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This article is about the Road to Survival character. For other pages with the same name, see: Ash

Ash is a former antagonist and original character that appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Ash's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Detroit, Michigan

MJ & Shaquille

Ash was trying to cross the Detroit River by kayak and get to Canada when she ran into twins Shaquille and MJ. Ash refused to pay brothers to cross the river. The result was the destruction of her kayak by MJ. Despite this, Ash agreed to work for the brothers in exchange for a promise to help her cross in the future. She arranged to meet them the next day at their warehouse.

River Potomac

After Arturo and his group clashed with the twins 'subordinates, MJ and Shaquille sent band of bandits, led by Ash to" send a message " to Arturo. After learning from Carol B the whereabouts of the group, she attacked the ice rink where Pippy had sheltered the survivors. Ash reminded her of the arrangement between Pippy and the brothers, and then, after making sure that the survivors understood their message, she left, leaving the doors to the skating rink open, causing the walkers to wander in.

A day after the attack on the ice rink, Ash was guarding the warehouse where MJ and Shaquille were staying. When Arturo's group, led by Pippy, enlisted the support of the Titan to demand the brothers to negotiate, Ash tried to fight back, but realizing that it was too dangerous to fight with Brutus, she agreed to bring the twins. The negotiations were unsuccessful, however, and the brothers returned to their warehouse, leaving Ash to deal with the walkers. When Pippy suggested that she try to reason with the twins, she said that she was not going to interfere in the brothers ' affairs, and also advised her to stop trusting Carol B and after clearing the area of the walkers, Ash returned to the warehouse.

A few days later, the brothers took Lyle hostage in order to use him to force Arturo's group to pay for the river crossing. Instead, however, Pippy led the group to the twins ' base. On Shaquille's orders, Ash brought in "The Scotsman". But at this moment, the gang was attacked by Brutus and Ash took advantage of the moment to free Lyle, hoping that the group would help her get rid of the brothers. The group managed to escape and the twins ordered her, Carol B, and Tyler to follow them to the ice rink, while they went to the harbor to deal with those who were repairing the boat.

A gang of twins attacked the skating rink. At some point, Tyler, along with several bandits managed to get to the skating rink, but suddenly Ash decided to finally go over to Pippy's side and shot first Tyler, and then Carol B and forced the rest of the thugs to flee. After that, she and Noor, Lyle, and Brutus set out for the harbor.

Arriving at the harbor, Ash and the other survivors encountered the twins for the last time before sailing to Canada. The brothers tried to stop the group, but were defeated. The survivors did not kill the twins, but warned them that if they found out that Shaquille was causing Pippy problems, they would come back and finish what they had started. The survivors, joined by Saladin, climbed aboard the boat and finally left Detroit.

As a Playable Character

Ash - "Happily Ever After"

  • Persona: Mythic
  • Trait: Tough
  • Role: Damage
  • Rarity: Gold Mythic
  • Allegiance: Member of Young Survivors.
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Unbending Rush (Deal 2 attacks of 250% damage (500% total) to 1 enemy. This character gets 80% Impair resistance for 4 turns.)
  • Active Skill: Does not have one.
  • Specialist Skill: Decapitate (If this specialist performs an action that kills an enemy character, then the enemy cannot be Revived.)
  • Signature Move: Focused Strike (Attack an enemy for 250% damage. This character gets Focus for 2 turns.)
  • Mythic Abilities
    • Agility (+20% increase in basic attack damage.)
    • Unshakeable (30% Stun resistance.)
    • Critical Eye (+40 Crit.)
    • Fear of Death (When performing the Decapitate Specialist Skill, 1 enemy gets -20% defense for 1 turn.)

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ash has killed: