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Everything I've ever had I lost. My people, my friends, everyone. I was tired of losing. I was finally part of something that could last. And I couldn't lose another community. My old one. And my new one. I knew, if I didn't kill you all, somehow, some way, you'd come for the CRM. So, I drew up the dossier to protect myself and make sure you couldn't. I thought in my death it was worth it. I'd chosen a side, right? I thought I had. Back and forth. Jadis, Anne, Alexandrians, CRM.
―Anne to Rick and Michonne.[src]

Anne, also known by the alias Jadis Stokes, is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Television Universe. She is a main character in The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond and The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. She served as the tertiary antagonist for the second half of Season 7 and the first half of Season 8 in The Walking Dead, the primary antagonist of Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the secondary antagonist of Season 1 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and the primary antagonist of the episode "Become".

An art teacher before the apocalypse, Anne became the leader of the Scavengers and took refuge in a landfill. Sometime after, her group came into contact with the Civic Republic Military. Anne became a human trafficker for the CRM, exchanging people for supplies. Following the end of the war against the Saviors, Anne relocates to the Alexandria Safe Zone to help the community as redemption for her actions during the war.

After finding a mortally wounded Rick Grimes on the side of a river, Anne fully redeems herself by convincing the helicopter to help save him and together, they leave to join the Civic Republic of Philadelphia. Sometime later, Anne separated from Rick and put him under CRM custody. Throughout the years, Anne was devoted to the cause of the Civic Republic where she eventually became a respected member and a warrant officer of the CRM until her death.


Anne is shown to be a calm, patient, cunning, and duplicitous woman who is a strong leader to those in her group. Under her leadership, she and her people have become adept at using limited resources to their advantage in order to combat the dead as seen by how they are able to make homemade weapons from simple junk and she appears to be extremely successful at keeping her group safe as she has kept many people alive. Anne cares about the well-being of her people and is shown to have a strong desire to obtain large amounts of resources in order to increase the fighting power of her group. It appears that she does not enjoy instigating conflicts with other groups as the motto that she characterizes her group with is; "We take. We don't bother". An unusual trait of Anne's is that she chooses to speak in broken English, rarely using first person pronouns.

However Anne can be a cold hearted and dark person and can be extremely greedy and will do whatever it takes to obtain the resources she desires for her group. This is particularly seen when she only agrees to help Rick and Alexandria fight the Saviors if she is provided with many weapons and supplies and even after Rick brings her a large supply, she demands more. Her greed is further exemplified when she betrays Rick and Alexandria and sides with the Saviors in order to obtain a better deal than offered by Rick. Her cruel side is shown when she throws Rick into a pit to face an armored walker and later shoots Rick even after he pleads to make a better deal and gives him to Negan, showing that she is willing to allow harm to befall on others, showing that she is most likely a murderer as well. She seems to be a capable fighter and strategic leader as shown by the retreat she orders after the battle at Alexandria, which spares many of her people certain death at the hands of her enemies.

After Simon's betrayal, an emotional Anne shows a love for the great beauty of the world, having chosen her home as a place where she and her people could recreate themselves. She also speaks in full sentences for the first time to Rick and Michonne. While killing all of her zombified people, Anne is emotional at having to end everyone that she cares about. It is possible, the way she has behaved previously, was all an act, and only then was she finally being who she really was.

After the war with the Saviors, Anne chooses to join the other communities so that she won't have to be alone. The loss of her people appears to have driven Anne back to the person she was before she became "Jadis", leader of the Scavengers. As part of this, she continues to speak in full sentences, wears regular clothing instead of her Scavenger outfit and resumes going by her real name of Anne.

After being accused of murdering several missing Saviors, Anne appears to lose her faith in her new friends and suspects Rick of not trusting her. As a result, she experiences a brief return to her old ways and tries to feed Gabriel to a walker as she had done with Rick in the past. During this time, Anne admitted that she really did try to change for the better and when the moment came, she couldn't bring herself to ruthlessly kill Gabriel as she would've in the past. Her change for the better is best shown with how she intercedes on Rick's behalf to save his life after finding him near dead.

After leaving Alexandria, Anne resumes the use of her "Jadis" alias rather than retaining use of her real name. According to Jadis, she goes by it as that identity helped her live "so Jadis is who I am." However, she adopts the last name of "Stokes," possibly out of a lingering fondness for Gabriel Stokes whom she was in a relationship with. Aside from her possible lingering affection for Gabriel, Jadis retains a respect for Rick Grimes even years later, calling him "the strongest person I've ever met" and admitting to lying to protect him from becoming a test subject, having owed Rick that much. It's later shown that Jadis made some kind of a deal with Rick where she has been keeping Alexandria and the other communities a secret from the CRM. Jadis also admits that she still likes some of the people that she left behind very much and wishes them no harm. While threatening to Rick when Michonne shows up, Jadis chooses to keep Rick's secret for the time being rather than exposing him, although she does threaten Rick to keep him in line.

Six years into her departure from her former life, Jadis has lost nearly all of the redeeming qualities that she once had, becoming a hardened and callous survivor bent on protecting the last light of civilization at any cost. Jadis is willing to commit cold-blooded murder and even justifies genocide as being necessary. When things threaten what she's trying to protect, Jadis can become rageful to the point of losing her temper and her usual calm demeanor that she typically keeps in even the most stressful situations.

While her outward friendliness is, for the most part, a façade, Jadis does have some more genuine moments, particularly around people that she has taken a liking to. Jadis exchanges jokes with Huck upon their first meeting in years, and, although Jadis secretly uses her friendly attitude to test Huck's loyalty to the CRM, she also discusses her past and her motivations for joining the CRM without any apparent ulterior motives. Although she orders the destruction of Indira's people, Jadis expresses a degree of genuine sympathy for them based on her own past as an artist and the destruction of her people in a similar situation. During her interactions with Silas Plaskett, Jadis is genuinely friendly to him despite her interrogation to the point of bantering a bit with the young man. Their one interaction gives Jadis a respect for Silas that remains even after his friends' rebellion to the point that Jadis takes him on personally after inducting Silas into the CRM.

However, Jadis' fondness for those that she genuinely likes appears to blind her to a degree. Jadis was unable to see that Huck was betraying her the whole time, even telling Huck the CRM's plans, until Huck exposed herself to save her friends. While Jadis was aware that Silas had only killed Dennis Graham because Dennis told him to, something that she admired rather than held against him, she appeared to be unaware that Silas was only trying to get into the CRM in order to expose them. While Jadis didn't really appear to completely believe his assertions about his friends, she was convinced that Silas would see what the CRM was working towards and buy into their vision of the world.

Jadis appears to be somewhat power hungry, admitting to Elizabeth Kublek that she had taken advantage of Rick becoming entirely vulnerable for her own ends and then doing the same to Elizabeth, using her as a scapegoat. Huck even notes that Jadis appears to have moved up fast, although she was also surprised that Jadis didn't become a soldier which she would've been good at. Both Huck and Jadis acknowledge repeatedly that she's an ambitious survivor and always has been with Jadis joking that she needs a promotion by the end of the year.

Although Jadis has no problems with committing murder, she shows some remorse for the deaths of those she cared about. After mortally wounding Huck, Jadis tells her that "it didn't have to be this way" and even offered it to end it for her rather than leaving Huck to die alone. Jadis even listened to Huck's last request, although she didn't pass the message on to Elizabeth and instead lied to her about her daughter's death.

Some of Jadis' drive to protect the Civic Republic at all costs may come from lingering grief over losing the Scavengers, the community that she had built herself. While arguing with Huck about the CRM's genocide, Jadis tells her that "you've didn't live out there. You didn't lose a community, not one you made. You can't appreciate what we have, what we can do." Earlier, Jadis had told Huck that she had lost her purpose when she had lost the Scavengers until she found an expanded purpose in protecting the Civic Republic.

It's later revealed that while Jadis was a firm believer in the CRM and their mission, she was haunted by all of the killing involved and had remorse for her actions. Jadis was also torn between being Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes of the CRM and Anne the artist who had lived in Alexandria. Jadis later admits that she cared about both communities and, after having lost her people, Jadis couldn't bear to lose either Alexandria or the Civic Republic so she worked to protect them both. Gabriel expresses a belief that the good person that Jadis was as Anne is still inside of her, proven to him by her inability to bring herself to kill Gabriel. After noticing Jadis' reaction to being called Anne, Rick believed the same thing.

At the end of her life, Jadis told Rick and Michonne where to find her dossier so that they could destroy it and go home without the threat of the CRM hanging over their heads, effectively choosing to die as Anne rather than Jadis and proving Gabriel's belief in her correct. After hearing Anne's story and the reasoning behind her actions, Rick and Michonne became more sympathetic to the woman who had been both their friend and foe with Rick only killing Anne out of mercy and at her own request in the end. As a final gift, Anne gave Rick and Michonne the ring that Gabriel had found for them and wished that she had died as an artist rather than the merciless killer that she had become.



Anne lived in Virginia as an art teacher. For her art pieces, she frequently visited a landfill to gather materials she could paint on, including metal sheets and fabrics. During her time as a teacher, she took her class to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C..



In the fall of 2010, Anne survived the global outbreak of the Wildfire virus. Anne managed to escape civilization and returned to the landfill she frequented to for her art projects. Other survivors then joined her to form a large group known as the Scavengers. As Anne became the leader of the group, she believed that the fastest way for her group to become their own civilization was for them to develop their own language of broken English. By doing so, they had something that they could all participate in and bond them together in order to separate them from everyone else in every way. Anne then gave herself the name of Jadis as a new identity in order to inspire herself to help her survive the new world.

As Jadis, she and her people survived by making homemade weapons from junk and scavenging the nearby areas for supplies. Jadis claimed to not enjoy instigating conflicts with other survivors, as her motto for her group was: "We take, we don't bother". However, it was likely she and her group resorted to killing other survivors and attacking camps and settlements to obtain resources. Jadis was extremely successful at keeping her group safe and kept as many as one hundred and fifty-five people alive. At some point, an ally of hers named Winslow died and reanimated. Jadis had him covered in armor in order to be used as a weapon to test the strength of other survivors who encountered her group, though many failed.

Within months after the fall, Jadis and her people made contact with an advanced group known as the Civic Republic Military. Despite being incredibly secretive of their location and people, a CRM soldier saw their potential to aid their mission. Establishing a deal involving human trafficking, Jadis was responsible for kidnapping survivors in exchange for supplies. The CRM required that her kidnapped survivors be designated as an "A" or "B". An "A" is a natural leader deemed a threat by the CRM. Instead of disposing of them, the CRM ordered they be infected so they could be taken to the Civic Republic Research Facility in Ithaca, New York for their scientists to study the progress of the virus. Survivors marked as "B"'s were strong survivors who could be useful to the Civic Republic. They were transported to the outskirts of the city where they worked in consignment of indentured servitude for six years until they were allowed entry. As they traded humans, Jadis and her people received solar panels, safehouses, and stockpiles of food. In addition, a helicopter pad was built in the landfill for the CRM helicopters to take the captives and drop-off supplies.

Twenty months after the fall, her people found an 1985 Nissan 720 Nicky RV occupied by a man named Heath, who was a supply-runner for a nearby community called the Alexandria Safe Zone. The Scavengers took the RV and traded Heath to the CRM, with Heath labeled as PPP. They later located a boathouse in the middle of a lake full of supplies, but surrounded by walkers in the lake. The supplies, however, were taken by Rick Grimes and Aaron, who also were from Alexandria. Tamiel followed the two to their community and entered in the middle of the night. Upon taking the supplies, she also kidnapped resident Gabriel Stokes. Gabriel left a clue note for Rick, writing "boat". Rick and his people then went searching for him and found the Scavengers.

TV Series[]

Season 7[]

"New Best Friends"

As the residents of the Heaps surround Rick and his group. Anne approaches Rick, Anne does not introduce herself, instead, she tells Rick that they own their lives and if they will give them anything to buy them back. She then signals to Tamiel and Brion to bring out Gabriel.

After Father Gabriel comes out, Anne explains that they kidnapped Gabriel, due to them taking their supplies. As Rick tells Anne about the Saviors, she seems somewhat impressed. When Rick proposes that they work with them to defeat the Saviors, Anne chuckles and says no. She then signals Tamiel and Brion to take Gabriel away and to grab Rick and his group.

Anne watches Rick and his group attack her group as they try to grab them. In the midst of fighting, Gabriel holds a knife to Tamiel's throat and tells Jadis he will kill her if she doesn't let them go. Anne casually tells him to get away from Tamiel. She hears Gabriel plea for the groups freedom, and tells them about the Saviors, and other communities, and that if they beat the Saviors, they could have more supplies.

Anne signals her group to put down their weapons, Gabriel removes the knife away from Tamiel's throat, and he tells her to join them, so they could have better lives. Jadis then tells them they "want something now." Anne listens to Gabriel's story and then signals Tamiel and Brion to take Rick to the top of a mountain of garbage.

Anne explains to Rick the Scavengers' purpose. She explains that as the apocalypse got worse, the group began to not care, and took whatever they wanted, without any bother of what happened to the people whose things they took. She tells him how things have gotten harder, and how she needs to know that Rick is serious about going to war and that if he's worth the fight. She suddenly pushes him into a pit of garbage, with a walker.

She watches Rick in the pit, fighting the walker and later defeating it. He looks up at her, and tells her if they "believe him now." She throws a rope down and lets him out. As he gets back up, she then says her group needs guns, a lot of them, and that if they get guns, they'll fight Rick's fight. She asks Rick if he knows they'll win, Rick replies with "I know it." She says after the war, they'll get half of the supplies from the Saviors. Rick frustratingly tells her, that they'll get a third, and that they're taking their supplies back. They begin to slightly argue with Anne asking for a half, and Rick saying a third. Anne tells Rick, if they get a third, they keep what they stole. They finally settle on half of the supplies and the guns. Rick agrees.

Anne holds out her hand, as Rick tries to shake it with his bloody hand, she is disgusted and holds out her other hand. They shake hands and have a deal. She tells Rick about the supplies on the boat, and how they've been waiting for someone to take them so they could make a deal. She walks off, and Rick asks her name. She replies with "Jadis." Anne walks back inside, and Rick and his group triumph.

"Say Yes"

Anne appears when Rick’s group delivers 63 guns to them. Rosita bristles when Anne says it is not enough and it was only half the amount the Scavengers needed. She says they need nearly twice as many guns. Rick and Anne then renegotiated and agreed that Rick would keep 20 of the guns to help his search for more and also once again reaffirmed their alliance.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Anne and the Scavengers arrive at Alexandria in a caravan of garbage trucks and bicycles. Rick greets Anne inside the gate. She crudely propositions Rick but is swiftly repelled. Daryl, Rosita and Aaron wire explosives in an empty cargo truck outside the Alexandria gate. Anne asks if he and Michonne are together before crudely propositioning him in front of a bewildered Michonne.

A Scavenger alerts everyone in Alexandria to the Saviors' arrival. Rick assumes his position at the front gate, with Anne crouching by his feet, hidden from view. Negan's caravan arrives. Eugene steps out and tries to convince Rick to surrender. Rick hesitates, stricken by Eugene's betrayal, then gives Rosita the signal to detonate the explosives. Rosita pushes the detonator, but there is no explosion. Before Rick can reach for his gun, Anne leaps up and aims her gun at Rick. Simultaneously, the Scavengers all turn their guns on the Alexandrians.

Negan emerges from a truck and taunts Rick as his Saviors open the truck that holds the explosives. Negan's men remove a coffin from their flatbed; he announces that Sasha is inside, alive and well. He tells him that he knew of his plan to attack him- as Anne was the "little birdie" that revealed his plans and offers to let her live if Rick turns over all their guns and allows Negan to take Daryl again. Even then, Negan will still execute one Alexandrian of Rick’s choosing. If he refuses, Negan will kill them all. Rick insists on seeing Sasha. Negan taps Lucille against the casket, knocking.

Negan opens the casket door. Sasha, now a walker, lunges at him. Rick's group takes advantage of the ensuing chaos and turns their guns on the Scavengers.

Rick tries to join the fight, but Anne still holds him at gunpoint. Rick attempts to make another deal with Anne, but she shoots him in the side and pushes him off the platform.

In the streets below, the Saviors and Scavengers have gained control of the situation; some Alexandrians have been killed, and the rest are in custody. Anne leads Rick to Negan and orders him to kneel beside Carl, who is surrounded by over a dozen Saviors. She reminds Negan of their deal– twelve people in exchange for the Scavengers' help in the attack. Negan swiftly bargains her down to ten.

As Negan prepares to strike Carl with Lucille, Shiva leaps onto and mauls a nearby Scavenger. Carol and Ezekiel arrive at the head of the Kingdom regiment in an attack, as Maggie arrives with the Hilltop fighters. A battle ensues as the Saviors and Scavengers are caught off guard. Rick and Carl join the fight. Negan orders a retreat as Shiva mauls a Savior to death.

Anne and the Scavengers release smoke bombs and escape in the haze, scaling the walls and running out the gate on foot, fleeing the battle.

Season 8[]

"The King, the Widow, and Rick"

Rick returns to offer Anne and her group the chance to change allegiances, showing Anne several Polaroids taken that depict various victories over the Saviors. Rick threatens to destroy her and the Scavengers if she doesn't join them. Anne still refuses his offer and takes Rick prisoner, binding him naked inside of a container that she marks with an A.

"Time for After"

After Rick sits in the dark container, thinking to himself when the doors are opened. Anne stands outside with a camera. Rick informs her that his proposed deal still stands. Anne begins taking photos of Rick's nude body at different angles. When questioned, Anne responds that she intends to use the photos as references for a sculpture she plans to create of him, before the container doors are shut again.

Rick is forced to his knees, before Anne and another scavenger present a lightly armored walker as their method of execution. Rick fights off the two Scavengers with the rod used to hold the walker. He then fights off Anne, who makes several attempts to shoot him, before holding her on the ground in front of the walker's head.

The Scavengers surround Rick and he says that he will leave the Heaps regardless. Anne silently orders her people to stand down. She allies herself with Rick once more, and they quietly argue over what they will receive after the war before they reach an agreement. Rick leads Anne and the Scavengers to the outer perimeter of the Sanctuary, where he sees an abandoned garbage truck and no walkers in sight, alarming him.

"How It's Gotta Be"

Anne and the Scavengers join Rick in checking out the Sanctuary with Anne commenting that what they see is nothing like the picture Rick showed them. They realize that the Saviors are now out when the Saviors open fire on the group, pinning down Rick. Rather than help him, Anne and the Scavengers flee in their trucks, leaving Rick to be rescued by Carol and Jerry.

"The Lost and the Plunderers"

In retaliation for the betrayal of the Scavengers, Negan sends Simon to demand an apology and to execute one of the Scavengers. Simon additionally demands all of their guns and ammunition which Anne reluctantly gives up. Simon asks after the origins of the Heaps, which Anne insists has always just been a dump. In an attempt to gain an apology, Simon murders Brion and Tamiel in front of Anne, enraging her to the point that she attacks Simon. In retaliation, Simon orders the Scavengers massacred.

Later, when Rick and Michonne arrive, they find the Scavengers all zombified aside from Anne who alone survives. Anne, dressed in a white nightgown and speaking in full sentences for once, explains what happened to the Scavengers and her and her people's history. As Rick and Michonne begin fighting their way out, Anne begs to come with them until the war with the Saviors is over, but Rick refuses and briefly appears to consider shooting Anne before shooting in the air and escaping, leaving Anne alone with the zombified Scavengers. Rick later explains to Michonne that he only wanted to scare Anne as he was tired of her games.

Alone, Anne climbs a hill with a grinder on it and uses a metal pole to draw the zombified Scavengers up the hill. Once they reach the top, the Scavengers enter the grinder and are mushed with Anne watching as everyone she cares about is crushed into pulp. Once the dead Scavengers are disposed of, Anne removes a box of long-life applesauce and begins eating from a can, completely alone.

"The Key"

After his fight with Rick Grimes, Negan awakens in a vehicle with Anne pointing a gun at his head. Dressed normally, Anne gets annoyed by Negan's "well shit" and pistol-whips him unconscious with a command of "shut up."

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

A flashback to Simon's massacre of the Scavengers reveals how Anne falsified her death and escaped unscathed. While Gary notices her apparently dead body, he remarks she shouldn't have played and spits on her body while Anne lies motionless. Lying in wait for some time, Anne gets up and removes her worn and bloodied clothing.

In the present Anne is in her living quarters. While constantly keeping watch on time, she is crying, packing her possessions and eventually taking Lucille with her to attend to her prisoner Negan. Later she prepares to burn Lucille in full view of Negan to psychologically hurt him, not realizing that Simon wasn't acting on Negan's orders when he had her people killed. While leaving for a brief moment a tied-up Negan managed to get hold of a gun, a lit flare and photos of the Scavengers. When she returns Negan fires a warning shot to an unsuspecting Anne. Threatening to mutually destroy each other sentimental possessions if she continues her course of action, Negan demands they negotiate. Anne charges at Negan to disarm the flare threatening her photos.

Suddenly, an unidentified helicopter approaches, prompting Anne to rush to light another flare in an attempt to hail the vehicle. Unsuccessful to gain the helicopters attention as it flies away, she turns the flare to Lucille. Negan pleads for her to spare his bat, and, eventually convincing her that he had not ordered her people dead, swears to make amends for the actions of Simon against the Scavengers. Anne relents and drops to her knees crying.

Afterwards, Anne reclines while being approached by a released Negan who offers her to come with him to start a new life. Anne declines and then the duo part on peaceful terms.


Anne is visited by Morgan who extends an invitation for her to join Alexandria so she won't have to be alone. Anne accepts the offer and tells Morgan to call her by her real name of Anne rather than Jadis as she had previously been known. Anne is surprised that Morgan chooses to stay in the Heaps alone, but accepts his decision and leaves.

Season 9[]

"A New Beginning"

During the year and a half that passed since the end of the war, Anne has managed to integrate herself into Rick's core group.

Anne and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. Inside, Rick tells everyone to be safe and the group separates.

In a hallway, Gabriel drives a machete into a walker's head and leaves it hanging on a human evolution display. He and Anne smile at the irony of this.

Then, Rick thanks Anne for her lead in finding packages of seeds and beans, while she tells Gabriel that she knew of this because she once brought her class back when she was teaching.

Shortly after, the whole group reunites and gingerly uses ropes to drag an old covered wagon down the stairs and over the glass floor. The glass finally gives way and Ezekiel falls through it, dangling by the rope. Before the walkers can bite him, Daryl shoots at one and Rick and the others finally pull him to safety. Carol joyfully kisses him to celebrate.

The group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities.

On the road, Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron, and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will take an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

"The Bridge"

At the camp, Anne draws a picture for Gabriel and laments that no one trusts her except him and Rick. Gabriel tells her that at first, no one trusted him either until Rick made it possible. She strokes his hand and thanks him for staying on her side.

When the herd arrive at the labor site and a commotion ensues, Anne arrives with Rick and the others to help.

At night, Anne asks Gabriel who the woman she drew for him was, and he says she was his organist that he loved and lost. She asks him if he is still afraid but is cut short when he kisses her. They smile and start to make out until Gabriel remembers he's supposed to be on watch. Anne replies with "then watch", as she starts to unbuckle his pants.

Later, while on guard duty in the crane, Anne spots the helicopter and looks nervous.

"Warning Signs"

At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. Alden promises they'll get to the bottom of it but is punched in the face by Jed, who claims he isn't one of them anymore. Carol steps in with her gun at her hip, stopping Jed.

Gabriel defends Anne from Norris as the Saviors start accusing her and Daryl of being the culprits. They grab axes to retaliate when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off.

After they disperse, Rick questions Gabriel on where Anne was last night when Justin disappeared. Gabriel vouches for her but Rick instructs him to keep an eye out for her. Later, inside a tent, Gabriel tells Anne about Rick's suspicions and asks if she knows anything about Justin's disappearance, but she denies this asking him if he thinks she is hiding something before leaving

At night, Anne returns to the Heaps and retrieves a long-range walkie-talkie. She radios the unknown man from the helicopter. He asks her if she has an "A or a B." She asks for an extraction for herself and claims she's paid her dues but the man say for their deal to be on she'll need an A, and she promises them one tomorrow. Suddenly, Gabriel appears behind her and asks who she was talking to and if she had anything to do with Justin.

Anne admits she's been trading people for supplies and she was planning to trade Gabriel and Rick back when she abducted them. She asks him to leave with her to a new place that is much better and is far away, but that he can't tell anyone. Gabriel says he has to tell Rick, but she says, "All this time, I thought you were a B," before knocking him out with her walkie.

"The Obliged"

At the Heaps, Anne kisses a tied up Father Gabriel before rolling up one of her walker experiments to kill him. He wakes up and begs her to stop before telling her he forgives her. She leans the walker over him and then stops, before putting another chloroform rag over his mouth to knock him out.

A while later, Gabriel wakes up untied and alone. He finds a note in his pocket from Anne telling him, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I want to go fast."

"What Comes After"

On the road, Anne's RV breaks down and the helicopter contacts her over the radio asking to see if she has the "A." She lies and confirms she does, saying they're ready for transport. Abandoning her vehicle, Anne continues on to the meeting spot on foot.

Later, Anne hears panicked radio calls about Rick apparently blowing himself up to stop a herd at the bridge and Anne spots walkers floating down the nearby river. The helicopter arrives to pick up Anne and her supposed "A" and she pulls out her gun but suddenly spots a wounded Rick on the riverbank, still alive. She quickly radios that she has a "B" but he's strong and needs help immediately. She promises it's not a trick and explains she's just trying to save a friend who once saved her. They agree to her deal and lower the helicopter.

Inside the helicopter, Anne assures Rick that he'll be fine and that "they" will save him. Rick falls asleep as the helicopter flies away into the unknown.

World Beyond[]

Season 2[]


Entering her lab, Lyla Belshaw tells her assistants that she just got word that the new test subject has arrived. Standing in the other doorway, a masked Jadis tells Lyla that it has as she requested, coming from the Civic Republic itself. As Lyla's assistants raise the table that the test subject is on to face the window, Lyla goes over his file. Lyla is surprised to see that her test subject, Sergeant Major Barca, is a soldier. Lyla orders her assistants to keep Barca sedated while they establish baseline vitals. Lyla tells Jadis that she realizes that this is her last chance to get this right and asks her to assure Lieutenant Colonel Kublek that she will. Removing her mask, Jadis tells Lyla that the Lieutenant Colonel's been called to the Civic Republic indefinitely and, until further notice, Lyla will be answering to Jadis instead.

"Who Are You?"

In the lobby, Jadis catches Huck's attention, surprising Huck with her presence at the research facility. Jadis explains that Huck's mother had brought in to perform a security audit in Elizabeth's absence and tells Huck that they've been through too much for Huck not to call her by her first name rather than Warrant Officer Stokes. Having heard about Jadis moving up, Huck asks if she's good just being a cop which Jadis confirms, stating that she's taking great satisfaction in investigating corruption, ineptitude and betrayal. Jadis asks if Huck has seen any, but Huck just tells her that Jadis had potential as an actual soldier. Jadis jokingly comments that that hurts coming from the woman who trained her and taught her what's worth fighting for. Jadis hopes that they get to catch up a little while she's there and that she doesn't have to arrest Huck. Huck reminds Jadis that Jadis had told her that the last time that they saw each other, but Jadis claims that she's serious this time before they both chuckle.

Jadis has heard about Huck coming in from the cold and is glad that she's okay, although Jadis knew that she would be. Jadis reveals that she knows about "Plaskett and Carlucci and the Bennett sisters and the boy with the corduroy. I know about all of it." Jadis sees the whole picture as that's her job. Huck asks what Jadis sees, and she tells Huck that she sees her mentor, the most dedicated soldier in the CRM who would slash her face and breaks her limbs for the cause. With Elizabeth having loaned Jadis her office, she invites Huck to come by later to have a drink made at a new distillery in Ward 8. After exchanging a little more banter, Jadis leaves to find the weak links that she's searching for.

Later, during the power outage, Jadis calls for Huck to report in, but Huck ignores Jadis' calls.

Huck enters Jadis' office, asking why Jadis was looking for her. Jadis states that she was just checking on that drink and, amused, Huck asks if Jadis really used the comms for that. Jadis tells Huck that she's a determined woman when it comes to her friends. Jadis was worried when Huck didn't respond and Huck claims that her radio died when she keyed it. Looking at the still flickering lights, Huck comments that the short in the grid didn't help. Pouring Huck a drink, Jadis brings up what she did to get into the Civic Republic six years ago now. Huck knows that Jadis was a rescue and Jadis tells her that she was living by her wits in the wilderness and created a little society quite quickly which Huck has no trouble believing. Jadis comments that if you want to create a society from scratch in a hurry, you give them their own language and a little theater to live in and they'll make that theater real. It will bond that society, separate from everyone else. Huck recognizes and Jadis confirms that she was ambitious even when Jadis was just a survivor. However, Jadis truly loved her people, and she lost them because she made the wrong alliances. Huck gives Jadis her condolences and Jadis tells her that she was sorry about what happened too.

Afterwards, Jadis had an opportunity, and she created a ticket to get into the Civic Republic by giving them something very valuable and Jadis got a new life. Jadis had safety for the first time in years, but her purpose was gone until Jadis realized that it wasn't: her purpose had just expanded. Jadis' purpose was still to survive, and she had gotten good at it with everything that she had been through. Huck notes that Jadis is still an ambitious survivor, moving up. Jadis tells Huck that it's not just about moving up, she knows that the Civic Republic is the last light of the world, and her purpose is to create a new era on this planet and it's Huck's purpose too. Huck confirms that it is, but the way that Jadis keeps saying it makes Huck wonder if Jadis really believes it.

Jadis reveals that Huck's mother asked her to keep an eye on Huck while she's here. While it was couched as a mother's worry, Jadis wonders if Elizabeth thinks that Huck may have been out there too long, that Huck's formed some bonds and become a different person. Huck states that Elizabeth doesn't and Jadis is wrong. Jadis suggests that, alternatively, she's right about Elizabeth and Elizabeth is wrong about Huck and the theater that helps you survive is hard to let go. Jadis reveals to Huck that "before the world ended, my name wasn't Jadis. But that name, that identity, it helped me live, so Jadis is who I am." Jadis calls Huck stronger than her and stronger than most people. If Huck's mother is concerned that Huck is confused, it might be understandable. Jadis suggests that they can help Elizabeth prove that she's not, addressing her as Huck. Stating that her name's not Huck, she wonders if she is Jadis' investigation. Jadis confirms that she's there to investigate a few things and if Huck was one of them, it would be easy. Jadis could help her prove that she's still herself and Huck can help her by talking up how wonderful Jadis is to anyone who will listen as Jadis needs a promotion before the end of the year. Once again calling Jadis an ambitious survivor, Huck reminds her that she's bled and broke her bones for the corps and done everything she could to prove what she's made of. Pouring another drink, Jadis acknowledges that Huck has, without a question, done a lot, but there is always more.

"Blood and Lies"

Silas sits barefoot in a room at the research facility before being joined by Jadis. Jadis compliments Silas on having strong feet and asks if Silas knows why the CRM took his boots. Silas tells Jadis that he was told that it was so that Silas wouldn't run, but Jadis is sure that Silas could've if he'd wanted to, even barefoot. Jadis introduces herself to Silas and points out that he wasn't where he was supposed to be, but Silas claims to have merely been lost. Jadis asks if Silas likes living at the culling facility and Silas compares it to living in a junkyard. With a laugh, Jadis quips that he says that like it's a bad thing, but Silas simply calls it different, not bad. Jadis recognizes that Silas is different, like her, telling Silas that "when you're not like other people, you can show them different ways of doing things, sometimes before they even know what hit them." Jadis questions Silas on why he was outside of the Detritus Terminal without clearance and Silas again claims that he was simply lost, adding that he was afraid to ask for directions because he might've gotten into trouble. Silas suggests that he should've just asked to avoid all of the trouble, but Jadis tells him that Silas would still be in there and orders into her radio that someone be sent in.

Dennis enters, clearly unhappy to see Jadis who dismisses the guards who let him in. Dennis asks if Jadis is there on an audit and she confirms that there's a few issues that she's checking out, noting that Dennis' wife didn't call Jadis by her first name when they saw each other. Dennis points out that his wife is a soldier while Jadis has heard that Dennis just makes soldiers now and asks if Dennis thinks that Silas would make a good soldier. Dennis tells Jadis that he heard that Silas showed up yesterday which means that Dennis should've been notified yesterday, and he questions why Silas has been locked up for so long. Jadis explains that the CRM was getting around to questioning Silas, but long-range security had an incursion which resulted in a fatality which took priority. Jadis tells Dennis that Silas claims that he was lost and trying to decide if he should ask for directions and asks if Dennis believes that. Exchanging a look with Silas, Dennis tells Jadis that it tracks as Silas hesitates and Jadis states that Silas can't do that.

Dennis begins to lead Silas out, but Jadis stops them, wanting an answer to her earlier question about whether or not Dennis thinks that Silas could make a good soldier. Dennis admits that Silas potentially could which Jadis agrees with, having a feeling that Silas would make a good soldier. However, Jadis warns Silas not to make her regret this as Silas will regret it more, as will Dennis. Silas won't get another chance, so Jadis orders him not to get lost again before promising to get Silas' boots for him. The three then leave the room together.

Jadis leads Huck through the research facility and Huck asks if Jadis is going to tell her what's going on. Jadis notes that Huck looks tired and asks if she had a late night, but Huck tells Jadis that she got dressed in a hurry as the agent that Jadis sent had told her that something was going down. Jadis explains that there was a security breach during the power outage the night before and Huck asks where the breach was. Jadis states that it was in an area that houses sensitive research material, and she called Huck in as she has been apart from this place which may help Jadis to see things that others may miss. It also makes Huck uniquely qualified to take point in this part of the investigation. Huck is surprised that Jadis wants her to take point and Jadis tells her that something valuable is missing and she wants to know if someone took it, and she needs it back. Jadis would like to see if Huck can help her with that. Entering the interrogation room, Huck is surprised to find Leo.

Under interrogation by Huck and Jadis, Leo insists that he doesn't know anything about any missing research, and he refuses to answer any more questions until his security detail is there. Jadis tells Leo that Felix is there, but he won't be joining them. Leo cites how the Science Exchange Agreement stipulates that he's not to be denied access to his security detail, but Jadis reminds Leo that it also stipulates no unauthorized communication in or out of CR jurisdictions which Leo violated on 16 separate occasions. With each being punishable by long terms of imprisonment, Jadis suggests that Leo give the CRM a pass on having Felix sit in an adjacent room.

Jadis asks where Leo was the night before between 7 p.m. and midnight and looks to Huck to continue with the questioning. Noting that Leo is in a relationship with Lyla Belshaw, Huck asks if Leo had seen her at all last night and Leo admits to inviting Lyla over to meet Iris and that Hope was with them. Huck asks about "Elton" and Felix and Leo states that Felix was with Huck on patrol. Huck asks what time Lyla showed up and Leo hesitates to answer. After some prompting from Huck, Leo lies that dinner was at 7, but Lyla got caught up in some work and showed up an hour later. Huck asks if Leo dated much after his wife died and he admits that he didn't which both Leo and Huck acknowledge that she already knows. Huck wonders what it was about Lyla that Leo found so special after ten years of being a single father. Under Huck's prompting, Leo calls Lyla someone who was smart and kind and would laugh at his jokes. Leo was able to tell Lyla things about himself and stories about his family, the smallest things. Lyla would absorb every last detail like she was part of the family, like she wanted to be a part of it and so Leo wanted her to be a part of it. Huck points out that it sounds like Leo loved Lyla and Leo admits that maybe he did. Jadis notes the past tense and asks if Leo had fallen out of love with Lyla. Leo claims that Jadis is twisting his words, but Jadis points out that Leo did that himself before leaving with Huck.

Leaving the interrogation room, Jadis asks for Huck's opinion. Huck tells Jadis that she thinks that Jadis is right: Leo loved Lyla, but he doesn't anymore. However, Leo had Lyla over for dinner so that she could meet the family and Jadis wonders what Huck makes of that. Huck admits that it doesn't add up and Leo's lying, but Jadis points out that Leo and Lyla's stories match so Lyla's lying too. Jadis wonders why they would be sharing that particular lie, and Huck suggests that Lyla still cares for Leo, so she's covering for him because Lyla thinks that Leo took the research. If Lyla's right, it would explain why Leo fell out of love with her. Lieutenant Frank Newton approaches with two soldiers and Jadis orders him to have her team find and collect Lyla as they've found their conspirators.

Jadis interrogates Leo who insists that he's not working with Lyla to cover up anything. However, Jadis tells Leo that it's obvious that he is, and Huck helped her to see it. Jadis tells Leo about something interesting that she had read in his file, that Leo had confided in Lyla about Hope's gifts and Lyla went straight to Elizabeth Kublek with it. Leo is shocked by this revelation and Jadis suggests that Leo doesn't really know Lyla.

Frank enters the interrogation room with Lyla who is carrying the missing vial. Lyla presents the vial to Jadis who dismisses all of the other soldiers aside from Frank and asks where she found it. Looking at the vial, Lyla decides to be honest and tells Jadis that Leo stole it with the help of his daughters and his security detail. The group became suspicious that she was involved in classified experiments and took it from the storage freezer. Jadis has Frank take the vial from Lyla who apologizes to the furious Leo, telling him that there's no more lies and deceit. Lyla had thought that she could manage this to everyone's benefit, and she tells Jadis that she can't hurt Leo who is too valuable as they need him, and Leo can help with Project Votus. Interested, Huck asks about Project Votus and, over Jadis' orders not to speak, Lyla explains that it's a project that studies live test subjects through death to further research on reanimation. Leo is shocked as Lyla explains that this is what's she's been hiding, and Leo now knows the truth.

Lyla tells Jadis that Jadis is now going to let Leo go as Lyla thinks that she's on the verge of a significant breakthrough: her test subject is going on a full eight hours without reanimating. Jadis calls it rare, but not unheard of, but Lyla thinks that this could be the step forward that they've been waiting for and with Leo helping her openly and passing on that knowledge to his daughter, they could make a lot of progress. Lyla insists that they need Leo and Hope's help and Jadis states that in the position she holds, Jadis has proven her use to the CRM by making the right deals on their behalf. Jadis believes what Lyla says and per Elizabeth, Project Votus is the ultimate priority. Jadis tells Leo that the deal is that Leo will walk today and get away with another capital crime as will Hope, Iris and Felix and in return, they focus his efforts on Project Votus. Glaring at Lyla, Leo reluctantly agrees and Jadis asks if Leo is motivated, and can he move past all of this and see what he's doing for what it is. Leo states that he can and that what it is is "saving what's left. Whatever it is." Jadis tells him that it's a war of life versus death and it doesn't mean that some of them won't die along the way. Jadis orders Frank to release Felix and he leaves to do so. Jadis looks forward to seeing the fruits of Leo and Lyla's labor and she orders Lyla to stick around so that they can go see about her test subject after Jadis deals with some business with her team. It does sound like historic progress and Jadis would love to share the news with Major General Beale.

Entering Lyla's lab, Huck asks if her mother knows about this. Jadis explains that Elizabeth not only knows, but she founded the project with Beale eight years ago. Lyla states that it's been a lot of work over a long time and Jadis feels lucky to be here to see it if they have a major breakthrough on their hands today. However, with Lyla's timer reading 7 hours and 48 minutes, the three women find Barca reanimated. Examining the empty, Jadis comments that it's a shame that it didn't even break eight hours with Lyla having gotten Jadis excited about delivering good news to Beale today. Lyla insists that they can still crack this with Leo's help, but Jadis informs Lyla that Leo won't be helping her. Much to Huck's surprise, Jadis orders her to remove Barca's restraints and, drawing her gun, Huck forces Lyla into a corner and cuts one of Barca's restraints. Jadis explains that her job is to eliminate security threats and Lyla was sloppy with sensitive research and lied to the CRM. Thankfully, Lyla has already passed the baton onto her successor who is a man of greater intelligence with two easy to squeeze pressure points. Looking at Huck, Jadis states that Leo is the better bet and is easy to control when there's family to threaten.

With Jadis looking at her to act and Lyla begging her not to do it, Huck cuts Barca free and holds Lyla at gunpoint as she and Jadis escape into the observation area and lock the door. Banging on the door, Lyla pleads for her life before running around the room as Barca comes after her. "The rat will eventually get tired, but the dead won't. I couldn't have put it better myself," Jadis quips into the intercom, looking at Lyla's notes. Jadis mutes the intercom and Lyla's pleas for her life as Barca chases Lyla around the room and Huck and Jadis watch. Finally, as Lyla bangs on the glass, pleading, Barca catches up to her and bites into Lyla's neck, splatting the glass with her blood, killing Lyla whose body slumps to the floor.

Turning to Huck, Jadis calls it another tragic accident, stating that these things happen, and Huck realizes that Jadis knew from the start that Lyla was covering for Leo. Jadis states that Huck is still smart as hell and, if her mother had any doubts about Huck's allegiance, she'll be pleased that Jadis helped Huck put them to rest today. Huck asks if this was all about testing her, but Jadis tells her that not all of it was: it was clear from the start that Lyla was covering for Leo, and she had to go so Jadis used Huck to help her install Leo as Lyla's replacement. Calling it a productive day, Jadis feels that it's only fair that Huck should be debriefed on the entire scope of the project. Jadis wants Huck to be a part of it as she has earned it. Huck is surprised to learn that there's more and Jadis reveals that the destruction of the Campus Colony and Omaha are all a part of a tactical military operation. What comes next won't be easy, but it will secure their future for centuries to come.

Huck later reveals to Percy and through him the other Endlings what Jadis had told her while also informing Dennis and Silas of what she had learned. Jadis revealed to Huck that the CRM intends to use their chlorine gas to wipe out Portland and the 87,000 survivors there. However, Huck doesn't know all of the details as Jadis hasn't sat her down yet for a full briefing. All that Jadis said is that it will be soon, but Huck has no idea of how soon as Jadis didn't give her any further specifics on the timing.

"Returning Point"

Huck enters Jadis' office and Jadis dismisses the soldiers that she was talking to. Huck explains that she had wanted to see about the briefing that Jadis had promised her the day before and asks what's going on. Jadis explains that they were able to get some of the operational monitoring systems back online after the outage and shows Huck the diagnostics report from the last hour. Jadis reveals that the data shows a variance in key card activity and that water and power usage in the labs has dropped to almost nothing. Huck suggests that the data could just be scrambled from the outage, but Jadis is worried that Leo isn't keeping quiet about what he knows. Elizabeth Kublek's psychological profile of him had indicated that Leo would fall in line in order to keep his family safe and Jadis is starting to wonder if Elizabeth's report was wrong or if there are other variables at play. Huck doesn't believe that Leo would ever put his daughters in danger and offers to snoop around, but Jadis is way past that. If Jadis is right, and she usually is, then this is about stopping the rot before it spreads and showing Leo what happens to one or both of his daughters if he steps out of line. Jadis calls Frank Newton into the room and informs him that her team's ready when his is. Jadis and Frank move out with their men, leaving Huck alone in Jadis' office.

Arriving at Leo's apartment, Frank signals the soldiers to enter, but they find Hope and Iris gone and the apartment empty. Frank informs Jadis that, as they suspected, Leo is not in his usual class and Felix has abandoned his post. Jadis orders Frank to initiate evacuation protocols for the facility's civilian personnel. Frank wonders if Jadis thinks that that will flush them out, but Jadis instead thinks that it will tell her just how far the rot's spread.

In Jadis' office, Frank tells Jadis that they are still awaiting the final manifest from transport three, and he provides her with a list of everyone that has checked in for evacuation. There's no sign of the Bennetts, any of the civilian research staff or their security details. Frank suggests that it must be an error, but Jadis calls his comment cute and tells Huck that they now know that this goes far beyond the Bennetts. Jadis orders a full facility lockdown and for every door, window and vent to be closed off. Once the complex is secure, Frank is to sweep every inch of it until he finds where they're hiding. Acknowledging Jadis' order, Frank departs to carry it out.

When Huck returns to Jadis' office, Jadis is telling the person on the other end of her radio to let her know when they have an update on the server while Corporal Diane Pierce is talking to Brody outside. Jadis explains that Brody had approached long-range security asking to speak to Elizabeth. If Brody is to be believed, there's been a lot going on at the research facility that's off the books. To start with, it seems that Elizabeth has been diverting CRM medical supplies to Indira, but, more immediately, Indira and her people have become a threat to the security of the research facility and thus the Civic Republic. In addition, the intruder that the CRM had shot the other night that they had been trying to identify was Indira's son. According to Brody, Indira and the Perimeter have been actively working with the Bennetts against the CRM, harboring them and planting them inside in the complex in what's obviously some kind of escape attempt. Huck casts doubt on Brody's trustworthiness, but Jadis tells her that Sergeant Mills' team is on their way to deal with the Perimeter. Huck asks about an investigation, but Jadis feels that an investigation will take time and cause vulnerabilities. For a security threat such as this, CRM regulations state that any and all points of contact must be immediately removed. As Jadis walks away, Huck exchanges a look with Brody. Diane enters with the update that Jadis had requested on the server and the two women depart, leaving Huck alone with Brody.

Drawn by the sound of the gunshot, Jadis, Diane and two soldiers reenter the room and, spotting Brody's dead body, Jadis dismisses her men and demands to know what Huck did. Huck tells Jadis that Brody was a rat playing angles and saying shit about the CRM being behind what happened in Omaha which he'd go screaming from the rooftops if Brody wasn't let into the Civic Republic. Jadis wonders how Brody could've known, but Huck claims not to know and that people like Brody are the real security threat. Huck suggests that, for all they know, Brody was lying about Indira and was using the CRM to settle some kind of a personal grudge. However, Jadis tells Huck that Brody was a threat and so is Indira.

Contacting Mills, Jadis orders him to put her on with Indira. Indira pleads with Jadis to call off her soldiers and take Indira while letting her people live. Jadis admits that she's impressed with the globe sculpture that Elizabeth had commissioned from Indira years before, acknowledging that the kind of welding involved is tricky which Jadis knows personally. "I was like you once. Leading a community of artists, but they never really stood a chance, as yours don't now," Jadis reveals. Jadis believes that larger, more powerful communities overtake smaller ones and that it's become their responsibility to. The larger communities are ascendant because they've adapted and equipped themselves for survival not just through might, but by seeing the world for what it is and what it must be. While Indira's vision is lovely, it doesn't portray what is. Indira doesn't and can't see it which is why the CRM can't let her people live. Making Indira kneel, Mills reports that the hostiles are secured, and his team is awaiting Jadis' orders. Huck objects that the Perimeter provides a valuable service to the CRM and are a resource, but Jadis orders Mills to kill everyone. However, with the help of Dennis and Silas, the residents are able to kill Mills and his team.

Later, after the escape of the Endlings and the scientists, Jadis tells Huck that they have to assume that Mills and his team are dead while the scientists were counting on the CRM initiating lockdown protocols. The scientists had known that sealing the containment door would buy them time to escape into the old mining tunnels, using explosives to stop the CRM from following them in. Jadis hands Huck a copy of the blueprints of the mining tunnels and Huck asks when Jadis had known. Jadis reveals that the facility's central server had confirmed it. Every bit of research has been wiped from it and the scientists are trying to take it with them. Jadis realizes that they aren't just dealing with an escape plan, but a rebellion and the Civic Republic stands to lose all of the progress and knowledge that they've built since the end of everything. Jadis worries that this could be the second end of everything.

Huck asks Jadis what her plan is and Jadis tells her that she has ordered Diane to station soldiers at every tunnel exit. When the Endlings emerge, the CRM will be waiting. Diane contacts Jadis to report that fireteams are moving into position and to ask for the rules of engagement. Jadis rescinds all arrest protocols, intending to make an example of the Bennetts. If Diane and her teams see them or any of the scientists, they are to shoot to kill. "Eliminate some to traumatize the many. They've been safe for too long. They've forgotten too much. This is an opportunity to make them remember," Jadis declares, much to Huck's horror.

"Death and the Dead"

In the aftermath of a series of explosions in the mining tunnels, Jadis attempts to contact her fireteams for a report. Corporal Diane Pierce reports that there have been explosions in tunnels 1 through 5, that they walked into a trap, and she has lost contact with the fireteams. Jadis asks Huck where the Endlings got explosives, but Huck merely reminds Jadis that they're scientists, implying that the group had created their own.

Leo calls in over the radio, asking to speak to Jadis. Answering his call, Jadis admonishes Leo for killing her men, telling him that their lives might mean nothing to Leo, but they had dedicated their lives to fighting for a future, a future that the Endlings are putting at great risk for every living person on the planet. Leo tells her that the trap was only for show, and they're prepared to escalate even further. Jadis states that Leo has crossed a very serious line, but Leo tells her that the CRM destroyed their home and an entire surviving city full of living people and then tried to hide that from everyone.

Leo announces that they're done with the CRM and that they're all leaving today. Jadis doesn't think that Leo is any position to bargain with her, but Leo reveals that they have Mason Beale, giving Jadis pause. After a moment, Jadis accuses Leo of lying as Mason had left on an evacuation transport with the other students. Leo holds up the radio to Mason who hesitates to respond before Hope pleads with him to. After a moment, Mason speaks to Jadis and asks her to get him out of there. Increasingly angry but unable to do anything but bargain, Jadis asks what Leo wants and he asks for the two biggest transport trucks that she has with full tanks of gas and no tricks.

Jadis asks where they plan on going and if Leo plans on abandoning his role in finding a cure and in someday saving their entire species. However, Leo reiterates that the CRM are murderers and liars, and the scientists are no longer willing to continue working for them. Leo promises that if the CRM lets them go, the scientists will find another way to save everyone eventually, even the CRM. Jadis questions if everyone with him feels the same way and if they are all so quick to abandon the safety and security that the CRM has given them. Jadis insists that they won't find that outside of the CRM's walls and that "there is no progress out there. Only death and the dead." Jadis tells Leo to ask Hope as she's seen it. Iris, Felix and Leo give Hope surprised looks, but Leo simply tells Jadis that she has 30 minutes to get the trucks backed up to the service entrance near Guard Gate 1 and while they don't want to hurt Mason, they're prepared to escalate, causing Mason to give a worried look to Hope. Jadis agrees to give the Endlings the trucks and, as Felix heads off to meet them, furiously congratulates on Leo on roping a lot of smart people into a breathlessly stupid suicide mission.

Huck asks Jadis what they're going to do now and Jadis reminds Huck that the entire point of her mission was to ensure that Hope Bennett understood the importance of a future. "She does. It sounds like they all do. Just not one that involves us wiping out their home," points out Huck. Huck asks if Jadis blames them for that and states that it's not her fault that the CRM couldn't keep a lid on their genocide.

After the departure of the trucks, Huck is surprised to find out that Jadis thinks that the Endlings are still there. Jadis tells Huck that they only saw two trucks leave which is what the Endlings had wanted them to see. The Bennetts' motives are based on a sense of justice and the CRM has already seen how far the group will go. If they found the vial, then the Endlings also found the chlorine gas and they wouldn't leave without trying to destroy it. However, they won't succeed in either destroying the gas or getting out of the facility alive.

Diane joins the two women and reveals that the western checkpoint has just called in a Code 6. There's a thousand empties incoming from the south southwest and they are only minutes away from a full breach. While it would've been spotted long before, the western patrols had been redirected to the tunnels and killed in the explosions. Looking out of the office window with a pair of binoculars at the approaching herd, Jadis orders Diane to divert them with disruption charges and to send all available teams to the western gates. If the CRM can't hold the line, they could lose everything.

Continuing to watch the herd outside, Jadis asks for a status update from Diane. Diane tells her that security checkpoints 3 and 4 have been breached and that teams are trying to clear a path to the helicopters for the disruption charges, but there's just too many. Calling this crazy, Huck begins to leave to suit up and help hold the line. However, Jadis stops her and orders Diane to ready the jeep. Jadis tells Huck that she's staying with her as there's business here left to resolve.

As Hope, Iris, Felix, Percy and Mason approach the jeeps, they are confronted by several CRM soldiers, including Jadis and Huck. Felix quickly turns his gun on Mason, forcing Jadis to order her men to hold their fire. Hope and Huck exchange a look as Jadis orders Team Alpha to stand fast over her radio as they have the Bennetts where they want them. Jadis asks the Endlings to talk, just them, and gives Felix instructions on how to adjust his radio accordingly. Stating that the Endlings want out of here while the CRM wants Mason Beale, Jadis asks how they will do this. Felix tells Jadis that they will turn Mason over to the CRM unharmed once they're out which will only happen when she lets them drive off in the jeep. However, Jadis calls this unacceptable as they haven't shown her anything to make Jadis trust them with Felix telling Jadis that they don't trust the CRM either. Jadis points out that there's the CRM, the Endlings and giant herd coming and challenges Felix to see who blinks first. Jadis states that the Endlings hadn't wanted to listen and now they are all in a no-win situation. Felix swears to God that he will kill Mason if Jadis tries anything and then Jadis is out of luck. Jadis reminds Felix that he will be too as the Endlings lose their leverage without Mason, causing Felix to threaten to kneecap Mason instead. Jadis understands that they're angry and blame the CRM for all of their troubles, but this is the outcome of their own actions, not the CRM's. Iris tells Jadis that the CRM didn't give them a choice, but Jadis thinks that they just don't understand.

Iris confronts Jadis about the CRM's lies and how they covered up their genocide of Omaha and the Campus Colony. Jadis tells Iris that this is the only world that she's ever known and is far too young to understand all that has been lost. Stepping forward, Iris furiously accuses Jadis and the CRM of murdering 100,000 people. Jadis tells the Endlings that all of those people were going to die anyway and the military had made the hard decision so that the civilians wouldn't have to. "Two years ago, the CRM's modeling revealed that the Alliance would soon become a drain on the Civic Republic's resources. Omaha, the Campus Colony, Portland... had become too reliant. They'd never be fully self-sustaining. So, it was only a matter of time before thousands faced a famine of devastating proportions. At best, those thousands would have died slowly. At worst, disease and conflict would have spread through the Civic Republic itself, and then? The light of the world... extinguished forever. Death wins. We made the choice to spare them that by ending it quickly for them so that there could be a chance for humanity to survive. What we did to your home was mercy," Jadis explains. The CRM made sure that all assets were extracted, including 10,000 children, and the greatest minds were sent to the research facility to contribute to scientific progress under the CRM's protection. Jadis insists that the people who died became an essential part of their study to stop reanimation and that their legacy will be stopping the dead from walking the world.

As Huck notices a CRM sniper moving in nearby, Hope demands to know what gives the CRM the right to choose who lives and who dies. Jadis berates the Endlings for looking at the world from their limited perspectives and criticizing the CRM when it is the CRM's work that made their very existence possible. The Endlings rant about injustices and unfairness while they compromise and possibly destroy the advances of the many that came before them. The CRM makes the hard choices so that other people don't have to. Jadis tells them to take a look around at their great plan at work and claims that all they're doing is stopping the march towards scientific progress and denying the world the path to its rightful future because the Endlings are mad at them for their actions. Jadis calls it cute if it wasn't so dangerous and pathetic.

With empties approaching from behind, Felix is forced to turn and shoot them. Headbutting Iris, Mason breaks free of Percy's hold and Jadis orders her men to make one shot kills. As Percy races after Mason, the Endlings engage the CRM with Iris killing one before Huck suddenly turns her gun on the soldiers, killing the sniper and one other before holding Jadis at gunpoint and forcing Jadis to disarm herself.

After Felix kills the last two soldiers, Iris turns to find Percy dead, having been shot in the back of the head during the skirmish. As a devastated Iris cries over her boyfriend's body, Hope retrieves her sister's dropped gun and turns it on Mason. Hope accuses Mason of being responsible, but the unrepentant Mason blames Hope and her family instead. Hope angrily tells Mason that he only had to come with them, and everyone would be okay, but Mason states that it's what Percy and Iris deserved, and orders Hope to look at what they've done. Hope realizes that Iris was right about Mason, that he is just like the rest of the CRM and that he never cared. Hope blames herself for not seeing it sooner and for Percy's death and prepares to kill Mason in revenge as Felix puts down several empties and gets into jeep. Coming up beside her sister, Iris tells her not to kill Mason as she'd only be doing something to herself all over again. Remembering how she accidentally killed Amelia Ortiz on the Night the Sky Fell, Hope finally relents and drops the gun. Felix drives up and Huck orders them to go. After a last look at Percy's body, Iris climbs into the jeep and they drive off.

Left alone with Jadis, Huck forces her to move out of the way, exchanging a look with Felix as he briefly slows down while driving by. With empties swarming around them, Jadis guesses that Huck's mother was right about her, but Huck states that her mother has nothing to do with this. Jadis states that if Huck was gonna shoot her, she would've done it by now and reinforcements are on the way. Jadis offers to give Huck a 5 to 10 minute head start if she spares Jadis' life, suggesting that with Huck's skills, she might even make it. As Huck hesitates, Mason screams for help and Huck and Jadis notice empties approaching him. Jadis rushes to Mason's rescue and, making her choice, Huck shoots several of the empties approaching Mason before she runs out of bullets. Huck jumps into a jeep and drives off as Jadis puts down the remaining empties that have gotten too close to Mason. As the research facility is completely overrun by the massive herd, Jadis and Mason watch Huck go.

Retreating to the CRM basecamp, Jadis contacts Major General Beale, thanking him for the additional troops to secure the facility, but warning Beale that they need to move up the timeline of the attack on Portland as nothing can be allowed to prevent that. While getting the scientists back are a priority, their operation has been compromised as the Bennetts know about Portland and have told the others. Jadis promises that she has every intention of bringing to justice the sympathizer that has been giving the Bennetts information and she will make sure that the scientists are retrieved, and their research resumed. Although Jadis wishes that she was brought in sooner to prevent this, she will fix it. In response to Beale's answer, Jadis thanks him for placing his trust in her and promises to not let him down.

"The Last Light"

At the CRM basecamp, Corporal Diane Pierce reports to Jadis who has already heard that they've resecured access to the helicopters. Jadis asks how long it will be until they can have them in the air and dropping disruption charges on the herd and Diane tells her that it will be within the hour. Jadis is pleased as this will free up more teams to hunt down and secure the CRM's missing scientists who need to be found.

Jadis orders Diane to have a dozen vehicles fan out in an eight-mile radius to jam all frequencies until sundown. Diane realizes that Jadis thinks that the Endlings are still using comms, but warns her that doing so will interfere with their own communications. Jadis acknowledges that it's a calculated risk, but it's the best way to stop their insurgents in their tracks. Diane asks about the impact on their current operation, but Jadis tells her that helicopters from the Civic Republic will be at the culling facility in four hours to airlift the Chlorine Gas to Portland and Jadis intends to have everything wrapped up by then.

A short time later, Diane returns with the news that the C4 that the Endlings used to cave in the mining tunnels appears to have been older M112s. An alarmed Jadis realizes that this is the kind of C4 that was designated for the culling facilities which Diane confirms. Jadis orders Diane to ready her helicopter immediately, explaining that Huck's husband runs the culling facility where the gas has been moved to. Diane respectfully tells Jadis that they were as discreet as possible with the move, making the gas look like a standard supply transfer. However, Jadis simply reiterates her order to ready her helicopter and Diane leaves to comply.

Jadis' helicopter lands at the culling facility where she orders her men to sweep a nearby warehouse and to secure the cargo containers holding the gas. Noticing Huck's stolen jeep parked next to the main building, Jadis goes to check it out herself, only to have Huck attack her with a kill stick, knocking Jadis' gun from her hands. The two women engage in a brief fight before breaking apart and Jadis demands to know what Huck got out of betraying the CRM. Huck tells Jadis that they were supposed to fight for humanity, but there's nothing humane about the CRM's actions. Huck tosses Jadis her kill stick and Jadis states that Huck got nothing out of it then. Jadis tells Huck that she didn't live out there and lose a community that she made herself like Jadis did and so Huck can't appreciate what they have and can do.

Throwing a towel at Jadis and grabbing another kill stick, Huck resumes their fight, confronting Jadis about what the CRM did to Omaha. Jadis insists that they had no choice and that Huck's mother understood that. However, Huck states that her mother lost her way while this is who Jadis has always been. Huck recognizes that Jadis had traded someone to get into the Civic Republic and that someone's life was her ticket in. "People are a resource. I had someone special. I had an A, but I said that he was a B so he wouldn't end up in your mother's lab. I owed him that much. So, yeah, I traded someone to get into the city. And then I saw what this world could become, so I signed up. And now? Now I'm doing all the things that you couldn't," explains Jadis. Huck calls Jadis a murderer who has the blood of 100,000 people on her hands, but Jadis tells Huck that she's no more a murderer than Huck. To Huck's shock and horror, Jadis reveals that her observe-and-report mission in Omaha was to set up the genocide: the CRM was able to wipe out everyone in just one chemical strike because Huck had told them that the masses would gather in the plazas and the parks to celebrate Monument Day. One year later, the CRM knew precisely where to hit, all thanks to Huck.

The two women resume their fight, but as they lock kill sticks, Jadis draws a knife and stabs Huck in the side, mortally wounding her, telling Huck that it didn't have to be this way. Jadis takes Huck's weapon as she collapses to ground, mortally wounded. Looking down at her former friend, Jadis, apparently out of lingering affection, offers to finish Huck off or leave her to die alone if she wants. Huck tells Jadis that "there's just one thing I want. I have this gold watch. It was my pop's. One of the only things I have to remember him by. My mom, she likes to say it's the watch that brought her and me back together after things fell apart. I want you to tell her that this time, it won't. 'Cause now? Now it's going to bring me and my dad back together." Seeing the tan line on Huck's arm where the watch had previously rested, Jadis realizes that Huck has rigged up the watch as makeshift detonator and asks how much time she has. Huck doesn't answer and Jadis quickly drops the kill sticks and rushes outside, yelling at her men that the gas is rigged to blow, and they need to leave now. The three quickly depart in Jadis' helicopter before they can be caught in the explosion.

In the Civic Republic, Silas stands with Jadis in her office, and she thanks him for coming in. Silas knows that Jadis heard about what he did and Jadis acknowledges it, noting that shooting Huck's treasonous husband in the face must've been quite the ordeal. Silas tells Jadis that Dennis was trying to force him into something that Silas didn't want to be a part of, and Dennis got what he deserved. Jadis asks if Silas knows that his friends were a part of the mutiny too, but Silas states that he had been banished from the group while going cross-country and they were never his friends.

Jadis calls it a convincing story, but she knows that Dennis put Silas up to killing him to try and save Silas. Despite Silas' denials, Jadis knows that she's right. However, what matters is that Silas actually went through with it after killing his own father and Silas' mother abandoning him for it. That takes strength that the CRM could use. Jadis has heard that Silas is interested in their military, and she asks if that was a lie too. Silas tells her that it wasn't and that he thinks that he'd make a good soldier. Jadis admits that she thinks that Silas would make a great one and she offers to start Silas off in basic training immediately and to take him on as her own special project. Silas agrees, but he tells Jadis that she's wrong about him, Silas believes in the CRM. However, Silas doesn't have to convince Jadis who claims to see him for who he really is even if Silas doesn't yet, but Jadis promises that he will. Jadis can't wait for Silas to see who he's gonna become. Together, Silas and Jadis look out the window at the Civic Republic and soldiers running around the lawn in front of them.

At a park in the Civic Republic, a grieving Elizabeth Kublek sits on a bench, watching a mother interact with her young daughter. Jadis approaches Elizabeth and expresses her condolences for Elizabeth's loss. Jadis tells Elizabeth that she just got back to the city and that it's been days of debriefing. Jadis lies that she had ordered her team to bring Huck to justice alive and unharmed, but she didn't give them a choice but to kill her which Elizabeth knows, having read the report. Jadis states that they haven't found the missing scientists yet, but they will. However, Elizabeth states that the scientists know that the CRM needs them and they now know what the CRM has been doing. Elizabeth muses that she had seen herself as an ancestor to a future world that would be indebted to her sacrifices and as a result, did monstruous things so that civilization could reign again and the humane could ascend. However, Elizabeth now questions her choices and whether such a future was ever possible.

Jadis tells Elizabeth that survivors, whether they be individuals or entire civilizations, find opportunity in calamity and they don't break and let the weak become strong. Instead, they wait for the strong to become weak. Jadis is sitting here now because she took the moment that she saw the strongest person that she's ever met become entirely vulnerable and she used it. As a group of soldiers approaches, Elizabeth asks Jadis what she's doing. Standing up and drawing her gun, Jadis announces that Elizabeth is hereby remanded to the Civic Republic Health and Welfare Center until which time Elizabeth will be tried for Article 94 of the Uniform Code of Civic Republic Military Justice. Elizabeth demands to know what for and Jadis states that it's for treason. People are looking for someone to blame, but Elizabeth tells Jadis that this happened on Jadis' watch, not hers.

Jadis states that Elizabeth's own daughter was a traitor and, although Elizabeth angrily tells Jadis to stop, Jadis continues on that, if anyone should've seen it, it should've been Elizabeth. Elizabeth yells that Huck made Jadis, but Jadis continues on that the Bennetts were a threat and Elizabeth brought them in anyways and she let the people of the Perimeter live. Everything that happened because of Elizabeth and her actions and Elizabeth did nothing to stop it when things went wrong. Elizabeth states that she did not do nothing to stop it: Elizabeth believed, and she brought Jadis in to do a security audit. However, Jadis accuses Elizabeth of bringing her into a world of shit and then leaving as things got out of control. Jadis suspects that Elizabeth brought her in to take the fall when things went wrong and suggests that that's Elizabeth's own version of survival. Either way, the worse that Elizabeth looks, the better Jadis does.

Elizabeth recognizes that Jadis just revealed her true motives in arresting her and Jadis continues on that she can usher in the new world better than Elizabeth can. Jadis doesn't have friends or a child like Elizabeth, she has her ambition and the Civic Republic. Elizabeth demands to know if Jadis honestly believes that people won't see through what she's doing, but Jadis simply signals her soldiers who draw their guns. Laughing, Elizabeth tells Jadis that Major General Beale is going to have her head for this, but Jadis reveals that it was Beale who signed Elizabeth's arrest warrant. Elizabeth promises that Jadis won't win, but Jadis tells her that she has won, and she had to because the Civic Republic is the last light of the world. Jadis walks away, leaving her men to take Elizabeth into custody.

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


Jadis appears in a flashback to the CRM taking Rick after the bridge explosion.


Jadis watches the tape of Michonne's interrogation, enters Rick's apartment and pours herself a drink.

Rick enters his apartment to find Jadis waiting to confront him. "Hi, Rick. Sorry for breaking in. Technically, this is an investigation, but I'm not filing paperwork. Let's keep this off the books. Let's continue to keep certain things between you and me, as we have. It's been awhile. You look good. It's amazing what's happened. Truly amazing. I mean, in a world where most people are dead, the living can continue to bump into each other. I can see that. But still, she found you. If anyone could, she could. She was with him. The little one. I mean, of course, it was her sword. But I'm keeping that off the books. Just up here. This doesn't fall under our longstanding deal. You have to know that if you try to escape with her, I will make sure that all those people that you love die, including a few that I like very much. You have to know that. I'm certain that you do. I've had to do things like that. My hands are already covered in blood. They can't get any bloodier. So, I have to ask you this question, and I'm sorry for the language, but you've heard a lot of language from me. Yes, yes, yes. Rick, what the fuck are you doing?"


Years ago, Rick - still wearing his old boots that he later left on Boat 672 - and several other consignees are given a chance to explore Millenium Park in the Civic Republic as a part of their orientation. As Rick looks around in interest, Jadis - still a civilian with long hair - greets him from a food stand. Rick remembers meeting Jadis and the Scavengers, Jadis holding a gun on him and Jadis promising that the CRM was going to save him after the bridge explosion.

Walking together, Jadis explains that the Scavengers - when they still existed - were approached by one of the CRM who proposed a resource exchange where, if the Scavengers came across lost souls who needed saving, they would hold those people and give them to the CRM. If they found a threat, the Scavengers would give them to the CRM as well. In exchange, Jadis and her people got supplies. Jadis has been a regular at this place for a month so that she could be there when Rick's orientation happened, and they could talk. The CRM keeps asking Jadis what to ask Rick, and although she keeps telling them that she doesn't know, Jadis is hoping that Rick would say that he was looking for someone to follow. Rick can talk to Jadis in the park as the CRM doesn't operate in the city, "they can't, much to their annoyance." Rick is upset that Jadis brought him somewhere that he can't leave, but Jadis points out that she could've chosen to let Rick die on the riverbed or told the CRM that he was a threat instead. "The CRM doesn't take chances, but I did, 'cause I owed you." Rick realizes that giving him to the CRM has allowed Jadis to skip working consignment, but Jadis insists that she believes in this place. Jadis is enlisting in the CRM and she's gonna move up. Jadis is excited about how the CRM has a 500-year plan to rebuild the world better than it was and best the dead which Jadis sees as a perfectly fine way to spend one's life. However, Rick isn't interested, and he only wants to go home. Jadis tells Rick to follow his bliss, but reminds Rick that she really did save his life.

In the present, Jadis knows that Rick is thinking about killing her which he promises to do, but just not today. Rick notes that "it's funny. I see it. I feel it. Everything you made happen for yourself, just throwing it away because you needed to get in the middle of something you have nothing to do with." Jadis retorts that she has everything to do with it and their fates are bound - Rick, Michonne, and Jadis - for Rick and Michonne to be the first people to ever leave, the CRM would never stop hunting for them, ever. Jadis would know where they are, and she would have to go and kill everyone to make sure that no one else got there first and her and Rick's arrangement was somehow discovered. Rick angrily tells Jadis that this is her mess, but Jadis warns him that in the event of her untimely demise, Jadis has put a little file among her possessions telling the CRM everything that they need to know about Rick and all of the people that Rick loves. Jadis imagines that a CRM Reclamation Team would have everyone that Rick loves dead within hours of getting that file because Rick and Michonne leaving with the knowledge of the Civic Republic and the CRM can't happen.

Upset, Rick insists that Michonne doesn't belong here, but Jadis simply states that that was her choice, and she asks what Rick's choice is. Jadis asks for Rick's assurance that he won't try to leave again, warning that if he does, everyone back home will die because of security and secrecy above all, and Jadis won't jeopardize everything that she's made happen for herself. Jadis won't wait for the CRM to find Rick and Michonne which she knows will happen and then blow back on her. Frantic, Rick asks if there's a deal that they can make where Jadis cleans it up, but Jadis refuses, citing that she's a believer in the CRM's cause. Jadis tells Rick that Michonne is extremely lucky because the CRM suspects that Michonne is an "A," but they let her in anyways because Thorne stepped up which Jadis realizes Rick had something to do with. Jadis is impressed that Rick pulled that off, and she encourages Rick to have his life with Michonne here in "the last light of the world." Jadis asks for Rick's choice, but decides that she doesn't need to hear it. Rick reminds Jadis that she hadn't threatened him or the people that he loves before when Rick told her that he was going to get away, and Jadis tells him that it was because she knew that he couldn't. However, "you two together? You can do anything," states Jadis and she leaves.

Major General Beale leads a funeral for Okafor and amongst the attendees are Rick, Jadis, and Thorne. Beale commemorates Okafor's sacrifice to protect the people of Philadelphia during Operation Cobalt and the fact that Okafor had shown them that their enemies could be their salvation if they look at them differently.

Later that day after the funeral, Rick approaches Jadis and tells her that Michonne is gone and Jadis will help him make sure that she stays gone. Jadis is surprised, and Rick explains that he had made it look like Michonne died trying. Rick knew that he needed to stay to get her away, so he did. Jadis doesn't believe that Michonne would leave without him, but Rick states that Michonne didn't know that she was leaving without him. Jadis asks if Rick still wants to kill her, but Rick admits that he can't kill her, quoting Negan that "people are a resource" and Jadis herself that their fates are bound. Rick found a body that was close enough after he put it in a consignment uniform, tore it apart and tore its face and scalp off. The story will be that Michonne fell, hit her head on the rocks and walkers got her, Jadis just needs to make sure that she's on the investigation as soon as the CRM finds out that Michonne is missing, and Rick directs Jadis to where the body is located. Jadis was just about to head out for the first security audit of the Cascadia Base, and she will be gone. However, Jadis will make sure that she's on point when Michonne turns up missing and get to work, but anything that goes wrong isn't her doing.

Jadis warns Rick to kill her while they're nose to nose if he really wants his dream to come true because Jadis already left the CRM all of the answers that Rick doesn't want them to have. As Rick walks away, Jadis notes that while she's sure that Rick is telling the truth that he did it for Michonne, she wonders if there's something else that's keeping him here and reminds Rick once again that Jadis did save his life. Rick simply replies that Jadis now gets to save Michonne's life and sarcastically calls her a hero with a shit haircut.

As Michonne loads up a jeep, Jadis joins Rick, telling him that she's headquartered here now, through the summit and beyond. Jadis suggests that Rick should come take a look at her quarters which have a beautiful view of the Cascades. Jadis notes that Michonne hasn't seen her yet just before Michonne spots Jadis. "Oh. There it is. She saw me," Jadis quips. Michonne is shocked to see Jadis again, but Rick tells his wife that it doesn't matter.

"What We"

Although unseen, Jadis is on the helicopter alongside a Reclamation Team that investigates the crash of Rick and Michonne's helicopter into Greenwood. Jadis and the Reclamation Team destroy the wreckage, ultimately causing the collapse of Greenwood, unaware that Rick and Michonne had escaped and were inside of the building.


Three years ago, Gabriel fills a canteen at a stream and blesses the water into holy water. Jadis approaches Gabriel, reassuring him that it's okay and that she's alone, but Gabriel asks if that's true even if she is alone. After Jadis confirms it, Gabriel hugs her, but Jadis tells him that she's not coming back, she had just wanted to see him again, but Gabriel must never tell anyone that she was here. Gabriel agrees, telling Jadis that he had been using Eugene's ham radio with Rosita's help to somehow try to find her, only to have Jadis find him. Gabriel knows that Jadis had left because she was being judged for things that she did in her past instead of who she was trying to be. Jadis admits that she was up to something, and Gabriel had trusted her which was a mistake. Gabriel points out that Rick had brought her in because he believed that people can change with Rick going so far as to call Jadis "one of us." Gabriel reveals that Rick had died trying to bring people together. Well aware that Rick's still alive, Jadis feigns surprise at the news, and Gabriel explains that Rick had to destroy the bridge in order to stop an incoming herd and he was caught in the explosion. Gabriel declares that his mistake wasn't trusting Jadis, but rather in losing his faith in her.

Gabriel asks for her forgiveness and a visibly haunted Jadis asks Gabriel about the people that who can't forgive you, the ones that you made gone. Jadis wonders how you live with that, obviously seeking Gabriel's advice on how to handle her own guilt. Gabriel suggests prayer, making amends, and talking with someone about it. Jadis tells Gabriel that she can't talk about the things that she's been a part of or the things that she will be a part of and especially not to her people as it would mean telling them about everyone that Jadis had left behind in Virginia. Calling Jadis by her real name of Anne, Gabriel suggests that she can talk to him, promising clergy confidentiality and that she wasn't even here. Jadis simply forgives Gabriel.

In the present, Rick and Michonne are rudely awoken in the morning at gunpoint by Jadis who forces the couple to disarm themselves, ordering Michonne to tie Rick to the bed and then tie herself up. Rick knows that Jadis is here alone and that nobody knows that she's here either and Michonne wonders how Jadis found them. Jadis explains that the circumstances of Rick and Michonne disappearance together were suspicious so Jadis is back with the Reclamation Team and then she saw the wreck of the helicopter which felt like a profound moment which caused Jadis to remember all of the details of what she saw in that moment, including a yellow truck parked nearby. Left with a nagging feeling, Jadis insisted on going back, although she wouldn't pull anyone from the summit as it's too important. Jadis flew herself to the nearest jump point, supplied up, borrowed the emergency vehicle there and drove back to the crash site. Jadis found Greenwood in rubble and bread crumbs in the form of dead walkers and ramen wrappers all the way down Highway 90, the most direct route to Virginia.

Rick realizes that no one knows that Jadis is here while Michonne comments that Jadis had missed her chance by not killing them while they were sleeping. Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that she's been thinking about someone else that she killed, a confidant who was monumental in her development as a person who will help turn the world. Jadis had left things unsaid between them and she doesn't want to do the same thing with Rick and Michonne before she killed them both. Calling Jadis by her real name of Anne, Rick accuses her of just playing games and not actually caring about the CRM or the Civic Republic. "I do. You think I'm still her. I'm not. I'm not that woman from the Heaps either. "We take. We don't bother." Didn't work. I am decorated Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes of the Civic Republic Military, defender of the Republic", declares Jadis. However, still calling her Anne, Rick accuses her of only doing this for herself, but Jadis insists that it's for the Civic Republic.

If Jadis were to let them go home and somehow some other enterprising warrant officer were to find them, Jadis' connection with Alexandria would be discovered and that important work would end. Jadis insists that she had saved Rick's life, but Michonne accuses her of taking it from Rick's family instead, forcing Rick's children to grow up without a father for years and for Michonne to not know if he was alive or dead. Not replying to the accusation, Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that she didn't kill them in their sleep because she needed to thank them: by Rick and Michonne dying here today, Alexandria will remain safe and their children will have a better world. "You could've made other choices, but you didn't lose here. You won a different way. It's the end of your story. Let that be your peace". Jadis opens fire, but Rick and Michonne - Michonne having only pretended to tie Rick to the bed - leap out of the way and take cover. Rick flips the bed over on Jadis, giving Michonne the chance to grab the dropped hatchet and impale Jadis in the side. Jadis flees as Michonne grabs her dropped pistol and shoots at her, but Rick stops Michonne from killing her.

Two years ago, Anne and Gabriel share a small picnic by the stream. Anne asks Gabriel how Michonne is doing, and Gabriel tells her that Michonne is away helping people. Gabriel is confused that Anne refers to Michonne as Rick's wife, admitting that the couple were never officially married if that even matters anymore. Gabriel recalls how Rick had said one day that he should marry them, maybe do it right there on the bridge that they were building. Gabriel couldn't see the future that Rick described, so he sat on a log in the forest where Gabriel found a ring in the dirt at his feet. As the ring seemed like it would make a pretty nice wedding ring, Gabriel kept it and thought to put it someplace that Rick would find it because Gabriel could suddenly see that someday. Pulling out the ring, Gabriel sadly notes that Rick had died instead.

Anne admits that she's spent the last year looking forward to their next visit, just sitting there and talking which almost makes Anne feel like how and who she used to be. The other 364 days back in her new community is less about personal connection and more about responsibility to something greater than herself, even if that means that Anne has to do things that are difficult and even cruel which Anne is visibly bothered by. Gabriel suggests that if Anne is here expressing doubts, knowing that what she's doing is wrong, is a sign that that isn't who she really is. Anne sadly but resolutely tells Gabriel that it's about survival and what comes after, specifically the survival of others. That part of her that Anne's harnessed has kept her alive and maybe it can keep the rest of the world alive too.

Gabriel reveals that the group that the Coalition was in conflict with compromised Alexandria's walls and food is now scarce and children are hungry. Gabriel asks a visibly sympathetic Anne for the help of her people, but Anne can't help them. Anne assures Gabriel that her remorse over being unable to help is real even as she does cruel and difficult things. Anne moves to leave, but Gabriel stops her and gives Anne the ring that he'd found. She has been questioning things, and the ring is a symbol of faith and love so maybe it'll give Anne something that she needs while giving it to her is giving Gabriel something that he needs. Anne asks to meet again next year on the same day at the same place, and Gabriel promises that he will be there if he's still alive.

In the present, Jadis flees in her vehicle, chased by Rick and Michonne. Rick warns Michonne that they can't kill her because Jadis left a file about home for the CRM to find. Michonne accuses Jadis of doing it with the intention of destroying Alexandria because destroying is what she does, listing the moments in their son's life that Jadis had robbed from him. Rick questions what they'll do after Jadis is dead, but Michonne only replies that they'll do whatever they have to do. Michonne tries to ram Jadis off of the road, but it fails, and it turns into Jadis chasing them instead. Finally, as the chase heads into a small herd of calcified walkers, Michonne forces Jadis' vehicle off of a drop-off. Fighting through the walkers, Rick and Michonne find Jadis' vehicle crashed against a tree, but no sign of Jadis herself. Realizing that Jadis is heading for the nearest jump point, Rick points them in that direction.

Around a campfire, Red complains about his group's defeat before a wounded and weakened Jadis approaches them. Stating that she's being pursued by some very dangerous people, Jadis asks for their help. Jadis offers them a place in her community if they get her to somewhere just a few miles away. Looking at Tina with interest, Jadis notices that the other woman is tall.

Rick points out to Michonne that the CRM's bases are spread out across the country, and they need to know which one Jadis hid the file in. If they can take her alive and talk to her, Rick thinks that Anne is still in there somewhere given how much Jadis hated being called that. Jadis might be able to give them something to help keep Alexandria safe. Michonne promises that they'll keep it safe, but Jadis is going to die. Rick states that they need to keep Alexandria safe without risking anything. Rick couldn't see some things and Michonne helped him, so he thinks that maybe they can help Jadis in the same way. If they can't, then Michonne can kill her, but "maybe just maim first." Michonne finds some blood on the side of a tree, leading towards a geyser and a visitor's center near it.

Inside, Michonne spots a bloody handprint on a railing and the two search for their former friend through the visitor's center which has a number of curtained off areas and seems to have once been inhabited by survivors before being abandoned. Finally, the two spot a limping figure in Jadis' hooded coat, but it turns out to be Tina. Recognizing Rick and Michonne, Tina apologizes, explaining that Jadis had promised to take the group with her in exchange for their help in luring the couple into a trap. Tina insists that the group isn't like Rick and Michonne and they wouldn't have made it on their own. Red and Dalton emerge from hiding, Red armed with a CRM rifle. Hiding nearby, Jadis points out that they're outnumbered 4 on 2 and quotes Negan that "people are a resource". Rick tries to warn the group that whatever Jadis said isn't what they think it is, but Dalton doesn't care, stating that he's fine with it as long as he gets a meal and a new pair of pants. Seeing that the men aren't going to give up, Rick and Michonne attack and quickly disarm them once again. Drawn by the noise, more calcified walkers attack and begin devouring Tina. Emerging from hiding, Jadis opens fire on Rick and Michonne who flee while Dalton and Red run to their sister's aid, only to fall victim to more walkers.

A year ago, Gabriel arrives to his meeting with Anne who admits that she wasn't sure that Gabriel would show up this time, and after what she denied him, Anne wouldn't have blamed him. Gabriel admits that he was sharp with Anne, and he doesn't pretend to understand her community or her commitment to them, but he does know something about the part of herself that Anne is scared of losing. Anne suggests that it might already be gone, admitting that every year that she comes back here, she's done worse things in the interim. "I know why they're done. I believe in what we're trying to do. But there's the Plan and the "why". And then there's the blood." Gabriel knows that Anne feels that she can't tell him, but Gabriel assures Anne that she can and he's here, but Anne can't and if she can't, she's not here. Gabriel admits that he looks forward to these days, to having Anne to himself, to their secret meetings. "I have you, and that proves that you're still here, Anne. It just does".

Anne kisses Gabriel who suggests that she come back with him to Alexandria, promising that no one needs to know about her community, but Anne can't for all of the reasons that she's already told him. Frustrated and upset, Gabriel points out that Anne hasn't told him anything about her group other than the fact that they're people who hoard supplies while others starve. Anne asks if Gabriel thinks that the purpose of what they do is to make people suffer, and that she would be a part of a group that would do that. Gabriel tells Anne that he knows that she's not her people, Gabriel sees it when he looks into her eyes. As a walker approaches, Anne declares that this is her fault and she's sorry that she came here, made herself vulnerable and for turning Gabriel into a loose end. As Gabriel goes to deal with the walker, Anne throws him to the ground and draws her gun to kill him, apologizing again.

In the present, Rick calls out to Jadis to show herself so that they can talk, but Jadis knows that he actually means get her to talk, accusing Rick of planning on torturing her until Jadis tells Rick and Michonne where she hid her file on Alexandria. Jadis lives for the cause, and she will die for the cause as she's not a traitor like Rick. Rick pokes his head out and Jadis shoots at him, grazing Rick's head. Changing positions, Jadis acknowledges that Rick and Michonne together really are unstoppable, but that won't save their kids. If Rick and Michonne kill Jadis, their kids are dead, the same thing if she dies of her wounds or from walkers. Jadis walks out into the open near the walkers devouring Red, Dalton and Tina, standing with her arms outstretched. Michonne emerges from hiding, but she hesitates to shoot either Jadis or the walkers. Finally, as one is about to bite Jadis, Michonne chooses to shoot all of the walkers, but she runs out of bullets in the process and forcing Michonne back into hiding with Rick.

In severe pain due to her wounds, Jadis tells Rick that it didn't have to be this way. Rick was on the path and after all of these years, he was finally feeling the responsibility to fight for something bigger than himself. "And Beale saw it too. He was gonna give you the Echelon Briefing the moment you returned. Your eyes would've been opened to the true size and scope of what the CRM is gonna do to bring this world back." Rick could've ensured Alexandria's security, but Rick let Michonne pull him away from that instead. All that Michonne had to do was leave when Rick had arranged for her escape, but she didn't and now here they are with the fates of Rick and Michonne's loved ones sealed because Rick is just like his wife, and they only look out for each other. Calling Jadis Anne again, Rick tells her that he knows that she doesn't really want to kill everyone back home. Jadis admits that he's right, but she believes that it's a choice between either keeping your humanity or saving humanity. Jadis has chosen her community and her life, and she asks who is going to die today: Rick and Michonne or Jadis and everyone back home.

Michonne suddenly tells Rick that Jadis is right, that Michonne had wanted Jadis dead, so she didn't have to see it, but there has to be a sacrifice. Since Michonne found Rick, all that she's done has been for them, but Michonne now sees that this can't end with them going home. Much to Jadis' obvious relief, Rick concedes, but Michonne tells her that there's still a deal to be made where they all can live as well as Alexandria. Rick tells Jadis that Michonne will get some supplies to keep alive long enough to get Jadis to the jump point and Rick will go back with her. Rick and Jadis will claim that he was injured in the helicopter crash and was the lone survivor. Rick will go back to the CRM and to working for a future like none of this ever happened on the condition that Michonne is allowed to leave and Jadis doesn't tell the CRM about Alexandria. Jadis asks why she should trust Rick after all of the shit that he's pulled, but Rick just asks if they've got a deal, and Jadis agrees.

Stepping out in the open, Michonne drops her hatchet and walks away while Rick tosses out his bag, machete and prosthetic hand. Once Rick has laid down his weapons and stepped out, Jadis lays down hers pistol and steps out as well. Seeing how terrible Jadis looks, Rick comments that she's looked better. Jadis admits that she was a fool to think that she could take Rick and Michonne down together which is why she agreed to their deal and to Michonne getting the med kit. Pulling Red's red gun from behind her back, Jadis tells Rick that she doesn't trust him either, but she does respect him.

A year ago, Anne points her gun at Gabriel who tells Anne that she's lying to herself, and she keeps lying to herself. Anne doesn't keep coming back here, she never really left. Visibly uncertain, Anne tells Gabriel that he's wrong, so Gabriel challenges Anne to shoot him, to make him understand and show Gabriel who she is.

In the present, Michonne emerges with the CRM rifle and orders Jadis to drop her gun. Growing visibly weaker from her injuries, Jadis realizes that Rick and Michonne double-crossed her before Jadis double-crossed them, calling it a good plan. Michonne orders Jadis to drop the gun or Michonne will kill her, but Jadis asks if she'll really do it since it means that Alexandria will be destroyed. A zombified Tina suddenly attacks Jadis from behind and Michonne attempts to put Tina down, but only hits her in the cheek. As Jadis falls, her gun goes off, hitting a zombified Red while Dalton joins the attack on Jadis. Michonne shoots Tina in the head and Rick retrieves his machete and chops Dalton in the head, putting him down. However, when Rick pulls the walkers off of Jadis, he and Michonne discover that Tina had bitten Jadis in the side of the neck, mortally wounding her.

In flashbacks, Jadis remembers tender moments with Gabriel before her departure from Alexandria, talking to Rick and Michonne in Alexandria with Brion and Tamiel, having to put down the zombified Scavengers, and killing Huck, her former friend and mentor. "Everything I've ever had I lost. My people, my friends, everyone. I was tired of losing. I was finally part of something that could last. And I couldn't lose another community. My old one. And my new one. I knew, if I didn't kill you all, somehow, some way, you'd come for the CRM. So, I drew up the dossier to protect myself and make sure you couldn't. I thought in my death it was worth it. I'd chosen a side, right? I thought I had. Back and forth. Jadis, Anne, Alexandrians, CRM", Jadis explains to Rick and Michonne who listen to her with increasing sympathy as they finally understand their former friend's reasoning and struggles.

A year ago, after some hesitation, Anne shoots the approaching walker instead of Gabriel and tells him to go. Gabriel tells Anne that she had come to him to help her find an answer and Anne just found it by sparing his life. Gabriel promises to see her again in a year, and he leaves.

In the present, Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that Gabriel already showed her, and she found her answer. Choosing to die as Anne rather than Jadis, she reveals that the dossier is in her room at the Cascadia Forward Operating Base and they can destroy it and just go home. Stating that the CRM will bring the world back, Anne asks Rick and Michonne for their assurance that they won't go after the CRM. However, Michonne tells Anne that they are coming for the CRM. Rick and Michonne are gonna get the dossier, and then they're going to stop the CRM. Rick is going to get the Echelon Briefing and find out everything that the CRM does that the city doesn't know about. The city that Michonne saw won't stand for what the CRM is, and she and Rick are going to help the city stop their military because the CRM is not the answer, and they must end. Rick reminds Anne that she had kept them alive for a reason and, recalling happier times when she would sculpt and paint at the Heaps, Anne admits that she wishes that she'd died as an artist, the person that she was before Anne became Jadis Stokes, Warrant Officer of the CRM and a merciless killer. "It was never about survival in that life. It was just about truth. And this is mine. The end of my story. My peace." Anne removes the ring that Gabriel had given her from her necklace, revealing to Rick that Gabriel had found it for him after Rick told Gabriel on the bridge that he wanted to marry Michonne. Surprised, Rick asks how Anne got it, but she just shakes her head with a soft smile and tells Rick that he wasn't dreaming.

At peace, Anne asks Rick to do what he said he would do and kill her rather than let Anne die of her wounds. Rick retrieves Anne's pistol and after a moment's hesitation, shoots Anne in the head, killing her. Both Rick and Michonne look away, unable to bring themselves to watch as the woman who was both friend and foe over the course of their history together, dies. Rick and Michonne walk away, leaving Anne's body in the visitor's center.

Gabriel returns to the spot by the stream, but Anne never arrives, and a heartbroken Gabriel realizes that she's dead and makes a giant A in the rocks of the beach as a grave marker for her.

"The Last Time"

In a flashback, Anne can be heard in a voiceover quoting Negan that "people are a resource".

After sneaking into Cascadia Forward Operating Base using Anne's Frontliner uniform, Michonne finds and destroys the dossier hidden in Anne's room inside of the cat sculpture that Anne was making when Rick sought her help against the Saviors. In the cover letter, Anne reveals the details of her lying that Rick was a "B" when she traded him, the network of communities that Rick had created, the potential danger that Rick and Michonne posed, and a recommendation to destroy Alexandria to ensure the Civic Republic's safety.


Killed By

While in a standoff with Michonne, Jadis is attacked and fatally bitten in the side of the neck by a zombified Tina.

At Anne's request, Rick shoots her in the head in order to give Anne a quick death.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Anne has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Anne's relationships, read here; Anne (TV Universe)/Relationships




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For more images of Anne/Jadis, please visit Anne (TV Universe)/Gallery.


  • Anne is the second major recurring primary antagonist in World Beyond, the first being Elizabeth Kublek.
  • The casting call for this character used the name Brion.
    • Anne was described as "30s to 40s. Male or Female. He/She is an educated, pokerfaced leader who has superior air and does not let his/her motives be known. They use as few words as possible and keeps his/her emotions in check. They just don't wear their emotions on their sleeve. He/She is confident, quiet, and chiefly concerned with how anything may benefit him/her and those he/she knows."
    • Brion ended up being the name of one of "Jadis"' lieutenants.
    • The codename used for this character in the scripts of World Beyond Season 2 was Nessa.
      • This was used to prevent on-set leaks of Anne's return to the franchise.
  • Anne's nickname is likely a reference to Jadis, the "Ice Queen" from the Chronicles of Narnia novel series, as they both share a rather blunt and cold demeanor.
    • In "Who Are You?", Anne, now going by Jadis once again, confirms that Jadis is just an alias, but states that she goes by it as that identity helped her live "so Jadis is who I am."
    • Anne is referred to by the surname "Stokes", which is Father Gabriel's (Anne's former lover) last name, going by "Jadis Stokes" while with the CRM.
  • As "Jadis", Anne spoke in broken English, opting to speak only in short sentences, and seemed to have a rather limited vocabulary (referring to the top of a hill in the Heaps as the "up up up"). It was later revealed by showrunners that the Scavengers have value for words as well and only used those necessary to express what they mean and that Anne uses stunted English as a way of making others uneasy while she reads their intentions. After the murders of Brion and Tamiel, Anne's rage is so much that she speaks in a full sentence while attacking Simon. After Simon's attack, Anne began speaking in full sentences.
  • As revealed in "The King, the Widow, and Rick", Anne spends her time in the landfill crafting sculptures out of wiring and other pieces of trash, often entirely nude, save for an apron.
  • Anne's name was not revealed until the episode "Wrath".
  • She is the second known character (after Karen) to have faked her death in order to survive.
    • Interestingly enough, both incidents occurred while their group was being massacred by former allies, and both were nearly discovered/shot at as they played dead by members of the enemy group, being the Governor and Gary, respectively.
  • Anne is the first new survivor to be recruited for the Alexandria Safe Zone following the war against the Saviors.
  • Anne is the fifth main character to later become an antagonist. The first being Shane Walsh, the second being Dwight, the third being Spencer Monroe, the fourth being Eugene Porter, the sixth being Gregory, the seventh being Leah Shaw, the eighth being Lance Hornsby, and the ninth being Pamela Milton.
  • She is one of the three characters to appear in both The Walking Dead and World Beyond, the others being Beta and Edwin Jenner.
  • Anne is one of the two TV Universe characters to appear in World Beyond, the other being Edwin Jenner.
    • She is also one of the six TV Universe characters to appear in The Ones Who Live, the others being Rick Grimes, Michonne Grimes, Aiden, Bailey, and Gabriel Stokes.
      • Anne is also one of four characters to appear in three shows, the others being Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, and Negan Smith.
      • Anne is currently the only character to be an antagonist in three TV Universe shows.
    • Scott Gimple said the following about Anne's appearance on The Walking Dead: World Beyond: "We are thrilled to have the terrific Pollyanna McIntosh back as Jadis, and we're excited for viewers to see how she collides with the characters in this part of the Universe. In our story, years have passed — we'll get hints of what happened with that fateful helicopter ride and learn Jadis has new allies and alliances; she is a big part of connecting the CRM and Three Circles mythology that's seen throughout all three series. We can't wait to share it all with fans of the TWDU."[1]
      • Pollyanna herself said this: "I love the character of Jadis and I love this world so getting to inhabit her again in collaboration with the talented team at The Walking Dead: World Beyond in beautiful Richmond, Virginia was a joy. I hope audiences catch up with the first season now so they can fully enjoy this epic final season in October."[1]
  • In "The Last Light", Anne tells Huck that "people are a resource" while explaining how she had traded Rick to get into the Civic Republic. This is something that Negan would often say and had in fact told Anne when she had tried to trade him to the CRM in "Still Gotta Mean Something". She also quotes this to Rick in "Become" of The Ones Who Live.
  • Anne appears in the final flashbacks of the last episode "Rest in Peace".
  • Anne is one of three main characters to end The Walking Dead with an unknown status, the others being Morgan Jones and Dwight.
    • Unlike the other two, she is confirmed to be dead.
  • Anne is the first main character to die in a series in which they did not originate from.
    • With Anne's death, there are no Scavengers left alive.
    • Anne is also the first and only main character to die in The Ones Who Live.
  • Although Anne mentions several times in World Beyond that she's angling for a promotion by the end of the year, she never appears to have received it as Anne is still a Warrant Officer in The Ones Who Live a year or two later.
  • In the Cast Diaries airing after the AMC+ version of "Become", Scott Gimple states that "in the end, in telling them about the dossier, she chose Anne, which is kinda what Gabriel was saying all along".
  • In the Cast Diaries airing after the AMC+ version of "Become", Pollyanna McIntosh says of Anne "I think Jadis' death is a very Walking Dead classic kind of death. There's emotion, there's conflicted choses that have been made, and Rick has to end things for her. It just makes it that much more complex. In my experience as an actor, I've always carried on characters with me. I hope I hold on to her groundedness and her quiet and her unabashed sense of self, as odd as that might sound, because she has been many people. She's a very grounding character to play, and I'm like a hyperactive puppy, so she's been really good for me for that. And, um, this fandom rewatches, and this fandom comes to you from all angles. And so, I feel like I'll probably be talking about Jadis with people in the street for the rest of my life, and I hope so".
  • In "The Last Time", Anne is shown to have continued with her love of art even as a part of the CRM as her room is filled with Anne's art works and art supplies.
  • The cat sculpture hiding Anne's dossier on Alexandria in "The Last Time" is the same one that she was working on in "The King, the Widow, and Rick" when Rick came to the Scavengers for help against the Saviors.
  • Anne is the only character in The Walking Dead franchise to be classified as a primary, secondary, and tertiary antagonist.
  • Anne is one of the four reformed antagonists in the franchise to convert back to their antagonistic ways. The other three being Bonnie (Determinant), Dwight, and Troy Otto.

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