Alexander Miera is an extra who portrayed a guard living in Woodbury. He also worked as a production assistant, which is why he no longer appeared on the show after "I Ain't a Judas".

Alexander created a backstory as to what happened to his character. He reveals that he was on patrol at one of the lookout posts on the perimeter of Woodbury until he fell asleep. By the time he woke up next morning, the Governor had left with the rest of the townspeople for the prison. Therefore, his character survived.[1] However, his character has not been brought back for Season 4 and he is assumed dead or unknown at the very least.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Walk With Me" - Doing yard work outside The Governor's house.
  • "Made to Suffer" - Seen on guard duty atop wall.
  • "The Suicide King" - Has zombie ready to be unleashed during death match between Merle and Daryl, flees after Rick and Maggie attack.
  • "I Ain't a Judas" - Present when Governor evaluates new recruits for firearm training.


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