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"Damn massacre is what it is."
—Albert on his radio[src]

Albert Lee is an original character from The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Pemberton, Georgia

Nothing is known about Albert's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he is a deputy at Pemberton Sheriff's Department and co-workers with John Ed Turner and that he has an unnamed brother.


Garwater Campgrounds

Albert Lee was stationed at the entrance of a camp. Daryl Dixon asked him if he could give them a lift, but replied that he could not offer one because he was taking other survivors to safety. He then gave Daryl a double barrel shotgun. He told him to search the ranger station for Ranger Hartwell and said that he had a truck for them. Daryl finds Lee's hat and returns it, who is later rewarded with shotgun ammo.

If you choose to go to Sheriff Turner's police station you can hear Albert through his radio, that he needs backup while they get attacked, shots can be heard in the background. It is not clear if he survived or was eaten alive. His current fate is unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Albert has killed:



"Tell you what: there WAS a ranger. Hartwell. He was driving back to his station. Looked like HE had plenty of room."
—Albert Lee to Daryl about Hartwell

It is assumed that Albert and Hartwell had a stable relationship. He trusted Hartwell enough that he offered Daryl to find Hartwell to find a new vehicle. It is possible that they were both defending Garwater Campgrounds before it got overrun, all campers and rangers being killed.


  • It is possible that Albert died at the campground, because you can hear his voice through Sheriff Turner's walkie-talkie. He asks for backup and you can hear shots in the background. It isn't clear if he has survived the attack while his state will remain unknown.
  • In a conversation between Daryl and Lee, when Daryl returns the hat to him, it is revealed that Officer Lee has a brother.