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"Elt... Elton, come here. You want to feel something? Come here. Come here. Wait. Right here? (...) Yeah! She's kicking. I think she's also saying, "I can't wait to meet you." If you're gonna teach him about departures, I'm gonna teach him about arrivals. It's only fair. And my staff meeting at the U just got moved up. (...) I have to go. (...) I'm sorry, baby. (...) Okay. (...) Oh. Okay, yeah, maybe we can talk about that. Well, a bracelet is a very sweet gift, honey. I will see you soon. (...) I love you both."
—Amelia to her husband and son about her unborn daughter and the postponed meeting at the university.[src]

Amelia May Ortiz (née unknown) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is the wife of Isaac Ortiz and mother of Elton and the unborn Esmeralda.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Amelia Ortiz lived in Lincoln, Nebraska as a scientist and an aspiring author about her scientific discoveries. She met and married a fellow scientist named Isaac Ortiz and gave birth to their son, Elton, in 2005. Amelia then taught at Nebraska State University as a professor of science. In early 2010, Amelia became pregnant with her second child - a girl. Amelia had acquired a fossilized horn of a triceratops and planned on gifting it to her daughter when she would be born later that year.


Lincoln, Nebraska

In the fall of 2010, the outbreak became global. Early in the day, Amelia and Isaac took Elton to Isaac's storage room of fossils. Isaac then showed Elton a picture of a meteor and began to explain that it was a meteor that killed all the dinosaurs before Amelia suggested not telling Elton something so bleak. Amelia then felt her baby kick and had Elton touch her stomach to feel for his baby sister. Amelia then get a text that her meeting at Nebraska State University was moved up early, prompting her to leave early. Isaac then warned her to be careful as he heard there was a lot of police activity around the hospital. Elton then revealed that he had decided to name his sister Esmerelda, to Amelia and Isaac's disguised disagreement. Amelia then kissed Isaac and left for the University.

Later that evening, Lincoln, Nebraska was overrun by the undead and officials advised survivors to evacuate to Nebraska State University. Amelia was separated from Isaac and Elton. In the chaos, her car was flipped in an accident. She crawled out and was blocked in between a downed, sparking telephone pole and a small group of the undead. A woman named Kari Bennett spotted Amelia and wanted to help, but her husband, Dr. Leopold Bennett, wanted to get their daughters, Iris and Hope, to safety first. A passenger plane full of the undead then crashed into the streets of Lincoln.

Amelia was able to find a pistol and made her way to an abandoned pick-up truck. She hoped she could take it to find Isaac and Elton. However, Kari and Hope Bennett, who had been separated from Leo and Iris in the plane crash, were hoping to take it as well. Amelia aimed her gun at Kari and demanded that she would take the truck, but Kari attempted to reason with her that her husband and other daughter were right behind them and that they could all go together. When Amelia refused, Hope lunged forward - causing Amelia to accidentally shoot Kari in the chest. Amelia dropped the gun in shock, and Hope, devastated, took the gun and aimed it at Amelia. However, an explosion behind Hope caused her to accidentally fire it - shooting Amelia in the chest and killing her and her unborn daughter.

Season 1


Ten years after Amelia's death both Hope and Iris have nightmares about that night, including Amelia. However, only Hope is haunted with the death of Amelia as she killed her. Elton, who had survived the apocalypse, leaves with the Endlings in the hopes of finding Amelia and his sister and later smiles at a picture of his mother.

"The Blaze of Gory"

Hope is haunted by flashbacks of accidentally killing Amelia. While talking with Hope, Elton talks about his mom and her belief that nature always wins and that they are in the sixth extinction event on the planet.

"Madman Across the Water"

In a flashback, Elton and his parents enter Isaac's office at the Nebraska Natural History Museum. A five-year old Elton is drawn to a dinosaur fossil, but his father warns Elton to stay away as the fossil is very, very old. Elton asks if it's older than Isaac and Isaac admits that it's older than pretty much everything. Elton looks at a large photograph of on the wall and Isaac explains that one night when he was ten years old, he was trying to take a photo of Mars and the meteor flew across the sky. While a smiling Amelia watches, Isaac explains to Elton what a meteor is and how one making to the ground had rendered the dinosaurs extinct.

As Isaac starts to go into detail, Amelia stops him, reminding Isaac that their son is only five. However, Isaac encourages his son's interest in science, telling Amelia and Elton that it is never too early for him to learn if Elton is interested. Amelia calls Elton over to her and has him feel his unborn sister kicking. Amelia gets a text notification that her staff meeting at the university has been moved up and she has to go. Isaac warns his wife to be safe due to reports of something going on near the hospital with a lot of police activity. Elton plays with one of the beads on his mother's bracelet and tells his parents that he wants to get a bracelet for Esmerelda as Elton has decided to name his sister. Amelia promises that they can talk about the name later and that a bracelet is a very sweet gift for his sister. After Amelia leaves, Isaac and Elton begin working together on cleaning up a Triceratops horn fossil.

In the present, Elton adds to his mother's manuscript and talks to Hope about how he believes that Amelia and Esmerelda are still alive out there somewhere despite the odds against it being astronomical. Hope reassures Elton that he's not crazy to think that before she spots the picture of Amelia in the book. Hope is shocked, recognizing Elton's mother as the woman that she had accidentally killed on the Night the Sky Fell.

"Shadow Puppets"

Elton discusses his mother and her manuscript that he wishes to finish at length with Hope Bennett. Elton reveals that Amelia's manuscript had helped Elton get to know her and that Amelia had seem death and decay as no better or worse than any other part of the life cycles and she wasn't afraid of it. Hope decides to read the book to get to know Amelia as well and is upset when she sees Amelia's picture in the book, remembering that she had killed her on the Night the Sky Fell.

"Truth or Dare"

When Huck rejoins the rest of the Endlings, Hope is holding Amelia's manuscript which is open to Amelia's picture. Hope later reveals to Huck that she had killed Elton's mom and, having read all of her book, Hope has discovered that Amelia was smart and kind. Hope thinks that Amelia just got scared and did a bad thing and hopes that since she was able to forgive Amelia, Elton will be able to forgive her when he finds out the truth. However, Huck questions if Hope's motivations in telling Elton the truth are selfish or not.

Hope later returns the book to Elton, but she decides not to tell him the truth about Amelia's death. After Hope reveals to Huck that her bead necklace is something that she had taken from Amelia, Huck recognizes that Hope did it as a way of always remembering the bad thing that she had done, the same way that Huck had scarred her own face to match her best friend Drake's after killing him.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

Hope finally tells Elton the truth about his mother's death as Elton prepares to leave to go after Silas and to hopefully find his mother. Hope returns the necklace that she had made out of the bead from Amelia's bracelet to her devastated son before Elton leaves.

"The Deepest Cut"

An angry Elton partially tears up Amelia's manuscript, but he changes his mind and chases after the pages which lead him to Percy's blood trail. While Elton is hallucinating Percy talking to him, Percy reminds Elton that his mom had freaked out and started shooting people. Elton angrily orders Percy to shut up, insisting that he is nothing like his mother and Percy asks if Elton is like Hope. Elton shakily defends Hope, stating that Hope was little while Amelia has no excuse for what she did.

Season 2


Amelia will appear in this episode.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

Amelia will appear in this episode.

"Death and the Dead"

While considering whether or not to kill Mason Beale, Hope flashes back to accidentally killing Amelia and she decides not to go through with killing Mason.


Killed By

After accidentally killing Kari, Amelia dropped her gun on the floor out of shock. Hope picked it up and held Amelia at gunpoint, only to accidentally shoot her after being startled by an explosion.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Amelia has killed:


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