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We can't just sit around, waiting for help to arrive. Have to get to a city. Atlanta!
―Andrew to his family about their survival plans.[src]

Andrew, better known as Andy, is the deuteragonist and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart. Andrew is Hannah's ex-husband and the father of Billy and Jamie. He was later re-married to his second wife, Judy.


Andrew seems to be a caring man who looks out for his family. He can be somewhat strict with his kids such as yelling at Billy for trying to wake up Max. However, he generally has the best intentions. Though he seemed to not be the best when it comes with maintaining relationships, such as when he divorced his ex-wife Hannah and seemed to not get along with Mike Palmer. After taking his gun, Mike makes Andrew promise to put down his undead children. However, he seemingly forgets or neglected to do this, which ends up leading to his death.


King County, Georgia[]

Andrew lived with his second wife Judy and had been awarded some custody rights to see his children every other weekend. He seemed to have a rivalry with Mike Palmer who accused Andrew of making a proficient amount money and being somewhat more successful, except in his marriage. Mike gloated about how his marriage to Maggie was better than Andrew's relationship with Hannah and lasted longer.


Torn Apart[]

"A New Day"[]

After waking up from a car accident, a distorted Hannah stumbled toward Andrew's house in panic as her children were both missing from the car.

On her way she passed two reanimated people eating a carcass; she continue toward the door as one of the walkers noticed her. Andrew then opened it with a shotgun in his arms and shoots the walker before dragging Hannah inside.

"Family Matters"[]

Once inside Hannah runs to her children overjoyed and embraces them both tightly, however Andrew notices the blood on her head and asks how she got it. She explains the car accident before continuing to comfort her children, she then notices a picture of Judy with Jamie and Billy and asks where she is, Andrew however avoids the question.

Andrew patches up Hannah's head in the kitchen and explains that the outbreak is happening everywhere and that Mike Palmer swears terrorists caused it. They talk for a short time longer before Billy enters with Max's food bowl stating that he can't find him. Andrew swiftly replies that he is asleep outside but Billy is persistent and tells his father that he'll go and wake him. This then angers Andrew greatly as he yells at Billy telling him to put the food bowl back, Hannah looks at him for a while concerned as the yelling takes place. She begins to tell him that he was wrong to yell at him but Andrew says he is still his father last time he checked, Hannah then skits replying on weekends and holidays last time she checked.

"Domestic Violence"[]

After shooting Max off-screen, Andrew enters clearly distraught. Still holding the gun he sees the front door open and believes there is an intruder. Continuing forward and yelling warnings he sees a small trail of blood into the living room, as he enters that a wedding photo of him and Judy is seen smashed on the floor. He looks away, not noticing a zombified Judy staggering toward him. Startled, he fires his gun hitting her in the stomach. Andrew breaks down crying when he realizes what he had done and wraps her body in the living room carpet.

"Neighborly Advice"[]

Andrew will appear in this episode.


Andrew will appear in this episode.

"Everything Dies"[]

Andrew enters the living room where Hannah, Jamie, and Billy are sitting on a couch and says that they need to get to Atlanta. Jamie says she saw Mike Palmer's pickup truck and after Hannah asks Andrew if he knows how to hotwire a vehicle, he says they may not need to because he knows where the keys are. He goes into Mike's basement and follows some blood that lead to his partially-devoured corpse. After retrieving the keys, he turns around and sees the zombified Palmer sons. They then attack and devour Andrew off-screen and his screams are heard.


Killed By

Not knowing how to hotwire a truck, Andrew heads over to Mike Palmer's house to search for the keys. He goes into the darkened basement only to find Mike's blood and corpse. He discovers the keys on Mike but once he turns around, the infected Palmer children are behind him where they attack and devour him.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Andrew has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Andrew's relationships, read here; Andrew (Webisodes)/Relationships



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  • He is the only character to appear in all episodes of the Torn Apart webisode.