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Anne Morro, better known as Miss Morro, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in Skybound Comet's Clementine.



Little is known about Anne's life prior to or as the outbreak started, except she used to be a pathologist and she had a husband, a son, and two daughters. She and her family went on vacation to the Magdalen Islands, where they met Shu-Fen and her parents, just as the outbreak occurred.


30 days into the outbreak, Anne's daughter Sarah got bit. Not knowing what the bite did at the time, she simply bandaged it and later that night, Sarah turned and killed almost everyone, including Mr. Morro, Anne's other daughter, and Fen's parents. Anne then put down her daughter.

Book Two[]

Less than a decade later, a resident of the islands named Emi, brought three girls and a cat to the island. One of said girls, had an infection in her amputated leg. Anne clean up her infection with fluids and paste and let her rest in her house while she was in a coma.

"Chapter Two"[]

Anne's silhouette is seen looking out the window of her house as Clementine goes to greet everyone on the island.

Later that night, Anne properly greets Clementine as the latter goes outside, saying she's surprised she pulled through and that she must've had some unfinished business to hold on. She tells Clem that she's pathologist and tells her she'll teach her how to make the paste she used to clear the infection in her leg after the latter asks. Anne asks Clementine is she plans to stay with them, to which Clementine replies she doesn't know. Anne tells her until she comes to a decision, she's expected to work and leaves.

"Chapter Three"[]


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Killed By

While attempting to kill zombies from the backlogs faster, John made the hole containing them bigger so more would come through, however they overwhelmed him and were unleashed onto the island.

While the others attempted to escape the island, Anne insists that she stay behind because she couldn't leave John, aware that he was going to turn. Eventually, walkers break into the house, Anne cradles John's corpse, making no attempt to run, and is devoured.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Anne has killed:




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