After #1 is a side-story Roadmap mission featured in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. This Roadmap mission is based off on Issue #103 of the Comic Series.


Act 1

Jesus chased Dwight through the ruins, tracking him back to find the Sanctuary. Meanwhile in Alexandria, Negan is about to collect his first offering. He stands in front of the gate, shouting "Little pig, little pig. Let me in." Heath asks who Negan is, which angers Negan, asking if he's kidding. He orders Heath to bring Rick to let him know that the Saviors are reading to collect their first offering.

Negan greets Rick at the gate, but Rick doesn't say anything back. Negan says "Do not make me have to fucking ask.", referring to opening the gate. Rick orders Heath to open the gate.

Act 2

Jesus was still on Dwight's trail. They were getting closer to the Sanctuary. Back in Alexandria, tensions were rising. Michonne comments that she isn't liking what is happening, to which Rick replies that he understands. Heath alerts Rick about Denise, as she's about to shoot the Saviors for taking all of their medicine. She tells the group that they've taken all the morphine, oxycontin, and anything they need. Negan tells her that the fact remains, because the Savior took even less than half of all their medicine. Denise is taking her revenge.

Rick orders Denise to put the gun down before she's going to shoot the Saviors, but Denise says that they can't let them do this. Rick wants to talk about the deal, but Negan simply states: "Deal's a deal. We're talking half. See you later, alligators."


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  • In the Roadmap mission, Heath confronts Negan, asking who he is, while in the Comic it was Spencer who did the former.
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