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Go back... to them. Go back to your babies. Don't... Don't risk it. Don't risk it.
―Aiden's final words to Michonne.[src]

Aiden is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead and The Ones Who Live. She is a member of the Nomads, a transitory caravan of survivors.


Aiden is a kind and grateful woman. In contrast to her sister, she is shown to be much more selfless and brave. After being rescued by Michonne, she is extremely grateful to her and decides to join her on her mission to find Rick, despite being given a safer alternative in going to Alexandria. She initially is optimistic about her chances in finding Rick. However, in her last moments as she is dying, she tells Michonne that she should give up on finding Rick for her own safety.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Aiden's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she has a sister, Elle.


The Walking Dead[]

Season 10[]

"What We Become"[]

As Michonne Grimes and her pet walkers trudge through the wilderness, Aiden and an injured Bailey suddenly emerge from the trees, startled to see Michonne. They cower in uncertainty and fear at first but Aiden pleads for help from Michonne, indicating they need to re-group with their caravan seen in the distance. She states that they need help and the caravan won't wait for them, to which Michonne agrees. After dispatching of her pet walkers, she assists Aiden and the injured man and begin the trek to meet up with caravan.

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


Aiden, Bailey, and Michonne succeeded in getting back to the caravan and enter a meeting with Aiden's sister, Elle. Elle annoys Michonne by trying to get her to a join a community, leading to Aiden telling her to just give Michonne a horse like she requested. Nat storms in and confronts Elle about leaving Aiden and Bailey behind. However, Aiden catches Nat's attention and the three are happily reunited. Bailey explains Michonne saved them after he hurt his ankle.

Later, Aiden and Bailey bring Michonne Elle's horse which is one of the best. Nat pleads with Michonne to spend the night so that he can properly equip her and show Michonne how to use the equipment properly. Michonne agrees and an excited Nat starts giving Aiden and Bailey orders on crafting something while he walks Michonne through the screamsticks.

The next morning, Aiden expresses faith that Michonne is going to find Rick as she found Bailey. Michonne tells Aiden, Bailey and Nat that she's glad to have met them and they wish each other luck before Aiden and Bailey leave.

As Michonne is faced with a giant herd, two explosions go off and the herd splits, each half going towards one of the explosions, which opens the path for Michonne. Turning around, Michonne finds several of the caravan's vehicles and Aiden and Bailey leading Michonne's horse back over to her. Bailey explains that they were tired of the carvan's rules and left with others who felt the same way to look for her. Aiden tells Michonne to wait with them while the horde splits, stating that the fires are going to burn on either side of the valley for awhile.

At night, Nat explains how Bailey and Aiden had wanted to go after Michonne which he finds to be insane, but they'd had enough. Michonne thanks her friends, and Bailey thanks her in turn for waking them up, calling it a big move for himself and Aiden. Michonne promises Aiden, Bailey, and Nat that when she gets Rick, they will all come home with her to Alexandria.

Bailey goes to get Aiden some food over her objections, which leads to Michonne realizing that Aiden is pregnant. Aiden explains that she had been craving honey, which was why Bailey had been out there when Michonne found him and Aiden. Aiden starts crying, and Michonne comforts her, suggesting that Aiden and Bailey should head for Alexandria immediately with some of the others. However, Aiden tells Michonne that they will go there after she finds Rick.

As the group stops to clear an obstacle, a CRM helicopter flies overhead and drops Chlorine Gas bombs on the town. Recognizing the deadly gas, Nat yells orders for everyone to cover their mouths with fabric and to wet it with their canteens. Nat's Group quickly falls victim to the gas, dying and reanimating. Struggling to breathe in the toxic cloud, Nat picks the lock on an abandoned mall and Michonne, Aiden, Bailey, and Nat enter. Aiden is the most effected by the chlorine gas and the three of them help her into a bed. Barely alive, Aiden weakly tells Michonne to go back to her children and not to take the risk of looking for Rick. With everyone struggling to breathe, Michonne decides to check out a nearby medical plaza in the hopes of finding some oxygen tanks. Knowing that Aiden has a low chance of survival, Michonne orders Bailey to find something to tie his girlfriend to the bed, warning him not to fall asleep next to her.

Michonne returns to the mall with a cart full of oxygen tanks, only to find that Aiden has died and reanimated while she was gone, blood covering her mouth and the pillow next to her. Devastated, Michonne stabs her friend in the head with her sword.


Killed By

Along with the rest of Nat's group, Aiden is attacked by the CRM with chlorine gas. Despite Michonne, Bailey and Nat's attempts to save her, Aiden ultimately dies from the gas and reanimates.

After discovering that her friend had reanimated, Michonne stabs her in the head.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Aiden has killed:

  • Bailey (Infected, Alive)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people





TV Series[]

Season 10[]

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


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