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"We are the last hope."
Elizabeth Kublek about the alliance.

The "Alliance of the Three" refers to an alliance between three in-range fortified cities: the Civic Republic, the city of Portland, the city of Omaha, and its satellite, the Campus Colony. It is indirectly referenced in AMC's The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead appears in The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the upcoming Rick & Michonne series.


Nothing is known about the members of the three communities prior to or as the outbreak began. However, with the Campus Colony (then known as Nebraska State University) being designated as a military safe-zone for civillian refugees, it is possible that Omaha, Portland, and Philadelphia were all originally military safe-zones.


At some point following the outbreak, the three reclaimed major cities located in different areas of the United States formed a large network, with the Civic Republic (located in Philadephia) being one of the aforementioned communities, using a three-circled figure as their symbol. The Civic Republic came into possession of helicopters that were utilized as a means of long-distance transportation and to scavenge areas for valuable supplies and resources. It is not known how many helicopters any of these communities possess, but as seen through coded maps that displays the CRM's ability to reach substantial distances across the former United States, they clearly have a substantial amount of them, on top of other military resources.

At some point, Omaha formed a direct compact with the Campus Colony (which had a population of 9,671 people), in which the latter would serve as a satellite to the city.

Eventually, the Civic Republic encountered a large group of survivors situated in a junkyard in Virginia and made a deal with their leader Anne (under the alias "Jadis") that, in exchange for bringing them strong survivors, they would supply her and her people with much-needed resources. The grading system this group used for captured survivors was marking them as an "A" (survivor with leadership abilities and willingness to fight) or "B" (survivor who is unable or unwilling to fight) which Anne would assign to the captives herself before delivery. It is not known how many survivors were given to the helicopter group by Anne and her people or what fate befell them after they were taken away, or if the group made similar arrangements with other survivor groups or settlements. One notable survivor captured by Anne and her people was Heath, a supply runner from the Alexandria Safe-Zone who was separated from his ally, Tara, while on a scouting mission and was taken away by the helicopter group to an unknown fate.

Anne would later reveal that she was planning on trading Gabriel Stokes to this group after he was captured by her lieutenant Tamiel, though he was rescued by his own group before this could occur. It is highly likely that Anne made a deal with Negan Smith and the Saviors to help fight back against Rick and his people in order to obtain 12 new survivors to be traded to the helicopter group for supplies. This however never occurred.

Season 1


The Alliance of the Three come together at the Campus Colony for "Monument Day". Later, Commander Elizabeth Kublek and her CRM soldiers carry out a massacre in Campus Colony, wiping out more than nine thousand people, though the Bennett sisters, along with Elton Ortiz, and Silas Plaskett, had already left the settlement for New York, with security officers Felix Carlucci and Huck going after them.

Season 2


The day after Monument Day, the CRM blow up the walls of Omaha, leading a column of empties to city, killing all 97,404 inhabitants, thus wiping out Omaha entirely.

"Blood and Lies"

It's revealed that the CRM eliminated Omaha and the Campus Colony using chlorine gas, disguising it as an attack by a massive herd. Anne reveals to Huck that the CRM next intends to destroy Portland, the last of the other cities in the Alliance of the Three. Huck passes on the warning to the Endlings through Percy who theorizes that the CRM was only using the Alliance to scope out their competition before waiting for the perfect moment to strike in order to become the sole major power left. It's also revealed that the Civic Republic government is unaware of their military's actions against their allies and other survivors.

"Death and the Dead"

During a confrontation, Jadis reveals the CRM's motives for destorying Omaha and the Campus Colony. The military determined that the alliance would be a drain on their own resources and Omaha and Portland had become too reliant on the Civic Republic. They the decision to eliminate them and take in as many assets, including at least 10,000 children over the course of two years, to ensure their own survival.


Civic Republic

Portland, Oregon

  • 87,000 unnamed people

Omaha, Nebraska

Campus Colony



Killed Victims


World Beyond

Season 1

Season 2


  • Scott Gimple confirmed the three circles of the network's symbol represent the three communities.
  • As of "Konsekans", the city of Omaha has been overrun, leaving only Portland and the Civic Republic as the only members of the Alliance of the Three.
    • Following the events of "The Last Light", it's possible that the Alliance of the Three has officially come to an end as Iris' group had successfully ventured to Portland in order to warn them of the CRM's intentions.
  • Prior to the events of "Brave", the alliance contained over 394,078 survivors.
    • This means the alliance once contained a little over of 0.1% of the United States' total population.