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"All I See Is Red" is the sixth episode and mid-season finale of the eighth season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the one-hundred and seventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 18, 2023, the same night as "Old Acquaintances", the season premiere of the first season of The Walking Dead: Dead City. It was written by Andrew Chambliss & Ian Goldberg and directed by Michael Satrazemis.


Morgan fights his past as he is on a chase through the swamps.


In a red-tinged flashback, Morgan remembers putting down a zombified Grace before Mo leaves with PADRE's forces.

Morgan awakens on the train tracks at night in the middle of a thunderstorm with Madison calling out to him and pinning Morgan down with her sledgehammer. After Morgan calms down, Madison explains that she had heard about Grace's death and came to the train to see if he was okay, only to find Morgan killing the herd surrounding it with his battle axe after having somehow gotten out. Morgan asks why he's on the ground and Madison reveals that Morgan had swung his axe at her and she had to knock him out. Morgan is in disbelief as he doesn't remember, but Madison reassures him that it's not Morgan's fault as "you weren't you. How could you be?" Morgan remembers Mo leaving to go to the shipyard and angrily demands his axe.

Inside the train, Grace's body is covered in a sheet with a pool of blood around it. Madison retrieves Morgan's bloody battle axe from a shelf, telling him that she had to make sure that he wouldn't hurt her. Madison asks Morgan what's going on and he explains that Mo thinks that she can clear the shipyard by herself, but she will die without their help. However, Madison isn't talking about that, and she draws Morgan's attention to writing on the walls in Grace's blood reading "GRACE TURNED. CLEAR. MO RAN. CLEAR. YOU CAN'T RUN. CLEAR. CAN'T FEEL THIS AGAIN." Morgan is shocked, and he urgently tells Madison to get away from him. "It means it's happening again, like it did before. Losing... losing... her. Grace. It's like I lost Jenny. Losing Mo." Madison insists that he hasn't lost Mo, but Morgan tells her that he will like he did Duane. Morgan explains that "I... I thought I was past this. I thought that when I put him to rest that I was past this! It's like I see red. It's all I see and all I do is kill. Again, and again until I've Cleared. Walkers, people, I don't see no difference, all I see is red, so you are not safe with me." Madison doesn't believe that, but Morgan states "that's 'cause you weren't there. You're not seeing how many I killed. And it's like a... it's like a... a cycle and it's startin' all over again."

Madison insists that they'll break the cycle, but Morgan points out that he swung his axe at her, and he doesn't even remember doing it. Morgan is worried about what else he might do, but Madison refuses to leave him because she knows what the thought of losing her kids did to her and Madison had lost herself too when they first met. Morgan helped to bring Madison back and she's here now to help keep what happened to Morgan before from happening to him again. Madison promises that whatever happens now, she'll be there for Morgan and make sure that he doesn't lose himself again. Conceding, Morgan tells her that they have to come back here afterwards and bury Grace right which she agrees to. Morgan can't lose Mo, he doesn't think that he could survive that. Telling Morgan "then let's not lose her," Madison returns Morgan's battle axe to him. Before following Madison out of the train car, Morgan takes one last look at the word Clear on the walls and his bloody hands.

The next day, Morgan and Madison find the shipyard abandoned aside from a number of dead walkers, although not nearly the amount that were in the shipyard. Seeing more walkers coming from behind the containers, including a young girl, Morgan attacks them with his battle axe and staff in a frenzy, descending into red-tinged visions of those that he lost and Mo leaving. When Morgan snaps out of it, he is being helped to his feet and he is surrounded by Madison, Daniel, Diane, and the other members of Daniel's Resistance with Daniel holding Morgan's axe, Morgan having bloody hands and all of the walkers are dead. Morgan realizes that it had happened again, and Madison reassures her friend that she had tried to stop him, Daniel's people helped, no one got hurt and the girl wasn't Mo. While the prefects were here, no one got hurt and Morgan angrily demands how Madison knows.

Moving through a walker-infested river, Daniel explains that June is monitoring PADRE from Grace's Repeater Station. Mo and the prefects opened the shipyard gates, but they were overwhelmed by the dead and pushed back towards the water. Mo led the herd into the swamps, probably to slow them down so that she can get ahead of them. The island has been evacuated because Shrike believes that the current will wash the walkers ashore there. She has loaded the shipping containers onto a cargo ship and is meeting the prefects on the other side of the swamp. As Mo and the prefects move through the swamp and the others fight approaching walkers outside of the swamp, Morgan reaches out to his daughter over the radio, wanting to tell her something that a friend had once told him: "he said you can hide, but you can't run. He wanted me to know that hurt will follow you, it follows you wherever you go. And he was right. The only I know that will ease it is... the people you still have left. It's the same people you're running from, Mo. Just don't do what I did. Don't run."

Morgan tells the others that they have to move, but he is stopped by Diane and experiences another brief red-tinged vision. Keeping control of himself this time, Morgan explains that if the prefects make it to that ship, Shrike will send them out to establish settlements all over the country and Morgan will never see his kid again. Diane points out that there are thousands of walkers between Morgan and Mo, but Morgan is unconcerned. Madison steps in and asks Morgan to go instead as she was unable to stop him back at the shipyard without the help of a lot of people. If Morgan goes in there, he could hurt a lot of people, or worse, Mo. Madison wants to make right the fact that Mo ended up at PADRE because of her, but Daniel wants them all to go since everyone has children in danger.

June radios in with the news that they're picking up chatter from the prefects that they're getting bogged down and surrounded by walkers on a couple of sides. Mo is taking the prefects to a houseboat and Morgan realizes that they're going to his houseboat which Morgan reminds Madison nearly sank the last time that they were in it. Madison is confident that they'll get to the houseboat before that happens again this time, but she has to admit that she doesn't know where it is. Daniel and Diane ask Morgan to show them on a map, but Morgan tells them that the houseboat is deep in the swamp, overgrown, and you could be standing 10 feet away from it and not know that it's there. Madison concedes that Morgan is going to have to be the tour guide, but he's worried that he'll lose control again. Daniel points out that they'd stopped him once at the shipyard and they can do it again if they have to and Morgan hands Madison his axe. The group heads towards the thousands of walkers making their way into the swamp after the prefects.

On a beach near the cargo ship, Ben joins his sister who tells Ben that they have to be ready as soon as the prefects arrive. However, Ben has searched every single container and file that their father left in his office, but there's no sign of something that they're looking for. Shrike corrects Ben when he refers to her by her real name of Sam, reminding her brother that Krennick had been planning for the expansion and it was what he had been heading off to do when he died. Shrike concludes that what they're looking for must be somewhere that they haven't looked yet.

Mo, Dove, Hawk and the other prefects find the houseboat before spotting a flare shooting into the sky. Shrike confirms that it was her doing, but she and Ben need the prefects to double back, explaining that the coordinates that they need to launch the expansion are inside of the swamp since they've looked everywhere else and couldn't find them. Shrike believes that the coordinates are on Krennick himself who is now one of the walkers in the herd that's chasing the prefects. Mo questions if this is about the coordinates or the fact that Krennick is her father, but Shrike insists that it's about the coordinates as it always has been. As Dove and Hawk exchange confused looks, Mo asks why they can't just pick their own coordinates and Shrike explains that "these locations were developed after years of study by the U.S. Military. They provide the right geographic, meteorological and topographical conditions to ensure the communities we seed survive. We don't find them, we might as well be throwing darts at a map!" While there are thousands of walkers inside of the swamp, only one is wearing a pair of binoculars and Shrike is convinced that the coordinates have to be hidden inside of them. The flare will draw the herd to them, and they are to kill as many of the walkers as they can until they find Krennick.

As walkers enter the waters of the swamp near the houseboat, the prefects spread out and begin using their staffs to put them down. Outside of the swamp, Daniel and his people fight the walkers and Morgan tries to convince Mo to get to the houseboat and keep herself safe until he can arrive, but Shrike tells Mo that if she does that, everything they've fought for will be dead. Morgan and Shrike both insist that the other will get Mo killed with Shrike telling Morgan to walk away, that this is why she'd locked him in the train car and that she's trying to spare Mo's life like Morgan's. Morgan refuses to walk away and lose his kid like this, but Mo finally responds and tells her father that she's already lost her and to not make this any harder than it already is before she shuts off her radio.

Daniel and his people finish clearing out the walkers and he and Madison insist they can do this by finding Krennick and the coordinates before Mo, but Morgan knows that Mo can't take on that many walkers even with the prefects' help. Madison suggests that they fight their way towards her, and Morgan asks for his axe back, snatching it from Madison and descending into another series of red-tinged visions where he swings at Madison who disarms Morgan, telling him that it's happening again and swinging towards him. Grabbing Madison's weapon Morgan has several flashes of the word Clear before finding himself sinking into mud when Morgan finally snaps out of it.

Morgan finds his axe with him and sticking out of Madison's oxygen tank, meaning that he had attacked Madison again. Impaling his axe in the ground, Morgan is able to use it to pull himself free while Mo reports over the radio that there's too many walkers and the prefects are going to split up to cover more ground. Grabbing the radio as more walkers approach him, Morgan warns his daughter that what she saw back at the house with the writing on the walls is happening again and Morgan doesn't know what he's done or what he might do. Morgan asks Mo to promise him to forget what Morgan had just told her and to run if he comes anywhere close to her. As the red takes over again with visions of Mo leaving him and Morgan attacking the walkers at the shipyard, he faces off against the walkers that are coming at him.

At the repeater station, Dwight loads a gun while Sherry tends to a worsening Finch. June reports that they're just trying to keep his temperature down and she asks where Dwight is going, and he tells June that he wants to make sure that Shrike doesn't come back out of the swamp. June points out that killing Shrike won't save Finch, but he's determined to stop Shrike from doing to other kids what she's done to his son. June offers to do it instead, sadly admitting that there's not much that she can do for Finch now. "I wasn't there at the end for my daughter, I should've been. He needs you. So does Sherry." Crying, Dwight hands June the gun and he goes to tend to his dying son with his wife.

Snapping out of his red-tinged vision, Morgan finds himself surrounded by walkers in the swamp near the houseboat, having successfully fought his way there. Consumed by the red once again, Morgan continues to attack as Mo calls out to him, asking what's wrong with him. When Morgan snaps out of it again, Mo has stabbed him in the shoulder in order to keep her father from attacking her in his deranged state. Although Mo is apologetic, Morgan is understanding, knowing that she had no other choice. Morgan attempts to raise Madison and Daniel and Madison wakes up where she is lying unconscious and answers him. Morgan reports that he's losing blood and he needs Madison to come and help Mo at the houseboat. Madison promises to try, but she doesn't know if she can find it without him. As the herd closes in, Morgan is consumed by visions of those that he lost, and he orders a frightened Mo to turn around and walk away. However, as the walkers close in, Morgan passes out from blood loss.

Morgan wakes up tied up in the half-sunk houseboat which is surrounded by walkers and Mo explains that she had brought him there after he passed out as it was the only place that she could bring him. Morgan is unable to reach his axe and he chastises Mo for bringing him in, but she defends it as the safest place. Morgan orders Mo to cut him loose so that Morgan can kill as many walkers as he can, but his daughter refuses after Morgan tried to attack her. Morgan is confused as to how Mo got him inside and he insists that she must get as far away from him as she can. "That's what I was trying to do. Why wouldn't you just let me go? Why couldn't you do that? And now we're trapped in here just like before. Because of you. I was trying to run away from you!" Morgan asks why she didn't just go, and Mo admits that she didn't want to watch Morgan die like she had to watch Grace die and now they're both going to die.

Morgan is filled with new determination, declaring that they are not going to die and they are finally going to break the cycle instead. Mo is confused, but she believes that there's no way out and Shrike will kill Morgan if they call her for help. Morgan finds a Flare Gun as walkers break through a window and shoots a flare into the air, ordering Madison over the radio to look up as that was him. Madison spots the flare and begins heading towards a nearby boat to get to the houseboat as Mo puts down the two walkers that had broken through the window. However, Madison doesn't know where Daniel is and she is caught by Shrike, Ben and two PADRE guards who need to get to the houseboat too. Madison suggests that they work together as they all want to save Mo, but Shrike tells Mo that when they first found her, she had to make sure that Madison would do what it took. While Shrike thought that she was, she now believes that they should've just killed Madison instead.

As Shrike goes to kill Madison, Daniel's people open fire, killing the two PADRE guards. Daniel threatens to kill Shrike if she doesn't surrender and introduces her to the parents of the children that she stole. While Shrike claims that PADRE rescued the kids, Daniel assures her that that's not how the parents see it. Dove, Hawk and the prefects arrive, announcing that it doesn't matter how their parents see it as none of them are going back with them. Dove orders them to drop their weapons, confident that the resistance fighters won't shoot and that they're stuck trying to live a life that has been dead for a long time. Daniel orders Madison to get in the boat, explaining that "I was in the same situation they're in when I was young. I wanna try to get through to them." As Daniel, Diane, and the resistance fighters lay down covering fire, Madison dives into the boat and takes off.

At the sinking houseboat, an increasing number of walkers swarm it, breaking through the door as Mo puts down the ones that get through with a knife. Morgan calls for Mo to give him his axe, but she continues to insist upon fighting the herd on her own as Mo would rather fight the walkers than her father. Morgan is consumed again by a vision of a zombified Grace attacking Mo and him saving Mo from Duane. Walkers continue to break in, nearly getting to Morgan before Mo saves him. Morgan contacts Madison, asking where she is, but while she's coming as fast as she can, Madison isn't sure that it's going to be enough. Morgan insists that it has to be because Mo needs her, but Madison needs oxygen. "I told you I'd stay by your side, Morgan. I told you I'd help you save Mo. You wouldn't let me."

Morgan suddenly comes up with an idea, suggesting that maybe Madison won't have to make it in time. Morgan finds Madison's damaged oxygen tank from their previous visit to the houseboat which Mo can use to swim right under the walkers. Morgan gets the tank working again, but Mo refuses to leave her father there to die. Morgan promises to find another way out and states that "I'm not gonna make the same mistake I did before. Seven years ago, it was just like this. Surrounded by walkers, the boat sinking. You were just a baby and I thought it was all over. I lost myself, Mo. I... I saw red and when I came to, my hands were covered in blood, and I was standing over you. And then I called PADRE because I knew I couldn't protect you and I couldn't break the cycle. But I'm gonna break it now. So put this on, and swim. If you swim low enough, you can go under them. And keep swimming until you get clear of this place." Mo sadly takes the tank and swims out as Morgan looks at the flooding corner of the boat containing his writings about Jenny, Duane and King County.

Taking the radio, Morgan tells Madison that Mo's going to be okay as he gave her the oxygen tank and she's swimming out to someplace safe. Madison asks about Morgan, but he tells her to just find Mo and make sure that she doesn't get on the ship. Shrike cuts in, telling Morgan that Mo is coming with them, PADRE is going to find the coordinates and Morgan will never see his daughter again. A zombified Krennick joins the walkers at the broken window and, realizing who the walker is, Morgan informs Shirke that the walker that she's looking for with the binoculars is right here in front of him. A shocked Shrike accuses Morgan of lying, but he threatens to bury the coordinates that she wants at the bottom of this swamp so that Shrike can never find them or her father. Morgan finally manages to reach his axe and cut himself free and he attacks the walkers, getting consumed by red again as a figure grabs Morgan through the window.

When Morgan snaps out of it, he's on shore nearby with Madison who explains that the houseboat sank, and she had to pull him out of the water. Looking around, Morgan demands to know where Mo is, but Madison doesn't know, having saved Morgan from drowning instead of going after Mo. Morgan is angry, claiming that he would've found his own way out, but Madison is doubtful of that. Against Madison's protests that he's just going to get himself killed, Morgan insists upon going after Mo as he can't lose her. Morgan has another red-tinted vision, but he retains control of himself and tells Madison to get out of his way. "PADRE, when they first had their hooks in me, my kids were the only things that kept me going. Alicia, even when she thought I was dead she... she... she kept me with her. You told me that yourself. You never really lose people, Morgan. None of us do." Experiencing another red-tinted vision of those that he lost, Morgan doesn't think that she's right.

A frantic Shrike arrives, demanding to know where her father is. Morgan tells Shrike that he went down with the ship and Shrike tells Morgan that he can join Krennick then. Morgan goes into another red-tinted vision of his losses before noticing a zombified Krennick crawling out of the swamp. Shrike is consumed by memories of her own of her father. Morgan and Madison call for Shrike to shoot her father, but she drops the gun and breaks down, consumed by her pain over his loss, remorse for her actions and apologizing to her father, finally remembering what he really wanted PADRE to be and understanding that she had twisted her father's vision. Krennick approaches a kneeling Shrike and bites into her right shoulder near her neck and her arm before Madison shoves the general off of his daughter and puts him down with a blow from her sledgehammer as Morgan watches. Checking Krennick's binoculars, Madison finds the coordinates hidden in one of the lens caps. Shrike continues to apologize to her father and Madison notes that he was always with her, something that clearly affects Morgan.

Having overpowered Daniel's forces, Ben and the prefects have them kneeling on the ground, preparing to execute them. Mo arrives and Dove claims that the resistance fighters had tried to stop them from fighting the walkers because they didn't have what it took. Telling the kids that this is what they trained for, Ben orders them to shoot the adults, but they all hesitate. Dove reiterates the order, but the prefects continue to refuse to act. Over Ben and Dove's continued attempts to get the prefects to kill the adults, some of whom are likely their own parents, Daniel tells everyone that "they won't do it. Making a child kill for the first time is harder than you think. Don't listen to them! When I was young, I was in the exact same position you're in right now. I wish someone would have stopped me then. You do this, it will haunt you for the rest of your life, you will never be able to back away from it." Despite Ben and Dove's best efforts, the kids listen to Daniel's advice, and they continue to hesitate to fire. Ben and Dove focus on a nervous Hawk, pressuring him to do it.

Morgan and Madison arrive, ordering everyone to hold their fire. Mo asks what he's doing here and Dove orders her not to listen as Morgan had tried to kill her. Morgan reassures his daughter that he's not here to hurt her or anyone else which Ben doubts. Madison confirms that Madison is telling the truth, revealing that they've got the coordinates that Ben and Shrike had wanted. Much to Ben's surprise, Morgan and Madison reveal that they're just going to hand over the coordinates without asking for anything in return. Dove thinks that it's a trick while Daniel protests, but Morgan simply tells everyone that if handing over the coordinates are what it takes to end all of this, then PADRE can have them because Morgan is letting Mo go. "If that's what you want, if that's what you think you need, I'm not gonna stand in your way." As Ben orders her not to listen to him, Mo is confused as Morgan said that he didn't want to lose her which he confirms he really doesn't while Dove tries to convince everyone that Morgan is messing with all of their heads.

"The only head that's been messed with is mine. For the longest time since I lost my wife and my son, I lost myself. And then when your mom died, it started all over again, but I think I can finally break free of that cycle, I think this will do it. It was Madison that led me to it, told me that you never really lose people, not the people that matter." Ben turns his gun on Morgan in frustration, but Madison tells him that she saw it with Shrike who was going to kill them, but she didn't, and she couldn't. As Dove continues to protest listening to Morgan and Madison, calling them liars, Madison explains to a wavering Ben that "she saw your father coming out of the marsh. When she saw him, she remembered what he stood for. What he died for. What he wanted PADRE to be." Morgan adds that that part of Krennick is still alive, and Shrike saw it and remembered it, because the people who are closest to us, they become a part of us. Morgan tells everyone to get on the ship and see where the coordinates lead them, but an increasingly desperate Dove orders the prefects to hold their ground. "Just remember the people you leave behind. 'Cause those people are gonna remember you. And you might not realize today or tomorrow how important that is, but the day will come. It will, Mo." Pushing Ben's arm down, Mo tells her father that she doesn't just want to remember him, she wants to be with him and Morgan and Mo embrace each other while Ben and the prefects, realizing that Morgan and Madison are right, stand down.

Shrike awakens on the train car with June standing over her and a severed walker head in the extension device. June tells Shrike that no one's going to hear her, and that June had found out Shrike's location from Morgan and Madison and June brought her here. Shrike begs June to try the treatment on her with a higher dose of radiation, but June states that it's not up to her. June contacts Dwight and Sherry for what to do with Shrike and Finch, near death from his returned walker bite infection, tells his father "don't make her feel this. No one should feel this." Complying with his dying son's wishes, Dwight instructs June to make it quick and painless. Telling Shrike that it's more than she deserves, June draws a knife and puts down the walker head.

A tearful Ben runs in, having heard that his sister was here and wanting to see her before she dies. Ben pleads with June who finally relents, telling Ben that either he ends Shrike's suffering or June will, and Ben agrees, showing June that he's unarmed. Walking away, June tells Ben that once he buries Shrike, he needs to find another place to live. June departs, leaving Ben with his dying sister and June's knife to end Shrike's suffering. Ben cries at Shrike's bedside, apologizing to her before mercy killing his sister.

At the beach, Mo loads up a boat and Morgan thanks Madison for helping him to find his daughter and himself again. Morgan doesn't think that Madison needs him for whatever comes next for her or the kids. Everything that's happened with Grace and Mo has got Morgan thinking about the people that he ran away from when Morgan first came to Texas, people that mean as much to Morgan as Morgan's Group does. Morgan has to find them and see if his friends are still there, right his mistake of leaving and make sure that they're all okay. Madison understands and Morgan tells her that he's able to leave because he's sure that he's leaving everyone in safe hands with Madison. Madison doubts that everyone will ever see her as anything other than the woman who took their kids away from them, but Morgan truly believes that Madison will give them good reason to. Mo seconds that, pointing out that Madison had given her a reason to believe. Mo returns Madison's old leather jacket to her, having found it in the inventory on the island. Madison hopes to see Morgan and Mo again someday and shares a hug with both of them. Morgan promises that they will always be with her, and Mo abandons her PADRE mask before she and Morgan leave in the boat.

With Finch having succumbed to his infection and died, Dwight and Sherry bury their son. Although Finch was the name given to him by PADRE, Sherry declares that Finch had made it his own and no one can take that from him. Dwight tearfully decides that this has to be the end of their marriage, feeling that no matter where they go and what they do, it just stays the same. The two sadly acknowledge that it never stops, and it always just seems to get worse. Dwight guesses that, rather than being because of people like Negan or Shrike, they're just not meant to be together. Dwight thinks that he's going to go back home to start over and, while neither Dwight nor Sherry wants to hurt each other, it seems like all they do to each other when they're together. The two agree to put an end to their relationship and share one last embrace at their son's graveside.

On the beach, Dove asks if Nightingale is gone, but Madison corrects her that his name is Morgan and confirms that both Morgan and Mo are gone. Dove asks if they're getting on the ship as they have the supplies and fuel, but Madison has a different idea. Addressing the gathered adults and kids, Madison announces that there's files on the island telling them where the kids came from and who their parents are. Some of their parents could still be out there and Madison intends to find them, bring them here and turn PADRE into what it was meant to be in the first place.

Morgan buries Grace in the makeshift cemetery near Eastman's Cabin, the place that Morgan had first regained his sanity after losing his family. Morgan hands his daughter a new staff that he found for her and suggests that she go practice with it. Holding his battle axe - which is made mostly out of the staff that Eastman had given him - Morgan addresses his old friend's grave. "Have you seen how much this has changed since you first gave it to me here? I suppose you'd say I have too. You made that all possible with all that you did and all that you taught me. There's something I realized just lately, that all life is precious, but that is not about killing or not killing. It's about... what you do with the time that you have. And the... the people that you have, ya know? I need you to look after Grace for me. Please." Watching Mo practice her aikido, Morgan offers her some of the same advice that Eastman had given him, laughing at the fond memories that it brings up.

Morgan announces that they have to get going as Morgan has decided to go looking for the friend that he mentioned who told him not to run, noting that it wouldn't be the first time that they found their way back to each other. Taking his radio, Morgan makes an open broadcast. "This message is for Rick Grimes. It's Morgan Jones. Man, I'm gonna come and look for you, whether you're at Alexandria or not. I will leave this message every morning at dawn, and I will leave the walkie on for a few minutes after. Who knows? Maybe you might even be listening." Morgan touches a kiss to Grace's grave and he has flashes of Eastman, Benjamin, Nick Clark, Isaac, Rachel, John Dorie, John Dorie Sr., Alicia Clark, Jenny, Duane, and Grace, all of the people that he's cared about and lost along the way. This time, Morgan only sees fond memories of his loved ones without the red-tinge, at peace at last with those that he's lost. With one last look back at Grace and Eastman's graves, Morgan and Mo depart, heading for Alexandria and to find Rick.

An unknown person receives an open broadcast from Madison announcing that PADRE has fallen and are no longer a threat to anyone listening or their children. Madison provides coordinates for anyone who thinks that they've lost a child to PADRE to come to, instructing them to send an SOS once they arrive on this channel, promising to do their best to reunite the people with their children and to make up for all the damage that PADRE did to them. The unknown listener has a map with eight locations across the US marked on it. The person writes down the coordinates and packs a bag with what looks like Victor Strand’s sunglasses, a hammer identical to the one that Madison killed Troy Otto with, and what appears to be Alicia's Prosthetic Arm and leaves.

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  • First appearance of Alex.
  • Only appearance (in Fear continuity) of Eastman. (Flashback)
  • Only appearance (in Fear continuity) of Benjamin. (Flashback)
  • Only appearance (in Fear continuity) of Ezekiel Sutton. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance (in Fear continuity) of Jenny Jones. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance (in Fear continuity) of Duane Jones. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance (in Fear continuity) of Rick Grimes. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Finch. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Sam Krennick.
    • As of Sam's death, Ben is the last member of the Krennick family confirmed to be alive.
  • Last appearance of John Dorie Sr. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Goddard. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Isaac. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Rachel. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of John Dorie. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Krennick. (Zombified/Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Grace Mukherjee. (Corpse/Flashback)
  • Last appearance (in Fear continuity) of Morgan Jones. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Morgan Jones-Mukherjee. (Unknown)
  • The title of the episode, "All I See Is Red", refers to Morgan's mental state after losing his son.
    • It also refers to a scene in the episode "Clear" of The Walking Dead where Morgan tells Rick Grimes about his son's death, which includes the words "And I see red. I see red. Everything is red. Everything I see is red."
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on June 15, 2023.
  • As of this episode, Karen David (Grace Mukherjee) has been removed from the opening credits.
  • This is the first time a new episode of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Dead City aired the same night.
    • This episode is played directly after the season premiere of Season 1 of The Walking Dead: Dead City.
  • This episode marks the return of Troy Otto, who has been absent since "Sleigh Ride" and who was thought to have died in "Things Bad Begun".
  • While talking to Eastman's grave, Morgan mentions how many changes his staff has gone through since Eastman first made it for him. These changes include:
    • In "Here's Not Here", the staff was originally one of Morgan's spears before Eastman turned it into a staff.
    • In "Bury Me Here", Morgan sharpened the end after Benjamin's death.
    • In "The Hurt That Will Happen", Grace takes the staff away from Morgan after he uses it to put down a radioactive walker, making it too dangerous to use. Morgan is subsequently without his original staff until he retrieves it in "Is Anybody Out There?".
    • In "Is Anybody Out There?", Grace breaks it in half in order to get rid of the radioactive half of the staff, making it to for use again.
    • From "Channel 4" to "Today and Tomorrow", Morgan uses the remaining half of his staff only. This rather humorously causes Morgan some issues in "You're Still Here".
    • In "Today and Tomorrow" and "Channel 5", the staff is repaired with a new second half by Terrence, a woodworker amongst the Pioneers. Virginia assures Morgan that Terrence stated that the joint holding the two halves together would hold up to anything Morgan could throw at it. The repair is seamless and can only be seen because the new part of the staff is of a lighter color than the old part.
    • In "The End Is the Beginning", Morgan abandons all use of the staff in favor of Emile's Battle Axe.
    • In "Alaska", Morgan adds the blade of Emile's Battle Axe to the blunt end of his staff, effectively turning the staff into the axe's new handle and creating a double-ended weapon that is highly effective against both the living and the dead.
    • In "USS Pennsylvania", the axe head is accidentally broken off by Victor Strand in a struggle. Subsequently, Morgan uses his staff only while Strand uses the axe head. Morgan uses just his staff in "The Beginning" as well.
    • Between "The Beginning" and "Cindy Hawkins", Morgan repairs his broken battle axe off-screen, adding a metal ring close to the point of his staff for an unknown reason.
  • This episode marks the first time that Jenny is physically seen alive.
  • Morgan's message to Rick about how he'll turn his radio every day at dawn to contact him is the exact same deal Rick gave Morgan when they first went their separate ways in "Days Gone Bye".

Episode Highlights[]

  • Shrike gets bitten on her shoulder and arm by Krennick and is put down by her brother Ben before reanimation.
  • Finch succumbs to the infection from his walker bite and is put down by Dwight and Sherry before reanimation.
  • Dwight and Sherry decide to separate due to not wanting to hurt each other anymore after the loss of Finch.
  • Morgan decides to go look for Rick at Alexandria with Mo after finally getting past the trauma from his losses and burying Grace at Eastman's Cemetery.
  • An unknown person, later revealed to be a still-alive Troy Otto, is seen listening to Madison's radio message and is shown to have Alicia's Prosthetic Arm, Strand's sunglasses and a hammer which resembles the one Madison used to presumably kill Troy at the Gonzalez Dam.


  • Morgan has a flashback of John Dorie as a walker despite never having seen him as one.