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This article is about the Comic Series group. You may be looking for the TV Series counterpart.

"We don't want any trouble, friend--we just came here for supplies."
—Abraham to Andrea as they are held up at the farm.[src]

Abraham's Group was a small band of survivors introduced in Issue 53 that had traveled from Texas to get to D.C., before crossing paths with the Survivors.


Before the outbreak, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene all lived in the Houston, Texas area. Abraham, a former sergeant in the military, became a sports coach after retiring and lived with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, son, and daughter. Meanwhile, Eugene was a science teacher at one of the local high-schools and while Rosita's past has been largely unknown, it is presumed that she also lived around that area.


After Abraham's family died at the hands of zombies, he met up with Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, and several other members of their group and began journeying with them to Washington, trying to find a society that was still intact. Abraham entered a relationship with Rosita on the road. One day, three members from the group tried to steal some food and sneak away, but Abraham killed them before they could do so. Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita arrived at Hershel's Farm and were immediately held at gunpoint by Andrea, due to Abraham's aggressive nature. Eventually Abraham convinces Rick and his group to join them in their journey to Washington D.C. to find supplies, which they agree to. Abraham met his demise after Dwight shot him through the head with an arrow on the outskirts of downtown Washington D.C.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Abraham's group have killed:



  • All members in Abraham's group have known last names.