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"Alouette" is the second episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. It is the second episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 17, 2023. It was written by David Zabel & Jason Richman and directed by Daniel Percival.


Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent, and Sylvie face trouble on the road. Isabelle remembers the day the hungry ones appeared. Laurent struggles to fit in.


In a flashback, Isabelle stands on a rooftop outside of a club looking out over Paris. Inside, Isabelle briefly dances with another patron and has a drink with an older man before snorting cocaine and returning to dancing with various men. Throughout all of it, Isabelle appears listless and unhappy. Leaving, Isabelle goes through the things that she has stolen from club patrons, including a couple of credit cards and watches. As Isabelle stares at her reflection for a moment, there's suddenly the sound of screams and walker growls coming from the club. Isabelle downs some pills to relax herself and leaves.

Outside, Isabelle smokes a cigarette while looking out at the Eiffel Tower. Hearing more screams, Isabelle spots a man nearby being attacked by a walker and bitten in the arm as screaming bystanders flee. Another man is hit by a car and injured in the chaos and Isabelle leaves, but she finds walkers attacking frightened commuters in a Paris subway train. A few more walkers enter the platform and Isabelle flees onto the streets where chaos has erupted: Monument Day, the start of the Trials, has begun. Seeing a man who was hit by an upside-down car, Isabelle goes to try to help him, but the man reanimates and chases after her. Quinn suddenly hits the walker with his car and drives off with Isabelle just before two can close in on her.

In the present, Laurent plays in a field while Daryl and Isabelle go over their route to Paris on a map. While Daryl wants to take a route that's a straight shot to Paris, Isabelle wants to detour to Angers where there's a man with a radio who can connect them to the Union of Hope's people in the north. Daryl argues against it as Paris was the priest's plan and going to Angers will take longer, but Isabelle simply tells him that the plan has changed.

In a flashback, the next morning Quinn tells Isabelle that Paris is bedlam, but his friend Olly has a place in the Dordogne where they can stay as long as they want. However, Isabelle isn't willing to just go, claiming that she needs to go home and change her clothes, which Quinn agrees to, giving her 10 minutes once they arrive.

In her apartment, Isabelle frantically collects a hidden box of cash and calls for her sister Lily who is unaware of the chaos going on. Isabelle informs Quinn that she won't leave her sister behind, and she speaks with her young neighbor Aimée as Quinn helps Lily get her stuff into the car. The little girl tells Isabelle that her father didn't come home last night and her mother's crying on the phone. Isabelle tells Aimée to go back to her apartment, promising Aimée that her mother will look after her and making the little girl promise to stay inside. Isabelle, Quinn, and Lily leave as Isabelle looks around at the unfolding chaos in Paris.

In the present, Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent and Sylvie ride a mule-drawn cart through a village where Laurent rather morbidly answers Sylvie's attempt to get him to guess what person she's talking about by stating that it's a dead person since everyone else that Sylvie knows is dead. When Laurent asks what kind of a death he would prefer, Daryl sarcastically suggests a quiet one. The mule suddenly stops in the middle of the road and refuses to go any further. Astérix's whining draws out a herd and Daryl wonders how to shut him up, but Laurent tells him that the mule is very stubborn. With no other choice and over Isabelle's objections that Laurent loves the mule, Daryl unties Astérix and fires his gun into the air, scaring the mule into charging straight through the herd, drawing it away. Isabelle lies to Laurent that Astérix will be fine as he's faster than the walkers, and Daryl has everyone gather their belongings and move out in the other direction.

On the road, Laurent continues to express concern for Astérix, but Isabelle reassures him that the mule is too smart to get lost and that he probably went to the apple orchard that they had passed. However, Daryl urges Isabelle to tell the boy the truth as he has to learn sometime. Recognizing that Daryl doesn't have children of his own, Isabelle tells him that the truth can wait. Suddenly, the sound of whistling surrounds the group before an arrow flies into a pole in front of them. Daryl chases the shooter into a nearby building where he's ambushed and captured by a group of masked children armed with makeshift spears.

Having captured the entire group and their cart, the children lead them to a fortified preschool where they chant and howl as their leader Lou comes to join them. Isabelle explains that they're religious people whose mule broke down and they got stuck. After Isabelle clarifies that they're nuns, Lou challenges them to be able to recite St. Joseph's prayer for mothers and fathers which Isabelle, Sylvie and Laurent immediately do, although Daryl, unable to understand the conversation, doesn't. When questioned about Daryl, Isabelle claims that he's an American priest named Father Daryl who was sent to France on a mission long, but he doesn't speak French, even after all of this time. Satisfied, Lou has Daryl released and his weapons returned, announcing to the children that they will practice their English out of respect to Daryl. Daryl is unamused about being dubbed Father Daryl by Isabelle.

Lou shows the group around the classrooms, explaining that there's 18 children now. The day that the outbreak started, the older children were dropped off at school, but while some of them were picked up at the end of the day, the parents of the rest never came. After briefly stopping to admonish Criquet who is supposed to be helping to cook dinner, Lou tells Isabelle that the younger children, two of whom attach themselves to Daryl, are orphans that they've found over the years. Carine was left at the school in a basket and Dmitri was found lost in the woods. They survive by hunting, growing food and fixing old clothes as well as keeping up with their lessons. Daryl compliments that they're "not bad for being little road bandits."

Lou takes them into a room where an old woman, Madame Dubois, lies in a bed. Lou explains that she is their parents and nurse and taught them everything before she got sick six months ago. The children read to Madame Dubois and sing and recite a prayer from Isaiah for the sick and dying, although Lou believes that their prayers will be answered, and Madame Dubois will be saved. Although Daryl and Isabelle don't say anything, the grave look that they share with each other shows that they know that Madame Dubois won't survive.

Everyone sits down together to a dinner cooked by Aline, the children's chef. Laurent tries to sit next to Moof and make conversation with him, but Moof angrily rejects Laurent's overtures, telling the younger boy that the chair is for his brother. Lou apologizes, explaining that two of their brothers are off on a mission right now. Lou asks "Father Daryl" to lead them in a prayer of thanks which he awkwardly does: "um, Lord... I'm sure you have your reasons for turning the whole world upside down. Maybe we deserve it, for being so mean to each other. We probably do deserve it. But not tonight. No. Tonight is good. And if this isn't good enough for you, I don't know what is. Amen." The kids are impressed as Daryl sounds like Madame Dubois who says that their manners are like a mirror that shows their portrait. Daryl proceeds to just slurp his soup with the kids following suit with a laugh.

After dinner, Lou asks what they will do now that they've lost their mule, but Laurent tells her that the mule isn't lost but eating apples, causing the other kids to laugh at him before Aline leads Laurent away. Daryl asks where they can find another one and Moof suggests La Tarasque which Sylvie explains is a lizard, like a dragon from old stories. However, this one is not a story, but rather he's a real man, although he's still a monster. La Tarasque lives in a nearby castle and he has horses that he used to take everything from the village such as food and fuel from every house and every shop. The kids once tried a raid to get supplies, but it didn't work out well for them. Lou refuses to tell Daryl where this castle is, telling him that it's too dangerous and they won't go there again. Daryl suggests that they could save Madame Dubois since if La Tarasque raided all of the drugstores, then he's got all of the medicine. The kids can pray all that they like, but Madame DuBois will die without proper medicine. Moof wants to join them, and he angrily storms off when Lou refuses to let him join them, agreeing to go with Daryl by herself in the morning.

That night, everyone gathers to watch Mork & Mindy which is powered by Sacha pedaling on a bike. Initially excited, Daryl slowly gets more somber as the show goes on which Isabelle notices. Lying in bed later, Daryl admits that he lied, and medicine won't help Madame Dubois, but they just need that horse. Daryl quotes Isabelle about how the truth can wait, but Isabelle tells him that it was a mule before while this is the children's teacher. Daryl states that they just need to get to the radio, which is too far to walk, and Isabelle recognizes that it's so that he can go home. Isabelle feels sorry for the children who don't know what the world was like before, but Daryl sadly points out that you can't miss what you never had. Daryl reveals that he had used to watch Mork & Mindy with Merle when they were young. Daryl and Merle had loved that show which used to make everything just a little bit better for them. Isabelle admits that she understands wanting to escape.

In a flashback, Isabelle, Quinn and Lily drive through the French countryside. On the radio, an announcer orders people to stay in their homes and not to horde supplies, no looting and robbery won't be allowed. Isabelle makes them stop at a gas station after Lily feels sick and Quinn hides a gun in the back of his pants. Quinn offers to get Lily to a doctor, but she refuses, insisting that she only needs a minute. Lily throws up, hitting Quinn, and admits that her stomach hurts. Looking at Lily's enlarged stomach, Isabelle realizes that her sister's pregnant and Lily admits that it's been a few months, and she apologizes for not telling Isabelle sooner because she was scared. Pulling Isabelle aside, Quinn tells her that they can't take Lily with them in that condition because they're going somewhere secluded where there's no baby hospitals. They have to stay mobile as it's not safe and they can drop Lily off somewhere safe along the way such as a clinic. Reminding Isabelle that he always takes care of her, Quinn tells her to trust him. Under the guise of a hug, Isabelle steals Quinn's car keys from his pocket and pretends to agree with him. While Quinn goes to make a few calls and find Lily somewhere safe, Isabelle steals his car and drives off with her sister.

In the present, on the road the next morning, Lou reveals that she knows that Daryl's not a priest as it's pretty obvious. Daryl tells the girl that how he got to France is a long story and the only part that matters is that Daryl gets home to his people. Lou quotes Madame Dubois that family are the people that you're with, and Daryl admits that she sounds like she was a good teacher. However, Lou still believes that Madame DuBois will get better thanks to Daryl and Lou tells him that they're almost there.

At the school, Laurent plays hide-and-go-seek with the other children as Hibou counts. Hibou quickly finds Laurent as he's not in a good hiding place, and Laurent tells her that the nuns never find him at the abbey and he always wins there. Renard asks why he was at the abbey anyways, and Laurent explains that after his mother went to be with the angels, his father was falsely imprisoned and joined the Foreign Legion to fight the hungry ones. His father was a hero who gave his life for a free France and he even won a medal. The other children laugh at Laurent and Renard sarcastically asks if his father was like the Count of Monte Cristo while Hibou points out that the story sounds made up. Laurent insists that it's not, but Renard tells him that "those penguins trick you, Laurent" and the kids make fun of Laurent for his naivety. Hibou leads the other kids off to hunt le bete de Gevaudan, or the Beast of Gevaudan.

Watching through a window, Sylvie tells Isabelle, who is tending to Madame Dubois, that Laurent is playing with the other children which she is pleased about as Laurent is making friends. Sylvie warns her that Laurent wonders about who he is, where he comes from and how he fits into the world. Isabelle asks if Sylvie wondered the same things about herself which she confirms. Isabelle promises her friend that up north, the two of them and Laurent will all know how they fit in to everything which is why they're going: to find their purpose.

In a flashback, Lily panics that something is wrong with her baby because she's in pain. Spotting an ambulance parked up ahead, Isabelle decides to stop in the hopes that the paramedics can help them. However, walkers appear from behind the ambulance, and the two women are quickly forced to flee.

In the present, armed with a knife, Laurent walks through the woods and spots a few walkers moving away from where a dog is eating Astérix's partially devoured corpse. Laurent scares the dog off and apologizes to the mule for not being there for him.

As they come within sight of La Tarasque's Castle, Daryl asks Lou about the raid that she had talked about, and she explains that three of the kids, including herself, went after La Tarasque and only she ever came home. One of the others who went was Moof's brother and Lou has been lying to the others that Moof's brother and the other kid went for help and that they'll come back. With Madame Dubois sick, she didn't know what else to say which Daryl gets. The two find the castle's drawbridge up and the moat filled with a herd of walkers.

In a flashback, during a thunderstorm, Isabelle drives up to the abbey, confident that the nuns have to take them in. Véronique greets them at the gate along with a young Sylvie, explaining that Sylvie is her student who believed that they were her parents coming to pick her up. Père Jean introduces himself and notices that Lily was bitten on the arm by one of the walkers on the roadside. The nuns treat Lily's bite and Père Jean tells her to get changed into a gown. Isabelle is upset that her sister is 7 months pregnant and kept it from her, but Lily explains that she was afraid that Isabelle would be mad at her. Isabelle asks who the father is, but Lily is interrupted by a contraction and Isabelle soothes her sister by singing Alouette which their mother had used to calm them down at bedtime. Isabelle helps Lily change into the gown, and Lily acknowledges that her sister has taken good care of her ever since their parents died. Lily makes Isabelle promise to look after her baby for her.

In the present, Isabelle and Sylvie find Astérix's body and Laurent angrily accuses them of lying to him. Laurent walks off, chased by Sylvie.

In a toolshed, Daryl and Lou look for something to help them cross the moat. Although they find a rope and something to use as a hook, Daryl asks Lou to find a bigger one, and then locks her in, telling Lou that she'll be safer in there and Daryl is better off on his own. Daryl uses his makeshift rope and hook to climb the drawbridge, and finds a storeroom loaded with supplies that he begins gathering. Daryl hears a voice from another room yelling at La Tarasque to be let out, and finds a teenage boy locked in a dungeon who reveals that he speaks English. Daryl realizes that it's one of the kids from the raid and the boy introduces himself as Hérisson which Daryl has trouble pronouncing, leading him to call the boy Hedgehog - the English translation of his name - instead.

As they try to leave, La Tarasque opens fire on them from a window. Daryl shows Hérisson how to use his rifle and orders the boy to keep La Tarasque busy while Daryl rushes inside to confront the man. In the toolshed, Lou is found and released by a hooded figure. As La Tarasque exchanges shots and insults with Hérisson, Daryl sneaks up on the man and forces him to disarm himself at knifepoint. The surprised man reveals himself to be an American from Giddings, Texas named R.J. Gaines. Although R.J. offers Daryl some of the amenities that he has, Daryl furiously confronts R.J. about stealing it from people who need it. R.J. defends himself as just doing whatever it takes to stick it out long enough until he can get back home to the ones that he loves, just like everyone else which is all that matters. Daryl drags R.J. outside where he claims to have never laid a hand on a furious Hérisson, but the boy points out that R.J. had threatened to shoot him if he tried to leave. While Hérisson wants to push R.J. into the moat, Daryl decides to take him back to Lou and let her decide what to do with R.J.. R.J. begs him not to as the kids will kill him and he's got a wife and four kids of his own waiting for him back home, but Daryl tells him that "there ain't no home, asshole" as he's been there and that "East Coast, Midwest, even Texas. Everybody you know back home is gone. They've been gone a long time."

Daryl and Hérisson lead a horse-drawn cart full of supplies over the lowered drawbridge, dragging R.J., tied by a long rope to the back of the cart, behind them. R.J. desperately continues trying to bribe an uninterested Daryl before the side of the cart falls open and several large fuel tanks roll out and into the moat. As R.J. taunts them, Daryl goes to secure the remaining supplies and try to fix the damaged wheel and he orders Hérisson to shoot R.J. if he tries anything. R.J. continues taunting the two, offering to help them if they let him go. R.J. makes a run for Daryl's gun and the two men struggle over it, eventually falling off the edge of the drawbridge and into the moat.

Daryl immediately draws his knife and morning star to fight the walkers, but R.J. is left dangling helpless within the herd's reach from the rope that he's still attached to. The walkers devour R.J. while Daryl retrieves his rifle and shoots the fuel canisters, causing a large explosion that blows up a large number of the walkers, including the walkers gathering behind Daryl while Daryl is protected by crouching behind the corner of the wall. Moof tosses down a rope from the top of the wall while Lou and Hérisson cover Daryl from the surviving walkers with bows. Once Daryl's tied onto the rope, Moof has the horse pull him out of the moat. Lou sarcastically asks Daryl if he's still better off by himself and notes that Daryl at least got his horse. Hérisson shows a grateful Lou that Daryl got them the medical supplies that they need too. A horrified Moof recognizes one of the walkers in the moat as his brother Julien and realizes that Lou had lied to him about Julien being off on a mission. Moof refuses to leave his brother like that, and an emotional Lou raises her bow, but struggles to bring herself to shoot her friend. Sympathetic, Daryl shoots Julien with his crossbow instead and saves Lou from having to put her friend down.

Daryl, Lou, Moof and Hérisson triumphantly return to the school where the other children celebrate the return of their lost friend. Isabelle notes that Daryl's lie worked and Daryl quips that "well, I ain't a nun" as they watch the celebration. Sylvie comes out with the news that Madame Dubois has died of her illness, and Daryl apologetically admits to the devastated Lou that the meds were never going to help her and that he had lied to get a horse. Lou wonders what they're going to do without her, and Daryl tells the girl to keep doing what they've been doing. The other kids look up to Lou and that's a good thing. Daryl offers to take care of putting Madame Dubois down, but Lou decides to do it herself as she owes it to the old woman. Daryl, Isabelle and Sylvie leave Lou alone as she draws her knife and says goodbye to Madame Dubois before stabbing her in the head. The children build a memorial to their beloved teacher and Laurent comforts Hibou, telling her that his teacher is also with the angels and then leads the kids in doing "nanu-nanu" from Mork & Mindy.

Daryl boards the group's now horse-drawn cart, but Laurent wants to stay at the school with his new friends. Laurent reluctantly agrees to leave, complaining to Sylvie that Isabelle never listens to him and deciding to walk instead. The children see Daryl's group off as they leave and resume their journey to Paris.

A limping Stéphane walks through the abandoned abbey, stopping briefly to look at the corpses of his men who were just left lying in the courtyard. Stéphane finds an abandoned gun as well as Daryl's tape recorder and listens to the message that he had recorded on it. Looking through a journal, Stéphane finds a picture of a 2 month old Laurent as well as the wall map showing the group's route to Paris.

On the road, Sylvie tries to get Laurent to get in the cart, but he refuses as Isabelle treats him like a baby. Laurent states that some adults speak the truth and some children don't need to be treated like that, but Sylvie argues that he's not like other children and Laurent is special. Giving Isabelle the reins, Daryl joins the boy on foot, telling Laurent that no one had ever called Daryl special when he was a kid, at least not in a good way. However, Laurent doesn't want to be special, he just wants to be like other kids which Daryl knows. Laurent wonders what it is that makes him so special anyways.

In a flashback, Lily goes through labor, assisted by Isabelle, Père Jean, Véronique and another nun. Lily dies in the middle of it from her bite and Père Jean prepares to perform an emergency C-section on her in order to save the baby while Isabelle desperately calls out to her sister. Lily suddenly begins moving again as she reanimates and Véronique restrains Lily as the priest performs the C-section. The baby is successfully delivered, albeit not breathing at first, but Jean, Véronique and the other nun manage to revive him which the priest declares to be a miracle. As Père Jean begins to perform what appears to be an exorcism on the zombified Lily, Isabelle carries her newborn nephew past the awed nuns. Finding a statue of St. Laurent, Isabelle decides to name her nephew Laurent after the saint.

Other Cast[]




  • Aimée's Father (Flashback, Off-Screen)
  • Astérix (Off-Screen)
  • Mr. Carriere (Confirmed Fate, Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Mrs. Carriere (Confirmed Fate, Pre-Apocalypse)
  • R.J. Gaines
  • Julien (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Dubois
  • Lou's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Moof and Julien's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Hibou's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Criquet's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Abeille's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Sacha's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Jules' Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Aline's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Hérrison's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Sylvie's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • Lily Carriere (Alive, Flashback; Zombified, Off-Screen, Flashback)
  • Several unnamed Bonnie patrons (Flashback, Off-Screen)
  • Numerous unnamed Paris residents (Flashback, Many Alive)


  • First appearance of Quinn. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Lily Carriere. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Aimée. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Lou.
  • First appearance of Moof.
  • First appearance of Hérisson.
  • First appearance of Hibou.
  • First appearance of Renard.
  • First appearance of Criquet.
  • First appearance of Abeille.
  • First appearance of Sacha.
  • First appearance of Jules.
  • First appearance of Aline.
  • First appearance of Carine.
  • First appearance of Dmitri.
  • Only appearance of R.J. Gaines.
  • Only appearance of Julien. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Madame Dubois.
  • Last appearance of Père Jean. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Véronique. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Dell. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of William. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Richard. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Jèrèmie. (Corpse)
  • The title of the episode, "Alouette", is French and means "lark". It's a reference to the Francophone children's song "Alouette", also known as "Alouette, Gentille Alouette" ("Lark, Nice Lark"). Isabelle and Lily's parents used it to help them sleep and Isabelle uses it to help calm her sister down as she goes into labor.
  • The situation of the children has a number of similarities to the kids from Ericson's Boarding School in the Final Season of the Telltale Series.
    • The children have lived in their former school since the outbreak began.
    • For the most part, the children have had no adult supervision with the only adult being their nurse who passes away.
    • The children are being preyed upon by a dangerous adult who has killed one of their number and kidnapped another one. The visit of the main characters helps to bring this threat to an end.
    • During the episode, the children slurp their dinner which the boarding school survivors did in "Take Us Back". In addition, the kids start doing it after one of the main characters does.
    • Some of the children in both use bows as their weapons with the leader in both cases using a compound bow.
    • R.J.'s rifle appears to be the same type as the Delta uses.
  • Daryl, Isabelle, Sylvie and the kids watch an episode of Mork & Mindy, an ABC sitcom from 1978.
    • The episode they watch is "The Mork Report".
    • Daryl and Merle are revealed to have loved watching it as kids.
  • The scene where Daryl takes it upon himself to put down Julien is similar to the scene in "Stradivarius" where Michonne puts down Bernie.
    • In both cases, a loved one of their new companions is discovered to be a walker and Daryl and Michonne each take it upon themselves to put that person down so as to spare their friends from having to do it.

Episode Highlights[]