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"Above The Law", retitled "Episode 14", is the third episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Three.

It was first released worldwide on March 18, 2017 for Xbox One users who owned the Season Pass. It was then released worldwide on March 28, 2017 for PC via Steam and the Telltale Store, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, iOS, and Android worldwide, and on January 21, 2020 for Nintendo Switch.


Shocking developments drive a wedge between brothers-in-arms.


A few months into the outbreak, Javier and Kate exit their house at night to retrieve a tank of fuel from one of their neighbors. Kate is terrified of being outside in the dark, but she presses on because she feels that she needs to adapt quickly. At the Wallace family house, Javier locates a propane canister in the driveway. He picks it up, only to discover it empty, greatly frustrating Kate.

As Javier attempts to console Kate, a child walker exits the house from behind and attacks him. Kate is petrified when she recognizes the walker to be Drew, one of Gabriel's friends. Javier struggles with and ultimately kills the zombified Drew without Kate's aid. Kate apologizes for being unable to act, though Javier tells her that no apology is necessary. (Determinant) She embraces him in tears, suffering a panic attack.

If Javier chooses to comfort her, he promises that they were still alive. Alternatively, Javier can awkwardly pull away and say that they should return to the house, leading Kate to notice his hesitance to embrace her. Regardless, the two decide to return to the house, leaving their weapons and Drew behind.

Upon entering the family house, Kate decides that it is now time to leave their home in search of a better place to live, as the neighborhood had become unsafe for them and was depleted of supplies. Javier agrees that they should leave, but their discussion rouses Gabriel and Mariana from their sleep. Gabriel argues that they were safe in their house and that they did not need to leave, but Kate asserts that staying there any longer would put them all in more danger than leaving.

Gabriel offers to remain behind and wait for his father to return home, believing that he could ask his friends if he needed any help. Kate and Javier inform him of Drew's fate, saddening him but successfully persuading him to leave the neighborhood so long as he could leave a note for his dad to read if he ever found the house again. Javier tells him to remind David that they loved him. (Determinant) The family gathers their few remaining supplies and mournfully snuffs all of the candles in the house before getting into their van and leaving Baltimore behind.

In the present, Javier and David reel from their abrupt reunion. Gabriel rushes to hug his father, causing the New Frontier to warily raise their weapons on Gabriel. David waves them off, explaining that the newcomers were his family. If Javier surrendered to Max, David frantically goes to her side and demands to know why she was on the ground. Javier can blame Max or apologize, (Determinant) but David quickly takes his wife into his arms to carry her to the hospital regardless of how Javier responds. Gabriel rushes to go with him, but Javier and the others are denied entry until they enter quarantine. David ignores Javier's protests and leaves him to be detained and placed in holding until they could be checked for bites and interviewed.

Inside Richmond's quarantined section, Tripp is reunited with Eleanor and locked up. Eleanor explains that the New Frontier had taken her in and had ignored her requests for them to get Kate from where she had stashed her. Tripp informs her that Richmond had taken over the community and that Javier's brother was among them, insinuating Javier had known beforehand. Jesus muses that David could be useful in getting them out of quarantine and in seeking acceptance into the New Frontier, admitting that he did not hold much hope for his friends who had once lived in the city. Clementine also shares her doubts about David and the New Frontier. (Determinant) Jesus asks about the kind of person David was, to which Javier can relate David's fierce loyalty to his family and friends.

If Conrad was not killed in the train tunnel, then he expresses his distaste for the New Frontier and announces that he has no plans to live with the people who had killed Francine, reiterating his desire for revenge for her murder. Tripp concurs with Conrad that he has no desire to act friendly with the people who had raided Prescott. (Determinant) Javier can plead with them to trust in him and his brother, but before they can agree on a plan, David enters the room and tells Javier to go with him to see Kate. Tripp demands to be let out as well, but David threatens him and reminds him that he has no power to demand anything. Javier promises to get them out soon and joins his brother. (Determinant)

Depending on how Javier asked his friends to behave, David either bemusedly asks about Javier's intentions to "play along" or commends him on keeping his people in line, revealing that he had been listening in on part of their conversation. David explains that his community had rules regarding admittance, hoping that Javier could get his friends to follow the rules quietly. He then asks Javier about Mariana and how she had died. When he learns that some of his own men had attacked them, killing Mariana and injuring Kate, he notes Max's hesitance around Javier and realizes that Badger had been causing trouble. He promises Javier that he would deal with Badger later, but he requests that Javier not tell anyone about Mariana. He relates that he was not solely in charge of the New Frontier, but part of a four-person council that oversaw the activities of the people in Richmond in which David- an ex-soldier- was charged with running security operations.

David takes him to the courtyard and introduces him to Ava, a fellow veteran from the Army regarded as the most trustworthy person he knows. Ava and Javier discuss his former baseball life, deciding that the past was a long time ago and meant little. (Determinant) After continuing toward Kate's location, David tells Javier about what had happened when they had first gotten separated. He says that their mother had died and that he had been routed outside of Baltimore. He had failed to get back to their father's house, so he had decided to get out of the city. He had met up with Ava and his old unit and had tried to set up a safe area for civilians, but they had eventually been overrun. He comments on how Javier had chosen to stay with Kate and his family rather than leave again, commenting on how he had changed. (Determinant) He then leads Javier into the hospital.

David and Javier enter Kate's recovery room, where she is resting from her injuries with fresh bandages and fluids. Gabriel is excited to see Javier. David and his son begin playfully sparring as Javier and Kate discuss her condition. As David begins to get closer to Kate, she feigns pain in her abdomen to get him and Gabriel to leave to find the doctor. She confesses to Javier that she felt wholly unnerved by the people who had cared for her, including David. She suggests trying to leave as soon as possible, even if it meant David could not leave with them. David then returns alongside Gabriel and Dr. Paul Lingard, who serves as the community's medic on the council. She says that she no longer feels the pain when they enter, making David suspicious, though he is disarmed when Lingard says that abdominal wounds often leave pain that comes in waves. The doctor commends the work that Eleanor had done on Kate's wound and offers to vouch on her behalf to get her out of quarantine. He then tells David that he would not be attending the council meeting over Javier's admittance, but assures him that the two other councilmembers knew that his vote was with David's. David reminds Javier to not bring up Mariana before taking him to the council.

In the Richmond cathedral, David presents his brother to Joan- the project manager of the city and handler of outside contacts- and Clint- the agricultural expert- for his interview. Joan and Clint discuss whether they would rather eat chocolate cake that she had prepared or the spinach Clint had cultivated. They ask for Javier's opinion and judge his response to determine his values. They impress that they were in charge of the New Frontier and that they expected the others to do as the council ordered. Javier can say that he could adjust to living in the New Frontier or ask why they were in charge and no one else. Joan explains that they had helped establish the New Frontier as a people after having been settled on the Shenandoah River. David adds that they had started requiring that the New Frontier's mark be branded upon its people as a test of loyalty after several former members had betrayed and attacked them, forcing them out of their location during the winter. Joan admits that the brand had not always been a completely reliable test, but it was their crude answer to problems with new outsiders seeking to become part of their group.

The council had been formed to keep the people safe from the outside world by deciding who could enter based on their interview. Javier empathizes with her commitment to her people and says he would want to keep his own people safe too. (Determinant) Max is then escorted into the cathedral by two guards as the council begins probing into Javier's background. Clint announces that he had summoned Max because he was aware of tensions between him and Javier. David is annoyed that Clint had gone around his authority and spoken to Max himself, but sits by and allows Max to speak of his experiences with Javier. Max first recounts how he had first encountered Javier pilfering gasoline from their vehicle. Javier can claim that Max was lying or profess that he had not known that the vehicle belonged to Max, but Joan and Clint become displeased with Javier regardless of his response. Max then brings up Rufus's encounter with Javier, either relating how he had killed Rufus or had worked with Clementine to crash his truck depending on whether or not Javier spared Rufus. Clint skeptically asks if David really thought that Javier could become one of them if he had committed such crimes against them. Javier defends himself as having done only what he had to do to protect himself and his friends while Joan had gone beyond that scope, (Determinant) causing Joan to ask what else he had to say.

If Javier does not argue: Javier concedes the argument at his brother's prompting. Clint picks up on his failure to contest his deeds and decides that Javier would not be allowed in the New Frontier. Over David's objections, Joan consents with Clint's opinion and believes that Javier would only cause problems. Clint orders for Javier and his group to be taken outside the walls with a few spare weapons and supplies and cast out. David promises that his family would be safe, as would Eleanor, but he was unable to do anything more for him at the moment. Javier resignedly accepts his fate and allows himself to be removed from the cathedral.

If Javier brings up Mariana's death: Javier angrily stands up and denounces the council for allowing Badger to kill a little girl. David berates Javier for not keeping this a secret and tries to silence his brother, but Clint and Joan demand to hear more. Javier also discusses Badger and Max destroying Prescott, (Determinant) horrifying Clint. (Determinant) Clint and Joan berate David for failing to maintain order amongst his soldiers. Joan summarily decides to exile Javier and his friends with enough rations to get away, Clint offering no objection. David promises that his family would be safe, as would Eleanor, but he was unable to do anything for him at the moment. Javier resignedly accepts his fate and allows himself to be removed from the cathedral.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

The group in quarantine are forced outside of the walls alongside Javier. Tripp is angered at his treatment and banishment from the city. Ava runs out of the gate with a duffel bag David had personally prepared before they could leave, delivering their supplies. She tells them to leave before they were shot by the guards, shoving Tripp after he demands to know where Eleanor was. Despite Javier trying to calm him, Tripp stalks toward Ava again, only to be struck in the head by her and knocked to the ground. Ava tells them once again to leave and mentions that there was a settlement nearby to the west before returning inside the walls as the gates shut. Tripp rejects Javier's help to his feet and derides the plan he had formed in quarantine. Javier inspects the contents of the bag, discovering sparse weapons and no food. He selects a metal baseball bat for himself and finds a hand-drawn map wrapped around it. They decide to follow the directions of the map north toward a cleared zone picked by David. If Conrad was spared in the train tunnel, he initially refuses to hold one of the weapons as an apology for how he had acted in threatening Gabriel, though Javier can convince him to take one of the guns provided to them. If Conrad was killed in the previous episode, then Tripp initially hesitates to leave Richmond, unwilling to lose anyone else. Javier vows that no one else would die and gets him to walk into the woods. (Determinant)

Through the woods at night, Tripp and Javier share a few words over his relationship with Kate. Javier can confess his feelings for his sister-in-law or deny any such emotions, but Tripp believes that Javier harbors feelings for her whether he wants to admit it or not. He remarks on how the truth will eventually come out and reveals that he and Eleanor had once had a relationship that she had broken off. Tripp quietly confesses that he still held feelings for her before Jesus splits off from the trail and mounts a hill. Jesus notes a herd nearby and a small cluster of walkers directly in their path. The group draws their weapons and proceeds forward through the walkers. After dispatching a few, Javier lags behind to finish off the final walker in the group, only to be attacked by a different walker. He loses control of his baseball bat and barely manages to wrestle the walkers off of him before Clementine returns to save him with his bat. If Conrad had died in the train tunnel and she had left the group, then she explains that she had covered herself in walker guts to reach him through the herd. The two discuss David and the kind of person he was, Clementine being unwilling to accept that David was anything other than a monster. They rejoin Tripp further in the forest, stopping as Clementine retells how David had taken away her family.

Several months before the New Frontier invaded and occupied Richmond, Clementine was with the New Frontier for her and Alvin Jr.'s safety. During the early stages of winter, Alvin Jr. had grown gravely ill with some sort of infection, leading Dr. Lingard to pronounce A.J. a hopeless case and withhold his medicine so that it could be used to treat another person in the future. Clementine refused to accept this, so she decided that she would steal the medicine and give it to him herself. Clementine carries Alvin in a crouch through their camp as the others chat around a campfire and Paul Lingard had drugged himself into a stupor. She sets him down and hushes him as she searches through their medical supplies for the vancomycin. She grabs the needle and the drug she needs and prepares to inject A.J. as Lingard wakes up. He asks that she returns the last of the vancomycin before anyone found out that she had stolen it, as giving to A.J. would only be a waste of resources.

If Clementine chooses to inject A.J.: Clementine tries to soothes the baby as she injects him in the arm. He cries out loud, drawing David and the others from the campfire. David first notices that Lingard had drugged himself again, ordering him to pull himself together before anyone else noticed. Then, as Clementine is subtly surrounded by the others, David turns his attention to her. He berates her for wasting the drugs on A.J. when she was explicitly told that it would not work. Ava weakly offers some defense of Clementine, but David, but he says he regrets in taking her in. Clementine points out Alvin Jr.'s improved condition, but Lingard tells her that he was only going to have a short while of relief before getting sicker. David berates her once again for stealing from them after they had opened their group to her and decides to expel her. As Clementine goes to leave, however, David tells her that she cannot take A.J. with her, as he could not travel. The New Frontier forcefully take the child from her arms as she screams. She reminds them of her brand and says that she was one of them, but David tells her to leave. Ava convinces him to let her say her final words to A.J. Clementine approaches A.J. and tells him to be strong before David takes her and leads her away. (Determinant) A.J. reaches out for her and calls to her as she goes. (Determinant)

If Clementine chooses to put the drugs back: Clementine relents and apologizes to A.J. for not being able to do more for him. Before she could put the drugs back however, Ava walks over and sees the drugs in her hand. Another New Frontier member grabs her and she involuntarily drops the vancomycin case and shatters it, wasting the drugs. David berates her for wasting the drugs on A.J. when she was explicitly told that it would not work. David berates her once again for stealing from them after they had opened their group to her and decides to expel her. As Clementine goes to leave, however, David tells her that she cannot take A.J. with her, as he could not travel. The New Frontier forcefully take the child from her arms as she screams. She reminds them of her brand and says that she was one of them, but David tells her to leave. Ava convinces him to let her say her final words to A.J. David lets her step forward to say goodbye, but she spits in his face in response. (Determinant) David wipes the spit clean from his face and harshly removes her from the camp as she desperately reaches out for A.J. (Determinant)

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Clementine finishes her story to Javier and tearfully remarks on how she had hoped A.J. would have been the one that did not die with her. Javier can comfort her, but she says that she was only punished for trusting other people again. Tripp and Javier press on through the forest before they stumble across a warehouse nearly surrounded by walkers. Javier notes that this was where David had sent them. With a half-dozen walkers in their path, they kill the walkers and enter a small area enclosed by a fence outside of the warehouse. More walkers chase them, but Javier closes the gate before any could get in. Tripp and the others hold the fence steady as Javier is tasked with finding a way into the warehouse. A larger herd nearby notices them and begins marching toward the fence. Javier finds their entryway locked and a garage door jammed. (Determinant) He is startled by a walker trapped inside of a wrecked vehicle within the fenced area, but he sees a jack underneath the car and a jack handle inside of the car. He opens the car door and kills the walkers inside, then grabs the handle and attaches it to the jack. The others shout for him to hurry as he lifts the garage door enough to slide the jack under it and begins pumping the handle. Once he manages to get it high enough to crawl under, Clementine and Jesus abandon the fence and run inside. As the weakened fence falls, Tripp tells Javier to get inside as he rushes to him.

Javier slips under the garage door into the warehouse in front of Clementine and Jesus. If Conrad had survived the previous episode, he runs for the garage door alongside Tripp. If Javier had given him the gun, he shoots the walker nearest to the door and slides inside shortly before Tripp follows suit, Tripp and Clementine calling for Javier to shut the garage door. Alternatively, if Conrad was not given the gun, then Tripp slides under the door first, and Conrad attempts to crawl underneath until a walker grabs him. The others look on in horror as Conrad grabs onto the jack and is pulled away from the warehouse. (Determinant) With everyone inside and the garage door closed, the group prepares to explore their new surroundings before a series of gunshots outside of the walls. David's voice shouts to be let in, but Clementine fires a shot at the door and orders Javier to not allow David inside.

If Javier backs away from the door, Clementine lowers her weapon before Jesus rushes to unlock the door and let David inside, expressing his disappointment with Javier. Clementine tackles him and places the barrel of her gun against his forehead, (Determinant) demanding to know if he had let A.J. turn. (Determinant) Alternatively, if Javier chooses to open the door for his brother, Jesus disarms Clementine so that Javier could unlock the door and get David inside. David and Clementine exchange terse greetings before Tripp and Javier ask why David had kicked a little girl out of his group. (Determinant) David firmly states that she had broken the New Frontier's rules and had needed to be expelled. (Determinant) Clementine softly asks if A.J. had suffered, (Determinant) but David reveals that Alvin Jr. had survived. Clementine is skeptical despite her hopes, but David comments on how he had given A.J. to Lingard to be taken care of, saying that he would know where A.J. was.

Clementine resolves to return to Richmond, but David says that they would be stuck there until the walkers were cleared out. David tells Javier that his plan was to give him a vehicle and some supplies, then see him off. Before he and David could agree on a plan of action, however, the walkers break through the door. Jesus repels the walkers as Javier and David push over a heavy container to block the door. As they secure the door, however, Tripp recognizes the crate. They move deeper into the warehouse and locate dozens of other containers, Tripp noting that a few of them appeared to have come from Prescott, including an arcade machine from Conrad's bar. David admits to having no knowledge that any of these supplies had been at the warehouse, but Tripp dubiously alleges that he knew of the raids that his men had carried out. Jesus notes that there were containers that had been looted from other communities beyond Prescott, but they are interrupted by a distant voice.

Javier and the others quickly hide amongst the containers as three of David's men- Max, Badger and Lonnie- tersely discuss their problems with David and the García family. David draws his gun and sneaks up on the three of them as they discuss Badger killing Mariana. David immediately attacks and disarms Badger, keeping his gun trained on the other two. Max opens fire on David, scattering everyone in the warehouse. Lonnie flees from the battle as Jesus and Clementine chase after him. David sends Javier to hunt down Badger as he deals with Max. Javier agrees, following him to the upstairs office. The two struggle over a shotgun inside of the room until Badger gains the upper hand with a wrench and smashes Javier's face through a window, disorienting him.

Badger taunts Javier and grabs his baseball bat, expressing his regret that he could not give Javier a more gruesome death. Javier recovers, however, and manages to avoid being hit. He then grabs the shotgun and shoots Badger in the stomach, mortally wounding him. In shock, Badger stares at the guts nearly falling out of him. Javier grabs his bat as Badger taunts him once more over Mariana. (Determinant) Tripp enters the office and notes Badger being defenseless and nearly dead already. If Conrad had been given a gun, he enters the office too, vengefully kicking Badger to punish him. Badger mocks Francine and calls her "nothing", (Determinant) but Tripp just tells Javier to finish him quickly. Javier rears up to strike as Badger derisively smirks at him.

If Javier chooses to destroy Badger's skull: Javier strikes Badger in the head three times before he dies. Tripp tells him that it was over, but Javier continues to attack Badger's corpse. As Tripp repeatedly asks him to stop, Javier bashes what little remains of Badger's skull until his bat is coated with blood and brains. Finally, when Javier ceases his assault, Tripp distastefully tells Javier that he hoped brutally killing a man had given him some peace.

If Javier chooses to kill Badger quickly: Javier strikes Badger in the head three times before he dies. Tripp tells him that it was over, Javier slowly regarding the corpse before him and the bat he had marked with blood.

If Javier chooses to let Badger turn: Javier lowers his bat and tells Tripp and Conrad (Determinant) that they should leave him to turn, as it was the only fair option. Badger's smirk fades away to a look of contempt.

If Javier chooses to let Conrad kill Badger: Javier lowers his bat and asks Conrad if he could kill Badger. Badger asks if Javier was scared to kill another man, but Conrad tells him that he was not a man, calling him "nothing" like Badger had called Francine. Conrad raises his gun on Badger and shoots him in the head.

If Javier fails to make a decision: Javier lowers his bat, unable to swing. Tripp understandingly goes to Badger and stabs him in the head with his knife, killing him quickly.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

A gunshot from outside of the office draws Javier away from Badger. Rushing outside, Javier arrives to watch David struggle with Max before disarming his former soldier. Javier retrieves Max's weapon while David keeps Max at close gunpoint on his knees. Max begs for his life, though David has no desire to let him live after what he had done in the raids. Max confesses that the raids had been orchestrated by Joan, who had not allowed him to tell David for fear that he would put an end to them. Max offers to tell everyone in Richmond the truth, but David says that there was no need for him to be alive for them to expose Joan.

If Javier opts to spare Max: Javier concedes that Max could be useful in explaining to everyone of Joan's transgressions. Max breathlessly thanks Javier for his vouch, but David unceremoniously knocks out Max. Javier is initially shocked by David's act, but he allows David to bind Max's hands.

If Javier chooses to execute Max: Javier tells Max that they did not need his help before shooting him in the head, shocking Tripp.

If Javier remains silent: Javier scornfully watches David level his gun with Max's head and pull the trigger.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

After the sun rises, Javier leads his group outside, regrouping with Jesus and Clementine. Jesus says that they had lost Lonnie, who was probably on his way back to Richmond to warn Joan of what had happened. Clementine notices that Badger was absent and asks what had happened to him, (Determinant) only to discover the blood on Javier's bat. (Determinant) Jesus berates Javier for his brutal killing of Badger and tells him that these were not the actions of a good man. (Determinant) Jesus decides that he could no longer afford any time to search for friends who were probably killed by the New Frontier and announces that he needed to return to his group to warn them of the raids. Tripp and Javier watch him leave through the forest, Jesus promising that he would not forget about them.

After he leaves, David prepares to return to Richmond to confront Joan and save his family. He says that if they were going to stop her, they would need allies, believing that the other councilmembers would assist them. Javier agrees to go with him on the condition that he and his friends be wholly accepted into the community. (Determinant) David then muses that the guards would probably be expecting them at the gates if Lonnie had gotten to Richmond already. He brings up a secret route into the community that would get them past the guards, taking Badger's truck to get back quickly. The survivors load up on the truck and depart for Richmond.

Later, they enter Richmond from the sewers beneath, quietly moving to observe the streets. David states that their best chance would be in splitting up so that they could each move with less fear of detection. Tripp decides to go after Eleanor, Conrad volunteering to accompany him. David tells Javier to go with Tripp to the hospital so that he could retrieve Kate and Gabriel and bring them to his house. David then goes to confront Joan, taking Max along. Clementine tells Javier that she plans on asking any old friends in the New Frontier about where A.J. was and taking Badger's truck to leave Richmond for good. She warns him to be cautious of David before giving him a farewell. Tripp takes Javier over to the nearest street, but two guards patrol right past them and stop for a smoke break in front of them. Javier manages to distract them by tossing a rock at a window across the street so that they could run past them to the hospital. (Determinant)

Javier separates from Tripp and enters Kate's room. Gabriel sees Javier enter and embraces his uncle as Kate wakes up from her sleep. Kate says she was told Javier had been kicked out by the New Frontier. Gabriel asks where his father was, but Kate has no desire to meet with David. She says that Joan had visited while Javier was gone and had informed her that David had been removed from his position of authority. If Javier reveals that Joan had been behind the raids and the attack at the junkyard, Kate affirms her desire to leave immediately, wanting no part of the politicking within Richmond, even if it meant leaving David behind. Tripp and Eleanor enter the room, Eleanor asking why they were all suddenly fleeing to David's house. Kate refuses, deciding to leave before anyone could stop them. Eleanor protests over Kate's wound and Gabriel says that he cannot leave without David. Kate points out that they had no idea who he was and what he had become since they had last seen him, but Gabriel is adamant that they would be abandoning his father once again, something he could not do.

If Javier sides with Kate: Javier agrees that Richmond was not safe and that the only option was to get out, much to Gabriel's disappointment. Eleanor leaves to gather her belongings, Tripp following her. Kate initially has some difficulty standing up properly, but she shakes off any assistance when she goes to leave. Gabriel startlingly and determinedly declines to go with them, saying that he needed to find his father. Kate pleads with him to reconsider, breaking down and asking that he let her be his mother by going with her. Gabriel soundlessly turns away from her and stays silent as Javier tows Kate away. As they limp through the streets, Kate regrets that she could not get through to Gabriel even after they had spent years together after the outbreak. Javier can say that it was because David was still his father, but Kate states that she had forgotten that Gabriel was not actually her son and had hoped that he viewed her as a mother. (Determinant) Before they could leave Richmond, however, they are halted by two armed guards. They recognize Javier and decide to take them both to Joan, but Javier resists them for long enough for Kate to escape. As she flees, Javier is subdued and knocked down. The guards warily grab him and escort him to the cathedral.

If Javier sides with Gabriel: Javier agrees that they could not leave behind David when he was counting on their support against Joan, much to Kate's disappointment. Eleanor leaves to retrieve the gun in her room in case they needed it for whatever came next, Tripp following her. As Kate attempts to stand, she falters and curls up in pain. In spite of her injury, she curtly rejects Javier's offer for help. Gabriel brings up Clementine, Javier telling him that she was still with them. (Determinant) As the three of them walk through the streets, Kate discusses David's aggressive nature, saying that he lived for the fight. Javier can defend his brother's tendencies toward violence or reject her statement, but Kate is unconvinced that David would be an asset for them and not a problem. As they reach David's house, Ava comes out and tells Javier to hurry over to the cathedral with her, as David was in the process of exposing Joan. Javier sends both Gabriel and Kate into the house and follows Ava, promising to return.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Javier arrives at the church to find David beginning to argue with Joan over what they had done. David notices him and asks what had happened. If Ava is with him, then Javier gladly tells him that their family was safe at his house, encouring David, saying he knew he could count on him. If Javier was escorted under armed guard, then the guard says that Javier had tried to leave with Kate, angering David for attempting to leave him when he needed him and says they will deal with it later. Joan inserts herself into their discussion, loudly denouncing David for smuggling his brother into Richmond in spite of the council's decision. In front of Clint, Lingard and Lonnie, Joan suggests that David be punished for his disrespect. Clint tries to smooth the situation and asks why Javier and David had returned to Richmond, but he is shocked by Javier's accusation about Joan's involvement in several raids carried out without his knowledge. Lingard asks if what Javier said was true, but Joan flatly denies his allegation as pure fancy. Clint demands proof of the charge before he could accept that Joan had done such things.

'If Max was spared: David shoves Max in front of the pulpit to deliver his confession. Although initially reluctant to disclose his misdeeds, he confesses that he and Badger and Lonnie had performed raids on Joan's orders. Lonnie is angered at Max for not covering Joan. Clint and Lingard demand to know why she had covertly attacked other settlements, she counters by saying that the raids were necessary to both keep Clint loaded with enough fertilizer to support crops and Lingard stocked with enough pills to treat the community. She argues that everything she had done was in the best interest of the New Frontier, and its ultimate goal of becoming a shining and unified community that could weather any storm and repel any threat, and that she had tried bear the burden of the deaths the raids had caused alone by keeping it a secret. David swears off the raids and blames them for Mariana's death, but Clint and Lingard fail to support him, having been thoroughly cowed by Joan. She apologizes for Mariana's death and calls for the guards to come forward. The guards approach to take David and Javier to a cell, Ava or an unnamed woman quietly leaves before anyone noticed her. Javier and David are forced to their knees before the former is knocked out.

If Max was killed: Lonnie advances to tell "the truth" of what had happened. He says that David and Javier had attacked him and killed his friends. After Joan prods him to continue, Lonnie says that they had indeed carried out attacks on other communities, but the orders had come from David and not Joan. Ava or an unnamed woman takes the chance to slip out quietly as Joan solidifies her position of leadership and undermines David's. As the council turns against David, Lonnie mocks David for killing their "family". David grows enraged by Lonnie's lies and attacks him. He points a gun at the council, but he is quickly tackled alongside his brother by a guard. Before they are taken, David fires one shot and kills Lonnie, but the guards disarm him and take them both away.

In-Game Decisions

Did you honor your brother's request?

  • 60.3% of players demanded justice for Mariana's murder.
  • 39.7% of players kept Mariana's murder to yourself.

Did you try to save A.J.?

  • 77.5% of players injected AJ with the medicine.
  • 22.5% of players didn't risk using the medicine.

How did Badger die?

  • 66.7% of players destroyed Badger's skull.
  • 3.5% of players killed Badger quickly.
  • 23.7% of players let Badger turn.
  • 6.1% of players let someone else kill Badger.

Did you accept Max's offer?

  • 67.7% of players brought Max back with you.
  • 32.3% of players killed Max.

Who did you side with in the end?

  • 50.5% of players stuck to David's plan.
  • 49.5% of players chose to leave with Kate.




This list shows the narrative consequences affected by choices from previous episodes of Season 2 and 3.

Season 2

  • If Clementine watched Kenny kill Carver in "In Harm's Way", then she will reference that after Javier beats down Badger with a baseball bat.
  • Clementine will have a scar on her forehead. (If Clementine stayed with Kenny)
  • Clementine will have the letters "AJ" inked on her right hand. (If Clementine stayed with Jane)
  • Clementine will have her left ring-finger missing. (If Clementine went alone)
  • Clementine will have a bullet wound/scar on her right cheek. (If Clementine stayed at Wellington)
  • There's a few dialogue changes that can happen depending on what ending you chose and whether you tried to help Luke or not in "No Going Back".

After Clementine tells her story about her and A.J.:

If Clementine picked Kenny:

  • "He was the only family I had left."

If Clementine picked Jane:

  • "I survived. He didn't. That's... that's just the way it goes sometimes."

If Clementine stayed in Wellington:

  • "At least he doesn't have to live in this world anymore."

If Clementine went alone:

  • "Maybe it was for the best. Any place has to be better than here. Maybe even nothing is better.."

If Clementine tried to save Luke in Season 2 (Regardless of the ending you choose):

  • "That's what I get for trusting other people. Again.."

Outside of the factory after Javier kills Badger himself. (This is determinant.)

If Clementine picked Kenny:

  • "That man shot his niece! Right in front of him. I would've done the same, Javi."

If Clementine picked Jane:

  • "If he was stronger he'd still be alive. He wasn't, so he isn't. That's that."

If Clementine stayed in Wellington:

  • "You weren't there. You don't know what Javi went through! Emotions aren't picky. They get the better of all of us eventually."

If Clementine went alone:

  • "The world's a better place without him. Believe me."

If Clementine tried to save Luke in Season 2 (Regardless of the ending and the relationship you have with Clementine):

  • "Javi's earned my trust. And if any of you had any brains you'd say the same. I'm sure you did the right thing."

After the group gets back to Richmond where Clementine and Javier talk about whether David is trustworthy (Determinant - Staying silent won't give you unique lines)

If Clementine picked Kenny:

  • "Family means something different now. You have to make it for yourself."

If Clementine picked Jane:

  • "The only thing that matters is staying alive."

If Clementine stayed in Wellington:

  • "I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's not the man I think he is."

If Clementine went alone:

  • "You know what's best for the people you love. No one else can make that call."

If Clementine tried to save Luke in Season 2:

  • "But you're no dummy. Your instincts have been right most of the time. I know you'll make the right call."

Season 3

  • Conrad will appear in this episode if kept alive in "Ties That Bind - Part 2".
    • Clementine will also be with the group if this outcome was chosen. If Conrad was killed, she will not appear until Javier and the others are travelling to the warehouse David sent them to.
    • If Conrad was killed in "Ties That Bind - Part 2", Tripp will be depressed about his death.
  • When Joan and Clint are questioning Max he will either tell them that Clementine crashed Rufus on the road with a tree if Rufus was spared or tell them that Javier killed Rufus if you chose that.
  • The group will either be on their knees or standing up depending how you ended the last episode.
  • If Javier kissed Kate in "Ties That Bind - Part 1", Eleanor or Tripp (depending on who Clementine and Javier went to the junkyard with) will be surprised that she's married to David when learning from him, because she/he saw them flirting.
  • When the group was expelled from Richmond and if Conrad was saved in "Ties That Bind - Part Two", the duffel bag will have 2 pistols and an extra knife.
  • If Javier doesn't let David inside and Jesus opens the door for him, he will say different lines depending what you did with him in "Ties That Bind - Part 2", like "I thought you were a good man" or "Should've trusted my gut about you".

Promotional Poster

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  • First appearance of Fern.
  • First appearance of Paul Lingard.
  • First appearance of Joan.
  • First appearance of Clinton Barnes.
  • First appearance of Bob.
  • First (and last) appearance of Drew. (Zombified, Flashback)
  • First (and last) appearance of Chris. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Conrad. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Max. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Badger. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Lonnie. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Hector García. (Photograph, Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Mrs. García. (Photograph, Flashback)
  • Alvin Jr. can say his first word in this episode.
  • This is the first and only episode where Javier narrates the "Previously on The Walking Dead" segment.
  • If Javier talks to Jesus while he is holding off walkers in front of the warehouse, he will make the same reference to Randy Tudor that Lee makes in "No Time Left".
  • This is the first episode where determinantly when the player doesn't lose any group members.
  • An Easter egg is shown in the García’s house, it can be subtle but it’s seen in a frame, is revealed to be the Travelier Motel.

Goofs/Errors/Animating Mistakes

  • There are several errors during the "Previously On" segment:
    • Mrs. Garcia's facial animations are non-functional, with her showing no appropriate reaction to being bitten in "Ties That Bind - Part 1".
    • Clementine is seen wearing her hood in her first encounter with Javier, which she never had on in her appearance.
    • If the group fully surrendered by getting on their knees, whilst everyone else is kneeling in the final seconds of "Ties That Bind - Part 2", Javier is still standing when David appears.
  • If Rufus was spared, it is not known to how he knew Clementine was the one responsible for knocking down the tree considering she isn't in sight until he left the scene.
  • When going under the garage door, if Conrad is alive and has the gun, Tripp is shown being closer to the door then Conrad is, however in the next shot, Conrad makes it to the door first.
  • If Conrad is alive and Javier fails to help David barricade the door, Conrad can be seen simply standing there as Javier, Clementine, Tripp and Jesus are devoured, not reacting at all.
  • Throughout the episode, a grey bar can appear from Javier's shirt and can block up the entire screen. It will leave at a loading screen but may appear from time to time in the episode, varying in sizes. A reload of the game should get rid of the error.
  • After closing the door with the container, Tripp and Jesus were not seen near the door. In the next shot, they come out of nowhere.

Deleted Sequences

  • After Javier fights Drew, he would have more of a "damaged" texture.


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