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"Antonio is in the warehouse. Los Culeros took him long ago. That and the drogas. As everything was failing, Antonio came to Rosarito. He wanted us to go with him. He said that the gang will protect us. I told him he should come home. We would protect each other. He chose them over us. Hector won't forgive him for that."
—Elena to Madison regarding Antonio.[src]

Antonio Reyes is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a member of Los Hermanos.


Before the apocalypse, it's revealed Antonio joined the Los Hermanos gang and left his family. After the outbreak, Antonio showed that he still somewhat cared for his family after asking them to go with him to the gang to protect them. When forced to pick between his family and the gang, he ultimately decided to join the gang, valuing them over his own family. Like the rest of the gang members, he appears to be greedy and ruthless, helping to take over La Colonia before the entire gang is taken out by walkers released by Alejandro.


Tijuana, Baja California

Nothing is known about Antonio's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he lived in Tijuana, Baja California with a gang he joined after leaving his brother Hector and aunt Elena.


Season 2

"Pillar of Salt"

Antonio is with Marco searching the streets of Tijuana for the location of La Colonia when they stumble upon Francisco and his family. They capture the family and bring them back to their supermarket. Later, he is greeted by Elena and Madison as they propose a trade of fish and ice for medicine. Antonio agrees to the trade and goes to retrieve their medicine. However, when Madison barges into Marco's office, Antonio is called to take the women away by an angry Marco. Antonio escorts the women away and tell them not to come back, as they won't be staying at the supermarket much longer.


Antonio is outside the supermarket with the other gang members packing up supplies into the vehicles when Nick and Reynaldo approach the hideout. A gang member rushes over to Antonio and alerts him of their presence. He raises his gun at them and brings them to Marco as requested. He watches as Marco explains to Nick and Reynaldo that he started an alliance with Ramiro and advises them to leave La Colonia if they want to live.


Antonio is among the gang members as they break into La Colonia, quickly moving through "the wall" and through the bus into the settlement. They find it abandoned and begin shooting their guns in celebration. However, they investigate "the wall" once they hear the bus starting and witness the zombies moving towards the town. They attempt to shoot as many zombies as possible before retreating towards the market. The zombie horde proves too much as Antonio and the rest of the gang are attacked and killed, with everyone reanimating.


Killed By

As Antonio and the gang are celebrating, Alejandro leads the herd into La Colonia.

Somehow, Antonio is bitten on the cheek by a walker, has his ear partially torn off and then reanimates.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Antonio has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


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