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Alicia's camp is a location seen in Season 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the home and base of operations of at least 28 survivors part of Alicia's group, before an attack by the Stalkers force them to abandon it.


Nothing is known about this location prior to the apocalypse.


Season 7

"The Portrait"

Alicia's camp is first unveiled when Dwight, Sherry, and other patrolmen bring Morgan Jones to their base of operations. However, the camp is quickly attacked by a group of zombies that had followed Morgan from the Tower, including zombies with bombs and radioactive material placed in their guts that had escaped Grace and Sarah gunning them down with the SWAT van. After a bomb detonates when a camp guard dispatches the zombie, a large plume of radioactive fallout quickly sweeps over the camp, forcing everyone to evacuate.


The survivors of the camp abandon their home and leave supplies behind to escape with their lives. They are led to a rendezvous point in the woods to rest for a little before eventually being brought to the beached submarine by Morgan for shelter and to join his group.




Fear the Walking Dead

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