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I feel... like I haven't felt in a while. Like what? Like... myself. Where are you going? To find the people who heard my message. To spend whatever time I have left making sure they have some place safe to go.
―Alicia talking to her younger self for the final time, before going her own way.[src]

Alicia Clark, affectionately referred to as Licia, is the former deuteragonist (previously tritagonist) and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Madison and Steven Clark, the younger sister of Nick, and the former girlfriend of Matt Sale.

Later on, Alicia becomes a resident and high-ranking member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community as she becomes a de-facto co-leader, and briefly had a relationship with Jake Otto. She also became the former personal nurse for Proctor John, albeit briefly.

Sometime after the Gonzalez Dam destruction, Alicia became a resident and the deputy leader of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community until its fall. Following her brother's death, Alicia finds a new path in her life and forms a bond with Morgan Jones, becoming the second-in-command of his group. Like the rest of Morgan's group, Alicia is separated from her companions by Virginia after the group is forcefully incorporated into the Pioneers. She is soon able to escape, however, and rejoin Morgan.

While infiltrating a doomsday cult, Alicia stays behind so the rest of her group can escape, resulting in her capture. The cult's leader, Teddy, takes a personal interest in Alicia, and eventually selects her to be one of his chosen survivors to inherit the Earth. Alicia survives the coming nuclear fallout imprisoned in a bunker, and, following this, becomes the leader of the other cult survivors taking refuge with her, though bitten and forced to remove her arm in an unsuccessful attempt to flee them. She then declared war on Victor Strand over Will's murder, inevitably resulting in the destruction of his Tower. Prior to this, Alicia broadcasted a message, drawing survivors in to create a new community and confronting her past self, curing herself of the infection in the meantime, and letting the group escape Texas without her.

Seven years later, Alicia is revealed to have escaped from Texas with dozens of survivors and to have traveled around helping people and inspiring others to do the same. However, a vengeful Troy Otto claims to have killed Alicia. Following the Fall of PADRE, a still-alive Alicia is reunited with her mother for the first time since the destruction of the stadium. Choosing to let their friends believe that they're dead so that they will continue to do good things in their name, Madison and Alicia decide to return to Los Angeles with Tracy Otto to help rebuild.


Alicia starts out as a typical teenage girl, one that cares deeply about her family and those that she loves to the point of tattooing Matt Sale's artwork on her arm after losing him. Although horrified by the worsening state of the world as the outbreak begins, Alicia adapts quickly to it, becoming experienced at fighting walkers. Alicia shows a preference for bladed weapons instead of guns with her primary weapons being a balisong, her Sharpened Barrel Shroud and her bladed prosthetic arm. However, she is, at first, a bit naïve, leading to Jack Kipling successfully tricking her. While Alicia becomes proficient at killing the living as well as the undead, she shows no enjoyment in it aside from while she was taking revenge upon the Vultures.

During the events at the Broke Jaw Ranch, Alicia is reluctantly thrust into a leadership position, something that she thrives in, although it proves to be extremely difficult for her given the number of lives depending on Alicia's choices. Afterwards, Alicia decides that she's better off surviving on her own, although the events at the Gonzalez Dam quickly bring her back to her family.

Following the fall of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium and the apparent loss of her entire family, Alicia becomes consumed by a murderous need for revenge along with Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez. To this end, Alicia is more than willing to resort to violence against even peaceful other survivors such as John Dorie, Al and Morgan Jones. Due to her belief that June had betrayed the group to the Vultures, she refuses to even hear her out at first and tries to kill June on sight, which proves to be a mistake as June had only joined the Vultures after the fall of the stadium for survival rather than being a traitor. In the process, Alicia nearly kills John and shows little regard for his safety in the midst of her bloodlust.

After the defeat of the Vultures, Alicia finds herself aimless and searching for a new purpose which she, at first, finds by trying to save another survivor, only to discover that he's already died and reanimated by the time that she finds him. After being trapped with Charlie during the hurricane, Alicia lets go of her vengeance towards the younger girl for killing Nick and focuses on finding and reuniting with her friends.

By the time that Morgan's Group meets Annie and her group, Alicia has settled upon being the warrior of the group, constantly putting herself in danger to protect her friends from walkers. Alicia admits that she's chosen this to be her purpose simply because she doesn't know what else to do with herself and fighting walkers is something that she's good at. However, Alicia's behavior is also reckless, something that deeply concerns her friends and earns her admonishment from Grace due to Alicia potentially exposing herself to lethal radiation just to kill walkers. Her friends' concerns prove to be well-founded as, while fighting a herd, Alicia gets splashed with radioactive blood. Alicia is traumatized by the experience, although she appears to get lucky enough in the end to not absorb a harmful dose of radiation.

Following her close encounter with the radioactive walker, Alicia is left struggling again, unable to find peace with herself or to kill walkers anymore. As Alicia begins searching for a purpose once again, Morgan attempts to teach her aikido and how to use a staff without much success and with Alicia eventually giving up on it in search of something else. Finding the inspiring messages painted upon trees and meeting Wes reignites Alicia's spirit and she resumes killing walkers, although she leaves her sharpened barrel shroud with Strand, at first, instead of reclaiming her weapon.

Alicia subsequently dedicates herself to stopping Virginia and Teddy's plans, choosing not to take a chance to kill the latter so as to learn what he's up to. Alicia's determination, courage and leadership qualities are noted by Teddy who attempts to get Alicia to let go of her mother and chooses Alicia to be the new leader of the people that will emerge after his plan to nuke the world succeeds. Locked in the Franklin Hotel bunker with the surviving cultists, Alicia reluctantly assumes leadership over the group with Will telling Strand that Alicia didn't let being trapped with her former enemies change her.

After being bitten and becoming seemingly terminally ill, Alicia becomes obsessed with finding PADRE as a safe new home for her people. Due to her dreams of Senator Elias Vazquez talking to her, Alicia becomes somewhat irrational in her actions, leading the Doomsday Cult to follow the zombified senator to PADRE, apparently causing the death of a number of her followers and causing a split in the group. Alicia goes so far as to enlist Morgan's help to follow the senator to PADRE using walker guts, although she refuses to explain her reasoning to her friend and only giving up when Vazquez is drawn into the moat of Strand's Tower.

The discovery of Will's murder by Strand puts Alicia at odds with her former friend, causing Alicia to declare war against him. However, Alicia hesitates to actually face Strand due to her lingering affection for him. After meeting Paul, a steadily weakening Alicia decides to turn the Tower into PADRE and finally leads her people to confront Strand. Alicia's condition causes Strand to side with her in the battle that follows, leading to a brief reconciliation between them as they work together again against a common enemy and help Daniel to overcome his psychological problems. However, Strand killing Wes to protect Alicia breaks their relationship for good, leading to the unintentional destruction of the Tower.

Near death as the remaining survivors prepare to evacuate Texas for good, Alicia experiences hallucinations of her younger self acting as Alicia's conciseness and urging her not to give up and to save and reconcile with Strand despite everything that he'd done. Apparently recovering from her illness, Alicia is filled with a new purpose to use whatever time that she has left to save anyone who had heard her message drawing them to the Tower. As a sign of Alicia's newfound lease on life, she uses the bullet that she had been saving to commit suicide with when things get too bad to kill an approaching walker.


Los Angeles, California

Alicia was born in Los Angeles, California to Steven and Madison Clark and she is the younger sister to Nicholas "Nick" Clark by a two-year gap. Alicia and her brother were raised in the neighborhood of El Sereno.

When Alicia and Nick were younger, they both attended camping. Alicia was about to perform at the talent show singing "This land is your land". However, when she got up on the stage, she froze and everyone stared at her, marking it as one of her most embarrassing moments. Alicia said that Nick could feel the embarrassment from the audience, but then he got up on stage to help Alicia. Except, when he got up there, he forgot the words. The only thing he could remember was "This is your land" and sung it at least 20 times. When he finished, everyone cheered for him.

Another childhood experience was when she her family went out to a cabin. A bird got injured and the two were determined to make sure it becomes healthy again. They nursed the injured bird and named it Amina. Alicia and Nick were very close when they were younger until Nick started using drugs. It was mentioned that there was always a chance that one of them would come home with a broken arm or some kind of injury.

While growing up, Alicia and Nick were often put in the care of Susan Tran and her husband, Patrick - their next-door neighbors, while Madison and Steven were working late or out of town. Alicia especially grew close to Susan, referring to her as "Aunt Susie." When Alicia was around 14, her father was killed in an accident and sometime later her mother started dating Travis Manawa, a high school English teacher and fellow coworker of Madison's at Paul R. Williams High School. While at Paul R. Williams High School, Alicia began dating Matt Sale at some point and would go on to be accepted into UC Berkeley.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1


Alicia is seen in the bathroom as her mother tells her to hurry up before school. She then goes with her mom and her mother's husband, Travis to the hospital to visit her brother. There, she appears uninterested in being there, she asks Travis if he's "glad he's moved in" and then goes with her mom to school. At school, she is seen talking with her boyfriend, Matt and he mentions that she is skipping Spanish and she could probably teach the class herself. Alicia suggests he come with her, but he says that he's not smart enough to be teaching classes. The next morning, she's visiting her brother and they talk about the fact that she's "perfect" and he was kicked out of college. They then talk about what happened and Nick tells her that he isn't crazy and things will be different now.

At school, she is seen with Matt and she talks about how she's looking forward to being able to leave and plans to go to the University of California, Berkeley and she's able to get away. Matt asks about him but Alicia reassures him that it's only a few hours away "same state, same time zone". They talk about her brother and how he is better than he was 48 hours ago and better then he will be after he's released and she seems visibly upset and Matt reassures her that it's not on her. They make plans to hang out after school, go to the beach and watch the sunset, then go back to his house. After school, she goes to the beach but is angered by Matt not turning up, texting him several messages before leaving. At school, gossip and videos about the attack the previous night are going around. She is seen in class talking and watching the video with two classmates. She mentions Matt not texting her and the teacher is about to take her phone away when it is announced everyone is going home early. Her mom takes her and tells her that she wants her to ride the bus and stay home.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Alicia is first seen going to Matt's house to see if he is okay. She enters his house and looks around before gasping. When her mom is trying to call her, Alicia is telling her mom that Matt is really sick. When they come by Alicia refuses to leave Matt's side despite the possibility of infection. However, upon further examination, it is discovered that Matt has been bitten. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Matt urges Alicia to leave with her family, which she finally does after much hesitation.

Alicia is ordered by her mother to not leave the house while she gets drugs for Nick. After her mom leaves, Alicia insists on checking up on Matt, however, Nick reminds her that their mom told them to stay put and she has no idea what Matt will do. He tells her that she promised but she retorts with the fact he made promises all the time to get clean and broke them. Alicia leaves the house but comes back in when Nick has a seizure and starts to choke on his own vomit. Alicia is later seen cleaning up the vomit and Nick thanks her and Alicia says that she hates him.

When their mom comes home she asks how Nick is and she tells her that Nick had a grand mal seizure and she apologizes to her, she then tells her that Travis didn't call before walking away. When her mom comes out of the bathroom Alicia asks what happened while she was out and if she's okay. Alicia tells her that the phone lines are down and they hear a scream from outside. Madison tries to block Alicia's view of the window by closing the curtains and stopping her attempts to help, leaving Alicia angry and confused.

"The Dog"

Alicia looks out the window of her house. She hears a noise and asks Madison what it was. Madison says that it was gone so they don't have to worry. She then asks what Mr. Dawson did to the other neighbors. She sits on the couch and starts listening to music.

Alicia is sitting in a chair reading when Madison pulls out Monopoly. Alicia says she wants to be the car. When Nick says he wants to be the shoe, she notes that her father was always the shoe. She says that the game is evil. Nick tells her to shut up and roll and she rolls the dice. Later, the power goes out and Madison tells her to put the Monopoly game away since she lost despite the fact that Alicia doesn't want to. After she puts the game away she notices an infected Mr. Dawson outside. She calls Madison and Nick to the room but he disappears. Then all three of them hear a rustling noise outside their door. Nick goes to open it but it turns out to just be their neighbor's dog. Mr. Dawson appears again outside their window and starts to walk towards the house. Nick says that their neighbors, the Tran's, have a shotgun in their home that they should get to protect themselves.

All three of them go next door to the house and find it empty. Alicia notices the zombified Peter Dawson enter their own house and alerts Madison just as Travis returns to the house. Madison, scared for Travis, hurries back to their own home with Alicia and Nick. On the way back, Nick notices that they had forgotten the shotgun shells. Alicia runs back to the Tran house to retrieve them, as she is picking them up, she notices an empty bottle of hypnotics and sees feet under a doorway as it starts to push open. Alicia runs out of the house and gets lost on the way back. As she is running, she gets grabbed by a zombified Susan Tran. She screams and runs back to the house, but is grabbed again by Susan. Chris, Travis' son, comes to help her and Alicia falls down and punches Chris. Chris yells at Alicia, explaining that he was only trying to help. The group surrounds Susan, now on another side of the fence. Nick explains that Susan isn't sick, but dead. Alicia looks at him confused. Thinking of Matt, she starts crying explaining that "that's not Matt!" Madison comforts Alicia.

The next day, Alicia and her family, along with Chris and Liza, pack up and plan to go out east. However, after Susan's husband, Patrick returns home, Madison tries to warn him about the infected Susan. However, Alicia and the others whiteness Susan get abruptly shot in the head by a soldier, killing her zombified form, and they are escorted by military forces.

"Not Fade Away"

9 days later, Alicia is seen talking to her mom about re-painting a room in their house. She tells her mother that she doesn't think there's anybody coming to the open house, this shows that she understands the full extent of the situation now. After Travis enters, he and Madison get into an argument over the responsibilities of the home and the current situation, Alicia breaks the argument up, complaining about the bickering, telling them to stop acting as if things are normal, further proving that she is more knowledgeable about the infection. Ofelia then enters the room, and asks Alicia if she's ready to go. Alicia is happy to leave. Alicia and Ofelia are next seen collecting rations for their families. Whilst collecting her rations, Ofelia flirts with Corporal Adams. Alicia and Ofelia exchange glances and smirks, indicating that they have a close enough friendship to discuss these romantic matters. Alicia is next seen wandering through Susan's garden and then into her home. Alicia wanders through Susan's home until she notices a drawing that Alicia herself drew for Susan, framed on the wall. Alicia takes this framed drawing and then sits on the bed. She then discovers a note that Susan left for her husband, Patrick. Alicia then begins to cry, obviously hurt over Susan's death and hurt about the thought of Matt, her (presumed) former boyfriend as she runs her hand over the heart that Matt drew on her arm. Alicia is later seen piercing her skin, tracing the shape of the heart Matt drew on her arm. This shows that she clearly has a very strong attachment to the memory of Matt. Alicia is next seen showing concern for Nick after he is slapped by Madison. She persuades him to open the bathroom door by threatening to get Madison. Once inside, she shows concern for his injuries and asks if he wants to talk things through. She then proceeds to hug Nick, comforting her brother. When Nick's name is called to leave, Alicia tells him to run from the soldiers. The episode ends with Alicia reading Susan's letter to her husband, underneath the covers of her bed.


Alicia finds a pink bike from a neighbors house and rides it around the community. She comes across Chris laying on a car. She tries to make jokes with him but she sees he's uninterested. "Come on, I want to show you something." She tells him.

Alicia takes Chris to an abandoned wealthy household, where they try on expensive clothing and break everything inside. Afterwards, as they are walking back home, they see military trucks drive up the road and hide behind some bushes. However, Chris steps out, noticing that the trucks aren't even acknowledging them or patrolling the streets. They are also filled with personal belongings. "Something's wrong," Alicia says.

"The Good Man"

When Madison and Travis start packing their things up to leave at the beginning of the episode, Alicia is confused and wonders where they are going. She is told that they are leaving to rescue Nick, Liza, and Griselda.

At the parking lot, Alicia and Chris are told to stay with the cars whilst Madison, Travis, Ofelia, and Daniel go find the others. As they wait, Chris becomes uneasy on the uncertainty of them all returning safely. Alicia tells him that they will come back, but that "you can't save everyone". Chris becomes frustrated at this. Chris hears a noise and they both get into the car and duck. Soldiers smash the car windows and both of them are dragged out of the car. They are offered to be transported to safety, but Chris refuses. A soldier comes onto Alicia, asking if she will come instead, however, Chris becomes aggressive that he is making a move on her and tries to attack the solider. Everything is calmed down when Alicia tells them that she has the keys to the car and hands them over. The soldier puts his arm around Alicia, asking her again if she wants to join him. She shoves his arm away, and Chris attacks him again, but Chris is beaten to the floor by the other soldiers. Alicia appears to be shocked.

When the others come back, successfully rescuing Nick and Liza, Alicia and Chris are absent. The others believe they have fled. However, they both run back from their hiding spot when their names are called. Soon after, Andrew is getting revenge on Daniel and shoots Ofelia. Travis then violently beats Andrew to the floor, leaving his face bloody. Alicia and Nick are visibly shocked by this. Instead of heading out east, they travel to an oceanfront home belonging to newcomer Victor Strand, planning to travel out into the ocean. Alicia and Chris are enjoying themselves together when they hear a gunshot. They urgently look for the source. They discover that Liza is dead, put down by Travis after they realized she was bitten. Alicia stares at Liza's body with sadness.

Season 2


Hours after Liza's death, Strand takes Alicia, Nick, Daniel, and Ofelia on a motorboat to his yacht Abigail as Los Angeles is being bombed. Alicia makes it to the boat as Nick goes back to retrieve Madison, Travis, Chris, and Liza's body. They all look on at the explosions and fall of LA as Abigail heads further out into the sea.

On the yacht, they soon come across a small motorboat holding at least a dozen survivors. Alicia suggests to stop the boat and help them but Travis tells Alicia to get the radio and try to find a safe route. Alicia listens to the many catastrophes on the radio and covers her ears when it is announced that there would be no rescue, not even at sea. Madison tells Alicia to get some sleep however, she refuses. "No ones slept," Alicia tells her. Madison tries to take the radio away from Alicia. Alicia tells her that she needs to do this and that they don't know where they're going is practically safe.

As Alicia continues to find a station on the radio, a song plays, she listens quietly. A man then comes through on the other end asking for anyone that may still be alive. After a brief hesitation, Alicia answers. "I'm here," she tells the man.

The man introduces himself as Jack. He says it's just him, his brother, and his sister-in-law on a small fishing boat. They share their experiences on the situation. Jack asks Alicia where she was when it all started. She says it was over before she even knew it started, referencing her deceased boyfriend Matt. Jack also mentions he lost his girlfriend to the epidemic.

Later, Alicia attends the funeral held for Liza. She listens quietly as Travis gives a speech and appears surprised when Chris violently pushes Liza's corpse into the water. After the funeral, she again contacts Jack, who's boat is now slowly sinking. Alicia tells him that they can come get him. Jack gives Alicia an overview of their location. Alicia tells Travis they need to help Jack. Strand overhears this and yells at Alicia, telling her that she shouldn't have given away any of their information and that they're not taking in any more survivors.

Alicia is later seen enjoying herself as dinner is prepared. She contacts Jack again, telling him they can't come get him and that it's too dangerous. "It's okay Alicia, I got you. I'll see you soon" he tells her. The yacht pulls up to a sabotaged boat. It's passengers reanimated in the water. Nick goes to investigate the boat as Alicia uses binoculars to try to keep an eye on him. Strand contacts another boat on the radar closing in on them. "It could be no one. It could be the ones that did that" he says to Alicia pointing to the destroyed boat. Alicia helps Nick, Travis, and Chris back onto the yacht. "Whoever did that. They're coming back" Madison tells the group.

"We All Fall Down"

As Abigail tries to avoid their intruder, Madison, Strand, and others read the log book that Nick received on the Leigh Ann, the sabotaged boat in the previous episode. Its book reveals that San Diego has been bombed. Strand suggests that they hide offshore in the meantime.

Later that night, a light turns on in a nearby household offshore. Alicia, Madison, Nick, Travis, and Chris all go investigate while Daniel and Ofelia stay with Strand. They find a family of five living in the house. Madison and Travis converse with the adults George and his wife, Melissa about other locations that have been bombed and about their previous life, while Alicia, Nick, and Chris stay with their kids. The daughter Willa sings a song. She asks Alicia what posies are and why people put them in their pockets. Alicia explains that they did that in Europe to make people healthy after a horrible virus. Later that night, Alicia talks with Nick about how kids these days don't get to grow up normal. "Something is off here," Nick tells Alicia. "Everything's off, everywhere". Alicia responds.

The next day, Alicia walks around the Geary property listening to music. She comes across a souvenir shop with a log listing tours to a nearby island. She takes the pencil and draws Matt's spiral heart that he drew on her arm, on the sheet before walking off. Later, on the yacht, as Madison is attempting to take the Geary child Harry with them on the boat after Melissa is killed by a zombified Willa, the oldest son Seth, shows up with a rifle. After he takes Harry back, the group is stunned to see a zombified Melissa walking towards the Geary dock. Alicia looks away as Seth shoots his zombified mother and the Abigail sails back out into the sea.


Alicia notices luggage washed up on a beach near the shoreline and alerts Madison. After much hesitation between Madison and Travis, Daniel offers to take Alicia, Nick, and Chris to the shoreline to try and find anything useful while Strand, Madison, and Ofelia stay on the boat while Travis tries to repair it.

On the beach, Alicia and Nick briefly talk while going through some suitcases. Daniel notices that Chris is missing and goes to search for him. After Daniel is gone for a while Alicia decides to go search for them both. She finds Chris near a part of a plane that had crashed. Alicia asks if he found anything but they are interrupted by gunshots. They run to the source and find Daniel and another women fending off incoming infected. Alicia and Chris pick up weapons from the sand as they start to get cornered by a cliff. They fight the infected and Alicia is almost bitten but is saved by Nick who is covered in blood, his sent masked by the guts. Nick distracts the infected as they all run back to the shoreline. Alicia hugs Nick briefly before they board the Seashark and ride back to Abigail, along with the women, Alex, and her injured friend Jake, who was resting in a nearby raft.

Back at Abigail, Strand refuses to let Alex and Jake on board which causes Alicia to lash out to her mother, explaining that Jake will die if they don't help him. Travis, however, says they can give them food and water and pull their raft behind Abigail at least until they reach San Diego. Later, however, Strand cuts the rope between Abigail and the raft, ultimately leaving Alex and Jake behind.

"Blood in the Streets"

Alicia hears commotion on deck and recognizes a voice. It's Jack from the radio conversation. His group quickly takes over the vessel much to her shock.

Alicia accuses Jack of baiting her. He insists he had no choice but says that Connor listens to him and will assess the situation when he arrives. "And then I'm safe?" she asks. "I promise," he says. Later, Jack tells Alicia that he owes Connor for saving his life but insists he doesn't enjoy what he does. He invites Alicia to join their group. Alicia refuses to abandon her family. Jack promises to ensure her family's safety even if Connor can't accept them all into his camp. She hugs him.

Connor boards the Abigail with two other armed pirates and admires the boat. He invites Travis and Alicia to join his community but says he has no need for the others. He grants Alicia's request to transport her family safely to shore. Alicia and Travis are taken away.


Connor cooks steak for Alicia in the galley of his ship. When the lights go out, Connor leaves. Vida steals Alicia's steak and locks Alicia in the galley. Alicia ventures through an unlocked door and finds herself on the ship's bow with no way to escape.

Jack warns Alicia that she's not allowed to roam freely and ushers her back inside. Alicia demands to know if her family made it to safety. Jack agrees to find out. He instructs Alicia to scan the radar for mid-sized vessels that his people can hijack.

Jack spots the Abigail approaching on the radar. Alicia explodes at Jack when she realizes Reed could not have possibly delivered her family to safety in such a short amount of time. Jack admits that Reed sometimes kills passengers after hijackings and offers to help Alicia find her family. Alicia tells Jack to radio Connor and alert him about a potential target. They plan to escape together while Connor performs reconnaissance on the ship.

With Jack at her side, Alicia finds Travis and tells him they're plotting to escape that night. Travis tells her to go on with the plan without him. She refuses to but continues to say not to worry about and to do all she can it get back to the ship.

When the trade is about to begin Jack looks for Alicia in the galley. She emerges from her hiding spot and flees when he isn't looking. Alicia runs to Travis' cell but finds it empty. Vida attacks Alicia. Alicia pushes her to the ground and locks her inside the cell.

Alicia escapes onto the ship's bow and spots Madison and Travis on the pier. Jack corners her. He begs Alicia to stay with him and asks if she really wants to live with the kind of people who abandon survivors like Alex. "I'm sorry," she says and jumps into the water. Madison and Travis rescue her in the Zodiac and return to the Abigail.

"Sicut Cervus"

Alicia hides in the ship with the others when Strand and Luis make the deal to get into Mexico.

Once on land, they make their way to a church and are attacked by infected. She watches her mother struggle from afar and notices Chris ignoring her desperate need for help. Alicia screams at him and saves Madison herself.

At Celia's estate, she watches television when Chris walks in. Chris asks Alicia if she's mad at him. She accuses him of standing by while Madison got attacked outside the church. He insists he merely froze, but when Alicia presses him, Chris threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone what she saw. Afterwards, Alicia informs Madison of Chris' threat during their conversation.

Chris enters Alicia's room and says Alicia's name. He picks up a knife from the bedside table. A gunshot rings out, waking Madison and Alicia. Alicia sees the knife and screams at Chris to get out and he runs outside.


Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris. She refuses, saying to Travis that he was holding a knife beside her bed.

The next day, Madison tells Nick and Alicia to quietly pack supplies so that they can flee to the Abigail and escape Celia's clutches. Alicia refuses to return to the boat but her mother shoots her down.

As they leave, Alicia restrains Ofelia, who is crying for Daniel as the estate goes up in flames. Strand pulls up in the truck and urges them to get in and they drive off leaving Nick and Daniel behind.

"Los Muertos"

Alicia is in the back of the truck with Madison. As Madison gets out of the truck, Alicia talks with her mother, insisting they go back to the Abigail.

Alicia sees the Abigail missing. Alicia suggests going to the hotel up the beach. Alicia tells Madison that it is her and Madison now "whether you like it or not". Alicia and Madison make a sign out of driftwood saying "Abigail Lost Head North", as a message for Travis, Chris, or Nick to find.

As the group drives across the beach towards the hotel, Alicia watches the infected by the shore.

Alicia and the others look at the hotel from a distance. Alicia suggests they go inside, saying it's "better indoors than out". The group looks into the hotel and Alicia watches Strand pick open the door. She walks in with the others and wonders where the people are who put the barricade of chairs against the door.

Alicia and the others walk into a room which appears to be a deserted wedding. Alicia catches Madison looking at a broken picture frame. Alicia tells Madison they need to go. Alicia and the others walk into the bar room. Alicia suggests checking the other rooms. She tells Madison that she and Ofelia can check the upper part of the hotel. Madison tells her no, implying that it's unsafe. Alicia says that it is safe, and she and Ofelia leave the room.

Alicia and Ofelia enter a hallway. They chat about how Ofelia is creeped out by hotels. Alicia tries to open a room door but it's locked and she hears an infected bang against the other side of the door. Alicia tries another door and she notices a card attached to the handles saying "DO NOT DISTURB". There's an infected behind that door as well. Alicia tells Ofelia that someone put the infected in the rooms. Ofelia finds a door that doesn't have the sign on the handle, and they both enter the room. Alicia takes clothes and other supplies from a bed and she puts it in her bag. Alicia walks into the bathroom and sees a male infected, hanging by a belt from the shower head. Alicia tells Ofelia they need to go. Once the two leave the room, Alicia flips the sign to the room to say "DO NOT DISTURB".

The two enter a different room. Alicia starts stacking up on drinks from the mini fridge. Ofelia comes out of the bathroom in the room telling Alicia there's still warm water. Alicia asks Ofelia why she thinks the man in the shower gave up. Ofelia suggests that he was tired. Alicia asks what he was tired of. "Surviving?" Ofelia says. "You don't get tired of surviving, you just push on. You've got to," Alicia replies. Ofelia tells Alicia that they aren't going to make it. Alicia gets upset and tells Ofelia not to say that. Ofelia says that her father was "one step behind hope". Alicia says that her father was wrong and that hope is all they have and if they lose that, they're dead. Alicia tells Ofelia she's sorry, and that she's with Ofelia and that they're family now.

Alicia looks at herself in the mirror. She has wet hair, implying she just got out of the shower. Alicia exits the bathroom and calls out for Ofelia. Ofelia is nowhere to be found. Alicia begins to walk out to the balcony when she sees a body fall from above outside. Alicia walks out to the balcony and sees from a distance, three infected falling from balconies. Alicia calls for her mother as an infected falls from above her. Alicia leaves the room in a hurry and calls out for Ofelia. Alicia runs down the hallway and continues to call out for Ofelia. Alicia opens up a door to find several infected on the other side. She shuts the door quickly. Alicia is seen backing up against a window, and she closes her eyes.

"Do Not Disturb"

Alicia is in a small room, flipping her butterfly knife in her hand. She counts how many infected there are outside. She's about to open the door when she notices an infected through the peek hole chomping at her. It knows she's there. It's night, and Alicia looks down the balcony. Alicia decides to exit the room and she notices infected down the hallway. Alicia calls out for Ofelia and starts running. Alicia comes across more infected and runs the other way. She comes across an elevator door and pries it open with her hands. As the infected get closer, Alicia jumps onto the cable and holds on. Two infected reaches for her but they fall down the elevator shaft. Alicia tries to climb up to a higher level but begins to slip. Suddenly, a flashlight shines in her eyes and a woman named Elena appears above her. She tells Alicia to take her hand. Alicia does so and Elena pulls her out. Once the two are safe, Elena pins Alicia up against the wall with an axe, demanding to know where someone is. "Where is he!" She shouts to Alicia.

Alicia is in a room with Elena. She notices the same signs in a stack and she realizes that Elena was the one to put the signs on the doors and that she moved the infected onto the floor. The woman says that Alicia is correct and that she needed to contain the problem. The problem was Alicia. The woman moved the infected to protect herself from Alicia and the others. Alicia is confused. The woman asks where they're hiding at, and where they're keeping Hector. Alicia explains to the woman that she knows no one named Alicia and she doesn't know who "they" are. She tells the woman that she came to the hotel with her mom and two friends and asks the woman if she's seen them. The woman explains that she only saw Alicia. Alicia tells the woman that she needs to get downstairs to rescue her mom. The woman tells Alicia that the infected are in the stairwells and implies that it's unsafe to go down.

Alicia asks if the woman can move them. "With Hector," she explains "I unlock one hall, I draw them inside, lock them in," Alicia tells the woman that she can do that. The woman says it's not simple. Alicia disagrees and tells her that her mother needs her and then she says she has to go. The woman picks up her ax and blocks Alicia. Alicia tells the woman that she is not here to hurt her. Alicia backs off and asks the woman who Hector is. "He's my nephew," the woman answers. The woman explains that he went to find food but never came back, and she explains that the guests took him to draw her out. Alicia doesn't understand. The woman explains that she has keys to "every hall, every building, this place is amazing I know how to run it. Whoever has the keys can control the hotel." Alicia tells the woman to give them the keys. The woman says she can't because if she does, they'll either kill them or exile them. Alicia suggests the woman leave, to "go home". "The hotel is home... it has been for a long time," says the woman. Alicia asks how many guests are left and the woman tells Alicia there is probably a dozen, perhaps less now. Alicia tells the woman to help her find her family. Alicia says if they all get together when they find Hector, it will make six of them. She explains that with the shit her family has been through, "six of us is equal to a dozen" and that they can help each other. Alicia tells the woman to trust her, and that if she doesn't, they will both die.

It's daylight out now, and the sun shines through the window towards Alicia. Alicia nods to the woman and the woman opens up a door to let the infected inside. The woman backs up and lets the infected follow her. Alicia reveals the name of the woman to be Elena, as she calls for her to run. Elena does so, and she enters a room. Alicia leads the infected into a room by hitting her knife against the wall. One of the infected gets too close and Alicia kills it. With the infected getting closer, Alicia walks out onto the balcony and shuts the balcony door just as the infected reach her. Alicia looks beyond the infected and sees Elena close the room door, trapping the infected inside the room, and Alicia. Alicia calls out for Elena and she begins to worry. Alicia notices the glass beginning to break and she calls out for Elena once more. Elena's voice is heard as she throws a tie of sheets to Alicia. Alicia ties the sheets to the railing and climbs over. She walks on the edge towards Elena, the ground hundreds of feet below her. The glass shatters and Alicia slips, but she gets back up with some help from Elena. Elena helps Alicia over onto her balcony and the two women are out of breath, especially Alicia. Alicia asks Elena why it took her a bit to help Alicia out. Elena explains that she had to make sure it was all clear so she could get downstairs. Alicia tells Elena that she's coming with her and that she's her guide. Elena tells Alicia that she hasn't left the tower since everything started. Alicia says that Hector needs Elena and that her mother needs me. Elena asks if her mother would want Alicia to risk her life for hers. Alicia says no, but "she'd do it for me... my mother would die for me". The two women look at each other, and in silence, agree to leave.

Elena and Alicia walk into the wedding area, implying they made it downstairs. The room is deserted and it's a mess. Alicia asks if the guests made it so messy. Elena looks down at the floor and explains that the father of the bride had a heart attack right where she's standing. She explains that the man became one of the infected while everyone was waiting for rescue and that he attacked his daughter, while her mother watched. Alicia asks Elena what she did about it. Elena explains that she was thinking about the hotel and the other guests in the hotel, and to fix the problem, she locked the wedding guests in the room, so the sickness wouldn't spread. Elena begins to cry. She tells Alicia that they were waiting for help to come, but no one came. There was no one there to save them. Elena explains that the remaining guests hate her because people died. Alicia reassures Elena by telling her that her family has seen worse and done worse, and promises that she won't let anyone hurt Elena. They begin to leave the room.

Alicia and Elena enter the main lobby. Alicia notices chairs barricading the doors to the bar. Alicia begins to panic and explains that Madison was inside here. Elena tells Alicia that if she was inside there she'd be dead. Alicia yells at Elena saying Madison is not dead. Elena explains that someone had to have blocked the doors. Alicia begins to tear down the chairs and Elena tries to stop her. Alicia calls out for her mother. Elena and Alicia hear a voice behind them and the turn around to see the survivors of the wedding, holding Hector captive. Alicia asks the guests where her mother is. One of the guests, the groom, says he doesn't know. Alicia explains to the groom that she came here with three other people, and asks if he's seen anyone else. The groom ignores her and turns to Elena, demanding the keys. Alicia tells Elena to not give him the keys until they know. Elena says that they do know and that she's just not with them, that she's gone.

Alicia pleads with Elena, saying that her mother is alive, not dead. The groom tells them that they can look for her outside. If Elena gives them the keys, they'll give Hector back but then they have to leave. The groom demands for the keys again. Alicia says they'll die out there. The mother of the bride speaks up and tells Alicia that Elena is a monster and that she doesn't deserve to live, and she wants her dead. The groom tells Ilene to shush. Alicia tells Elena to give them the keys. Elena throws the keys at them and takes Hector. Alicia calls for Elena and the three of them hide behind the doors as Alicia opens the door to let out all the infected on the guests. Alicia watches as the infected chase after the guests.

Alicia enters the bar a different way and comes across one of the infected. Alicia sees the blonde hair and flannel and begins to think it's her mother. Alicia stabs the infected in the head once she realizes it's not her mother. Elena and Hector appear behind her as she finishes the infected woman off.

Alicia, Elena, and Hector flee through an underground tunnel. The infected follow them down the tunnels. The three come across a door and Elena tries to open it. It's locked. Elena and Alicia look at the walkers heading their way as Hector tries to break open the door. Alicia begs for help as she bangs on the door. The door suddenly opens and Madison appears. Madison lets in the three of them. Hector closes the door. Alicia asks if Madison is "okay". Madison says she is. The two rejoice by hugging as Strand, Hector, and Elena put a shelf in front of the door to block the infected from getting in.

"Pablo & Jessica"

Alicia is present during the negotiation between the hotel survivors and the wedding survivors as they deliberate on who should be kicked out. When they decide to live in peace with each other in the hotel, Alicia agrees. Later, Alicia, Elena and Strand clear out the infected in the hotel corridors.

Alicia and Hector drag bodies from the hotel to the beach. Alicia tells Madison that it will take weeks to clear the entire hotel of infected. Alicia discovers a riptide under the pier and hatches a new plan to clear the hotel of all infected in one fell swoop. Elena brings Madison, Alicia, and Strand to a foyer that connects all three sections of the hotel.

They devise a plan to channel all the infected into the foyer and onto the pier. Outside the hotel, Alicia and Hector lure a herd of the infected inside by playing music on Alicia's phone. After successfully doing so, Alicia and the others proceed to their duties of creating a safe environment for their newfound home.

"Pillar of Salt"

Ten days later, Alicia is happily residing at the hotel and takes surfing lessons from Hector. Afterwards, Alicia, Madison, Strand, and Elena decide to run the generator for power to boil water, and make ice. After Strand is stabbed, Alicia helps tend to his wound.

Later that night, when Madison powers on the lights to the hotel sign, Alicia warns her that the light will draw in other survivors and proceeds to accuse her mother of thinking more about Nick rather than her, despite his selfish actions towards their family.

"Date of Death"

The next morning, Alicia stands at the front of the gate looking at the 43 refugees who showed up to the gate. When the refugees are let in, Alicia helps examine them for any type of infection. Alicia is suddenly called by her mother and takes a walk with her.

Madison reveals to Alicia that her father's death was actually a suicide. Alicia reels from the news and asks what the suicide note said, shocked after hearing it, Madison also reveals to her she never told Nick, because she thought he'd end up like his father. She says the only reason she paid less attention to Alicia over the years was that she believed she was doing alright. They hug.


With Travis now living at the hotel, Alicia brings him some food. Travis admits that Chris is sick and apologizes for not believing or protecting her when she said that Chris threatened her. Later on, Alicia is seen looking after the survivors in the garage, offering them small portions of food.


Alicia and Madison decide to leave the hotel together with Travis after Elena banishes him for killing Brandon and Derek, Strand refuses to join them, saying he's not going to die for any of them. Andrés treats Oscar, who is still unconscious. Alicia offers to help. He tells her he must remove a piece of Oscar's skull to reduce swelling and orders her to leave.

Hector and Andrés barge into Travis' room and beat him. Andrés holds a gun to Travis' head, but before he can shoot him, Alicia suddenly stabs Andrés, killing him and a melee ensues. Strand grabs Andrés' gun and orders everyone out. "We need to run," he says. Travis, Madison, and Alicia pile into a car outside the hotel. Strand gives the gun to Madison and stays behind. Travis accelerates and plows through the front gate. In the back of the truck, Alicia struggles with what she did and Madison, proud, tells her she'll be okay.

Madison, Travis, and Alicia arrive in La Colonia. While Madison and Travis enter La Colonia to search for Nick, Alicia stays behind in the yard and notices the stalled school bus. In the town square, Travis and Madison encounter a large herd of infected, which now includes Marco and his gangsters.

Alicia finds a dying Alejandro in the school bus. She tends to him as Madison and Travis get back there. Madison tells Alejandro she's looking for Nick. Alejandro informs Madison that Nick went to the border because he saw something, but dies before he can mention the camp. On the bus, Alicia hands Madison her Balisong. Madison closes Alejandro's eyes, turns his head to the side, and drives in the blade, preventing him from reanimating. Madison turns her attention back to the search for Nick.

Season 3

"Eye of the Beholder"

Alicia, Madison, and Travis are escorted by a military group down a path surrounded by dead bodies. A gate opens and they are brought into an area labeled as a restricted military base. Travis is separated from the group, yelling back to Madison that he will find her. Alicia and Madison drive one way while Travis goes another, each in cars with soldiers. A massive military base is revealed. Elsewhere in the facility, Alicia and Madison search for weapons or an escape route. Alicia insists they shouldn't have been looking for Nick.

Troy, the soldier in charge at the depot, enters a locked office where Madison and Alicia are being held. He offers them tea and seems hospitable until he starts interrogating them. Madison explains to Troy that she's looking for her son, Nick. Madison then demands to know where they've taken Travis. Troy avoids answering but promises to let them go once he's finished "processing" them. He shows particular interest in Madison. As he leaves, Alicia and Madison continue to look for a way out. Alicia has a knife in her boot, which she offers to her mother. Madison insists that she will get everyone out, even if it means killing, which she will do herself. Madison watches over Alicia as she sleeps, planning their next move. Troy takes notes in a journal as he watches Madison and Alicia sleep. Madison wakes up and asks Troy if Travis is dead. Troy asks if it would hurt her if he was. She tells Troy that she loves Travis' life more than her own.

Troy tells Madison that they're getting ready to evacuate the depot. He offers to release Travis if she and Alicia travel home with him. They hear a gunshot outside. Troy runs out of the office and locks the door behind him. Troy returns to the office and Madison attacks him with the knife, but Troy knocks the weapon out of her hand. She grabs hold of a spoon and plunges it into his eye socket. Madison tells Troy if he tries to break away he will lose his eye. Madison yells for Alicia to find Travis and a vehicle. Alicia sprints outside and hides between parked military vehicles. She scans her surroundings, searching for where they might have taken Travis. Alicia hides in a truck as the soldiers pack for the impending evacuation from the base.

Alicia then hears Nick's cries and follows the sound to the sewer grate. She peers down and sees Nick and Luciana below. A zombified Steven is on top of Nick and about to bite him. Alicia drops her knife down and Luciana puts down the undead Steven. However, Soldiers apprehend Alicia before she can reconnect with her brother. Alicia is brought to Madison. Moments later, soldiers bring Nick back and the three Clark's share a hug. Jake offers to take Travis, Madison, Nick, Alicia and Luciana to his family's ranch. It's safe there, and Jake assures them that Troy will behave. Madison and Travis reject the offer.

Later on, The infected Nick and Luciana encountered have emerged from the sewer and breached the barracks. The soldiers scramble to keep them back. The compound has been compromised, and chaos ensues. Madison and Nick fight the infected, while Travis and Alicia help Luciana into a helicopter. Troy arrives in a truck and urges Madison and Nick to hop on board. The helicopter takes off with Travis, Alicia, and Luciana while Madison and Nick depart in a truck with Troy. Troy tells Madison that they're all going to the same destination. From the helicopter, Travis looks down and spots the truck on the road. He assures Alicia that Madison and Nick are safe.

"The New Frontier"

At night, Alicia and Travis tend to Luciana in the back of the helicopter, while Charlene navigates toward the ranch with Jake by her side. Jake wonders whether or not to gain more altitude, but decides against it. Out of nowhere, a round of bullets hits the chopper. As the chopper tries to evade the gunfire, Travis is shot. He clasps his hand over his neck and calls for help. He then unbuckles his harness and opens the door. She unbuckles and tries to stop him, insisting he's in shock but goes silent when she sees a large hole in his side. She realizes he was shot in the stomach, and the bullet came out through his neck. Unable to do much else, her hand slips away as Travis falls out of the helicopter to his death.

On the ground, Jake tells Alicia they must push forward to escape whoever shot the chopper down. Alicia is shocked by the death of Travis and wonders if he's alive, but Jake insists Travis could not have survived the fall. That night, Charlene takes first watch while Jake and Alicia sit by the campfire. Jake explains that Troy has had behavioral problems since he was a child. They hear a warning whistle from Charlene. Jake gives Alicia a gun, then runs off to investigate. An Infected attacks Jake and pins him to a tree. Alicia arrives and saves Jack by shooting the Infected dead, then takes out two more approaching in the darkness. Jake and Alicia discover Charlene's dead body, Jake shoots her in the head to keep her from turning.

Back at their camp, Alicia tells Jake that Luciana is unconscious. She is worried that they won't make it back to the ranch in time to save her. They decide to carry her together. Some hours later, a ranch guard looks through his binoculars and sees Jake and Alicia carrying Luciana toward the gate.

Madison joyfully reunites with Alicia. She looks for Travis, then falls to her knees with grief upon realizing that Travis is dead. Troy predicts that Luciana will soon die and takes out his gun to put her down. Nick begs him not to shoot, but Troy explains it's their policy to keep dying patients out of the infirmary in case they turn. Nick offers to be the one to kill Luciana and Troy hands him his gun. Nick then turns the gun on Troy and demands Luciana receive treatment. Jeremiah intervenes and agrees to treat Luciana in the infirmary if Nick hands back the gun and provided she has a pulse. Nick complies and Luciana is taken to the infirmary. He checks in with Alicia and holds her as she weeps over Travis' death. Then they approach Madison, she says that they're going to make the ranch their home, even if that means they must take it over. Alicia objects, saying that such a thing is insane, but Madison disagrees. "It's our fate." She demands to know exactly how Travis died.


Alicia attends Charlene's memorial at the ranch, with Nick and Madison. Sensing hostility from members of the community, Madison introduces herself to the ranchers and thanks them for taking her family in. In line at the mess tent, a man accuses Madison and Alicia of being freeloaders. Alicia can't understand why people are harassing them instead of Troy. Gretchen, a young rancher around Alicia's age, introduces herself to Madison and Alicia, then invites Alicia to Bible study. Alicia tells her, "We're Jewish," trying to get out of it, but Madison nudges Alicia to accept the invitation.

In the bunkhouse, Alicia is seen stabbing a knife into a table between her fingers. Madison assures Nick and Alicia that they can win over the minority of people who don't want them at the ranch. She also warns them to stay away from Troy. Nick insists they start over elsewhere, but Madison refuses to leave the relative safety of their new home.

Alicia and Nick watch horses trotting around. Alicia is reflecting on how their father used to take her to the equestrian center. Nick asks Alicia if she wants to stay at the ranch. She reasons that the ranch is just as bad as any other place, so she doesn't want to stay but realizes there aren't other choices. Nick is feeling the guilt of Travis' death and notices the change in Alicia but she walks away.

Alicia heads into a basement with the community's teenagers. Gretchen directs everyone to get their study materials. They grab drinks and drugs, to Alicia's surprise. She quickly hits a bong and loosens up with everyone. The kid's say some weird phrases and joke with her. She is slowly lowering her guard. Gretchen reaches into a barrel and introduces Alicia to "Geoff", an Infected head in a cage. Alicia bursts out laughing. Alicia tells Gretchen and the other members of the "Bible study" group what life is like on the outside. She questions them about the Otto's. They tell her everyone arrived separately and the Otto's were prepared. The kids say Troy took Jeff's body but these kids are okay with it because people like Troy protect them. Gretchen asks what kind of "bad stuff" Alicia has done. She reveals that she killed a man, then admits it was an easy thing to do. Alicia and Gretchen leave the bunker in an inebriated state. Alicia crosses paths with Jake and he smiles.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

Alicia and Nick try to dissuade Madison from joining Troy on his mission to find the missing team that went to investigate the downed chopper. They tell her there are other ways to contribute. Madison ignores their advice and leaves with Troy. Moments later, Jake approaches Alicia in the food area. He says he is happy she is enjoying Bible study and touches her hand which prompts her to jump and she drops her coffee. He apologizes, gives her his coffee and walks away. Gretchen approaches Alicia to let her know that the Browns, the people who died last night, were co-founders of this community.

Alicia visits Jake in his room and apologizes for how she acted. She says she didn't know about the people in the fire. He accepts her apology and asks if she needs something. "We're never gonna be normal again, are we?" she said before reflecting on her plans she had before the apocalypse. They kiss and they sleep with each other.

Alicia gets dressed after making love with Jake. They discuss books, and Jake offers to loan her his favorite, a Charles Bukowski novel. She explains that she used to enjoy poetry and art, but no longer sees the point of these things in this post-apocalyptic world. Alicia lays in bed. Jake invites her out to a lake. He vouches for art while she vouches for food and water. He insists that there is still beauty in this world. Alicia ponders a cliff and jumps into a lake, allowing herself to feel a rush that doesn't come from killing.

"Red Dirt"

Alicia and Jake lay in bed. Alicia wonders where Madison is. She sits up and gets dressed. Jake insists she need not worry. Moments later, Alicia, Nick and other ranchers rush out as Madison and Troy's team arrive, who all have bloody feet from walking without shoes. Alicia and Nick give Madison water. Jeremiah requests a private debrief, but one of the ranchers, Vernon Trimbol, insists Troy's team share their findings with everyone. Mike Trimbol announces that a group of Native Americans slaughtered Phil McCarthy and the others from the outpost. Troy tries to keep everyone calm by saying they can handle the situation but Mike cracks and blurts out that they're all going to die if they don't leave.

Alicia and Nick take care of Madison's feet. She is in a lot of pain as they care for her. Nick reveals that Luciana left. Alicia finds Jake practicing his shooting and joins him. Jake explains how many people have died, though he didn't know many of them, but insists he is not scared. The border has always been a dangerous place. Alicia asks for a lesson on how to use the gun, which he provides. She takes aim and continues the conversation. Alicia asks who will take over the ranch if something happens to Jeremiah. Jake explains that the ranch will pass to him and Troy when Jeremiah dies but that residents will ultimately look up to whomever they deem worthy. Alicia tells Jake the ranchers would look up to him as a leader if he stepped up.

Alicia later witnesses Troy and Jake getting into a fight when Troy tries to stop Vernon leaving with his family. Jeremiah rushes in and punches Troy as a result and Madison breaks it up. The gate is opened and Vernon's family leaves with Gretchen waving farewell to Alicia. She returns to her bunkhouse after spending the night with Jake. Madison catches Alicia and she insists it is nothing serious. Madison reminds Alicia how important it is not to get pregnant before Alicia reveals that she like him, but does not love him.

In Jake's room, Alicia finds Black Hat Reservation plans on Jake's bed. He is going to speak with Walker. He's taking a back way but Alicia is worried for his safety. Jake wants to step up for the camp and feels good about what he can do based on beating Walker in court. Alicia pleads with him not to go. Still, Jake takes the map and heads out.

Alicia is there when Madison, Nick, and Jeremiah return to the ranch with the bodies of the Trimbol family. Madison speaks to the crowd that's gathered to see hem return and covers for Troy; she declares that the people who killed Travis and Phil have now killed the Trimbols. She warns that anyone who leaves the ranch will die and urges them to stay together. The crowd murmurs in support. Alicia is saddened by the death of Gretchen. Afterwards, Alicia packs a bag to follow Jake.

"The Unveiling"

Alicia catches up to Jake on his way to the Black Hat Reservation and tells him the Walker killed Trimbol family. She warns him against talking to a killer like Walker, but he insists this makes talking to Walker more urgent and sticks to his mission. Alicia decides to joins him. Alicia and Jake arrive at the Black Hat Cafe. They're surrounded by armed guards who confiscate Jake and Alicia's weapons. Walker emerges, machete in hand, and drops a severed pig's head on the ground in front of them.

Alicia and Jake join Walker for lunch. He explains that Jeremiah will never abandon the ranch. Walker says, in this case, he will feed everyone to the crows. Jake tells him certain people are dead and Alicia accuses Walker of killing the Trimbol family. Jake asks Walker to honor their prior court agreements and end the violence, but Walker says court decisions are no longer relevant. He orders Jake to vacate Black Hat territory but agrees to discuss a parley after their meal. Alicia is surprised to see their waiter is Ofelia, who previously abandoned her at Rosarito Beach Hotel. At the gas station, Ofelia apologizes to Alicia for abandoning the group at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Alicia is aggressive, but she tries to justify her actions. She says that Walker took her in and insists the nation are good people. Alicia points out that Walker killed a family two nights ago but Ofelia insists that Walker did not carry out any missions at that time.

Jake emerges from a trailer and informs Alicia that Walker agreed to a parley. He asks Alicia to return to the ranch and tell Jeremiah that Walker will refrain from further violence in exchange for a tribute and a hostage swap. He plans to stay behind as Walker's hostage but Alicia insists on being the hostage so that Jake can personally deliver the terms to Jeremiah. Jake returns to the ranch with Ofelia, his hostage. Walker proudly shows Alicia the helicopter that they shot down. Alicia tells Walker she was in the chopper when it went down and that he killed one of her family members, Travis. Walker compares her contempt for him with the hatred he feels toward the Ottos. Walker then shows the skull of his great-grandfather to Alicia and explains that they had to desecrate their ancestors' graves to save the skeletons from the Ottos. Alicia says the idea of an afterlife doesn't make sense because it's hard enough to get out of this life. Walker says that Black Hat relics prophesied an apocalypse that would shed the land of the impure and return the land to his people. Alicia carries buckets to feed the pigs.

Troy, Nick, and several militia soldiers sneak into Black Hat headquarters and rescue Alicia. Nick spots a guard approaching and tackles the guard, who Troy then shoots. Gunfire breaks out. Madison picks up the rescue team with Alicia in a truck. Madison's group returns to the ranch. Jake admonishes them for essentially declaring war on Walker's nation. Madison admits that she convinced Troy to help save Alicia and accuses Jake of getting played by Walker. The next day, Alicia tells Ofelia that she doesn't have to go back to Walker. Ofelia advises Alicia not stay at Broke Jaw Ranch. "I did you wrong at the hotel. I put your life in danger. Come with me, that's all I can offer," Ofelia said. Alicia turns it down. In the bunkhouse, Alicia asks Madison how they can be sure that Walker killed the Trimbols. Madison doesn't answer. Madison and Alicia wake up to the sounds of screams. They run outside to see people panicking. There are walkers roaming about and eating people. Ofelia lingers behind. Madison, Nick and Alicia slaughter the Infected in the camp. Nick sees Ofelia standing in the bunkhouse doorway and calls her name. She runs. Nick falls to the ground in pain and realizes that Ofelia is responsible for the illness. Madison chases after Ofelia.

"Children of Wrath"

The next day, Alicia and Jake tend to the sick, which includes Nick. Madison informs everyone that Ofelia poisoned the militia's coffee. Madison tells Jake that the poison was anthrax and that those who don't die will be too weak to resist an attack. Jake orders Troy to gather the remaining militia, but Troy is the only one left. Madison suggests they recruit the ranchers but Jake angrily tells her she doesn't lead the ranch and walks away with Alicia and Troy following him. Jake eventually agrees with Madison's plan to fight and instructs Troy to arm anyone who isn't sick. Alicia suggests they try to negotiate with Walker again. Jake points out that they have no leverage to broker a deal. Alicia hatches a plan.

Alicia and Madison hitch a wagon to her truck. Some of Walker's men spot the militia and begin gunning them down. Madison rushes back to the truck. Troy covers them and kills some of the Native Americans before leaping into the truck. The truck starts to pull away with Walker's trailer in tow. Moments later, Nick tells Alicia and Madison about Jeremiah's previous deeds. Alicia insists they're on the wrong side. Nick doesn't want to cross any lines like Jeremiah does. Madison tells him Jeremiah and Troy are alive, but Nick says it's because they covered for Troy. When Alicia catches on, Nick reveals Troy was the one who killed the Trimbols to Alicia, who is disgusted to learn what her family lied about. Upset about Troy murdering her friend, Gretchen and Madison covering for him, She declares she was innocent and angrily tells off Madison, "You're just like them! You're worse, you're heartless! No wonder dad was so depressed, he was living with a goddamn corpse!", Madison stops her and defends her action, and declares that she’s too busy keeping everyone alive to have time for feelings and tells Alicia she has no idea what she carries.

At the gate, Madison meets with Walker and offers to return the relics in exchange for peace and ownership of the ranch. She gives him the skull of his father. He rejects her terms and gives the remains back. Madison tells Troy, Jake, Alicia, and Nick that they have until sundown the next day to clear out or die. In the bunkhouse, Madison reveals to Nick and Alicia why she's never taken them to her hometown in Alabama. Madison shot her alcoholic father when she was a child because he beat her mother. She resolutely insists she would do it again if it meant protecting her family.


Alicia strenuously works the water pump, but only a few drops come out. Alicia returns to Jake's quarters with the water she's collected. She cleans Jake’s face with a damp cloth and frets over his slow recovery from the anthrax attack. Nick and Troy spot Walker's convoy as it approaches the ranch. Jake greets the convoy and shakes Walker's hand. Alicia stands next to Madison, telling her "here we go". The ranchers warily look on as Walker waves the convoy through the gate: The Nation has officially come to live at Broke Jaw Ranch.

Alicia is there when Jake leads Walker into the pantry to discuss details of the Nation residing at the ranch. Troy walks out after voicing his disdain for the Nation and butting heads with Crazy Dog, Walker's right-hand man. Jake assures Walker that, unlike Troy, most of their people accepted the peace deal. He reveals the arsenal to Troy and gives him a key to it, to one of the two locks. Jake will hold the other.

In the cafeteria, Madison and Alicia discuss Jake's questionable health. Alicia says he's getting better, but Madison tells her, "lying's not useful" and tells her to take care of him. Alicia informs Madison that she is undermining Jake's leadership by back-channeling with Walker. Madison denies that she's been speaking to Walker, but Alicia repeats what Madison said to her, "lying's not useful". In a field, Alicia spots Walker burying the relics given to him. He doesn't want his people to know because it will disturb the peace. Alicia wants Walker to go to Jake instead of Madison, but Walker insists, "Your mother does what's necessary".

Moments later, Terrance tries to kill Crazy Dog, but it is pushed away and he misses his shot. A stray bullet hits a member of the nation. Crazy Dog locks Terrence in a choke hold and nearly chokes him to death, but releases his victim when Walker steps in. In the infirmary, Alicia informs Walker that Terrence might asphyxiate from a crushed throat. Walker worries that other ranchers will follow Terrence's example and demands the second arsenal key from Jake so that his people can arm themselves. Madison takes Walker's side and urges Jake to let the Nation control the weapons and sweep the ranch for all remaining weapons. Jake reluctantly gives Walker the key. The next morning, Alicia is there when a Nation warrior escorts Nick to an outhouse for imprisonment and Troy gets exile. Madison and Klah get in a truck to drive Troy into the desert.

"The Diviner"

Alicia listens when Madison and Walker tell her, Jake, Ofelia, and Crazy Dog that they will be gone for a couple of days to secure a backup water supply. In the meantime, they instruct them to enforce water rationing across the ranch. Madison reveals to Alicia that they only have six weeks of water left. She urges Alicia to keep the secret and gives her a radio to stay in touch.

Later, Crazy Dog frees Nick from the box and offers him water. Nick drinks it. His hands are tied together. He eventually falls down to the ground but is ordered to sit up to be cut free. Alicia rushes over to him and helps him back inside. Nick starts chugging water and Alicia orders him to slow down, informing him of the rations. She puts salt on the table and tells him to put it in the water.

Ranchers, including Pat and Bob, complain to Jake about the rationing. Alicia appears, scolds them and orders everyone to either put up with it or leave because what's outside is definitely worse. "Trust him," she insists of Jake. Later, Madison and Alicia communicate by radio and learn they're both still okay.

Alicia visits Ofelia and Crazy Dog at the adobe and Ofelia comes to talk. "I heard some of your people were getting water twice," Alicia said. "I'm just trying to keep the peace," Ofelia asks for proof but Alicia suggests a system. Ofelia insists no one from the Nation went through the water line twice. Ofelia is said she heard the militia is rebuilding but Alicia denies such a statement, saying Ofelia killed it when she poisoned them. Ofelia orders her to control her own people. Alicia leaves in silent, disturbed by her words.

Back at the house, Alicia admonishes Nick for harboring a gun. Nick points out that ranchers are listening to him. Alicia says they only trust him because they don’t know that he killed Jeremiah. She easily figured it out saying, "The second she called Otto's death a suicide, I knew, it wasn't mom. I was upset I wasn't a part of it... How shitty is that" But then I felt relieved because what a burden it is being mom's favorite." Nick tells her he didn't do it for her. She questions the statement. Nick tells her their alive. "We keep trying to make her love us," Alicia said. "she's broken." Alicia later tries to reach Madison over the radio but gets no response.

The next day, Alicia catches one of the ranchers taking a second term at the well. A Nation member calls Kerry a thief. A fight breaks out. Alicia silences the crowd and reveals that they only have six weeks of water left. This doesn't change anything as Mayhem ensues. Crazy Dog shoots a gun and orders the crowd to back away from the well. Nick guards the well with his gun and is joined by other ranchers including Erin and her mother. Ofelia convinces Crazy Dog to back off. In the distance, Alicia watches over the camp as ranchers gather weapons. Through binoculars, she sees Nation members digging a new well.

Nick and the militia sneak up to Ofelia's house with guns. They see Alicia digging a new well with the Nation. Coop tells Nick to remove her from harm's way. Ofelia can see them from inside. She wants to try and talk with them but the men of the Nation it is time to start shooting. Nick hands over his gun to the man beside him and walks off on his own to his sister. Ofelia and her squad look on before joining them.

Alicia is shoveling dirt and has now filled a bucket. She hands it off and realizes she is handing it to Nick. Ofelia's group arrives just before the militia does. They all join in on digging for water.

"Brother's Keeper"

Alicia finds Jake by the corral and tells him that it's not good to kill all the cows. They need to keep milking cows anyway. They used to have hundreds of cows and now they only have a few. Alicia kids him that he never wanted to be a rancher anyway, but this isn't reassuring to him. She says they can start over when the rain falls, and she promises to get them more cows. He says his father would have killed himself before he let the Ranch fall apart. He also says Vernon wasn't wrong about how many other people are out there. The Pacific Northwest is at central. He tells her about a cabin in the desert nearby. He wants to go there with her because there was supposed to be more than what they have now.

Alicia and Nick stand on the Ranch's balcony talking. She starts smoking and she tells him he looks awful. He says he killed Jeremiah and now is sleeping in his house, but she reminds him that he was evil. Nick did it so Madison wouldn't have to. She asks if he's worried about her, and he is. He's losing sleep over Troy and the thought of taking Troy's father from him. She says he doesn't owe Troy, but she likes him and is self-destructive like he is.

The next morning, Alicia and Jake prepare breakfast. Alicia says that they need to work on the water situation. Madison didn't check in the night before or the night before that and she might not be coming back. He says they will be back but it might not be enough. He says they need a plan B, which upsets her because she's still fighting for the Ranch while he seems to be giving up. They need a plan for the Ranch, she says, because they're staying there. She can't worry about him, which upsets him because he doesn't think he needs it. He asks what she's fighting for and says he almost thought he took advantage of her, but now he thinks it might have been her that was taking advantage. Jake accuses her of seducing him and is skeptical of their relationship, calling it an alliance, instead. Alicia is insulted.

At that moment Nick shows up and tells them that Troy was there and wants to warn them. Jake thinks he knows where his brother would be, at the outpost, and Alicia says Troy is baiting both of them. Jake says he has to face him. She tries to tell Nick not to go but he feels he has a sense of duty to go, and he also has to watch over her boyfriend. She insists that Jake take a walkie-talkie and she leaves Jake with the knowledge that she does care for him and she's done all this for him, Nick and Jake drive off.

Alicia tells Ofelia that Nick and Jake are in trouble. She explains the situation and says they found a herd of Infected. Alicia wants to go see what's going on, but Ofelia wants to know why they went alone. She reminds Alicia that they scout in packs as part of the new Ranch protocol. Alicia admits that Troy is the one who gave them the information. Ofelia says Crazy Dog won't be happy with this information but Alicia says he doesn't need to know that part, just that the threat is real. Suddenly, The sound of the explosion can be heard at the Ranch. Alicia and Ofelia share a look. Alicia and Ofelia look out over the valley surrounding the Ranch, Crazy Dog and Cooper guess that the Infected are less than half a mile away. Crazy Dog says Walker told them to protect the Ranch and that's what they plan to do.

Crazy Dog leads preparations to fight back at the Ranch. They're using the RVs as a blockade against the dead. Alicia asks him if this will stop the Infected and he says it's supposed to block them and keep them moving around them. He tells his people to go behind the wall they have created. Alicia looks up and sees them getting closer. The sound of the Infected starts to fill the air as both the ranchers and the Black Hat community hunker down behind the RVs. Ofelia is ready with a spear and Alicia is behind her.

The Infected reach the barbed wire fencing and it slows them but doesn't stop them as they start piling up against it. The latch breaks and they move in, marching toward the RVs. Alicia looks up and sees how many there are.

Ofelia and Alicia look at each other as the Infected start pushing against the RVs. They're coming from underneath them. They're coming everywhere. At first, they're able to manage them but the RVs are rocking dangerously. The herd has stopped coming under the RVs. They are too packed against them to make way. One RV starts to slide back and eventually tips over.

Alicia dispatches walkers with ease using a machete, one after the other. Ofelia orders her to the pantry and says she will follow. Alicia directs everyone into the pantry along the way. One by one, people are following, including Cooper. He is eaten alive in front of Alicia. He tries to shoot himself but he is out of ammo. Alicia shoots him in the head.

On the ground level, Alicia is out of ammo. Lee aids her with his last bullet. They use their guns as clubs to push through the horde but they're surrounded. Ofelia and Lee find a clearing to the pantry.

Alicia, Ofelia, and Crazy Dog are in the pantry with as many of the people who could make it there. They all look to them as leaders. They are all the same community now. Alicia knows this has changed everything.

"This Land Is Your Land"

Alicia stands among the terrified survivors in the Ranch's pantry. She tries to think of a plan. Finally acting, she focuses on her breathe and grabs some supplies, handing them out to the people inside. People call out for air conditioning, one man is looking for his wife. She is trying to comfort people but it's not going to be very effective. While going through boxes, she sees Blake examining a bite on his side. Ofelia informs Alicia that the pantry's air vent is broken. They realize they will run out of air if they don't fix the fan.

Inside, Alicia says they have two hours of air left. The group's leaders decide they need to move, but Alicia points out that they can buy time by killing the people who have been bitten. They know no one will confess to being bitten. Crazy Dog thinks they should send bitten people to clean the vents. He sees them as already dead.

Alicia goes to address the crowd. She says they know they're all scared and she tells them the vents are broken. They are blocked and they need to fix it or suffocate. They have less time with more people. She says they're asking people who have been bitten to come forward. At first, no one moves, but Crazy Dog intervenes with his gun. Blake shows his wound to them, and then, slowly, others do the same. As it happens, many people were bitten. They start coming forward, which changes the atmosphere inside the room. Alicia hands Ofelia a gun and they ask if they will be okay. Ofelia hugs Alicia and then she and Crazy Dog climb up into the vent.

Alicia is left with a room full of the bitten. They have drugs to knock them out, and Alicia says they "will be taken care of". They want to know how she'll do it. They want more time. One of the people tells everyone it's morphine and it will make them feel good. Alicia goes in with the first "victim" who volunteers. It's a member of Black Hat. She looks at him and he nods and lies on the ground. She gives him the morphine. Once he's out, she takes her knife and stabs him in the back of the head. She emerges from the room and goes to a corner, hyperventilating. The woman who talked about the morphine goes back to her and says she needs to do her part. The group needs her because of her strength. "Don't break on them now," she says.

Alicia has a pile of bodies and one more "victim". Blake is up next. She needs a minute because he's the one who has been helping her. She starts to give him the morphine and he cries and Blake apologizes for what he did to all of the people while serving in Troy's militia. Once he's out, she takes care of him. When it's done, she goes in to see the rest of the group. They stare at her with malice in their eyes.

Alicia sits alone and says she should never have led people inside. Christine talks to her and tells her that her husband was in the first World Trade Tower. She called his phone over and over again. She says hope is all you have. She tells Alicia that she gave them hope and that means a lot. The woman continues her story that she met her second husband at a survivor's group. He was funny. Humor is more important than good sex. Alicia wants to know why she's at the ranch and she says her husband thought 9/11 was the beginning of the end. They spent their last years hiding instead of exploring. She tells Alicia to promise to not make decisions based on fear.

Alicia listens to Christine talking about ripping her bra off in Woodstock and they exchange fun things they did in the past. The women laugh. Alicia talks about singing "This Land Is Your Land" at summer camp. She was supposed to sing but she froze and couldn't remember the lines. When she sees Nick's face looking at her in horror, he runs up on stage and runs to save her and he forgot the lines, too. They sing the line "This Land Is Your Land" over and over. They got a standing ovation. Everyone loves Nick, she says. Christine asks if Alicia is close with Nick. She says they were close as kids but all that changed. Alicia says she looked up to him when she was young, even more than her dad. The oxygen is getting thin. She is starting to drift off when she catches herself and notices that the woman has fallen asleep. Around them, more and more people have passed out. Some are moving, resembling the infected. Alicia gets to her feet but is unsteady.

In the pantry, Alicia is faintly humming "This Land Is Your Land" as she observes the people unconscious around her. She sees a woman huddled over one man and approaches only to find it is a walker. She gets her knife and fights the woman off of her. They eventually fall to the ground and Alicia is able to jam the knife into her face. After the walker is dead, Alicia lays down with it on top of her as others begin to rise again. Alicia wakes up and drags Christine away from the Infected. She manages to kill quite a few of them. She locks herself in the weapons locker and starts shooting. Now armed, she takes out as many walkers as she can.

Alicia feels the explosion and heads out into the room and fights off the Infected. She continues shooting walkers then starts killing them with her knife when she runs out of ammo. Madison and Strand run in and Alicia goes back for Christine, but she's dead. Walker says they need to go. Alicia apologizes and puts her down. She gives her mother a look. She's covered in blood. Outside, Alicia naps in the truck. Madison, Strand, and Nick look out and say that it could have worked. Madison says they're going to head to the dam next. She sees Troy sitting there and then goes to Ofelia and tells her that Daniel is alive. Walker is there and confirms it. She says that he thought she was dead.

Outside, Alicia naps in the truck. Madison, Strand, and Nick look out and say that it could have worked. Madison says they're going to head to the dam next. She sees Troy sitting there and then goes to Ofelia and tells her that Daniel is alive. Walker is there and confirms it. She says that he thought she was dead.

Alicia gets out of the truck and goes to the group. Madison goes up to her and hugs her. Alicia is numb. Nick hugs her, too, and kisses her. She asks about Jake and Nick shakes his head. She cries over Jake's death. She wants to know how. Troy says he got bit and that he put him down. She stares at him and asks where the horde came from. Nick covers for Troy saying that Troy came to warn them but it was too late. Madison tells her about Daniel and the dam and Alicia says there is no such thing as a safe place. Walker says they need to go. Alicia wants to know where the dam is on a map. She says she isn't going. Alicia says she isn't in shock and she is seeing things more clearly now than she ever has, and she knows her mother's way doesn't work. She wants to find a way to live for herself, not running in fear. Madison doesn't want to let her go, but Alicia says she won't give her mother a choice. She's going to go to the place Jake told her about and she needs to go there alone.

Alicia leaves in a truck. Nick tells Madison he will meet her at the dam after he follows Alicia to make sure she reaches her destination safely. Madison tells him to take Troy. Alicia drives across the plain. Nick and Troy follow her at a distance.

"El Matadero"

Alicia eats dinner inside an abandoned building and studies her maps by the fire. She hears a truck and puts the fire out, then she grabs her gun and goes to find the source of the noise. She fires a warning shot before noticing that it's Nick and Troy. Nick tries to tell her that her plan is crazy and she says that she almost died while surrounded by people. Alicia knows that it's Madison who is talking. "Surviving is killing me," Alicia said. She claims Nick is trying to atone for what happened, but she promises he doesn't owe anyone and deserves to carve what he can out of this life.

The next day, Alicia and Nick say goodbye to one another. Nick begs Alicia to reconsider but she won't. He prefers that she doesn't die. Alicia promises Nick she won't die. He gives her the map and gives her a hug while Troy starts the car and they drive off. She smiles when she's alone.

Alicia drives through the town and reaches a burger joint. It's empty inside but she finds dead soldiers. There's a bucket on a top shelf so she reaches up to grab it and finds that it's instant potatoes. She grabs it as an Infected comes for her. Once it's dead, she sees more so she hides in the ball pit. Not surprisingly, there's kid inside there, too, and she attacks. Alicia kills the kid and pushes her back inside as the Infected come into the restaurant. By now she has lost her gun and sees a woman come in and kill the infected with a pickax. She cuts off a finger and tooth and steals her potatoes, then she leaves. She loads up her car and drives off as Alicia finds her gun and comes out of hiding.

Alicia drives along and spots another area to check out. She spots the woman's car in a supermarket parking lot. She reaches inside to steal the potatoes. The woman, Diana, shows up and threatens to kill her. Alicia threatens to shoot up Diana's gas tank then proposes they instead share the potatoes. Alicia and Diana eat the potatoes inside an abandoned store. Diana explains that she sells the fingers and teeth to Mexicans at the outpost. Alicia tells Diana that she's traveling alone to a place in the desert. Diana warns her that every town has been picked clean and declares that she doesn't keep company. Alicia says that she worked hard to survive alone. The woman agrees and says that it's having friends that is the problem. There is no solution, and killing the dead is one thing but once you get used to killing you can do anything.

Alicia wakes up to find Diana gone. Her gun is still there, along with the potatoes. She finds Diana fixing her car outside. A herd approaches. They decide to take on the herd together.

"Things Bad Begun"

Alicia and Diana ride down a street together, they drive to the trading post to sell Infected body parts. Suddenly, bandits crash into their car and try to steal their goods. Alicia and Diana quickly exited the car and fought back, each stunning two men on their own. Close to killing one of the men, Diana was hit in the leg with a baseball bat and fell to the ground. Alicia grabbed her rifle and scared off the bandits although Diana encouraged her to kill them. Now injured with a broken leg, Alicia aided her by tying her leg.

At the Bazar, Alicia stands by Diana's side as a doctor, Eddie, sets her leg in a cast. Eddie commends Alicia's medical skills and asks for her assistance in an upcoming surgery. Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John, who is bound to a wheelchair. She's questioned on where she is from and if she knows who this man is. He is the leader of the Proctors and he had high hopes for this group when founding it, including a trade route, connecting the refineries in Houston to the farmlands in Houston. He tells her Texas has its own electrical grid. He will have this surgery to try to fix a condition which has been weighing on his ability to work. "I have no experience," she tells him. He insists her only job is to assist. If the surgery is a success, she can come with them to Texas and beyond. If it fails, his brothers will execute everyone in the room.

Alicia begins her surgical procedure. John insists he won't be "going under" because its "not safe". The room is loaded with guards. Her job is to hold him down if he is in pain or starts moving. She starts a conversation with him, prompting some memories of his old family as Eddie cuts into his back. He starts to lose focus of his conversation as Eddie digs into back. Alicia continues the conversation and holds John's hand as Eddie yanks the tumor out. John calls Alicia a "tough kid" before screaming in pain.

Eddie finishes the surgery. Alicia breathes a sigh of relief when Proctor John demonstrates movement in his toes. A soldier informs Proctor John that his men are about to enter the tunnel pipes. Proctor John orders Alicia to join his crew, as they are about to invade Gonzalez Dam.

"Sleigh Ride"

Alicia rides on a boat with John and his gang to the dam. Their men are waiting for them at a dock. Strand greets them at the dock and exchanges quick glances with Alicia. John admonishes Strand for the unanticipated resistance from dam guards. John walks away, ordering Alicia to change his dressing. Strand quietly assures Alicia that Madison and Nick are alive and in hiding. He vows to help them escape if she agrees to work with him.

Alicia changes John's surgery dressing. John asks how she knows Strand. Alicia admits that Strand helped her family escape L.A. and that Strand and her mother are friends. She asks John to spare Madison. He agrees on the condition that Alicia comes to Houston with him and his crew. She agrees.

Alicia is there when John shoots Lola dead and catches Strand trying to smuggle Madison and Nick. Moments later, John has brought, Alicia, Strand, Madison, and Nick into an office. He pistol whips Strand for lying about killing Lola. Alicia tries to calm him, but is ordered to be silent. Strand doubles down on Daniel being dead despite John discovering Lola having been alive. Madison vouches for him and introduces herself. John orders Alicia to her mother. One of John's men recognizes Nick from the trading post and recalls that he was with another man. John decides to kill Nick, who he deems untrustworthy, and must therefore also kill Madison and Alicia, knowing they'll seek revenge for Nick's murder.

Alicia, Strand, Madison and Nick are escorted to the edge of the dam. The family hugs one another before being pulled apart. Nick hugs Strand before heading back to his mother. Strand suddenly tells John there is a plan involving C4 which can take them all down but John doesn't want to hear it. Strand backs up, reaching for the detonator, but Nick took it while hugging Strand. He reveals it and has guns pointed at him, as well as his family. Strand pleads with him not to blow it.

Nick threatens to detonate the explosives unless John allows Madison, Alicia and Strand to escape. Alicia urges Nick to come with them, but John points out that Nick cannot leave the detonator’s range. Nick calls the negotiations his "suicide note". John agrees to his conditions. Alicia, Strand and Madison run from the dam. They reach the Zodiac and launch into the water. Alicia fixes the motor and the three of them power ahead. After a while, Nick flips the switch and detonates the explosives, destroying the dam. Alicia, Madison and Strand struggle to escape the current created by the imploding dam, but they can do nothing as the boat is drawn into the flood.

Season 4

"What's Your Story?"

After surviving the Gonzalez Dam explosion and somehow reuniting with her group, Alicia appears crawling on the road, pretending to be a survivor in need of helping. Althea pulls over and walks up to help her, but suddenly, Alicia points a sharp weapon at Althea's neck. Nick, Strand, and Luciana emerge from the bushes and hold Morgan, John, and Althea at gunpoint. As Althea nervously asks Alicia what's her story, she continues holding her hostage.

"Another Day in the Diamond"

In the past, Alicia, Strand, Nick, and Luciana wake up at their new home in a baseball stadium. They begin their daily routine and Alicia draws back her shades, looks out at a baseball stadium converted into a quaint community. Everyone is settled in. Strand joins Nick and Alicia for breakfast, talking about celebrating the day. Cole, a resident at the stadium, sits with them.

Alicia checks on Madison, who is converting the dugout into a room for Charlie. Alicia asks her why she wasn't at lunch and if she has slept, but Madison tells her that she needs to build and that when she lived outside she didn't sleep so it doesn't matter.

Alicia is ready to head out with Strand, Madison, and Luciana, while Nick stays behind. Madison's crew arrives in a deserted town. They split up to find Charlie's family. Alicia and Madison find a camp that's been burned down near giant industrial oil tanks. They see a giant white flag with the number "457". Madison finds a newly opened can of food and warns Strand that someone might be nearby.

Alicia and Madison continue searching the camp, when suddenly, a woman, puts a gun to Madison's head and demands her keys. Madison quietly clicks her walkie button three times. Madison invites Naomi to join her community. Naomi instead snatches Madison's keys and starts to leave, before Alicia, Strand and Luciana cut her off. She runs to the top of an oil tank and falls through the roof. Madison jumps in after her and helps Naomi fight Infected in a pool of oil. Alicia and Strand pry open the hatch to the tank and kill the remaining Infected. Alicia rescues Madison from an Infected. After hearing oncoming walkers, Alicia's group decide to leave with Naomi joining them.

Inside the stadium, Alicia tells everyone to arm themselves. Meanwhile, an army of trucks and people called the Vultures parks in the lot, refusing to leave until they give them all of their supplies. The next day, Alicia, Strand, and Cole stare at the newcomers outside. They hear Madison hammering in the dugout and decide to join her. Nick finds signs that the weevil infestation has indeed spread beyond the turnips as Mel warned.

Back in the present, Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana hold Morgan, John Dorie, and Althea at gunpoint. Luciana finds a white "51" flag in the SWAT vehicle and accuses them of belonging to Mel's group. Althea insists she doesn't know the significance of the flag, but Alicia orders them to show them where they found the flag. They get on the SWAT truck and drive.

"Good Out Here"

Alicia, Strand, Luciana and Nick hold Morgan, Althea, and John prisoner in the SWAT truck. Althea reveals that she only gave them partial directions to the location with the numbered flag. She agrees to provide the rest of the directions on the condition that they tell her their stories. Suddenly, she escapes from her bonds and attacks Nick, causing him to jostle Luciana in the driver's seat. Luciana swerves off the road and crashes.

John and Althea hold Alicia and her group hostage. They unsuccessfully try to extract the SWAT truck from the mud. Luciana offers to locate a tow truck, but demands that she and her friends be released. Althea cuts their bonds but holds Nick hostage. Morgan offers to stay with Nick while the others find the tow truck.

Alicia, Strand and Luciana set out with John and Althea. Alicia's group returns to the SWAT truck and finds it swarming with Infected. John spots an arrow left by Morgan to indicate the direction that he and Nick went. Alicia offers to help tow the truck while Luciana and John look for Morgan and Nick. Strand agrees to tell their stories to Althea if she takes them to the location of the flag. Alicia fights off Infected as she attaches the tow truck cable to the SWAT truck. Strand pulls the truck out of the mud. Afterwords, Alicia and her group catch up with Morgan and Nick.

Later, Nick gets shot in the chest by Charlie, who runs away. Alicia and Luciana try to revive Nick, but he dies. Alicia sobs as Luciana and Strand mourn over Nick's death.


Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Morgan, Althea, and John ride in the SWAT van with Nick's body. In a flashback, Althea videotapes Luciana as she plunges a knife into Nick's head to keep him from turning. She films Alicia killing an Infected Ennis, and Strand covering Nick's body with his jacket.

In the past, Alicia, Nick, Strand, Luciana, and Cole eat breakfast at the stadium. Madison distributes maps of potential supply locations that the Vultures might have missed. Alicia and Naomi arrive at a water park to search for supplies. Naomi finds a Land Rover but no keys. They spot an abandoned campsite at the top of a waterslide.

Alicia and Naomi climb up a waterslide to reach the abandoned campsite. Alicia finds a machine gun with ammo. Naomi falls down a slide after Infected attack them. Alicia grabs onto the machine gun and falls down the slide. She kills an Infected with the machine gun barrel and narrowly avoids landing in a pool of Infected. Alicia and Naomi find a large stash of medical supplies and stuff them into their packs. Naomi finds keys to the Land Rover and sneaks off while Alicia is distracted.

Naomi fires up the truck but it is out of gas. Alicia catches up to her and scolds her to either be with them or not. "I just can't do it again," Naomi tells her. Alicia explains that she has tried the same thing in the past, going off on her own, but it wasn't what she actually wanted. Naomi tells Alicia that, as an ICU nurse, she developed an intuition for which people would survive and which people wouldn’t. She advises Alicia to tell Madison that the stadium has no chance of lasting, but Alicia decides not to tell Madison about Naomi's warning.

In the present, Alicia tells Althea that she should have talked Madison into leaving. Strand tells Althea he should have kept the car a secret. Luciana tells Althea that they should have left the stadium for a new destination. They declare that Nick is dead because they wanted to believe the stadium would work out. John stops the SWAT van. Alicia's group gets out to dig a grave for Nick. Eventually, their shovels hit something.

Rather than burying Nick, they had Althea bring them to the spot to dig up a cache of guns. They're planning to kill the Vultures. They ask Althea to drive them, with the promise of showing her how their story ends. Al agrees.

Alicia's group buries Nick under a nearby tree then loads the guns into the SWAT van. John recognizes Naomi's backpack. John finds the Colt in the backpack and realizes that Naomi is Laura. Alicia tells him that Laura did not make it out and died at the stadium. Althea promises to find out what happened to Laura and report back to John. Morgan stays behind with John as everyone leaves in the van.

"Just in Case"

Alicia, Strand, Luciana, and Althea speed toward the Vultures' next meeting spot. Alicia interrogates Althea about the SWAT vehicle's firepower, but Althea makes it clear that she only records events and will not participate in their fight.

In the past, Naomi removes glass from Alicia's arm at the stadium infirmary and asks Madison if they're going out again for more supplies. Madison says they have no choice. Later on, Alicia, Nick, and Luciana stride up to Melvin as Madison, Strand and Naomi return to the stadium with plants and fertilizer. Melvin and the Vultures vacate the parking lot upon realizing that Madison's group will survive longer than expected. Before he goes, Melvin tells Madison that people tend not to see genuinely awful events coming. Madison asks Alicia to quietly pack some supplies in the "JIC" Land Rover. Alicia questions it, but Madison insists, "Just in case."

In the present, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana wait for the Vultures at their designated meeting spot. They see a van approach. Morgan and John get out of the van. Alicia's group forces them to their knees. Morgan explains that they warned the Vultures to stay away.

A moment later, Melvin and his Vultures arrive in their vehicles and face off with Alicia's group. Naomi arrives in a Land Rover and steps out. Alicia is shocked to see her alive and John walks toward her. Shocked and hurt by this deceit, Alicia reacts angrily towards this and shoots at Naomi, but accidentally hits John as he steps in the way.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

Alicia and her group exchange gunfire with the Vultures. Melvin drives off in the ambulance. Naomi runs after him to get the medical kit. Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher then strides up to Naomi and accuses her of betraying their trust after bringing her in and blames her for taking away their home, but Naomi hits her with a pipe and makes her escapes as the Vultures shoots at Alicia.

After killing all the Vultures, Alicia corners Naomi and John at gunpoint. Althea rides up in the SWAT vehicle and aims her guns at Alicia, forcing Alicia to lower her weapon. Morgan helps Naomi carry John inside the vehicle and urges Charlie to board if she wants to live. Charlie joins him and they escape.

Alicia, Strand and Luciana predict that Naomi is heading for the stadium. Alicia sees Melvin crawling on the ground and demands to know how long Naomi colluded with the Vultures. Mel doesn't answer, but she tells him it doesn't matter, and she kills Melvin by impaling his head.

In the past, Charlie takes Alicia and the group to Melvin, who is slumped over the driver's seat of a bus after getting into an accident. Charlie explains that she and Melvin parted ways with the Vultures after Melvin got into a fight with Ennis.

Madison agrees to bring Melvin to the stadium's infirmary, despite Nick's concerns that it might be another trap. Alicia is seen when Madison exiles Melvin and orders everyone to seal the gates. Alicia, Nick and Luciana inform Charlie that they sent Melvin away. Charlie checks in with Melvin via walkie, but then loses reception. Charlie begs Alicia and Nick to help Melvin. Alicia and Nick leave the stadium to find Mel, without informing Madison. Strand doesn't stop them and allows them to leave.

Alicia and Nick find the Land Rover which Melvin left in. Nick puts down a walker before they help him out of the truck. Nick hears something coming and rushes to turn the lights of the trucks out. They put Melvin in the back seat and inform Strand via walkie that they are bringing Mel back to the stadium. They spot Ennis' convoy heading toward the stadium and warn Strand that the Vultures are coming. Alicia and Nick arrive at the stadium and stop in the parking lot. The convoy arrives moments later.

Nick and Alicia are trapped outside by the herd. Madison tells Nick and Alicia via walkie that she's going to open the gate for them. Alicia realizes they can't drive through the herd. The community inside open the gate. Over walkie, Alicia apologizes to Madison for going after Melvin.

"No One's Gone"

In the present, Alicia, Strand and Luciana catch up to Althea's group, with their intentions to kill Naomi and Charlie to avenge Madison and Nick. They open fire on Althea, who fires back. Strand suggests they head toward the infirmary. Alicia hatches a different plan. Alicia takes Charlie hostage and orders Althea to tell Naomi that it's safe to come out of the tunnel.

Luciana and Strand aim their guns at the tunnel exit. Althea distracts Alicia while John quietly presses the transmission button on the walkie, allowing Naomi and Morgan to overhear Alicia and realize they're walking into a trap. Strand informs Alicia that Naomi has not emerged from the tunnel. Alicia sees the walkie next to John and realizes what happened. A fight breaks out and Althea attacks Alicia.

Alicia and Althea continue to fight. Alicia knocks into a cabinet, causing a supply of ramen to spill out. Alicia demands to know where Althea got the ramen. Althea explains that she traded the ramen for an interview. Alicia runs over to Althea's tapes and finds one labeled "Amina". She asks her if she knew Madison.

Alicia watches Madison's interview and becomes emotional. In the video, Madison tells Althea that she will do whatever it takes to preserve her children's humanity. Alicia then surrounds Naomi and Morgan and aims her gun at Naomi and accuses her of contributing to Madison's death. Morgan tries to talk Alicia down. Naomi pleads to save John. "You can do whatever you want after that". Alicia refuses. Naomi tells her this isn't who she is.

Morgan refuses to let Alicia kill Naomi and steps in closer with her gun right to his chest. He manages to convince Alicia that there is still hope for her as she breaks down in tears, and he comforts her, finally bringing peace between the two groups.

In the past, Madison tracks down Alicia, Strand, Nick and Luciana at a motel. Strand sees the ramen in her truck. Then, Madison brings Alicia and the others to the stadium. She vows to build a new community and bring in survivors.

In the present, Althea drives the SWAT van with Alicia's group on board. Althea asks what happened to Madison. Alicia tells her to pull over. Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Althea, Morgan, John, Charlie and Naomi, who's real name is June, sit around a campfire. Althea begins filming and asks what happened at the stadium.

In a flashback, Infected surround Alicia, Nick and Melvin in the Land Rover. Luciana, Strand and Madison kill Infected to clear a path between the vehicle and the stadium. The stadium residents flee, but the Infected overcome the stadium residents as they try to escape. Madison lights a flare and leads hundreds of Infected inside the stadium. Unable to escape through the tunnels as there are still too many Infected outside, she locks the gate and lights the oil-soaked herd on fire, sacrificing her life in the process. Alicia and Nick sob as they drive away from the inferno with Luciana and Strand.

After finishing their story, June explains how she survived and went for supplies, but when she got back, it was too late because the caravan was overrun and the dead were coming at her. With no other choice, June ran until she couldn't anymore. Alicia points out that June still ran and joined the Vultures. As she hadn't been in the caravan, they thought she died inside the stadium. June revealed she thought they had died as well and when the Vultures found her, she joined them because she thought there wasn't anywhere else to go. Strand acknowledges that June did what she had to and June listens with sadness to the rest of the story. Althea lowers her camera and writes "Madison" on the interview tape. The group eats ramen around the campfire.

"People Like Us"

A month later, Morgan asks Strand about Alicia and he reveals she's been living outside of the house in the garden for the past week. He locates her by a gate killing walkers and he asks about the notes. She says she didn't write them but someone has been planting them on the walkers. Morgan asks her to join him on his trip to Virginia, but Alicia isn't interested and says she wants to stay to help whoever's writing those notes.

Later, Alicia approaches Morgan on their farm and rules that she knows where "they are". She is eager to help the missing survivors. Morgan wants to go check it out himself but she wants to go with him. The wind is picking up but they don't notice it.

In the woods, Morgan discuss with Alicia about the people from Alexandria. Morgan really wants her to come with him and insists they are still there because they are strong. Morgan tells Alicia how his friend was right about him needing people. Suddenly, a walker appears with a "help" note nailed to its face and Alicia kills it, and realizes she is getting closer to the people she is looking for and urges Morgan that they need to hurry.

Alicia and Morgan arrive at the construction site and find another note. They cautiously investigate inside one of the farms, where they find a dozen or so walkers outside of a room. Morgan leads them outside so Alicia can dump logs from a crane on them.

She rushes inside to help the person in need, but they have turned. She lunges at the walker in disbelief and Morgan kills it. He tells her he's been like that for days and there's nothing she could have done. Devastated, Alicia says her mom would have saved him but Morgan tells her that Strand and Luciana need her. She claps back that Morgan could be there for them, too.

Suddenly, the hurricane from the beginning hits, prompting Alicia to abandon Morgan and to head off on her own.

"Close Your Eyes"

Alicia takes refuge in an abandoned house to escape the raging storm. She kills a walker in the kitchen and drags the corpse through the living room. More walkers emerge, and Alicia kills them each in turn.

Alicia lays the family of dead corpses on the lawn. Inside, she stares at a framed photo of the family in the living room, then destroys the frame. She removes all the other family photos from the wall, piles them into a laundry basket and leaves them next to the bodies outside. Alicia tries to shut the front door but finds the lock broken.

In the basement, Alicia notices water flooding inside. She finds a hammer, nails and plywood. Alicia nails the front door shut then finds canned food in the kitchen. Suddenly, she hears a noise upstairs.

Alicia walks upstairs armed. She enters a bedroom and sees a walker impaled on a tree limb outside, reaching for the window. She hears another sound and threatens to kill any intruders. Charlie bursts out of a closet. Alicia pins her. She comes face-to-face with her brother's murderer. The girl wiggles free and barricades herself. Alicia reels from the shock of seeing Charlie and warns Charlie that she should not be in the house.

After filling a bag with food, Alicia grabs a set of car keys and leaves the house. The car door flies open in the wind and knocks her unconscious. A while later, she awakens inside the house. Alicia storms upstairs and tells Charlie that she will probably end up killing her given everything Charlie has done, bring Melvin and Ennis to their home, lying to them, getting their home destroyed and killing Nick. Alicia calls Charlie "garbage" and hopes she lives to an old age so that she can live with the guilt of killing Nick. Charlie removes a gun from her bag and cries.

In the living room, Alicia destroys a piece of furniture to use it as firewood. She notices a shutter banging against a window. Alicia goes outside and tries to hammer the shutter closed, but it blows open. She notices that Charlie covered the dead family with sheets. Upstairs, Charlie dries off the family photos that Alicia had dumped outside. Alicia asks Charlie why she covered the bodies. Charlie remains silent. Alicia orders her to come downstairs.

Alicia enlists Charlie's help in hammering the shutters closed. The hammering sound attracts some walkers to the house. Alicia and Charlie run inside and nail the front door shut. Alicia orders Charlie to hand over her wet jacket so that she can dry it by the fire. Charlie reluctantly obliges. Alicia finds a gun in the pocket and aims it at Charlie's head, asking if Charlie intended to kill her. Charlie shakes her head but remains silent, then runs upstairs.

Alicia unblocks the chimney and cries when a dead bird falls out. Upstairs, Charlie gazes at the family photos then looks at the walker impaled on the tree. She opens the window. Alicia tries to start a fire in the fireplace. A gust blows through the house, alerting Alicia to the open window. Charlie steps onto a balcony and walks right up to the impaled walker, which grabs her, but Alicia pulls her away just in time.

Alicia sits down with Charlie and realizes that Charlie intended to use the gun on herself. Charlie finally speaks up and asks Alicia why she saved her. Alicia insists that she's not forgiving Charlie. Alicia cooks canned food over the fire. While eating dinner, Charlie asks Alicia to describe the beach because she was supposed to visit the beach in Galveston with her parents at the time of the fall. Alicia tells Charlie to get some sleep.

Alicia wakes up and finds Charlie missing. Charlie sorts through the family photos upstairs. Alicia finds her and declares that everyone who cared about the family in the pictures is now dead. Charlie insists that someone might come back for the photos.

Alicia tries to start another fire in the fireplace. The winds intensify. A walker breaks through a window, then gets tossed around by the gusts. Alicia and Charlie flee to the basement, which they find flooded. Debris collapses on the basement door, trapping them in the basement.

Alicia tries to open the basement doors, but they're locked from the outside. Alicia and Charlie stand on boxes to keep their heads above the rising water. Charlie explains that she saw her parents turn and can no longer remember what they looked like before. Confident that they will die in the basement, she begs Alicia to shoot her so that she doesn't turn. Alicia holds the gun to Charlie's head but lowers it when she remembers Nick and Madison. Something falls onto the doors, breaking the lock. Alicia and Charlie escape.

Outside, the impaled walker walks toward Alicia and Charlie. Alicia kills it. They realize that it fell onto the doors and saved them. After the storm is over, Alicia places stones on the family's graves. She leaves family photos by the graves in case someone returns for them.

Alicia drives with Charlie and describes a beach while Charlie closes her eyes. Charlie says she can see the beach and can finally remember her parents again. Alicia smiles. Arriving at the mansion, Alicia and Charlie look for Strand and Luciana, but find it destroyed and empty, so they leave for the bridge.

There, they find John and June's bus overturned. Charlie insists on finding John and June, but Alicia declares that they’re gone. She warns Charlie that things are only going to get worse. Alicia reclaims her weapon and kills an approaching walker. She stares at the bloodied piece of protruding metal. She and Charlie walk off together, away from the overturned bus.

"The Code"

While Morgan is on a bridge heading back to Texas to find the others, he hears Alicia's voice saying that he can be there for them as well, when he was planning on returning to Virginia.


After finding one of the boxes, Alicia and Charlie contact Morgan on the radio. Alicia tells them she found the channel from the box. Morgan tells her to wait at the mile marker and that they are gonna pick them, when suddenly, Martha radios both of them and warns Morgan for not taking her advice. She pulls the truck beside them, opens the gun hatch and opens fire.

A shocked Alicia and Charlie are left wondering what happened.

"MM 54"

Alicia and Charlie discover the charred remains of the semi on the road along with several walkers corpses. Alicia consults a map and decides they will head east.

A while later, Alicia and Charlie run out of fuel. They abandon the car to look for more. After walking a few miles, Alicia finally admits to Charlie that she is not looking for Morgan and the others, but instead, she's taking Charlie to Galveston to see the beach for the first time.

In the woods, Alicia and Charlie debate whether or not they should look for Morgan and the rest of the group. Alicia insists there are too many scenarios where people are dead or end up dead when they search for them. She is insistent on getting Charlie to the beach because she just needs something to good to happen. Suddenly, they hear water nearby. Alicia and Charlie arrive at a lake created by the flooding. Charlie finds John's hat. They look across the water and smile.

"I Lose People..."

Alicia and Charlie wave at Strand and John from across the pond, when suddenly Alicia hears June on her walkie. She tells her the good news while Morgan warns Alicia to watch what she says because Martha might be listening. He also informs them of their roof situation. Alicia and Charlie head out to locate a boat to rescue John and Strand.

On the road, Alicia and Charlie discover a kayak tied to the roof of a car when suddenly they come under fire from Martha. She tells them she's been listening to them and that she can make them stronger. Alicia attempts to reason with her to let her help, but Martha yells that she doesn't need any help, before collapsing due to her wounds.

Later, Alicia uses the SWAT truck and plows it through the lake to rescue Strand and John as the two men take a swig from their bottle in celebration. Charlie returns John's hat and he commends her for talking again. Strand notices Martha zip-tied in the back and asks who she is.

In the SWAT truck, John radios Morgan to give him the all-clear on speaking freely on the walkies and June responds immediately. They're both elated to talk to one another. June gives him her location and he says they're on their way. Martha wakes up distressed at being tied up and Alicia suggests she has Morgan to thank. "He'll be thanking me", she says ominously.

After reuniting with the rest of the group, Alicia and the others contact Morgan on the radio, telling him they're going to save him. Morgan looks down and sees their plan: a fire truck. "You told me to help people, that's what I'm doing". Alicia reminds him.

While Morgan tosses his stick down and gingerly begins climbing down the building, Alicia, June and Luciana draw a herd of walkers and barely make it back to the fire truck alive, only to find Martha missing.

As the group gets surrounded by walkers, Jim decides to sacrifice himself to save them. Before he does, he radios Sarah the recipe for his beer. She writes it down, Jim takes a deep breath, and throws himself off the ledge and onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the fire truck.

On the road, Sarah decides they should name the beer "Jimbo's Beerbos" in his memory. Morgan proposes they find Althea and then travel to Alexandria together.

"... I Lose Myself"

After the group finds Al, they sit around a campfire and Morgan describes his plan to pick up more boxes at the truck stop to distribute them en route to Alexandria.

The next day, the group arrives at the truck stop and stocks up on supplies from the store. Outside, Althea loads the van when some walkers approach. Al jumps down to fight them, but is too weak and passes out. Alicia shoots at the herd and then instructs everyone to get inside as the noise will attract more.

Inside, everyone doubles over in pain as more walkers scrape at the windows. June realizes that someone opened the water bottles in the store and poisoned the water. Al deduces it was Martha.

Finally able to communicate, Morgan tells them it's anti-freeze. June tells them the antidote is ethanol and the group hatches a plan to get it from one of the trucks outside.

June and Charlie create a distraction while Alicia and the rest kill the walkers and push forward. Althea jumps in her SWAT truck and machine guns the walkers outside, while accidentally putting holes into the tank and causing the ethanol to drain out.

June updates Morgan on their problem and he tells them he can't lose them. John encourages him and says he's strong with or without them.

Suddenly, Morgan shows up and reveals that he brought a truck of Jim's Augie's Ale, saving the day. The group drinks the beer and regain their strength. Strand tells Alicia he thought he'd never have anyone to drink with again since Madison and Alicia says he has her.

Morgan then brings Alicia and the group back to the place he left Martha. He finds her severed arm attached to the police car and sees her turned, walking on the road. He stabs her in the head and then buries her.

Morgan tells everyone he's no longer going to Alexandria. He says that Martha became the person she was because nobody helped her when she needed it and that more people need help.

The group arrives at Clayton's supply factory and Morgan says they should follow his path and help others. Alicia says it can't just be about boxes, they need to build something like Madison would want. Strand, however, questions where they will find people. Althea suggests they can start with the people she interviewed.

Shortly after, Alicia and the group mobilizes a convoy of vehicles outside the factory. They load up on ammo and head out. Morgan gets on his walkie and broadcasts that they are coming to help anyone who might be in need.

Season 5


Four months after using the denim factory as a headquarters to distribute the supply boxes, Alicia and the group have had poor luck in finding or recruiting other survivors, with many of the people interviewed on Althea's tapes dead or missing.

"Here to Help"

Alicia and the group flies on a plane after hearing a message on radio from someone named Logan. However, the plane crashes in the middle of the woods on an unknown territory. Alicia emerges from the fuselage using a propeller and kills some walkers, telling Dylan and Max they are here to help.

Alicia keeps killing more walkers when Morgan stops her and says she needs to treat her hands, which are severely cut. She rests and quickly hammers down a steel wire barrier around the crash site to slow down the walkers to give the rest more time to free Luciana. She realizes they are in a high-radiation area and tells the group to hurry. They place Luciana on a stretcher and Althea hands Alicia her weapon.

Alicia takes the lead but a truck rushes in with Annie driving. Max says it’s their sister so they all pack in the van and leave. On the road, Annie says walkers are the least of their problems. "You have no idea where you landed, do you?" She asks them mysteriously and says she stays away from this area but got stuck there recently. Morgan says they're trying to help a man they met on the radio named Logan, who claims his place got surrounded. Annie stops the van and says the place is worse than it seems.

They arrive at a gate comprised of walkers chained together with their own intestines. The tree above them has walker heads hanging from the branches. Annie says they're all over the area and she refuses to drive through. Morgan says they'll walk and Annie reminds him he doesn't even know this guy, but Morgan still wants to try. Annie warns he better be worth it as Alicia cuts down the fence and they ride on through.

Later, the group arrives at a truck stop to look for Logan but find the place empty. They carry Luciana inside as John and Al inspect the place. Morgan tries to reach Logan on the radio to no avail. Alicia reports that no one's here and that something must be up. Annie gets spooked and tells her brothers they need to leave now. Alicia tries to calm them down but Max points his rifle at her and warns them to leave soon. The kids leave as June pulls the pole out of Luciana's shoulder.

A while later, Morgan gets a radio call from Logan. He says he is the "L" in "C&L" which is the logo on all of the trucking equipment. He admits he never shared Clayton's world view and he made them fly to the furthest truck stop he knew of so they could take over without a fight. Alicia reminds him they crashed a plane to help him and Logan says he is just trying to reclaim what's his instead of hurting them. He cuts off communication and walks away.

That night, Alicia kills walkers outside to get out her frustration until Morgan stops her. She reminds him they could have died today and that Luciana almost did. "We can't make up for the past if we're dead," she says before telling him her mother did so much to make sure they were still standing. Morgan promises he's not done helping people and will try to find the kids again. "The things that we have done, the things that I have done, it should be hard. Maybe that's how we know we're on the right track," he says. Alicia claims that it shouldn't be that hard, leaving him in thought.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

Alicia, Morgan, and John return to the crash site to discover all their weapons and supplies are missing. Morgan finds a sign that someone took Althea and their equipment. The three of them split up and search for her, with Morgan cautioning Alicia not to blame herself.

In the woods, Alicia is blaming herself for Althea being missing but Morgan is optimistic. They come across a truck that is stocked and had been running recently, so they spilt up. Alicia then notices Grace, a woman with a hazmat suit, holding Morgan at gunpoint and jumps her. She takes off her mask and asks where Al is. Grace explains a power plant melted down last year and that Morgan needs to be decontaminated after killing a walker that was affected by it.

Alicia stands nearby as Morgan takes a shower by Grace's truck. She tells Alicia she hasn’t seen Al but agrees to help after dealing with the walker's body and checking out the dead walkers at the crash site for more radioactive ones. Alicia accepts but insists on keeping her gun and passes on Grace's warning to John and June

A while later, at the crash site, Grace confirms with a Geiger counter that the deceased walkers are all clean and becomes concerned upon seeing that the plane crash knocked down her fence as she has no bird traps in that area and the fence was the only thing keeping the radioactive walkers from crossing the eastern border. She insists on searching the area and fixing her fence while Alicia thinks they are only wasting time while Al is still alive and could need their help. The approach of a small herd interrupts their argument and Grace spots a dosimeter on one walker. Alicia decides to take out the walkers one by one, though the dosimeter is lost when the walkers fall in mud. As Alicia struggles with a walker, Grace uses her Geiger counter to identify the radioactive walker, shooting him after finding the right one.

That night, Grace criticizes Alicia's actions. She explains how she was once the plant's operations manager and turned it into a safe haven for the workers and their families when the outbreak happened. Grace expresses remorse and guilt over the deaths of her friends in the meltdown, blaming herself for their loss. She tells Morgan that there are 63 radioactive walkers left and she has to take care of them now as she couldn't before. After learning from John and June that they have found more of the radioactive walkers, the group heads to Camp Cackleberry where Grace puts down the reanimated residents who had become exposed by the dead walkers.

Later, Alicia laments to Morgan that she hasn't helped or found anyone and Morgan tells her about a time he was also stuck. He promises there's a way out of her hopelessness, she just needs to find it. Alicia asks what the way out leads to. "The way out is opening the door to people, to possibility, to the hurt that will happen. That's what I did. I found the way and then I opened the door and then my life started all over again. Yours will, too". Alicia listens thoughtfully.

Afterward, Alicia listens as Morgan tells Grace they'll help her find the rest of her friends but she declines, revealing that she has been exposed to the radiation and has limited time to live and does not want to risk anyone else's lives. Morgan reminds her they'll always be on the other side of the walkie if she needs them and Grace requests they contact her if they find any more of her people.

At the truck stop, Alicia and the group arrives and awakens Luciana, who is still drugged and scared that the dead are waiting. Outside, they find the heads hanging from a billboard.

"Humbug's Gulch"

Alicia and the group kill several walkers barriers on different roadblocks in an attempt to find Althea as they cross off circles on a map, forming a perimeter.

On the road, Alicia apologizes to Luciana about her injury, but she says she doesn't feel bad about it. Alicia then overhears the kids talking over the radio, with Dylan giving away their location. She tries to talk to them but the feed cuts off and they decide they need to find them. However, their car pops a tire and swerves into a ditch. They investigate and find makeshift spikes laid out on the road.

Later, Morgan catches up with them on the road and encourages them to keep trying to contact the kids. Alicia radios them again and tells them about losing her mother and how she relates to them. They don't receive a response, so they head out.

That night, Alicia, Morgan, and Luciana arrive at Humbug Gulch town. Dwight walks up and calls out to Morgan. Alicia and the group are shocked that they know each other. Dwight explains his mission and tries apologizing for what happened with the Saviors, but Morgan assures him they can talk later. "We're trying to start over," he explains. Alicia asks Dwight about the walker barricades, so Dwight takes them to one.

On a roadblock, Alicia and the group are about to take it down when Max radios her and says they're headed to the truck stop. On the way, they find a van stalled on the road. Inside, they find a bloody Dylan crying in the backseat. Alicia tries calming him and asks where Max and Annie are, but he won't answer.


At the gas station, Alicia talks with Morgan as he tries radioing June, John, and Dwight unluckily as they search for Sherry. Dylan lies and tells her and the others about a group who created the walker barricades and where their camp is. Alicia and Morgan head out to investigate while Luciana stays behind to fix the long-range antenna with Dylan's help.

In the woods, Alicia and Morgan don't find the camp Dylan told them about so they radio Luciana. However, Dylan grabs the walkie and tells them to go to the old utility road. He explains his siblings aren't dead but they need help and that he lied about everything, angering them.

A while later, Alicia and Morgan save Annie and Max from walkers and offer to help. Suddenly, a group of kids armed with assault rifles surround them. "It's not just us," Annie says. Dylan then radios her and tells her that Alicia and Morgan are friendly. Max convinces her to tell the group to put down their weapons and agrees to help them find Al, but states that they were telling the truth about being unable to leave. Alicia quickly realizes that the kids are the children of the people they found at Camp Cackleberry and realizes for what they are going through.

Afterward, Morgan tells Alicia about losing his family as they follow Annie, Max, and the kids towards where they saw the CRM people. Suddenly, a helicopter flies overhead. "Those people, they came in that," Annie explains and suggests that they are leaving as they got what they came for, while Morgan and Alicia look on stunned as the helicopter flies away.

"The End of Everything"

Alicia and Morgan are contacted by Althea on the walkie and head off to reunite with her. A while later, they find her in the woods and they embrace her. Alicia says she's happy to see her and asks her if she saw the helicopter from where she was hiding from.

Althea lies and says she could only hear it leaving the area. Suddenly, the kids walk up and Morgan says he'll explain on the way. Before they leave, Al reveals her last name is Szewczyk-Przygocki, and she thought they should know that. They smile and walk off together.

"The Little Prince"

Alicia and the group arrive at the truck stop with several parts of their plane. She then listens as Morgan makes a plea to the kids for them to stay together and to help them re-assemble the plane so they can leave the area together. "We can because we've done the impossible before," he says. Luciana reveals they will fly across the mountains together. Dylan steps up and agrees.

A while later, Alicia catches Morgan trying out broomsticks to be his new staff and playfully asks him to help her with the landing gear. Outside, Althea gets one of the plane's propeller blades working until it explodes. A walker approaches and Morgan kills it with his new staff. Alicia then listens as Grace radios Morgan and tells him to prepare his generator for transport, explaining that the plant's second reactor is in danger of melting down and she needs the generator to help buy them time to escape though she doesn't believe that she can stop the meltdown permanently.

After Morgan leaves to help Grace, Annie questions Alicia about his whereabouts. She tells her its nothing to worry about, but Annie decides that her group will go back into hiding. Alicia tries to stop her but Annie's adamant, even though her brothers are less willing to leave.

Alicia finds Annie packing up supplies and offers her a car if she reveals why she won't go with them. Annie relents and says her family and friends lived in the camp at the onset of the apocalypse until a walker attack wiped them out. She said these walkers were different because they came from the power plant. She tearfully recalls her parents killing the walkers while being sick from radiation, meaning she had to talk to them from outside of a door. They tasked her with protecting the kids before dying, which is what she's done.

Alicia explains she understands, but tells Annie she has to ask herself if she's surrounding herself with the dead to avoid the living. She hands her the car keys and tells her to make a choice. Afterward, as Alicia is telling Luciana about Annie, Strand radios Luciana and tells her they have the propellers. He tells them to look up, and when they do they see Strand and Charlie in Jim's beer-themed hot air balloon. Alicia runs to get Annie and the kids but finds them missing along with the car keys. Alicia tells Morgan they ran off and he tells her to go find them.

On the road, Alicia looks for the kids by the massive walker roadblock that Dwight led them to. She takes out her weapon and prepares to go searching for them.

"Still Standing"

Alicia cuts down the walker roadblock furiously while searching for the kids. She comes across a radioactive walker and then sees Dylan, who tells her to come with him. He takes Alicia to his group treehouse hideout, which has walkers tied to the gate. Annie warns Alicia she never should have come here. Alicia reminds Annie they'll end up dead if they stay in these radioactive lands. Annie asks why she's so adamant on helping them. "I have to do something good to make up for what I did," Alicia says. Annie refuses to let her go until she helps them rebuild their barriers.

A while later, Alicia radios Morgan to tell him she found the kids but won't be able to get them back for the flight. Morgan tells her that they're going to get everyone out and do what they came to do, giving her hope. Alicia then stays inside the treehouse and finds Dylan's drawings of the tied up walkers. He enters and explains Annie used it as an idea for their real-life barricade. Suddenly, Annie and Max run back to the camp with several walkers now surrounding their little community.

Alicia demands to get her weapon back from Annie when she finds out their guns are just for show. She tells the kids to find a way down and leave as she begins taking down several walkers. Suddenly, Alicia realizes she got the blood of one of the radioactive walkers on her face. A couple of walkers get past her and tumble down the hill, forcing Annie to shoot them from the hideout. Alicia radios Annie to tell her to run back to the plane. "I don't know what you did but I know you made up for it. You can let go, too," Annie tells her tearing up before she and the kids run away. As they leave, Alicia calls for all of the walkers to come at her. She then runs into the woods with the herd following her.

At night, Alicia washes her face in a river before getting a radio from Morgan. He asks if she's okay and she lies but says she's being followed by a herd of walkers. Morgan commends her on getting the kids back, making her happy. He then tells her that in trying to make up for the lives they took, they lost their way to live for themselves and they're going to find a way to do that too. As the herd catches up to her, Alicia is forced to run again.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

In a flashback, Alicia takes turns with the rest of the group on the radio trying to reach out to strangers who might need help. After days of no response, she tells Morgan that maybe they can help people in another way. As they leave the room, a man named Logan contacts them, claiming he needs help.

On the road, Alicia takes a hot shower off of Grace's truck and furiously tries to rinse off the contaminated blood. Grace tells her she should be fine, but she isn't confident. As the nuclear plant sirens continue to ring, they drive away from the approaching herd. A while later, Alicia tells Morgan she's sorry she couldn't kill any more of them, but he tells her she shouldn't be sorry and promises to teach her aikido. Grace then stops the truck as the walkers pass by and head towards the siren. Suddenly, the siren stops, and the nuclear plant explodes. The walkers then turn to their truck as Grace tries to drive away. She hits a car on the barricade and gets stuck, forcing them to run away.

Alicia, Morgan, and Grace run to the plane's airfield with the walkers close behind. Morgan radios Luciana to tell everyone to get ready to fly but she says John and Dwight aren't here yet, so Morgan asks them to help him fight the walkers. Alicia gets inside the cabin and tells Strand that Madison would be proud of them. Suddenly, as Morgan and the group makes a run for the plane, John and Dwight drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air.

In the air, Alicia tells Morgan he was right about helping people and that they have to find a way to live for themselves too. She then watches happily as John proposes to June and she accepts. That night, the plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Alicia spots Daniel and runs up to hug him. He apologizes to her for what happened and she promises to make things better. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells Alicia and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Alicia and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio. She has also been learning aikido from Morgan.

In an interview by Althea, Alicia explains that she used to kill walkers but now is looking for a new purpose. She explains that alongside Luciana and Strand, they are the lead vehicle on supply missions. They map out the roads for the group. "I think the change is good, it's what I needed," she confesses regarding her training with Morgan.

Alicia then accompanies Strand and June search supplies from the pharmacy that Tess said her husband was at. They don't find him so they split up to look. Alicia finds a tree with "If you're reading this then you're still here" painted on it. Alicia admits that Madison would have loved it. Suddenly, Strand saves her from a walker. She reveals on camera she hasn't killed any since the plane. They then discover that the walker is Tess' husband.

Alicia, June, and Strand arrive at the house with the inhaler as Morgan is stepping on a landmine with the group looking on. She watches as Morgan radios Tess to get outside and get the medicine to no avail. Morgan promises the group they will have dinner together, when Tess finally emerges from her house and admits her husband isn't coming back. She hands him a clothespin to use as Morgan tells Alicia and the others to back up. He successfully takes his foot off of the mine and once out of range, it explodes. Morgan returns to give Tess and her son the inhaler. Alicia and the group then confess they are proud that the woman stepped out for the first time in two years to help them and they were there to help her.

That night, Alicia and the caravan dine together. She tells Morgan she has find a new purpose. "I wanna know who is painting those trees," she says to the camera. Al then asks the group what each want, with Alicia explaining she needs help finding her own way to make things better. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"You're Still Here"

Alicia studies another painted tree with the phrase "If you're reading this, you're still here" and wonders aloud where the person who wrote it is. A walker appears and she hesitates killing it, prompting Strand to save her at the last second. Alicia apologizes but he tells her he should have been closer. She looks back at the tree's message and asks Strand, "You ever get the feeling the universe is trying to tell you something?". Alicia claims the message gives her hope.

Suddenly, Wes radios them and asks for help, saying he has seen the tapes. They quickly locate him and load his motorcycle on their truck. Wes explains he had encountered a hostile group and Strand quickly deduces it's Logan. Wes tells them he needs to get back to his brother and they decide to help him.

On the road, Wes tells Alicia she's wasting her time searching for the painted trees. She says she wants to meet the person responsible, but Wes is dubious. As walkers eat a dead bull, Alicia and Strand drop Wes off at the police station he's residing at and promise to load him up on gas. Suddenly, gunshots ring out from inside and an injured man sprints out, steals their truck, and drives away. Wes shoots at him and quickly runs out of ammo, which attracts nearby walkers.

They grab weapons from the police car and quickly realize they only shoot rubber bullets. Strand accidentally shoots tear gas at a walker, forcing everyone to flee inside. Alicia pours water on Strand's eyes and gives him a wet towel when his eyesight doesn't improve. She confronts Wes about the stranger, and he explains his brother is dead and he was just trying to retrieve what the man had stolen from him. Alicia warns him killing doesn't always solve things. Shortly after, she radios Al to update her on the situation. She then tells Strand she wants to maintain her no kill rule for now.

Wes mocks Alicia's mantra to help people, saying he doesn't need some inspired speech. "The guy was an asshole, plain and simple. I just want what he took from me," he says. Wes then tells her his brother got attacked by a walker during a milk run and that he inherited his motorcycle. He explains shooting and killing is the way of the world now, but Alicia is still determined to help the man he shot. After Al radios her to update them on the roadblock, Alicia decides to find the man and Wes agrees to go with her.

Outside, Wes uses the police guns to shoot the walkers blocking the entrance and lure the others away. Alicia finally gets the keys to a cruiser when a walker breaks through the glass on the front door. Alicia nearly kills it with a police baton, but Strand kills it with her pipe. Wes then kills the rest and the group leaves. A while later, they find the truck crashed into a fence and the man limping down the road, presumably reanimated.

Alicia and Strand follow Wes as he approaches the man, who is revealed to still be alive and attacks him. Alicia runs and watches as Wes kills him and retrieves his manuscript. She questions his decision to kill over a book. Wes tells her "people are people" and the man should keep the manuscript. "He died for it. He can keep it", Wes says sarcastically before walking away.

A while later, Morgan and Al bury the man as Alicia flips through the manuscript. She finds the "If you are reading this, it means you are still here" phrase on the last page and realizes Wes had been painting the trees. Alicia is inspired to paint her own tree. She paints a bird on one and as a walker approaches, she finally kills again. Alicia returns to the tree to write "No one's gone until they're gone," in honor of her mother's last words and as a signal of moving on.

"Leave What You Don't"

Alicia finishes painting another phoenix. Strand notices that she left the radio on and they're almost out of gas. She says that Wes might hear it, but Strand doesn't think Wes is worth it due to his "people are people" philosophy. Suddenly, Janis radios asking for help. Alicia calls John and June and tells them that someone might need help, but they're on the way to the oil fields to deal with Logan. Alicia decides they will help Janis and they set off.

On the road, the car runs out of gas and they're forced to run. Janis, who refuses to say her name, says there are too many walkers to fight off. Alicia tells her to stay safe, and she sends a message to Morgan and Al before taking off on foot. The next morning, Alicia and Strand arrive at the station and reunite with Wes and Janis. Alicia is proud of Wes' change of view on people after he says she inspired him. The woman then warns them they have to leave before the people she ran away from find her. Alicia assures her she's safe with them now.

"Channel 5"

Alicia and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. She is still painting trees and says in an interview to Althea that art is the only thing that makes sense to her. At night, Alicia and the group camp as Dwight kills a walker from one of the original western towns and John suggests that could be the settlement they've been searching for. Suddenly, Charlie calls out for June to run over and help Grace, who has passed out.

Alicia and Althea find meds at a hospital for Grace, which finally wakes her up. Later on, Morgan decides the group should leave in the morning. The next day, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. However, no one listens to Virginia and she orders her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away.

Alicia and everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too. Later, Alicia and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

On their walk, Wes promises Alicia he'll paint with her when they reach the settlement, prompting her to smile. Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. Alicia and the others then hear as Morgan radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Alicia and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After a while, Dwight arrives with some horses and explains if they're alive then there must be water nearby. They argue over whether to stay or not and eventually decide to stay, where they'll deal with the walkers and Virginia. Alicia and the rest move into the Gulch, while a group leads the herd to ambush Virginia.

At the Gulch, Alicia and a group discover that the horses were sent by Virginia due to them sporting the pioneer's keys insignia. A while later, the rest of the group returns and Althea shows them the bodies of the people Virginia killed. She insists that they will die fighting Virginia, but Alicia wants to fight back. Morgan just wants to make sure everybody survives and reminds them despite their failures they still made a difference in the world, and they should keep living their lives.

Later, Alicia and Wes paint the church as the group prepares the wedding. She then attends John and June's wedding in the chapel, sitting next to Wes during the ceremony. Suddenly, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan to take the group into different settlements.

That night, the group gets separated and driven away. Strand promises Alicia they can do more damage to the pioneers from the inside. Alicia is then thrown into a car and taken away.

Season 6

"Welcome to the Club"

Alicia and Strand are tasked with cleaning out the town's latrines. Right after they light the barrels of waste on fire, a couple of rangers drive up in Althea's MRAP. One of them, Marcus, demands that they move the barrels, as the wind is blowing the smell to the cafeteria. The pair refuse, prompting Marcus to threaten them. Despite this, Victor remains unintimidated, and even throws his waste bucket at Marcus' feet, provoking the ranger into holding him at gunpoint. A young girl from behind the fence yells at Marcus to leave Alicia and Strand alone. The ranger complies, but after Hill arrives to inquire, Victor and Alicia are taken into custody so Virginia can judge them.

As they're being escorted through Lawton, Alicia spots the girl from earlier and thanks her for saving them, but the latter tells her to think nothing of it, and introduces herself as Dakota before departing. The pair are brought before Virginia, who is receiving a haircut from Daniel. They try to greet their friend, but to their shock, he doesn't recognize them. Virginia explains that Daniel was hellbent on getting Skidmark back, and lost his memory in the resulting altercation. Virginia then reprimands Victor for assaulting a ranger, and decrees that they will be assigned to a job that better suits their talents, pulling Alicia's sharpened barrel shroud out of the drawer. She hands it over to Hill, and warns Victor to not squander another opportunity, before leaving. Alicia asks Victor what Virginia meant by that, but he claims to not know.

On the road, Alicia asks if Victor really believes Daniel doesn't remember anything, but Victor notes that Daniel never flinched before, not even when shot by the former in the face. He looks around the S.W.A.T van and bitterly muses how he gave it to Virginia, but Alicia is certain she would have gotten it sooner or later. Upon their arrival to the sugar plant, Hill tells them to get out, as the two grow concerned over the sound of walkers. Alicia asks Hill what's behind the door besides the dead, but he nonchalantly tells her they will find out when they clear it. Victor presses for more info, but Hill simply tells them that whatever is behind the door is the key to the future Virginia is trying to build and, if they survive, they will get to be a part of that future. One of the workers tries to make a run for it past them, but is quickly gunned down by a ranger. When Hill hands Alicia her weapon. She protests that they need more efficient weapons to clear that many walkers, so Hill says he will send a truck with supplies. Victor wonders why they can't just use the MRAP to clear the plant, but Hill says that would destroy what Virginia wants to obtain. He then leaves them to their mission. Alicia notes that the Pioneers don't trust them, but Victor points out it's with good reason. As Strand and Alicia inspect the gate, they are reunited with Charlie, who reveals that she's being punished for trying to run away. They are also joined by Janis.

Alicia and Strand are then summoned by two rangers to pick up their delivery. The promised supply truck is loaded with spears. Alicia doesn't believe their plan will work. Strand protests that they outnumber the rangers three to one, but Alicia points out the rangers have guns. Despite this, Strand is adamant that this is their only move, but Alicia senses that Strand is doing this for some other reason. Strand asserts that they've been listening to other people for long enough, and that it's time they start making the calls themselves. Just then, Charlie discovers Dakota hiding in the back of the truck. She pleads with them not to alert her to the rangers, as she heard their conversation, and knows what Virginia will do if they try to kill them. When asked how she knows this, she reveals that she is Virginia's sister.

Alicia overhears Strand's conversation with Dakota about the deal Strand made with Virginia. Puzzled, Alicia asks Strand about this deal, before angrily storming off. He rushes after her, and explains that he gave her the S.W.A.T van so Ginny wouldn't separate them. Alicia protests that she can take care of herself, but Strand admits that he did it for himself, since he needs her to survive "the way it should be done". When asked to elaborate, he recounts how Daniel told him to remember who he was, and that being with her helps him do that. Alicia smiles at that, but goes on to state that they shouldn't go through with their plan, dubbing it too risky, and thinks they should get the weapon instead. Victor thinks that could get them killed, but Alicia points out his way could as well. She reminds him of what he said about making their own decisions, and thinks they should make this one. Victor reluctantly accepts her plan.

The group construct a makeshift corridor to corral the walkers. After Janis reassures him the structure is sound, he asks Sanjay if he is sure he is ready, but Sanjay claims he wants to escape as much as they do. Before they start, Victor asks Alicia if she is having second thoughts, but she is certain the plan will work. With that, they get into position, as Sanjay raises the door and the walkers come pouring out. At the end of the corridor, the workers quickly dispatch the approaching walkers and drag them away. As the rangers try to apprehend Dakota, Janis yells that the barricade they're holding up is about to break. Alicia quietly tells Victor they need to finish this, and he agrees, ordering the others to pick up their weapons and Janis and her group to let go of the barricade. The walkers come tumbling out, as the rangers radio their colleagues to prepare for evacuation. Victor jokingly asks Alicia to reaffirm that this is better than "cleaning up shit", but she replies to ask her again when it's all over.

As the rangers attempt to contain the breach, Alicia and the others open the gate once more and start killing the walkers, using the pellets as makeshift shields. The rangers try to drag Dakota away, but she wriggles out of their grasp and escapes. While trying to apprehend her, the rangers are grabbed and devoured by the walkers. Alicia signals Strand that there are too many walkers, and that they need guns. Victor yells that he thinks he can get them, before running with Dakota to the a nearby RV. While out of sight, Strand stabs Sanjay and uses their yells get the walkers' attention, as they creep their way towards the helpless Sanjay writhing in pain. The distraction allows Alicia and Janis to grab the deceased ranger's guns and mow down the rest of the walkers, as Strand watches Sanjay get devoured. After it's done, Alicia notices Sanjay dead, and Strand lies claiming he sacrificed himself for them. The group then hears Virginia radio one of the rangers, and note that they don't have much time. Strand thinks they have enough, and invites the others to come retrieve what they came for.

After they return to Lawton, Alicia walks Charlie to the truck, but is surprised Janis isn't coming, as Strand has her staying in Lawton. Strand soon comes to see them off. Alicia notices he's wearing a key to the city, and asks if his newfound privileges afford him the right to determine where they go next. He confirms this, and reveals that he's reassigned her to somewhere far away from him. He recounts how they almost died today, and how Sanjay did die. Strand does not believe this had to happen, but claims that it did because he hesitated and didn't trust his instincts. Despite Alicia's protests, Strand reiterates that she makes him remember the person that he is, and in order to do what needs to be done, he needs to forget that person. He also tells Alicia that he doesn't want to drag her down with him, as while he might have to forget who he is, she doesn't. He urges her to never forget, as he hands her the medallion Daniel gave him earlier. With that, they part ways.

"Damage From the Inside"

Alicia and Charlie man a remote watch tower. Strand repeatedly radios Alicia but she refuses to answer, still upset by Strand's parting words at the molasses plant. Charlie convinces Alicia to respond. Strand asks to meet Alicia in person. Strand meets Alicia and Charlie on the road and asks Alicia to find Dakota, since Dakota looks up to her. He says that if he delivers Dakota safely, he will be well-situated to mount a rebellion against Virginia. Alicia agrees.

Alicia and Charlie track Dakota through the woods. Alicia reveals that she wants to ally with the group that attacked the convoy and Tank Town. They kill some walkers and notice grotesque stitching on the bodies. They spot a hunting lodge in the distance. Alicia tells Charlie to stay behind while she goes inside to look for Dakota. Alicia enters the lodge and finds a man performing taxidermy work on a walker. The man finds Alicia and injects her with a tranquilizer.

Alicia wakes up strapped to the man's workshop table. She cuts her bonds and tries to escape. Dakota and the man, Ed, enter the room. Dakota says that Ed helped her in the woods and explains that she did not see who attacked the convoy. Ed plays chess with Dakota and says that his wife and daughter are dead. Dakota mentions that Virginia killed her parents. Alicia suggests they leave but Dakota refuses to go anywhere. Alicia goes to get a blanket and finds Charlie hiding in the hallway. Charlie says that Ed boarded up the house after he found Alicia. Alicia tells Charlie to stay hidden.

Ed and Dakota find Alicia searching for a weapon in Ed's workshop. Alicia demands to know why he locked up the house. Ed insists he's just trying to keep Dakota safe. Alicia reveals that Dakota is Virginia's sister and that Virginia will come looking for her. Ed agrees to let them leave at dawn. Alicia privately tells Dakota that Ed probably attacked the convoy and plans to kill them. She agrees to find a place where Dakota can escape Virginia.

Alicia secretly radios Virginia and informs her that she found Dakota after the convoy was attacked. She offers to deliver Dakota to the safe house on the condition that Virginia release her and Charlie. Virginia agrees. Ed blares music to attract a herd to the lodge and make it a safe haven for Alicia and Dakota. He explains that Virginia's rangers killed his family while he was on a supply run and that he created the walker monsters to scare people away. He leads them upstairs at gunpoint.

Alicia and Dakota wait in a locked bedroom. Charlie unlocks the door and says that she stole the keys after tranquilizing Ed. Alicia, Dakota and Charlie turn off the music. The herd begins to dissipate. Ed wakes up and accuses Alicia of secretly contacting Virginia. Alicia fights Ed and he gets impaled by an antler. The herd hears the commotion and returns to the lodge. She tries to help Ed. He urges them to flee and implores Alicia to abandon whatever deal she had made with Virginia. He admits that Virginia didn't kill his family. Instead, they were killed when one of his walker creations got loose in the house.

The walkers break down the door. Alicia and Dakota watch in horror as Ed offers himself up to the walkers. Charlie pries wood off a boarded window as walkers flood into the house. The walkers hear a noise outside and follow it. Morgan appears and helps Alicia slay the walkers. Alicia hugs Morgan. Morgan invites Alicia, Charlie and Dakota to join him at a community that he's been building. He says that Al and Dwight are already there.

Alicia admits to Charlie that she made a deal with Virginia to deliver Dakota in exchange for their freedom. She reveals her plan to take Charlie back to the stadium. Charlie refuses to turn Dakota in to Virginia. Alicia asks Morgan if Dakota can join his community, then realizes that Morgan attacked the convoy in order to use Dakota as leverage. Morgan insists there's no other way to save their friends from Virginia but changes his mind when Alicia starts to walk out. He invites Dakota to join his community.

Strand finds Alicia's group at the lodge and tells Alicia he's taking Dakota back to Lawton. Alicia and Morgan declare that Dakota is coming with them. Morgan invites Strand to join them but Strand warns that Virginia will pursue them for the rest of their lives. Everyone draws their weapons. Strand stands down but says he'll no longer be able to protect Alicia. She responds back saying she's just doing what he asked her to do and she and the group walk away from Strand.

"The Door"

Alicia and Charlie are welcomed to the dam community by Dwight, and the pair are excited to see the settlement being built and worked on by the other residents.

"Things Left to Do"

Alicia, Dwight and Althea greet Morgan and Virginia. Morgan explains that he agreed to let Virginia see Dakota in exchange for Daniel and Grace's freedom. Morgan brings Virginia outside and tells everyone that she would be executed in front of the three comminutes, but decided against it, as he declares that killing Virginia would make them no better than her, then retreats behind the dam with Virginia. Alicia implores Strand to join the community. Strand refuses and says they need to protect themselves from the enemy that Virginia was concerned about. Alicia wonders if the threat is even real. Strand offers to show her.

Inside the church, June removes the bullet from Virginia's shoulder. Alicia and Morgan tell Virginia that they've agreed to let her and Dakota live, but that they must leave the community and never return. June is left alone to change Virginia's dressing. She shoots Virginia in the head, killing her. Morgan and Alicia run inside the church after hearing the gunshot. Ignoring Morgan's demands to know what happened, June puts on John's hat and strides through the settlement as everyone watches.

"The Holding"

Alicia, Wes, Althea and Luciana infiltrate a subterranean settlement called "The Holding", where workers turn walkers into soil to garden and grow food. Riley welcomes them to the Holding. Al quietly confirms with Wes that this is the place they were looking for. "The End is the Beginning," reads a message spray-painted on the wall. Riley interrogates Alicia's group and records their conversations for his leader, Teddy.

Alicia demands her weapon. Riley explains that no outsiders are allowed to carry weapons inside. Alicia tells Riley that her group had been scavenging when his patrol found them. Alicia's group tries to question Riley about his community. Riley takes Alicia's group on a tour of the Holding and explains that all living creatures eventually decompose into the earth. He reveals that his group is planning to close its doors forever, so that no one will need to go above ground again.

Riley deflects questions from Alicia's group. He tells Alicia he has one question for her: "Can you see?" Riley takes Alicia to the walker in ivy and asks what she sees. Alicia says she sees a walker that needs to be killed. Riley says that Teddy will be able to guess what's troubling her. Riley questions everyone about their siblings. Alicia tells Riley that her mother gave her life so that her group could live. Riley points out that her death was their beginning. Alicia's group convenes and decides they must win over Teddy's trust. Riley announces that Teddy has returned to the Holding.

Shortly after the group's arrival, a team of cultists return led by Derek, Wes' believed-dead brother. While Wes catches up with his brother, the women attempt to discover more about the cult and their plans leading to Al and Wes sneaking into Derek's bunk while he is gone. The two find hidden maps of several other communities, including some maps belonging to CRM and discover that the cult has been targeting and destroying various communities, including Tank Town. Wes confronts Derek as he paints a mural of the destroyed communities, realizing that Derek is the one who organized the attack.

Alicia's group escapes in the elevator with Derek. Alicia suspects that Derek is hiding something and refuses to take him back to their community. Riley captures Alicia's group as they exit the elevator. Riley brings Alicia's group to an embalming room and threatens to kill and embalm them. He offers to spare their lives if they reveal Morgan's whereabouts. Wes realizes Derek betrayed them. Derek gets Riley's permission to try and show Wes the truth.

After confronting Derek about his near-death experience in Tank Town, Wes fights his brother, resulting in Derek's death and Wes holds Riley at gunpoint. His group escapes into a room filled with embalmed walkers suspended from the ceiling. Alicia kills the walker and slashes its throat to release embalming fluid. She orders her group to flee then lights the embalming fluid with a match, setting the room and the rest of the Holding on fire. Having survived the fire, Alicia is locked in the badly damaged embalming room where Riley has Harvey prepare her for embalming. Alicia manages to kill Harvey before Teddy arrives to talk to her.

To Alicia's surprise, Teddy addresses her by name, having listened to Riley's recording of his interview with her. Holding a scalpel, Alicia orders Teddy to back off, but Teddy reassures Alicia that if he meant her harm, then they wouldn't be talking. Teddy points out that Alicia had given herself up so that her friends could escape and they abandoned her. Alicia states that she made them do it, but Teddy is amused as her friends had obliged and are "some family" while Teddy believes that family should be sacred. Teddy questions if Alicia sacrificed herself because she was noble, punishing herself for something, or following in the footsteps of her mother. Tired of Teddy's rhetoric, Alicia states that she doesn't care what he thinks or says and asks him to get to whatever it is that he intends.

Stating that he's a bit of a momma's boy himself, Teddy believes that there is a lot that he and Alicia can learn from each other, but Alicia angrily states that she's not buying anything that he's selling. Alicia challenges Teddy to try to kill her if he wants to, confident that it won't happen. Dropping his calm demeanor, Teddy angrily states that Alicia and her friends had destroyed everything that the cult has been working towards, However, while someone else in his position might find that fact to be unforgiveable, Alicia demands once again to know what he wants and Teddy claims that he wants to save her, but Alicia insists that she doesn't need saving. Teddy knows that she doesn't believe in the cult and their beliefs yet, but he insists that she will. Stating that he's been looking for someone like Alicia for a very long time, Teddy extends his hand to her while Alicia just stares at him.


Alicia lays in a room at the Holding as Teddy's voice repeats a message on the P.A. Riley enters the room and asks if she's ready to accept Teddy's word. She doesn't answer. Riley leaves and locks the door. Teddy and Riley enter Alicia's room. Teddy tells Alicia they are leaving soon for their new home. He seeks Alicia's dedication to his cause. Riley aims his gun at Alicia and says she will never see the truth. Teddy declares that Alicia is coming with them.

Outside, a school bus pulls up with new recruits. Dakota gets off the bus. Alicia scowls and tells Teddy that Dakota killed one of her friends. Teddy informs Riley that he's tending to a personal matter and that if he doesn't rejoin the group by tomorrow, Riley knows what to do. He gives Riley the key that they obtained from Morgan. Dakota privately tells Alicia that she's trying to rescue her and proposes they kill Teddy. Despite Dakota's urging, Alicia chooses not to kill Teddy, needing to know what he's planning and sure that the cult will finish what he started even if he's dead. Alicia, Teddy and Dakota drive down a road. Alicia realizes they are near the stadium where she lived with Madison. Teddy takes Alicia and Dakota to a cemetery and pulls a casket from a tomb. "Hello, mother," he says. He declares that his mother will be a part of their new beginning.

Back on the road, Teddy explains that the fall is his chance to turn the world into what it could be. Alicia asks what the key unlocks. Teddy evades the question. The truck blows a tire on a road trap and skids to a stop, causing Teddy's mother's corpse to fly off the truck bed. Walkers emerge from the woods. Alicia and Dakota start killing walkers. They are found by a gang, led by Cole from the stadium community, surprising Alicia to see him again and vice versa. Cole explains to Teddy that Alicia's mother is the reason that he's not also a walker. As Teddy and Dakota head off to find a better radio signal, Alicia asks if he's been on the road and he confirms that he has for a long time.

Cole asks about Nick and realizes from Alicia's reaction that he's dead. Alicia fills him in on Strand and Luciana and Cole questions her about Teddy and all of his supplies. Teddy's return interrupts their conversation and Cole reveals that an old auto parts shop is located nearby, but it's not safe to go there on their own as there's a hostile group setting traps, taking whatever they want and killing people, many of whom are the walkers in the area. Cole promises to take them where they need to go over Alicia's objections and gives Alicia his shotgun when Teddy demands that he hand it over as a sign of good faith.

They arrive at the auto shop. Cole pulls Alicia aside and suggests they kill Teddy, but Alicia insists on finding out his plan first. She explains that Teddy's group has set up a bunker with supplies to last for years. Inside the auto shop, a gang surrounds Alicia's group at gunpoint. Alicia recognizes Doug and Viv from the stadium community and realizes that Cole is with the gang. Cole's gang walks Alicia, Dakota and Teddy back to their truck. Cole explains that they've been killing people who crossed their path ever since escaping the fire at the stadium.

Cole's group fixes the truck and Alicia urges him to just take the truck and leave them alone, but Cole refuses as the last time they tried that, the people came back and nearly killed them. Cole demands to know where the bunker is, but Teddy refuses while Douglas and Vivian urge him to leave before more walkers show up. Cole refuses to give up, but Teddy is unmoved and threatens the body of Teddy's mother, blasting it with his shotgun. However, Teddy reveals that its not actually his mother's body. Cole orders his people to fix the tires and offers to take Alicia with him, but she refuses as she knows that people will die if she doesn't. Cole is determined to take the truck and go, claiming that Strand would do the same and warns Alicia that they will have to kill her too if she refuses. Alicia refuses and Cole orders her onto her knees, promising to make it fast.

After Alicia, Teddy and Dakota are put onto their knees, he offers Teddy a final chance, but he refuses and prepares to execute them. Alicia presses Cole, but he reminds her that he gave her an out and promises to put Alicia down and bury her once she's dead although Dakota and Teddy will be left as a warning to others. More of the group's reanimated victims emerge from the woods and Alicia tries to convince Douglas and Vivian not to do it. Cole apologizes, but refuses to stop. As he is about to kill Teddy, Alicia takes the opportunity to attack Cole while the walkers swarm Cole's group, killing Douglas, Vivian and the others.

Cole puts down several walkers, but as he turns towards Alicia, she uses a walker as a human shield while aiming a gun through the shotgun wound in its chest. Alicia shoves the walker at Cole who puts it down and turns back to Alicia, only to find her pointing the gun at his head. Alicia angrily confronts Cole over throwing away her mother's sacrifice and he suggests that it might be time to listen to her friend and let go. Cole raises his shotgun to kill Alicia, but Alicia shoots Cole in the head, killing him instantly.

Teddy praises Alicia for letting go of her past, but Alicia still refuses to follow him. Teddy remarks that Alicia reminds him of his mother. Alicia asks if his mother thought he was crazy, too. Teddy's smile fades. He explains that he killed his mother after she threatened to have him committed for his crazy ideas. Alicia asks how he plans to destroy the world. Teddy says that the key will launch a missile from a beach submarine in Galveston. Alicia levels her gun at Teddy's head. Dakota turns her rifle on Alicia, but Teddy tells Dakota that he wants Alicia alive. Alicia radios Strand and tells him that the keys are for a submarine near Galveston.

Teddy's group shows up. Teddy's group arrives at a resort. Teddy explains that the government built a bunker under the resort in the 1950s and that Riley recently discovered it as a replacement for the Holding. Teddy and Alicia descend underground. Teddy locks Alicia in a cell and says she will rebuild the world from inside the cell. Alicia refuses to make the world the way he wants it to look. Teddy says that he's counting on it and leaves the hotel, leaving Alicia to lead the people he placed into the bunker to survive.

Season 7

"The Portrait"

Alicia is seen at the end when Morgan is brought to a camp. They reunite and embrace. Alicia says she asked Dwight and Sherry to find him. They're interrupted by an alarm as walkers approach the camp. Morgan sees a giant tumor on a walker's belly and realizes that it's irradiated. He warns everyone to hold their fire, but it's too late. Alicia's group fires at the walkers. The walkers explode into balls of fire and fill the air with radiation. Morgan orders everyone to run.


In a flashback, Teddy locks Alicia in the bunker and leaves. Alicia bangs on the door, but no one hears her. Alicia cries in despair. She hears a noise and tiptoes around the bunker to investigate. One of Teddy's followers sneaks up behind her and at gunpoint orders her not to move. Alicia's captor takes her to the conference room where Teddy's tree has been relocated. A walker is tied to the tree. Her captor starts to shove her towards the walker, but Arno shows up and tells him to stop. Arno announces that Teddy anointed Alicia as the leader who will usher them into a new beginning. Alicia shoves her captor into the walker and grabs his gun. Arno lets her escape, knowing there's no way out of the bunker.

In the present day, Alicia's followers evacuate their camp as it comes under attack by irradiated walkers. Alicia's group reaches safe territory and removes their masks. Morgan tells Alicia that he and Strand had a falling out, and that Strand is holding Grace and Mo hostage. Alicia says she needs Morgan's help, then points to a special walker being held captive. Alicia tells Morgan that Dwight and Sherry found the special walker a few days ago. Dwight explains that Arno didn't want Alicia finding this walker.

In a flashback, Alicia bangs on the bunker door with an axe. Will appears and warns her that the door is too strong to batter down. He introduces himself and says he lived in the bunker before Teddy arrived. He reveals that he might know of a way out. Will takes Alicia deep underground and explains that Teddy's people killed his entire group, including his boss, Senator Vazquez. He says he has been hiding ever since. They hear Teddy's followers looking for her. Will tells Alicia to play along while he looks for a way out.

In the present day, Alicia tells Morgan she needs his help finding PADRE. She claims that the special walker knows how to get there. Sherry warns them that Strand's rangers are tracking them. Dwight and Sherry go to ward off the rangers. Alicia cuts open a dead walker to mask herself in its guts. Covered in blood, Alicia and Morgan untie the special walker and follow him.

In a flashback, Arno shows Alicia her bedroom and gives back her sharpened barrel weapon. Alicia sees a classified file titled "P.A.D.R.E." on a desk. Someone radios Arno that they found an intruder. Arno's crew shoves Will's face at the tree walker. Alicia declares that they will no longer be feeding anyone to the walker. She orders everyone to let Will go and leave the room. Will grows emotional and tells her that the walker is Senator Vazquez. He says Vazquez had planned to take everyone to PADRE to build a new future but that he was the only one who knew its whereabouts.

In the present day, Alicia and Morgan follow Vazquez across the desolate landscape. Alicia stumbles, weak with hunger. Rangers fire at them. Alicia runs after Vazquez to protect him. She and Morgan drag him to a cliff and push him into the river below. A ranger removes his mask: It's Strand. Strand apologizes for attacking Alicia. She jumps into the water, followed by Morgan. Alicia and Morgan dry off on a riverbank. Morgan begs Alicia to come back and help everyone, but she insists that finding PADRE is the best way to help. She admits that she's following Vazquez because she believes walkers retain an echo of their former selves – and that he might know the way to PADRE. Morgan is dubious and threatens to kill Vazquez, but rangers find them.

In a flashback, Will and Alicia bring Vazquez to an underground sewage tunnel. Will guesses it must eventually lead outside the bunker. Alicia cuts Vazquez open to cover herself in his guts, then apologizes to Will, forgetting how close he had been to Vazquez. Vazquez crawls through a tunnel. Alicia follows him with Will close behind. They hear the loud boom of the detonating warhead. The tunnel caves in. In the present day, the rangers hold Alicia and Morgan captive. Strand joins them and says his tower is more successful than any community they've tried to build. He asks for Alicia's help building up the tower. Alicia rejects his offer. Strand tells his rangers to kill Morgan and Vazquez. Alicia tries to save Vazquez and gets bitten in the arm. Strand apologizes. Alicia screams at him to go.

In a flashback, Alicia wakes up in the tunnel and calls Will's name. Her voice attracts Vazquez. Will tries to dig through the rubble to rescue her, but Vazquez bites Alicia's arm. Alicia despairs, but Will vows that she will survive. In the present day, Alicia and Morgan sit by a fire. Alicia unzips the glove on her bitten arm and reveals that she has a prosthetic arm made from her own bones. She starts gutting a walker. In a flashback, Alicia makes Will promise that if she gets a fever or looks like she might turn, he must kill her. She amputates her arm with her weapon, then faints.

Alicia wakes up in her bed. Will explains that her friends tried to stop Teddy from launching the warheads, but Strand got in the way. He tells her she had a fever but that it broke. Alicia worries that she might be infected but Will insists she can still lead everyone. In the present day, Alicia and Morgan follow Vazquez through the night. Alicia races ahead and says they found PADRE. Morgan tells her it's not PADRE: it's Strand's tower. Alicia and Morgan watch from afar as Vazquez joins the herd around Strand's tower. Alicia despairs. Morgan insists she join him at the sub, but Alicia reveals that the infection is still inside her and that she will eventually turn.

Strand and his rangers find Alicia and Morgan. Alicia reveals that she was not bitten. Strand urges her to live at the tower with her group. Alicia finally agrees but makes him promise that he will treat her people well, even if she isn't there. She then sees a walker on the ground: it's Will. In a flashback, Alicia wakes up and finds a note from Will. He tells Alicia that he left the bunker out of fear that he would inhibit her leadership.

In the present, as Alicia considers accepting Strand's offer to lead the Tower alongside him, she notices a walker crawling behind a barrel nearby. As Morgan goes to deal with it, Alicia stops him and rushes over, recognizing the walker as a zombified Will who has somehow gotten separated from Strand's walker moat. Alicia finds her medallion still around Will's neck and she sadly stabs him in the head, putting Will down.

Alicia furiously confronts Strand about Will's murder, demanding to know why he would kill Will. Strand explains that he knew that Will's death would hurt her and that he'd wanted to keep Alicia away so that he could build his tower the way that it needed to be built. Alicia asks why killing Will would do that and Strand reveals that Will professed his love for Alicia. Enraged at how much Strand has taken from her, Will's murder proves to be the last straw for her and Alicia vows to take the tower from Strand, who says he will protect it. "Then we're going to war," she says.

"Follow Me"

Alicia will appear in this episode.

"The Raft"

Morgan checks Mo's bloody tape player as he continues walking before a car suddenly explodes nearby, startling him. Morgan hides behind another vehicle and he watches as the herd is diverted by the explosion. Alicia approaches Morgan from behind, surprising Morgan into attacking her before he realizes who Alicia is. Morgan warns Alicia that they need to get out of here as Strand's Rangers must be close by, but she reveals that the explosion was her doing, not the Rangers, as Alicia was trying to keep the walkers from tearing him apart. Morgan tells Alicia that he needs the walkers to keep following him and shoots his gun into the air and screams at the herd to get their attention back. Morgan explains that the herd is Strand's moat and that they've gotta ditch them someplace so that Strand can't use them again.

Morgan asks where Alicia came from and when she got back, before stopping himself and asking how his friend is feeling. Alicia tells Morgan that she's still standing, and she found the transmitter that she was after. After hearing Strand's message, Alicia came as soon as she could. Alicia hasn't seen anyone else out there yet and asks Morgan if he found the girl that had helped her yet, but he didn't. Morgan got Mo out though and he got the walkers to follow him at the same time which is why they're going to make their move. Alicia is upset that Morgan didn't wait for her as she'd asked, but Morgan points out that they didn't know where Alicia was. Alicia tells him that she needs to get back to the sub and use the generators to power the transmitter, but Morgan states that they don't have time for that as the Tower's unguarded, at least until dark. Alicia insists that they only get one shot at this and they're not ready, but Morgan tells Alicia that Luciana brought in the Stalkers. Alicia's Group, the rest of Morgan's and the Stalkers combined together will be enough. However, Alicia doesn't believe that it's even close to being enough and that they can get more, but Morgan knows that they can't keep waiting and he had to make a call. Alicia is more than welcome to join them, but he understands if she doesn't want to. Morgan keeps drawing the walkers towards him and Alicia finally concedes, telling Morgan that "you followed a walker for me. The least I can do is get these walkers to follow you." Morgan thanks her, and he and Alicia begin leading the herd away together.

On the road, Morgan notices that Alicia is still sick, appearing to swallow back some nausea, and she discreetly hides a bullet that she's wearing on a chain around her neck. Morgan points out that Alicia had never answered him before and he asks how she's feeling. Alicia admits that she still has recurring fevers at night, but her dreams are getting worse. Alicia explains that the dreams seem to be getting more and more real and it's like she can't run from them anymore. Morgan remembers that the last time that it was just the two of them, they were following a walker together. Alicia notes that the Senator is probably in the herd somewhere, and Morgan tells Alicia that if she wants to find him, she can be his guest. Alicia asks where Morgan is taking the walkers and he explains that Dwight and Sherry had said that there's a crater that's got a bunch of them already trapped in it, so Morgan is taking them there. Alicia tells Morgan that Strand's going to come after him hard for doing this to the Tower, but Morgan states that Strand already is, which is why they have to move now.

Alicia insists that they're not ready, but Morgan doesn't believe that they have a choice. Morgan reveals that Grace had recorded some songs for Mo to listen to when they escaped and she left a message for Morgan saying, "Morgan listen, we don't have much time. If this works, I need you to take Mo and get away from here, as far away from Strand and this Tower as humanly possible, even if it means leaving without me." Morgan knows that Grace is right and that it's the only way to make sure that Mo is safe. If they can't capture the Tower tonight, Morgan is going to leave with Mo, just like Grace had asked him to do as long as he can find a way out of here. "And I don't wanna leave, not when we're barely hanging on. I left some folks I cared about once before, and it has never sat right with me." However, Morgan has to take care of Mo. However, if they can take the Tower tonight, which is more vulnerable than it's ever been, Morgan won't have to go. Morgan questions Alicia's continued insistence that they're not ready, and although she lists the fact that they're outnumbered, ill-prepared, tired, hungry and sick, Morgan reminds Alicia that that's never stopped them before. Morgan realizes that Alicia is stalling, pointing out that she's been away for all of this time, and she has nothing to show for it. Alicia insists that she's not stalling, but Morgan reminds her that Alicia keeps talking about how little time she has left.

Over the radio, Dwight asks if anyone knows where the bunker that Teddy had locked up Alicia in is. Alicia comes on the radio to answer the question herself, much to Dwight's surprise. Alicia tells Dwight that she's with Morgan and that the bunker is under the Franklin Hotel, wanting to know why he's asking. Dwight explains that they had just found it and Sherry decides to hide from the Rangers in the bunker. Dwight asks Alicia if there's another way out, and she reveals that there's the drainage works on the north end, but they're not stable.

At the crater, Morgan and Alicia find it to be mostly empty rather than it being filled with walkers as Dwight and Sherry had said. Morgan notices walkers climbing out of the crater up a ramp that looks like it was created from the trailer of a semi-truck, and he realizes that someone let the walkers out. The two know that if they dump the herd in the crater, they're just gonna climb right back out again. Morgan radios Dwight and Sherry that the crater's a no-go and they need to find another place to dump the walkers. In the bunker's infirmary, Sherry finds Alicia's old Sharpened Barrel Shroud on her cot next the PADRE binder and Sherry takes the weapon for herself. The two realize that if Morgan and Alicia can't dump the herd, then they can't move on the Tower and begin moving out while Morgan and Alicia begin leading the herd away from the crater.

In the bunker's drainage pipe, Dwight works on clearing the blockage from the nuclear detonations while Sherry notices a nearby fire sprinkler. Sherry wonders how loud the fire alarm is in a place like this and the two speculate that it might be loud enough to be heard above ground. If Morgan and Alicia are heading back, then they'll be leading the herd right over the bunker. Striking a match, Sherry orders Dwight to get digging. In the infirmary, Wes and his Rangers search for Dwight and Sherry. One man reports that since their horses were right outside, they have to be in the bunker. The fire alarm suddenly goes off and Wes, realizing that Dwight and Sherry are responsible for it, angrily orders one of his men to find it and turn it off.

Outside, Morgan and Alicia hear an alarm going off and Alicia realizes that it's the bunker's fire alarm and that they're right on top of it. Seeing the entrance nearby, Alicia deduces that Dwight and Sherry must've tripped the alarms. Alicia decides to get the herd into the bunker, but Morgan is dubious as Dwight and Sherry are down there with Mo. Alicia is sure that the couple will get Mo out and she asks Morgan to trust her, telling him that she has a plan. Dwight, Sherry and Mo move through the unstable drainage pipe and Dwight realizes that the shaking is because the walkers are above them. Standing on top of the entrance structure, Morgan and Alicia draw the walkers in, but Morgan can't raise Dwight and Sherry because the signal won't reach the bunker. Alicia tells Morgan that they'll get the herd inside and then they'll go to where the pipe lets out and they continue making noise as the walkers enter the bunker, drawn by Morgan, Alicia and the fire alarm.

Inside, two Rangers desperately try to turn the alarm off before the herd falls upon them from both sides. Heavily outnumbered, both men are devoured by the walkers. Suddenly, part of the drainage pipe collapses in front of Dwight, Sherry and Mo. Desperately trying to flee, the other four Rangers are devoured by the herd, but Wes manages to put down a walker and escape, stopping to listen for a moment in visible emotional turmoil as his men die in the bunker.

Near the exit to the pipe, Alicia encounters Senator Elias Vazquez, the walker that had bitten her, whom she had attempted to follow to PADRE with Morgan and who has broken off from the herd as it entered the bunker. The zombified Vazquez has visibly deteriorated since Morgan and Alicia had followed him, although he is still covered with the paint that Alicia had him splashed with in order to make Vazquez easier to follow. Rather than try to recapture the Senator, Alicia instantly slashes him across the head with the blades on her prosthetic arm, putting Vazquez down. Morgan worries about Dwight and Sherry not being out already, but Alicia urges him to give them some time. Morgan suggests that Alicia should go to the sub and get everybody ready since they only have a few more hours of daylight left. Alicia admits that Morgan was right and that she could've come back sooner, but she didn't "because I know what I might have to do to Strand, and I'm not sure I can." Morgan is sure that Alicia will do the right thing when the time comes, reminding Alicia that she's already done the impossible and she's still here so it's not over for her, not by a long shot.

Morgan and Alicia hear Mo crying in the distance and Dwight and Sherry emerge from the drainage pipe with Mo. As Morgan tends to his daughter, Dwight explains that the tunnel had collapsed, but Sherry had cleared it. Sherry tries to return the sharpened barrel shroud to a surprised Alicia, thanking her for the assist, but Alicia tells Sherry to keep the weapon. Alicia suggests that if they can get on the sub and use the transmitter, there might be a way they could reach whoever's left out there and make a real push for the Tower. However, Dwight reveals that the sub is leaking radiation and is a no-go. Dwight and Sherry recall that Maya had heard Strand's message all the way from the water which must've been 20 miles out. As a result, Strand must have an antenna that Alicia could use, a location that has power and is the highest point for miles around which is just another reason to take the Tower from him. However, Morgan has to do what Grace asked him to do and to get Mo as far away from here as possible. While Alicia thinks that there's no way out, Sherry knows one.

At the sub's emergency raft, Daniel finishes loading up supplies for Morgan and the baby and Morgan recalls that Grace said that the weather patterns might've been affected, and that the fallout could hug the coast for hundreds of miles. Sherry tells him that Maya came from someplace clean, but Morgan worries that he won't be able to find it, so Sarah jokingly suggests that he "take her out, drive her around the block a few times," getting a laugh out of Morgan. Morgan is conflicted about leaving just as Alicia is about to face Strand, but an emotional Alicia, knowing that this is likely the last time that she'll see her friend, tells him that Morgan needs to do this for Mo, Grace and himself. While they're both doing something that they don't want to do, Alicia admits that Morgan is right and she's going to be okay and she can do this. Promising to see Morgan again and that she's got this, Alicia orders him to go.

Hugging Alicia goodbye, Morgan takes Mo from Dwight who suggests that Sherry could go with him too. Sherry tells her husband that Strand doesn't know about her pregnancy, and he can't use this against them, but they can use it against him because now they have something to fight for and Dwight agrees. Morgan shares a hug with Luciana and thanks her before Dwight gives him the auto-mobile that he'd created for Mo, much to the amusement of Daniel and Sarah who exchange a smile. After thanking Dwight, Morgan wishes Alicia good luck and Luciana, Alicia, Dwight, Sherry, Daniel and Sarah - Morgan's closest remaining friends - push the raft into the water and Morgan sets sail.

Turning to her gathered forces, Alicia announces that "we gotta move! The sun sets in a few hours! Follow me." Alicia and her forces move out, finally ready to take the Tower from Strand.

"Divine Providence"

In the Tower, Strand shaves his beard off as music plays in the background. The Lead Ranger brings the news that Alicia is here for him, which a pleased Strand calls divine providence. On the roof, an excited Strand tells Wes that today is one of those days where one must wipe the slate clean, and Wes warns him that Alicia didn't come alone. Through binoculars, Strand sees Morgan's Group - now including both Alicia's Group and the former Stalkers - surrounding the platform with Alicia, Daniel, Luciana, Sarah, Jacob Kessner, Dwight, Sherry and several others gathered on the platform itself.

Strand contacts Alicia, noting that although she brought company, Morgan isn't amongst them. Alicia reveals that Morgan is somewhere safe where Strand won't find him with Mo and Strand accuses Morgan of being a coward who ran for the hills. Strand tells Alicia that it's auspicious of her to show up like this as Strand was already going to call Alicia to talk. Strand invites Alicia in to have a drink with him and she asks if this is him waving the white flag. Strand simply states that they'll talk about that on the inside and he again invites Alicia in for a drink, just the two of them. With a look at her friends, Alicia accepts Strand's offer, and they hang up. Wes questions what Strand is doing, but Strand simply claims that he has it covered. Wes looks doubtful, and reminds Strand that he drove Alicia away for a reason and Strand could lose everything that he built by letting her inside of the Tower. Strand promises Wes that he won't, and he orders Wes to retrieve a bottle of wine for them from cold storage. As Wes leaves, Strand orders one of his guards to be ready when the sun goes down.

Strand greets Alicia and a struggling Daniel in the lobby, noting that Daniel wasn't invited. The Lead Ranger explains that Daniel pushed through the barrier and nearly broke Stern's neck. Alicia reassures Strand that she didn't ask Daniel to come while Daniel demands to see Ofelia. Strand is confused and Alicia admits that Daniel isn't doing well. Strand orders Daniel taken to the basement, reassuring Alicia that he won't harm Daniel because "that's what the roof is for. We're just gonna put him on a little time out." Alicia explains that Luciana had lied to Daniel and told him that Ofelia was in the Tower, but Wes reveals that he had already told Strand. Pouring them a drink, Wes tells Alicia that she can pretend to be outraged all she wants about his betrayal, but at the end of the day, Alicia, Luciana and Morgan are just like Strand, but at least Strand owns what he does. Alicia reminds her former friend that Wes wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for her, but Strand points out that he saved Wes too, causing Wes to ask which one of them he owes his life to as a result. While Strand is pleased that they're reunited at last, Wes is furious as Alicia and her friends left him to die in the Franklin Hotel bunker.

Strand dismisses Wes and offers Alicia the grand tour and to share their drinks in the comfort of his penthouse, but Alicia refuses. Strand offers a toast to new beginnings, but Alicia guesses that they have very different ideas about what that means. Strand notices that Alicia is wearing the St. Christopher medal that he gave her and Alicia explains that she took it off of Will's body when she buried him following Strand's murder of her friend. Strand notes that it still means something to Alicia regardless and Alicia reminds Strand of what he said when Strand gave it back to her at Lawton: "you said you needed to forget who you were. For you, for me, for all of us. Was it worth it?" Strand claims that it was absolutely worth it, although Strand argues that he didn't forget who he was, he embraced it.

While Strand knows what Alicia must think of him, he states that their story isn't over, but Alicia tells Strand that, in one way or another, he won't be running the Tower after today. However, Strand tells Alicia that this isn't about today, but rather tomorrow and that everything that he's done since that last night in Lawton was in hopes that it would lead them here. "To what? Me and an army of people who you pissed off, shit on and left to die?" questions an incredulous Alicia adding that they're ready to kick Strand's ass. Strand suddenly orders his men to "do it," and to cut the phone on the platform as he doesn't want anyone warning Alicia's people. While Alicia has her army, Strand has one of his own. "There's a herd of walkers trapped in one of the craters from the blast, soaking up some nasty stuff for months. I just told my Rangers to lead them here." The generator starts to power Strand's lighthouse beacon and draw the dead and kill Alicia's army. Alicia tries to escape, but she is almost instantly recaptured. Strand is sure that Alicia will come around eventually, stating that when he first lit the beacon, it was to keep Alicia out. Now, the beacon's purpose is to keep her trapped in the Tower. On the roof, one of the Rangers turns on the beacon, and another scans the horizon as the sound of walkers can be heard in the distance.

Alicia desperately bangs on the doors, calling for her people to fall back and get inside, but Strand informs Alicia that they can't hear her. Alicia demands that Strand turn off the light as he's going to kill them, but Strand refuses as the others were never a part of his vision for the Tower. Strand believes that once they build the Tower into what it can be, Alicia will understand. Strand orders Wes to take Alicia downstairs until this is all over and to take Daniel to the roof to make an example out of him. Wes is sorry that he ever doubted Strand, but Alicia removes the glove on her prosthetic arm, attacks the two Rangers guarding her, slices Wes and holds the blade on her arm to Strand before grabbing his gun. Holding Strand hostage, Alicia demands that Wes turn off the light, but Strand warns him that Alicia's army will wipe them out if he does and everything that Strand has built will be gone. Wes refuses to budge, so Alicia decides to do it herself despite Strand's warnings that he has 50 Rangers between the lobby and the light ready to do what he says to protect the Tower. However, Alicia doesn't believe that they will while she has a gun to Strand's head and she forces Strand into the elevator with her, leaving Wes and the other two Rangers behind.

In the elevator, Strand tries to convince Alicia that she's only delaying the inevitable, but she refuses to relent. The elevator stops on the third floor, having been shut down by the Rangers and Strand refuses to override it even when Alicia threatens to kill him, confident that she can't stop what's coming. Alicia questions if Strand would rather die than give the Tower up, but Strand believes that she won't kill him. Wes bangs on the doors of the elevator and Alicia hits the emergency stop button to keep him from getting in. Strand insists that he's doing this for Alicia's own good, but Alicia accuses Strand of only doing this for himself. "You're doing what Teddy did -- locking me up, while you destroy the things I care about. And I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told him. I'm not making the world the way you want it to be."

Alicia tries to escape through the celling panel, but she becomes dizzy and collapses, allowing Strand to disarm her and pull his sword on Alicia. Strand knows that Alicia feels this way right now, but he believes that they have a long future ahead of them. Alicia tells him that they don't, sarcastically asking Strand if it looks like she has a lot of time left. Strand assumes that she just has a fever, and he tells Alicia that the Tower has a fully stocked infirmary with antibiotics and other medicine. However, Alicia already knows that it won't work because she's tried everything and her illness is just getting worse. Strand desperately suggests that June will be able to figure something out, but Alicia knows that no one survives what she's been through. Alicia isn't afraid to die, but she refuses to let it end like this for everyone else. As Wes continues banging on the doors and calling out to Strand, Alicia pleads with him to turn off the light, promising that she will call off her army if he does. Looking at the medal that he gave her, a hesitant Strand states that her word isn't good enough, and Alicia questions what will be. Strand asks Alicia to spend what little time she has left in the Tower with him so that Strand can show Alicia that she's wrong about him, and Alicia allows Strand to help her to her feet, accepting the deal.

The doors open to Wes and four Rangers, but Strand orders them to stand down. Wes prepares to take Alicia downstairs, but Strand reveals that he has made a deal with Alicia: Strand will turn off the light in exchange for a ceasefire. Wes is shocked, accusing Alicia of playing Strand and telling him that Alicia's forces have them surrounded and, the second they turn off the light, they're done. However, Strand believes that Wes is wrong since Alicia has also agreed to live in the Tower with him. Wes is incredulous that Strand believes that Alicia will just accept that after all that he's done, but Strand's instincts tell him that he's right. Strand points out that listening to his instincts has made the Tower what it is and Strand won't stop listening to them now.

Pulling a gun on Strand, Wes refuses to let him do this, calling Alicia Strand's blind spot. Wes is insistent that someone has to protect what Strand has built and he will do it if Strand won't. Strand points out that Wes is outnumbered, and Wes asks the Rangers with them if they want to give all of this up and go back to living outside because of Strand's instincts, the same instincts that lost them the baby and the safety of the walker moat and told Strand to bring Alicia inside. The Rangers turn their guns on Strand and Alicia, betraying Strand in favor of Wes. "No. No, we can't trust your instincts, Strand. Not anymore. You wanna turn that light off... you gotta go through us. It's over. For the both of you."

Stating that he never should've let Wes in, Strand lowers his gun, seemingly in surrender. However, as the Rangers move to grab Strand and Alicia, Strand suddenly opens fire on Wes and a Fire Extinguisher, killing one of the Rangers and creating a smokescreen that allows Strand and Alicia to escape into a stairwell as the Rangers shoot at them and miss. Alicia tells Strand that they need to warn the others, but Strand knows that the Rangers will be guarding the doors like hawks as well as the tunnel. Alicia points out that they can't make it to the roof on their own, but Strand suggests that they may have one ally left and he leads Alicia downstairs.

Over the comms, Wes orders the Lead Ranger to kill Daniel, telling the confused man that Strand's not in charge anymore. The Ranger questions what's going on up above, but Wes states that he's got it handled and that they can't take any chances, so the man needs to take Daniel out. However, Daniel sneaks up behind the Ranger and begins strangling him with the chain of his handcuffs. Daniel mockingly tells the Ranger "do you know why this is happening to you? It's never too late to learn new things. When you handcuff a person, you put their hands in the back, not the front." Daniel digs his handcuffs into the side of the man's neck so hard that his jugular vein is ruptured before he dies. Daniel then uses the man's keys to remove his handcuffs and he takes the Ranger's gun.

Strand and Alicia enter Daniel's cell and Daniel aims his gun at Strand. Alicia tells an incredulous Daniel that Strand's helping them, but Daniel believes that Strand is lying to them. Strand warns Daniel that the beacon light is drawing a herd to the Tower and, if they can't turn it off, everyone outside is going to die. Daniel tells Strand to call off his dogs, but Strand reveals that they no longer work for him, and Alicia explains that they need Daniel's help to get past the Rangers to the roof. However, Daniel refuses to help anyone until he sees Ofelia who he believes is in the Tower. Alicia tries to remind Daniel what happened in Mexico, how Strand had helped Daniel to search for Ofelia and was going to reunite them, but Ofelia got sick and Daniel didn't get there in time. Daniel experiences flashbacks of going to Mexico with Strand and he remembers that while Ofelia was sick, Strand never reunited them, and they never found her because Strand kept lying. In his delusional state, Daniel continues to believe that Ofelia is alive and in the Tower and that Strand knows where she is. Strand finally lies that Ofelia is on the top floor, pleasing Daniel that his daughter is in the penthouse, annoying Alicia. "She's there. We just need you to help us get to her," claims Strand. Finally, Daniel lowers his gun and agrees.

As they ascend a stairwell, Daniel kills a Ranger that he encounters and continues on alone to take out anyone that heard the shot while Strand and Alicia hang back. Alicia questions what the plan is and Strand reveals that he had locked June, Grace and Wendell on the top floor after Mo's escape. Alicia asks what Strand thinks is going to happen when Daniel realizes that Ofelia isn't in the Tower, but Strand believe that it won't matter because when June, Grace and Wendell are freed and on their side, Daniel will have to relent. Strand insists that he's only finishing what Luciana started and he's willing to continue the manipulation of Daniel if it's what keep the Tower standing despite Alicia's protests that it will destroy Daniel. "Alicia, I know you must think I'm a monster, but I'm the same man I've always been. I've just stopped apologizing for it." Alicia asks if Strand actually believes that, and he insists that he does and that so will Alicia which is the reason that Strand is willing to turn off the light: Strand wants Alicia to see that everything that he's done is worth it. Daniel kills another Ranger, but Alicia nearly collapses from her illness and Strand insists upon getting her to the infirmary for treatment rather than continuing up. Although reluctant, Daniel agrees to the change in plan.

In the infirmary, Daniel exchanges fire with two Rangers as Strand treats Alicia, killing both Rangers. Strand finds epinephrine which June used when Strand was poisoned which will be helpful to Alicia. As Strand gathers medicine, Daniel notices a list of the Tower residents which doesn't have Ofelia's name on it. After a moment, Strand admits that Ofelia isn't on the top floor and that he'd only told him that because he knew that it was the only way that Daniel would help him. Claiming that he can help Daniel now and, Strand leads Daniel to Charlie, claiming that she's his daughter. However, Daniel is not fooled, and he continues to demand to know where Ofelia is.

Strand reiterates that Ofelia had died in Mexico and that Luciana had lied to Daniel for the same reason that Strand did: so that Daniel had something to fight for. Daniel is disgusted by Strand's lies, but Strand insists that "I'm trying to save the closest thing I have to a daughter. Surely you can understand that, Daniel. Ofelia's gone. But it's not as if you have nothing left. Charlie. She means something to you. She's sick. She doesn't have much time left." Angrily yelling that Charlie isn't his daughter, Daniel pistol-whips Strand and prepares to kill him. Alicia weakly calls out to Daniel to stop, suggesting that Daniel can do for Charlie what he couldn't for Ofelia and be there for her. As Daniel starts to cry, Charlie calls out to him as well and Daniel orders her to look away, not wanting this to be what she remembers of him. Strand and Alicia implore Daniel to be the man that he wanted Ofelia to see, and Daniel has several flashbacks of Ofelia, including embracing Ofelia after her death. Finally snapped out of his fugue state, Daniel relents and lowers his gun.

Strand injects Alicia with adrenaline as Daniel sits with Charlie. Strand thanks Alicia, knowing that Daniel would've killed him if Alicia hadn't appealed to his better angels. Alicia asks what happened to Charlie and Strand explains that it's radiation exposure that's worse than what Alicia was exposed to. They think that it was alpha particles from the same walkers that are on their way to the Tower. According to June and Grace, Charlie may only have a couple of weeks left to live. Strand sadly confirms that there's nothing that can be done for Charlie. Strand calls it even more reason to preserve the Tower so that Charlie can spend those weeks in here rather than outside. Strand and Alicia prepare to go, but Daniel refuses to leave Charlie's side because she needs him. Daniel asks if they can still go up to the roof, and Charlie encourages him to go, but Daniel wants to be with Charlie and Strand and Alicia leave without him. Charlie apologizes for not being Ofelia, but Daniel tells her not to be. Charlie helped him remember why Daniel wanted to find Ofelia before she died and being with Charlie is helping Daniel to think more clearly.

Strand leads Alicia to an armory, explaining that the Rangers had stashed weapons on every floor after Arno's attack so that they'd be prepared in case anyone was planning an encore. Strand gives Alicia a gun and she asks if Strand had meant what he'd said to Daniel about Alicia being the closest thing that he has to a daughter. "He and I wanted the same thing. I needed him to know that," confirms Strand. As they arm themselves, Alicia tells Strand that he did make Daniel see it and it wasn't just Alicia that had talked him down. Strand fondly recalls that they used to do this sort of thing all of the time, saving people, and Alicia sarcastically reminds Strand that Wes was one of them. While it's been a while, Strand thinks that despite everything, he and Alicia still make a pretty good team. Alicia guesses that they'll find out before hearing the sounds of searching Rangers nearby. Alicia worries that there are way more Rangers than them and that the Rangers will see them coming, but Strand pulls out tear gas grenades as a solution.

In the stairwell, Strand and Alicia deploy the tear gas while wearing gas masks. Alicia worries that they're flying blind, but Strand points out that the Rangers are even worse off than them. Strand tells Alicia that he'll clear the stairwell while Alicia stays behind to clear any stragglers, but she's doubtful that this plan is going to work although Strand states that this isn't his first time walking into the unknown. Strand charges up the stairs and, in a hail of gunfire amongst the tear gas, kills the Ranger guarding it and calls to Alicia that it's clear and to head to the 6th floor.

Strand emerges from the stairwell, where he is confronted by Wes and five Rangers who comments on Strand's use of tear gas against the Rangers. Wes recalls how on the day they first met there was tear gas involved too, but a great deal has changed since then, including the two of them and Alicia. Wes knows that Strand wants to believe the best in Alicia, admitting that he did too, but we are who we are. Wes tells Strand that he's come so far, and he urges Strand to finish what he started and protect what he's built at the Tower. "It's honest. It's real. It -- it doesn't try to be something that's not possible. Do not throw it all away for her," urges Wes. Stating that he's not, Strand rushes back into the stairwell which Alicia has yet to emerge from, much to Wes' frustration.

Inside, Strand finds a weak Alicia sitting on the stairs because the adrenaline is starting to wear off. Alicia admits that she's surprised that Strand came back for her, and Strand tells her of course he would and about how the last time he was in a fog like this, he was with Will. While Strand gave Will plenty of reasons to leave him out there, he didn't because Will knew that Strand was trying to find her. On the landing above them, Wes tells Strand and Alicia that he can't let them do this and they open fire, forcing Strand and Alicia to flee.

Strand and Alicia barricade themselves in a room, knowing that they don't have enough ammo to defeat the Rangers. The two take cover as Wes and his men shoot through the door at them, and Wes calls for them to come out. Strand apologizes to Alicia, telling her that he had just wanted to have a clean slate and for them to rebuild together, but Strand thought that they had more time to heal and mend. As Wes begins to break through the door, an emotional Strand admits that "Will made me realize something that I should've told you a long time ago. That I love you, Alicia. You're the closest thing to family that I have left. That's what this is about. That's what it was always about. I just wanted to... prove something to you. I hoped that this place would show you the -- the man that I am. Everything I've done, everything that it's cost me... that it was worth it... because if it didn't... then it was for nothing."

Wes and two Rangers break in and Strand and Alicia, with no other choice, surrender. Alicia pleads with Wes not to do this as the people outside don't deserve to die, but an unmoved Wes tells her that the people in the Tower don't deserve to die either and that while Alicia might want to save everyone, she can't. Strand tells Wes that Alicia will call off her army if they turn off the light, leaving Wes incredulous that Strand honestly still believes that. Wes remembers how he'd told Strand and Alicia on the day they met that "people are people", admitting that he'd thought that they were the exception to that rule. However, Wes now knows that no one is, and he thought that Strand understood that and that it was the reason that he had kept Alicia far away from the Tower. Strand now believes that that was a mistake and that the Tower won't be weaker if they help people outside, it will make it stronger instead.

Wes produces a transmitter that he found in Alicia's bag as proof that Strand is wrong, shocking him. Wes questions why Alicia brought that in out of all of the things that she could've brought, and Alicia admits that she brought it from the bunker to broadcast a message from the roof. There are people out there that need help, help that they thought that they could find with PADRE. Alicia is convinced that there is no PADRE out there so she thought that she could use the transmitter so that she could build PADRE at the Tower. "I told you I'm not afraid to die. But this place... will live long after I'm gone." However, Wes insists that Alicia is just lying to Strand like Luciana lied to Daniel and that the transmitter is the real reason that Alicia wants to go to the roof. Wes thinks that Alicia is just telling Strand what she needs to so that she can get what she wants. If Alicia sends that message, she will draw more people to the Tower, and they won't stand a chance. Wes prepares to have his men execute Strand and Alicia to protect the Tower against Strand's objections.

Suddenly, Daniel appears and shoots the two Rangers dead before Wes shoots Daniel in the left shoulder, causing Daniel to drop his gun, giving Alicia the chance to grab one of the Rangers' machine guns and enter into a standoff with Wes. Daniel reassures Alicia that he's fine and she tells him he has to warn the others with Strand directing Daniel to where June, Grace and Wendell are locked in an apartment on the 6th floor. Alicia orders Daniel to free their friends and then to warn the others to get away from the herd. Moving closer, Wes threatens to kill Alicia if he does it, unwilling to let Alicia stop the herd. An emotional Alicia reminds Wes that she and Strand had saved his life once before and he'd used to believe in them, and Alicia asks Wes to believe in them again. Suddenly, Strand stabs Wes through the chest with his sword, killing Wes. A shocked Alicia asks why Strand would do that and Strand tells her that it was "the same reason I built the Tower the way I did. So you wouldn't have to. He wasn't gonna stand down, and we're running out of time. Let's go turn that light off." Strand runs off and, after a last look at Wes' body, Alicia follows him, leaving Daniel behind to warn the others.

Outside, Dwight puts down a walker that is drawn to the Tower by the beacon. Dwight is worried since Alicia should've been out by now and Luciana points out that they can't wait much longer with Sarah agreeing that as long as the beacon is on, walkers will be on them. Sherry notices that someone is coming as Daniel arrives with June, Grace and Wendell. An emotional Sarah reunites with her brother for the first time in months and Dwight and Jacob question what's going on inside of the Tower and how the four got past the Rangers. Daniel tells everyone that while he doesn't have time to explain, they all need to get back inside of the Tower immediately. Grace asks about Morgan, but Sherry reassures her that Morgan had followed Grace's request and took Mo somewhere safe, but they don't know where.

Daniel warns everyone that they need to hurry as the beacon light is drawing the dead from the crater to the Tower. In Spanish, Luciana asks if he's sure and Daniel confirms it, telling Luciana rather pointedly that he's not a liar. Dwight asks how far they are, but Daniel isn't sure, revealing that Alicia and Strand are turning the light off as they speak. "Vic and AC are on the same team? What the hell did we miss?" quips Sarah. Daniel begins leading everyone inside of the Tower and brushes off June's attempts to patch him up, wanting her to tend to Charlie first. Daniel explains to a confused Luciana in Spanish that Strand had tried to convince him that Charlie is Ofelia, continuing what Luciana had started. Luciana apologizes for her actions, and a confused Daniel asks why she did it. Luciana admits that she thought that it was the only way before three Rangers open fire from the roof, killing two members of the group and sending the rest ducking for cover behind the platform. The group desperately returns fire as Wendell notices the herd approaching and he realizes that the Rangers are trying to box them out, forcing them to move out of cover.

On the roof, Strand kills two of the Rangers from behind while Alicia kills the third, ending the gunfire from the roof. Strand and Alicia notice five Rangers below charging at their friends and Strand guesses that the Rangers guarding the tunnel must've circled around. Knowing that the others are sitting ducks and seeing that the walkers are almost here, Alicia orders Strand to turn off the light while she gives the others as much cover as she can. Alicia shoots the five Rangers, but Strand hesitates to turn off the light. Strand realizes that Alicia is never going to forgive him, that even if Strand turns it off and helps Alicia to save everyone, the damage has already been done.

Stating that they don't have time for this, Alicia charges Strand, but he throws her into a cable, severing it and damaging the light. Strand angrily states that it was never going to be enough to make Alicia love him, but Alicia tells him that it could've been, but Strand ruined it by killing Wes. An emotional Strand insists that he didn't have a choice, but Alicia angrily accuses him of always having a choice and making the wrong ones. Although Strand tells her that he had killed Wes to save her life, Alicia believes that Strand was only trying to save himself and he didn't care who he had to kill to do it. Alicia kicks Strand backwards and struggles with him, telling Strand that "the person you used to be -- the person you said you wanted to forget -- that was never you!" In the struggle, Alicia punctures a gas can with the blades on her prosthetic arm and breaks another cable in the process, sending the antenna falling and shattering the light. The herd arrives, devouring a few members of Morgan's group as the rest rush inside of the Tower and barricade the doors against the radioactive walkers, watching them through the glass in horror.

Alicia climbs the platform holding the light with her transmitter and she hooks it up to the antenna. A despondent Strand tells Alicia that it's too late and there's no way out of here, but she ignores him. Stating that there's one, Alicia begins her broadcast. "This is Alicia Clark. If you're listening to this, you're not alone. The place you've been looking for, the place you've heard about, PADRE, it's here -- the Tower. Coordinates 29 degrees, 20 minutes, 14.1 seconds north, 94 degrees, 59 minutes, 25.7 seconds west. We're gonna build the new home you've been looking for. We can help you. But first... we're gonna need a little help from you." Sparks from the broken light suddenly set the spilled fuel on fire and it quickly spreads. Strand warns Alicia that the fire is going to spread through the whole building, but Alicia passes out as the fire spreads across the roof and Strand calls out for her.


A massive number of gas mask covered and frantic survivors carrying supplies make their way through the Texas landscape. Barely conscious and extremely feverish, Alicia is carried on a stretcher by Dwight and June and experiences flashbacks of various walkers attacking before passing out again.

On a beach, Alicia notices a bird landing next to her stretcher and Jacob Kessner alerts everyone else that she's waking up. June warns Alicia not to stand up as she's low on fluids and febrile, but Alicia ignores her orders, so June sends Jacob to get saline and the epinephrine. Alicia notices the frantic survivors prepping the rafts, and June explains that Strand's Tower is burning and Alicia notices a large cloud of smoke rising in the distance. "The walkers from the Crater -- when they breach those walls, when they burn, everything's gonna be released into the air," meaning that Texas is going to be flooded with all of the radiation stored within the radioactive walkers, rendering Texas completely uninhabitable. The group doesn't know where they're going yet, and Morgan hasn't made landfall himself yet either. Knowing that it could be just as dangerous out there, Alicia gets up. June warns her that if they can't get it under control, the fever could kill Alicia, but Alicia reminds June that it's been like this for months. Strand isn't with them as he didn't want to come with the group and, as far as they know, he's still in the Tower. As Alicia looks around, Jacob brings over the packed med kit in which he has included adrenaline in case Alicia needs it.

Alicia notices the young girl that she had encountered before nearby and guesses that she heard the message that Alicia had sent out. However, when Alicia gets to where she had seen the little girl, she's gone. The little girl catches Alicia's attention again and tells Alicia that she needs to find her friend who is out there somewhere. The girl asks Alicia to help her find him as her friend knows how to get to PADRE. The girl runs off towards the Tower and, after a moment's hesitation, Alicia follows her.

Following the girl's tracks across the ash-covered landscape, Alicia puts down a walker trapped beneath a shopping cart. Luciana calls Alicia, asking where she is, passing Al's abandoned SWAT van as she continues on. Alicia explains to Luciana that she had found the girl that Alicia had told the others about and the girl might know where PADRE is and they're going to need a place to go to. Luciana asks why Alicia had gone off on her own, and she explains that she can't put anyone else in danger, asking that they not come looking for her. Resting against a tree, Alicia experiences several more flashes of walkers before spotting the little girl nearby. The girl ignores Alicia's calls and questions about PADRE, but when Alicia catches up to and grabs her, it turns out to be a walker instead. Swinging her prosthetic arm at the walker, Alicia falls to the ground and gets bitten again in the metal arm before she bashes its head in. Removing the protective glove over the arm, Alicia hallucinates it as being an actual arm, just with a skeletal hand and missing the skin on the lower part spreading downwards from where she was bitten. Alicia experiences a nightmarish flashback of being bitten by the zombified Senator Elias Vazquez. Looking at her reflection in a puddle of water, Alicia hallucinates herself as a walker.

Alicia awakens in the back of the SWAT van with the little girl who tells her that she didn't know if Alicia was going to wake up or not. Alicia sees that her prosthetic arm has been removed and is lying on the van's floor beside her, and the girl explains that she found Alicia passed out on top of a walker body after hearing her scream. The girl then dragged her to the SWAT van, but Alicia almost didn't make it. The girl refuses to identify herself, but she already knows who Alicia is, having come to the beach because she had heard Alicia's message. The girl refuses to remove her mask despite it being safe in the SWAT van, telling Alicia that she doesn't take it off. Alicia recalls that the little girl had helped her in the woods and asks why she didn't stay. The girl explains that she was looking for her friend, and asks if Alicia is sick because of her arm and if a walker had bitten her. Although the little girl insists that it's okay to tell her as she's not scared of bites, Alicia tells her that it doesn't matter as there's nothing that can be done about it.

Reattaching her arm, Alicia looks through the supplies still in the van and questions if the little girl's friend can really help them to find PADRE. The girl insists that he can, but they have to find him first as he's all that the little girl has got left and is like family to her. Alicia explains that she's looking for Tylenol or something else that can bring down her fever. The girl asks if the fever isn't what's going to kill the infection and Alicia compliments her on how smart she is. The girl comments that her mother had always called her too smart for her own good which Alicia admits that her own mother had always told Alicia too. "This infection's different. I've been fighting it a long time." Alicia finds a tape labeled "Amina," and remembers that it's Madison's interview with Al. Alicia brushes off the tape's importance and puts it in her bag.

The little girl doesn't know where her friend is, but she was going to make contact with him. The girl intends to send a message to her friend like Alicia did from the Tower. Having heard Alicia's message from far away, the girl is certain that her friend will hear it wherever he is. "That's not gonna work. Even if he does know where PADRE is, the Tower's on fire. The dead around it are irradiated. You won't make it." The girl believes that Alicia could make it and that she can help her, but Alicia points out that she barely made it to the SWAT van. Alicia wants to return to the rafts before the walkers make it to the flames, but the girl grabs Alicia's gun, refusing to go on the rafts. Grabbing the gun from the girl, Alicia reveals that it's unloaded as there aren't any bullets left.

The girl questions why Alicia followed her in the first place if she wasn't going to help, and Alicia explains that she had wanted to save the girl and her friends and do something that might outlast her. Alicia points out how sick and weak she is now, suggesting that she might not even make it back to the beach in her current state. "This thing is gonna beat me. Everyone who gets bit, ends up just like them. That means I won't be able to help my friends get someplace safe." The girl insists that Alicia is wrong, that she can beat the infection and help her friends. As proof, the little girl reveals a healed bite mark on her own arm, pointing out that she's still here despite it. The girl again asks Alicia to take her to the Tower and make contact with her friend as he's the one who had saved the girl. Her friend can save Alicia too and then get everyone to PADRE.

Alicia and the girl make their way towards the Tower and Alicia asks when and how the bite on the girl's arm had happened, guessing that it must've happened a while ago since the bite mark had healed. The girl refuses to answer and, as a walker approaches them, offers to take care of it herself as the walker is too much for Alicia in her increasingly weakening state. However, Alicia refuses as the walker is too tall for her and the girl hands Alicia a bullet on a chain to use on the walker. Alicia demands to know where the bullet came from, and the little girl admits that it had come off of Alicia's neck when she was pulling her to the SWAT van. Alicia refuses to use it on the walker and tries to stab it with the blades on her prosthetic arm. However, Alicia is overcome by another dizzy spell and flashbacks of walkers and only gets the walker in the neck before she collapses. Alicia's blades get stuck in the chain link fence stuck in the walker, but the little girl saves her and puts down the walker with a hammer. The little girl chides Alicia for almost getting herself killed, but Alicia doesn't care as the walker's done, and the girl didn't get hurt.

Alicia claims that she didn't want to use the bullet as it would've drawn more walkers, but the little girl knows that it's not the real reason. Alicia finally admits that the bullet is so that she can commit suicide before she dies and avoid turning into a walker. Once Alicia knows that her friends are okay, she's going to end her own life, but the little girl is making it really hard right now. The girl asks if Alicia is having dreams about turning into a walker, and reveals that she had them too when her fever was really bad. The girl is insistent that her friend can help Alicia and she won't end up as a walker so Alicia can use the bullet the next time that she needs it.

Alicia and the girl approach the Tower which is on fire with a massive herd of numerous radioactive walkers approaching it. Alicia states that they're never going to get up to the Tower and that they need to go back to the rafts, suggesting that the girl's friend might hear the message from the beach. The girl refuses to leave, even if she has to do it by herself. Alicia insists that, while she gave it a shot, this is impossible, and no one would be able to make it up there. The girl asks about the other people who heard Alicia's message and if Alicia will just let them walk into that. Alicia points out that if anyone heard her message, they'll turn around when they see the Tower, but the girl points out that they won't know to go to the beach and they could end up someplace worse. The two argue about going into the Tower, with the little girl insistent upon trying, while Alicia believes that they'll both die if they try. "I'll die if we stay out here. You know exactly what that means," the little girl warns ominously. A few walkers are drawn in from the Tower by their argument and Alicia goes to deal with them, but she experiences flashbacks of walkers reaching out towards her again, including Will, and she collapses. As Alicia fades in and out of consciousness before passing out again, she sees the little girl take down the walkers with her hammer and then broadcast a distress call over the radio for Alicia.

Alicia awakens on a stretcher carried by Sarah, June, Luciana, Dwight and Daniel. Luciana explains that they wouldn't leave her behind and the four put down the stretcher at Alicia's request. Dwight explains that they had heard her SOS and Josiah LaRoux introduces himself, with Sarah explaining that Josiah is a friendly who got to Alicia before they did. "Good thing, too, or you'd be part of that herd." Alicia sees no sign of the little girl, mentioning that she can help them find PADRE, surprising Sarah that Alicia actually found her. Alicia tells them that the little girl had radioed them for help, but Luciana reveals that it was Alicia herself who had radioed them, and she points out that they don't even know if PADRE is real. Although Alicia believes that the little girl had helped kill the walkers, Dwight asks if she's sure about that and he points out the blood on Alicia's arm blades as proof that she had killed them herself.

Alicia insists that the little girl was there and that she had saved her twice while the blood is from before. June notices that Alicia is still burning up and Alicia admits that she had taken the adrenaline shot and that the little girl is real, but Josiah informs Alicia that she was alone when he found her. Alicia guesses that the little girl must've gone back to the Tower in order to send a message to find her friend that can help them find PADRE. Alicia insists upon going back to the Tower, but her friends are dubious, wanting to bring her back to the rafts. "I get it. I do. I would be doing the same thing if I were you, but... I'm not leaving without her." Dwight points out that they don't even know if the little girl is real, and Luciana asks why saving the little girl is so important to her. Alicia believes that it's not just how she's going to save her friends, but how she's going to save herself too.

June believes that going back to the rafts is Alicia's best shot, but Alicia reveals that the little girl got bit and she survived because her friend helped her. However, Luciana has seen someone tell the exact same lie before, and Alicia admits that she's been dreaming for months about dying and turning into a walker. Alicia doesn't want to die and turn into a walker, and she's convinced that the little girl can help her to live. June suggests that Alicia is just seeing the little girl because she wants to, but while Alicia knows how it sounds, she's convinced that the little girl is real. Daniel notes that when people doubted him, it didn't feel good, and Sarah points out that Daniel wasn't operating with all of his faculties, causing Daniel to joke that he might still be not. "Alicia helped me to see things more clearly. And I can't leave her to try to do this on her own. So, I'm coming with you," declares Daniel. Telling Daniel that she owes him one, Luciana agrees to help too, with June agreeing that Alicia will clear the tunnel faster with help and Dwight commenting that Sherry will kill him if he lets Alicia go alone. Commenting that she doesn't want to be the only asshole who said no, Sarah agrees to help, and she pulls Josiah in too.

Near the tunnel entrance, Alicia tries to raise the little girl on the radio while her friends work to clear the tunnel. Alicia doubts herself about the girl being real for a moment before the girl answers her. The girl reports that she's moving up the stairs and that she thinks that she can get to the roof from here. Alicia orders the girl to stay where she is as it's too dangerous to do this on her own, reporting that she's coming, and her friends are clearing the tunnel for her. Before the transmission breaks up, the girl tells Alicia that, once she's through the tunnel, the stairs are clear. Taking her single bullet, Alicia loads her gun in preparation for what's coming.

Luciana reports to her that they've cleared a path through the tunnel and, if the girl is in the Tower, they can get to her. Alicia tells Luciana that the girl is, Alicia talked to her, and she's going in after her. June and Sarah refuse to let Alicia go in alone, while Josiah reports that although they opened the tunnel up pretty good, they can't be sure that it'll be stable for long. Addressing her friends, Alicia orders them to get back to the rafts and prepare to leave, promising to radio them if she learns where PADRE is. Alicia tells Dwight that Sherry needs him, Sarah just found her brother, Daniel has to be there for Charlie, and Luciana has to show Arno's people the way while Alicia has to do this on her own. Reluctantly accepting this, Luciana promises to see Alicia and the girl at the shore and Alicia dons her gas mask and enters the tunnel.

As walkers wander the burning Tower, Alicia climbs the stairs and sees more flashes of walkers. Growing increasingly weaker and struggling to climb the stairs, Alicia tries to radio the girl, asking where she is, finally learning that she's on the roof and she needs Alicia's help. Although Alicia's not sure that she can make it, the girl tells her that she has to and it's the only way. Alicia sees a bird flying above her in the stairwell and she eventually manages to make it to the smoke-filled roof where she finds the little girl still alive, much to Alicia's relief. Alicia admits that she doesn't want to die and she's not ready, and she prepares to find the girl's friend. However, Alicia's transmitter has been destroyed, much to her anger and frustration as they can't get in touch with the girl's friend to find somewhere for everyone to go.

"We still can. My friend -- he's not out there. He's here in this Tower. That's why I wanted to come in here," admits the little girl. The girl reveals that the friend that she's been talking about all along is actually Victor Strand. Alicia collapses against the wall, remembering Strand's betrayal of her the night before and the things that he had told her. Angry, frustrated and confused, Alicia decides to go back to the beach, but the little girl insists that they need to help Strand because he's Alicia's family. While Alicia tells her that the girl doesn't know what Strand is capable of, the girl tells her that she knows everything that Alicia does, and that Strand can save the both of them. Alicia angrily demands to know if the girl had told her the truth about anything, and the girl insists that it was all the truth, and she can help Alicia if Alicia helps Strand. After Alicia admits that she'd rather die than save Strand, the girl questions why and Alicia tells her that it's because Strand took everything from her. The girl encourages Alicia not to let Strand take her life too: if Alicia leaves Strand here, she'll die. Alicia collapses on the ground and, looking at the little girl mirroring her position, asks why she cares what happens to him. "It's not about Strand. It's about you," insists the little girl.

Alicia passes out and when she wakes up again, it's to the sound of the roof door opening and the little girl disappearing again. Barely even able to walk anymore, Alicia reenters the stairwell where she finds the bird again and follows it into Strand's penthouse apartment where Alicia finds a drunk Strand who thinks that Alicia is a trick of his mind. Alicia tells Strand that she's real, before collapsing on a couch. Strand tells Alicia that she's gotta get out of here, but Alicia is convinced that she can't now and that she's not gonna make it. Strand apologizes, telling Alicia that he'd wanted to give her everything, but Alicia states that Strand didn't give her anything, but rather, he took everything from her. Strand asks if this is because of his murder of Will and Alicia calls Will just another person that she's outlived, stating that so many people had to die so she could live.

Strand realizes that this is about Alicia's mother, but Alicia clarifies that "it's about so much more than that. This is about making what she gave us mean something. To do what she -- she didn't get to. To make this place... a place that would last." Strand sadly apologizes to Alicia for everything. Alicia cocks her gun, but Strand, thinking that Alicia's about to kill him, tells her not to do it as he deserves everything that she'll do to him if Alicia turns. Her voice breaking, Alicia admits that it's for herself, not Strand. Alicia prepares to commit suicide, and she has a series of flashbacks of her friends and family, including Charlie, Nick, Luciana, Daniel, Will, Morgan, and Madison.

Seeing the bird flying through the room, Alicia pleads with it to leave and goes to make it leave when it won't. Alicia suggests that this might be the last thing that she was meant to do, and she breaks a window with the girl's help and releases the bird. Alicia thanks the girl and asks why she came back, and the girl finally unmasks herself, telling a confused Alicia that she can't leave her. Alicia finally realizes who the girl is: herself as a young girl. Alicia asks why the little girl brought her here, and the girl tells Alicia that she knows why and it's on the tape and Alicia looks at the tape of Madison's interview with Al.

In a flashback, Madison tells Al in her interview that "there are certain things you always remember about your kids. My daughter -- she just decided that bird was gonna live. She lived because my kids didn't give up on her. She gave her a chance when no one else would. There's not a whole lot of that left anymore. But that light -- it's gettin' fainter every day we're out here."

In the present, the little girl tells Alicia that "you're wrong. What you told Victor before -- your mom didn't die so you could build a something like this. She died so that the part of you that didn't give up on people would live. I wasn't lying when I told you I survived the bite. I'm still in you. But you're the only one who can make sure this isn't the end for me." Alicia has been hallucinating her younger more innocent self, who has been guiding Alicia in trying to save herself by saving the part of herself that had saved the bird and had believed in saving other people, the part of Alicia that Madison had given her life for. While Alicia believes that she's going to die, the girl tells Alicia that she won't if people remember this part of her and Alicia realizes that she has to do that by saving Strand.

As everyone gets the rafts ready for departure, a deeply concerned Luciana looks towards the burning Tower for Alicia. June orders everyone not to leave anything behind as they don't know how long they're going to be out there. Charlie looks around worriedly as Daniel comforts her and Josiah throws his stuff into a raft. June tells Luciana that they're ready and they can't miss the tide, reassuring Luciana that Alicia will catch up, but they can't be here when the radioactive walkers burn. Luciana reluctantly orders everyone into the rafts as they're shoving off, before a weak Alicia suddenly radios in, needing help. Alicia reveals that they're in the SWAT van, but they need help getting the rest of the way and Luciana promises to meet them there. Alicia admits that she found the little girl, but she found someone else too.

Strand tells Alicia that the others will never take him with them, but Alicia is sure that they will if she asks them to. Strand asks Alicia why she saved him after everything that he's done, before remembering with a laugh that he'd asked Madison the same question once and she had told Strand that she did it because she knew who he was. However, Strand doesn't think that Madison really knew who he was, not like Alicia does so he asks her again why she saved him. Alicia tells Strand that "it's not about you. It's about me. So you can do what I don't have time left to do. So you can find a place for everyone to be safe." While Alicia isn't sure that Strand can do it, she thinks that he'll try.

Alicia passes out again and she wakes up in a raft on the beach. June tells Alicia not to move, that the fever's still rising, and they have her on fluids and will try to make this raft as comfortable as they can. Grace reports that they need to move now as radiation readings are spiking and the walkers must've breached the fence. Alicia asks Grace if she's heard from Morgan. Grace reveals that the current took him in a different direction, but Morgan cleared the radiation. Alicia asks Grace to give Morgan a message for her, but Grace hands Alicia a radio and tells her that she can tell Morgan herself as Morgan had wanted to talk to Alicia too.

Alicia contacts Morgan, still floating on the ocean in his life raft and holding Mo, and apologizes to him for not doing what she said with the Tower. However, Morgan tells Alicia that she got everybody onto the rafts which is what matters. Also, Morgan thinks that Alicia might be right: he's been hearing some chatter on the radio that Morgan thinks might be PADRE. Morgan thinks that PADRE is real and that they might actually have some place to go to. Concerned, Morgan asks Alicia how she's feeling. Alicia tells Morgan that, no matter what happens to her, he needs to know that he won't be doing this alone. Morgan states that he won't be doing this alone because Alicia's going to be alright, but he loses contact with Alicia. Grace promises Alicia that if Morgan didn't hear her response, she'll make sure that he knows.

As the raft that she's on is dragged by, Charlie calls for it to stop and approaches Alicia who apologizes that she wasn't able to stop this from happening to her while Charlie is sorry that she wasn't there for Alicia either. Alicia tells the dying girl that Daniel's going to look after her, and Charlie tells Alicia that it's okay because Charlie finally got to do something that she never thought that she would and they finally got to see a beach. Daniel calls Charlie back to the raft and tells Alicia that he wasn't there for Ofelia at the end, but he will be there for Charlie. Daniel tells Alicia that he will see her again and leaves before Sherry thanks Alicia for taking Sherry and Dwight in like she did as they might not have made it this far without Alicia. Luciana tells Alicia that, if she didn't have to look after everyone else, she would be in the raft with Alicia, but Alicia tells Luciana that it's too dangerous and she has to do this alone.

However, Strand joins Alicia telling her that she won't have to do it alone. Strand jokes that while the raft might not be The Abigail, they can rough it out together. Against Strand's protests, Alicia climbs out of the raft telling Strand that she doesn't know much longer she has left or how fast she'll turn. While Strand is willing to take that chance, Alicia isn't. It's now up to Strand to make sure that everything they've been through means something. An emotional Strand refuses to go, but Alicia insists that he has to while people may have heard her message and are heading to the Tower. "You did make it mean something. You saved all of them. You saved me. You did what I asked you to do back at Lawton," Strand tearfully tells Alicia. Alicia pushes Strand's raft into the water and tells her old friend that she didn't just save him so that Strand could do what Alicia couldn't, Alicia did it because she loves him too. Alicia watches as the rafts leave, sharing a final wave with Strand. Falling to her knees as the rafts move out of sight, Alicia grabs her gun, but she passes out again before she can use it.

Alicia wakes up to the bird flying overhead and landing next to her and the rafts are gone. Much to Alicia's shock, she's not only still alive, but her fever is broken -- Alicia has somehow beaten her walker bite infection and survived. Looking at the smoke plume from the Tower, Alicia checks a Geiger counter before the little girl approaches her again. The little girl shows Alicia that the bite mark is gone from her which the girl thinks means that Alicia saved her. Alicia feels like she hasn't felt in awhile: she feels like herself again. Grabbing her belongings, Alicia declares that she's going "to find the people who heard my message. To spend whatever time I have left making sure they have some place safe to go." A walker approaches and, no longer needing to save her bullet, Alicia shoots it before donning her gas mask and heading towards the Tower.

Season 8


After returning to Strand's Tower, Alicia finds dozens of other survivors who heard her message, including Ada and her father. Alicia goes back inside of the Tower, drains fuel from the generators in the basement and uses it to drive everyone out of Texas in Al's old SWAT van. After getting the survivors settled, Alicia travels around helping out other survivors and becoming a beacon of hope to them. One such survivor is Serena Otto, the pregnant wife of Troy Otto who had survived his apparent death at the Gonzalez Dam. Despite their bad history with each other, Alicia helps Troy and his wife, amputating Serena's bitten arm, saving her life and leaving the medallion that Strand had given to Alicia in Serena's possession. As a result, Serena is inspired to continue Alicia's work herself, answering distress calls like Alicia did. At some point, Alicia finds Daniel's missing pet cat Skidmark while scavenging through a warehouse for supplies and she adopts Skidmark as her pet until Alicia can find a way to return him to Daniel.

Years later, Serena is killed by a robber while answering a distress call. Blaming Madison and Alicia for his wife's death, Troy attacks Alicia and attempts to kill her. The two seriously wound each other with Alicia leaving her prosthetic arm buried in Troy's gut, but Troy survives, and he sends Russell back to check on her. Russell only finds the knife that Troy had stabbed Alicia with, a bloody mattress and a trail of bloody footprints, suggesting that Alicia had survived and escaped before their arrival. However, Russell told Troy what he wanted to hear instead of revealing Alicia's survival, claiming that she had died of her wounds and reanimated.

Hearing of Alicia's death, Ada and many others that Alicia had helped continue her cause and work to keep people believing that Alicia is still alive. After recovering from her wounds, Alicia learns of what she has inspired others to do and decides to keep letting people think that she's dead as it seems to be inspiring others to do more good than Alicia ever could by herself.

"All I See Is Red"

Alicia is one of the people whose loss continues to haunt Morgan, appearing in red-tinged flashes to Morgan. As Morgan touches a kiss to Grace's grave, he has flashes of Eastman, Benjamin, Nick Clark, Isaac, Rachel, John Dorie, John Dorie Sr., Alicia, Jenny, Duane and Grace, all of the people that he's cared about and lost along the way. This time, Morgan only sees fond memories of his loved ones without the red-tinge, at peace at last with those that he's lost.

Later, Troy Otto is revealed to have possession of Alicia's Prosthetic Arm as he listens to Madison's broadcast about PADRE over the radio.


Alicia appears in several of Strand's flashbacks to the man he used to be when he was leading the Tower.

In a confrontation with Madison, Troy claims that he killed Alicia and that is how he came into the possession of her skeletal arm.

"Iron Tiger"

Right before Charlie commits suicide, she remembers all of the moments she spent with her group, several of them including Alicia.

"Keeping Her Alive"

Strand is rescued by Ada and members of Alicia's Group driving the SWAT van. Ada reveals the details of what had happened after Morgan's Group had left Texas, but she doesn't know the details of Alicia's death.   As Madison is approaching a walker that Tracy claims is Alicia, she has several flashbacks to memories between herself and Alicia. Tracy later tells Madison that Alicia was killed by Troy in a mansion near Fort Worth, Texas. Tracy also has possession of Alicia's St. Christopher medallion.

"Fighting Like You"

Alicia appears in several flashbacks that Madison has. In addition, Troy reveals his history with Alicia and why he blames her for the death of Serena.

Later, Madison kills Troy with Alicia's Prosthetic Arm, believing that Alicia giving Troy a second chance had led to her death. Before dying, Troy claims that Tracy is actually Alicia's daughter who Troy had kidnapped from her.

"The Road Ahead"

Madison continues to have flashbacks of Alicia and Nick and is determined to find her daughter and lay her to rest. However, Russell reveals what had actually happened to Alicia and how she might still be alive, only increasing Madison's desire to find her daughter.

Following the Fall of PADRE, a still alive Alicia finds the tent where Tracy is tending to Madison. Shocked to see each other again, Madison and Alicia are reunited for the first time in nearly a decade. Alicia explains that she had heard the story about what had happened to PADRE and that Madison was the one responsible for it. Although Alicia had believed her mother to be long dead, she had to check it out. Alicia is also revealed to be in possession of Skidmark and she tells Tracy that she is not Tracy's mother, although Alicia did know Serena when Tracy was just a baby. The three realize that Troy had lied to Madison so that she would fight for Tracy as much as she did for Alicia and Nick.

Alicia leads Madison and Tracy to an overpass where they watch Madison's Group taking the renamed MADRE's supplies and splitting up to build new communities. Alicia discreetly releases Skidmark who reunites with an elated Daniel and Alicia and Madison leave a blue bonnet for Strand who spots Madison, Alicia and Tracy in the rearview mirror. Realizing that Madison and Alicia are still alive and reunited, an emotional Strand decides to keep quiet about what he saw.

Madison and Alicia both choose to let everyone continue to think that they're dead. Madison decides to return to Los Angeles with Alicia and Tracy to help rebuild their home and the three drive off together.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alicia has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Alicia's relationships, read here; Alicia Clark (Fear)/Relationships




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  • The casting call for this character used the name Ashley Tompkins.
    • Alicia was described as "Nancy's mostly level-headed teenage daughter. Her ambition is in direct proportion to her older brother's failures. She loves her mom but it's time to get out of Dodge."
  • This character's official name was revealed in a press release by AMC on May 11, 2015, as Alicia Bennett, though her surname was later changed.[3]
  • The actress shares a first name with the character, albeit spelled differently.
  • In "The Good Man", it's revealed Alicia's birthday is July 10th.
  • Alicia has the most appearances out of any character in Fear the Walking Dead, appearing in a total of 79 episodes.
  • She is the last member of the original group to kill a walker.
  • Her first signature weapon is a balisong. Alicia is first seen using it in "Sicut Cervus" but had it since "Captive" when she secretly stole it from Jack Kipling.
    • In Season 4's "Buried", Alicia found a vented barrel shroud and from then on she is seen using it, making it her new signature weapon. It is unknown what happened to her balisong after this.
  • She is the only member of her family to not have killed someone from the Otto Family.
  • She has killed the most named members of the Vultures, killing Melvin, a zombified Edgar, and a zombified Ennis.
  • Following the final battle with the Vultures, Alicia didn't directly kill another living person from Season 4's "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now" to Season 6's "The Holding", although she indirectly caused the deaths of a few people in "Welcome to the Club" and "Damage From the Inside".
  • On October 2020, in an interview with the Natural Aristocrat, Alycia Debnam-Carey was asked if she would like to have a flashback featuring Alicia and her father Steven. She commented: "Yeah! I've never even thought about doing a flashback like that! But I'm always for showing some of the more revealing aspects of a character, before this whole apocalypse. And I do think it's tragic…"[4]
  • Alicia has a habit of relying on more unorthodox weapons, including a sharpened barrel shroud, a broken propeller from a plane, a bent piece of rebar from a crashed plane, and a small statue of the Eiffel Tower. This shows her ingenuity and quick-thinking to use what's around her to fight off the dead.
  • Alicia was held captive eleven times.
  • She was sick due to a walker bite infection for the longest amount of time at about four months after getting bitten by Elias Vazquez. In "Amina", Alicia becomes the first known survivor of a walker bite infection after amputation fails to stop it when her body succeeds in fighting her infection off.
    • In "Blue Jay", June Dorie reveals that Alicia's survival is due to her absorbing high levels of radiation in "Still Standing" from a radioactive walker. The radiation had apparently weakened the infection enough for Alicia's own immune system to eventually fight it off. In "Odessa", June tells Madison that Shrike believes that there was a genetic component to Alicia's survival as well, something that Madison might share. However, June can't be sure either way.
    • In "Blue Jay", June reveals that Alicia's ability to fight off her infection for so long inspired June's attempts to find a cure using radiotherapy. However, while June was able to stop the infection in her test subjects using massive doses of radiation, the amount of radiation required was itself fatal to the test subjects.
  • She has been bitten twice by the same zombie in the same arm, although the second time she was only bitten in her hidden prosthetic.
  • Alicia is the fourth main character to be bitten by a walker, the first being Elizabeth Ortiz, the second being Jake Otto, the third being Ofelia Salazar, the fifth being John Dorie Sr., and the sixth being Grace Mukherjee.
    • Out of the five, she's the only one to survive the bite, after amputating her arm. Jake was also amputated after the bite, but later died of blood loss.
  • Her younger self is credited as Masked Girl in "Amina".
  • In Talking Dead for "Gone", Andrew Chambliss leaves it ambiguous if Alicia's illness was from the walker bite or amputating her arm in a drainage tunnel. However, he confirms that Alicia did succeed in fighting it off.
    • In "Blue Jay", it's confirmed by June that Alicia's illness was from the walker bite and an explanation was also provided for how she survived it.
  • Alicia is the only character in The Walking Dead universe, who was able to survive three sicknesses.
    • The first time she was poisoned by Martha in the episode "... I Lose Myself" by putting anti-freeze in the water. Later Alicia was healed by drinking a beer alongside group
    • The second time she got the radioactive walker's blood on her face in the episode "Still Standing". Grace helped Alicia decontaminate in "Is Anybody Out There?", but it's unclear if Alicia will suffer any ill effects in the future or not. It's later revealed that her radiation exposure was responsible for Alicia being able to fight off her walker bite infection.
    • The third time she got sick after amputating her arm while being bitten in the episode "PADRE". Fighting a fever for months, Alicia was successfully healed in the episode "Amina".
  • Alicia's sharpened barrel shroud has been stolen/taken 7 times on the show
    • The first time was in "Good Out Here" by Althea when she and the others was temporarily captured by Morgan's group. Later she got her weapon back.
    • The second time was in "Still Standing" by Annie when Alicia decided to save the children in the treehouse when the land became radioactive.
    • The third time was when she decided to give Strand her weapon, because she decided not to kill walkers anymore since "Channel 4". In the episode "End of the Line", Strand returned it to her.
    • The fourth time was in the same episode, when her weapon was taken by members the Pioneers. A few months later in the episode "Welcome to the Club", Hill returned Alicia's weapon back to clear the Tumbleweed Sugar Producing Factory from walkers.
    • The fifth time was in "Damage From the Inside" by Ed, when Alicia and Charlie went look for Dakota and were trapped in his hunting lodge.
    • The sixth time was in "The Holding" by members of Doomsday Cult, right before she, Luciana, Althea and Wes infiltrate a subterranean settlement called "The Holding". It was later returned in "PADRE" by Arno.
    • The seventh time was in "The Raft" by Sherry, when she attempts to return Alicia's weapon to her, but Alicia has Sherry keep it instead. Beforehand, Alicia had abandoned the weapon in the Franklin Hotel bunker for unknown reasons after losing her left arm.
  • Alicia has met all the other main characters, except John Dorie Sr. It can be assumed that she saw Lola's corpse, when she, Nick and Madison walk across the dam bridge together.
  • Alicia is the second main character to receive an amputation, with the first being Jake Otto and third being June Dorie.
    • Alicia is the only character to self-administer an amputation.
  • Alicia is one of two main characters to appear in every season, the other being Victor Strand.
  • Alicia, Madison Clark, Victor Strand, and Daniel Salazar are the only confirmed survivors of the outbreak introduced in Season 1 to not die in Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Alicia is one of the five characters in The Walking Dead universe who survive a zombie bite due to amputation and confirmed to be alive, others being Lilly Caul, Clementine, Elton Ortiz and Lydia.
  • Alicia and Madison Clark are the only characters to physically appear in both the first and final episodes of Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Alicia is one of three characters in The Walking Dead universe who self-administered a confirmed amputation, others being Merle Dixon and Rick Grimes.
    • However, Alicia is the only one who amputated her own arm while being bitten by a walker.

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