"Olly olly oxen free."
—The group's secret codeword.

Annie's Group is a group of survivors introduced in Season 5 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about the individual members of the group before or as the outbreak began, other than that Annie, Max, and Dylan were siblings.


At some point during the outbreak, Camp Cackleberry became home to a community of survivors, including Annie, Max, Dylan, and many other children. It eventually came under attack by a herd of walkers, but the survivors won the battle, killed the walkers and repaired their fence.

After the battle, unaware that the walkers were radioactive, the survivors burned their bodies. As a result, the radiation was released into the air and they developed terminal radiation sickness. The ill survivors (including the children's parents) barricaded themselves inside of cabins with signs warning that sick people were inside and to stay away. They eventually died of radiation sickness and remained as walkers trapped inside the cabins. Though the adults died, Max, Annie, Dylan, and a group of children managed to survive and escape. Since the incident, the children began to wander the Texas area, unable to bring themselves to leave their deceased parents.

Sometime after, Annie's group discovered that a group known as the Civic Republic Military had set up camp nearby. Terrified by the mysterious newcomers, Annie and Max began setting up road blockades of the undead to inform the group they aren't welcomed in the area.

Season 5

"Here to Help"


"Humbug's Gulch"




"The Little Prince"


"Still Standing"



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