront the group. Since then, they have grown respect for each other. When Aaron insists on going with the group to the Hilltop, Rick refuses, concern for his safety, but Aaron tells him the only way to stop him is to punch and tie him again, so Rick reluctantly allows him to come.

In "Hearts Still Beating", Aaron goes with Rick to retrieve supplies from a houseboat. During the trip over the pond, the boat is attacked by walkers. When Aaron is dragged underwater, Rick is clearly panicked for a few seconds before he manages to come back to the surface, much to Rick's relief. Once inside the boat, Rick brings up how Michonne doesn't consider working for the Saviors to be "living". Aaron replies how "Either your heart is beating or it isn’t." reassuring Rick that everything will be okay. Later on, when the Saviors find a note Aaron picked up from the houseboat reading "Congrats for winning, but you still lose.” Thinking the note is directed at them, they proceed to start beating him. When Rick tries to intervene he's stopped at gunpoint. After the ordeal is over, he immediately runs over and helps him up, once again relieved he hasn't come to much harm. Through these actions, it is clear Rick considers Aaron a close friend and actually trusts him, in contrast to their first meeting.

After Aaron loses his arm, Rick comes and visits him and apologises. Aaron doesn't blame him, and is instead grateful that he is a part of the new world that Rick is trying to build. Rick seems touched by Aaron's statement, and places his hand on Aaron's heart.

Glenn Rhee

"We can make it together, but we can only make it together. You said that. I was listening."
—Aaron to Glenn.[src]

Aaron and Glenn have a fair relationship. Glenn appears to be distrustful along with his group towards Aaron and what he offers. Glenn does not appear to be in shock when Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out. The distrust that Glenn has towards Aaron elevates when he and some of his members go to where Aaron says where his car is. Glenn tells the group to shoot anyone whom they come across. However, despite the distrust Glenn has, the two reconcile, as shown by when Glenn finds Aaron, still tied up, and puts down by a walker attacking him. Glenn sets him loose and tells him to run off while there's still a chance. Aaron disagrees, saying that they need to stay together, no matter what, because that's the only way they can survive. Aaron was horrified when Glenn was killed by Negan. He later helps carry his body to the RV.

Daryl Dixon

"I know you're feeling like an outsider. It's not your fault, you know."
—Aaron to Daryl.[src]

Aaron and Daryl have formed a close bond with each other and have become good friends. When Aaron and Daryl first met, Daryl treated him as dangerous and had no patience with him. After Aaron brought the group into the Alexandria Safe-Zone, he had Deanna hold out a position for Daryl in the community. Since Eric was almost killed in the last recruitment, Aaron had Eric retire to keep him safe. He followed Daryl out of the safe-zone and revealed that Daryl knows better than Rick when it comes to deciding whether or not people are good. Aaron explained that he understands Daryl because he knows that Daryl's an outsider. Aaron said that he and Eric have been seen as outsiders their whole lives, and even still back at the safe-zone, because of people's homophobia. Aaron invited Daryl to the welcome party being held by Deanna. That night, Daryl arrived but instead declined to join. Aaron stayed at home with Eric and invited Daryl to have dinner with them. Aaron surprised Daryl with his own motorcycle and gave him the position as a fellow recruiter. Aaron and Daryl thus began their friendship.

Afterwards, Aaron and Daryl ventured out together to look for new recruits. Along the way, they came across camps that were scavenged and destroyed by the Wolves, including one woman being horrifically murdered. When attempting to recruit a lone survivor, they came across a food plant and looked for supplies, unaware of it being a trap set by the Wolves which involved herds being locked in the trucks and released upon triggering it. When trapped in the car in the lot, Daryl was willing to sacrifice himself to let Aaron get out and back to the Safe-Zone, Aaron argued that they were in this together, and that it was Daryl that made him decide to take his group in when Daryl saved the group by bringing them to the barn. After being saved by Morgan, Aaron and Daryl fought the Walkers and brought him back to Alexandria.

After the All Out War against the Saviors, Aaron and Daryl are seen working alongside each other on the bridge. Aaron tells Daryl his parenting stories and says that Daryl would make a great father.

Morgan Jones

Morgan and Aaron first interact when he rescues him and Daryl when they are trapped in a van surrounded by walkers after falling for a trap set up by the Wolves. Grateful, Aaron tells him of Alexandria and though he refuses at first but upon learning of their connection to Rick, Aaron takes him back.

Maggie Rhee

"I owe her."
—Aaron to Carl Grimes about Maggie Greene.[src]

Maggie was one of the first members of the group to meet Aaron. Initially she was suspicious of Aaron but eventually came to trust Aaron, especially after rescuing his boyfriend, Eric. Aaron and Maggie then became close friends after the Wolves attack in Alexandria. While Glenn didn't come back after diverting the Walker herd, Aaron assisted Maggie in trying to escape the safe-zone to find him after the herd surrounded the safe-zone. He brought her to the sewer in Alexandria that leads straight outside - and insisted that he stay with her. While under there, they were attacked by two rotten walkers, with Aaron saving Maggie's life.

As the two approached the exit, they saw that the herd was there too, causing Maggie break down. Aaron tried to comfort her and find a way out, but Maggie claimed there was no point, and that Glenn was likely dead. And only then does she reveal to Aaron that she's pregnant, and that she reveals that her staying behind may have caused Glenn to possibly die, leading Aaron to hug and comfort her. Later that night, the two were on the outpost gate on watch during night patrol when Maggie went down and rubbed off Glenn's name from the memoriam. Aaron assisted, and reassured her that Glenn would be coming back. Jokingly, he suggests that when Glenn gets back, they can consider Aaron's name for the baby, and Erin if it's a girl.

When Maggie was having pregnancy pains Aaron demanded that he come along for his friend. After Glenn was killed Aaron comforted Maggie and tried to convince her to let them help her.

Gabriel Stokes

Aaron and Gabriel are close friends.

Aaron expresses concern for Gabriel's safety when he is missing, and insists on going on a mission to find him despite Eric's plead for him not to go. After Aaron was struck by one of the Scavengers, Gabriel tends to his wound. When Rick completes his trial, Aaron smiles at Gabriel in happiness.

After the time-jump, the two have become closer and work alongside each other on the Alexandrian council.

In "One More", Aaron tells Mays that considers Gabriel family when says that he protects his people like they are family. Aaron is willing to die for Gabriel as Mays forces them to play a game of Russian roulette, and he refuses to point the gun at Gabriel despite there being a bullet in the chamber.

In "Warlords", Aaron is happy to see Gabriel preaching again, and asks him to go on another mission.


Aaron and Enid have a good relationship.

During the war, they make their way to the Oceanside, to ask them for help in fighting and defeating the Saviors. During the night, Natania attempts to ambush Aaron, only to be killed a moment later by Enid.

Later, Aaron is seen comforting Enid, as Natania was her first human kill.

Aaron makes Enid to leave Oceanside to protect her, Enid begs Aaron to tell her that she will see him again and Aaron asks for her to promise that she will be okay. The two share a long hug before Aaron tells her to go.

After the All Out War against the Saviors, Enid is working as a nurse and amputates Aaron arm after it became crushed in a construction accident. Aaron encourages Enid through the surgery, telling her that she can do it when he sees that she is nervous.

After Jesus' death, Aaron returns to Hilltop with his body and sees a distraught Enid. He goes over and hugs her.


Aaron and Gracie first meet after the Militia's attack on the office outpost when Rick retrieves Gracie from the building. Aaron, who just lost his boyfriend Eric, volunteers to take her to the Hilltop since he planned to go there with Eric after the battle to inform Maggie.

Following the defeat of the Saviors, Aaron has adopted Gracie. In "Who Are You Now?", Gracie sees Aaron returning from hunting and starts running towards him, shouting "Hi, Daddy!". Aaron tells her to stay back, because of the new group they brought back.


Cyndie and Aaron start off by having a very poor relationship. In the episode "The Lost and the Plunderers" she sends him and Enid away hoping they will never return as they will not fight with them against The Saviors. Eventually Aaron is able to convince her and the rest of Oceanside to fight along side him and everyone else in defeating The Saviors. This improves their relationship drastically.

Paul Rovia

Jesus and Aaron were never really seen interacting much before the six-year time skip. During the time skip, Aaron and Jesus developed a close friendship while Jesus trained Aaron how to fight like him. The two would often train and talk outside the walls of Hilltop and Alexandria. At some point, Aaron and Jesus developed a casual, sexual relationship. Due to Aaron's grief of Eric's death and Jesus's fear of commitment, the two never admitted romantic feelings for each other. Following Jesus' death, Aaron is devastated and attends his funeral at the Hilltop.

Afterwards Aaron rethinks his position on going out and searching for more people and building relationships with other communities. Had Jesus survived his encounter with the Whisperers, the two would have developed their relationship into a romantic one. Regardless, Aaron still viewed Jesus as a man he loved in his life along with Eric. Their deaths at the hands of their enemies made Aaron become angry and resentful, temporarily abandoning his values of altruism and forgiveness. His hatred of the Whisperer's stems from the murder of Jesus, but then rediscovers his faith in people by befriending Mary and defecting her to his people.

Negan Smith

"Enough of your bullshit!"
—Aaron threatening Negan for his actions.[src]

Negan and Aaron have a hateful relationship. Aaron deeply despises Negan for brutally murdering his friends Abraham and Glenn. He takes part in the war against the Saviors and hopes to kill Negan. Aaron is likely pleased that Negan is eventually defeated by Rick and his people, however it is unknown how he felt about Rick choosing to keep him alive and as a prisoner.

In "Ghosts", Aaron tells Negan how he hates him for death of Eric. When Aaron looses part of his sight due to walker attack, he is forced to spend a night in a cabin with Negan. During this night, Negan stays awake and protects both of them. In "Silence the Whisperers," Aaron advocates for Negan's death after Negan kills Margo, though he admits that he liked to think Negan was changing and had even started to believe in it himself.

When Negan joins the Whisperers and helps attack the Hilltop, Aaron becomes furious over Negan's "betrayal" and angrily refuses to hear him out when he tries to tell him that he's on their side and trying to take down the Whisperers.


Aaron and Mary had a cautious relationship that become a friendship. Aaron approaches Mary and offers her dressings for her wound, and the two begin meeting at the Whisperer's border to talk and learn about each other despite Aaron knowing she was sent by Alpha to gather intel. Aaron eventually suggests that they not spy on each and just start talking, but she leaves and reaffirms her loyalty to Alpha. After she learns Lydia is still alive, Mary is disillusioned and tries to give Aaron the location of Alpha's herd, though the herd was not where she said it was, and they are led into a trap. This was unintentional, and late after Mary proves her loyalty to the others they reunite happily.

Aaron's reaction to Mary's death is unknown.


"See, the clock's ticking now. Do you feel better off?"
—Aaron to Keith after he lets a walker bite his hand.[src]

Aaron and Keith have an antagonistic relationship. Aaron is enraged at finding a Whisperer hiding out in Hilltop, amongst the walkers who are now his fallen coalition soldiers. Aaron apprehends Keith and demands to know if there are more Whisperers. Aaron increasingly becomes more and more angry with his lies, and Keith even swipes at him with a knife. Furious, Aaron ties Keith up and proceeds to torture him for information, even going as far as letting a walker bite his hand when Keith claims that Aaron's friends are better off dead.

Ultimately, Aaron is calmed by Carol, and he gives Keith the option of cutting off his own hand or Aaron can do it for him.

Aaron allows Keith to stay in the Hilltop ruins with his group, deciding that he is no longer a threat.

Lance Hornsby

"You didn't anticipate this? It's not my problem. Stop acting like Alexandria means more to you than it does to me."
—Aaron to Lance Hornsby.[src]

Aaron and Lance have a complicated relationship turned antagonistic.

Aaron appreciates Lance's help with the rebuilding of Alexandria, however he becomes frustrated with Lance and is often sarcastic and short with him.

Toby Carlson

"We are supposed to be helping people."
—Aaron to Toby after seeing him murder Ian.[src]

Aaron and Toby initially had a decent relationship before it turned antagonistic.

Toby was Aaron's boss as the Head Recruiter of the Commonwealth, and although Aaron was a little uncomfortable with Toby, he considered Toby's heart to be in the right place.

However, Aaron's opinion changes when Toby is revealed to be a CIA agent, sent by Lance Hornsby to attack the group they were trying to recruit. Aaron watches in shock and disgust, and eventually attacks a Commonwealth soldier to stop them firing on a member of their recruiting team who flees the scene. Toby turns his gun on Aaron and attempts to shoot him, but the gun doesn't go off. Aaron readies himself for a fight, but is forced to retreat after Commonwealth soldier fire on him.

Aaron later manages to lure Toby up to the roof of the building to tricks him, which gets Toby's soldiers killed. Toby attempts to plead for his life but Aaron shoots Toby off the roof and paralyzes him. Aaron watches as Toby's victims reanimate and eat him alive.


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  • The casting call for this character used the name Logan.
    • Aaron was described as "Early to Late 30s. An affable, good-natured, adventurous guy. Despite feeling like a bit of an outsider for most of his life (or perhaps because of it), he's passionate about people and the good they can do. He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger if he believes something positive can come from it."
  • Robert Kirkman hinted on a Talking Dead special in November 2014 that the second half of Season 5 "will contain a very prominent gay character from the comics", likely referring to Aaron. Ross Marquand was later confirmed in January 2015 by TVLine to be playing the character.
    • Aaron is the first openly male homosexual in the series and the third openly homosexual character, the first being Tara Chambler, followed by Alisha.
    • As of Jesus' death in "Evolution", Aaron is the only openly homosexual male main character still alive. And with Tara's death in "The Calm Before", he is now the longest-living LGBTQ+ character on the show.
  • Ross Marquand had auditioned originally for the role of Gareth. Due to Ross Marquand's comedic acting and impressions, the casting director thought Ross would be better suited for Aaron because of the character's humor and had him return shortly after auditioning for Gareth to audition for Aaron.
  • Ross Marquand confirmed that Aaron and Eric were in a relationship before the apocalypse: They met through work in their NGO and lived together in D.C., becoming one of the original members of the Safe-Zone.
  • Ross Marquand said that he based his performance for Aaron on Gregory Peck's portrayal of Atticus Finch in 1962's To Kill a Mockingbird. Ross elaborated that it was the character of Atticus Finch that got him interested in acting and had previously performed as Atticus Finch in a theater production. He also believed Aaron and Atticus had similar beliefs and traits of acceptance, altruism, and justice.
  • Aaron is the first politician that was encountered in the TV Series.
    • He was a politico in D.C., but he left before he had an official title. This was because he believed he could better use his altruistic personality in a hands-on approach in the peace corps rather than becoming a politician.
    • Dante Esquivel from Fear The Walking Dead is also a politician, being the Municipal President of Tijuana. Qaletaqa Walker can also count as someone who is in politics as being the Chief of the Hopi Tribe.
  • Ross Marquand revealed that Aaron is a fan of The Smiths, his favorite song specifically being "Hand in Glove", which in the lyrics alludes to lead singer Morrisey's sexuality and the homophobia that gay couples encounter when being public.
  • Aaron was originally planned to appear in the episode "Start to Finish", but his scenes were cut.
  • Aaron collects license plates, as he states he wants to collect every state in "The Distance".
  • In the script for "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be", there were 3 alternative death scenes, where two of them involved Aaron dying. One of them involved Maggie and Aaron dying, and another one where Aaron died first and Eugene dying afterwards.[4]
  • Aaron is one of three characters known to use a substitute appendage on an amputate limb. The others being Merle Dixon and Hershel Greene.
    • He is also the first character on The Walking Dead who use an iron arm prototype to substitute his own lost arm.
  • Actor Tom Payne confirmed that Aaron and Jesus had a sexual encounter at least once during the six-year time-jump. Ross Marquand added that had Jesus survived, he and Aaron would eventually become romantically together.
  • Aaron, Barbara and Gabriel are the only remaining characters introduced in Season 5.
    • Aaron is the first Alexandrian to appear in the series and the longest lasting survivor from Alexandria. Coincidentally, Aaron is the only remaining main character introduced in Alexandria.
  • Ross Marquand confirmed an interview that at some point, Aaron did reveal to Gracie that she was adopted by being rescued from the Saviors during the war. However, he neglected to tell her that her father was directly killed by Rick in the battle.
  • Aaron is one of two known characters in The Walking Dead universe who hates salmon patties. The other being Charlie.
  • In "Out of the Ashes", it is revealed that Aaron's biggest nightmare is losing Gracie.
  • Ross Marquand confirmed in an interview that the sword that Aaron currently wields had once belonged to Paul Rovia.[5] He stated: "(...) it's sort of a ceremonial sword for him. Angela and I both discussed it, and I said I don't think that he would just retire that sword. I think he would use that sword especially in very, very important battles, not only as a way of honoring Jesus, and everything that he taught Aaron, but also because it's a way of connecting the past the future. I think he held a great deal of reverence and friendship for Jesus, and that sword is a wonderful way of him continuing that tradition."

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