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The Abigail Vineyard is a prominent location in Season 2 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the home owned by Thomas Abigail.


This vineyard was owned by Thomas Abigail and his family where they had many employees including Celia Flores, Jorge, and Sofia. Many of the many of the employees lived on the vineyard as well.

Season 2

"Blood in the Streets"

In a flashback, we see Thomas and Victor enjoying themselves by the pool while being served drinks by Celia.


When the apocalypse began, many employees of the vineyard decided to reside there along with their families. During this time Celia Flores ended up taking control of the vineyard and thus effectively becoming their leader. Her beliefs got the better of her when it came to the undead. Her belief is that the dead have always walked amongst the living and the undead are nothing new. Instead, Celia sees them as what comes after death and creatures that simply can't help what they are or their hunger and sees humanity still in them. In her view of the world, the undead are not the monsters, rather the people that kill them are. Unless a walker is killed, she does not consider that person truly dead and considers killing one or preventing someone from becoming a walker as an act of murder and the killer the true monster in the situation. This twisted view of the world causes her to protect the undead at any cost, poisoning to death over twenty innocent people who considered her actions unholy and evil.

Season 2

"Sicut Cervus"

At a church in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California a priest exhorts his parishioners to fight the dead. The parishioners take their communion wafers one by one. In the town square, the parishioners arm themselves. Thomas arrives in his truck and urges the priest to stop. “Do not protect her,” says the priest. Suddenly, the parishioners begin to drop on their knees in agony as blood pours out of their eyes.

On land, Strand leads the group into town of Valle de Guadalupe. They find a pile of dead parishioners in front of the church. Strand spots Thomas’s truck and calls his name. The group fights off a herd of infected parishioners. Daniel grabs a young infected boy and becomes paralyzed by the memory of clutching a young boy by the neck. Ofelia kills the infected boy for Daniel. Nick sits stunned after killing a young infected girl. Madison is overcome by an Infected and fights for her life. Chris watches her struggle from a few steps away and does nothing to help. Alicia screams at him and saves Madison herself. The group piles into Thomas’s truck and flees.

Strand drives the group to Thomas’s gated estate where Celia, Luis’s mother, greets them. Strand informs her that Luis is dead. “He’s one of them now,” Strand says. “Then he’ll find his way back,” she replies. A maid asks the group to hand over their weapons, which Daniel is reluctant to do. Strand tends to Thomas and learns that he has been bitten. Meanwhile, Alicia accuses Chris of standing by while Madison was attacked. He insists he merely froze, but when Alicia presses him, Chris threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone what she saw. In the kitchen, Nick tells Celia that Luis asked for her when he died. Celia calmly explains that the dead have always walked among them. “The only difference is now we can see them,” she says. Madison overhears their conversation and later warns Celia that Nick is impressionable.

Daniel gazes at photos of the dead posted at an outdoor shrine. He notices an owl carved into a tree trunk, similar to Luis’s medallion. Celia posts a photo of Luis and explains that his death does not faze her because he was not shot in the head. When Madison brings food to Thomas and Strand, Thomas asks her to look after Strand when he dies. Later, Ofelia summons Daniel to dinner and finds him sitting on his bed in a daze. When Alicia tells Madison about Chris’s threat, Madison confers with Travis and worries that Chris is sick. Travis defends Chris and angrily wonders why Madison won’t offer the same support to Chris that he always gave Nick. Madison decides to sleep in Alicia’s room for protection while Travis sleeps with Chris.

Strand urges Thomas to end the suffering and let go of life, offering to kill himself so that they can remain together after death. Nick accompanies Ofelia to the shrine, where Ofelia prays to her mother. Nick sees the owl carving and has a flashback to the drug den at the Los Angeles church. In the flashback, he sees his friend feasting on a body. Meanwhile, Daniel takes a nighttime stroll and sees a young boy, Juan, place a dog down a chute that leads to a wine cellar. Juan explains to Daniel that he’s talking to his mother. Daniel enters the cellar and sees a cell full of Infected. Daniel confronts Celia, who explains that they are all family members of people who work on the estate. As she prepares two communion wafers, Daniel realizes that she killed the parishioners with poisoned wafers. She urges him to make peace with his dead.

Celia brings the wafers to Strand and Thomas and commends Strand for deciding to die with Thomas. She leaves the room and locks it. Nick finds Celia drinking wine in the courtyard. “They’re not really dead, are they?” he asks. She shakes her head and says the Infected are simply “what comes next.” Thomas finally dies, but instead of following through with his death pact, Strand searches Thomas' bedroom drawers. Meanwhile, Chris awakens and sneaks into the room where Madison and Alicia are sleeping and notices a knife on a nightstand. As he takes the knife and stands over Madison and Alicia, a gunshot rings out, waking the two. Alicia sees the knife and screams at Chris, who flees. Strand sits next to Thomas with a gun: Thomas is shot in the head.


In a flashback, a young Daniel Salazar stands beside a pond full of dead bodies in the Salvadoran jungle. “Take the gun, Daniel,” a man tells him. Daniel and Ofelia wake to the sound of a gunshot. As they run outside, Ofelia starts to peel the skin off of her face. Daniel wakes up: It was a nightmare. He hears people running in the hall.

Everyone runs to Thomas' room, where Strand has shot Thomas in the head. Celia screams at Strand for killing Thomas instead of allowing him to turn. Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris. She refuses, explaining that Chris was holding a knife beside her bed. Celia forbids Strand from burying Thomas and attacks him when he declares that Thomas was not her son. Celia orders Strand and his group to leave by the next day. Travis sees Chris in a vineyard, but Chris runs away.

The next day, Daniel secretly sharpens a razor blade and pockets it. Madison tells Nick and Alicia to quietly pack supplies so that they can flee to the Abigail and escape Celia’s clutches. Alicia refuses to return to the boat, while Nick defends Celia.

Nick leads an turned Luis to Celia after venturing outside the estate, masked by Infected blood. Celia invites Nick to stay at the estate. He convinces her to allow his family to stay with him as well, but is told that Strand must leave. As Strand digs a grave for Thomas, Daniel urges him not to bury him in such an unholy place. Strand notices Daniel’s unusual behavior and asks what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile, Madison confronts Nick about his fascination with the dead and asks if Celia told him to find Luis. Nick argues that Celia merely wanted her son back, and offers to bring Travis back, as well. He tells Madison that the Infected will not touch him. “I will not die,” he declares.

Daniel tells Ofelia that Griselda, his dead wife, is waiting for them in the afterlife. He grabs her and slashes a man who tries to restrain him. A group of men holds Daniel down. Madison confers with Strand about Nick. Strand is not surprised that Celia was able to indoctrinate a young and vulnerable addict. He invites Madison to join him on the Abigail, but she refuses to leave without Travis.

After Celia delivers a eulogy beside Thomas’s grave, she tells Strand to leave. Ofelia demands to see Daniel, but Celia says he’s too dangerous. Celia brings food to Daniel, who is tied up in a storage room, and urges him to seek forgiveness from his Dead. Daniel hears Griselda’s voice. After Celia leaves, Griselda’s ghost appears before him. Madison implores Celia to let Strand stay, but Celia tells her that she must learn to accept the Infected just like Nick does. Madison asks Celia to help her understand.

Celia takes Madison to the cellar and enters the cell to show Madison all of her infected “children.” Madison closes the gate, locking Celia in.

Jorge unties Daniel to give him some food. Daniel attacks Jorge and escapes. “I’m waiting for you,” Griselda tells Daniel.

Sofia and the staff escort Strand to the gate. Alicia and Strand wave goodbye to each other as Sofia closes the gate.

Inside the infected-filled wine cellar, Daniel pours gasoline lights it on fire. Instead of seeing the infected, he hallucinates all of the people he has killed when Griselda emerges from the crowd and smiles. The flames lick at Daniel’s feet.

After the fire suddenly consumes the estate, Strand sneaks back in and steals a pick-up truck.

Nick sees the estate on fire.

Madison runs into the storage room and sees Jorge unconscious on the floor and leaves him in search of Daniel.

Outside, Alicia restrains Ofelia, who is crying for Daniel. “He’s gone,” Alicia says. Strand pulls up in the truck and urges them to get in. Nick walks up to Madison and says he couldn’t find Travis. He suspiciously asks where Celia is. “She was right about us,” he says. “We destroy everything.” Strand forces Madison into the truck as Nick turns his back on her. They watch a blood-slathered Nick walk away untouched among the Infected. As Strand and the women flee the compound, Nick walks with the zombies, ignoring his mother and the truck.

Season 3


Daniel is seen walking away from the destruction of the vineyard.

Season 7

"Divine Providence"

The Abigail Vineyard will appear in this episode.






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