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You don't even want to try because of a what if? We can respect the science and care for people at the same time! One without the other is just stupid! So don't tell me science over everything because that's just a sorry excuse!
―Amy arguing with Dr. Everett about his views on people.[src]

Amy is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. She is the deuteragonist of the episode "Amy / Dr. Everett".


Amy is a resourceful, good-natured, snarky, and. persevering survivor. Having been separated from her group, Amy is determined to find them but is unable to on her own. She encounters a survivor named Dr. Everett in the woods and they are shown to be polar opposites. While Dr. Everett is cynical and prefers to stay alone, Amy is more optimistic and believes in safety in numbers.

Amy shows that she can be quite stubborn, refusing to leave despite Dr. Everett telling her to do so on multiple occasions. Eventually her resilience and cleverness allows her to climb up to Dr. Everett's home and be allowed in after some convincing. She is quick on her feet and is a capable survivor, managing to get out of many near death situations while dealing with walkers. She is also extremely talkative and often makes many sarcastic quips, something that gets on Dr. Everett's nerves. The two of them initially don't get along, but eventually the two are forced to work together to get what they both want. If Dr. Everett helps Amy find her group, Amy will tell Dr. Everett where Specimen 21 is.

Though not to the same extent as him, Amy and Dr. Everett do share a similar interest in nature. While the two are walking together, Amy is interested in Dr. Everett's studies and she herself shows that she has some knowledge about nature. However, the main thing keeping that causes them to clash are their beliefs about humanity. Dr. Everett has a pessimistic view on humans while Amy thinks that being with others is important since connections are all they have left. Amy does state that there are many nights where she cries herself to sleep thinking about those she has lost, but the memories she had with them keep on going. Amy is also very observant and sees deep down that Dr. Everett does still have some care for others. She is able to correctly deduce that Specimen 21 is someone he knew and sees that he's more sentimental than he realizes. On multiple occasions, Amy calls out Dr. Everett's closed mindset about people and believes he's just scared that her group are bad people. Amy admits that science is important, but caring for others is too, so they should do both at the same time.

Amy and Dr. Everett's friendship comes to an end when he tries to stop her from saving some of her friends. Amy becomes angered with his actions. Despite what he did, Amy proves to be the better person and still tries to save Dr. Everett by stopping him from saving Specimen 21. After Amy learns that a herd of walkers is heading towards her camp, she is forced to choose between going back with Dr. Everett or going back to save her friends, the latter which has a very low chance of survival. In the end, Amy decides that she'd rather die than ending living alone like Dr. Everett. She ultimately does end up being killed as Dr. Everett predicted, dying trying to save the people she cares about.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Amy's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 1[]

"Amy / Dr. Everett"[]

Amy was found in the woods by Dr. Everett as she attempts to flee from walkers. Dr. Everett watches from afar and only interferes when Amy damages Specimen 21's tracker. After getting to safety, Amy attempts to introduce herself but she is quickly abandoned as he resumed his research duties. Amy follows the researcher, begging for help with her illness and finding her group. She makes her way to his home and climbs up to avoid the walkers. She begs for help until the scientist finally took her in for a night of medical care. Dr. Everett finds that Amy's been living off of poisonous berries, which is the cause of her illness. During the night, Amy barfs from sickness.

The next morning, Amy feels better and thanks Dr. Everett. However, he remains cold and distant, irritated by Amy's constant talking. She tells Dr. Everett that she was with her group trying to resettle in the Dead Sector and made it there by making a deal with a group of skull hunters to help them. Dr. Everett tries to get Amy to leave but she can't since she doesn't know where her group is. She sees a picture of Specimen 21 and asks if he knew him. He refuses to answer and explains that he is studying the walkers, something Amy finds ridiculous. She realizes that he only had saved her yesterday because she was about to kill Specimen 21. Dr. Everett points Amy in the right direction before telling her to never come back since it's not safe for her or her group. Right after they part ways, Amy sees Specimen 21 and goes after him. That night, Dr. Everett returns and finds Amy still there. She reveals she found Specimen 21 but only will tell him if he helps find her group. He reluctantly agrees.

The next morning, Amy and Dr. Everett go to find her group. Amy asks what the point of his research is and shows her the thriving nature and animals in the area, which she is amazed by. Dr. Everett reveals he's study to honor his research group, which Amy spins to say that he's doing it for his own community. Amy talks about her group and how human connections are important, something he agrees with. Dr. Everett sees that Amy has an interest in nature and offers her to be his assistant. Amy suggests that he joins her group to continue his studies. He refuses and Amy believes he is scared that her group is bad people. Eventually they come across Amy's people and hear Hannah screaming. Amy sees Hannah being attacked by Specimen 21 and Pat being devoured. Amy tries to help but Dr. Everett stops her. Amy bites his hand and goes to kill the walkers. Hannah manages to kick Specimen 21 off her and he falls into the river. Dr. Everett begs Amy to help him, but she calls him out for hypocrisy. Amy tries to stop Dr. Everett from saving him and cuts the rope to stop him from falling into the river. Dr. Everett reveals that a herd is on the way to her group's camp and that they're all going to die including her if she goes back. He tells her to go back with him, but refuses to end like him.

The two part ways and Amy eventually reunites with her community soon after. A few hours later, Dr. Everett discovered Amy's camp completely wiped out with everyone dead or reanimated, including Amy. He seemingly uses her as another test subject, though he is visibly saddened by her death.


Killed By

When their camp was attacked by a herd, Amy was bitten on the neck by a walker. She eventually succumbed to infection and reanimated.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Amy has killed:

  • Pat (Before Reanimation)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


For a more in-depth look at Amy's relationships, read here; Amy (Tales)/Relationships




Tales of the Walking Dead[]

Season 1[]


  • The casting call for this character used the name Kristen Lee.[1]
    • Amy is described as "Sharp-witted, straightforward, and unexpectedly shrewd. A long-time survivor she consciously travels into dangerous territory. Kristen finds great significance in human connection and is quite adept at charming people, even those who prove to be closed off. She has a unique ability to see through difference she has with others and persuade them to see her perspective using sarcasm and humor."
  • Amy is the first Tales character to suffer an amputation. In her case, it's her left arm. The second being Davon.
  • Amy is one of six characters from the Tales series to be zombified, the other five being Sandra, Leo Rogers, Hannah, Idalia, Eric, and Maria.
  • Amy coincidentally shares some similarities to Amy on the TV Series.
    • Both were bitten on the right side of their neck.
    • Both turned into walkers, albeit Amy was put down, while this Amy was kept as a walker.
    • Both die on the fourth episode of the first season on their respective show.
    • Both died while with their groups.
    • Both died while their group was getting attacked by walkers.
  • Amy is the first main character in Tales to die permanently during the course of the episode.
    • Prior to this episode, Blair Crawford and Gina technically die and resurrect several times in "Blair / Gina" and Dee had already died during the course of the main show's events prior to her appearance in "Dee".