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This article is about the Rick Grimes 2000 character. You may be looking for his Comic Series, The Escapists, Road to Survival, Survivors, TV Series, No Man's Land, or Our World counterparts. For other pages with the same name, see: Abraham

"What's a Negan?"
—Abraham wondering what a 'Negan' is.[src]

Abraham Ford is a character in Rick Grimes 2000.


Main article: Abraham Ford (Comic Series)


Main article: Abraham Ford (Comic Series)

At some point after the alien invasion, Abraham found his way to Earth's last stronghold, the Sanctuary. He remains unaltered by cybernetics.

Chapter 3

Abraham first appears at the Sanctuary looking over areas on a map for Maggie Greene's team to scout and check for defenses. When Negan breaches the bases' defenses and launches his assault, Abraham is on the front lines helping defend and asks what a Negan is, having never heard that name before. He is then beaten around the head using Lu.

Chapter 4

When Negan fuses Lu and Cille together into 'Lucille' to wield the ultimate power, he immediately decapitates Abraham across the jaw.


Killed By

Negan attacks The Sanctuary and uses Lucille to decapitate Abraham.

Killed Victims


Rick Grimes 2000


  • Ironically, Abraham being killed by Negan with Lucille is how his TV Series counterpart meets his demise as well.
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