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"I didn't know this place existed. My best friend in Washington was a security liaison for the House. He knew all about this little community, set to run on solar power, stocked with almost a year's worth of goods... This place was tailor made for our situation. It had everything but the wall. He brought me here... His name was Alexander Davidson. (...) Davidson was our leader, no question from the very beginning, he was the man for the job. He could think on his feet--make quick decisions, he really was an asset, and I have no doubt in my mind that he kept me alive in those early days. But then things changed... He didn't rape those women... not exactly... but he knew what he was doing. He was in a position to keep them safe... offer them more protection... or none at all. What choice did they have? How could they reject his advances?... I only learned of his actions after the fact... not until after Beth killed herself. He was generally up to no good, forcing people into jobs they didn't want, putting others in danger instead of himself. It was clear to me that he had to go. He was too much of a hindrance to our continued way of life. He had to go. In the end, I couldn't bring myself to kill him... and I didn't wan't anyone else to know what had happened. I'd already burnt a walker body to double for Davidson... The fence was completed by that point--I got him on the other side of it and told him he was no longer welcome. That he had to go. Told him I'd shoot him if he tried to follow me back in, although I didn't think I would. Let's not split hairs here, though... I left that man to die, and die he surely did. I love this community, Rick. Davidson became a problem within it... and so I murdered him."
Douglas to Rick about Davidson.[src]

Alexander Davidson, or most commonly known as Davidson, is a character first mentioned in Issue 69 of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead. He is the founder and former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and the best friend of Douglas Monroe.


Washington, D.C.

Before the outbreak, Alexander was a security liaison for the White House. He knew about the Alexandria Safe-Zone and invited Douglas to take refuge there.


Alexandria Safe-Zone

Douglas Monroe explained to Rick Grimes that at first being in Davidson's community was a rewarding experience, and that Davidson was a good leader, but that he gradually changed. Davidson started taking advantage of the women in Alexandria, offering benefits for sleeping with him and also punishing those that refused his advances, presumably by forcing them into dangerous jobs. He also started forcing other people into jobs they didn't want, and endangering others instead of himself.

Douglas learned about the way Davidson manipulated women after Beth, one of Davidson's victims, killed herself. Douglas decided Davidson needed to go, but couldn't bring himself to kill his former friend. Douglas burnt a zombie to double as Davidson and then lured Davidson outside the walls. He then exiled Davidson for his actions, threatening to shoot him if Davidson tried to follow him back inside. [1]

Within the scope of the Alexandria arc, Davidson is somewhat of a boogeyman. The very mention of his name causes Douglas to lose his temper with Heath. Rick has elicited unfavorable comparisons to him, much to the chagrin of Monroe. Very little had been revealed about him.


Killed By

Alexander Davidson died of unknown circumstances after Douglas exiled him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alexander has killed:


  • In Issue 75, Rick passes Alexander Davidson's gravestone after arguing with Douglas about Pete Anderson, introducing the reader to Davidson's first name.
  • Ironically, Douglas seemed to have unknowingly (or not) adopted several of Davidson's habits, such as job placement and trying to throw himself at several women in the community, notably Andrea. This bears a striking similarity to how Brian Blake adopted his brother's identity after arriving in Woodbury.
  • Davidson was the second character whose death was announced by Robert Kirkman; the first was Andrew, one of the prison inmates.
  • Davidson never appeared in the comics, but a silhouette of him appears on the The Walking Dead Survival Guide.


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