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Anna Valery is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. She is a singer at Demimonde and the ex-girlfriend of Quinn.


Anna seems to take her work as a singer for Demimonde very seriously and enjoys the attention she gets from it. When talking to Laurent, she is shown to be kind to the boy and even gifts him her necklace of the Eiffel Tower so he can remember his mother by. She is also shown to be observant, as she takes note of who Isabelle and Daryl are and inquires to both Laurent and Quinn who they are.

After Isabelle moves in with Quinn, she is shown to be worried about where she stands with Quinn as she knows that Quinn never stopped loving Isabelle. This eventually turns into a vengeful jealousy as she's willing to sell out Quinn and risk Laurent's safety in order to get back at Quinn for having betrayed her.



Not much is known about Anna's life before the apocalypse began. At some point she moves to Paris, intending to build a singing career, but her ambitions are not destined to come true because of the outbreak.


Paris, Île-de-France[]

At some point following the outbreak, Anna started working as a singer at Demimonde.

Season 1[]

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"[]

At Demimonde, Coco welcomes to the stage Anna Valery and Laurent, Sylvie, and Emile enjoy her performance while Daryl and Isabelle admire a painting hanging on the wall that was saved from a museum. while Anna finishes her performance and is complimented by Laurent on her singing. Laurent shares the picture of his mom with Anna and admits that he wants to see the Eiffel Tower in person himself some day like Lily did on her birthday. Anna gives the boy her Eiffel Tower necklace to remember his mother by.

Quinn agrees to ask around and see what he can find out for his old friend and rejects Isabelle's offer of bartering with him. Laurent shows them the necklace that Anna had given to him, drawing Quinn's attention when Isabelle reveals that he's Lily's son. Quickly pulling her friend aside, Isabelle orders Sylvie to take Laurent back to the rooftop with the others, promising to explain later. Daryl asks if his friend is alright, but she just tells him that they made a deal and she'll keep up her end of the deal since Daryl kept up his end of it. Daryl was right: it turns out that Isabelle does have connections in Paris.

Quinn brushes off Anna's romantic advances and leads Daryl and Isabelle to his office, explaining that the nightclub was originally a bunker in World War II that was occupied by both sides of the conflict. Isabelle refuses a glass of champagne and reveals to her former boyfriend that she became a nun, much to his surprise

"La Dame de Fer"[]

Anna will appear in this episode.

"Deux Amours"[]

Anna stops by Quinn's Mansion and speaks with Marie, Who says "he is busy" she tells her she can wait but Marie says he is busy all evening. Anna waits outside Isabelle's room until Quinn leaves and she knows that he has cheated on her, resulting in her dropping her glass and leaving.

Season 2[]

Anna will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Anna has killed:





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  • Anna is the second Russian character to appear in the TV Universe, the other being Valery Vashchenko.
    • Coincidentally, both happen to have the name "Valery" in their name.
  • Anna was described by Lukerya Ilyashenko as "She's a fighter. She's a singer who has used her looks, her charm, and her selfishness to survive over 12 years after the appearance of walkers in Paris. For most of this apocalypse, Anna has lived with Quinn, an equally selfish and shallow man. Not because he loves her more than his long-lost love, Isabelle, but because she knows that he is the best chance of survival. But when Isabelle returns, the truth that Anna ignored for years is finally realized. I think that Anna really loves Quinn. It's not only about being on the safe side while she is in a relationship with Quinn, but they're life partners and business partners, and she really loves him. That's what I think. That's why she's being patient with him; that is why she doesn't really get offended when he's being openly rude with her or when he basically humiliates her in a way."[1]