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Look at this baby. This baby is an Adam. We're naming him after the first man.

Adam Sutton is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a former member of the Whisperers, but is later abandoned by his mother. He is then rescued by the Hilltop Colony and is adopted by Earl and Tammy Rose Sutton. After Tammy and Earl's death, Alden becomes his new adoptive father before his demise.


Adam is born nearly 8 years into the zombie apocalypse to a woman who is a member of a group of primitive survivors known as the Whisperers. It is unknown who his father is or if he is still alive.

Season 9[]


As Alpha begins a negotiation between the two groups, a small herd begins to approach due to Adam crying. Fearing for her life and not having another choice, Adam's mother decides to abandon him as he cries. Luke and Alden beg for Alpha to spare the helpless infant, but Alpha coldly refuses, claiming that if the mother cannot quieten the child then the dead will, claiming it as being "natural selection". Luke, having seen Connie hiding behind the cornfield, then begins to use ASL to inform her to retrieve the baby.

Connie rescues the baby and runs into the cornfield as they begin to be chased by both walkers and Whisperers alike. After multiple close calls with walkers, both Connie and the baby are eventually saved by Daryl, Kelly, Earl, and Tammy Rose.

After Lydia is given back to Alpha and the Whisperers, the baby is given shelter at Hilltop and is adopted by Tammy Rose and Earl.


The baby is taken with Tammy and Earl to the Kingdom. Tammy cradles the baby in her arms as the elderly couple discuss where a good home for him would be. Suddenly, they are ambushed by the dead, walkers surrounding Tammy and the baby in the wagon. In order to keep the baby safe, Tammy tucks him away into a box with air holes so the walkers can't get to him. Once all the walkers are killed, the baby and the others make it to the Kingdom.

Once at the Kingdom, Tammy confesses to Earl and Nabila that she wants to keep the baby and raise him.

"The Calm Before"[]

Tammy Rose and Earl walk the baby around the fair (walking by Alpha in disguise who recognizes the baby she almost left to be eaten alive) as they decide on names for their newly adopted son. Tammy suggests Adam, and Earl comments that he knew an Adam when he was younger. Later, Earl carries Adam around as he and Kelly ask Connie if she had seen Tammy Rose. After it was revealed Tammy Rose was among the fair attendees to have been kidnapped and killed by the Whisperers, Earl holds Adam as he listens to Siddiq's story about what had happened.

Season 10[]

"We Are the End of the World"[]

Adam is remembered by his biological mother as she was forced to leave him behind to be devoured by walkers in a flashback to the time she brought him to the Hilltop in search of Lydia.

"What It Always Is"[]

Adam sits outside in his stroller parked by the blacksmith as his father works. He coos and babbles as Earl shares his experience in the Vietnam War to Alden. Earl eventually walks over to Adam and kisses him on the head.[1]

"Morning Star"[]

Having arrived at Hilltop, Mary attempts to see her nephew, but is repeatedly denied by Earl and Alden, angry at the losses of their loved ones to the Whisperers and how Adam was abandoned in the first place. Inside the Barrington House, Adam is being held by one of the caretakers sitting with Nabila when Mary sees him. As she attempts to approach him, Alden cuts her off, stating that she will never be able to have him, and promptly takes Adam out of the caretaker's arms and walks away with him. Later, Adam is among the children and parents to be evacuated from Hilltop. However, the caravan is prevented from reaching Oceanside after reaching a roadblock consisting of a fallen tree, the doings of the Whisperers. The caravan turns back to Hilltop, along with the bodies of murdered scouts Felix and Penny. That night, he takes refuge inside Hilltop along with the other children and civilians as the coalition soldiers fight against the Whisperers and their horde.

"Walk With Us"[]

When the Hilltop falls, Adam is rescued by Alden, Kelly, and Mary and taken to safety by them. However, the group is unaware that Earl was bitten and subsequently dies, leaving Adam with all of his adopted family gone. Before his death, Earl expresses confidence to Judith that Alden will take care of Adam in his place.

As the group makes their way down the road, Adam becomes fussy and Alden, despite his inability to soothe the baby, refuses Mary's advice on how to handle Adam due to his anger towards her. Mary eventually gets Alden to take her advice and allow her to hold Adam. Mary is able to calm her nephew with Mary's obvious affection for her nephew and vice versa causing Alden to soften his attitude towards Mary. Resting, Mary tells Alden and Kelly that Adam had meant everything to his mother and expresses remorse for killing Frances.

Spotting a herd coming, Mary leads Alden and Kelly to safety in an abandoned van and gives them Adam before locking the group in. Rather than risk the life of Adam, Mary leads the walkers away with a scream and manages to kill them all. However, Mary is brutally killed by Beta and put down by Alden. Following Mary's death and Beta fleeing, Alden and Kelly are left to take care of Adam, mourning Mary's sacrifice. The trio then proceed to the rendezvous to regroup with their fellow survivors.

"A Certain Doom"[]

Though unseen, Adam is among the Hilltop survivors to relocate to an abandoned hospital referred to as the "Tower" where he and dozens of others seek refuge on the upper floors of the hospital. As a group of survivors enact a plan to lure the herd away, others defend the hospital from the Whisperers and snipe as many as they can from the windows. When the Whisperers eventually break into the hospital, Adam and the others are evacuated safely from the hospital via the elevator shafts and basement tunnels. After Beta and the Whisperers are wiped out, the remaining survivors congregate in the woods where the injured are treated and families are reunited.

Season 11[]


It is revealed by Alden when he speaks with Maggie that he has adopted Adam as his son and lives with him in Alexandria.

"For Blood"[]

Adam is among the Alexandrians seeking refuge from the storm inside Aaron's house, having been left in Barbara's care by Alden prior to leaving for the Meridian mission. He and the other children are watched over by Nabila when the storm begins to pick up. Later after it is revealed zombies have broken into Alexandria through fallen portions of the wall, it is decided that everyone needed to evacuate to the second floor. Adam is grabbed by Barbara and together, along with Nabila and baby Mariam, they flee up the stairs to safety.

"No Other Way"[]

Adam is among the Alexandrians present during the meeting with Eugene and the Commonwealth representative, Lance Hornsby. He is being held by Barbara as they are seated on the steps of the meeting house alongside several children while listening to the Deputy Governor’s offer of joining the Commonwealth.

"Rest in Peace"[]

Adam, Mariam, and Socorro are found in an upside down crib, having been placed there for their safety, as the city and the Children's Home were overrun by the undead and the entire staff was killed. Fortunately Adam and the other kids were rescued by Eugene, Rosita, and Gabriel. They are then escorted through the herd and evacuated to the Estates for safety.

One year later, Adam lives in Hilltop with Maggie and Hershel. When Carol, Daryl, and the Grimes children arrive in town with Lydia and Elijah, Adam is outside in the cemetery playing near Maggie.





TV Series[]

Season 9[]

Season 10[]

Season 11[]

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  • With the death of his aunt, Mary, in "Walk With Us", Adam has no known surviving blood relatives.
  • Adam is the tenth known child in the TV Series born into the apocalypse, the first being Judith Grimes, the second and third being two unnamed infants living at the Kingdom, the fourth being Gracie, the fifth being Hershel Rhee, the sixth being R.J. Grimes, the seventh being Ezra, the eighth being Aliyah, the ninth being Mariam, and the eleventh being Socorro Espinosa.
  • Adam is the second child to be adopted by one of the communities from an antagonistic group, with the first being Gracie.
  • In Season 9, Adam is portrayed by a female infant, despite being male.
  • Until being adopted by Earl, Adam was never given a name due to the Whisperer concept of not using names to identify one another.
    • After being reunited with her nephew, Mary refers to him as Adam as well.
  • Adam is one of only two named Whisperers confirmed to have survived the TV Series, the other being Lydia.
    • Of the two, Lydia was the only active member of the Whisperers, although she later renounced them. Adam was too young to be considered a full-time member of the Whisperers like members like Beta were.
  • Adam is the first adoptee to have been adopted two times, at first by the Sutton family and then by Alden.
    • As of Alden's death, it is unknown who is currently taking care of him. He may possibly be taken under Maggie Rhee's care, seeing as she was the only adult with Adam as he played in Hilltop with Hershel. However, he is not seen, mentioned, or heard from at the Bricks years later.