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"Amy / Dr. Everett" is the fourth episode of the first season of AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. It is the fourth episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 4, 2022.[1] It was written by Ahmadu Garba and directed by Haifaa al-Mansour.


In a nature documentary set in the "dead sector", a naturalist who studies walkers encounters a spirited settler; an unlikely respect is forged between the two as the settler tries to argue in favor of people taking back the land from the dead.


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During the early days of the apocalypse, a group of environmental research scientists declared a large swath of land in the Wiregrass region, located at the tri-point of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida along the Chattahoochee River, as an undead research reservation dedicated to studying the Homo Mortis specimen. Referred to as the Dead Sector, the land was bordered by natural waterways and a 656-foot wide, man-made trench that spanned hundreds of miles. As the Dead Sector remained free of human inhabitants over the course of ten years, wildlife and escaped zoo animals have thrived in nature. Dr. Chauncey Everett, the last of his group of scientists, made his home in a ranger's station in the woods and conducted his research in isolation for more than seven years. Over time, hunters were known to poach the reservation for the heads of the undead, collecting them as trophies and using them as scare tactics beyond the trench, much to Dr. Everett's disgust. While investigating a recent poaching, Dr. Everett encountered a woman named Amy being attacked in the woods and saved her before quickly abandoning her and resuming his research duties. Amy followed the researcher around begging for help with her illness and finding her group until the scientist finally took her in for a night of medical care. However, the pair was unable to help each other, with Dr. Everett refusing to allow the poachers to re-inhabit the Dead Sector with the building of a settlement, and Amy abandoning interest in becoming the successor of his research. The two parted ways and Amy was reunited with her community soon after. A few hours later, Dr. Everett discovered Amy's camp completely wiped out with everyone dead or reanimated, including Amy.

Other Cast[]


  • Jeff Barnett as Dr. Moseley
  • Unknown as Hannah
  • Unknown as Pat
  • Ed Force as Settler
  • Chelsea Reuter as Specimen Sunflower
  • Ash Harrison as Specimen Gamma
  • Chris Chabriel as Cube Truck Walker



  • Only appearance of Chauncey Everett.
  • Only appearance of Dr. Moseley. (Zombified)
  • Only appearance of Amy.
  • Only appearance of Pat.
  • Only appearance of Hannah.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on August 28, 2022.[1]
  • This was originally the second episode of the season, however it was rearranged for unknown reasons.[1]
  • The original plot summary for the episode was as follows: Years into the apocalypse, nature has consumed much of the world as we once knew it, and yet, humans endeavor to survive. Naturalist Dr. Chauncey Everett (Anthony Edwards) has spent the last decade in voluntary isolation; however when Amy (Poppy Liu), an extroverted survivor, knowingly crosses into no man's land, Dr. Everett's own humanity is put into question.[1]
  • This episode takes place in the Wiregrass region of the United States, specifically near the tri-point of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. This is alluded to when Amy mentions the Dead Sector being near the Chattahoochee River.
    • Additionally, Anthony Edwards, who portrays Dr. Everett, confirmed on Talking Dead that his character lives in a three-state area.
  • This episode takes place in the tenth year of the apocalypse.[1]
  • One of the extras portraying a Dead Sector settler also portrayed a Hilltop resident in the TV Series. This is the result of the main show and Tales of the Walking Dead both being filmed in Georgia.
  • This episode shows that a walker can decompose to death.
  • Despite a horde being the supposed cause of the destruction of Amy's camp, none of the settlers showed signs of being eaten or torn apart by zombies. While several bodies littered the ground, the majority of the settlers were seen freshly turned and wandering the camp with no visible wounds or injuries consistent with a horde, with the exception of Amy, who had a small wound on her neck. This may be a result of the show's limited budget for the first season where FX makeup and special effects to convey details may have been scarified for other production priorities, or the group was killed in another manner that was not directly conveyed on-screen.

Episode Highlights[]



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