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People still need you. You have to keep doing what you're doing. You have to stay strong! Otherwise...otherwise this was all for nothing... If this all falls apart...and it will without you...why did you fight so hard? You've built something...important. You have to keep fighting for it no matter what. These people are counting on you -- you've been a shining beacon...in a world of darkness. You've made an oasis in a world of shit. You've made it possible for people to work together...to be a community...to be stronger... That makes you stronger. You'll keep going. You have to. That's what these people need. That's what this world needs. And that's...that's just what you do.
―Andrea to Rick Grimes, reminding him to stay strong, during her final moments.[src]

Andrea Grimes (née unknown) is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in Image Comics' The Walking Dead. Andrea is the older sister of Amy and a tough and very skilled woman, being very talented with firearms, and becoming one of the group's key defenders because of that.

Once the Atlanta camp fell and she was faced with the death of her sister, she formed a relationship with Dale, who both later adopted Ben and Billy after their father's death. After the deaths of Ben, Billy, and later Dale, she mourned and moved on, forming a romantic relationship with Rick, and becoming a mother figure to his son, Carl.

Andrea values her friends, family and comrades. She was ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of the others, which she did at the end after defeating the Whisperers. Andrea passed away peacefully, saying goodbye to everyone she knew. After Andrea's death, Rick and Carl would always remember her, and years later Carl would name his daughter Andrea, in memory of his adoptive mother. She was the tritagonist from Volume 9: Here We Remain to Volume 28: A Certain Doom.


Andrea was one of the first survivors from the camp at the outskirts of Atlanta to truly adapt to the new post-apocalyptic world order. She quickly became one of the most useful and utilized members of the group.

Her most prominent skill is her proficiency as a sharpshooter. Throughout the series this has come in handy against both the living and the dead being one of the most lethal members of the group. She has also at many times taken up the role of teaching other survivors how to shoot like Tyreese at the prison and various members of the Alexandrian community. Because of this skill she often has taken up as a position as the lookout for the group.

Andrea has been consistently resolute despite all the tragedies that have occurred throughout the series. She is brave and loyal to her allies, not only is she willing to risk her life for her allies she often goes out of her way to do so. The most notable example of this is when she returns alone to help protect the members of the community who remained at the prison for the assault led by the Governor a more recent example would be her risking her life to save Eugene Porter when he found himself surrounded by walkers.

Andrea has been in two long term post apocalyptic relationships, with Dale and then Rick Grimes. She also took an adoptive motherly role to Ben and Billy and now has become a mother figure to Carl Grimes.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Andrea's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except she was born in 1978 and had a younger sister, Amy, and worked as a clerk at a law firm after she graduated from college.


Before the zombie outbreak went into full-force, Andrea was driving her sister back to college during a road trip. The two sisters considered this a way to bond, and despite the long journey it had become a sort of ritual for them. Along the way, Andrea's car broke down and she was forced to pull to the side of the road. The two sisters were the first of the survivors to be picked up by Dale, who had been driving along in his RV and noticed the two women were stranded.

Days Gone Bye

Andrea and Amy traveled with Dale to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. By the time they got to the city however, it had already been overrun with zombies. They instead set up a campsite along the outskirts of the city, which soon attracted many other survivors, the first of these being a man named Allen, his wife Donna, and their twin sons Billy and Ben. This was soon added to when Glenn Rhee, Jim, Carol, Sophia, Shane Walsh, Lori Grimes, Carl Grimes, and eventually Rick Grimes joined the group.

When Rick Grimes first arrives at the Atlanta camp, he meets Andrea alongside her sister Amy as they are coming out of Dale's RV. A day later, Andrea attends a group target practice and quickly becomes the best shooter of the lot, impressing both Rick and Shane.

The next night, after the the group discuss their lives before the apocalypse, Amy is bitten by a zombie that took her by surprise. Andrea quickly rushes to Amy's aid, but, she is too late, Amy bleeding out seconds after Andrea arrives to help. Andrea continues to weep over her sister's death, despite the camp being quickly surrounded by zombies and attacked. After the zombie group is dealt with, Andrea shoots Amy in the head, wanting to prevent her from reanimating into a zombie.

The next day, Andrea is seen grieving at Amy's funeral. After the rest of the group say their last words, Andrea refuses to head back to camp, staying at Amy's grave despite the freezing weather. After eventually returning to camp, Andrea isolates herself in Dale's RV. Dale tries to comfort her, but, she refuses to reply, sitting it silence, even missing the chance to see Jim off, after the group leave him to turn in a nearby forest after he was bitten in the zombie attack the night before.

Miles Behind Us

After the death of Shane, and Tyreese's introduction the group, along with his family, Andrea finally starts to accept Amy's death, growing closer to Dale over the coming weeks of travel on the road, even being the first to rush to his rescue when he is nearly bitten by a frozen zombie. Andrea, along with the rest of the group, later discover the Wiltshire Estates and decide to make it a new home.

After a house in the estate is cleared of zombies, Andrea, and the rest of the group, decide to make it their temporary home for the night. As Donna is making a trip around the house to deliver extra blankets, she finds Andrea and Dale engaging in sexual intercourse, finally forming a relationship between the two. Not wanting to interrupt, Donna leaves the two alone and heads back to her own room.

The next day, after a massive zombie group emerge from the depths of the estates and kill Donna, Andrea quickly gathers most of the group up and gets them onto the RV, quickly evacuating the now overrun Wiltshire Estates.

Later that week, after Carl has been shot through the stomach, Andrea, and the rest of group, travel to Hershel Greene's farm, in hope that he can treat Carl's injury. While on the farm, Andrea confronts Allen over Donna's death, telling him that he needs to get over it for Ben and Billy's sake. This causes Allen to snap and scream at her, telling her that she does not understand what he is going through. Andrea responds by telling him that she lost her sister, friends, and family, saying she knows perfectly well what he is going through and he needs to get over it. He ignores this and tells her to go away. After this encounter, Andrea tries to apologize to Allen the next day. However, this causes Allen to become even more annoyed at Andrea, telling her to leave him alone again. Dale tries to defend Andrea, but, she tells him not to bother, apologizing to Allen before leaving.

A day later, after an incident at Hershel's barn, the zombies locked inside break-free and devour two of Hershel's children; Lacey and Arnold. Andrea helps the group kill the zombies and later decides with the rest to move into Hershel's barn. Andrea visits Dale in his RV, asking him if he is ready to move into the barn. He tells her that he will be there soon, wanting to clean the RV up a little, saying his deceased wife, Erma, would throw a fit if see saw the current state of the RV. However, this comment causes Andrea to retract a little, clearly upset at Dale mentioning his wife. He apologizes, saying he really does love Andrea, helping to ease her regrets over their relationship.

After Hershel kicks the group off his farm, Andrea and Dale going scouting ahead of the group, hoping to find nearby supplies and a place to hold-up in for the night. After a few minutes of searching, the duo comes across a prison, both of them thinking it could be used as a new home for the group and they alert the others to it's presence, the group deciding to clear-out the zombies and take the prison for themselves.

Safety Behind Bars

After the group decides to clear the prison out, Andrea joins Rick and Tyreese to help them clear the zombies out of the prison courtyards. The three of them manage to do so with ease, however, a massive horde of zombies soon burst out of the inside of the prison's cell-blocks, drawn outside by the noise generated from Andrea's pistol. Soon after, Andrea rushes back to the RV to retrieve ammo, after she, Rick, and Tyreese run-out. After doing this, she heads back to Rick and Tyreese, helping clear-out the remaining zombies coming from inside the prison, the three of them successfully securing the prison courtyard.

The next day, after Rick and Tyreese clear one of the prison cell-blocks out and meet four inhabitants of the prison; Axel, Andrew, Dexter, and Thomas Richards, Andrea accompanies the rest of the group into the prison cafeteria. She and Dale later move into one of the prison cells in the clear cell-block, later greeting Glenn on his arrival to the prison, alongside Hershel and his family.

Andrea later accompanies Tyreese, Glenn, and Billy Greene into the prison's gymnasium, hoping to dispose of all the zombies inside of it. However, Tyreese rushes straight forward towards the zombies in a rage, visibly caused by Julie's death the night before at the hands of her boyfriend, Chris. Tyreese is quickly surrounded and Andrea tries to rush in and save him. Glenn however, pulls her back, telling her they have to leave Tyreese if they want to escape themselves. Andrea hesitantly does so, crying over Tyreese's supposed death.

Later that day, Andrea is seen discussing the recent deaths of Susie Greene, Rachel Greene, and Tyreese in bed. Saying that they may have been sad, but, ever since Amy's death, she does not feel it much emotionally anymore. Dale agrees with her and Andrea tells him that it was like they were made for each other. Dale questions if she really does want to spend the rest of her life with him, saying he can't have many good years left. She says she does, explaining that at the rate of deaths in the apocalypse, nobody really has any good years left, telling Dale he still has one more good year in him.

The next day, Andrea is seen doing laundry. However, she is soon approached by one of the prisoners; Thomas Richards. Andrea asks him if he wants to help with the laundry, he says he does not want to help, annoying Andrea who asks him why he has come to see her. He quickly grabs her by the arm and proclaims he has come to cut her head off, revealing himself as the true killer of Rachel Greene and Susie Greene. Andrea manages to escape from Thomas, however suffers a wound to her face, stretching from her left earlobe to her left lip. Running into the prison's courtyard, she screams for help. Rick quickly springs to her aid, tackling Thomas to the ground and brutally beating him until he is almost dead, saving Andrea's life.

After Rick proclaims his "You kill. You die." rule and declares that Thomas will be hung for his crimes against the group, Andrea is seen having her face wound treated by Dale. While being stitched up by Dale, Andrea proclaims that she does not want to look like a freak and Dale reassures her, telling her that she will look as pretty as usual when he is finished stitching.

Later that day, Andrea is seen discussing the current situation with Dale. He suggests to her that they should consider taking their chances and leave in the RV. Andrea says that she does not like the idea of abandoning everyone, but, says that she will go wherever Dale goes no matter what. She later helps dispose of Thomas' body to zombies outside the prison fence, after his death at the hands of Maggie Greene. However, after this, she and the rest of the group are held at gunpoint by Dexter, Andrew, and Patricia, who demand that the group leave the prison immediately.

The Heart's Desire

After Dexter reveals his intentions to kick the group out of the prison, demanding such at gunpoint with weapons he, Andrew, and Patricia got from A-block's armory. However, he unknowingly released a massive group of zombies from A-block, causing them to attack the group in the prison courtyard. Andrea quickly rushes to help-out Rick and the others, all of them managing to quell the zombie horde's advances and stopping Dexter's rebellion in the process, Rick shooting him in the head during the battle, only Tyreese knowing he did so willingly.

After the zombie bodies in the courtyard were burnt, Andrea takes the opportunity to fashion the prison's jumpsuits into to clothes for the group to wear, saying she will take the job of the group's seamstress. She also says that she will fashion more clothes from the jumpsuits for the warmer weather in the coming months. She is later seen back in her cell, discussing the prison outfits with Dale, joking about him removing his fishing hat from his daily attire, Dale telling her that it will never happen. Andrea then asks him if he still plans to leave the prison, he says that there is no point at the moment, but, at the slightest hint of trouble at the prison, he and Andrea will leave.

Later that day, after Allen was bitten on the leg by a zombie and Rick amputated his foot in an attempt to save him, Andrea visits him inside his cell. She tells him to hang in there, but, Allen tells her that he knows he will die soon and that he wants her to look after Ben and Billy with Dale, seemingly forgiving her for harassing him on Hershel's farm. Andrea tries to tell him she won't have to, but, he slips out of consciousness.

Andrea later finds Michonne in her cell, however, she is taken back when she finds Michonne talking to no one. Andrea asks her what she is doing, but, Michonne tells her she has no idea what Andrea is talking about, saying she was not talking to anyone, causing Andrea to angrily leave Michonne alone to herself.

The next day, Andrea and Dale head to check on Billy, Ben, and Allen, whose conditions has worsened since the initial bite. When the two arrive, they find Billy and Ben unattended. Andrea quickly asks who was supposed to be watching them and the twins tell her Otis was. She starts to get frustrated at him, but, Dale manages to calm her down, asking the twins how Allen is doing. They Andrea and Dale that Allen told them he wants to be with Donna and that he will be soon, leaving Andrea and Dale in shock. Soon after this and after Rick and Tyreese's brutal fight over Carol's attempted suicide, Andrea informs the group that Allen has passed away, Rick later putting him down. She later witness Rick deliver a speech to the group, declaring that they are the walking dead.

The Best Defense

Andrea is seen alongside Dale, talking to Billy and Ben. The two inform the twins that they will be living with them now, after Allen passed away. Billy and Ben ask Andrea and Dale if they are their new mommy and daddy. This causes Andrea to start to cry and Dale comforts her, telling the twins that if they really want to, they can call them mommy and daddy if they want.

Later that night, Andrea asks Dale if he still awake. He says he is wide-awake, due to the fact Rick, Glenn, and Michonne have disappeared after leaving to find the crash-site of a helicopter that crashed a day ago. Andrea says that she is worried about them too, saying she won't be able to get much sleep. Dale responds by saying that now they are looking after Ben and Billy, they a technically parents and have to be responsible because of it. Andrea saying she had almost forget, asking if Ben and Billy will be okay in their own cell alone. Dale says that they are tough kids and goes on to say that one of them needs to sleep for their sake, volunteering himself to do so.

Andrea is later seen on top of one of the prison's guard towers shooting zombies targets that Dale designates for her. However, he soon ignores this activity and starts thinking about Rick, Glenn, and Michonne, who are all still missing. Andrea tries to calm his nerves about their disappearance, asking if he will be ok if they don't make it back to the prison. Dale says he will, telling her that if he can cope with his wife's death, he can cope with the loss of some group members. He quickly snaps out of it and gives Andrea another zombie target, which she gracefully hits. Later, Andrea is still seen practicing alongside Dale. She tells him that she is down to one more bullet and would like to go and get more, wanting to be prepared in case of an attack by people on the prison, saying that not everyone will want to share the prison with them. However, the two are interrupted by Tyreese, who is rushing towards the prison gate, after returning from a scouting mission searching for Rick, Glenn, and Michonne. Andrea quickly helps other members of the group open the gate for Tyreese, however, they fail to re-close it and the prison is swarmed by zombies, trapping Andrea and the rest of the group inside.

This Sorrowful Life

Once Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and two residents brought from the hostile town of Woodbury, Alice and Martinez, return to the prison and find it overrun with zombies, Andrea and Dale immediately greet them in the zombie infested courtyard. Andrea helps Rick and the others make it back to the main prison-lobby, killing numerous zombies along the way. Andrea later assists the rest of the group in clearing out the zombies in the courtyard, managing to completely clear-out the zombie horde. While helping to burn the zombie bodies, Andreas see Michonne talking to herself again, however, she decides not to ask about it this time and leaves Michonne alone.

Andrea is later seen attending Rick's speech on Woodbury. He tells Andrea and the group about his, Glenn, and Michonne's ordeal at the town, labeling them as murders and animals. Andrea asks Rick what he thinks they should do and he responds by saying that whatever happens, the group needs to be ready when the Governor and Woodbury do decide to attack the prison.

The Calm Before

Andrea is seen attending Glenn and Maggie's wedding hosted by Hershel, congratulating the two on getting married. She is later seen playing basketball along with other members of the group on the prison courts. However, the group's fun comes to an end when Andrea, Tyreese, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, and Axel decide to head to Woodbury's National Guard station, in an attempt to gain more weapons and ammunition for the coming months ahead.

After trying to find the guard station, Andrea and the other members of the supply-team decide to rest for the day and resume searching tomorrow. This proved to be the plan as Andrea was woke-up early the next morning by Tyreese, whose feet smelt bad enough to wake Andrea up. Tyreese later finds her standing outside the RV, she jokes about his feet waking her up and he apologizes, saying he can leave his shoes on next time if she wants. Andrea tells him that would just be as bad and that she wants to find the guard station as soon as possible, refusing to spend another night in the RV. However, their conversation is interrupted by a lone zombie slowly shambling towards them. Tyreese asks Andrea if he can use her rifle and try shooting it. Andrea lets him have a go and he ends up hitting the zombie in the shoulder, rather than the head. Andrea grabs the rifle off him and easily shoots the zombie through the head, killing it instantly. Tyreese apologizes for his bad accuracy and asks Andrea if she could give him some lessons when they get back to the prison. Andrea says she will and that they will need as many trained shooters as possible if Woodbury do attack the prison eventually. However, their shooting wakes Axel and Michonne up and after this, they decide to wake Maggie and Glenn and resume searching for the National Guard station.

Andrea and the rest of the supply-team later reach the National Guard station. When she and the others arrive, they immediately begin to search for ammo and weapons. Andrea and Michonne eventually stumble across a tank in the station and this causes Andrea to have second-thoughts about just leaving the station and any remaining supplies there for Woodbury to take. Tyreese agrees with her and they blow the National Guard station up.

After the destruction of the station, Andrea and the rest of the supply-team decide to stop at Woodbury's Wal-Mart to gather supplies. While there, Maggie asks Andrea if she can get two cribs. This causes Andrea to ask if Maggie is pregnant and she says no, telling Andrea she just wants to be prepared for the future. However, Bruce Copper, Sam, and two other Woodbury guards soon find the group and demand they exit the Wal-Mart building immediately. Glenn does so and tries to peacefully co-operate, but, Bruce recognizes him from his previous capture in Woodbury and shoots him in the chest. Andrea quickly springs to action and shoots Bruce right through the neck, causing him to start bleeding-out. After Michonne cuts down the two other Woodbury soldiers, Andrea demands that Sam drop his weapon, not wanting to kill him. However, Sam madly refuses and tries to shoot her, however, this results in Andrea shooting him straight through his head, killing him instantly. Andrea starts to panic about this, saying she had to kill him and had no other choice, Tyreese reassures her, saying she did the right thing. After this, the group discovers that Glenn is still alive and the riot armor protected him from death. Andrea and the others use this sign as confirmation that they need to head back to the prison, not wanting to cause a panic there.

After arriving back at the prison, Andrea finds Billy alone outside the prison fences. Andrea asks him what is wrong, as he is visibly upset over something. Billy starts to tell her about his failure in protecting Dale and how he was bitten by a zombie on the leg, but, out of nowhere, Dale grabs Billy's leg and Andrea and the others quickly bring him to the prison's infirmary. Here, Rick amputates his infected leg and Alice heals his wounds, saving him from death. Andrea stays with his unconscious form for many hours and when he wakes up, Andrea berates him for his stupidity, saying he should not have risked his life in the first place as he is just an old man. Dale apologizes and comforts her, saying he knows she was scared.

After Dale's incident and baby Judith's birth, Andrea is seen greeting Dale as he wakes up. He tells her about the dreams he is having, saying they are the only thing that helps him get away from the post-apocalyptic hell. Andrea looks at him in pity and Dale tells her that he does not want it and was only trying to open up. However, Andrea surprises him and hands him crutches, Dale smiling in appreciation and saying it is always the little things in life that make him happy.

Andrea is later seen at a target practice that she and Rick have set up for the other members of the group, hoping to prepare them in case Woodbury or anyone other hostile force attacks the prison. While doing this, Andrea takes a special interest in Tyreese, due to him being a horrible shot with a gun she does her best to improve his accuracy. However, unknowingly to the both of them, Dale watches jealously from the sidelines, believing Andrea wants Tyreese instead of him, Dale feels inadequate due to his age and the fact that he only has one leg. After this, Andrea goes for lunch with Dale, Billy, and Ben. Dale tries to bring up his observations of her and Tyreese, but, he decides not to at the last minute.

Later on, Andrea is approached by Alice. Andrea is stunned to see that Alice has fashioned her jumpsuit pants into shorts, Andrea saying that she has been meaning to do something, but the gun training has distracted her. Alice then asks her if she could do her a favor while taking some people outside the prison fences to practice, asking if Andrea could retrieve her a live zombie from outside the fences to study.

After talking with Alice, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Billy, and Axel go outside the prison fences to practice their shooting skills on live zombies. Maggie makes a smart comment, saying Andrea is over-dramatizing the target practice, causing Andrea to berate her for it. However, this allows a zombie to sneak up close to her and Hershel shoots it, telling Andrea his kids are smart and not to worry so much that she will forget her own teachings. After taking out many zombies, Andrea finds a suitable zombie to take back inside the prison for Alice to study, managing to do so without any difficulties. However, unknown to any of the group at the target practice, their gunfire managed to lure Gabriel Harris and another Woodbury scout to the location of the prison, information they would later share with The Governor.

Andrea is later seen playing basketball with Tyreese, easily beating him at the game. However, their match is interrupted when Carol commits suicide by 'giving herself' to the zombie Alice is studying, biting her on the neck and causing her to bleed out. Andrea and the group rush over to help her, but, she dies when they get there. She reanimates seconds after and almost bites a shocked and dismayed Tyreese, but, Andrea shoots her through the head before she can bite Tyreese, also killing the zombie Alice was studying in the process. She is later seen attending the funeral the group holds for Carol.

Two weeks after Carol's death, Andrea is seen alongside Dale, Rick, and Tyreese in the prison's armory. She is suiting up in one of the prison's riot suits. However, she complains about it, saying she can't do much good shooting if she dies of heat stroke first, due to the suits being painted black. Dale says that one of the suits saved Glenn's life, so, she will be wearing one. Andrea reluctantly submits to the request, humorously asking Dale is the riot gear makes her look fat. She later heads up to one of the prison towers with the three of them and tests out the riot gear's effect on her shooting skills, it seemingly having no constrictions on her movement. After this, see asks Tyreese if he can help her bring more ammo up for target practice, causing Dale to yet again look on in suspicion and doubt.

Andrea is later seen talking with Tyreese and he asks her if she is okay as of late, as she one the one that had to shoot Carol. Andrea tells him that after she shot Amy for the very same reason, she sees the necessity of having to kill someone before or when they turn. However, she says that she is more concerned about the fact that Carol did it knowing her daughter was still alive and well. Tyreese says that the apocalypse has changed people, him being one of them. Andrea asks him how he is doing over Carol's death and he says that he knows many people who have committed suicide, saying that the people who do don't deserve his sorrow, Carol being no exception.

After finishing up target practice in the guard tower with Tyreese, the two head back to Andrea's cell and install the peg-leg they have built for him onto his leg while he is asleep. When Dale wakes up, he thanks Andrea and Tyreese for the peg-leg, but, asks Tyreese if he can speak to Andrea alone. Tyreese obliges and Dale tells Andrea that she can have sex with Tyreese if she wants to, saying he is too old to please her properly now. Andrea comforts him and tells him that she had no intention to, telling Dale that she and Tyreese are only friends and his fears are completely unfounded.

Andrea is later seen accompanying Dale on his first walk with his peg-leg, trying to help him adjust to the balance. But, Dale stops her and tells her that he does not need any help with it, saying he has got it. However, mere moments later, Andrea, Dale, and the rest of the prison group witness the Woodbury army driving towards them and The Governor angrily proclaiming "KILL THEM ALL".

Made To Suffer

As soon as The Governor opens fire on the prison, Andrea is the first to spring to action in the prison's defense. She quickly heads up to one of the prison guard towers and equips a full-suit of riot gear. While The Governor is speaking on a megaphone, demanding the prison group surrender to him immediately, Andrea uses to opportunity to shoot at him with her sniper-rifle. However, the riot gear's helmet causes her to miscalculate the shot and instead of hitting him in the head, she hits him in the chest, the riot gear The Governor was wearing protecting him from most of the damage. Due to her missing, Andrea throws the helmet off in anger, proceeding to shoot two Woodbury fighters dead. However, The Governor spots her position and orders his men to open fire, which results in a bullet grazing her head, knocking her unconscious.

Despite her head injury, Andrea regained consciousness and resumed firing on the Woodbury soldiers, re-equipping her helmet in the process. Andrea manages to gun down nearly a dozen of the Woodbury fighters, causing The Governor to signal a temporary retreat, buying the prison group more time to prepare.

After this, Dale rushes up to the tower Andrea resides on and quickly escorts her back to the prison courtyard, shouting for help. However, despite Andrea saying she feels fine, she soon collapses unconscious and falls on Dale. The group then quickly rush her, Axel, who was shot in the arm and Rick, who was shot in the stomach, to the prison's infirmary, where Alice treats there wounds, managing to save Andrea from any permanent damage.

After Andrea recovers and wakes up, Dale informs her that they have to leave the prison as soon as possible. Andrea berates him for this and asks him why he would just leave the rest of the group to die at the prison. Dale tells her that he is not leaving them and plans to ask everyone if they want to come with him, managing to take Sophia, Billy, Ben, Glenn and Maggie with them. Soon after Dale gathers everyone who is retreating from the prison and back to Hershel's farm. After saying her goodbyes to those staying at the prison, Andrea departs on the RV alongside the others who are leaving for the farm.

However, Andrea can not leave the group back at the prison helpless and decides to venture off in the RV alone back to the prison. When she arrives, she sees The Governor and Gabriel Harris cowering behind one of the Woodbury army's trucks. She immediately uses the chance to shoot Gabriel through the head, killing him instantly. The Governor quickly takes cover from her gunshots, while many of his men are killed by her and the rest of the group. A Woodbury soldier quickly drives a car into the RV, destroying it instantly and knocking Andrea onto the ground below, desperately moving to escape the battle-zone.

Here We Remain

After her near death at the prison, Andrea managed to escape the prison and the woodland surrounding it. After this, she regroups with Dale, Billy, Ben, Glenn, Maggie, and Sophia. The seven of them decide not to go back to the prison and instead, settle at Hershel's farm for the time being.

Many days after the fall of the prison at The Governor's hands, Andrea is seen on lookout at the farm. She soon spots Glenn and Maggie on their return from a scouting mission, however, she also sees Rick, Carl, and Michonne with them, alerting Dale of their arrival.

Later that day, A band of three people arrive at the farm in a truck. Andrea immediately holds them at gunpoint, weary of the group's encounter with Woodbury. The leader of the trio identifies himself as Abraham Ford and introduces his two companions, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa. Despite the trio's pleas to the group explaining they are not hostile and even when Eugene informs the group that he is a scientist who knows what started to outbreak and used to be in contact with Washington, D.C. (Currently where the trio is traveling), Andrea does not step down, shoving a gun in Eugene's face, demanding he tell the group everything he knows. This causes Abraham to get more aggressive and he disarms Andrea's rifle and whacks her in the face with it, gaining him and his companions the advantage over the group. She then listens as Abraham and Eugene explain what the herd is and over if Abraham and his companions can stay at the farm, the group granting them this privilege.

The next day, Andrea is seen feeding the horses on the farm. However, she is interrupted by Abraham, who apologizes for hitting her in the face with her gun. Andrea tells him that she understands why he did it and asks him why he is bothering to take Eugene to Washington, D.C.. Abraham tells her that he is a problem solver and he likes to solve problems for a purpose, saying it keeps him sane. However, their conversation is interrupted by a group of zombies, drawn to the farm from the noise generated the night before. Abraham quickly goes to dispatch them and tells Andrea to gather her group in case he needs help. After she and the group arrive to help Abraham, he tells Andrea not to fire her rifle, as it would just draw more zombies to their position and he finishes killing all the zombies a few moments later. Abraham then informs Andrea and the group that they need to leave immediately and the group decides to accompany Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita on their journey to D.C., leaving the farm and embarking back on the road.

What We Become

Weeks after leaving Hershel's farm, Andrea and the rest of the group are seen raiding an overrun town for supplies. Andrea and Rosita are seen gathering new shoes for the group to wear, but, their search on cut short when the zombie numbers become too much for Abraham to handle, causing her and the rest of the group to leave the town. Later that night, Andrea and the others discuss the trip to D.C. around a camp fire, however, Andrea and the others later find that Maggie has attempted suicide by hanging herself from a tree, Abraham quickly cutting her down. While most of the group including Andrea think she is dead, it turns out she managed to survive and apologizes to everyone for trying to kill herself. Later on, Andrea and Dale discuss her suicide attempt in their tent, Andrea saying that she can't imagine what it would be like for Sophia to lose her foster mother and father after losing her previous mother and father. Going on to ask Dale what he thinks would happen to Billy and Ben if they were to die and Dale tells her it is one of the things that keeps him going in the apocalypse.

Later in the week, Andrea is seen in the back of Abraham's truck. She tells Dale that they can't keep sleeping in the truck forever, as it will be too impractical when Winter time comes around. Dale says that they should start looking for any RVs that are still working, Andrea telling him that she doesn't know if she can handle the smell inside an RV. Their conversation is cut short when Abraham and Rick decide to stop at a gas station, both deciding that Andrea and the others will fortify the gas station while they and Carl head back to Rick's hometown for more supplies.

Later on that week, Andrea is seen on guard duty at the camp. She helps Dale out of his tent and he tells her that he is sick of having to camp, saying he wants to leave the group and just find a place to settle down with Andrea, Billy and Ben. Andrea tells him that she doesn't want to do that and Dale says that they just can't stay because of devotion to Rick. He tells her that he respects and feels sorry for Rick, but, after seeing him in recent weeks, he believes Rick to be dangerous. However, they are interrupted by Eugene and Rosita, who ask them if they slept well. Dale coldly answers no, while Andrea asks Eugene why he sports a mullet, saying it is not something a brilliant Government scientist would wear. Eugene tells her that is exactly why he wears it, so people don't suspect him for his intelligence. They are then interrupted by Michonne, who starts to worry about the low food situation. Eugene and her agree that it would be best to start rationing supplies. Dale says he wants to go out and look around anyway, asking Andrea to come with him, saying he wants to talk some sense into her.

After scouting the areas around the gas station, Andrea and Dale stop at a small house. While there, Dale tries to convince Andrea that they should forget about the trip to D.C. and just make a life at the house, saying it is perfect for them. Andrea is still unsure about this and Dale tells her to trust him, saying he knows what is best for them. However, their stay at the house is cut short when Rick and the others arrive there and tell them they need to leave because a herd is on the way. Dale tries to argue with Rick and Eugene, saying that if they were to be quiet the herd would just pass. However, Andrea asks him if he would really put her, Billy, and Ben in danger just to chance that, convincing him to leave with the rest of the group. About an hour after this, Andrea tells Dale the group is ready to leave. This causes Dale to get frustrated and blame Rick for forcing them to leave, saying he ruins everything. However, despite his protests, he and Andrea leave and head back on the road to Washington, D.C..

Fear The Hunters

Andrea is seen in the back of Abraham's truck, she tells him to pull over when she spots an abandoned van on the road the group is currently travelling on. She and the other members of the group are astonished that the van still works and decide to set up camp around it. The next morning, Andrea goes to check on Billy and Ben, after Dale tells her they went off to pee in the woodland near the group's camp. However, she finds the horrifying sight of Ben sitting over his disemboweled brother's corpse. Andrea drops to the floor speechless and hugs Ben, who is unsure of what he just did, believing his murder of Billy not to be wrong. After a while, Dale and the rest of the group find her and decide to lock Ben up in the van for the night.

Later, back at the group's camp, Andrea is seen alongside the rest of the group discussing what should be done with Ben. After awhile, Abraham suggests that the group kill Ben, causing Andrea to get angry and storm away from the group, not believing that the group wants to kill a child. Later that night, Andrea discuss the situation with Dale and he says that they will split off from the group. Andrea asks him if he will sleep in the van with Ben and Dale says he does not know what to do. However, later that night, Carl shoots Ben without anyone knowing and Andrea is the first to discover Ben's dead body. Dale starts to go ballistic and call out for the killer to show himself, however, his peg-leg trips him up and he falls over, Andrea going over to help him, grieving for Ben's loss at the same time.

After the group move camp, unknowingly being stalked by a group named the Hunters, Andrea tries to convince Dale to eat something. However, he tells her that he just wants to be left alone for the night. Later, a large group of zombies stumble across the camp and start attacking, Andrea, Rick, Michonne, and Abraham quickly fend them off and dispatch them with ease. Suddenly, their attention is grabbed by Dale's screams and Andrea quickly rushes over to him. She asks if he got bit and he tells her that the zombie that attacked him just tore his shirt, grumpily walking off alone afterwards.

Andrea later tries to urinate in the forest surrounding the camp, but, discovers that one of the Hunters is watching her. She tries to spot him and fire on him, but, he gets away before she can do so. Rick and the others come running to her assistance and she tells them about her encounter, saying it wasn't an animal and was definitely a person watching her.

Her emotional stability was further challenged when Dale, who was bitten in a small skirmish the following night, snuck away much later to die alone in the forest. When she went to find him, and the group found no clues of his departure, her blame shifted to the newly arrived Gabriel, who lead them to their church. After Rick interrogated the reverend and convinced Andrea it wasn't him, the group turned their attention to the shadowy figures who watched Andrea in the forest the nights before. After Dale's body turned up at the church's porch the next day and they realized the threat they were facing was human, Andrea along with Michonne, Rick, and Abraham went to confront the Hunters head on. On Rick's orders, she shoots Greg's ear and Chris' finger off. Andrea showed no remorse for the slaughter of the Hunters.

She was shown having a last talk with Dale by his bed-side when they arrived back. The two fully expressed their love for each other. That night, Dale passes away, and Andrea shoots him to prevent him from reanimating. She was extremely distraught at his following burial.

Life Among Them

As with the rest of the survivors, Andrea successfully traveled and made it to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The leader of the safe zone, Douglas Monroe, did admit to Rick, that he's having trouble thinking of a job for her because she, like Michonne is known more for her strength. Upon, Rick's advice, he decides to make Andrea a look out. She seems to be adapting well to living in the Safe-Zone, she's more than uneasy towards Douglas. An example is during her interview with him, he asked if she was single to which she was deeply offended.

Andrea admits that, like Rick, she's suspicious of Douglas and the others, feeling the whole thing is rehearsed. She's become the unrequited target of Douglas' attentions as seen in Issue 72 when he tries to make advances on her, even goes to say he's lonely in his loveless marriage. She gently rebuffs his advances and tells Rick she doesn't believe a word he told her. As they laugh a little about being hit-on, she begins to be depressed as she's still grieving over losing Dale. Rick tries comforting her by saying she had to let go of the past and it was alright for her to be happy for a little now and then.

Too Far Gone

She also attends the dinner party for welcoming them into the community, she's seen talking to Douglas' son, Spencer Monroe, in a somewhat pleasant conversation. He admits he's impressed about how she's a good shooter, though she modestly admits she's not that good. However their conversation is briefly interrupted by Douglas, who still clearly has his eyes set on her, much to her personal discomfort.

After the deaths of Regina Monroe and Peter Anderson, Andrea insists on going to the bell tower to keep watch, saying that it'll remind her of Dale if she stays for the funeral.

No Way Out

She then saves Rick from Derek and the other scavengers who demand entrance to the Safe-Zone. During the attack on the Safe-Zone by a herd she is stranded in the tower, leading Glenn, Heath, and Spencer to try and take some food and ammunition to her while evading the zombies. After finding out that Spencer was willing to leave everyone (including his father) in the Safe-Zone to be killed, Andrea breaks up with him and comes up with an idea to try and sneak back inside. Once inside the walls, all four help those fighting the roamers and they subsequently survive.

We Find Ourselves

At the yard, Andrea and Spencer are talking. Spencer asks Andrea out on a date, but, she is dismissive of the topic, indicating that she doesn't want to discuss the matter now (given that she is in the middle of disposing of bodies). Spencer apologizes and helps her.

Andrea finds Rick sitting next to Carl's hospital bed. Andrea gives Rick some food, and they talk about Carl's condition. Andrea thinks Carl is healing. Rick, however, says that he can't imagine Carl waking up, and even thinks that Carl will die. Suddenly, Carl starts to cough. Andrea is pleased with Carl's progress.

Later, Andrea, Heath, Maggie, Olivia, Aaron, and Eric are shooting zombies. Rick didn't remember Andrea was there, when the rest of party were mapping defenses. Andrea says they'll stop shooting soon, but, Rick thinks they should fire a few more shots when they see an approaching crowd of zombies. Everyone in the line gets scared and Andrea tells them not to panic. Olivia says she's not ready, and Andrea tells her to get ready. She says this is about life and death. Zombies are not dying, and Andrea says she'll take it from there. She shoots all the zombies. She kills the final zombie and says they have to let it get close to shoot it more easily. Everyone is impressed about her shooting skills as they pack up and leave.

As Rick and Andrea walk he asks her if she can believe she's become a teacher of shooting. Andrea doesn't believe it even herself. When she first used a gun, it felt alien. She thinks aloud wondering what Shane would say if he could see her today. She apologizes to Rick after she said it.

While Rick is talking about safety in numbers, he starts to think he isn't making any sense, but, Andrea understands. Rick keeps talking. He goes on to say they have been through a lot together, and that Andrea has been there for him. Andrea says they have been there for each other. Rick says keeping Lori and Carl safe is what drove his decisions. He's not saying he disliked any of the original group, but, he just cared more about his family. Andrea understands, but, he says his actions were inexcusable.

Andrea hopes Rick is right, things are going to work here. Rick tells her if they're not going work, they will make them work. Rick asks if Andrea is going to pick back up tomorrow morning, and she agrees. Rick is going to see Carl, who's still in coma. Andrea asks Rick if he minds if she tags along. In this period of time, Andrea develops feelings for Rick, and asks him over for dinner. When Rick eats with Andrea. Rick thanks her, but, Andrea says it's nothing.

Andrea walks to her home. Spencer is at her door and tells her it 'sucks' when the phones don't work. Instead of that, he came over to talk to her and asks how does she announce herself now. Rather than looking for her, he decided just to wait at her doorstep. Spencer then mentions he fell asleep.

Andrea questions Spencer's motives, but, Spencer wants nothing more but to talk, however, Andrea has nothing to say to him. Spencer asks why and thinks it's the comment he said in the middle of the Alexandria Safe-Zone chaos. Also, he thinks she thinks Spencer cared more about their lives than the other lives in the Zone. Andrea tells Spencer she gets that, and she mentioned a lot to him, but, it's over. Spencer still thinks they had something special, but, then Andrea tells him they didn't. Spencer asks what makes her say that, and says he could show in a matter of time they have something compatible. Andrea tells him to get off of her porch, and he leaves. As the group is leaving for supplies and mapping out the area Rick asks Andrea about her relationship with Spencer, however, she brushes him off as nothing. After Rick defuses a situation with Nicholas, Andrea visits Rick's house. Rick confides to Andrea that he wanted to kill Nicholas because of how pathetic he was and holds no value. Rick says he doesn't fit in a safe world and feels like he died a long time ago. Andrea then comforts Rick and the two kiss.

A Larger World

A few weeks later Andrea attends a meeting with Rick, Michonne, Abraham and Nicholas talking about their dwindling food supply and have to start getting serious about farming. Andrea tries to persuade Rick to start a relationship, however, Rick pushes Andrea away, voicing his fears of losing yet another person he cares about. Later, Andrea has an imaginary conversation with Dale's hat admitting she has had feelings for Rick for quite some time, even before they kissed. Later Rick tells Andrea he is heading to this 'Hilltop' community, Andrea says she is ready when he is, Rick says she should stay at Alexandria to watch Carl and shouldn't join him and several others to check out a new community. His reasoning is to protect her, but, she argues that he should know by now that they always survive, time after time and tells him to stop worrying about what will happen to her and that he needs her. Andrea, along with Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Glenn, are brought to the Hilltop Colony by Paul Monroe. There, they are shown around and introduced to Gregory. Another resident of the colony, Ethan, returns from a failed mission where all of his companions were killed except for himself and a woman named Crystal. Ethan then tells Gregory he has a message for him and stabs him. Rick tackles Ethan to the ground and in the struggle he cuts his throat, while the rest of the residents stare at him, shocked. Later, when meeting with Paul where he tells them about the Saviors, she said that the system they had in place about appeasing the Saviors was messed up, to which Paul agrees.

Something To Fear

On the way back to Alexandria, they are stopped by a band of Saviors demanding all the supplies that Gregory gave them. The group kills all, but, one of the Saviors issues a warning to send back to their leader Negan and they make it back to the community. Afterwards, Rick holds a meeting, telling the residents of how they have formed an alliance with the Hilltop and are going to help them take down a nasty group called the Saviors. Later, Andrea comes to Rick's house and says that even with the threat of death looming they can still be in a relationship. The next morning, Carl accidentally walks in on Rick and Andrea in bed together, naked, implying Rick and Andrea had sex, Andrea then realizes that Carl is in the doorway and says "Carl? Oh god".

Rick and Andrea are told that several Saviors are at the front gates of the Safe Zone and that they have Eugene held hostage. After killing several of the Saviors and driving the rest back to Negan, Andrea follows Rick out and they discover Abraham's corpse being gnawed at by roamers. They take Abraham's corpse back to the Safe Zone to be buried and to plan their next move. When Rick tells her that he is going back to the Hilltop to get Paul and several others, Andrea insists that she comes along once more, but, Rick persuades her to stay and defend Alexandria because with Abraham gone, she is "the only person I feel that can actually defend the walls." Andrea reluctantly agrees, unknowingly saving herself from the wrath of Negan.

While on patrol later, she encounters Spencer. While she is hesitant to talk to him, he tells her that he accepts that she is in love with Rick and not him and says he's happy for her. The following day at dawn, the Saviors attack the Safe Zone. When Rick, Paul and the remaining survivors return from the Hilltop (minus Glenn, Maggie and Sophia), Andrea tells Rick that they were able to successfully fight off the Saviors that attacked, resulting in no casualties for the Safe Zone residents. She also says they managed to capture one of them during the battle: Dwight.

When Dwight taunts Andrea and Rick about how Negan will slaughter them for killing more Saviors, Andrea punches him. Later on, she's taken aback when Rick tells her that Negan killed Glenn. She immediately decides they should fight back by first killing Dwight. When Rick declines, she is furious and demands that he stop blaming himself every time someone they care about dies. During a meeting the next day, Andrea interrupts Rick and tries to rally the others to support her in fighting the Saviors. Rick says that he knows what he's doing and releases Dwight to go back to Negan.

What Comes After

Furious at Rick, Andrea decides to move out, but, when Rick tells her that he's planning to take on the Saviors in the future, she forgives him. When Carl goes missing, she helps Rick, along with a few others, to look for him.

After returning from his trip to the Kingdom, Rick tells Andrea about the alliance formed between the Safe-Zone, Dwight, and the leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel. He also gives more details about his plan, which she is happy to hear. She is then taken by Rick, along with Heath, Aaron, Michonne, and Carl, to visit the Kingdom. During their stay, Andrea observes several of the residents and is impressed with their accuracy with firearms. Rick tells her that there are over thirty residents in the Kingdom who are ready for combat, plus the twenty or so men that Paul is bringing from the Hilltop. She is a little hesitant and worried that they might not have enough manpower, but, Rick assures her that Eugene's ammunition production will help even the score.

During a conference between Rick, Ezekiel, and Paul, Andrea agrees with Ezekiel's plan (for the time being) to focus on hitting the Savior outposts and whittle away their numbers.

March To War

When they arrive back to the Safe-Zone, they are greeted with troubling news; Negan arrived ahead of schedule and that he gutted Spencer, killing him. After Rick has an argument with Negan, he tells Andrea that this may be their best chance of killing Negan and to grab her rifle and get to the bell tower. He also tells her to rally the Alexandria defenders and have them assemble at the wall. She is able to kill the Savior who was driving the truck, however she is unable to get a clear shot of Negan. After the shot, Connor finds her, beats her, and almost kills her in the bell tower. While strangling her, Connor expresses his regret on killing her, since he sees that she's been through so much. Andrea reaches for his knife and slashes his arm. She gets up and tries to kill him, until he pushes her against the ledge of the tower, with the knife against his throat. Connor challenges her to kill him before he pushes off. Right before she is about to be pushed over the ledge to her death, she flips Connor out of the tower and kills him. She then states that she and Rick are survivors. After this scuffle, Andrea passes out in the tower until Rick and Michonne help her back to the safe-zone. Back at the safe-zone, beaten and bruised, Andrea is patched up by Dr. Denise Cloyd, who says she will be okay. Andrea, who says she feels like she's been run over by a truck, joins the group in discussing the events that occurred.

All Out War - Part One

Andrea stays at Rick's place and helps him get through his doubts about the upcoming war, telling him that whatever losses are sustained, they will be worth it. Also, because of her recent injuries fighting Connor, she is unable to go with the other survivors to war, and must stay behind with Carl to watch over Alexandria. Andrea is later shown to be healing quite well, and talks with Carl about her lack of sleep. Carl tells her to go rest up, and he'll wake her up once Rick and his army return. Andrea gathers with the others into the church to discuss their plan for when Negan attacks the safe-zone. Soon after, Negan arrives with his army to attack Alexandria. Andrea, along with Carl, hide out in Rick's house, trying to stay clear from the grenades being thrown into the safe-zone. Carl tries to leave to go and help his dad, until Andrea stops him. She informs him that they will go and help him once it is safer outside. During the bombings, Rick goes to get Andrea and Carl, and take them to a safer place, when a grenade goes off beside them. Andrea and Rick survived it without complications, while Carl is left dazed by the blast. Andrea and Rick take Carl to Denise, who is currently working on Heath's leg, and leave to greet Maggie outside. Soon after, Rick begins to pass out, and Andrea catches him before he hits the ground.

All Out War - Part Two

Andrea sits beside Rick when he comes to in the infirmary. She later goes outside with Rick to look at the damages after the Saviors attack on Alexandria. When Rick begins to blame himself for the deaths and destruction, Andrea assures him that everything he's done is justified, and to stop thinking that way. Andrea follows Rick back to their home to pack up their things, since he has decided that everyone should leave Alexandria and move to the Hilltop. After reaching the Hilltop, Andrea sits atop the walls to scout the area. Rick joins her up there and decides to sleep up there next to her. Andrea assures him that she will wake him up before any bullets start flying. Once morning arrives, Rick is asleep on Andrea's lap. She wakes him up to inform him that there were no signs of Saviors, and she had managed to get a few minutes of sleep after her shift was over. Rick tells her to go and rest up, and to check on Carl while she's heading that way. As the Saviors attack, Andrea takes a sniping post and takes out several Saviors. Afterwards, Andrea stays beside Rick, worried that the bolt that pierced his side would cause his death later on, and tells him that his forehead feels warm to her. Rick grabs her hand and tells her to repeat what she said before; "We don't die." Later on, Andrea accompanies Rick out by the walls and is instructed to stay low and be ready to fire when ready. Before things get ugly, Andrea shares a hug with Rick and Carl. After Rick slashes Negan's throat and he tackles him, Andrea gathers a group of snipers on the wall, as instructed by Maggie. Andrea watches in horror as Negan breaks Rick's leg, and after Negan passes out, Dwight walks towards both of them. Andrea aims her rifle at Dwight and orders him to stay away from Rick. He shouts that he is on their side, takes Lucille, and declares the war over. Andrea believes that Negan should be publicly executed, as closure for the things that he has done, however, Rick ultimately decides to keep him alive and in jail for the rest of his life while they rebuild.

A New Beginning

Two years after the events of "All Out War", Andrea is shown to still be with Rick, and now has Carl calling her "mom". Andrea wakes up to the sight of Rick coming out from the bathroom. He asks her if she slept well, and she tells him that she had slept like a rock. Andrea questions him on his duties for the day, and he mentions to her that Carl wanted to talk to him about something previously mentioned before. Andrea asks him if he thinks he will let him do it, however, Rick is uncertain. Later on during the day, Andrea visits Siddiq, who is working on construction for the fair, and confesses that she was expecting more to be done. Siddiq tells her that since Rosita took half of their workers with her, the process is going very slow at the moment, but it should be done before the fair. Once Rosita returns, Andrea tries to convince her to take some time off to rest, but she refuses. Andrea asks her if she had spoken to Eugene yet, and she tells her that being out there was not the right time. Andrea tells her that she should talk to him soon before it's too late. As nighttime falls, Andrea talks with Rick about Carl's decision of becoming a blacksmith at the Hilltop, and how Rick told him he would think about it. Andrea praises his decision, saying it was a "big step" for him. She goes on by saying he isn't his little boy anymore, before Rick corrects her saying "Our boy".

Andrea interviews Magna and her group. She asks how they survived. Magna says that they lived in a nursing home and that she's from Richmond, Virginia. They eventually left the home because it became unsafe so the group left and headed towards Washington D.C. because the last broadcasts they had heard had urged people to get to big cities, so they could protect people. She says that there was this place they said with a greenhouse that grew year round and that it was amazing. Eventually, people started showing up and things got 'bad' as she put it. And about seven months ago, the group left. Magna goes on to say that about half of her group had died. Andrea is later walking with Rick towards their home and tells him that their stories check out and all their facts are straight and that she doesn't believe that they are lying. Carl is sitting on their porch waiting to talk to Rick. Rick tells Andrea to give them a minute and goes to get ready for dinner which will be ready shortly.

Andrea helps Carl prepare for the trek to the Hilltop. Carl comments on how much stuff he has to pack and says it is weird having to pack more than one bag's worth of belongings now. Andrea comments saying that he does not need to take it all, and that one day he might be back with his own family some day. Before departing, Andrea hugs Carl, telling him to stay out of trouble and to follow Maggie's rules. After Rick and Carl depart, Andrea, now taking temporary leadership in Rick's absence, returns home after having lunch with Eugene, and is ambushed by Magna and her group, who demand for her to answer some questions. She agrees to but tells them they'd best not harm her or Rick will hurt them.

Whispers Into Screams

Andrea talks with Magna's group and gives them a recap of their history. She explains what has happened to Carl's eye, her relationship with Rick and Carl, the events of All Out War, the Saviors' fate, and Negan's role in all of it. Andrea goes to get coffee just as Jesus comes to her door. He is ready to attack Magna's group, but Andrea tells him they're okay. Later, Andrea is collecting supplies with Magna when Rick returns back from the Hilltop Andrea greets him with a passionate hug.

Life And Death

Andrea goes down into the jail cell to check on Olivia, who is cutting Negan's hair. Negan jokes that he has been a good boy, and she tells him at gunpoint to get back in his cell. She then tells them to put this "animal" back in his cage and then leaves with Olivia and two other guards.

Andrea meets with Rick upon his return from Oceanside, but their meeting is unfortunately cut short when he immediately goes to check on Negan. Later that night, she's shocked to learn about Negan's door being open. She suggests that they kill him instead of leaving him alive.

The morning before the fair, Andrea wakes up early and meets with Siddiq to check on the structure for the fair, tearing up slightly at the sight of vendors and booths being set up. When she learns of Carl's disappearance, she joins Rick, Michonne, and Dante in a mission to bring him back safely.

The crew is on the road when they encounter a score of Whisperers. They take Rick with them, keeping the others as hostages on the road.

Andrea, Dante, and Michonne are later seen after Rick discovers the border of reanimated heads. Andrea asks Rick, "What do we do now?".

No Turning Back

When Michonne goes to put down Ezekiel's reanimated head Rick interrupts asking her if she wanted him to do it for her. Michonne pushes him to the ground. Andrea yells at her and she later apologizes. Andrea later puts down Ezekiel and asks Dante, Lydia, Michonne, Rick, and Carl to help her with the others. Andrea is later seen informing the people of the fair what happened to the 12 missing people.

Rick later comes home to Andrea and Eugene in the middle of a conversation. Eugene is devastated with Rosita's death. He tells them that he was not the father of Rosita's baby, and he forgave her. Eugene later explains that the people that killed Rosita need to die. Rick and Andrea seemed to agree. Eugene tells them that they are overlooking one advantage they have over Alpha, they have her daughter.

Eugene pitches Rick the idea of using Lydia against Alpha as a form of payback for the recent massacre of the colony members. He argues that Lydia has killed people as well and has lost her innocence, even going so far as to say they would kill Lydia if the Whisperers call their bluff. Rick dismisses the idea several times saying that the girl is still a child, and she will not be put in any more danger. Andrea asks Eugene to leave, and he storms out of the house.

After Eugene's departure, Rick and Andrea speak about how Lydia will not be safe as long as Eugene and the other survivors have the same idea in their heads. Andrea agrees to escort Carl and Lydia to the Hilltop until the hostility blows over and they can form a more concrete plan.

Sometime in the night, Andrea wakes Carl and has him get prepared for the trip to the Hilltop, explaining the situation and that Lydia is downstairs and ready. Carl asks his father if they'll be safe at the Hilltop seeing as Alpha killed some of their residents, but Rick assures him that he will have a word with Maggie about the matter. Andrea, Carl and Lydia begin their trek in the night.

Well on their way to the Hilltop, Andrea, Carl and Lydia meet Gus, a patrolman. He asks if things are alright, and Andrea pleasantly asks him to not let anyone know that he'd seen her. He obliges. Lydia starts questioning Andrea about asking Gus to lie for her. Out of her growing suspicion, she starts asking why anyone wants to hurt her. Andrea and Carl try to get her to realize that people will want to blow off steam in any way that they can without thinking clearly. Lydia, still refusing to believe this, starts become irritable, explaining that her mother doesn't care about her, and that the plans Eugene's made wouldn't work. Andrea tries to deny this and responds that her mother does care about her, and Carl even tells her that Andrea can be trusted. Lydia finally speaks her mind, asking if they had Gus lie because she was being taken back to her mother. Pulling a gun on Andrea, she demands that they tell her the truth.

Lydia keeps her gun pointed at Andrea. Carl starts to point his gun at Andrea as well, he quickly aims it on Lydia and tells her that she will not hurt his mother. All three lower their weaponry and sort the conflict out. Carl, Andrea and Lydia arrive to the Hilltop, and are greeted by Eduardo. Andrea quickly informs him that no one can know Lydia is in the Hilltop. Later at the Hilltop mansion, Andrea is walking around and finds Carl having sex with Lydia, who appears to be feeling his eye. A stunned Andrea doesn't intervene and decides to walk off.

Call To Arms

As Andrea patrols outside Hilltop, she runs into Maggie, who has gone ahead of her convoy to get a break from Hershel. Maggie tells Andrea it is now safe for Carl and Lydia to return to Alexandria, but Andrea notes that Carl will likely want to stay at the Hilltop. As Andrea arrives back in Alexandria, she is happy to greet Siddiq, but her mood is soured at the sight of the numerous "SILENCE THE WHISPERERS" signs set up around Alexandria. Andrea angrily goes to Rick to find out what has happened, and is horrified to see that he has suffered severe injuries in her absence. When she tries to ask what happened to him, Rick tells her that he has become a "better leader".

Andrea and Rick are arguing in their house. Andrea is telling Rick to take down the signs, to no avail. Rick says the people of the communities need to direct their anger towards someone, and it can't be him. He reveals to Andrea of the plan to hurt Lydia and how he was attacked. He says he's manipulating the residents for their own good. Andrea says he sounds like Negan, to which Rick responds with silence. He tells her there's something she should know.

The Whisperer War

A week later after Negan disappeared Negan shows Alpha's decapitated head to Rick and Andrea, who are very hesitant to believe and trust him. Negan reassures them that he only wants trust. He says Rick's way of thinking is inspiring and tries to convince them that his time in prison has rehabilitated him. He says he could've taken several chances and attacked Rick, but he didn't. He wants to fight with him, not against him.

Later, Rick laments to Andrea on not being able to fight in the war. Andrea mentions how she will be spending most of her time in the bell tower, making sure nobody slips through. He asks if she agrees with him on Negan, and she says that at first she wasn't sure about his call, but she has grown to trust Rick regardless of whether or not she trusts Negan. Later Andrea watches Rick address the people of Alexandria who are not fighting. "We are safe" he assures them, "and we are doing everything in our power to remain safe. There is no cause for worry." Andrea, along with Annie and Eugene praise Rick on his speech. Later Andrea is on lookout when Rick arrives with lunch for her. He jokes he should have made Negan carry him around for breaking his leg, but Andrea says that would have been too good for him and dying on the front lines is better. She later finds Rick studying maps, and asks him what he's doing. He tells her he's looking for an advantage to be found. She tells him he'll feel silly after Dwight rides back and says "it's all over".

Rick tells Andrea when she is watching for the Whisperers in the bell tower to also watch for the Saviors. Andrea asks if things are that bad, to which Rick replies they might be and all they can do is be prepared. Later in Alexandria, Rick and Andrea are discussing what to do if a herd or the Saviors approach. Andrea mocks Rick's old man act, and he comments that being behind the walls is making him soft. Andrea disagrees with him.

A Certain Doom

After the massive walker herd swarms Alexandria, Andrea and a group of other survivors including Magna, Eugene and Yumiko try to lead the walkers away. Eugene and Andrea lead a large portion of the heard towards the ocean. Eugene attempts to lead more of the walkers away with the horn, but Andrea is reluctant. Eugene succeeds in getting the horn and attempts to lead the walkers away, but in doing so is surrounded and thrown from his horse. He vehemently tries fighting the undead hoard off before Andrea swoops into the rescue. The two, with help from Magna and Yumiko's sniping skills, manage to break free of the herd, but not without cost. Andrea and the others stare in shock at the small wound on her neck from a bite of a walker. She returns with Magna and her group to Alexandria only to find Sherry accidentally killed by Rick. Sweaty and weakened, she falls before Rick who discovers her bite.

Rick cries as he realizes Andrea has been bit. She apologizes before she passes out, and Rick screams for help. Rick and Michonne carry Andrea away. Rick is sitting by Andrea's side as she lays in their bed. Rick asks how it happened, and she explains that Eugene was surrounded and she was careless. Rick starts to cry and Andrea insists he leave and pull himself together. Carl arrives and Andrea asks if he is still with Lydia. He says yes, and Andrea tells him a relationship is what he makes of it and being happy is the most important thing.

All the citizens of Alexandria - including Negan, - say their goodbyes to Andrea. Afterwards, Rick tells her that even after all the sacrifices he's made and learned from, he still couldn't protect her. Andrea says she's not special and they're just like everyone else. She is grateful that she is comfortable in her bed, dying surrounded by the people who loved her.

Rick contemplates what will happen with the Saviors when they find out about Sherry. Andrea tells him to let Dwight handle it and insists Carl go to bed and she will see him in the morning. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. As Andrea begins to succumb to the infection, Rick says that he can't go on without her and he can't do this anymore. Andrea sits up and yells that he can and that people still need him otherwise this was all for nothing. Rick tells her he loves her, and Andrea smiles.

Andrea dies during the night. Rick tearfully picks up his gun and points it at her head, but cannot bring himself to shoot her, and throws it back down on the nightstand. Rick hugs Andrea's body and says he can't do this without her and he can't keep pretending to be strong. However, at that moment, Andrea reanimates and grabs Rick by the shirt. He pushes her away but she knocks him off the bed and lands on top of him. Rick grabs his gun but it is knocked from his hand. He pulls out his knife and tearfully stabs Andrea in the head, putting her down for good. As everyone helps to rebuild Alexandria, Maggie and Michonne carry Andrea's body outside as Rick and Carl hug. They hold a funeral for those who died. Later at night Rick takes off his shirt and his prosthetic arm before heading outside, and he falls asleep at Andrea's grave.


Despite Andrea dying well before civilization was fully brought back from the brink of extinction, her legacy lived on as one of the primary foundations that would lead to the various communities joining together under the Commonwealth. In addition, her adopted son Carl would honor Andrea by naming his daughter after her.


Killed By

In order to end the war against the communities, Beta unleashes a massive horde of a thousand walkers on a course towards Alexandria.

While trying to protect Eugene from a herd, Andrea is bitten on the neck by a walker. Eventually, a peaceful Andrea succumbs to the infection and passes away with Rick by her side.

Later, Andrea reanimates and a tearful Rick mercifully stabs her in the head, putting her down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Andrea has killed:


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Comic Series

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire

Volume 5: The Best Defense

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life

Volume 7: The Calm Before

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Volume 9: Here We Remain

Volume 10: What We Become

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters

Volume 12: Life Among Them

Volume 13: Too Far Gone

Volume 14: No Way Out

Volume 15: We Find Ourselves

Volume 16: A Larger World

Volume 17: Something To Fear

Volume 18: What Comes After

Volume 19: March To War

Volume 20: All Out War - Part One

Volume 21: All Out War - Part Two

Volume 22: A New Beginning

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams

Volume 24: Life And Death

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Volume 26: Call To Arms

Volume 27: The Whisperer War

Volume 28: A Certain Doom

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  • It is a misconception (albeit relatively unknown) that Charlie Adlard's version of Andrea is altered drastically to look like her sister Amy. The few sketches of Adlard's Amy and Andrea have the two appearing almost as twins, and this shows that Andrea more than likely simply quit wearing makeup to hide her freckles after the death of her sister as part of her maturation in the new world order.
  • Andrea killed more Woodbury soldiers than any other member of the group, as witnessed by her sniping many of them from the top of one of the guard towers located at the prison.
  • Andrea's weapon of choice seems to be an Anschütz .22 LR.
  • Andrea, along with Rick, Billy, Michonne, Brian, Abraham, Paul, Negan and Alpha, have killed the most named characters, either as a zombie or as a living person.
    • Andrea possess the largest kill count out of any character on The Walking Dead Comic Book Series, with a total of 35 victims.
    • 10 of these were alongside other survivors, meaning Andrea has directly killed 25 people, which is still the highest of any character in the series.
  • Andrea was originally supposed to be 28, as seen in The Walking Dead Script Book.
  • Andrea currently holds the second most appearances out of any deceased character in the Comic Series, with 133 appearances.
  • Even though Andrea and Rick never got married, Kirkman revealed in Issue 169 Letter Hacks that "they had been together for so long it felt like it." Rick however refers to Andrea as his wife and Andrea had his surname, Grimes, written in her grave.
  • Andrea was originally supposed to die in issue 5 of the comics instead of her sister Amy.
    • Andrea's death is ironic in that she died from a bite to the neck like her sister.
  • Andrea is the last female character in the Comic Series to die on-panel. She is also the final character to die due to a zombie bite on-panel.
  • Andrea is one of the characters Robert Kirkman misses and regrets killing.
    • Robert Kirkman wrote a eulogy about the character: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my fans and to myself and to Andrea. I feel like I killed a close friend. The deaths in this series are never taken lightly, they're never done with a sense of glee. They weigh on me the same way they weigh on you. These characters are very real to me, and their deaths are very upsetting even to me. I plotted this issue out during a plane ride a few months ago. I plot my stories down with a pencil and paper, and there I was in my seat. blocking out scenes and writing dialogue notes, surrounded by strangers who probably thought I was jotting down a shopping list. As I was writing some of the moments in this issue, I started crying. I found myself glancing around, wiping my eyes, hoping no one would notice. I've been living with this death for months now... and I don't like it. I had plenty of time to change my mind. I had plenty of time to just not do it. I am in control of this story after all. But honestly, sometimes it feels like I'm not. This was one of those times. I don't like this. I don't want this. I want Andrea to live. I want to write more stories with her. I want to see her and Rick grow old together, watching Carl grow up and have kids of his own. I want that kind of happiness for these characters. And yet, here we are. Andrea is dead and the story moves on. I don't know why this had to happen... but I know it did. I know this is another important turning point in the life of this series. I know Andrea's death will mean something, that it will resonate the stories moving forward for years to come. But I still don't like it. It still upsets me. I loved Andrea and I will truly miss her." - Robert Kirkman