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"You never learn, do you, Alicia? Did you promise him somewhere you could go, somewhere safe you could take him? (...) Tell it to them. (...) I'm insane? You're the one who told them to find the late, great Senator Vazquez so he could lead us to the promised land. How'd that go, by the way? (...) Yeah. Yeah, I should. You know, I was going to... but then I thought it'd be way more fun to let them punish you for what you did."
—Arnold threatening to feed Alicia to her former undead followers.[src]

Arnold, better known as Arno, is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He was the leader of the Stalkers and served as one of the two tertiary antagonists of Season 7 (along with Wes).


Arnold is a ruthless leader who is willing to do anything that it takes to protect his people, even murder others. He appears to mainly be driven by his need to get his people to safety and his need for revenge upon Alicia Clark for her pursuit of PADRE causing the deaths of so many of the Doomsday Cult. To this end, he went so far as to have the Stalkers strip all of the walkers that they could find naked in an effort to keep Alicia from finding Senator Elias Vazquez whom Arnold knew that she was seeking.

However, despite his ruthlessness, Arnold isn't completely heartless or a tyrant unlike other leaders such as Victor Strand. He genuinely cares about his people's safety and takes it personally when those he cares about die. He prefers to go by his more informal nickname of "Arno", often introducing himself as such to those that he meets. Before the split between their groups happened, Arnold seemed to be genuinely excited to meet Alicia and follow her lead, giving Alicia a warm welcome upon their first meeting and doing his best to help her out with leading the cult. It was only after Alicia was supposedly responsible for the deaths of so many people that he cared about that Arnold soured towards her.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Arnold's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Franklin Hotel

At some point, Arnold joined a doomsday cult after being found by Derek and was handpicked by Teddy as one of his chosen followers to inherit the earth. As such, he was entombed with the other chosen followers in a bunker underneath the Franklin Hotel and acted as the group's second-in-command under Alicia's leadership. At some point, Arnold parted ways with Alicia and formed his own group known as "The Stalkers."

Season 7

"The Portrait"

While Strand has an artist paint a portrait of him, he answers calls from a callbox outside named Arnold, who offers his carpentry skills. Strand says they already have someone with Arnold's skill set, then hangs up on him.

During Morgan's visit to the Tower, Arnold and five Stalkers attack with a catapult loaded with explosive-laden walkers. One lands in the upper floors, but Morgan and Strand work together to kick it outside where it detonates relatively harmlessly at the lower floors. Arnold calls the Tower and reveals that his people, at the cost of everyone who undertook the task, stuffed walkers with bombs laded with nuclear material from the warhead that Sage had recovered. Arnold gives Strand an hour to surrender the Tower to him and his people otherwise he will launch the dirty bomb walkers into the Tower, rendering it uninhabitable to everyone. After spotting John Dorie Sr.'s sniper scope, Arnold has another explosive walker launched into the Tower as a warning, although not one that is contaminated. This one causes more damage and kills three people.

Eventually, Morgan reaches the armory and he manages to radio Grace for help. Grace and Sarah arrive in the SWAT van and use its machine guns to kill the five Stalkers outside of the Tower, Arnold having departed after delivering his last threat to Strand. However, some of the nuclear walkers escape and Grace believes that they had ended up in the Tower's moat. With the walkers still being a danger to the Tower, Grace negotiates a deal with Strand to help remove them in exchange for Morgan's life, effectively defeating the Stalkers' plan.


In a flashback, after being locked in the bunker by Teddy, Alicia is captured by one of the cultists and dragged into the main room where he attempts to feed her to the zombified Elias Vazquez who is tied to a tree in the center of the room. Recognizing Alicia, Arnold stops him and Alicia manages to break free, grabbing the man's gun and shoving him into Vazquez who bites him in the neck and kills him. While the other cultists deal with their dead member, Alicia flees deeper into the bunker.

Hearing Arnold and his people looking for her, Alicia leaves Will in hiding and Arnold leads her to the senator's quarters where he returns Alicia's Sharpened Barrel Shroud which had been taken from her at the Holding. The cult captures Will and attempts to "return him to the earth" by feeding Will to Vazquez. However, Alicia finally takes charge as Teddy had wanted, stopping Will's murder and ending the practice of returning people to the earth.

Following Alicia and Will's failed escape attempt, Arnold and a few of the others help Will to treat Alicia's injuries. Will reveals to Alicia when she wakes up a week later that Arnold had heard from some of Teddy's other people on the surface just before the bombs went off that Alicia's friends had tried to stop Teddy, but that Strand had gotten in the way.

"Follow Me"

Arnold and two other Stalkers arrive at Paul's House in search of Alicia who hides in the piano. Despite Arnold being suspicious of Paul, he leaves after being unable to find anything, warning Paul that Alicia has gotten a lot of people hurt. Alicia eventually explains to Paul that her search for PADRE with the cult had led to a number of people dying which Arnold had blamed her for, leading to the split between their groups, his current hunt for her and his refusal to help Alicia against Strand.

While Alicia and Paul are searching for a replacement stereo at a music hall, Alicia hears a noise and heads outside where she is captured by Arnold and two Stalkers. Arnold uncovers a wagon full of reanimated cultists that he has captured, intending to feed Alicia to them as a punishment for causing their deaths. However, Paul shoots Arnold in the hand as he goes to open the cage, releasing Alicia. Paul shoots and wounds one of the Stalkers as the reanimated cultists emerge and attack, killing the two Stalkers and forcing Arnold to flee. Although Paul attempts to kill Arnold, his gun runs out of bullets, forcing Alicia and Paul to hide until the walkers move on.

As part of a plan, Paul radios Arnold and pretends to be turning on Alicia. Arnold leads five Stalkers back to Paul's house where he loudly begins blaring "Ode to Joy", drawing a herd which attacks the Stalkers, devouring four of them as Arnold tries to order them to fall back over the loud noise. Arnold, the only Stalker left and the herd break into the house where Paul kills the other man by smashing a guitar over his head and then tries to sneak up on and kill the distracted Arnold. However, Paul's sound system shorts out at the last minute and Arnold notices him coming and shoots Paul, mortally wounding him. While Arnold is distracted dispatching the remaining walkers, Alicia and Paul barricade themselves in another room. Knowing that Alicia won't be able to get away without a distraction, Paul sacrifices himself by playing "Ode to Joy" on his bagpipes, keeping Arno from hearing Alicia slip out. As Paul continues to play, Arnold shoots him dead, but his sacrifice enables Alicia to escape.

The next day, Sage pulls the wounded Arnold in a walker wagon when he suddenly stops beside one of the blast craters from the nuclear destruction. The two men find the crater filled with thousands upon thousands of walkers who presumably fell in and have been stewing there for months. Knowing that if even one gets out "no one's going anywhere," Arnold is more determined than ever to take the Tower for the Stalkers.


Arnold will appear in this episode.


Killed By

After Arno lies to him that he has Ofelia, Daniel overpowers him and lowers Arno into a pit full of walkers where they partially devour his legs before Wes and Luciana pull Arno out again. Arno dies shortly thereafter of his wounds.

  • Wes (Before Reanimation)

After Arno dies, Wes immediately stabs him in the head with a boat hook, preventing Arno from reanimating.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Arnold has killed:

  • Elias Vazquez (Caused or Direct, Alive)
  • Paul
  • 6 unnamed Tower residents (3 Possibly, Indirectly Caused, 3 Directly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


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  • Arnold was mentioned in "Breathe With Me" when Sage and another Stalker mention that they need to bring the warhead to Arnold.
  • As shown in "Ofelia", he is fluent in Spanish.

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