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The following is a transcript of Episode 3: Above The Law of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 3.


Javier and Kate walk through their neighborhood; Javi is armed with a wrench and Kate has a hammer.

Kate: I hate being out so close to dark. It's harder to see them coming...

Javier: We're just gonna get that propane and then come right back.

Kate: I--I saw it in that pickup truck parked down the road a little--in front of the Wallaces' house. I just wish there was an easier way to get it... And that we didn't have to risk life and limb. Every damn day. For food, and water, and gas for the stove. Am I babbling? I babble when I'm scared.

Javier: Nothing's easy anymore, Kate, but that doesn't mean we don't have to try.
Kate: I know. It's just hard to get used to, that's all.
Javier: We get over there, we grab the tank, we get the hell back home.

Javier: I can do this myself, you know--not too late for you to turn around.
Kate: Who's gonna watch your back if I'm not here? Besides, I can't just hole up in this house forever. I need--I need to get used to being out here.
Javier: Okay...

Javier: Maybe we can do without. I mean, we're gonna have to eventually.
Kate: It's a hell of a lot more than what we have right now. We need a working stove--which means we need more propane.
Javier: Okay...

Kate: I'll shut up. Let's just get this over with...

Javier: If we're lucky, we won't see a single one of those things.

Kate: Fingers crossed...

They reach the house; a propane canister is in the back of the truck in the driveway.

Kate: There it is!

Javier: Let's take it and go.

Javi picks up the propane canister.

Javier: Empty.

Kate: You've gotta be fucking kidding me! Goddamn it!

Kate throws the canister.

Kate: Of course it's empty. Why would we get that lucky? I mean, it's not like we needed it or anything.

Javier: Easy, Kate... Maybe there's something else we can use in there.
Kate: Yeah, okay, maybe--but we came out here for that tank...

Javier: Hey, hey, hey, don't beat yourself up about it. It was worth a shot. It just...didn't work out.
Kate: I'm sorry. I'm just sick of this shit.

Javier: Hey, keep it down! I know it sucks, Kate, but you gotta watch out.
Kate: I'm sorry. I'm just sick of this shit.

Kate: I'm sorry. I'm just sick of this shit.

Kate: I just thought--this one time--we deserved to catch a fucking break.

A walker child exits the house and jumps onto Javi's back.

Kate: Oh, my god--Javi!

Javi throws the walker to the ground and pins it.

Javier: Kate! Your hammer! Now!

Kate: Oh, god, that's...that's...

Javier smashes the walker's head into the ground until it dies.

Kate: I'm sorry... I was just so fucking scared...

Javier: Y--you froze. It's okay.

Kate: I wanted to kill it, I really did, but...I know him. That was one of Gabe's friends: Drew. He was so sweet. He always had a smile on his face. Gabe worshipped him.

Javier: That's not Drew anymore. I--I know, it still looks like him, but...the kid you knew, he's gone. All that's left is this...thing.

Javier: I'm sorry you had to see that. I'm sure he was a--a good kid.
Kate: He's not a kid anymore. He's just...one of those things.

Javier: Okay, so you recognized him. That's no reason to let it kill you! And it was going to kill you.
Kate: I know! I know, you're right.

Kate: It's not like I thought Drew was still in there somewhere. I'm not crazy. He's not a kid anymore. He's just...one of those things.

Kate: I don't even know what to call them. If they're not people... If they're just the dead... Muertos.

Javier: That's what we'll call them.

Kate: I thought we were gonna die. (hugs Javi) I thought...Gabe and Mariana were just going to wake up and we'd just be gone. When it was on you... Oh, my god.

Javier: We should, uh...really get back inside.
She noticed that.
Kate: Yeah... Okay.

Javier: I'm right here, okay? I'm here; you're here; we're still alive. That's what matters.
Kate won't forget this.
Kate: Can we go back now?

She noticed your silence.
Kate: Sorry. Can we go back now?

They return home to Gabe and Mariana, who are asleep.

Kate: I know we all wanted to stay here, in the house, and wait for David to come back. But it's been three months since he drove away with your mom.

Javier: What are you saying?

Kate: We're not safe here. Not anymore. You and I could have been killed out there--for an empty can! There's gotta be a safer place out there. Somewhere not so isolated.

Javier: So, we'll leave. Go somewhere else, somewhere safer.
Kate: Somewhere with crazy thick walls, okay? And a gate that's twenty feet tall.

Javier: But, Kate, I mean... This is your home.
Kate: You're getting sentimental now? We stay, somebody's going to get hurt. Or worse.

Javier: What makes you think it's gonna be better anywhere else? Everything and everyone outside this door is dead!
Kate: Exactly! How long until one of those things gets in? We stay, somebody's going to get hurt. Or worse.

Kate: What's gonna happen the next time one of us has to leave the house? We stay, somebody's going to get hurt. Or worse.

Javier: You really think the kids are gonna be happy with this plan?

Kate: The kids will understand. And if they don't, we'll just...make them see it our way. We have to go.

Gabe: How come?

Gabe and Mariana walk up to the other two.

Gabe: What if I don't want to leave?

Mariana: Gabe...

Gabe: We're safe inside the house. And I bet we can find more food in the neighborhood if we just look harder.

Javier: Sorry, Gabe, but we're the adults here.
Gabe: So we have no say in this at all?
Javier: It's our call.
Kate: We can't stay, Gabe. It's just getting worse out there.

Javier: We need to find somewhere with more people around. People who are still alive; people who don't mind sharing their supplies.
Gabe: We have our own supplies.
Javier: Not enough. Not anymore.

Javier: We're tired of being afraid every time we leave you guys alone--and it's just getting worse out there. Better to leave now, while we still can.

Kate: We can't stay, Gabe. It's just getting worse out there.

Gabe: But what about Dad? What's he gonna think if he shows up and we just ditched him? We might never find him again!

Javier: Your dad would want us to do this, Gabe. He'd want us to survive.
Gabe: We've been surviving! Here, at home!
Javier: Barely.
Kate: I'm sorry, Gabe. But...Javi's right.

Javier: I don't think your dad is coming back, Gabe. We waited for him as long as we could, but--we've gotta face facts.
Gabe: Is that really what you guys think?
Kate: I'm sorry, Gabe. But...Javi's right.

Javier: We have to look out for ourselves now, Gabe. I wish things were different, but--our safety is more important.
Gabe: But we're safe here!
Javier: No. We're not.
Kate: I'm sorry, Gabe. But...Javi's right.

Kate: I'm sure that your dad tried really hard to get back to us, but we've been waiting a really long time.
Gabe: And we're gonna keep waiting!

Gabe: How about you guys go and I stay here?

Kate: You're a kid! That's not how it works.

Gabe: I can take care of myself! If I need any help, I'll just ask my friends!

Kate: Gabe...honey...

Gabe: Wh--what? What's--what's wrong with her? Why's she acting so weird? Uncle Javi?

Javier: She's sad...because when we were out, we saw your friend, Drew. But it wasn't exactly him anymore.
Gabe: You mean, h--he was one of them?
Kate: We're so sorry, Gabe.

Javier: I'll tell you when you're older, okay?
Gabe: Just tell me! I can handle it.
Javier: I don't think so.
Kate: We can't lie to him, Javi. He needs to know. Your friend? Drew, from down the street? He...he didn't make it. He...he turned into one of them.

Javier: Nothing's wrong with her. She's just a little shook up. That's all.
Kate: We can't lie to him, Javi. He needs to know.
Gabe: Will you guys just tell me what's going on?
Kate: Your friend? Drew, from down the street? He...he didn't make it. He...he turned into one of them.

Kate: Your friend? Drew, from down the street? He...he didn't make it. He...he turned into one of them.

Kate: So you understand why, don't you? Why we have to leave? If that happened to you...I couldn't bear it.

Mariana: When do we have to go?

Kate: Tomorrow--as soon as it's daylight.

Gabe: I wanna leave him a note.

Javier: I'll help you get started, okay?

Gabe: What are we gonna tell him? I want to say something good. Something that won't make him sad.

Javier: Tell him we're gonna be okay. We're gonna stick together, and we're gonna get through this.
Gabe: Okay.

Javier: Tell him we'll find him. Somehow. We're all gonna see each other again.
Gabe: I like that.

Javier: Just tell him we love him. All of us. And...nothing's gonna change that, not ever.
Gabe: I like that.

Kate: Tell him...we love him. And that we'll find each other again... Someday.
Gabe: That's nice.

Gabe: I'm going to write it right now, so we don't forget.

Javier: Of course.

Mariana: I'll help him.

Kate: Thank you. Really.

Kate hugs Gabe. She gets up and blows out a candle near her wedding photo. Gabe puts a note on the wall. It says:

We had to move somewhere else. I don't know where, but Kate says we're not safe here.

Please don't worry. We'll be okay. You taught us well!

We're going to find you somehow. Javi promised.

No matter what happens, always remember we still love you.

Love, Gabe

Mariana takes her tape player and headphones, leaving behind a stuffed animal. Javi considers taking his baseball bat and signed baseball, but decides not to. Gabe takes a pudding cup. Kate takes a tin of weed. Everyone leaves the house.


Gabe: Dad?

David: Javi? Is that really you? I always hoped I'd find you. Never really thought it'd happen; not after all this time.

Javier: I can't fucking believe this... It--it's you!
David: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Javier: God, you have no idea how good it is to see your face!
David: Think I got a pretty decent idea, actually.

Javier: I...I thought you were dead, man. I thought you'd been dead--for a long time.
David: No such luck.

Javier says nothing.

Gabe runs up to David and hugs him.

Gabe: I knew you were still alive. I knew it!

David: Hey, weapons down! This is my family!

The New Frontier soldiers lower their weapons.

Javier: You gotta let us in. Kate doesn't have much longer.

David: Jesus--Kate!

Kate: David?

David: (holds Kate's hand) I'm here, honey; I'm right here. What the hell happened?

Javier: She's been shot; and we got the bullet out, but she's still bleeding. We need your doctor. Now, David!

David: What the fuck is she on the ground for? She's barely got a pulse. She's cold as fucking ice! How were you just gonna leave her here like this?

Javier: He said we had to kneel. I couldn't hold onto her.
He noticed that.
David: The fuck are you trying to prove, Max?
Max: They're outsiders, David! It's what we do with everybody.

Javier: We were trying to prove that we could be trusted; that we'd follow orders. Anything to get her to your hospital.
He noticed that.
David: You that afraid of an injured woman, Max?
Max: It wasn't her. It was the rest of 'em!

Javier: What would you have done, huh? Your men said, “Put your hands up.” I’m supposed to do what, just ignore them?
He noticed that.
David: I don’t give a shit what they told you to do. After all she’s done for you, this is how you treat her?


David: Thanks, Javi. For getting her here.

David carries Kate.

David: She's coming inside!

Max: But she hasn't been checked!

David: This is my wife, Max. You want her to die?
Max: No. I didn't say that!

David: Fuck that! This is my wife!
Max: I... I didn't know. Honest!
David: She's going to the hospital. Now!

David: Our doctor's gonna help you, honey. I'm gonna make sure of it.

Gabe: Wait. I'm going with you!

Gabe and David walk away. The rest of the group tries to follow, but the New Frontier raises their weapons to stop them.

Fern: Sorry--but the rest of you have to go straight to quarantine.

Tripp: What for?

Fern: All newcomers get checked for bites...and they all have to answer a couple of questions. Our doctor will clear the two of them. But the rest of you have to come with me to the quarantine holding area. It's how we keep it safe for everyone.

Clementine: Yeah, right.

Javier: Don't you get it? I'm David's brother! I'm going to the hospital with them.
Fern: We have procedures here--procedures that have to be followed... Even if you are related to David.

Javier: If Kate's going to the hospital, then so am I.
Fern: Not yet. First you go through quarantine--then we'll see.

Javier: Fine. Let's just get this over with.
Tripp: Javi.
Fern: Make my job easy, would you? Listen to your friend.
Tripp: Whatever you say.

Fern: C'mon, now. Everyone else had to do it.

Tripp: Ah, this is bullshit.
Fern: Come on! The sooner you come along, the sooner we can get you cleared.

Javier: Hey! David!

Javier: Gabe! Wait a second!

Javier: I--I'll be there as soon as I can!

Javier says nothing.

Fern: Let's go.


The soldiers bring the group to the quarantine area, where they find Eleanor.

Eleanor: Tripp!

Tripp: Oh, god, Eleanor! (hugs Eleanor) When we found the car without you in it--I didn't know what to think.

Eleanor: The engine up and died! I came here looking for help and this...happened. I've been so worried about Kate. I told them she needed a doctor. They promised me someone would look into it. Please, tell me they found her.

Javier: They definitely didn't look for her, 'cause she was still in the car.
Eleanor: But that's crazy--I told them she was dying!
Javier: Clearly, it wasn't a priority.
Tripp: Well, at least those assholes realized she needed a hospital once they saw her.

Javier: Well, luckily, we found her before she got any worse. They just took her to the hospital.
Eleanor: I can't believe no one went to look for her!

Javier: You thought that these people would give a shit about some stranger dying in their driveway?
Eleanor: I...I don't know, Javi. They knew she was dying.
Tripp: Well, at least those assholes realized she needed a hospital once they saw her.

Tripp: Kate was still in the car when we found it.
Eleanor: What?
Tripp: She's on her way to the hospital now.

Eleanor: I'm sorry, Javi, really, but--I didn't have any reason not to believe them. What?

Tripp: The people here in Richmond; they're New Frontier.

Eleanor: Oh, my god.

Tripp: Oh-ho-ho, you ain't even heard the worst part yet! One of 'em is his brother. I didn't even know you had a brother, Javi!

Javier: So he's my brother, so what? We haven't seen David in years--it's just been me, Kate, and the kids this whole time.
Eleanor: Nobody's implying anything, Javi.
Tripp: Speak for yourself.

Javier: Hey, nobody's more surprised than me. I thought the guy was dead! We haven't seen David in years--it's just been me, Kate, and the kids this whole time.
Jesus: I don't even wanna think about what the odds are, but...he did seem pretty damn surprised to see you.

Javier: Maybe it's a good thing. We've got somebody on the inside--somebody who can vouch for us.
Tripp: Vouch for you, maybe.
Jesus: Javi could be right. One word from David, and the others came running to take Kate to the hospital.

Javier says nothing.

Eleanor: Whoever this guy is, he can't be all bad, right? I mean, he helped Kate instead of hauling her down here.

Tripp: 'Course he brought her inside. She's his damn wife!

Eleanor: You're kidding. Kate...is married to your brother? The way you two acted around each other--I just didn't think she had a husband out there, is all.

Javier: The only reason I know Kate is because she married David. I was the best man at their wedding.
Eleanor: Wow. Okay.

Javier: David was gone. I had to step up--make sure the family would be okay. It's not like I could just walk away from her--from any of them.
Eleanor: No, of course not.

Javier: Let's just say it's complicated, alright?

Eleanor: Maybe it's my fault for jumping to conclusions. Makes sense you'd be so close, considering.

Eleanor: I'll say, considering the way I saw you kiss her.
Tripp: Oh-ho-ho! Oh, sorry. That does sound complicated.

Jesus: He called them "his family", so...seems pretty clear-cut.

Tripp: Family drama aside...hope you know I'm not about to make nice with New Frontier. I know you didn't have much stake in Prescott, Javi, but they burned that place to the ground for no fuckin' reason.

Jesus: After everything you folks told me, I'm guessing I'm not going to find my people alive.

Tripp: Hell, Javi, they killed your niece! Shot Kate! For all we know, your brother could've been behind it. And even if it wasn't his idea in the first place--if he knew about it and didn't stop it--that shit can't stand.

Javier: I hate to admit it, but...there's a chance he gave the order. If he didn't know it was them--if he was just trying to get payback for what was stolen... It's possible.

Javier: No fucking way David was a part of that! That's not the kind of man he is.
Jesus: Maybe he wasn't the last time you saw him...but you said yourself, it's been a while.

Javier: That's one hell of an accusation, saying he had his own family shot? You really believe he'd do something like that, after seeing how he was with Kate?
Tripp: Could be he was just putting on a show for us.
Javier: That's crazy.

Javier says nothing.

Jesus: Clementine, you were a part of the New Frontier. Did you know David?
Clementine: I knew him. If I'm being honest? He's not a good guy.
Tripp: Is that right?
Clementine: If you told me he was the one behind Prescott, I wouldn't be surprised.

Javier: You don't know what you're talking about, Clem. He's a decent guy. I grew up with him. I should know.
Clementine: People change.

Javier: I'm the first to admit, my brother can be kind of a hardass; but he's not that bad.
Clementine: People change.

Javier: He does have a temper. I've taken the brunt of it a few times.
Clementine: I can imagine.

Conrad: There you have it. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Conrad: What happened at the gates--the fact that he's your brother--that doesn't change anything. I'm gonna find the man who killed Francine. These people better not get in my way. I'm gonna be asking questions about what went down at Prescott. And I won't stop until I get answers.

Jesus: What was he like when you knew him? You guys get along? He seemed happy enough to see you up there. At least at first...

Javier: No matter what he might show to other people, he's got a good heart. It might be buried under a ton of shit, but...it's in there.
Tripp: Well, let's just hope he's the same guy you remember...

Javier: If you wanna hear me say he's an asshole, fine--he's the biggest asshole I know.
Tripp: Question is, is he a big enough asshole to go along with some of the shit they've done?

Javier: Things between me and him were complicated. Some days, we'd be at each other's throats... Other days, we could shoot the shit for hours and still find stuff to talk about.
Tripp: So he's a moody son of a bitch, huh?

Jesus: Guess that's my answer.

Tripp: If your brother knew anything about what happened in Prescott... He's got to answer for it. They all do! I owe that to Conrad. I'm not just gonna let things slide. I've never really been an eye-for-eye kind of man... But...people died. We need to even out the scales!

Javier: As soon as I get a moment alone with David, I'll get to the bottom of this. He can tell me what we're up against. He has to. Family's gotta be good for something, right?
They will remember that.

Javier: We can't just go charging into someone else's house and tell them what's what.
Tripp: You're saying, after everything that went down at Prescott?
Javier: You all need to get in line. You're not in charge here.

Conrad: Not yet, maybe...

Javier: You do anything to fuck this up, Kate could end up getting hurt.

They will remember that.

Javier: We need to look like we're playing along with their rules. Go along with what they say--for now. Then, when the time is right--that's when we demand justice.
They will remember that.

Conrad noticed your silence.
Conrad: You decide on your own time. Me? I'm gonna go get some answers. Don't care what happens along the way.

Tripp noticed your silence.
Tripp: Pick a lane, Javi. You're not gonna be able to sit this one out. Not after you saw what they did to us.

David opens the door.

David: Hey.

Javier: Hey...

David: I would've been here sooner, but I had to take care of...something. Come on, already! Kate's asking for you. Maybe you think it's okay to keep a lady waiting. Thought I taught you better than that.

Javier: That an order, David?
David: Fucking with me already, huh? Some things never change.

Javier: What about the rest of my friends?
David: They're not invited. Hurry up, now.

Javier: Lead the way.
David: Gladly.

David: Last chance, Javi. You coming or not?

Tripp: Looks like the rules don't apply to everyone, huh?

David: That's right. Some people get out of here early. Others stay a long fucking time.

Eleanor: Tripp... Just drop it, okay?

David: Smart cookie, this one.

Eleanor: Javi, just go.

Javier: Kate's family. I have to go--you understand.
Eleanor: Go. Give her a hug for me, okay? And tell her...sorry I left her in the damn car like that.

Javier: I'll put in a good word for you, okay? See if we can't hurry the process along a bit.
Eleanor: Thanks.

Javier: I'll be back as soon as I can, you know that.
Eleanor: Thanks.

Eleanor: Go. She needs you.


Javier and David leave the quarantine area and walk through the streets of Richmond.

David: "Family must be good for something"? Nice, Javi.

David: I heard you tell your friends to get in line.

David: "Go along with them for now"? That doesn't sound good.

David: I didn't hear everything back there. But your friends seem...on edge.

David: We have a process. Our own way of doing things. Your guys better not have a problem with that. Things don't go well for troublemakers here. I hope that's clear.

Javier: Of course not. We're happy to be here. It's...good to see you alive, brother.
David: Same here. C'mon.

Javier: David, you threw us in a cell! Don't expect us to smile about it.
David: We do that to protect our people. It's not personal.
Javier: You sure about that?
David: C'mon.

Javier: No problem. You won't have to worry about them.
David: Didn't sound that way.
Javier: They just need time to get used to things.
David: I hope you're right. C'mon.

David: We use quarantine to protect our people. It's not personal.

Javier: Where are we going?

David: Kate asked for you. I thought you'd want to check on her. Listen, Javi... Gabe--he told me some pretty messed up things. Things I need your help wrapping my head around.

Javier: I don't know what to tell you, David. It's all true.
David: No matter how much terrible shit you see, some things are still hard to stomach.

Javier: He shouldn't have done that. I wanted to tell you myself.
David: Bad news is bad news. Who cares who delivers it?

Javier: I don't know what Gabe's been telling you, but--
David: You're saying he's a liar?
Javier: He's been through a lot. Sometimes he blurs reality and fiction.
David: I doubt he'd blur his sister's death.

David: I can see you know what this is about.

David: He told me you lost Mariana. Just a few days ago.

Javier: Oh... I'm sorry, David. She's--she's gone.

David: It's strange grieving for the same person twice. Like losing something you didn't know you had. What was she like, Javi? She was so little when we got separated. Who did my little girl become?

Javier: Mariana saw things that other people didn't. She, uh...she told me told she wanted to write down her memories, to keep them alive after she was gone.
David: Sounds like her. Always was a dreamer.

Javier: I don't know what to tell you, David. She was too sweet for this fucked up world.
David: You gotta have grit to get this far.

Javier: We got along well. Her smile kept me going through a lot of rough times.
David: That...must have been nice.

David: I guess it doesn't matter now.

David: How...how did she die? Tell me how it happened. Please...I need to know.

Javier: She went quickly, David. Without pain.
David: Gabe said it was people, not walkers.
Javier: People with your mark.

Javier: Your thugs murdered her. Gunned her down over pudding and a few measly gallons of gas.
David: My thugs?
Javier: The bastards had your mark.

Javier: She was just standing there, minding her own business. She'd just found her lost headphones in the dirt. She was smiling. And then someone put a bullet in her head.
David: What kind of animal would just open fire on her like that?!
Javier: An animal with your mark.

David: Gabe said it was people, not walkers.
Javier: People with your mark.

David: My people aren't in the habit of killing little girls.

Javier: David, I was there! They shot Kate too. Ask your buddy at the gate if you don't believe me.

David: Max was a part of this? Fuck. I need details. What the hell went down out there? I need to know exactly what happened. Everything you remember.

Javier: Same assholes killed a hostage. At this town, Prescott.
David: Prescott? At the airstrip?

Javier: They ambushed us in a junkyard. Just unloaded on us. They chased us back to this town, Prescott.

Javier: Bastards knocked me out and threw me in their truck. I got away near this town, Prescott. The same assholes attacked us there.

David: I know this is hard, Javi. But I need to know.
Javier: The same assholes attacked this town, Prescott.

Javier: Their leader flooded it with walkers and tear gas.

David: Leader?

Javier: A crazy bald guy with a beard.

David: Badger...what the fuck have you done now...? I'm gonna handle that stupid son of a bitch, okay? Do me a favor and keep this to yourself. The politics here--they can get messy.

Javier: I thought you were the boss?

David: There's four of us that run Richmond. You need to impress the other three...or you'll be back on the road by morning. Try not to stir things up. You and your friends could have a very short stay.

Javier: I can be impressive when I try. I'll follow your lead.
David will remember that.
David: Just don't get cute.

Javier: Fuck that. They'll have to drag me out feet-first.
David will remember that.
David: Cut the shit out. Or that'll be exactly what happens.

Javier: You wouldn't let that happen, would you? We only just got here!
David will remember that.
David: It's not just up to me.

David noticed your silence.
David: There you go, you've got the hang of it. Leave the talking to me.

David: I run security here, but it's not like my word is law. This shit with Badger doesn't make things any easier.

David and Javi approach Ava.

Ava: Who's the fresh meat?

David: Ava, this is my brother, Javi.

Ava: The baseball brother? No shit. What are the chances of you turning up on the doorstep? Welcome to civilization. Or at least the closest thing to it these days.

Javier: Baseball's long gone. Just regular old "survivor brother" now. (shakes Ava's hand)
Ava: From what I hear, there's nothing regular about you.

Javier: It's a pleasure to meet you, Ava. (shakes Ava's hand)
Ava: Is it now? You didn't say he was a gentleman, David.
David: That's because he's not.

Javier: My brother talked about me? (shakes Ava's hand)
Ava: All the time, at the start.
Javier: All good, I hope?
Ava: I think you know the answer to that.

Javier says nothing.

David: Ava's my right hand. If there's anyone you can trust in Richmond, it's her.

Ava salutes Javi and David as they walk away.

David: That woman is a fucking soldier. She was the first person I met up with after you and me got separated... I never would have made it without her. Gabe said you went back to the house. At the start. I'm sorry I never found you.

Javier: Did you even try?
David will remember that.
David: How can you even ask that?
Javier I don't know, David. You seem like a pretty capable guy. Why didn't you come back?

Javier: It doesn't matter now. We found each other in the end.
David will remember that.
David: It matters to me.

Javier: We waited for you for three months. Eventually, the house was overrun and we had to move. Why didn't you come back?
David will remember that.

David noticed your silence.
David: Don't give me that look. I did what I had to.

David: Mama and I got routed out of the city on the way to the hospital. It wasn't long before she...

Javier: Poor Mama.

David: I couldn't get back into Baltimore, so I hooked up with my old unit. We thought we could build a safe zone outside DC... After what happened to Mama--and everyone else...I thought you were all dead. But you were taking care of them, weren't you? Somehow you found a way. I'm not gonna lie, I never thought you had it in you.

Javier: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Kate.
David: Is that right?

Javier: We took care of each other. We all had each other's backs.
David: You've changed, brother. It took the end of the world, but you finally grew up. (pats Javi's shoulder)

(If Javi said he'd be around more.)
Javier: The day Dad died, I promised I'd stick around. Be there for the family. Well, I kept my word.
David: It took the end of the world, but you finally grew up. (pats Javi's shoulder)

(If Javi didn't say he'd be around more.)
Javier: I wanted to leave. But they had no one. How could I abandon them?
David: The Javi I used to know would have found a way. (pats Javi's shoulder)

David: It took the end of the world, but you finally grew up. (pats Javi's shoulder)

They arrive at the entrance to the hospital.

David: This is where they're treating Kate. Don't get comfortable. We're not staying long.


They enter Kate's room in the hospital.

Gabe: Hey!

David: Hey, kid. Got everything you need?

Gabe: Uh, yeah. This place is like a resort. Check it out, Javi--noodles in a cup!

David: We need to get you some real food, stat. Turn you into a soldier.

David and Gabe play-fight.

Kate: Javi...I'm glad you're okay.

Gabe: (laughs) Get off me!

David: (laughs) Hey, put your hands up, huh?

Gabe: C'mon, Dad!

Javier: I was gonna say the same about you.

Javier: I'm a lot better seeing you.

Javier: You know me. I'm always okay.

Javier says nothing.

David: Damn, it's good to have you back. Look at this family. Look at my wife. (kisses Kate) Isn't she the most beautiful woman alive?

Kate: Come on. With the lights off, you could mistake me for a walker.

David: A damn fine walker.

Gabe: Gross.

Javier: I'd have to agree.
Gabe: The key word being "alive".
Javier: Gabe...

Javier: You're a lucky man, David.
David: We're all lucky.

Javier: I'm pretty sure you have to say that.
David: Doesn't make it not true.

David: Don't get weird about it. Just say yes.

Kate pretends to groan and writhe in pain.

David: What? You okay?! Shit. I'll get the doc.

David and Gabe leave.

Kate: I'm fine... I just needed to talk to you. Alone. I'm scared, Javi. More than I was the whole time on the road. Even when I thought I was going to die. Everything inside me screams to get away from here. These people are killers. And David...David threw his own brother in a cell.

Javier: I know what you mean. This place gives me the creeps.
Kate: I'm glad to hear that. I was afraid you'd been won over by the security here.

Javier: Let's just get you better, Kate. The facilities here--
Kate: I don't care about facilities. We did fine without them before.
Javier: You didn't have a ruptured spleen before.
Kate: These people nearly killed me, Javi! David's people! Have you forgotten Mari?
Javier: Of course not.

Javier: What about Gabe? He seems pretty happy to see his dad.
Kate: Gabe will do what we say. We've been taking care of him.

Kate: Don't do this to me.

Kate: It's always been you and me on the road, Javi. That's how we've made it this far. Please, promise me we'll go back to that, the first chance we get. This place... It's a cage. We can't let ourselves get locked in. It's going to get bad, if we stay.

Javier: I dunno, Kate, we were on our last legs.
She will remember that.
Kate: Javi...
Javier: Whatever problems this place has, it's worse out there.
Kate: For you, maybe. Whatever. Just, please--please don't leave me alone for too long.

Javier: I hear you, Kate. But we can't just turn our backs on this place. On my brother.
She will remember that.
Kate: Javi...
Javier: We have to try to make it work.
Kate: I used to say that about my fucked up marriage. Guess it still applies. Whatever. Just, please--please don't leave me alone for too long.

Javier: I'll find a way, Kate. I promise. Rest up. You're gonna need your strength.
She will remember that.
Kate: Thanks. I feel better...knowing we're in this together. But please hurry. I--I don't want to be left alone here.

She noticed your silence.
Kate: Jesus, Javi... You really know how to fill a girl with confidence. Whatever. Just, please--please don't leave me alone for too long.

David and the doctor enter.

David: Feeling better?

Paul: How you doing, sweetheart? David reported some pain.

Kate: It's less now.

David: Strange how it just comes and goes. Doesn't seem normal.

Javier: I think she pulled her stitches when she sat up.
David: Her stitches?
Paul: I doubt it. But...

Javier: She was rambling a bit. I think she's delirious.
Paul: Well, she seems cogent now. But it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Javier: What are you trying to say?
David: I'm worried about her, that's all. Nothing to get worked up about.
Paul: It's nothing to be alarmed about.

Paul: It's nothing to be alarmed about.

Paul: Pain often comes in waves with abdominal wounds.

David: Hm.

Paul: I'll give you something to take the edge off. In case it comes back. Truly superlative work. I thought I'd have to operate, but all she needed was IV fluids and some antibiotics. How did you find someone with skills like these? Wound like this kills nine out of ten. Whoever did this really knows their stuff.

Javier: That would be Eleanor. One of my friends you threw in quarantine.
Paul: Well, she's no use to anyone there.

Javier: We got lucky. We met a group with a medic, Eleanor, just before Kate got shot. The same group in quarantine now.
Paul: She's there now?

Javier: That miracle worker is named Eleanor. She tried to tell you people that Kate needed help. Instead of listening to her, you threw her in quarantine.
Paul: She's here?

Kate: Eleanor. Our friend. She saved my life.
Paul: She most certainly did.
David: She's in quarantine with the rest.

Paul: We should let her out. I'll vouch for her.

David: Agreed. I'll have Ava bring her here.

Paul: I want to meet this Eleanor. I'm sure she'll be an asset to our community.

Javier: The rest of those guys can contribute, if that's what it takes to get free. They're all pretty handy in a fight.
David: That's why they're all under guard.

Javier: You can't just cherry-pick who you want. Why don't you let them all out?
Paul: Can they all perform surgery on a dirt floor with a pair of pliers and no anesthetic? There's your answer.

Javier: You can vouch for the rest of them too, right?
David: It doesn't work that way. But we'll make the case for them soon.

Javier says nothing.

David: Javi and I have to meet some people now. See if we can't prove he's worth a damn. (kisses Kate's forehead) We're gonna take real good care of you, okay?

Paul: Send my apologies, David. I won't be able to make it.

David: Feeling okay?

Paul: Fine. I just want to keep an eye on my patient. The others know my vote is with you.

David: C'mon.

Javi and David leave Kate's room.

David: Remember what I said. When we meet these guys, keep what happened to Mariana to yourself. Badger is one of my guys--and I will handle him.


Javi and David leave the hospital and enter a dilapidated church. Clint and Joan stand near a table of food.

Clint: It may look pretty, but it's all sugars. There's no substance.

Joan: It tastes pretty, Clint. That's all that matters. Ah! The brother.

David: Javi. Meet the guys. Clint runs food production. The crops you saw, that's him and his people. Joan's our bridge to the outside world. She handles contact with other settlements.

Joan: Pleased to meet you, Javi. I trust you've been treated well? I hope you haven't been handled too roughly. Some of our people left their courtesy with their old lives, heh.

Javier: No complaints here. I get that you guys have a way of doing things.
Joan: Thank you. We have to be careful. I'm sure you can understand.

Javier: Absolutely. I feel like I'm home at last.
Joan: I hope Richmond can become your home. I know David would like that. And nothing pleases me more than seeing families reunited.

Javier: Oh, yeah, the cell you threw me in was totally five-star.
Joan: I'm sorry about that. We have to be careful. I'm sure you can understand.

David: He's been on the road a long time.
Joan: Aha! It's quite alright. Maybe a hot meal with help.

Joan: We were just about to eat. Clint was trying to convince me of the essential superiority of his creamed spinach over my magnificent black forest gateau.

Clint: It's no contest. The spinach has real nutritional value.

Joan: Javi, take a look at that table. You tell me what you'd rather put in your belly. Spinach from Clint's garden, heh? Or a baked delicacy by yours truly...

Javier: I'd have to go with that cake. I haven't seen anything like that in years.
Clint: Ugh. Suit yourself.
Joan: Come on, Clint. At least he's being honest.

Javier: Oh, I'm with Clint. Gotta eat your greens if you wanna grow up big and strong.
Clint: Ah! Exactly!
Joan: Haha! At least you're being honest.

Javier: Everything looks so good, I want it all.
Joan: So polite, David. You sure he's your brother?
Clint: Can't trust a diplomat. Always saying one thing and thinking another.

Joan: A man without an opinion, David? You sure he's your brother?
David: Smart to stay out of it, if you ask me.
Clint: Can't trust a diplomat. You never know what they're thinking.

Joan: Please, make yourself comfortable.

Everyone takes a seat.

Joan: We value straight talk here, so please--forgive me if I seem direct. We're usually pretty strict about who we open our doors to. Your brother's word counts for a lot.

Javier: Is that so?

Joan: The three of us, and Doctor Lingard, make all the decisions here. So, yeah.

Clint: People who chose to stay with us, they have to deal with us bossing them around. Not saying you wouldn't, but it can be an adjustment. Especially for the more independent-minded. There's no structure out there now. People get used to doing as they please.

Javier: I always do what I'm told. Ask my older brother.
They will remember that.
Joan: You're gonna fit in well, Javi. I can see that already.

Javier: People telling me what to do usually rubs me the wrong way.
They will remember that.
Joan: Most feel that way when they first arrive. Usually, they learn we have their best interests at heart.
Javier: And those that don't?
Joan: We ask them to leave.

Javier: No offense, but what qualifies you to lead?
They will remember that.
Joan: Testing us already?
Javier: Just curious who's leading the troops into battle.
Joan: Everything you see, we built ourselves. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

They noticed your silence.
David: He'll toe the line. He'll answer to me if he doesn't.

Clint: When Joan and I met your brother he was trying his hand at fruit.

Javier: Fruit?

Clint: We found him slowly murdering an orchard on the Shenandoah River.

David: Ha-dee-fucking-ha.

Clint: I helped him bring it back to life.

Joan: We had a good run there.

David: For as long as it lasted.

Javier: What happened?

David: What always happens? We trusted the wrong damn people. That's what led us to start this. (shows brand) Wondering what this fine piece of body art is all about? It's our litmus test for loyalty.

Javier: I've seen that mark a few times.
David: You probably saw it at the gates. Right, Javi?
Joan: We all took it as a sign of commitment.

Javier: That looks pretty intense. Doesn't it hurt?
David: It's burned into your flesh. Of course it fucking hurts! It's a sign of commitment, not a Buddhist symbol from your year abroad.

Javier: You're gonna regret that when you're older. You know, for job interviews and stuff.
David: Ugh, smartass.
Joan laughs.
David: Laugh all you like. Someone takes our mark, they're committed.

Joan: Quite a sight, isn't it? David's soldiers all have it. It's a clear sign of commitment to the group.

Joan: It was a crude answer to a difficult problem, and it hasn't always worked. Please understand... We had a terrible winter just after we moved here. We...we lost a great deal. Loved ones who left holes in our lives. Protecting my people from that kind of pain--that's what keeps me up at night. It turned me into a perpetual night owl. I know it's a lot to ask. But I never want them to have to experience loss like that again.

Javier: I know how you feel. Seeing the people I care about suffer... It's a terrible feeling. I just want to shield them from it all.
Joan: It's a noble aim. One worth fighting for.

Javier: You can't protect people, Joan. Not completely. Not anymore.
Joan: You're probably right. That doesn't mean we don't have to try.

Javier: Funny you should say that. Some of your people, they keep me awake. In fact, some of them give me nightmares.
Joan: My people? I'm sorry, Javi--I don't quite follow.

Joan: I'm sorry. I realize you probably lost a lot. Not fishing for pity or anything.

Max and some other soldiers enter the church. Javi starts to get up, but David puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

David: Max?! What are you doing here?

Clint: I sent for him.

David: Since when does he answer to you?

Clint: From what I hear, he's well acquainted with your brother. They exchanged a few bullets outside our walls.

Joan: Is that right? Is there bad blood between you and Max?

David: Nothing that can't be worked out.

Joan: I want to hear that from Javi.

Javier: I don't have a problem with him. He's alright by me.
Max: Yeah. Same here.
Joan: I don't buy it.

Javier: Let's just say I wouldn't invite him to my wedding.
Max: I wouldn't fuckin' go.
Javier: Good, because I just said you wouldn't be invited.

Javier: If I were you, I'd get him away from me. Before I do something I regret.
David: Javi, be cool.
Max: Try it and see what happens, boy. I was willin' to let bygones be.

Joan: I can see that there is.

Joan: Max, how did this start?

Max looks at David.

Clint: Don't look at him. You have an obligation to tell the truth.

Max: We caught him siphoning gas from one of our vehicles.

David: Max...

Max: Sorry, David. I know he's family, but your brother's a thief.

Joan: Is it true?

Clint: Answer her! Did you steal gas from us?

Javier: You can't believe a word he says. He's lying through his teeth!
Clint: It's not in his interest to do that.

Javier: We were on the run from a herd. We just needed a single can.
Max: Everyone needs gas, asshole. If you'd just asked, we'd have given it to you.

Javier: I was scavenging whatever I could find. I had no idea it belonged to you!
Max: If you'd just asked, we'd have given it to you.

Javier says nothing.

Max: That--that's not all.

Max: He shot Rufus...in the back.
David: You did what?
Max: We found the body near the wreck of Rufus' truck.

Javier: You cold-cocked me with your pistol! I woke up in a truck with cable ties on my wrists!
Max: That don't make it right! Rufus was bringin' you here! We wasn't gonna hurt you!

Javier: That never happened. It's your word against mine.
Max: The only difference is, I got no reason to lie.

Javier: That--wasn't my finest moment.
Clint: So you admit it?!
Javier: If I could take it back, I would.

Max: See! He can't even defend himself.

Max: Rufus said Clementine ran his truck off the road, just to break him free. We had real problems with her in the past. You can always judge a man by the company he keeps. Running with that girl don't look good.
Clint: I would say not.

Javier: What's your problem with Clementine? You've got a lot of hate for a teenage girl.
Max: We kicked her out for a reason, David. Now the two of 'em are thick as thieves.

Javier: Let's just you, then. You've got some colorful friends.
David: So what if Javi met up with Clementine? It doesn't mean anything!
Max: We kicked her out for a reason, David. Now the two of 'em are thick as thieves.

Javier: Clementine's not a bad person, at least from what I've seen.
Max: Of course you'd say that. You got that "honor among thieves".

David: So what if Javi met up with Clementine? It doesn't mean anything!
Max: We kicked her out for a reason, David. Now the two of 'em are thick as thieves.

Clint: This is who you're asking us to vouch for, David? Seriously?

Clint: You know we can't just open our doors to bandits.

Clint: You know we can't just open our doors to killers.

Clint: We're trying to build something different here. Something resembling civilization.

Javier: You think I'm bad? You have maniacs running around out there who are much, much worse.
Joan: I'm not sure what you mean. We hold our people to the highest standards.
David: Javi...
Joan: You have something to say?

Javier: Everything I did out there was to protect my people. That's more than I can say for you.
Joan: I'm not sure what you mean.
David: Javi...
Joan: You have something to say?

Javier: Oh, for god's sakes, get off your high horse! Don't pretend like your people don't have blood on their hands!
Joan: I'm not sure what you mean. We hold our people to the highest standards.
David: Javi...
Joan: You have something to say?

Joan: You seem like you've got something to get off your chest, Javi.

Javier: No. That's it.
Max: That's right. He knows what he done. There ain't nothing more to say.
Clint: Eh, it's clear your brother doesn't belong here. Javi and his people have to go.
David: You're overreacting! It was a scuffle over supplies--
Clint: Eh, we've exiled people for less.
Joan: Sorry, David, your soldiers are already wild enough. We can't add more crazy to the mix.
Clint: Take Javi and everyone in quarantine to the gate. Give 'em a pack with the bare minimum to survive.

Javier: (stands up) One of your people--some asshole called Badger--he put a bullet in a little girl.
David grabs Javi's arm, but Javi shrugs him away.
Javier: My niece. David's daughter.
Max: What?!
David: Damn it, Javi. I told you I'd handle it!
Javier: No, David! This cousin-fucking dirtbag has the balls to accuse me? He and Badger destroyed an entire town!
David: That's enough!
David grabs Javi and makes him sit down.
Clint: No! We need to hear this.
Joan: Go on, Javi. Sounds like you've got more to get off your chest.

Javier: They overran Prescott with walkers. Ran them in on trucks!
Max: Badger did that, not me!
Javier: You were right there next to him!
Max: I tried to get him to stop, I swear...

Javier: They used tear gas. There was nothing left of Prescott when they were done.
Max: Badger did that, not me!
Javier: You were right there next to him!
Max: I tried to get him to stop, I swear...

Javier: They killed a hostage in cold blood. A woman, Francine.
Max: Badger did that, not me!
Javier: You were right there next to him!
Max: I tried to get him to stop, I swear...
Javier: Cut off her damn finger first.
Joan: Max?!
Max: I tried to stop him, I swear! He was out of control.

Max: Hey, that was all Badger! Not me! I tried to get him to stop, I swear...

Joan: David, we've warned you about getting your soldiers in line.

David: We don't know all the facts--

Joan: We know enough!

Clint: She's right, David. You've lost control.

Joan: I want them gone. All of them. Take Javi and everyone in quarantine to the gate. Send them out with enough weapons to defend themselves, but no more.

David: Look, we can't fight this. Not now. Kate and Gabe will be safe here. Your doctor friend, too. But the rest of you... You're gonna have to do what they say. I'm sorry. It's out of my hands.

Javier: I can't leave Kate and Gabe alone.
David: They won't be alone. I'll be here to take care of them. I can't help you now, but maybe I can down the road.

Javier: This is ridiculous. You have to do something!
David: I--I can't right now. But maybe I can down the road.

Javier: Are you fucking kidding me?
David: Just play along, okay? I'll help you when I can.

Javier says nothing.

David: Just stay alive, okay?

New Frontier soldiers escort Javi out of the church.


The New Frontier takes Javi and the others outside the gates.

Conrad: Oh, what the fuck? We didn't do anything!
Tripp: I might do something here in a minute...

Tripp: You're lucky I don't gouge your fucking eyes out with my thumbs. You hear me, asshole?!

Ava runs out and throws a duffel bag on the ground.

Ava: David packed this.

Javier: He did? They said--

Ava: Start walking.

Tripp: What about Eleanor?

Ava: (shoves Tripp) Walk.

Tripp: Eat shit, answer my fucking question.

Javi holds Tripp back.

Tripp: Goddamn it, Javi. Let go of me!

Javier: This isn't gonna help Eleanor! Don't make it worse for her!

Javier: This isn't her fault, Tripp! You're mad at the wrong person!

Javier: Stop! You're gonna get us killed!

Tripp: Let go!

Tripp shoves Javi aside and walks up to Ava. She punches him in the face and he falls to the ground.

Ava: Do not fuck this up. There's a settlement a few miles west of here. Don't come back.

The New Frontier goes back inside and the gate closes. Javi offers his hand to Tripp, but he smacks it away and gets up on his own.

Tripp: Seems your "moment alone with David" screwed us over pretty good.

Tripp: Get with the program", he says...

Tripp: Did you piss in someone's oatmeal back there? Thought you were gonna play along.

Tripp: Did you piss in someone's oatmeal back there?

Tripp: We trusted you. What the hell, man?

Javier: Look, we're not dead. That's something, okay?
Walkers growl in the distance.
Tripp: Not yet, anyway.

Javier: Ay, dios mío. Do you ever shut up?
Walkers growl in the distance.
Tripp: Occasionally...

Javier: Everything was going okay...at first.I don't know what happened back there.
Walkers growl in the distance.
Tripp: Yeah, well, I have a pretty good idea what's gonna happen out here.

Walkers growl in the distance.
Tripp: Wonder if that's the last guy they "exiled"...

Javier: Let's just see what they gave us.

Tripp: Knowing them, it's probably a butter knife and a stick of gum.

Jesus: They could've just shot us.

Javier: More than once.

Tripp: Oh, how fucking neighborly.

Javi opens the duffel bag and takes out a bat with a map wrapped around it.

Tripp: What's that?

Javier: Looks like a map. I doubt they give one to everyone. Ava did say David packed the bag...

Tripp: Why the hell is it tied to a baseball bat?

Javier: David's sense of humor was always poorly-timed.

Javi opens the map.

Javier: Looks like they're expanding. Some of these areas are marked "clear".

Javi looks at New Richmond.

Javier: Okay. There's Richmond. That helps.

Javier: That's where we are... Just gotta head north.

Tripp: But we can't go back there.
Javier: Knowing where it is lets us know where we are.

Javi looks at the building marked with a red X on the map.

Javier: Pretty sure David wants us to go there.

Javier: And if this is us here...then I think we can head along this path. Just gotta head north.

Tripp: We don't even know where the hell we are on this thing.

Javier: (closes map) And to find north...

Jesus: We need to find the North Star.

Javier: There. The end of the Little Dipper.
Jesus: No, that's the Big Dipper.

Javier: Is that it?
Tripp: I remember something about it facing toward the Little Dipper.

Javier looks at the North Star.

Javier: That's it. We need to go this way. (points) What else is in there?

Tripp takes the supplies out of the duffel bag. There is an axe, a knife, and a flashlight. If Conrad is alive, there is an additional knife and two pistols.

Tripp: Not a whole lot. A flashlight, not enough weapons... No food.

Jesus takes the axe.

Clementine takes a knife and pistol.
Clementine: Deal with it.
Javi picks up a gun.
Conrad: Take it. Please. Take it. Call it an apology. That man back there in the tunnel...that wasn't me. Take the gun.
Tripp: Conrad, don't let the past get in the way of common sense. Give him the gun, Javi.
Conrad: I can find something along the way. Always have.
Tripp: I don't like it.
Conrad: Let the man decide.

Javi takes the gun.
Conrad will remember that.
Conrad: Alright, then.

Javier: The gun is yours, Conrad. I can handle myself. (gives Conrad the gun)
Conrad will remember that.

Conrad will remember that.
Tripp takes the gun and gives it to Conrad.
Tripp: There. That's settled.

Tripp: Nobody fires a single shot unless you are deep-fucking-fried, you hear me? We don't wanna attract...whatever the hell's out there.

Tripp takes a knife.

Javier: Let's go. Tripp, c'mon. What's up?
Tripp: I can't lose anyone else. I'm telling you...I can't. Prescott. Conrad. Maybe Eleanor... It's too much.

Javier: You won't lose anyone else. I won't let that happen.
Tripp: I'm gonna hold you to that, Javi.

Javier: Look, I get it. But like it or not, this shit happens. We can stand around drying each other's eyes or we can get going.
Tripp: You're right.

Javier: Knock that shit off, Tripp. You're better than that.
Tripp: Heh. We'll see.

Tripp: Just saying. A man's got limits.

Tripp: Sorry, man...rough day. To say the least. I know...you got my back, and I got yours.

Javier: Of course.

Tripp: After you.

The group walks away.


The group walks through the forest.

Tripp: I gotta tell you, man... I thought you and Kate were...you know...

Tripp: I mean... I saw you kiss her in the junkyard. And, uh...

Tripp: I wouldn't have guessed she was married to...not you.

Tripp: I ain't judging, mind you, I'm just...curious. What's the story. Ain't my business, I know, but...what have we got to lose out here?

Javier: Honestly? I'm sorry. I just don't know you that well.
Tripp: Alright. I understand.

Javier: She's my brother's wife. She's family. End of story.
Tripp: C'mon, man, you're not a dumbass. When it comes to these kinda things, the story never really ends. Not for everyone, at least...

Javier: I...
Tripp: Hey, man, it's alright. Go for it.
Javier: I do have feelings for her. Maybe I shouldn't, but...that doesn't just make them go away.
Tripp: No harm in saying it. Hell, the only real harm's in not saying it when you should...

Tripp: You can say it, man. Alright. I understand. Like I said, just jealous is all. Of...whatever you want to call what you got there.

Tripp: It's always a mess, ain't it?

Javier: What's that?

Tripp: Who you love, who loves you. If they're one and the same or otherwise. You know what I mean? Just when you think you got everything figured out. Boom! Heart goes ass-over-teakettle.

Javier: You're right. Goddamn mess.
Tripp will remember that.
Tripp: And it never quite washes out.

Javier: If it wasn't messy, it wouldn't be important, right?
Tripp will remember that.
Tripp: Maybe.
Javier: Yeah, maybe.
Tripp: Just sayin', man, three things that never hide forever... The sun, the moon, and the truth.

Javier: I don't know. I think it's as complicated as you let it be.
Tripp will remember that.
Tripp: Difference between you and me, brother.

Tripp noticed your silence.
Tripp: Just sayin', man, three things that never hide forever... The sun, the moon, and the truth.

Tripp: Eleanor and I, we were...something...at some point. But nothing now.

Tripp: I know Eleanor told you that she and I were...whatever we were. But that's over now.

Tripp: I respect her wishes. I really do. I just wish my heart respected mine...

Jesus signals for the group to stop.

Tripp: Jesus got his eye on something...

Jesus climbs onto a rock and looks into the distance.

Tripp: What you got for us, man?

Jesus: Listen...

Walkers growl nearby.

Javier: Tell me that isn't what I think it is...

Jesus: About a quarter mile out, headin' the same way we are...

Tripp: We could hit walkers any second. We better scoot.

The group draws their weapons and continue moving.

Clementine: Walkers... Get ready! They're near...

The group reaches a herd of walkers.

Javier: Okay, look alive, people!

Jesus: I got 'em...

Jesus throws his axe and into a walker's head. He grabs his weapon and kills a few more. Javi hits a walker with his bat, but it doesn't die; Jesus stomps on its head, killing it. Javi kills a walker with his bat and smashes another one against a tree.

Javier: Batter up, fuckface!

Javi kills the walker.

Tripp: C'mon, man! Move your ass!

The rest of the group runs off. Javi starts to follow them, but notices a walker nearby.

Javier: You want a piece of this?

Javier kicks the walker to the ground. As he is about to smash its head in, another walker grabs him. He breaks free and hits it with his bat, but the first one tackles him, making him drop his weapon. Javi throws the walker off himself. He reaches for his weapon, but it has been taken by Clementine. She kills the walkers and offers him the bat.

Clementine: You should be more careful with this.

Javi takes the bat and Clementine helps him get up.

Clementine: We're even now.

Clem and Javi join the rest of the group.

Clementine: This is a bad idea. We're following David's map right into a herd. For all we know, he's trying to get rid of us.
Javier: C'mon, Clem. He's my brother...

Javier: I thought you were getting out of here.
Clementine: I was. The walkers are everywhere. I had to cover myself in walker guts to get away.
Javier: C'mon, we're heading to a factory nearby. Should be safe.
Clementine: I thought you were going to Richmond. New Frontier kick you out? Doesn't surprise me. Not one bit.

Javier: Not all of us. Kate and Gabe are still there. With David.

Javier: I got it under control. This is just a minor setback. David told us a place to lay low for now.

Javier: No thanks to David. No thanks at all.

Clementine: That's what they do. They leave people to die.
Tripp: David gave us a place to go for now.

Clementine: David? That asshole's still around?

Javier: This is gonna sound really weird, but he's my brother.

Clementine: What?! Wait--this place we're going, David sent you there?

Javier: It's supposed to be safe...

Tripp: Clem.

Clementine: You can't trust him, Javi. I learned that the hard way. This brand is a lie. It's a lie that says, "You can trust us. You belong." They don't care about their people. They promised they'd help him. But they were gonna let him die.


Clementine sneaks through the New Frontier camp with AJ. Some New Frontier soldiers are gathered around a campfire nearby.

Clementine: We're gonna get you the medicine you need, AJ. I don't care what they say.

Campfire Comments

Badger: That's a good one! How come you never told me that one, David? That's good stuff, man.

Badger: David, Jesus, David, is that--is that--are you farting? Whose gas is that?

Badger: Ava, could you pass me the beans?

Badger: Yeah, Clint, what--stoke the fire, man, it's going out. C'mon, that's your--that's your one job, dude, tend the fire, Clint!

Badger: Ava, are you--you're gonna sing tonight, right? Are you gonna sing that song again? Good! I love that one.

Ava: Ah, well, yeah, that's what I said.

Ava: David!

Ava: Paul! Oh, god...

Ava: No...yeah, definitely.

Ava: Oh, no...didn't.

Clint: Oh, no, you didn't! That's right.

Clint: Right? Yeah, I was there too.

Clint: Yeah, no, no, no, no, that was a...that was a crazy night.

Clint: Right? Uh-uh, oh, no, no, no, did not go down like that.

David: Alright, fine, once, ONCE! You won, okay, you won. She won.

David: So, Ava and I were in this unit together back in the army, and, uh, believe it or not--I know she doesn't look it--she's a fantastic wrestler. I'm just giving you shit, man, I'm just giving you shit. Of course she looks it, look at her. She's more muscular than I am. Anyway, this dude starts talking shit to her, and...well, I'll let you take this part.

David: Oh, yeah, yeah, man. Yeah, no, no, go ahead, you should tell this part, this is your story.

David: Oh, yeah, he was!

David: Oh, and see? And that's how she won our unit wrestling champion. I mean, she's amazing, I wouldn't--I wouldn't fuck with her.

Clementine sneaks over to the infirmary, where Lingard is sleeping. She sets AJ down and he starts crying.

Clementine: AJ, please. You have to be quiet.

Clementine hums to AJ.
Clementine: Shh! Just like that, little guy.

Clementine: Nothing to worry about, little guy. We're gonna get you better.

Clementine says nothing.

AJ stops crying. Clem takes out a piece of paper that says "VANCOMYCIN".

Clementine: I hope I don't have to use that.

Clementine: Rivar...oxaban. I don't think this is it.

Clementine: Dival...proex? Not that one.

Clementine examines a vial of vancomycin.

Clementine: Here it is. It would have to be a shot.

Clem takes the medicine and syringe.

Clementine: Shit! Hang in there, goofball. This is gonna get you better.

Clementine fills the syringe. Lingard wakes up.

Paul: Clem...

Clementine: Dr. Lingard? What's the matter with you?

Paul: I'm...I'm fine... Clem, please don't. The vancomycin--that's the last of it. It'll be wasted on AJ. I told you, it could save someone's life if used right. It's too valuable to throw away.

Clementine: You don't know that for sure.
Paul: Sadly, I do. It's my curse.
Clementine: Your curse?
Paul: Knowing when someone's gonna die.

Clementine: You selfish jerk. You'd let him die to save your drugs?
Paul: Because they won't do a thing for him.

Clementine: It's the only thing that can save him.
Paul: Except it can't!

Clementine says nothing.

Paul: I'm sorry, Clem... I tried everything. I--I really did.

Clementine: This will help him get better.

Paul: Nothing can help your boy now. Oh, Clem. Put the drugs back, before anyone finds out you took them. You know what they do to thieves here. There's still time...

Clementine: I'm sorry, goofball. He's right. This will only make things worse.
Ava: You shouldn't be over here. What is that in your hand? What are you doing? Please tell me this isn't what it looks like. You know these supplies are off-limits!

Clementine: Don't worry about it. I'm already putting them back.
Ava: Oh, Clem... How could you?
Clementine: I said I'm putting them back!
Frontier Soldier: Yeah, right. She's a goddamn thief.

Clementine: Ava, please. Don't tell.
Ava: Oh, Clem... What have you done?
Frontier Soldier: Thief!

Clementine: N--nothing... What do you mean?
Ava: Come on, Clem--I'm not an idiot.
Clementine: Seriously, I don't know what you're talking--
Frontier Soldier: She's a thief!

Ava: Oh, Clem...
Frontier Soldier: She's a goddamn thief!

A New Frontier soldier grabs Clem's arm; she shrugs him away, but drops the medicine vial, and it breaks.

David: What's going on here?

Frontier Soldier: We caught her trying to take those drugs.

David: What the hell, Clem?! We already did everything we could for that boy! How could you betray our trust like this? After everything we've done for you!

Clementine: Well, it wasn't enough!
David: You ungrateful little shit!

Clementine: You say that, but if AJ dies, it's on me. I'm the one who's left alone! Not you!
David: So that gives you the right to ransack our fucking stores?!

Clementine: You think I trust you? Your people can barely take care of themselves... Let alone a sick child.
David: How dare you?!

Clementine says nothing.

Ava: Easy, David...

David: You were told those drugs wouldn't help!

Clementine: I have to try.

Clementine: Come on, goofball. I need you to be brave for me now, okay? Shh. See? It's not so bad.

Clementine: Come on, AJ, stop. You need to hold still. Here we go.

Clementine: Shh. Hey, look, AJ--a bunny rabbit!

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine injects AJ with the medicine and he cries.

Clementine: AJ! Shhh!

David: What the hell is this?

Paul: She... I told her it was a bad idea!

David: You fucking high again? Pull yourself together before the others see you! Deal with the damn kid. (to Clem) What the fuck were you thinking?! You were told those drugs couldn't help him! How could you be so stupid? So selfish?!

Clementine: Did you think I would just give up on him?! AJ is everything to me, David! I'd do anything to keep him alive.
David: Except there's nothing left to do!

Clementine: You stopped trying to help! I couldn't just sit here and watch AJ die.
David: We stopped because he was a lost cause!

Clementine: I had nothing left to lose! AJ was gonna die if I didn't.
David: He's gonna die anyway!

David: We already did everything we could! Still, you pour good money after bad.

David: That waste? That'll cost someone's life down the road. Someone in this camp! Someone who contributes to our survival!

Ava: C'mon, David... She was just trying to help her kid.
David: We helped enough! We should have left him out in the woods a week ago!
Clementine: But look! It's helping...
Paul: It doesn't work that way, Clem. You bought him a peaceful moment, nothing more. I wish I could tell you it would save him. But that's the reality.

Clementine: Then it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
David: Without a goddamn thought for anyone else.

Clementine: That's more than you did. Any of you.
Ava: That's not fair.
David: You ungrateful little shit!

Clementine: I'm sorry... I thought there was a chance.
Ava: At least he's not suffering.
David: You think that's worth the cost?

Ava: I'm sorry, Clem. At least he's not suffering.
David: You think that's worth the cost?

David: We opened our arms to you; made you one of us. This is how you repay us? By stealing? By putting yourself before the group? You're done here. You broke our rules, Clem. Violated our trust. There's no place for you in the New Frontier. You've made that pretty damn obvious.

Clementine: You know what? Fuck you. And fuck the New Frontier!
David: You already did! That's why you have to go.

(If Clem injected AJ.)
Clementine: I made the right call. One you refused to make!
David: Well, I'm making one now. Get your shit and get out!

(If Clem didn't inject AJ.)
Clementine: That's not fair! I tried to do the right thing!
David: If we can't trust you, we can't have you around.

(If Clem injected AJ.)
Clementine: This was about his survival. So don't you dare judge me!
David: It's always about survival! We have a better chance of it with you gone.

(If Clem didn't inject AJ.)
Clementine: You can't kick us out! AJ's sick, weak... We'll get torn apart out there!
David: Should have thought about that before.

David: Glare at me all you want. Then get your stuff and get the hell out!

Paul: Maybe we should give her another chance...

David: Don't fight me on this, Paul. You know what Joan would say if she were here. I'm sorry, Clem. You brought this on yourself.

Clementine: Come on, AJ. We don't need this place anyway.

Clementine tries to walk off with AJ in her arms, but the New Frontier blocks her way.

David: Uh-uh. He stays. Can't take him with you. That ship has sailed.

Clementine: You're cruel. You don't even want to take care of him!
Paul: Clem, he's in no condition to travel.
Ava: Let him go, Clem... He'll only drag you down out there. It's what's best for both of you.

Clementine: I'm not leaving without him.
Paul: AJ can't travel. All we can do now is make him comfortable.
Ava: Let him go, Clem... He'll only drag you down out there. It's what's best for both of you.

Clementine: Get out of my fucking way. Right now!
Paul: Clem, he's in no condition to travel.
Ava: Let him go, Clem... He'll only drag you down out there. It's what's best for both of you.

David: He is going to die, Clementine. We have to do what's right. You're on your own now.

David grabs Clem; Ava takes AJ from her and hands him to Paul.

Clementine: Nooooo! You monsters! What about this? (shows brand) What was it all for? Don't forget, I'm one of you!

David: Not anymore.

Ava: Let her say goodbye. We owe her that much, at least.

David: Fine. You heard her. Say what you need to say, then you go. Please don't make me regret this.

Clementine spits in David's face.
Ava: Really, Clem?
David: You're a piece of work, you know that?
Ava: You deserve everything you get.

Clementine: Be strong, goofball. Be strong for me.
David: Let's go.

Clementine: I'm sorry, AJ. I wish I could do more for you.
David: Come on, Clem.

Clementine: I love you, goofball. (kisses AJ's cheek) I love you.
David: Come on, Clem.

David: Let's go.

AJ: Clem...

David takes Clementine out of the camp.


Clementine: I thought AJ would be the one...finally.

Javier: The one what?

Clementine: The one who didn't die.

Javier: Clem...I'm so sorry.

Javier: At least AJ had you while he could. Even if it was only for a little bit.
Clementine will remember that.

Javier: I can't believe David would be so...heartless.

Javier hugs Clementine.
Clementine will remember that.

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: My little goofball...

Clementine: Maybe it was for the best. Any place has to be better than here. Maybe even nothing is better...

Clementine: I survived. He didn't. That's...that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Clementine: He was the only family I had left.

Clementine: At least he doesn't have to live in this world anymore.

Clementine: That's what I get for trusting other people. Again.

The group continues moving.


The group reaches their destination. It is swarmed with walkers.

Javier: This is what David circled on the map.

Tripp: Our smelly friends are back...

The group runs through the herd, attacking walkers. They reach the warehouse, and Javi closes the chain link fence before the walkers reach them.

Javier: If too many of them push against this, it might give. Gotta find a way in.

Javier: A garage door. Might be able to get in that way.
Clementine: It could be full of walkers.
Tripp: Only one way to know for sure...

Javi partially opens the garage door while the others hold off the walkers at the chain link fence.

Jesus: Here they come.

Javier: I can--ah, fuck--I can raise it a little, but--something's wrong with it. Jammed or some shit.

Clementine: Maybe we can force it open.

Javier: We're gonna have to.

Javier: I don't hear anything in there.
Tripp: Good enough for me.

Javier: Locked. Shit.
Jesus: Look for another way in. It's our only chance.

Javier: We could maybe push this to climb up?
Jesus: If any of us help, this fence might go.

Javier: Nothing useful in here...

Tripp: Whoa, man, this thing ain't as strong as we thought. Hurry it up.

Tripp: Pick up the pace, Javi!

Tripp kills a walker, and it collapses on the fence. Tripp: Fuck! It's only making it heavier!

Tripp: Javi...

Talk to Jesus

Jesus: Randy Tudor? Good man. Damn fine man. Powerful 'stache. One of the greats.

Javier: We can use that floor jack to lift up the garage door. The handle is missing.

Javier: Well, there's a car...with no wheels.

A walker inside the car pounds on the window.

Javier: Shit! Goddamn it!

Javi sees a carjack handle inside the car. He opens the door and kills the walker with his bat. He takes the handle and attaches it to the carjack.

Jesus: Javi...

Javier: Got it!

Javier takes the carjack over to the garage door. Jesus kills a walker trying to climb the fence.

Jesus: It's not holding!

Tripp: Get that door open!

Javi uses the carjack to open the door.

Javier: That's it, it won't go any higher! Everyone get in!

Clementine slides under the door. The fence collapses; Jesus kills a few more walkers, then goes inside the warehouse.

Jesus: Pardon me.

Tripp: Javi, go!

Javier slides under the door.

Conrad shoots a nearby walker and enters the warehouse.
Javier: Come on, Tripp!
Tripp joins the others.
Clementine: Close the door!
Tripp: Hurry! Get that goddamn jack out of there!
Javi kicks the carjack away and the door closes.
Tripp: Damn, man. That was too close.
Conrad: You can say that again.

Javier: Guys, get in!
Tripp joins the others.
Tripp: Let's go, Conrad!
Javier: Conrad! Come on!
Conrad starts to crawl under the door, but is grabbed by a walker.
Tripp: No, no, no, no!
Conrad is pulled backward and grabs onto the carjack.
Tripp: Conrad!
Tripp runs over to help Conrad, but the carjack comes loose and the door closes. Conrad screams as he is devoured by walkers.
Tripp: Conrad...

Javier: Come on, Tripp!
Tripp joins the others.
Clementine: Close the door!
Tripp: Hurry! Get that goddamn jack out of there!
Javi kicks the carjack away and the door closes.
Tripp: Damn, man. That was too close.
Clementine: Hopefully that door holds them.

The group hears gunshots outside.

David: Hey! I'm here!

Javier: David!

Javier runs over to the regular door.

Clementine: Don't you dare let that fucking baby-killer in!

Clementine fires a shot near Javi.

Clementine: Don't make me do this.

Tripp: Clem...

Clementine: Don't do it, Javi.

David: Hey! Open up!

Jesus: He'll die.

Clementine: He deserves worse!

David: C'mon! Hurry up!
Javi backs away from the door and Clem lowers her gun. Jesus opens the door and David runs inside.

Jesus: Should've trusted my gut about you.

Jesus: I thought you were a good man.

Jesus: We need to barricade the door.

Clementine tackles David and puts her gun to his head.

Clementine: Did you let him turn?! Tell me! Now!

Javier: Answer her question. Now.
David will remember that.

Javier: You know this is wrong, Clem. There's blood on all of our hands, one way or another. You don't want to add any more.
Clementine will remember that.
Clementine: You don't know what I want!

Javier: Clementine, no! Don't do this!
Clementine will remember that.
Clementine: Shut the fuck up, Javi!

Clementine: Answer me!

David: We didn't have to worry about that.

Clementine: What the hell does that mean?!

David: He lived, Clem! He lived.

Clementine lets David get up.

Javier: He has a son, Clem. Just like you did.
Jesus disarms Clementine.
Clementine: The fuck?!
Jesus: Open it!
Javier opens the door and David runs inside.

David: Hello again, Clementine. How did you get caught up in all this?

David: What the hell are you doing here?

Clementine: Ask your brother.

David: She's trouble. Trust me.

Javier: She's with me. I owe her my life.
Clementine will remember that.
Tripp: She told us some pretty rancid stuff about you, man.
David: What did she say?

Javier: Don't worry. Once this herd's gone, so is she. After what she's told us, I'm sure you're glad to hear that.
Clementine will remember that.
David: What did she tell you?

Javier: How could you do that to Clem? God, what if it had been Mariana or Gabe?!
David will remember that.
David: What did she say?

Tripp: There's a herd outside. She'd die. Lucky for her, we're not like you.
David: What? What the hell did she tell you?

Javier: That you left her to die.

David: No. We kicked her out.

Javier: A little girl all alone out there? Do you think that Mariana could have survived that?

David: We had rules. Clem broke them. I would've done the same to anybody. She knew what would happen. Don't feel sorry for her.

Javier: To anybody, huh? You broke the rules for Kate and Gabe!
David: And I'll accept the consequences. Unlike her.

Javier: All this time, you're still an asshole.
David: And you're still naive. Protecting family is not the same as protecting an entire community.

Javier: Everybody fucks up, man. What about forgiveness?
David: We couldn't afford forgiveness.

David: I didn't say it was an easy decision.

Clementine: Did he suffer? Please. I have to know.

David: No. I wouldn't have let him. But I didn't have to worry about that. He lived, Clem. He lived.

Javier: But how? He was dying. Clem said so.

David: AJ bounced back. He was stronger than we thought. It was...a miracle.

Clementine: You're lying.

Javier: I don't know, Clem. I don't think he'd lie about this.
Clementine: You don't know him like I do.

Javier: That's great! Clem, this is good news!
Clementine: How am I supposed to believe you?

Javier: I wouldn't believe him either.
David: What you believe doesn't change the fact: AJ is alive.

David: I know it sounds like I'm trying to save my own skin.

David: Clementine, please--I'm telling the truth.

Clementine: Where? Where is AJ now?

David: I don't know for sure.

Clementine: But he's in Richmond?

David: Doctor Lingard took care of the boy. He'll know how to find him.

Clementine: Then I'm going back.

David: None of us are going anywhere until the walkers clear.

Clementine walks away.

Javier: What's your plan, David?

David: We used to store a vehicle up this way. Provisions. I came to get you set up.

Javier: And?

David: And say goodbye. I don't want you to worry about Kate and Gabe. I'll take care of my family from now on. They'll be safe with me.

Javier: Not happening, David. They're my family as much as yours.
David: Is that what you think? Last I checked, Kate was my wife and Gabe was my son!

Javier: Wait, this is a send-off? You're--you're just seeing me on my merry way?
David: You think I want this?
Javier: Well, you're not doing much to stop it!
David: I don't see another way!

Javier: Fine. Take care of them. It's about time you stepped up.
David: You've got some nerve.

David: You could at least say goodbye back.

Walkers break open the door.

Tripp: Shit!

Jesus: Board it up!

Jesus drop-kicks the walkers back outside. He and Tripp hold the door closed.

Tripp: We need something to buffer! Something heavy!

Javier: There! Help me!

Javi and David move a shipping container to block the door.

Tripp: Wait a half-second... Where'd you find this?

Javier: Over there.

Tripp: Show me.

Javi turns on his flashlight and shines it on the containers, which say "PROPERTY OF PRESCOTT AIRFIELD".

David: What the hell is all this?

Jesus picks up one of two radios.

Jesus: These could come in handy... Don't want to just take them, but...

Tripp: I might be going crazy, but...I think these came from Prescott. (notices arcade game) That's Phantom Punch!

David: I don't understand how all this got here.

Tripp: Like you don't know.

David: Hey, none of this stuff was here before. I don't have a damn thing to do with it! We've only ever kept a few basic supplies here, for scouts. For emergencies.

Javier: Your people looted this stuff from Prescott, David.
David: Come on, we can't know that.
Jesus: Who else knew about this place?
Tripp: Your outfit is the only one that gutted my town.

Javier: Whoever did this, they have to be stopped!
David: Damn right they do. As soon as we find out who.
Jesus: Who else knew about this place?
Tripp: Your outfit is the only one that gutted my town.

Javier: Come on, David. Don't play dumb.
David: What are you suggesting? That I was part of looting Prescott?
Javier: You must have known something.
David: You think I'd condone this?

Jesus: Who else knew about this place?
Tripp: Your outfit is the only one that gutted my town.

Jesus: This is bigger than just Prescott. There's spoils from other towns here, too. Towns I heard got raided a while back... Th--there's stuff here from the Kingdom.

Badger: Look how many there are already. Goddamn herd's nearly on us. Hurry the fuck up!

Lonnie: You hurry up!

Max: Wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't gone all trigger-happy on David's family.

David: Take cover!

Everyone hides.

Javi hides with the others.

Tripp grabs Javi and pulls him behind cover.

Badger: Fuck 'em. I'd do that little bitch again, just to see her head pop.

Max: You sure as hell are stupid, ain't you?

Lonnie: You only just realizin' that now?

Max: I told you. Joan is on the warpath. Last thing we need is people get wind of all this stuff.

Badger: Look at all this shit. We're frickin' rollin' in it.

Max: I'll give you that.

Lonnie: Just glad we found some more smokes. That shit is the new gold.

The group sneaks up on Max, Lonnie, and Badger.

Javier: Shame you can't take it with you.

Javier: And now we get to see your head pop, you piece of shit!

Javier: None of this shit belongs to you, assholes!

David: Shame you can't take it with you.

David punches Badger, and he falls to the floor, dropping his gun.

Max: David?!

David: I thought better of you, Max. I really did.

Max: David. Come on, man! We're a unit. There's no need for--

Max draws his gun at fires at the group, and they dive to avoid being shot. David fires at Max and Lonnie as they run away; Tripp and determinantly Conrad take cover.

David: Stop him!

Jesus: He's getting away!

Jesus and Clementine chase after Lonnie. Badger gets up and runs away.

David: Go! Get Badger!

Javi runs after Badger. He tries to barricade Javi's path, but he slides under the shelf just before it falls. Javi chases Badger upstairs and breaks open the door to find him loading a shotgun. Javier grabs the gun and slams Badger against the wall, but he headbutts Javi. Badger points the gun at Javi and fires, but misses. Javi smashes his hand into the window and repeatedly elbows him in the face. Badger charges him, tackles him to the ground, and chokes him. Javi grabs a nearby coffee mug and hits Badger in the face. Badger tries to grab a wrench attached to a pipe, but Javi smashes his face into it. Badger hits him in the face with the wrench and smashes him partway through the window.

Tripp: Javi!

Conrad: Shit! Hang on! We're coming!

Badger pulls Javi back into the room.

Badger: Ever since the junkyard, you've been nothing but a fly in my ointment.

Javier, disoriented, reaches for his bat, but Badger picks it up.

Badger: If I'd have known you were David's brother...

Badger kicks Javi in the face.

Badger: I'd have shoved that gas can down your throat and lit you up like a candle! But this will do.

Javi moves out of the way just before Badger swings the bat. He kicks Badger in the knee, grabs the shotgun, and shoots him in the stomach. Badger drops the bat and collapses against a file cabinet.

Badger: Fuckin' Garcías! You--you--you took my goddamn guts out! I'm...I'm... Fuck... Oh, you messed me up good.

Javier: You're the worst kind of filth, Badger. This is how it had to end.
Badger: Bring it, then... See if I...see if I give a shit.

Javier: This is for Mariana. She was a sweet little girl, just minding her own business.
Badger: Not anymore. Fuck her...and fuck you, too.

Javier: You brought this on yourself, Badger. You had it coming a long time.
Badger: Bring it, then... See if I...see if I give a shit.

Badger: Bring it, then... See if I...see if I give a shit.

Javier picks up the bat. Tripp and determinantly Conrad enter the room.

Tripp: Easy, Conrad. He's already down.
Conrad kicks Badger.
Conrad: Remember my woman? Francine? You! You snuffed her out like she was nothing.
Badger: She was...nothing.
Tripp: He's finished.

Tripp: Get it over with.

Badger: Come on... What are you waiting for?

Tripp: We've got to move. No point drawing it out.

Javier: No. Let's let him turn. It's only right.
Tripp will remember that.

(If Conrad is alive.)
Javier: Conrad...
Conrad will remember that.
Badger: What? Ain't got the guts to kill another man?
Conrad: No. You're not a man. You're nothing.
Conrad shoots Badger in the head.

Javi hits Badger with the bat.
Tripp will remember that.
Javi hits Badger until he dies.
Tripp: That's enough, man. He's gone.

Javier continues bashing in Badger's head.
Tripp: For god's sake, Javi! Get a goddamn hold of yourself!
Javi destroys Badger's skull.
You couldn't stop.
Tripp: I hope that made you feel better.

Tripp will remember that.
Tripp stabs Badger in the head.

The group hears a gunshot. They run out of the room to find David fighting Max. David disarms him and he falls to the floor.

David: He's all yours.

Max: Stop... Please!

David: Raiding. Looting! You betrayed who we are! You betrayed Richmond!

Max: C'mon, David...this is Richmond!

David: What's that supposed to mean? (draws pistol) What's that supposed to mean?!

Max: I ain't got nothing to say!

Javier: There's no use holding out, Max. The best you can do is make things right.
Max: We--we weren't doing it without support inside Richmond.

Javier: I'm tired of this sack of shit. Let's just kill him.
Max: Wait! Please, wait... I'll tell you everything...
Javier: Everything about what?!
Max: C'mon, man! It wasn't like we were doing this by ourselves.

Javier: Start talking. Or I promise you, you're gonna scream.
Max: Okay, okay! T--take it easy!
Javier: I'm waiting!
Max: C'mon, man! It wasn't like we were doing this by ourselves.

David: What the fuck does it mean?
Max: C'mon, man! It wasn't like we were doing this by ourselves.

Max: Joan was in on it. We did it on her orders! She--she said we needed it to survive. I wanted to let you in, but she told me you'd never go for it. I'm...I'm sorry.

David: It is too late for sorry, you backstabbing shitbag.

Max: Please--don't kill me! I'll help you! I--I'll tell everyone in Richmond about this! I'll help you get back inside! Expose her to the others...

Javier: Maybe he'll be useful.
David will remember that.
Max: Thank you! Thank you!
David hits Max with his gun, knocking him out.
David: I needed that.

Javier: We don't need your help.
Max: I'm begging you!
Javi shoots Max.
David will remember that.

David: We don't need you for that.
David shoots Max.

The group leaves the warehouse as it is swarmed by walkers. They reunite with Jesus and Clementine.

David: Where's Lonnie?

Jesus: He gave us the slip. High-tailed it back towards Richmond.

David: Son of a bitch. If he warns Joan...

Clementine: Wasn't there one more?

Clementine: What about the other two?

David: Won't be hurting anyone else.

Clementine: Oh...
David: What? It's good riddance...that son of a bitch killed Mariana.
Jesus: Did that make you feel better?
David: I wouldn't shed any tears if I were you.
Jesus: Maybe I'm shedding them for your brother.

Javier: You're damn right it did! Bastard deserved everything he got.
Jesus: Be careful, Javi... Act like a beast, you risk what makes you human. Don't become the thing you hate.

Javier: Hey, man, back the fuck off. I don't need a lecture from you.
Jesus: You need it from someone. You don't want to become the thing you hate.

Javier: I thought it would at the time. Now--now I'm not so sure.
Jesus: Hold on to that doubt. It means you're still human.

Jesus: Hold on to that doubt.

Clementine: The world's a better place without him. Believe me.

Clementine: If he was stronger he'd still be alive. He wasn't, so he isn't. That's that.

Clementine: That man shot his niece! Right in front of him. I would've done the same, Javi.

Clementine: You weren't there. You don't know what Javi went through! Emotions aren't picky. They get the better of all of us eventually.

Clementine: Javi's earned my trust. And if any of you had any brains, you'd say the same. I'm sure you did the right thing.

Clementine: Sometimes there's just no other way to make things right.

Clementine: My friend took a crowbar to someone once.

Jesus: My people need to know about what we found here.

Javier: What about your missing friends?

Jesus: I'm surprised you care. Human life isn't exactly high on your list of priorities.

Jesus: I'm not holding out much hope.

Jesus: Don't have time to keep looking. They'd want me to get home and warn them. So that's what I'm gonna do. Sooner the better.

Javier: You sure you'll be okay on your own?
Jesus will remember that.
Jesus: To be honest, I think my odds are better than yours.

(If Javi didn't kill Badger.)
Javier: You're a good guy, Jesus. That's rare.
Jesus will remember that.
Jesus: I could say the same about you.

(If Javi killed Badger.)
Javier: Fine. Do what you gotta do. We'll be fine on our own.
Jesus will remember that.
Jesus: Depends what you mean by "fine".

Javier: You sure you won't stay? We need your help.
Jesus will remember that.
Jesus: So do others.

Javier says nothing.

Jesus: I won't forget about you. You have my word.

Tripp: It's a shitstorm out there, man. I don't see how you're gonna make it.

Jesus: One step at a time.

Jesus walks away.

David: We need to get back to Richmond fast. I have loved ones in there...

Javier: We both do.

Clementine: We all do.

Tripp: I gotta break Eleanor out of there. Once she's safe, I...I'm gonna tell her how I feel.

Tripp: You said it yourself: if it ain't messy, it wouldn't be important, right?

Tripp: Truth never hides forever.

Tripp: Hey, if the mess never washes out, might as well get neck deep.

David: We're gonna need allies in Richmond. Lingard and Clint--they're out best bet. If I can get to them before Joan does, maybe we have a chance. I know I was ready to say goodbye before, but I can't do this without you. Can I count on you? I won't be able to pull this off myself.

Javier: Of course, David. You're my brother. I never forgot that, even if you did.
David: I'm glad to hear that, Javi. You and I--we should talk, when this is done.

Javier: I'll back you up--but I'm doing this for Kate, not you.
David: Fine. As long as we get it done.

Javier: Fine--but I expect first-class treatment when we're done. No more quarantine for me or my friends. Just the red fucking carpet.
David: Of course, whatever you need. Let's just get this done.

David: If you won't do it for me, do it for Kate and Gabe. We can't put them at risk.

David: If Lonnie raises the alarm, they'll be waiting for us at the gates. There's a way in round back that'll get us around any sentries. We can take Badger's truck.

Javier: I doubt he'll mind.

David: C'mon, we gotta get on the move.

David gets in the front seat and starts the truck.

David: The herd is closing in.

Everyone gets in the back of the truck and David drives away.


The group climbs out of a sewer in Richmond.

David: I'm thinking this'll go a lot better if we split up. A group this big can't exactly sneak around. Particularly if they're expecting us...

Tripp: Eleanor's in there somewhere. I'm going after her.

Conrad: Then I'm coming with you.

David: Lingard brought her to the clinic. That's your best bet. Javi--that's where you'll go to get Kate and Gabe. Then bring them to my house. It's the one with the raven on the hitching post. We'll all meet up there--after I pay a little visit to Joan... Stay out of sight. They'll be keeping an eye out for us.

Javier: As soon as I can get Kate and Gabe, we'll see you back at the house.
David: Roger that.

Javier: Just--don't wait up for me, okay?
David: Javi?
Javier: I'm gonna do whatever I have to to keep Kate and Gabe safe. After that, I'm not promising anything.
David: Javi, just follow the plan. I'm counting on you to hold up your end.

Javier: It's safer if we stick together.
David: Negative. It's too risky. At least this way, if one of us gets caught, the other can still achieve their mission.

David: I guess that's that.

David and determinantly Max leave.

Tripp: I'll scout ahead.

Tripp and determinantly Conrad leave.

Javier: What about you, Clem?

Clementine: I'm pretty sure I've still got some friends in the New Frontier. If they know where AJ's being held, they'll tell me. As soon as I find him, I'm taking that truck and getting the hell out of here.

Javier: Well, you are owed a vehicle.

'Clementine: Keep an eye on David. He may be playing nice, but I'd still watch your back.

Javier: Give me a little credit, Clem. I can handle David.
Clementine will remember that.
Clementine: I really hope you're right.

Javier: He's my brother, Clem. That still means something to me.
Clementine will remember that.
Clementine: Just don't get trapped by it.

Javier: I'm with you, Clem. He rubs me the wrong way. As soon as I get Kate and Gabe, I'm going to figure out what's best for us.
Clementine will remember that.
Clementine: Well, I hope it involves getting far away from here.

Clementine noticed your silence.
Clementine: Just...watch your back. That's all I'm saying.

Clementine: You know what's best for the people you love. No one else can make that call.

Clementine: The only thing that matters is staying alive.

Clementine: Family means something different now. You have to make it for yourself.

Clementine: I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's not the man I think he is.

Clementine: But you're no dummy. Your instincts have been right most of the time. I know you'll make the right call.

Clementine: See you when I see you.

Clementine leaves, and Tripp returns.

Tripp: David said to hang a right up at that corner. Seems clear so far.

Javier: Let's move.

Javi, Tripp, and determinantly Conrad sneak along the street.

Javi joins Tripp/Conrad in hiding behind a car.

Tripp pulls Javi behind the car.

Frontier Soldier 1: You know Javi García? Used to play shortstop for Baltimore.

Frontier Soldier 2: That Javier García? That's who we're looking for?

Frontier Soldier 1: Yeah. That Javier García. Anyway, sounds like some paranoid horseshit. Guy's a fucking ball player. Not like he's gonna go ninja his way back in here and stir up trouble.

Frontier Soldier 2: He was a pretty good ball player, though.

Frontier Soldier 1: Eh, he's alright.

Tripp: There's the medical center. We go in, we get Elle, we get Kate and Gabe, we get out.

Conrad: Not that easy, man. We've seen them AKs before, and they ain't afraid to use 'em.

Javier: What about our friends there? Doesn't exactly look like a welcoming committee.

Frontier Soldier 1: Alright. Let's hang out here for a while. Smoke break.

Tripp: Damn it. We need a distraction.

Tripp picks up a rock and hands it to Javi.

Tripp: How's your throwing arm?

Javi throws the rock at a transformer, making it spark and collapse.
Frontier Soldier 1: What the fuck?! Shit, we need to get the fire crew or that shit could burn down the block.
Tripp: You couldn't've just taken out a window?
Javier: Did the trick, didn't it?

Javi throws a rock through a window.
Frontier Soldier 2: What the hell was that?
Frontier Soldier 1: Let's check it out.
Frontier Soldier 2: You go first.
Tripp: Still got it.

The group runs away while the guards are distracted.


The group enters the hospital.

Javier: You guys find Elle. Tell her we're moving Kate.
Conrad: Sounds good. We'll meet you here.

Javier: Find Elle. Tell her we have to move Kate.
Tripp: You got it. I'll meet you here.

Tripp and determinantly Conrad leave. Javi enters the hospital room where Kate and Gabe are.

Gabe: Javi! (hugs Javi) We thought you were... I was...super worried. Like, a lot.

Javier: Hey, buddy, I'm fine. I'm just fine.

Javier: Are you guys okay? They didn't hurt you, did they?
Gabe: No. W--we're fine.

Javier: We have to leave, Gabe.
Gabe: Oh...okay. I'm sorry.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: They said you guys were denied entry.

Javier: It's true--we're on borrowed time. The people who run this place--they're ruthless. We have to move.

Gabe: Where's my dad? Is he coming? Javi? Where is he?

Javier: Your dad is taking care of a few loose ends. And right now, he needs me to take care of you.
Gabe: Oh...okay.

Javier: Don't worry, buddy. We're gonna go meet up with him.
Kate: Excuse me?

Javier: There's no time to explain now... Let's get to safety first.
Gabe: Oh...okay.

Kate: That doesn't matter right now, Gabe. We're leaving.

Javier: David has a house in town. He thinks we'll be okay there.

Gabe: Then let's go.

Kate: Wait, Javi--while you were gone, this woman, Joan, came by. I felt like she was sizing me up--it was creepy. She implied David was in trouble, like he was no longer in charge. She kept saying Gabe and I didn't need to worry, but...it only made me worry more. I got a bad feeling from her.

Javier: Joan's been running this place behind David's back. She's pulling the strings.
Kate: What do you mean?
Javier: The people who shot you answer to her.

Javier: She's a scary lady, but don't worry. David's gonna handle her. He knows what to do.
Kate: Scary how?
Javier: The people who shot you answer to her.

Javier: Joan's a shrewd operator. You can't believe a word she says.
Kate: That doesn't exactly put me at ease.
Javier: It shouldn't. The thugs who shot you answer to her.

Kate: I guess I was right to be worried. She's one of the bad ones, huh?

Javier: She ordered raids on other settlements. We found all this stuff from Prescott.

Kate: She was behind Prescott?!

Javier: David's rounding up allies to confront her right now.

Kate: Javi, I know you know this already: this is not our fight.

Kate: Javi, I know you think it's worse on the road, but you have to see reason. This isn't our fight.

Kate: We already lost Mari because of these people. Now the whole place is about to become a war zone.

Gabe: What? What do you mean?

Javier: I hear you, Kate, but we can't just let her get away with it.
They will remember that.
Kate: You're not hearing me. This is not our problem!

Javier: The only thing I care about is keeping you safe.
They will remember that.
Kate: Then you know we can't get involved!

Javier: It's David's fight, Kate. And we're in it with him.
They will remember that.
Gabe: He needs our help! Kate, c'mon!
Kate: You're not hearing me. This is not our problem!

They noticed your silence.
Gabe: You can't mean that, Kate!
Kate: Of course I mean it. We can't get involved!

Eleanor and Tripp enter the room.

Eleanor: What's going on? Tripp said we had to move to David's house.

Kate: We're not doing that. We're getting the fuck out of Richmond before it's too late.

Eleanor: Getting out?! You shouldn't even be sitting up!

Gabe: What? What about my dad? We can't just leave him!

Kate: Gabe, we don't even know who he is anymore! We have to get away before he gets us all killed.

Gabe: But he won't know where we are. Again!

Kate: I can't go back to how things were before. I'm sorry. I just can't.

Javier: We're gonna go to David's house.
Kate: Javi.
Javier: It's the best bet we got. It's...all we got.
Eleanor: I've got a gun in the room they gave me. Sounds like we might need it.

Javier: I'm sorry, Gabe. But we have to get out of here.
Eleanor: If we're leaving, I've gotta get some things for the road. All my stuff is stashed in the room they gave me.

Kate: I'm leaving. Which means we're leaving. I'm sorry, Gabe.
Eleanor: If we're leaving, I've gotta get some things for the road. All my stuff is stashed in the room they gave me.

Tripp: I'll come with you. We'll catch up with you guys.

Javier: Sounds good.

Javi helps Kate walk.
Javier: Gabe, come help.
Gabe helps support Kate.
Kate: I got it.
Both of them let go of her.
Javier: C'mon, buddy.
Gabe: I'm not going, Javi.
Kate: What?
Gabe: I'm gonna find my dad. I have to. I'm sorry.

Javier: Gabe, please don't do this.
Gabe: I'm sorry. I love you, Uncle Javi, but this is something I have to do.

Javier: Okay, buddy. I respect that.
Gabe: Thank you.

Javier: Gabe, no. You can't do that. You're making a mistake.
Gabe: But it's mine to make.

Gabe: I know you think it's a mistake. But...it's mine to make.

Kate: Gabe, no!

Javier: Kate...

Kate: No! Please, Gabe. Please. I never thought I could be a mom... I never thought I wanted to be a mom, until I met you and your sister. I'm begging you. Don't do this.

Gabe: It's my dad, Kate. I can't lose him again.

Kate: And I can't lose you.

Javier: Kate, we need to go. Now.

Javier: Just...just say goodbye, Kate.
Kate: I can't, Javi...

(If Javi didn't say "Absolutely not.")
Javier: Kate, c'mon. We have to respect his decision.
Kate: I can't!

(If Javi said "Absolutely not.")
Javier: This is just plain unacceptable! You should be ashamed of yourself, Gabe. The years we spent taking care of you, feeding you, keeping you alive. Those just mean nothing?
Kate: Javi, stop!

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Look at me, Gabe. Please.

Gabe turns his back.

Kate tries to walk, but falls down. Javi tries to help her, but she motions him away.
Kate: Don't.

Gabe: I didn't see Clem with you guys. Is she okay?

Javier: It's okay, buddy. She's mad at me, not you.
Gabe: No, it's not that. It's... You'll think it's stupid.
Javier: What's up?
Gabe: I just wish Clementine was still with us.
Javier: We ran into her.
Gabe: Really? I hope she came back with you. I--I wish she was around.

Gabe: I know, I know. She's tough, but... I don't know. It'd be nice to hear she's alright.

Javier: If we run into her... She could really use a friend right now.
Gabe: Yeah, me too.

Javier: I know you like her.
Gabe: I don't!
Javier: Gabe, it's okay, but, if we run into Clem, just be careful around her. She's been alone a long time. That changes people. I don't want you getting hurt.
Gabe: Oh... Alright.

Javier: Just know that if we do run into her... She's not a big fan of your dad.
Gabe: Why not?
Javier: You should ask her. Or maybe both of them.

Javier says nothing.

Javier: We need to go, okay?

Gabe: Okay.


Javi, Kate, and determinantly Gabe walk through the streets of Richmond.

Javier: It's his father, Kate. It's...what he wants. And this is what you want. What we want.
Kate: We got so close in the last few years--I...I thought Gabe would want to stay with us. I really saw him as my kid. I guess he didn't feel the same way.

Javier: He's David's son, not ours. No matter how long we've been taking care of him.
Kate: You don't really think that. You can't.
Javier: It's the truth.

Javier: He's growing up fast, Kate. We have to trust him to do what's right.
Kate will remember that.
Kate: I know...it's just hard to say goodbye.

Javier: You can't take it personally. Gabe just misses his dad.
Kate will remember that.
Kate: I get that...it's just hard to say goodbye.

Kate noticed your silence.
Kate: I just wonder if--if I could have done better.

Javi puts his hand on Kate's shoulder. Some New Frontier soldiers point guns at them.

Frontier Soldier: I'd hold it there, folks. And I'd consider explaining yourselves. I'd talk fast. Fast and clear.

Javier: Could you please point those somewhere else?

Javier: Easy now--we were just on our way out.

Javier: Easy now...no need for violence.

Javier says nothing.

Frontier Soldier: That's him, right? The brother? Thought so. Bring 'em in.

As one of the soldiers approaches, Javi wrestles with his gun.

Javier: Kate, run!

Kate runs away. The other soldier elbows Javi in the face, and he falls to the ground.

Kate: You know this is what David lives for, right?
Javier: What?
Kate: A brawl. I only ever saw him truly happy when he was talking about being at war. The world going to shit? I guarantee that was the best day of his life. He gets to live life on the front line. I'm sure it's like Christmas every morning.

Javier: We're in the thick of it, Kate. If he thrives in this shit, that only improves our chances.
Kate will remember that.
Kate: Just because he likes it doesn't mean he's good at it.


Javier: He definitely could get pretty warlike from time to time. My jaw still aches occasionally.
Kate will remember that.
Kate: Oh, I'll bet it does.

Kate: You weren't there, Javi. Not like I was...

They reach David's house, where they find Ava.

Ava: Took your damn time! Come on, we have to hurry!

Javier: Wait a second. David told us to come here...

Ava: He's talking to the others now. Trust me, shit's about to fly. He's gonna need our help. We gotta get on the move. He's waiting for us--there's no more time to lose.

Javier: Get them to safety first. Then we can go.
Ava: This is the best way to protect them.

Javier: Holy shit. Well, c'mon, let's go!

Javier: What can I do? They already kicked me out once.
Ava: Use your words. And if that fails, use a gun.

Ava: If you don't help, I won't be able to protect anyone.

Ava: They'll be safe here. Don't worry.

Javier: I'll come back for you. Both of you.

Kate: You better...

Javi and Ava leave; Kate and Gabe enter the house.


New Frontier soldiers bring Javi to the church.

Javi and Ava enter the church.

Joan, Lingard, Clint, David, and determinantly Max are already there.

Joan: I don't like your tone, David. If this is about your brother...

David: Don't pretend like you don't know what this is about. You've got a lot to answer for.

Joan: Me? You must be joking.

David: Javi! Kate and Gabe?
Javier: Safe.
David: I knew I could count on you, brother. We're gonna fix this. Together.

Javier: Of course. Kate and Gabe are safe. I've got your back.
David: Thank you. It means a lot that you do.

Javier: You better not make me regret it.

Javier: Wouldn't miss it. Let's see some fireworks.

David: Thank you.

Javier: What's going on here?

David: We're just getting started.

David: What's this?
Frontier Soldier: They were trying to leave--him and his lady friend.
David: Leave? I asked you to get Kate and Gabe safe. Not tuck your tail and run! Were you really gonna desert me? When I needed you most?

Javier: Richmond's not safe. It's no place for an injured woman and a boy.
David: So you were just gonna leave me to it, huh?

Javier: I'm sorry, David. We...thought it was for the best.
David: Great. Good to know you've got my back.

Javier: It was a matter of self-preservation. You're gonna get us all killed.
David: Great... Good to know your faith is strong.

David: Great. Good to know you've got my back.

David: Where are they now?

Frontier Soldier: Girl got away. No sign of the kid.

David: We'll deal with this later...

Joan: You smuggled your brother into Richmond? Despite what we agreed? Clearly, you have no respect for any of us. This is serious, David. You know we can't let this go.

Javier: It's over, Joan. You can stop your posturing.
Clint: Posturing?

Javier: Shut your goddamn mouth, Joan! We've heard enough of your lies.
Joan: How dare you?

Javier: You don't deserve respect! Not after the things you've done.
Clint: What things?

David: You've lost the right to respect, Joan.

Clint: What's this all about?

Javier: She's been ordering raids on peaceful communities. Sending your men to murder and loot.

Paul: Raiding? Joan, is this true?

Joan: Ha! He's pointing the finger at everyone! First Badger, now me.

Joan: Do--do I really need to answer that?

Clint: That's a serious charge. You come in swinging, you better have proof.

David: Here's our proof.

David pushes Max in front of the group.

David: This lowlife was part of the raids.

Max: I...

Joan: Well, Max... What do you have to say?

Javier: We had a deal, Max. Your life for the truth.
Max: I didn't forget.
Javier: Then what are you waiting for?

Javier: Start talking. Right now. Unless you want to follow your friend.

Javier: Don't be afraid of her, Max. We've got your back.

Javier says nothing.

Max: Me, Badger, and...and Lonnie, we ran the ops. Off Joan's orders!

Lonnie: Goddamn it, Max...

Max: I'm washin' my hands of this, man!

Clint: Joan... How could you?

Joan pours herself a drink and takes a sip.

Joan: The real question is, how could I not? What would happen to us without your fertilizer, Clint? Or your pills, Paul? Do you think our community would survive? I did what I had to, to ensure that we would. It wasn't easy... But someone had to do it.

Javier: So you survived, but at what cost? Do you even know how much suffering you've caused?
Joan: I've no doubt it's less than I've prevented.

Javier: If you had such good reasons, why keep it a secret?
Joan: I took the hard decisions on myself.

Javier: You really think you can justify this?
Joan: I know I can.

Javier says nothing.

Joan: All of you remember the winter--how much we lost. Friends. Lovers. Children. I made a promise--I would never let that happen again. The raids were just to keep up us going, 'til Richmond reached sustainability. We're so close. So close to our dream. Do we really want to risk it all by fighting amongst ourselves? We should all be on the same side of this, David. On Richmond's side. Surely you can see that?

Javier: She's fucking delusional. Building a "dream" on the blood of innocents...
Joan will remember that.
David: You don't have to tell me, brother.

Javier: I know I'd do anything to keep my own people safe. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.
David will remember that.
Joan: Listen to your brother, David. It makes sense...
David: Are you fucking kidding me?

Javier: Prospering off the suffering of other people? That's no way to live. No way at all.
David will remember that.
David: You're damn right about that.

They noticed your silence.
David: You people make me sick.

David: We lost Mariana to those raids. How many others lost their kids, too?

Joan: I'm sorry, David. It breaks my heart about your child. It's...it's something I'm going to have to live with. Take them!

David: What the hell?

Joan: Put them in a cell until I can figure out what to do with them.

David: Don't you fucking touch me! That's an order!

Clint: They don't take orders from you anymore, David. You're done here.

If Javi sided with Gabe, Ava leaves the church. If he sided with Kate, an unnamed Frontier soldier leaves.

Clint: You put yourself before the group.

Javier: We can leave. Please, just let us.

Javier: I hope you choke on your fucking cake. It looked like shit, by the way.

Javier: You won't get away with this, Joan. All of this'll come back on you eventually.

Joan: You should've just walked away when you could have.

David: Paul, come on!

Paul: I'm sorry...my hands are tied.

David: This is not over, Joan. I have friends here. Allies.

The Frontier soldiers kick Javi and David in the back of the knees, making them kneel. Javi is hit in the head with a gun and knocked unconscious.

Joan: And despite what we all agreed... You smuggled your brother back into Richmond. What happened to you, David? It hurts me to see you betray your own people.
David: You've got some damn nerve!
Joan: We used to be so close... Now I hardly know who you are.

Javier: He didn't betray anyone, Joan. He risked coming back to help Richmond.
Joan: Help it?
Javier: By exposing you.

Javier: You're one to talk. If anyone betrayed Richmond, it's you, Joan.

Javier: David didn't betray anyone. He can be hard to deal with, but he's always been loyal.
David: I wish I could say the same for you.

David: You can talk. If anyone betrayed Richmond, it's you.

Clint: What are you people talking about?

Joan: So, this is your play?

Joan: First you accuse Badger, then you come after me.

Joan: You think you can pin this mess on me?
Paul: What mess?

Paul: Would someone please explain what's going on?

Lonnie: I can.

David: Lonnie...

Joan: Go ahead, Lonnie. Tell us.

Lonnie: They attacked us. Murdered Max and Badger.

David: You son of a bitch...

Lonnie: They would've got me too, but I was lucky.

Javier: Are you kidding me? You have the nerve to accuse us?
Lonnie: Their bodies are in the factory! See for yourself!
David: Why don't you tell them what you were doing up there? Tell them about the raids. Tell them how Joan ordered you to kill and loot!

Javier: We did you a favor. Those bastards deserved to die.
Paul: What? Those are our people you're talking about!
Javier: They were attacking other settlements! Killing and looting on Joan's orders.

Javier: They would've killed us if they'd had the chance.
Paul: You admit murdering our people?
Javier: Those assholes were raiding other settlements! Killing and looting on Joan's orders.

Lonnie: Their bodies are in the factory! See for yourself!
David: Why don't you tell them what you were doing up there? Tell them about the raids. Tell them how Joan ordered you to kill and loot!

Paul: Is that true, Joan?

Joan: It's nothing but a smokescreen. A pretty damn transparent one, if you ask me.

Paul: Lonnie? Please tell me this isn't true?

Lonnie: We did that, raided those communities. Hurt those people... Because David told us to. Not Joan. I'm sorry, David. I can't do this anymore. I can't hurt anyone else.

Javier: You fucking liar! David had nothing to do with this.
Lonnie: No! I am done lying! This is the first right thing I've done in a long time.

Javier: I'm gonna kill you for this. I swear to god, I'm gonna rip that tongue out of your bullshitting mouth!
Lonnie: I deserve a lot worse for what I did. For what we did...

Javier: This is wrong. I'm asking you, please, tell them the truth.

David: You slimy son of a bitch. After all we went through?
Lonnie: I'm sorry, David. I'm done lying.

If Javi sided with Gabe, Ava leaves the church. If he sided with Kate, an unnamed Frontier soldier leaves.

David: This is bullshit, he's covering for Joan!

Lonnie: David, just stop! We knew this couldn't last forever... We confronted him. Me, Badger, and Max. We were done, we let him know. He said he didn't need us anymore. Not with his brother here now. That's when he... That's when Badger and Max...

David: That's enough...

Joan: David, stop.

David: Paul. You have to stop her. Or the blood from those raids, it's on your hands. Don't let Joan get away with this. Paul!

Javier: She's working you like a puppet, man. Can't you see that? Don't let yourself get played into doing something you regret.
Paul will remember that.
Paul: Maybe we should sleep on this...give everyone some time to cool down...
Joan: No!

Javier: Paul, you don't know me very well, but my brother's your friend. He wouldn't do what they're saying, you know that.
David will remember that.
Paul: Maybe we should sleep on this...give everyone some time to cool down...
Joan: No!

Javier: Grow a fucking backbone, please. Stand up for what's right!
Paul will remember that.
Paul: I think you've caused enough trouble...

David noticed your silence.
Paul: Sorry, David... I just don't know.

Joan: Don't try and drag him into your mess. The things you've done, they're an assault on what we built here. You and your brother--you're going to have to answer for them.

David: I still have friends here. Allies. This won't stand.

Clint: You brought this on yourself, David. I'm sorry to say it, but you're done here.

Lonnie: They were our family, David. How could you?

David punches Lonnie and draws his gun.

David: I'll give you family!

A Frontier soldier tackles Javi and David. Gunshots are heard.

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