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The Airfield Hangar Camp is the third major location in The Walking Dead Social Game and is used after the detonation of the CDC.


Rural Georgia

Prior to being used as a shelter, it was a airfield hangar rented by Bill to home his airplane, which he was learning to fly.


Fight or Flight

With the mysterious explosion of the CDC, Max barks orders that the group needs to leave as the explosion will surely draw the attention of every walker in the city. Bill mentions that he has a airplane hangar not too far out of town and asks the hero for assistance checking it out. The hero agrees to this and the dup sets out to investigate while the others remain, loading up the remainder of their supplies and mourning the loss of Greg, who had been crushed by the building.

The hero and Bill shortly arrive at the hangar and discover it to be swamped with walkers, but they manage to make it through while dispatching a deal of the undead. Inside the hangar they discover the corpse of Bill's flight instructor, Sam. Bill briefly mourns the loss of his dear friend before investigating his plane. To the disbelief of both they discover that many of the engines parts had been scavenged and is of no use. The two decide the group should be brought back anyhow as it is saver than where they are.

Upon arriving to the groups new home, Max begins planning out how the group should run the hangar, with patrol and repairs to the hangar.




  • Marla
  • Nathan


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