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"What? I aimed for the head."
—AJ to Clementine after killing Marlon. (Determinant) [src]

Alvin Jr., nicknamed A.J., Alvie, or Goofball, is a main character in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. He first appears in Season Two, returns in Season Three, and later appears as the deuteragonist of Season Four. He is the son of Rebecca and possibly, Alvin or Carver. In the third season, Alvin Jr. only appears in flashbacks with Clementine, showing the story of how they became separated.


As an infant, AJ exhibited healthy and normal behavior for a baby his age. He took an instant liking to his mother and Clementine, but seemed to dislike Jane.

As AJ reaches toddler status, his behavior remains almost the same. He didn't talk at all, rather forming unintelligible babbles instead. He has grown fond of Clementine and recognizes her as a mother figure in his life.

Much later into the apocalypse, AJ is a young child with a (somewhat) adult sense of mind for the world's state. He is eager to prove himself capable of survival, despite the lack of practical knowledge. He looks up to Clementine in order to learn about the world as it comes.

AJ's behavior seems to shift between a childlike sense of happiness and gratitude, and a ruthless unforgiveness. This could be due to a lack of social skills and experience in a safe zone, as he has spent most of his life on the run. This also causes a blurred line between Survival and Living for him, such as when he calls Louis out for being too loud with his piano, or planning to sleep under the bed in case anybody would try to attack him and Clementine.

He is also shown to be unaware of the value of personal property, as he tried to claim both Tennessee's toys, and read Assim's journal without permission. This could be childlike naitiviety, as apposed to a behavioral trait.

A noteable trait is AJ's inability to handle targets coming up from behind him. This is shown when he bites a survivor from the boarding school, and elbows Marlon in the groin when both survivors had come up behind AJ. This could because AJ is not used to being around other people, as he was mostly living with Clementine. AJ does feel sorry about this, but says he does is as just a natural reflex as he thought it was someone trying to hurt him.

Despite the struggles AJ goes through, he is a good kid at heart, and will do whatever it takes to protect Clementine and himself from any harm.

AJ also picks up on things that are dangerous, example calling Louis out for being to loud and silly. And letting Abel go was dangerous as he might come back.

Having been born into this world, AJ seems to be wired to always be on his guard. When entering new places AJ checks his surroundings, wants to make sure there is always a way out, and wants to be the safest he can possibly be. Sometimes AJ is more on guard than Clementine as he expresses things about the safe zone he perceives as dangerous. It is inferable that AJ is like this because he has spent his whole life surviving.


Season 2

"Amid The Ruins"

Rebecca's son was delivered by Kenny at the observation deck at Parker's Run. The child was first believed to be stillborn but suddenly begins to cry, which then showed that he was successfully born alive and healthy. However, delivering him caused post-partum bleeding in his mother.

When Clementine wakes up, Rebecca is seen holding her child and offers for Clementine to hold him. Kenny will eventually take hold of the baby in order to allow Rebecca to get some rest. However, after Kenny and Luke begin arguing, Rebecca will awaken and demand to have her baby back, which Kenny will accede to and apologize. When the group travels to the town across the river, he is being held by his gravely ill mother Rebecca, who soon rests up at the side of the road. When the group is surrounded by a group of Russians, Rebecca soon dies from hypothermia and blood loss from childbirth. Her son is last seen crying on Rebecca's lap after her death and reanimation, after which either Clementine or Kenny will shoot her in order to save him.

"No Going Back"

At the start of the episode, Clementine will fall to the ground to prevent getting shot, as she notices the baby on the ground crying. She will attempt to crawl towards him, and Luke sees Clementine and warns her to get to cover. Then, she is given a choice:

If Clementine chooses to protect the baby: Clementine will run towards him, will grab him and then will hide behind the cover. Luke will say that he didn't see him out here and praises Clementine for saving him. Luke will peek out and attempt to shoot at the Russians but fails, so he asks Clementine to cover him while he runs to the other side of the wall, but gets shot in the leg in the process.

If Clementine chooses to go behind cover: Clementine will run and hide behind the wall. Luke will peek out and see the baby laying in the open with bullet impacts near him. He quickly runs and grabs him, and whilst going back behind cover he gets shot in the leg.

After the conflict that resulted in nearly all of the Russians being killed, Kenny, infuriated towards Arvo, decides to kill him as well but Arvo mentions a place that has supplies. Everyone agrees to follow Arvo, thus making Kenny tying Arvo's hands. Later, the group decides to rest for a while, and after talking to Luke, Clementine goes to change Kenny's bandage. Kenny tells her that he decided to name the baby Alvin Jr. after the boy's deceased father. Clementine agrees to name him Alvin Jr. as that's what his parents would like. Kenny will reminiscent sadly about Alvin's death and says that he should have done something to prevent it. Kenny states that his father should be alive for AJ, and comments that AJ will be tougher than him when he grows up.

Later, as the sun is setting, the group reach an abandoned power station. Kenny hands AJ to Clementine and goes to investigate the station. AJ starts crying and Clementine calms him down. After a small conversation with Bonnie, Clementine will give her AJ to carry. Kenny and Jane return, assuring the station is safe where the group spends the night.

While the group is discussing around a fire, Kenny holds AJ closely in his arms, and when he volunteers to take the first watch, he takes AJ with him. Later when Clementine talks to Kenny, the two will discuss Kenny's family, specifically Duck, and he will state that he will not make the same mistakes he made raising Duck when he raises AJ. Further, Clementine can convince Kenny to join the group by the fire if she notes that AJ might get cold away from the fire, to which Kenny agrees.

The next day, the group reaches a frozen lake which is standing between them and their destination. Arvo assures that the lake is solid enough to cross it. While the group is crossing the frozen lake, walkers start approaching them, and a panicked Arvo starts running which makes Kenny chase him in fury. Mike, who is carrying AJ, will run after Kenny to make sure he doesn't do anything bad to Arvo. After the events on the lake, Mike will carry AJ inside the unfinished house and place him in a small blanketed box.

Later, Kenny asks Clementine to help with a truck he is trying to fix, but she is hesitant to leave AJ's side. Jane will tell her that she'll take care of him and so Clementine goes outside with Kenny and discovers he is showing his concern for the baby. After the two talk and fail to start the truck, Clementine gets back to the house and discovers that Jane had moved AJ into another room because Mike and Arvo wouldn't keep quiet. Suddenly AJ wakes up and starts crying, making Jane become visibly bewildered and suggest that he probably needs food. Clementine comforts him and has the option to give him to Jane. If she does so, Jane will take hold of AJ momentarily, until he starts to puke on her after which she hands him back to Clementine. She will then feed him with the baby formula and shows a worry that there's not much left. After Kenny gets the truck started, the group will eventually consider the baby when deciding where their destination should be, with Bonnie stating that there might be more baby formula back at Howe's Hardware. Nonetheless, the group decides to rest for the night and decide in the morning.

After Clementine is abruptly shot by Arvo and loses consciousness during the night, she wakes up in the back seat of the truck with Kenny and Jane holding AJ. Kenny tells Clementine that the rest of the group left on foot with Arvo. Kenny and Jane start arguing on finding the safest location, the fight between them gets heated, and Kenny makes a hard brake to prevent hitting the cars and debris blocking the way. Kenny instantly asks if they are alright, specifically asking about AJ's safety before he exits the vehicle to salvage some gasoline in the abandoned cars. Suddenly, Clementine and Jane hear some gunshots and walkers start to emerge. Jane tells Clementine to drive away but they eventually crash, and Jane will be forced to escape with AJ leaving Clementine within the truck. With the group split up Clementine finds herself lost in a vicious blizzard.

Clementine is left alone wandering aimlessly with walkers near her until she reaches a rest area where Kenny was sheltering. He instantly questions her about AJ's whereabouts, and after he discovers that he was left with Jane, he rushes outside of the rest area in search of them. Jane soon arrives without AJ, which enrages Kenny whose motive was to keep the baby safe. Jane tells Clementine to stay away from the fight that's about to occur. The two begin to fight, and eventually, Clementine is on the ground with a gun next to her and can choose from two options:

If Clementine Shoots Kenny: Clementine will shoot Kenny before he stabs Jane. When she goes over to him, he says Clementine made a good decision and they have a short conversation before he dies. Clementine then sheds tears before hearing a baby crying in the background and realizes it is AJ. Clementine rushes ahead to find AJ in a car and Jane follows to explain that while she understands why Clementine would be upset over Kenny's death, she set up the whole fight to show how dangerous he was, meaning that AJ was safe the entire time. Clementine can then either choose to go with Jane (leading to the ending, "With Jane" below), or scold her for having taken advantage of Kenny's violent tendencies and causing his death and leave her behind, taking only AJ with her (leading to the ending, "Alone with Clementine" below).

Don't pick up the gun/Look Away: Clementine will let Kenny stab Jane in the chest. Clementine, angered, can shoot and kill Kenny over the death of Jane (leading to the ending, "Alone with Clementine" below). If Kenny survives, Clementine and Kenny hear a baby crying and find AJ in a car and realize that Jane lied about AJ being dead the whole time. Clementine can then choose to go with Kenny to Wellington (leading to the ending, "With Kenny" below) or leave him alone as he is getting too dangerous to take care of AJ (leading to the ending, "Alone with Clementine" below).

With Jane

Nine days later, Clementine, Jane, and AJ are both back at Howe's Hardware, now seemingly abandoned. Jane will discover some baby formula for AJ and other supplies left at Howe's, as well as the greenhouse still remaining in good shape. She will then suggest that they should stay for a while at Howe's, but Clementine then notices a group of three survivors approaching them; a man, woman, and boy. They head down to greet them through a fence, and the other group will claim that they need help and had been walking for weeks looking for food. One of the men will ask Clementine if the baby she is holding is hers before having a short conversation about them trying to head north. The group then explain that Howe's needs a lot of work and that they would be willing to work there if they were allowed shelter inside. Jane will explain to Clementine that there is not much food left, leading to two further possible outcomes:

Invite them in: Clementine will allow them to come in through a side entrance. Jane will question Clementine about whether that was the right choice as they head to meet them at the entrance. Upon opening the entrance, the group will enter and the woman will introduce themselves as Patricia, whom will then thank and hug Jane tightly. Another one of the group members turns his back to Clementine, upon which she notices that he had hidden a gun in his back pocket. After silently signifying this to Jane, the boy will compliment Clementine's hat, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Make them leave: Clementine will demand them to leave, much to the groups' surprise, and they will turn around and begin to leave. As they leave, Clementine notices that the man had a hidden gun in his back pocket, and Jane thanks her for making that decision. Clementine will state that they have to look out for themselves now, as the boy of the group turns and stares at Clementine. Jane says that they might return, to which Clementine states that they will be ready, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

With Kenny

Nine days later, Clementine and Kenny holding AJ are beginning a walk up a hill with smoke trailing from the other side of it. They will race one another up the hill with Kenny saying to AJ that they are going to win, and upon reaching the top, both will be stunned as they witness a gigantic wall of metal stretching for miles. Kenny exclaims that it has to be Wellington, and as they approach they are quickly halted by a gunshot purposefully hitting the ground in front of them. A woman's voice on a speaker then demands for them to stop, drop their weapons, and approach the gate, which they do without hesitation. Upon nearing the gate, the women reveals herself on a small risen outlet on the wall. They will introduce one another, and as Kenny introduces AJ, the woman, now known to be Edith, states that AJ will be a little heart-breaker when he grows up. After Kenny asks what they should do in order to get in, Edith gives them the bad news and drops a bag of supplies outside of the outlet. Kenny, confused and broken that they won't let them inside, questions Edith and Clementine reinforces the fact they have a baby, but she replies that they are over capacity as it is. As she continues explaining, Kenny will interrupt, asking her to just take the children. Edith will go and ask someone if it is possible, as Clementine questions what Kenny is doing. Edith will quickly return and say that she can take the children inside, and Kenny deeply thanks her and begins a conversation to convince Clementine to enter Wellington without him. He claims that he can't be trusted to protect them anymore, and that she and AJ would be safe within Wellington. There are then two further subsequent endings that can occur here:

Enter Wellington: Clementine will accept the offer and hug Kenny tightly as he says this is the right decision. He further asks Clementine to tell AJ about his family and all of the people who tried to keep him safe, before he takes off his hat and hands it to Clementine, saying that she should give it to AJ when he grows up. After Kenny asks Edith to keep an eye on them and for Clementine and AJ to live a good life, Kenny turns and begins walking in the other direction, taking the bag of supplies with him. The gates open up into Wellington with Edith standing to bring Clementine and AJ inside. As they enter, Clementine turns to watch Kenny leave and she sees him pause briefly before continuing further away. Clementine turns and enters into Wellington as the gates begin to close, focusing on Kenny walking away before the screen begins to fade to black and the episode ends.

Leave with Kenny: Clementine will refuse the offer, explaining to Kenny that they are leaving together. However, Kenny will continue in an attempt to convince Clementine to enter Wellington, but she will stop him in his speech and ask for them to leave together. Edith, torn by their conversation, will throw out a second bag of supplies, saying that she was told to only give one bag per group, and after saying they can check back in a few months and wishing them luck, she departs. Kenny and Clementine will have a short conversation before picking up the bags of supplies and carrying AJ away from Wellington, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Alone with Clementine

If Clementine had allowed Jane to die then shot Kenny (or abandoned the survivor of the brawl), then nine days later, Clementine, out of the snowstorm, will be walking in an unknown area with AJ in her arms. After walking up upon a small hill, she will spot a walker herd in the distance. She will finish off a dying walker nearby and cover both herself and AJ in walker guts, then she ponders of everything she gone through just to be surviving alone, realizing that groups never work out. The two to safely travel through the herd. As she walks off towards it, the screen flashes to black and the episode ends.

Season 3

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

Alvin Jr. appears in one of four flashbacks within the episode:

Clementine refused to go with Jane/Kenny: If he and Clementine went their own way, the pair are seen roughly a year later on a railroad. AJ watches on Clementine's back as she tries to kill a rabbit for dinner only for him to scare it off. Clementine politely tells him off for doing so, deciding to put him in an abandoned car so she can capture the rabbit. However, AJ begins to cry, causing walkers to come towards him. Noticing this, Clementine comes to his aid but gets her hand trapped in the door as she lifts him out. AJ is last seen crying on the floor as Clementine examines her now broken finger, which later gets amputated partially.

Clementine went with Kenny: If he and Clementine had gone with Kenny and did not stay in Wellington, he is seen in the back on a car watching as Kenny teaches Clementine to drive. Kenny is concerned as to why AJ has yet to start talking as it is unusual for a child his age, 2 years old. The pair notice AJ has dropped his blanket so Kenny tries to pick it up only for Clementine to lose control of the car and crash. AJ is left crying, unharmed, in the backseat as Clementine tries to help Kenny, who had been propelled through the windshield, breaking his lower back. Walkers begin to surround the car as AJ cries, Kenny distracting them (ultimately sacrificing himself) so Clementine can reach AJ and escape.

Clementine went with Jane: If he and Clementine stayed with Jane, AJ is shown still a baby a few weeks later at Howe's Hardware. Clementine calls him goofball as she shows a tattoo of his initials on her hand. Later, he is carried by Clementine to check on Jane only for the pair to find she had killed herself due to discovering she was pregnant. If Clementine shoots Jane, AJ begins crying due to the sound of the gunshot.

Clementine went to Wellington: If he and Clementine went to Wellington, AJ is displayed drawing a picture whom he indicates is meant to be Clementine. Shortly after, fighting can be heard, Edith rushing in as she reveals they have to flee as the settlement is under attack. The trio does so, AJ being carried by Edith only for her to be shot dead, forcing Clementine to carry AJ to safety.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

Prior to Clementine's entrance into the train tunnel on while going to Richmond, she reflects on how she had first fallen in with the New Frontier. She recalls having carried A.J. on her back through a forest to escape some walkers and being forced to hide within a fortified den. After breaking the door down and blocking off the entrance with a mobile shelf, she sets the baby down on a cot. Alvin Jr. starts to cry as the walkers bang on the walls and windows, but Clementine is forced to turn her attention to a secondary entrance when she hears a voice outside asking to be let in. The door is kicked in with the lock breaking, a woman barging in and closing the door as best as she could. Clementine raises her gun on the newcomer to protect the baby before she realizes that the incoming walkers were about to break down the door and swarm them. The two work together briefly to barricade the door before Clementine returns her attention to Alvin Jr., who had finally quieted down. The woman asks about Alvin Jr.'s parents, not believing Clementine to be old enough to be his mother. After pondering aloud the fate of her friends, she offers Clementine an opportunity to join her community and get some food for Alvin. Clementine can refuse or accept the offer, but the woman still introduces herself as Ava and identifies a brand on her forearm as the mark of the New Frontier. The baby cries again as Ava helps put him onto Clementine's back. (Determinant)

"Above The Law"

Regardless of whether or not Clementine accepted Ava's invitation in the previous episode to join the New Frontier, it is revealed that she had joined Ava and taken a branding to keep AJ fed. In a flashback, she carries him through a campsite occupied by the New Frontier to the medicine supplies. AJ is shown to be weakened by an unknown illness, Clementine vowing to keep him alive. As the others chat around a campfire, Clementine slips past the group's doctor, Paul Lingard, who had put himself into a drug-induced slumber. She finds the drug AJ needs - vancomycin, a powerful antibiotic - and a syringe to inject him with, but Lingard hazily awakens and discovers her treachery. He explains to her that AJ is too sick to be helped by the last of the group's medicine and that he would die anyway, but Clementine doesn't accept that AJ is going to die. Lingard promises to forget that he saw her stealing the medicine if she put it back, telling her to think of herself and not get herself expelled from the New Frontier. If Clementine gives AJ the medicine, the others at the campfire notice her theft and berate her. If Clementine decides to put the medicine back, she apologizes to AJ for not being able to save him, but before she can return the medicine, the others find her with the medicine in her hand, apparently in the act of trying to use it on AJ, and physically harass her until she accidentally drops the syringe, breaking it and wasting the medicine within. David García yells at her for disobeying his and Lingard's orders, saying that she could have killed one of them in the future who could have been helped by the medicine. He decides to throw her out of the group without AJ, who is too sick to travel and needs shelter in his final days. Clementine can fight for AJ, but David tells her that she is no longer a member of the New Frontier. Ava convinces David to let her say farewell to her small friend, giving her a few moments to share some final words. Clementine can accept or spit in his face, the latter leading to David brusquely removing her from the camp and out into the forest. AJ calls for Clementine as she is taken out of the camp (Determinant).

In the present day, after Javier and the rest were kicked out of Richmond except for Gabe and Kate, David reveals at the warehouse that AJ survived the sickness and is alive and well. Clem believes this is a lie until David persuades her he isn't lying. He says that Dr. Lingard knows where AJ is. When the team goes back, they sneak in and get Kate and Gabe. Clem splits up with them and goes to look for AJ/Lingard.

"Thicker Than Water"

AJ appears in this episode in either Kenny or Jane's flashback depending whoever Clementine stayed with.

If with Kenny: AJ is seen laughing when Kenny makes shadows on the tent. He then is sitting next to Kenny and Clementine next to a campfire. AJ is then seen crying when a walker comes to their camp; as Clementine kills it, he stops crying.

In Clementine’s flashback, Clementine returns to the shack where she was with AJ and met Ava. Ava comes along and meets Clementine and deeply apologizes for taking AJ away from her. Ava gives a drawing to Clementine that AJ drew. Clementine can either be neutral, cold or forgiving to Ava about the separation of her and AJ.

If with Jane: Throughout the flashback, Clementine and Jane are seen holding baby AJ. Jane states that Clementine and AJ are capable on their own.

In the present day: Upon finding Dr. Lingard, he is suicidal and offers Clementine a deal - euthanize him in exchange for AJs whereabouts. The player can take the deal and have Javi kill him, say nothing which results in Clementine killing him or refuse. If the deal is taken by Javi or Clem, Dr. Lingard will reveal AJ's whereabouts. If Javi refuses, Dr. Lingard will say that the deal is off and tells them nothing. He will survive the encounter (Determinant).

Season 4

"Done Running"

Several years later, Alvin is still with Clementine. At some point, they stayed on a ranch together though eventually left, obtained a car and lived a life of constantly searching for supplies and driving around America in the car. Over time, Clementine taught AJ how to shoot and how to read although he was still learning.

In the car, AJ complained to Clementine that he was hungry. Trying to distract him, Clementine encouraged he test his reading but this only reminded him of his hunger. She then picked up a toy to for him to play with but it's success was minimal. They came to a stop at an abandoned train station. AJ followed Clementine inside, evading walkers as he did. Inside, they found two walkers, once a couple, tied to a chair. AJ suggested they kill them to get a key to gain access to a storage room containing lots of food. Clementine either agreed with him or sent AJ through a gap in the work surface instead. (Determinant).

However, when going for the food, Clementine set off a jerry-rigged hand grenade, the resulting blast destroying most of the food and attracting walkers. AJ fled back to the car, helping Clementine kill one walker by trapping it under a door frame. Surrounded in the car, AJ passed Clementine her switch blade and fought off incoming walkers as best they could only for the car to crash and the pair to fall unconscious. Although, they were saved by a group of teenagers, the leader (Marlon) rescuing AJ.

The group brought the two back to the boarding school. AJ was waiting with Louis, who claimed AJ was a bit of a problem, especially as he bit Ruby. Louis, however, was able to calm him down with his music. Clem then arrives and AJ runs to her and hugs her, exclaiming how happy he is that she's okay. They talk with Louis for a bit, then Louis invites AJ to press some keys on the piano. AJ is nervous and says that being loud is dangerous, but thinks it is fun. Later, he watches out for Clem as she fights off walkers. After, he shows Clem where Marlon's office is,so they can talk about their future at the school. Marlon comes with Rosie, and if Clem accepts to try and bond with Rosie, AJ will say how cool it is. Marlon will then say the hunting group and the fishers both need help. Whoever Clem chooses to help, AJ will go with her.

The group Clem and AJ went with finish off, head back towards the school, and try to find the other group. However, they will find that the traps have been messed with, or the spear room has been messed with. Luckily, they find the other group alive and well. After, Clem suggests going to the train station as some food may have survived the explosion. Louis distracts the walkers and Clem , AJ and Vi check the station. Abel arrives and begins to steal the food they collected, to which Clem can tell Aj to shoot, to lower the gun or to push him into the walkers. Either way, they gather lots of food and return to the school, who are amazed. Later, Marlon comes to speak to the duo, but AJ hits him in the groin, not knowing it was him. Then, Clem and AJ talk to the other children, where he apologizes to Ruby and Marlon. They have dinner, where AJ eats quickly and burps, to which Clem can tell him to eat slowly or burp with him. He then goes to hang out with Tennessee, where he and Clem can be added into Tenn's drawing. After they head to the dorm, where Vi lets him draw a picture, and either lets him keep the art supplies or give them back.

Towards the end of the episode, AJ is seen threatening Marlon, asking where Clem is. When Clem comes back, he is happy and relieved. He remains mostly silent during the confrontation, however he is knocked over and disarmed by Marlon. He gets the gun back. When Clem has stopped Marlon, AJ shoots him in the head, saying he aimed for the head, didn't hesitate or saved one for himself, depending on Clem's advice from earlier.

"Suffer the Children"

Alvin Jr. will appear in this episode.

"Broken Toys"

Alvin Jr. will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alvin Jr. has killed

  • Rebecca (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Marlon
  • Numerous counts of zombies.

Non-Canon Deaths

AJ can be killed depending on Clementine's actions and decisions. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when AJ can be killed.

Season 4

"Done Running"



"Will we have a home?"
—AJ to Clem.[src]

Clementine has her first interaction with the baby at the lodge. Rebecca offers to let her listen to the baby kick, to which she can accept or decline. Clementine is saddened when she thought the baby died in labor, but when the baby is revealed to be alive, she warmly smiles to the newborn and gathers around him along with the others. Later that night, Rebecca offers to let her take the baby, because they are family, to which Clementine can choose to accept or decline. If Clementine accepts Rebecca's offer, she is seen smiling as she rocks the baby. When the group decides to leave the observation deck, and is ambushed by Arvo's group, Clementine has an option to tell Arvo that they have a baby, showing that she is very protective towards the newborn.

In "No Going Back", Clementine has the option of rescuing Alvin Jr. after the Russian group ambushes them. If she fails to do so, Luke will rescue him instead. Later in the episode, Kenny hands the baby to Clementine in order for him to search the power station. As AJ starts crying, Clementine will be able to calm him down with multiple methods, showing that the two are starting to build a connection. Later as the group rest at the power station, Kenny takes care of AJ away from the fire, and Clementine can invite Kenny to return to the fire in order to keep the baby warm, showing her care for AJ. Further on, at the unfinished house, before Clementine goes outside to help Kenny, she will turn towards AJ showing her concern for him, but Jane reassures her that she will look after him. Later when Clementine returns, she finds Jane and AJ in a different room and AJ begins crying. Clementine will pick him up and he will instantly quiet down, further enforcing their growing connection. Clementine will then feed AJ but become worried that they are running out of baby formula. After the events of the blizzard, Clementine arrives at a rest area to find Kenny, and the two quickly worry about where AJ and Jane were. When Jane arrives without AJ, the two of them appear shocked and horrified, with Clementine requesting what Jane had done to him. Later after the fight between Kenny and Jane, Clementine will hear AJ crying from afar, and will instantly dash to find him. As she does so, she quickly picks him up and cuddles him, further proving their bond. No matter what options Clementine chooses, Clementine will be with AJ at the end of the episode.

In Season 3, flashbacks display Clementine to be very protective to AJ. Clementine act as his guardian and even affectionately calls him Goofball. Clementine had a strong bond with AJ, making it goal to find and get him. Clementine is hostile towards people, like Lingard, David or anyone who gets her way to find him. Through the season Clementine has many flashbacks about AJ, and in way considered him as her son.

After learning where AJ was, Clementine went out searching and was searching for so long she nearly gave up but eventually found him.

In Season 4, Clementine and AJ have been surviving together for awhile. Clementine taught AJ, had to survival and how to shoot a gun. Else well as reading.

AJ is shown to care for Clementine, and sometimes expresses a what to protect her. Also when Marlon told everyone that Clementine killed Brody, AJ demands that Marlon tell him where she is. Later when Marlon threats to kill Clementine, AJ is outraged.

AJ made see Clementine as a mother, as AJ seems sad when Clementine say that AJ is not her's.


"I know you will, Clementine. I wouldn't trust AJ with anyone else."
—Kenny to Clementine about AJ (Determinant)[src]

Kenny loves Alvin Jr. as if he was his own son, stating many times that he is going to raise him right and not make the same mistakes he made when raising Duck. Kenny is the person who decides to give Alvin Jr. his name, as well as giving him the nickname AJ. Kenny will do anything to make sure AJ is safe which causes a rift with the other survivors in the group, with Luke describing him as being creepy. When Kenny thinks Jane has killed AJ, he attacks Jane in revenge and tries to kill her. If Clementine doesn't kill Kenny, he will be relived when he finds out that AJ is safe. If Clementine decides to leave Kenny, he will tell her to look after AJ and raise him properly, and to tell him about everyone who died to keep him safe. If Clementine stays with Kenny and travels to Wellington, he will insist that they allow Clementine and AJ in without him. If Clementine refuses to leave, they will walk away from Wellington together. If, however, Clementine goes into Wellington with AJ, he will say his goodbyes to them, and he will give Clementine his hat, so that she can give it to AJ when he grows up.

While Kenny's relationship with Alvin Jr. is clearly one set up for a father and son, Kenny's feelings towards the baby are of a more symbolic nature than developing a bond. After losing Sarita, Kenny falls into a deep depression as he wishes Carver had killed him, seeing that he had no real purpose left in life. When the group finds out that he was the only one who knew how to deliver a baby, he sees it as his purpose to do so. After young Alvin's successful childbirth, Kenny sees the baby as the future, both figuratively and literally. He becomes obsessed with making sure the baby was ready for the harsh world it was born into, putting nothing before the safety and welfare of Alvin Jr. After Rebecca's death, Kenny believes himself to be the only person able to take care of him, as he had used to be a parent. Although he will sometimes allow others to care for Alvin, he does this because he is unsure of his ability to handle Alvin while performing another task that the group knows (or Kenny believes they know) that only he can do, such as holding Arvo at gunpoint while walking through the forest and across the ice or fixing the truck outside the unfinished house. When Jane arrives at the rest stop without the baby boy, he finds himself again without a purpose in life, driven to live only by the will to destroy the one who had stolen his reason to continue. It is very possible that Kenny would have just laid there next to Jane's corpse after killing her and waited to die had he not heard Alvin Jr.'s cries. Upon refocusing himself on keeping Alvin safe, he no longer believes himself to be the best protector of A.J., going as far as to beg Edith to accept Clementine and Alvin Jr. into Wellington without him in order to keep them safe. If Clementine disputes his request and refuses to leave him behind, he accepts her choice simply because he felt his self-confidence restored by the eleven-year-old's words and the opportunity to personally prepare A.J. to become what he wished his own son would become if he had more time with him. Overall, Kenny's feelings for Rebecca's son were not formed out of a natural emotion, but rather as gratitude for saving him from depression.

If Clementine went with Kenny at the end of "No Going Back", Kenny continued to care for A.J. over the course of two years, feeding him and playing with him. Two weeks before Kenny's death, he finds Clementine making shadow-puppets over a campfire. He remarks on how she cared for the baby better than he did. A walker interrupts their discussion, attacking an unprotected A.J. before Clementine fiercely rushes to his aid. She stabs the walker in the head before it could attack him, turning to pick up A.J. to bring him over to Kenny. He once again comments on her keeping A.J. safe as if she were his mother. Kenny and Clementine decide that it was too cold for A.J. to grow up and that there was no use in waiting to make their entrance to Wellington. The two resolve to travel back south to Florida, where they could feed Alvin Jr. easier. He speaks of how protective he was with his own family and Sarita before Clementine assures him that she and A.J. loved him too. (Determinant) They found a working vehicle soon after and began driving south on the open roads, Kenny teaching Clementine how to drive with a manual gearshift along the way. Kenny expresses some concerns that A.J. had not spoken a word at two years of age, but Clementine says that he would be fine. Kenny compares A.J.'s silence to how Duck would never stop talking at his age and how Albert Einstein at not said anything until age four, ultimately deciding that there was no threshold for judgments based on speaking. When Clementine accidentally crashes into a tree, Kenny is thrown from the car through the windshield. Clementine rushes to his side to discover that he could not feel his legs. A group of walkers arrive at the wrecked vehicle and reach for Alvin Jr. inside, causing Kenny to shout for them to leave him alone. The walkers go for him instead and Kenny, knowing that he could not escape or fight, orders Clementine to grab A.J. and leave him behind. Clementine tearfully promises to protect the baby and runs from the scene with A.J. in her arms, Kenny giving one last sacrifice of himself to keep Alvin Jr. safe.


"Aw, what a handsome boy. Look at him. What's his name? "
—Edith to Kenny about AJ. (Determinant)[src]
Edith was sympathetic and shocked to see a baby with Kenny and Clementine, as it had been so long since she'd seen another baby, given their circumstances. Edith was joyful and thinks Alvin Jr. is adorable. Edith will offer to take him and Clementine inside Wellington. If Clementine came into Wellington with AJ, Edith will act as a guardian for both Clementine and AJ, who seems to be comfortable about her, possibly looking to her as a motherly figure.

In Season 3 it appears that Edith and AJ have a strong relationship together as she he looked after him for over 2 years. Edith mentions that AJ should be speaking by now. When the group attacks Wellington, Edith carries AJ outside with Clementine, running for their lives. Suddenly Edith gets shot in the head. Clementine rolls a dead Edith off AJ with her blood on his face and AJ starts to cry.



"It makes sense. He is a nice kid"
— Louis to Clementine about AJ.[src]
"I'm so sorry, little dude. Please be okay."
—Louis to the injured Alvin Jr.

Louis looks after Alvin Jr, tolerating him more than others.Louis clearly has great sympathy and cate for him. He plays the piano to calm him down, and demonstrates a liking for the boy when he gives him his bowl of soup despite the fact that he would then go hungry. Alvin Jr. likes Louis too however he can point out that Louis is too loud and silly, which Alvin Jr. views as bad. If you chose to go hunting with him, Louis and Alvin Jr bond as they talk about things like fish. When Marlon shoves Alvin Jr. down, Louis immediately helps him stand up again.

In episode 2 'Suffer the Children', he was shocked and horrified when Alvin Jr. shoots Marlon, denouncing him as a 'murderer' and supporting the campaign to vote Clementine and AJ to leave Ericson's Boarding School as he was devastated when he lost his best friend. However when Louis saw Clem carrying AJ back to the school, his usual sympathy and compassion for AJ shows up again. He carried AJ back inside the school even if his left arm got injured (determinant), he stayed by AJ's side when Ruby was patching him up and was shown Louis saying "I'm sorry little dude,please be okay". He provided clothes for AJ to wear, when AJ wakes up, he said hi to Louis, said he missed him and asked if they are friends again which shows that AJ has a great liking to him. After that, throughout episode 2, AJ and Louis have a pretty good bond, if Clementine expresses dislike to Louis, AJ will expresses dislike to Louis as well.


Violet was distance with AJ in the beginning, and asks Clementine about AJ's parents and is sympathetic to the young boy.

Violet will appreciated AJ help with catching the fish if you go with her.

After Marlon was shoot by AJ, Violet is shocked but quickly comes to his aid when the other started to gang up on him. She will also defend AJ, if he said he was justified in killing Marlon.

Violet voted to keep AJ around and was sad to them him he was kicked out. Violet will come to help when he was attacked by Lilly and Abel. Violet is shocked and worried when AJ returns shoot.

AJ likes Violet, stating she is one of few people he likes at the school.


When Ruby comes up to him from behind, Alvin Jr. bites her, which infuriates her. When Alvin Jr apologizes to her, however, Ruby forgives him, though she can get confused by him if lays it on thick, mistaking his "compliments" with flirting attempts. (Determinant) When Alvin Jr shows his bad manners while they eat, she is disgusted and is thankful towards Clementine if she berates him (Determinant). When Ruby leaves he wishes her goodnight (Determinant). When Alvin Jr. shoots Marlon, she reacts with shock and horror.

Their relationship becomes strained after this. When Clementine and AJ showed up on the funeral, she became uncomfortable by their presence and is implied to have voted against them staying.

Although, she still held sympathy for the boy, showing concern and worrying for his safety, patching him up and taking care of him when Clementine brought him back to the school.


Though AJ and Tenn can fight over the toys, during dinner, AJ decides to sit with Tenn and they begin to bond. AJ will be saddened if you do not let him stay in Tenn's picture, and if you don't want to be in it either.

Tenn gives AJ one of his toys to cheer him up, after he killed Marlon. Tenn voted to keep them and was upset and locks himself in his room when AJ and Clementine were kicked out. AJ was sad because he wanted to say goodbye.

When AJ and Clementine return the two are seen on look out.


Willy thinks AJ is funny, and will laugh if he swears (Determinant) or calls Mitch's swear out. (Determinant) When AJ shoots Marlon however he will watch it in shock and horror. Their relationship becomes strained after this. When AJ and Clementine show up on the funeral, he glares at them and he most likely voted for them to be kicked out.

When Clementine carries the wounded Alvin Jr. back to the school, he reacts with surprise to see them again and tells the rest of the school that they are back.

After they spend two weeks together they seemed to have repaired their relationship.


"Just because the kid is adorable, it doesn't mean dinner will be ready quicker."
—Omar to Clementine about AJ. (Determinant)[src]
Omar seems to have had a positve view on AJ when they first met, however this is called in to question since AJ killed Marlon. The two are not seen interacting much but if Clementine speaks to Omar 4 times before dinner in episode 1 he will describe AJ as "cute" showing he had a liking to AJ. However he seems shocked and horrorfied when AJ shoots Marlon despite him being unarmed. When discussing the vote of kicking Clementine and AJ out he takes a neutral stance by agreeing that a vote is the best way to solve the issue. Dispite seeming to have parcialy made up in the two week time skip in episode 2 their relationship may never be quite the same.


—Alvin Jr. fighting Abel[src]

Abel and AJ have an antagonistic relationship. Abel steals some food from Clementine. If Clementine push him through the window Aj will be pleased. If Clementine allows Abel to take the food, Aj will say letting him go was a bad idea because he might come back.

In "Suffer The Children", Abel takes AJ hostage in order to force Clementine's cooperation, threatening to smash his head open if she refuses. He cares little for the boy, twisting his arm to near breaking point. When Clem and AJ flee, Abel manages to shoot AJ with a round of buckshot, badly wounding him and causing the boy to hold a vengeful grudge against him. AJ has a strong hate for Abel, asking Clementine if they get the chance he wants to kill him. During the raid on Ericson's, Abel goes out of his way to pursue Clementine and AJ, intending to kill them while Lilly can not stop him. Aj joins in the fight against Abel.


Aasim starts off wary of Alvin Jr., given the boy read from his book, annoying him. However they have a steady relationship if Clem orders to give the book back, otherwise his annoyance over him will only grow. (Determinant) Aasim was also bitter toward AJ for killing Marlon, expressing discontent when the boy came the latter's funeral. Although, he calls Mitch "fucking hypocrite" for suggesting they vote AJ out, still showing some affection for him and Clementine. When Clementine returns to the school with the wounded Alvin Jr., he is shocked about his state.

Two weeks later, the pair get on, happily playing "Truth or Dare" together.


While the two different inact of long, Brody appreciated if he help her with fishing. Brody was horrific at Marlon's plan to give AJ to raiders. AJ is outrage at Marlon for killing Brody, listing it as a reason he saw Marlon as a monster.


"Who is a perfect little man? Who is the most perfect little man in the whole world? You are! That's right. You are."
—Rebecca comforting her new baby.[src]

Rebecca really cares about her son, despite hating one of his possible fathers. After he was born, Rebecca is seen comforting the baby, telling the baby that he is the most perfect son in the world. Despite the fact she knows that the baby is most likely Carver's, she tells the others that the baby is Alvin's. Later on, when Kenny excessively asks for Rebecca to hand the baby to him in an intent to let Rebecca rest up for a while, Rebecca refuses Kenny's offer, saying that she can take care of him, showing that she is very protective of her own baby. She dies with Alvin Jr. in her arms.


"I was just thinking "Jamie" was pretty cool. For a boy or a girl."
—Jane to Clementine about Alvin Jr. (Determinant)[src]

Jane is never happy about the group having to look after a baby as she knows that it will be troublesome. Before the child is born, Jane asks Rebecca what she is going to do with the baby, implying that Rebecca might kill it. However, at the unfinished house, Jane offers to look after AJ while Clementine goes to help Kenny, suggesting that she begins to care for the baby. This is further shown by the fact that Jane moved AJ into another room when Arvo and Mike wouldn't be quiet, showing that Jane wants to try and keep the baby comfortable. However, if Clementine offers Jane to hold the baby, she will do so uneasily and the baby will puke on Jane. Later in "No Going Back", Jane will be seen holding AJ in the truck with Kenny. When the truck comes to an abrupt stop, Jane will shield the baby and say he is fine, and will later leave with him into the snow after they are ambushed by walkers. At the rest area, Jane suggests that she had to leave AJ out in the snow which enrages Kenny, but it later turns out that she had merely left him within a car. This suggests that Jane now cares for the baby's survival, despite her earlier remarks that it would just slow them down.

Paul Lingard

"He's at McCarroll Ranch."
—Lingard revealing AJ location.[src]

Lingard has little interact with AJ. However Lingard did his best to help him recover and later left him at McCarroll Ranch.


"I miss that little brat."
—David to Clem about AJ.[src]

David is shown to care about Alvin Jr. because Paul Lingard mentions how David was the one to take care of Alvin Jr. and how he is better off then he was.

Later on David said to Clem he did everything to keep AJ safe, after a terrible winter AJ was kicked out of Richmond and David was force to stay. David will state to Clem he misses him deeply and considered him his son.


"Cute kid."
—Ava about AJ.[src]

Ava see the relationship between Clementine and Alvin Jr. as a light in the darkness, hope for a better world. She also gave to Clementine a drawing by Alvin Jr. few hours After Clementine got kicked out of The New Frontier.


"It ain't an "it". It's a he... and he has a name. Ain't that right, Alvie? Awww. Such a handsome boy."
—Bonnie to Clementine about Alvin Jr. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie is very protective and caring for AJ, especially after she mourns over Rebecca's corpse and states that she will look after AJ for her. Throughout the episode, Bonnie will often carry AJ as the group head towards the unfinished house. Bonnie will also freely take hold of the baby whenever it is needed, showing that she is always willing to look after and care for AJ when others are unable to. Bonnie also knows where the group can find more baby formula for AJ. Bonnie cared more about herself than the baby, however, evidenced when she ran away from the group to escape a man she believed to be dangerous and leaving Alvin Jr. with him.


"We've still got some of that baby formula, but that won't help the rest of us."
—Mike to the group regarding the baby.[src]

Mike cares for Alvin Jr. throughout his first few days of life. Mike is seen carrying the baby several times throughout "No Going Back", but will refuse to hold him when Alvin starts crying at the power station. Mike holds the baby while crossing the frozen lake, and brings him inside the unfinished house once Luke dies. Mike opts to leave Alvin Jr. behind when escaping with Arvo and Bonnie (Determinant) rather than risk being hunted down by Kenny if he took the baby, showing he cared more for himself than Rebecca's son.


"Back off, Kenny! She doesn't want you to take the baby. Don't be weird about it, okay?"
—Luke to Kenny about Alvin Jr.[src]

After Rebecca gave birth to him, Luke and the rest of the group have been very protective towards him. Luke shows his protective nature towards the baby when Kenny persistently asks Rebecca to give the baby to him. Despite Kenny's good intention, Luke feels Kenny is acting strangely about the child. Later on, when the group is ambushed by Arvo's group, Luke and the rest of his group are seen protecting the baby by surrounding him, and blocking him from any harm possible that Arvo's Group could do. If Clementine fails to rescue him during the firefight, then Luke will do it, taking a bullet to the leg in the process.


"It looks like Alvin. (...) Definitely."
—Clementine to Rebecca about the baby. (Determinant)[src]

Alvin is one of the possible fathers of Alvin Jr. Alvin never has the chance to meet his wife's baby, but he clearly cares deeply about the well-being of both the baby and his mother while she is pregnant with him. He later discovers that the baby may not be biologically his but his possible last words to Clementine asking her to take care of them would suggest that he doesn't care about that and still cares about the baby as much as he did before.

William Carver

" It doesn't look like Carver."
—Clementine to Rebecca about the baby. (Determinant)[src]

William Carver is one of the possible fathers or Alvin Jr. Carver never has the chance to meet Rebecca's baby, but seemed to care about the baby, saying that he wants his family to be raised in a safe place. However, after Rebecca and Carver are finished meeting in his office, she walks away weeping. Behind her, Carver says that he will not allow his child to be raised among the weak at Howe's. Although Carver caring about the baby seems to be more about having a means to shape future generations (something he repeatedly expressed a desire to do) rather than any kind of parental affection, as he shows no concern about the possibility of Alvin being the baby's father, saying he will have the child either way and even threatens to shoot Rebecca and the baby if she tries to escape him again.


Video Game

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Both Rebecca (Determinant) and Alvin incorrectly predicted that the baby would be a girl at some point, although Rebecca mentioned that Alvin was hoping for a boy.
  • Dialogue with Rebecca suggested that the child is Carver's.
    • Carver also flat out stated that he believes the child to be his.
    • After the child is born, Clementine has the option of telling Rebecca the child looks like Alvin or it has no resemblance to Carver, suggesting the baby is, in fact, Alvin's.
    • Alvin Jr.'s model is updated in "No Going Back" to more resemble Alvin, further suggesting it's Alvin's baby.
  • Alvin Jr. is one of three characters listed as alive regardless of the player's choices at the end of "No Going Back", the others being Clementine and Edith.
  • Alvin Jr. is the second child to be named after his father, the first being Kenny Jr.
    • Alvin Jr. also the second child to be issued a nickname by Kenny, his being "Alvie" and "A.J."
  • Alvin Jr is one of the sixteen characters with confirmed ages. The others being Lee Everett (37), Glenn (22), Sarah (15), Duck (10), Luke (26-27), Clementine (Season 1: 8-9, Season 2: 11, Season 3: 13, Season 4: 15-17), Alvin (43), Anna Correa (28), Samantha (22), Paige (22), Greg (16), James (13), Alex (7), Mariana García (6-10), and Gabriel García (14).
    • Of them, Alvin Jr. is the youngest character in the Video Game.
  • Alvin Jr. is one of seven confirmed babies born in the apocalypse there another being Judith, her TV counterpart, Hershel Greene, his TV counterpart, Gracie, and Victor.
  • Alvin Jr. is the first character to have multiple different middle names based on the player's choice, with the options being "Lee", "Kenny", "Luke" or "Rebecca". (Determinant)
    • If Clementine remains silent when picking a middle name, Jane will suggest "Jamie".
  • Alvin Jr.'s first known word in the game is "Clem". (Determinant)
  • Alvin Jr. is the only character that debuted in Season 2 to be confirmed alive.
  • Having appeared in eight total episodes (including "Thicker Than Water"), Alvin Jr. has the third most possible appearances of any character in the Video Game, behind Kenny's twelve and Clementine's seventeen appearances.
  • Alvin Jr. can be in three possible car crashes, one in the snowstorm, Kenny's first flashback in A New Frontier and lastly one in The Final Season nearby the train station.
  • Alvin Jr. is the youngest character to directly kill a person in the game series.
  • Telltale's original plan was that AJ would be Omid and Christa's son and was to be named Omid Junior (OJ). This was scrapped and rewritten due to plot issues.
  • Alvin Jr. has some similarities to Rick Grimes Jr. from TV Series: both are named after their fathers, which they never met, both of their names are abbreviated (A.J. and R.J.), they are in similiar age (Rick Jr. is 5, Alvin Jr. is presumably 4-6), both are mixed African-Americans.
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