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"Don't come any closer... Sorry, you seem ok. I got separated from my friend Michonne by a herd of walkers... Do you think you can help me find her?"
—Andrea asking for assistance from the hero.[src]

Andrea is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Location Unknown

Andrea was a civil rights lawyer and had a sister, Amy.


"Outside Woodbury"

Andrea arrives at the schoolyard base camp looking for help, stating that she had become separated from her friend Michonne by a herd of walkers. She and the hero find Michonne in the woods and Andrea asks if she can bring Michonne back to tend to her wounds. After Michonne is cared for, they both depart the camp.

Andrea is later encountered again as her and Michonne travel back to the camp. Andrea is fed up and proclaims to Michonne that she knew they were walking in circles. The two femme fatales rest at the camp and the hero helps apply surgical tape to Andrea's ankle after she reveals she twisted it running from a massive herd of walkers.

Michonne tells the hero they don't know if it is the same one from earlier, but it is the biggest one they have ever seen and it is continuing to grow. Andrea's ankle is soon relieved and the two women head off to find a safe place to camp. But not before telling the group that they should leave also to avoid the incoming herd.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Andrea has killed:


Spencer Andrea

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Hero Player

"Thank you so much for your help. I hope we see each other again out here."
—Andrea thanking the hero for all they've done before leaving.[src]

Andrea, reluctantly, asks help from the hero out of desperation in finding Michonne. The hero proves to be friendly and trustworthy with her and the duo successfully find Michonne. The hero brings the two women back to the camp where they tend to Michonne's wound.

Later, having been lost and rediscovering the camp, the hero supplies the two with supplies and sends them on there way. Andrea and Michonne are grateful to the player and the group. Michonne and Andrea later discover a herd heading towards the camp and warn the group before heading off once more to avoid the oncoming herd.


Social Game


  • Chapter 4 Mission 11: Rescue Michonne
  • Chapter 4 Mission 19: Running In Circles

As Playable Character

In a mission, the player has to bring Andrea. Andrea seems to have:

Rescue Michonne

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