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"Oh, man! When did we get this?!"
—Guard being curious about a new gun.[src]

The Alexandria Guard is a former member of Tobin, Bruce and Abraham's construction crew. He usually sticks together with Guard 2.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this Guard's life before or as the outbreak began.


Alexandria Safe-Zone

This Guard is first seen as one of the four heavily armed men led by Tobin who saves both Rick and Aaron's groups from being overwhelmed by the undead masses in Washington, D.C. while they attempted to save Scott. He later returned to the Alexandria Safe-Zone to escort the two vehicles back safely.

He and his other peer mostly remained in the background as Rick's group settled into the community. He worked frequently with Abraham, who had been made the newest member of the construction crew, and showed interested in the new survivors and their weaponry and equipment, specifically Abraham's rifle.

In Issue 72, he attended the welcome party for Rick's group and listened intently to Glenn's story of Tyreese, who was locked in the gym with a bunch of zombies and who managed to kill every single one of them.

When the construction crew went out to collect new building supplies in Issue 73, he and his peer followed Tobin's orders to hold their Phalanx formation and abandon Holly in favor of protecting the wider group. However, he did not defend Tobin when Abraham disagreed with his "system" on protecting the group and leaving behind the individual, and remained silent during the ensuing physical confrontation.

During the Scavenger attack on the Safe-Zone in Issue 78, he was seen gearing up in the armory alongside Abraham and Bruce. The three of them along with Andrea, Rick, Holly, and the other Guard engaged in a firefight with the surviving Scavengers and successfully defended the Community, albeit with the consequence of several hordes of undead hearing the noise and encroaching upon the Safe-Zone.

All Out War Part 2

This guard is seen at the Hilltop Colony; he listens to Ricks speech after the final battle with the Saviors.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this guard has killed:

  • Patrick (Alongside his fellow Alexandrians)
  • Sandra (Alongside his fellow Alexandrians)
  • Scavenger 1 (Alongside his fellow Alexandrians)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


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