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"Y'know--Donna was eight years older than me. She was always wiser--more level-headed... she always knew what to do, or was able to convince me that she did. I don't know how I'm going to see those boys to adulthood without her. I really don't know what I'm going to do. But I'm going to try. I'm going to do my best. For her."
—Allen to Rick Grimes about his wife Donna.[src]

Allen is a character first encountered in Issue 2 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Atlanta Survivor Camp, as well as the husband of Donna and father of Billy and Ben.


Allen is a friendly and unassuming family man, getting along with pretty much everyone at the camp. Despite being the breadwinner of the family, he admits that he greatly relies on his wife Donna for emotional support and guidance, due to her being older and more experienced than him. He is naturally devastated by his wife's death, and falls into a deep depression afterwards. Allen turns into a shell of the cheerful man he once was, becoming quiet and emotionally distant from the rest of the group, including his own children. He also becomes irritable and occasionally aggressive, as shown when he snapped at Andrea when she attempted to comfort him. Due to his emotional distress, Allen is often delegated to less dangerous tasks, such as babysitting. Shortly before his demise, Allen seems to finally start to move on from his wife's death, and volunteers to help Rick and the others clear out part of the prison. Sadly, he is bitten shortly afterwards, and doesn't survive even with his leg being amputated.


Gainesville, Georgia

Not much is known about Allen's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born in 1971 and was employed at a mall in Gainesville as a shoe salesman.


Atlanta, Georgia

When the zombie outbreak began, Allen and Donna had heard that Atlanta would be the safest place to be due to the military's attempts to make it a safe-zone. Thankfully, due to their car breaking down, they arrived late and found that this was not the case. Going around the city, the family came across survivors Glenn, Dale, Amy, and Andrea, who had set up camp on the south side.

Days Gone Bye

Allen resides at the Atlanta Camp with other survivors, including his wife, Donna, and his sons, Ben and Billy. He attends shooting practice, and helps fight off the zombies that attack and kill Amy. He is seen later at Amy's funeral.

Miles Behind Us

Allen and Donna are happy that the group are moving and on the road, and are very happy when the group finds Wiltshire Estates, hoping that they can raise their children there. were happy together while with the survivors as they searched for a new location to stay in after departing Atlanta. However, tragedy struck while clearing out a housing estate. Donna was killed during the clearing, leaving him and the twins devastated. Allen snaps at Andrea after she consoles Allen, claiming that she didn't even know Donna. From then on, Allen keeps to himself and shows signs of mental weakness.

Safety Behind Bars

From that day on, Allen's mental state began to deteriorate, sometimes at the wrong times. During a fight with the undead occupants of the prison, Allen had a mental break down, and only came around once Andrea began yelling for more ammunition.

The Heart's Desire

Allen offers to help find the generator of the prison along with Rick, Tyreese, Dale, and Axel. In the process, Allen gets bitten in the Achilles tendon by a lurker. Allen gets his leg amputated by Rick. Allen apologizes to Andrea for his past actions towards her and asks of her and Dale to look after his sons if he passes away. After a long struggle against blood loss and a serious infection setting in, Allen died in his sleep, but not before leaving Andrea and Dale to take the twins as their own. After his death, his body was buried in the prison.


Killed By

While searching further into the prison, Allen remains behind to catch his breath after an incident in the library, when suddenly, a lurker crawls from behind and bites him on the leg.

In order to prevent infection from spreading, Rick amputates his leg with an axe. However, a few days later, Allen dies from blood loss in his sleep. Rick then puts him down to prevent reanimation.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Allen has killed:



"No. I can't-- not without her. Just leave me, Rick."
—Allen contemplating suicide after Donna's death[src]

Donna was Allen's wife, whom he loved very much. Allen and Donna managed to stay positive after the apocalypse and saw Wiltshire Estates as a possible home to raise their kids. When Donna died, Allen fell into a deep depression. The only thing that kept him going was his children. Allen was usually seen crying over his wife's death.

Ben & Billy

"We're all going to die. We have to get used to that."
—Allen explaining death to his sons[src]

Ben and Billy meant a lot to Allen, and they may have been only things that kept him going. Allen loved his boys, and is seen usually playing with them. Allen also told them dying is part of life from now on. After Allen was bitten, he asked Rick to take care of his children and then Andrea.

Rick Grimes

"Take care of my boys, Rick. Please...take care of them like they were your own. You're a good father."
—Allen to Rick after he is bitten[src]

Rick and Allen seemed to have a stable relationship. They were comfortable talking about personal things around each other. Even when Rick was unable to think of anything to say to Allen in order to comfort him after Donna's death, Allen reassured him that he knew Rick cared and it was enough, and he didn't need to say anything. Rick also tried to convince him that he was going to survive after he was bitten. Rick cuts off his foot in a desperate attempt to save his friend. Later, Rick tells his 'grave' that he's sorry about the leg.


"What? What the hell are you telling me? Get over it? Stop being sad? You wanna throw "quit being a pussy" in there too and go for the home run? I just lost my fucking wife you little cunt. Where the hell do you get off telling me anything about my grieving process?! Fuck you!"
—Allen to Andrea after she tells him to pull himself together[src]

Andrea did try to resolve things with Allen after Donna's death, but, he grew agitated and argued with her, saying that her loss was nothing compared to his. Although she did try to support him, he refused to let her help him. Andrea tried to talk some sense into him, reasoning that people will die all the time. After Allen was bitten, he rightfully predicted that he would die and asked Andrea to have her and Dale take care of his sons if he did, hinting he may have forgiven her if he trusts her with his children. Andrea was the one who reported to Rick that Allen was dead and showed remorse and sadness.


Although not seen interacting much after leaving Atlanta, it is thought they had a good relationship. When Rick and Glenn arrive back at the camp Allen is the first to go see Glenn asking how the trip went and what he got. He praises Glenn when he finds out Glenn had found some toilet roll. It was likely he was upset after Allen's death.


Carol and Allen appeared to be on friendly terms. After Donna's death, Carol was seen comforting and hugging him. At the prison, when Allen is bitten, Carol rushes over to see if he is okay. After the amputation of Allen's leg, Carol was devastated and furious at Rick for cutting his leg off, until Rick explained to her that it was to save his life.


Although these two were shown to have little interaction, they seemed friendly towards each other and had a stable relationship for the time Allen was alive. Axel was horrified at the sight of Allen getting bitten, and was saddened. He did everything he could to help Allen in his time of strife. Axel's hair was used to help cauterize Allen's wound.


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  • It is revealed by Allen that he is at least 8 years younger than his wife, Donna. However, the script book reveals his age to be 32 and Donna's 36, in which Donna is only 4 years older than Allen.
  • Hershel Greene was originally going to be the one to lose his leg, but Kirkman felt bad for Hershel, who had lost half of his children, so he decided Allen should be the one to lose his leg.[1]
    • Similar to Abraham Ford, Allen's death wasn't originally planned to happen until Issue 20 was released.
  • Kirkman originally planned for Allen to be killed by the barn zombies on Hershel's farm in Issue 11.


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