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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for the Road to Survival character.

"BEAR! Get me as close as you can!"
—Antoine to Barret.

Antoine Spanic, simply known as Spanic, is an antagonist appearing in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. He is described to be a lanky, tall, sinewy former convict with a knife scar down on of side of his neck and a barber wire tattoo down the other. Antoine is part of Spencer-Lee's convoy.


Location Unknown

Antoine used to spend his young days at work farm, which made him feel like he lost his childhood. Later on, after becoming an adult and being imprisoned for unknown reasons, Antoine was beaten and molested at the prison. He most likely received a knife scar on his neck during his prison days.


At some point after the outbreak began, Antoine somehow made it to the Spencer-Lee's convoy.


Killed By

After Lilly throws Musolino into Barret's camper, the enormous Portuguese walker sinks its teeth into Antoine's femoral artery. He then starts to feast on Antoine's genitals, and finally his fingers making Antoine pass out. During his unconsciousness, Antoine dies to his wounds.


Spencer-Lee Dryden

Their relationship is unknown, however it's assumed they were in a good relationship.

Barret Deems

Antoine and Barret had a good relationship, judging by the nickname "Bear" Antoine uses of Deems and them operating the same truck.


Novel Series

Return to Woodbury

Welcome to the Terrordome