Archer Creek is a hydroelectric dam facility in Georgia and it was a settlement to a large group of survivors. It appears in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Location History

Archer Creek was used to generate electricity to power various towns and cities throughout Georgia. Many survivors from surrounding towns re-located there and formed a group of forty plus people at the start of the outbreak.


Trapped Inside The Dam

Daryl Dixon later arrives at the dam, he navigates his way through countless amounts of walkers, trying to unblock the road ahead. He eventually ends up at the exit to the dam. However he discovers that a gate is blocking the exit, he discovers it is locked and proceeds to talk with Chris Brian. Chris tells Daryl that in order to open the gate the fuse box must be flipped, Daryl asks where it is located and Chris says the far side of the building they are in. 

With some assistance from the Dam's snipers, Daryl makes it to the fuse box and opens the gate. Before leaving, Chris tells Daryl about the team he sent to ClaraClem laboratories and that he wants Daryl to keep an eye out.



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