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—The Governor after Gus crashes into the RV[src]

Andrea is a comic-adapted character and an antagonist first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. She is described as "a fair-haired woman in a ponytail and prison dungarees". She is a resident of the prison group and the main sniper.


Location Unknown

Main article: Andrea Grimes (Comic Series)


Main article: Andrea Grimes (Comic Series)

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

It's possible Andrea took part in the prison group's retaliation on Woodbury by blowing up the National Guard Station and raiding the local Walmart, then killing Bruce, Curtis and two other guards.

While searching for the prison, Gabe, Rudy and Gus hear gunfire coming from the west over the treeline. They creep through the woods adjacent to the two-lane and find Andrea, Maggie and Hershel outside the fence of the prison doing some target practice on biters. Gabe and his men stay hidden in the bushes as they watch the group start dragging one of the biters back toward the gates and taking it inside.

Main article: Andrea Grimes (Comic Series)

During the first assault on the prison, Dale is heard yelling at Andrea to stop and find cover. The Governor orders the survivors to surrender their weapons and ammo outside the innermost gate. When he doesn't get a response, he orders the soldiers to resume firing when a .308 caliber Winchester zipper fired by a military grade sniper rifle strikes Philip in his armoured shoulder, the distance the bullet travelled means it merely punctured a deep pucker in the Kevlar that feels to the Governor as though he’s just been punched by Mike Tyson. The shock of the impact sends him falling backwards off the edge of the tank.

Lilly Caul and the other soldiers gaze up at the guard tower in the southeast corner of the prison yard. From the distance they're standing, it’s difficult to tell if anybody’s up there, but Lilly is fairly certain that she sees a dark figure lying belly-down on the floor of the catwalk. Another shot is fired and thirty feet away from Lilly, Arlo Simmons convulses from a .308 caliber slug penetrating through his neck. The Governor orders everybody to aim at the tower as another soldier is shot through the head. The entire militia starts scrambling for cover, and Lilly aims her Remington through the window opening of the cab door. Through her scope, she sees Andrea lying prone on the floor of the catwalk with her rifle aimed down at the lot. Lilly can tell the sniper is a woman by the ponytail flagging in the wind and her slender body. For some reason, this fills Lilly with rage and she fires off a shot along with the rest of the soldiers who keep firing for a minute and a half. Eventually she sees a splash of blood stippling the inner wall of the guard tower and the barrage of bullets stops, somebody scored a headshot but it's impossible to tell who it was. Two young gunners give each other high fives to Lilly's left and the assault continues. The prison survivors arm themselves and start shooting back at the army. Within moments, more members of the milita start to fall. During the chaos, Andrea wakes up, having only been grazed by the headshot and resumes firing on the soldiers. The rising number of losses causes Woodbury to retreat.

After the initial attack, it appears many of the prison survivors have evacuated, Andrea being one of them. However, when the militia returns, Gabe is shot in the back of the head by Andrea who stands boldly attop a Winnebago RV in the distance. The Governor orders Gus to drive his truck into her so he quickly obliges and rams the pickup into the side of the RV, almost splitting it in two and knocking Andrea off the side, but not before Gus is shot himself. The RV goes up in a ball of flame, and Andrea isn't seen from for the remainder of the assault.

For the rest of the events of the Novel Series, Andrea's whereabouts remain unknown, until her story picks back up in the Comic Series. For further details see:

Main article: Andrea Grimes (Comic Series)

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Andrea has killed:


Novel Series

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

Doomsday Clock


  • Andrea killed more Woodbury soldiers than any other member of the prison group, as witnessed by her sniping many of them from the top of one of the guard towers located at the prison.
  • Andrea's weapon of choice seems to be an Anschütz .22 LR.
  • Andrea is one of the playable characters in The Walking Dead: The Board Game.
  • Andrea was originally supposed to be 28, as seen in The Walking Dead Script Book.