"They were good people, all of them."
—Bob speaking about the residents that died in the bus.[src]

The achey woman is survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is one of the newcomers in the prison.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this woman's life before or as the outbreak began.


Season 4


This woman is a part of a group of residents, consisting of Jeanette, Noris' son, a Woodbury resident, and another woman, brought to Cell Block A to be quarantined.


The woman is seen trying to sleep in her cell as Glenn and Hershel check on the patients. Later, she sits upright on her bed, shaking. She steps out of her cell to see what is happening to the bearded man when he begins to violently cough and shake before dying.

When some of the patients turn into zombies, the woman flees towards the door that Maggie tries to break open, but she is unable to escape. Later she managed to lock herself in the cell underneath where Hershel and Henry fought.

"Too Far Gone"

This woman is seen running through the prison courtyard with another man and manages to escape on the Woodbury bus with other survivors.


The woman is found zombified, along with several other prison residents, on the bus. She is discovered by Maggie, Bob and Sasha after they see the bus sitting in the middle of the road, they walk over to the side of the bus, and this reanimated woman frightens Maggie as she starts clawing at one of the windows. As the survivors attempt to put down the zombified residents, she is the third person to stumble out of the bus, only to be stabbed in the head by Maggie, causing her to fall to the ground, revealing that she was bitten on the neck.


Killed By

After the Governor's Militia attacked and destroyed the prison, she managed to escape onto the bus.

Sometime after, presumably everyone aboard the bus was killed, her included. She then reanimated as a zombie.

After the achey woman reanimated as a zombie, she was discovered by Maggie, Bob and Sasha. She poured out of the bus with the other reanimated prison residents and was put down by Maggie.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this woman has killed:


TV Series

Season 4


  • The name of this character is not used in dialogue nor is she credited, but the name "The Achey Woman" was given to her by the writers and crew.
    • This character is nicknamed as "Achey Brakey" on the set.
  • According to her actress, the woman was supposed to interact with Carol in "Isolation" by giving her a look as if she was saying "Do I really have to go into the cell block?" where Carol responded with a stern look of finality.[1]
  • When the camera zooms out to show the pile of dead residents, the Achey Woman can be seen in a different position than how she died. The actress explains that the director thought it looked like everyone was "taking a nap" so he had everyone shift their positions.[2]


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