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"It ain't much to look at but it got daddy through Korea and forty-seven years under the counter at his hardware store."
—Anthony about his pistol.[src]

Anthony is an antagonist who appeared in The Walking Dead: Descent. He is described to be a older and weathered member of the Pentecostal People of God.


Nothing is known about Anthony's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except the fact that he is 39 years old and was a bible salesman before the outbreak.


Anthony is one of the members of Jeremiah's group that get trapped in his Church. Anthony is said to be an older man, weathered, wearing a Caterpillar tractor cap and chewing a plug of Red Man. As Lilly is asking about if the group has any firepower, Anthony holds up an ancient revolver, so old that the blue steel has turned gray. As the group gets stuck in the tunnels underground, the walkers slowly start to catch up, and the members with firearms start to aim at the walkers, but Lilly changes the plan and they shoot at the top of the tunnel, causing it to collapse and block off the walkers.

After being rescued from the herd of walkers by Lilly and the Woodbury survivors, he becomes a member of Woodbury. Jeremiah listed Anthony, as being best suited for supply runs in Woodbury, as he hands Lilly a chart of the members of his groups best attribute, age and occupation. As the Church group overtake the Woodbury arsenal, Anthony carries an AK-47. After the idea of taking their lives fails, as Bob switched out the poison with water, Stephen blows the Woodbury gates as part of the plan, to let the undead in. As Lilly and the others start to shoot at Jeremiah, he takes cover behind Anthony using him as a shield.


Killed By

After Stephen blows the gates to Woodbury, a horde of the undead overrun Woodbury, and Anthony is devoured by walkers in the racetrack arena.



  • It is possible that Anthony and Joseph's names where mixed up during the text, as Joseph is the only member of the Church group that would've been able to own a gun for over 47 years, being that Anthony is 39 years old.