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Alvarez (first name unknown) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water.


Alvarez is a cynical and sarcastic individual. He seemed to be on relatively good terms with his fellow crewmembers. However, when the outbreak begins he becomes fearful and panicky, mainly caring about the survival of himself. He is shown to be quite cold, stating that it is now every man for himself and he will not hesitate to shoot Winokur and Riley if they die. His proneness to panicking proves to be his downfall, as it causes him to accidentally shoot Farley and lead to his own death.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Alvarez' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was a lieutenant junior grade in the U.S. Navy and a crew member of the USS Pennsylvania.


Dead in the Water

"A Good Sailor"

Alvarez stands near the outer hatch with Riley, McGuire, and Pierce. The four men discuss how, despite the fact that they're currently only 50 klicks off of Galveston, they can't reach anyone. When the topic of Riley's child is brought up, Alvarez says that he can't imagine Riley changing diapers in a Chili's bathroom. Pierce says it's Riley's duty to protect his son, to which Alvarez says he never knew his dad and that he turned out fine. Pierce jokingly calls them miserable, to which Alvarez says "Not because I didn't know my dad. 'Cause I'm stuck in a metal tube with you pussies." Just then an announcement is made over the PA about ice cream sundaes in the cafeteria. Alvarez goes to the mess hall with the others.

"Do What Needs Doing"

After the outbreak begins in the sub, Alvarez and Winokur make their way through the corridors when they run into Riley in the kitchen. They lock themselves in the freezer. A distressed Winokur begins yelling about how their crewmates are eating each other, to which Alvarez tells him to shut up to not draw the walkers towards them. Alvarez proclaims that if Winokur or Riley dies, he will put a bullet in their head. Alvarez believes that the outbreak is an attack, and that someone slipped a nerve agent into the sub. When Riley questions how they're not infected, Alvarez retorts saying how does he know they're not. He reveals that he had to shoot his TAO in the head and that now it's every man for himself. Tension rises, when Alvarez tells Riley that just because he doesn't want to see his family again doesn't mean that he doesn't want to either. Riley shoves Alvarez before Winokur breaks them up. Riley tells them that he needs to get to weapons room, which Winokur steps up too. Alvarez initially plans on staying in the freezer with the gun before reluctantly going with them. The three exit the freezer.


Alvarez, Riley, and Winokur are moving through the halls when suddenly Alvarez is attacked by a zombified Jefferson. Winokur manages to get Jefferson off him and pins him against a wall. Unfortunately, Winokur is bitten on the wrist. Alvarez puts down Jefferson before shooting Winokur in the head. Riley is angered by this, to which Alvarez responds saying Winokur would've turned. Suddenly a zombified Vos attacks Riley, but McGuire drops his wrench on him from above. Alvarez climbs up the ladder and joins McGuire with Riley.

Reaching the silo hall, Riley opens the hatch and tells his companions that the weapons' room is on the other end of the hall. However, it is filled with walkers. A nervous Alvarez refuses, but Riley tells him that the walkers are drawn to noise and to not shoot unless he has to. The three sneak through the hall as walker growls and screams echo around them. Alvarez shakes profusely in fear. Suddenly, Farley emerges, startling Alvarez into accidentally shooting and killing him. Panicking, Alvarez tries to leave through a nearby hatch against Riley's orders not to open it, but walkers enter through the hatch and attack Alvarez. Alvarez manages to point his pistol into his mouth and shoots himself before he can be devoured.


Killed By

After trying to leave Riley and McGuire, Alvarez opens a door only to be attacked by two undead crewmembers. Before they can tear into him, he manages to point his pistol into his mouth and shoots himself shortly thereafter.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alvarez has killed:


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